Welcome to the 250th Hunger Games!

Welcome, Welcome. This years Hunger Games will be a quell. Yes. a quell:

To remember the rebels that the capitol teams were stronger then theirs all of our tributes will be 'in groups. Four in each group. This year there can be 4 victors if they are from the same group!

The Rules

  • 3 tributes per person
  • Do not scold on me when your tributes die
  • Please check the games and add a comment
  • Reservations will last for 3 days!
  • USE MY TRIBUTE FORM! If you don't use it I won't be able to use create your tributes.

The Tribute form








Appearence( a picture)!!:


Chariot outfit:

The Tributes

District Name Age Weapon Strengths Weakness Personality User
D1M Thames Donn 18 Spear Physical Strength, Aim and Swimming Skills. Can't climb nor allow others to be in control. Cold, liar, flirty yet he's kind to those who are kind to him. EvilhariboMadness
D1F Bristol Bray 17 Sledge hammer,Spear,Sword. H2H,Perfect Accuracy,Climbing,Fast Running,Plants. Swimming Vicious,Deadly,Not a care in the world. AxedFox
D2M Xerox Roult 18 Axe, Throwing Axes Brute Strength, power and strategic thinking. His personality often clashes with others, his slight need to be leader is another problem that occurs and he can't climb. Outside the games, he is kind and friendly, but when he's in the arena, he's a brute, liar and a cold killer. EvilhariboMadness
D2F Rose Spencer 12 ? ? ? Cute, Quiet, Lethal, Sadistic Nommyzombies
D3M Zap Cowen 14 Wire, Brains Smart, fast and Agile Not strong or very tall Introverted to the extreme, finds it hard to talk to people and preffers being alone. Nightcore
D3F Ruby Hyrglass 16 Throwing Axes and Katana Intelligence, Honest and somwhat brave. Is scared of losing her life, isn't always alert and not overly strong. Sweet, Kind, friendly and shy. EvilhariboMadness
D4M David Seas 16 Trident, knife Swimming, Catching Fish Running Funny, always happy, fun to be around MarvelTheMarvelous
D4F Kamille Muldour 14 Knife Throwing, Axe, Blowgun with darts A Career Tribute, An awesome knife thrower, the best knife thrower in the arena, can heal, can swim fast, has body armor Sucks at archery, Fearless, Brutal Killer, Ruthless, Unforgiving, Nice to her friends BloodHunter99
D5M Jefferey Deliz 17 Knives, spears, swords Smart, clever, sly (his district partner) Merrie Roberson, climbing Sweet, caring, loving, kind Lexi13
D5F Merrie Roberson 16 Knives, swords Swimming, climbing (her district partner) Jefferey Deliz, running Sweet, caring, loving, kind Lexi13
D6M Shea Tripman 18 Dagger/Spear Using his weapon, sprinting and hunting. Bad with communication and swimming. Nice, if you can communicate with him. He is very solitary because he finds it hard to communicate, loves his few friends and is very loyal. Understands things well but can't respond well. 66mc
D6F Rebecca Black 15 Microphone Her terrible singing Hand to hand combat, Climbing, Plant identifaction, Running, Swimming, BASICALLY EVERYTHING Creepy Rueforever.
D7M Hiro Kahn 17 Dagger Knows about medical stuff and plants. Good with daggers and knives. (cutting stuff.) Very intelligent. Bad at climbing and swimming. Has a bad leg so can't run for too long. Intriguing and very intelligent. Kind hearted, but firm. 66mc
D7F Aleyen Woods 13 Bow and Arrow, Axe Agile, Fast Swimming, Not good at making friends Kind, Sweet, Shy RossInSA
D8M Max Shelby 17 A double ended sword. A good charmer, Has really good eye-sight. Scared of Panda's Ver polite, but not afraid to kill. Hard worker, and tries to always get what I want. Thexmshilo
D8F Mikayla Anne Pines 17 Axe and throwing knives Aim, stealth, speed, coordination and strength Swimming, plant knowledge and easily scared Cute, sweet, shy, romantic, quick to react, content with any thing, non-judgemental and nice Aquastar4infinity
D9M Buscull Alensius 14 Spiked Mace Good runner, good at identifying plants Not a good fighter Nice, stubborn, cool, chilled. SuperTomato
D9F Kittiwake Wynters 14 Trident,Daggers, Traps Swimming,hiding,running climbing Fearless, Impatient,Bossy , sarcastic Everderp
D10M Zulliron Gittle 18 Machete Good hunter (animals not tributes), physically fit Introvert, not the best runner, not the best fighter Shy, likes being alone yet funny without knowing it. SuperTomato
D10F Juniper Gold 12 Explosives/ Traps Juniper is small so she is good at hiding, she is speedy, and is good with edible plants. Swimming Juniper is extremely shy and qiuet. It is immenesly hard to gain her trust, and even if you do she may be too scared, and will probably abandon you. Capitol Citizen
D11M Peniss Fannie 18 Sword Plant identifaction, Climbing and hand to hand combat Swimming and killing tributes without raping them Fluffy Rueforever.
D11F Clementine Allard 14 Spiked Mace/ Scythe Hiding, Running, Climbing, and swimming edible plants Clementine is very determined, and doesn't give up easliy. She is not afraid to take risks, and will always be there for friends. Capitol Citizen
D12M Pyro Vuldren 12 Dagger and Knife He worked deep in the mines, despite his age, and began to get better eyesight as it was always so dark. He can also survive in high temperatures. He is terrified of water and can only drink when he is super thirsty. He is quiet and due to him spending his time in the mines he doesnt know how to communicate with people. The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
D12F Melanoi Jet 16 Death Star, Shurikens Very accurate and fast. Like a ninja she prefers to stay of the ground. Keep to the trees like Rue. She is very weak, but prefers to not fight. She also couldnt kill easily as she has high morals. She is very quiet and loves sneaking around. She doesnt like 12 so she sneaks into the forest to satisfy her love for nature. The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
D13M Callam Delaney 16 Spear/Axe Accuracy, Camouflage, Speed and Climbing Swimming Funny, Flirty, Charming and Optimistic Callam
D13F Elpis 'Ellie' Johnstone 13 Knife throwing Accuracy, hiding, camouflage and stealth Size Sweet, Cute, Happy and Scared of the games Callam
CapM Gemellus Bronze 13 Bow and Throwing Knives He is very accurate, great at climbing. Likes to shoot from the tree tops, and keep off the ground. He isnt very fast, when he is on the ground anyway, he isnt good at swimming or very strong. He needs the distance to win. He is very spoilt and due to this, he finds it very hard to get along with others. Prefers his own company over actual living things. He has a wierd attachment to reptiles. Ryan!

Adrianna Marsk

16 Blowgun and a whip Dealing with pain, edible plants, running Thurst, forgiving, leaving someone she considers "innocent and not guilty" (that would most likely only be 12-year-old) or an allies behind and save herself. Strict, ,unthurstfull and unforgiving, once you have done something bad she will never forget it, coldhearted however she has a certain desire to protect people and she is very loyal to her friends. She shows no emotions. Annamisasa

The Arena

Asain style, Asain types of mountains, lakes..


District One:

Bristol Bray POV:

The annoying sound of my alarm went off. I don't even know why the alarm went off. It's a free day for everyone and my alarm went off. I went downstairs, seeing my mother sitting at the table. She watches me come in.

'Good morning, sweet heart. Did you sleep well?' said my mother. I stared at her and I can feel the tension in the air. My mother hasn't been this nice since my brother got killed in the previous Hunger Games. He volunteered and his odds of winning were huge but at the blood bath a little girl sneaked up to him and stabbed him with a knive. I grabbed a cup of coffee and started to drink it. Now I remeber why I put on my alarm. It is the reaping day. Today will be aspecial day. Y esterday evening I decided that I'm going to volunteer for these games. This year will be a quarter quell and the tributes are divided into groups. One group can win which meant that this year there can be 4 victors.

'Mum, I'm going to volunteer. I have to leave District one and I want to compete in the Hunger Games' I said. I looked at my mother's face. I saw that she isshocked and I need to leave. I got back to my room. I walked in my room. I'm about to get dressed when my mother came into my room. The tears are rolling down her face. I knew she thinks that I won't come home but I got the skills, I can win this. I don't care what my mum thinks. I'm going to the capitol and after a few weeks I'll be back to live in the victor's village. My mother hands me a dress. I have to look beautifull when I volunteer. The dress is beautiful red.

A sound, the sound of a bell. That was the sign that we have to go to the square. The reapings will start. Me and my little sister, Jessie. She is 12 years old and this will be her first reaping. She won't be reaped. She won't have to compete in the Hunger Games since I'm going to volunteer. I know she is save.

'Bristol, I'm afraid' Jessie said

'Why?' I asked

'I don't want to go in the Hunger Games. I don't want to die.' Jessie whispered.

'Jessie, Your name isn't even in it and don't forget that we live in a career district. People will volunteer, even if you are picked. You won't have to compete' I explained her. She gives me a hug and we are seperated at the square. They took my blood and they knew that I was here. Ready to get reaped.

'Hello, Children of District 1.' our escort said. This year we have a new escort. She is a tall lady. She has a really pale skin and her hair is pink like chewing gum. Her make up is also pink, the same colour as her hair. She wears a purple outfit. A long dress.

'Today there will be two of you selected to compete in the Hunger Games. As you know this year there will be a twist. All tributes are diveded in groups and only one group can win. So there is a maximum of four victors this year. Isn't that great?' our weird escort said. She showed us the movie we have seen every year. About the dark days, How the rebels started a war and how the great capitol over won it. Since that moment the Hunger Games were born and to remind the district of the dark days every year 24 children are sent into the hunger games to fight till death. Our escort walks towards the reaping balls. Sheputs her hand in it and...

'Emi.......', our escort couldn't finish the name.

'I VOLUNTEER' I screamed and the escort looked at me. I walked towards stage.

'Well, Well. Who do we have here?' she asked with her horrible capitol accent.

'Bristol Bray is my name.' I answer.

'Ladies and Gentleman, Our first tribute of this year is Bristol Bray and now the boys. Who will be this year's tribute?'

The escort walks towards the reaping ball of the boys. I know that someone is going to volunteer and the person who is reaped can go home and enjoy their life.

'Barry La.....' our escort said.

'I VOLUNTEER!' a boy from the crowd yelled.

'Look, We got another volunteer. What a surprise!' she said. I look at this boy. He looks pretty good and he has to potential to win this.

'What is your name?' our escort said and she stared at the boy.

'My name is Thames Donn' the boy answered.

Thames Donn and me are escorted inside the justice building. Our mentor sits her. She is an woman around the age of 20. I knew her. I saw how see won her games. She joined the careers and she volunteered too. She has beautiful blonde hair and her eyes are cyan. Her hair curls down to her lower back.

'Hello, My name is Taylor. I won the Hunger Games 3 years ago at the age of 17. My tactic was get allies, in my case those were the careers but this year is different. There won't be careers. The capitol has randomnized you. You are being reaped again in the capitol but then you will hear who your allies will be. Right after training, the chariots will start. At the end of the chariots you'll get the know who your allies are. I'll give you a few minutes to talk to your family and then we will go to the train and go to the capitol!' she said.

I walked into a small room. My mother, father and Jessie were sitting there. All of them are shocked. My mother knew that I was going to volunteer but my dad and my little sister didn't know.

'Bristol, dear, Why did you volunteer?' my father asked. I can hear in his voice that he is really sad. He doesn't want to lose another child and the chance of losing a child is really big now.

'I don't know Dad, I just want to get out of District 1 for once in my live. I've been here all my life and I want to see some more of the world.' I answered him. My dad stood up and walked towards me and before I know he hugged me.

'You are going to win this Bristol, no matter what. You are the strongest. You are the one who will win!' he whispered. He kissed my cheek and my mother and little sister threw their arms around me. A family hug. Taylor knocks on the door telling us that we have to go. I looked at my family and I said my goodbyes. I followed Taylor to the train. Thames Donn and I are going in the games and I will come out. The trains started to ride.


District Two:

Xerox Roult POV:

It was a hot day. The mineworkers were already getting ready for their jobs. Yes, District two is known for our Graphite Mining but also the Peacekeepers are trained here. I don't remember how my dad was. He competed in the Hunger Games when my mother got pregnant. He got placed second but he died in the final. He was the one who made sure my mother got money but now I have to take care of my mother and my sister, half sister.

I woke up this morning, lying in the arms of my boyfriend. His name is Rilee. I love him and we are both in our last year of being possible tributes. Rilee and I have been dating for a year now and we really love eachother. I like it how he is asleep. So peacefull. He knows that I have to make money and I am selling my body to get money. If I didn't do that my mother and my half sister would starve. Rilee knows it and he doesn't care. He is such a sweet heart.

I took a shower and Rilee woke up. He walked into the shower and looked at me. I was under the shower. He got undressed and he stood there next to me. We cuddle. He kissed me and I answered his kiss. We both know that one of us is going into the Hunger Games. We are both trying to volunteer.

'I love you' I whispered. I felt Rilee's big strong arms around me and we hug. I enjoy my last moments with him.

'Are we both sure that we are going to volunteer?' Rilee asked while he dries me up with the towel.

'I am sure about it, and you? Are you sure?' I answered.

"I'm sure" He told me.

'Rilee, I want you to ask one thing, If I'm going into the games, please make sure my family doesn't starve to death. I can't let them down.' I told him, like it were my last words. He nods and I knew that my family would survive.

I heard someone knocking on the door. I walked downstairs, thinking of today. I opened the frontdoor seeing my little sister standing there. Avalonia, She is 14 now and she can be reaped too. I know she doesn't want to go in the games. I looked at her and I see her beautiful new dress. It's red and it has patterns of roses on it. Her blonde hair falls on her shoulders. In her hair there are lots of flowers. She looks absolutely amazing.

'Xerox, Shouldn't you get dressed? Reaping time is in 15 minutes.' Avalonia said. I look at myself. I'm standing here in my clothes. Nothing special. I went to the bedroom and me sister grabbed this tuxedo. I wore this at my dad's funeral. It's a black tuxedo with a blue tie. I don't want to wear it and I take a basic blouse. A blue bruise with a pair of jeans. Nothing fancy but it has something special. I take one rose from the hair of Avalonia and I putted it in my buttonshole. Avalonia looks at me and she smiles.

'You looks outstanding, Xerox.' Avalonia said, she smiled at me.

'Thank you, but you will steal the show. You look so pretty' I said with a smile and I kissed her on her cheek.

Rilee came to us, telling that we are going to the square. We walk to the square. It isn't that far away from Rilee's house. I walk hand in hand with Rilee and

Avalonia walks next to me.

'Xerox, I don't want to go in the games. What if I'm reaped? I don't want to go.' Avalonia asked.

'Don't worry, We are a career district. Someone will volunteer' Rilee said.

It was already crowded at the square. Lots of children are here. Rilee and I are seperated from Avalonia. They took our blood and we are here waiting for the reaping to begin. Our escort is the same old woman as every year. She has a weird kind of grey hair and her skin is greenish. She wears a lot of make up to hide her freckles but in my opinion it looks awful.

'Hello Children, Welcome to this years reaping for District 2. Two of you will represent District 2 in the 250th Hunger Games. First I have to show you this movie.' the escort said. The film about the dark days starts but I already seen it five times. I stare at Rilee, He is standing next to me and we are still holding

hands. Before I realised the escort walks to the females reaping ball. She putted her hand inside the ball and she took a piece of paper.

'Roselinda.....' but before the escort could tell the name, 'I VOLUNTEER' a girl screamed. She walked up the stage.

'Darling, What's your name?' our escort asked.

'Rose Spencer is the name.' the girl said.

'And now the boys.' the old lady said and she grabbed a paper from the ball.

'I VOLUNTEER!' I screamed. I was the first one. I'm going into the games.

'Where are you? I heard someone volunteering.' the escort yelled.

I walk towards to podium, searching for my little sister. She looked sad and she knew that I might die but I knew she would stay alive because of Rilee.

'Hello District 2, i'm Xerox and I'm going into the Hunger Games for you.' I said with a loud voice.

'Ladies and Gentleman, Thise are the tributes who will represent District Two. Rose Spencer and Xerox Roult' the old escort yelled and we are escorted into the justice building. Our mentor sits there. Our mentor is a male named Nicholas. He won the hunger games about 10 years ago when I was eight. He killed the last tributes by cutting all of his limbs off and let him bleed to death. Ten years ago he was a hot man and he still is. He must be 28 now. He is tall and his brown hair and his green eyes.

'Hello, I am Nicholas. I won the Hunger Games ten years ago. I was like the both of you a career tribute, I volunteered and I won. This games are slightly different. You can't join an alliance. The alliances are made by the capitol. They will reap you again in the Capitol. Right after the chariots. My only advice for the moment is make sure you get everything at training. Don't forget the survival skills. You got a few minutes with your loved ones untill we go to the capitol.' Nicholas said.

I walked into a room and my little sister and Rilee are there.

'Avalonia, I will come back. Don't you cry. I will win this!' I said to my sister, she was crying and I give her a hug.

'Rilee, Come here.' I said and I give him a big hug and kiss him. 'I will come back. I think I have to go now. I need to go soon but don't forget me!'.

I walked out of the room. Looking back over my shoulder. Nicholas braught us to the train. We got in it and the train started to ride. The capitols will see us in a few days.

District Three:

Ruby Hyrglass POV:

I woke up with the smells of fresh baked bread. That’s what you get for living next to the bakery. Last week was my birthday. I got lots of gifts including new pieces of wire. I’m kind of addicted to making stuff. Distict Three, known from his technology. I walked downstairs while I was sleepy. My mother already got up. She looked at me and I stared at her.

‘What?’ I said

‘Ruby, don’t you know which day it is today? It’s reaping day.’ She said with a sad face.

Last year a cousin was reaped. He didn’t survive the bloodbath. It was horrible to watch his head cut of by a career tribute. The career tribute got far in the games but the eventually the boy from District 7 won.

‘I totally forgot about reaping day, Today another child from district 3 is placed in the games do die.’ I said.

The Games are held since the dark days. District Three used to be a rich district untill the dark days. We rebelled and we got payed for that. Our money is gone. I need to take tessera for my family otherwise we won’t survive. My name is in the bowl 9 times. For my mother, father and my little brother. This year is his first reaping. My mother hands me a bowl of cereal. She probally wound it somewhere for low money.

‘Mum, What if I’m reaped today? What would happen to you?’ I whisper, fearing that my little brother gets to hear it.

‘I will probally die, I will die because I love you to much and I can’t live without you’ She said and I can see the tears in her eyes. I also started to cry and my mother and I hugged. My father and my little brother came downstairs.

‘Hello my loved ones’ He yawns, he know that it’s reaping day today but he always sees things on the bright side of life. He kissed me on the cheek.

I went upstairs after I ate my breakfast. Ready to take a shower. I get undressed and I walk in the bathroom. Our bathroom isn’t something special. Just a plain, old white room with a shower and a toilet. The hot water from the shower falls on my back and I felt releaved. I wash my face and my hair and I get dressed again.

As I walked into my room, my mother is sitting on my bed with a dress in her hands. She made it by herself. It’s green with daisys on it. I love it because it’s made with her love and not something they bought in the shop. In this dress I would stay here or go to the capitol. Ofcourse I’m going to stay here in the district three. Nothing can bring me to the capitol.

‘Ruby, Will you wear this dress? I made it by myself.’ My mom whispered.

‘Mum, Ofcourse I’m wearing that dress. It’s the most beautiful dress I have ever seen.’ I told her and kissed her. She grabs my arms and pressed me to her body. The warmth of my mother spreads through my body and now I am sure I will never leave district three. I just love it her to much.

My mother put the dress on me. She zipped it and I look in the mirror. I told everyone that this were my parents but actually they got killed in an accident. Our house was blown apart in pieces. That same day I got a piece of that stone thrown in my eye what made my blind.

I hear a gong and it knew it’s time to go downstairs and get ready to go to the square. My brother hasn’t dressed himself yet but I knew what he is going to wear. A green blouse with blue jeans. Nothing fancy but special. I grab his hand, he has small warm hands and he is all I got, the most important thing on this earth.

The sqaure was already crowded. Lots of children already let the capitol people take their blood and line up. My brother and I get seperated. I gave my finger to the capitol lady. She stings me with a weird machine and she registered me. I walk towards my peers and waited for our escort to come on stage. After a few minutes, which felt like ages, our escort came on stage. A capitol female, her cyan hair and makeup are ridicolus.

‘Welcome, Welcome my lovely children of District three. As you know today the 250th reaping is there.’ The escort said. I was scared to death. Her voice was so high I could hear the cats flee. ‘First of all I’d like to remember you why those games are here, why two of you are selected to compete in the games.’ She said and at the same moment the movie started. We saw how district thirteen got destroyed and how the games saw their first moments.

‘Now, It’s time for the reapings. Ladies first, like always’ the escort said with a big smile and her huge hand disappeared in the bowl. Those seconds of silence are horrible.

‘Our first tribute of this year’s Hunger Games will be...’ a really long silence is her. I’m so nervous. I could her everyone’s heart beat and then it happend. ‘RUBY HYRGLASS’. My whole world felt apart. I’m going in the games. I screamed and cried. I slowly walked to the stage.

‘Hello Ruby, You must be honoured that you can represent District three in the Hunger Games. Let’s see who your fellow tribute will be.’ She said and her arm disappeared again.

‘Zap Cowen, can you please come here?’ she said. I see a small boy, around the age of 14 walking towards the stage. He is just a little boy. He won’t survive the Hunger Games.

We got escorted inside the Justice Building to meet our mentor. His name is Oliver. He is an old man and he looked like a man called Emile Roemer. He tried to rule the Netherlands before the awful days came were ¾ of the world got destroyed except Panem.

‘Hello, I’m Oliver and I will be your mentor for this Hunger Games. I won them 30 years ago. This year will be different. No alliances but the ones that are created by the capitol and there can be 4 victors. I’ll give you a few minutes with your family.’ He said. I don’t want to see my family. They will take away my strength, so I run towards the train and got into it. After a few minutes my fellow tribute got into and we went to the capitol.

District Four:

David Seas POV:

This morning I woke up with the sound of the sea smashing into the rocks and ofcourse the smell of the sea. I get up and puts some clothes. I sneaked outside with my fishing net. I went to the beach, to catch some fish. The place where I always fished. The beach is huge and golden. The sea is beautifully blue and the sun is about the rise. It was so beautiful. The lobsters were walking across the beach. Their beauftiful red color, shining in the sun.

I took my fishing net and I walked into the sea, hoping to catch a beautiful fish for today’s dinner. Fishing is one of the most awesome things in this entire world and I wished I could do it for the rest of my life but I’m going to volunteer for the Hunger Games. Today it’s the reaping day. Two childeren between the ages of eleven and eightteen are placed in a huge arena to fight to death. Only one can come out alive but this year is different. There can be four victors. It’s the new quell. The sun rose up and this girl is walking towards me. I knew her from school and she is beautiful.

‘Hello, David. How are you?’ she asked me, I started to blush and I saw that she knew it, she knew that I’m in love with her and that I wanted her as my girlfriend.

‘I’m good, how about you?’I said with a grin on my face, praying that she didn’t noticed my stare.

‘I don’t like this day. Again two childern are sent in to those awful games and most likely they won’t come out again. They died.’ She said. Her long blonde hair looked awesome in the sun. Her cyan eyes, bright like the sky, were so beautiful.

A little girl is running towards us. Calling my name. It’s my little sister, Rachel.

‘David, David. You have to come home. Mum is worried and I knew you were her. Where else would you be?’ Rachel said and I gave her a look. She ruined the best moment of the day. Me talking with my crush.

‘I got to go.’ I said to my crush, leaving her with this awful stomach feeling. Rachel and I walked down to our house. It’s pretty close to the beach. We went inside it and my mother was sitting there.

‘David! There you are. Why did you leave without anyone telling about it!? DON”T YOU DO THAT EVER AGAIN!’ She yelled at me.

‘Mum, I was catching fish for diner tonight. I thought you loved fish.’ I said with a calm voice.

My mother stood up and hugged me. She gave me a piece of bread. It’s is greeish because of the seaweed in it. It even tastes a little bit salty, like the ocean. The bread is delicious. In district four lots of things are made out of the goods we get from the sea.

My mother told me to get dressed for the reaping. A simple green shirt and blue shorts are my outfit. The weather in District four is always nice. We don’t have lots of rain so most of the population wears shorts.

I walked out of my room and my mother sat there with the comb ready. She did my hair and I looked ridicolous but it is my mother and I have to accept this.

The square is about a fifteen minutes away from our home and me and my sister, she turned 12 this year, walked toward the square. On our way we saw lots of children from school. They all have to go there and pray that they aren’t reaped. Although we are a career district. This person who got reped will most likely be replaced by a volunteer. Today atleast one boy will come back home safe. I am going to volunteer. About the girls I don’t know.

We made it to the square. The square lies higher then the normal ground and you can see and smell the ocean from here. This year escort looks quite normal. She has blonde hear and only wears green make up. I guess she got promoted.

‘Welcome children of the most beautiful District of Panem, DISTRICT FOUR’ she said with the biggest smile I have ever seen. ‘Before I am going to pick the names of this year’s tributes I need to show you a movie about the dark days.’ She said.

The film starts and we see the bombing at District 13 years ago and how the capitol won from the rebels.

She put her hand in the girl’s bowl. She took out a piece of paper and she read it. She stared and the crowd and everyone could feel the tension.

‘Kamille Muldour, you are this year’s female tribute from District four!’ she said with a smile. This girl, Kamille is around the age of fourteen walks slowly to the stage, praying that someone is volunteering for her but the crowd stayed calm and quiet. The girl cries, knowing that she habe to be in the games and compete.

‘And now the gentleman, Which one of you will be the male tribute of this year?’ she said. She walked to our ball and took out one piece of paper.

‘Jan....’ she said but I screamed ‘I VOLUNTEER’.

‘Look, This year male tribute is?’ she stares at me.

‘I am David Seas and I’m going to win this’ I said and I walked to the stage.

‘This year’s tribute from District four are KAMILLE AND DAVID!’ she said in the microphone and we got escorted inside.

A old woman is sitting there. Her name... I don’t know her name but she is old and she won the hunger games about 50 years ago when she was 18.

‘Hello, My name is Dara and I’m your mentor for this Hunger Games. This year you can’t make your own alliances so you can’t be with the careers. They alliances are made for you. You can have a few minutes with your parents now and then we have to go.’ She said.

I walked into a room and my mother and sister were here already. They hugged me.

‘David, WHY DID YOU VOLUNTEER? You know that I hate the games.’ My mother said but I looked away.

‘I don’t know mum, It was my feeling that made me do it.’ I answer here and someone knocks the door already.

‘I got to go mum.’ I said and I get hugged by my mum.

Our mentor walked slowly but we got to the train where we could enjoy diner or lunch immeaditly. The train started to ride and we went away, our journey has begun.

District Five:

Merrie Roberson POV:

This morning was different then all of the other mornings I ever had in my entire life. In District Five there was gloomy atmosphere. You could feel something was comming, something bad. Today is was reaping, the most feared day in the whole district. Two of our children are chosen to compete in a games, the Hunger Games. In these games the children have to fight till death. This year there will be a total of 28 tributes. The long thought District Thirteen is added and the most special district of all is the introduction of the capitol. The Capitol children never had to compete in the Hunger Games but when the rebels won in the 75th year of the Hunger Games , this had been dissmissed for about 10 years when The Capitol got power again. The Hunger Games were restablished this year. Making the 76th Hunger Games. The previous victors had to compete in the Games again and they didn’t survive. The Capitol wanted new victors, new victors. Not the ones that rebeled against the Capitol.

Another thing that is different from District Five and the other districts, namely District Eleven and Twelve. Those are the poorest districts. They never had any money and most of the live from illegal hunting. District Five is wealthy. A few children claim Tesserae. I never had to. My parents are one of the wealthiest persons in this whole district and I always got food.

I went downstairs and my whole family were already eating breakfast. I guess I was late. I sit down next to my mother.

‘Good Morning, Do you also feel the tensions in District five? No one is outside singing or something like that.’ I said , nobody answered me. They hated reaping day. They just hate the Games, it would actually be weird if they didn’t. I can’t tell the name of a person whole loves the Hunger Games.

I got a boyfriend, Jeffery Deliz. He is 17 and we love eachother. We have known each other since we were 4 years old. Well, I was four and he was five already. We went to the same school. We mean a lot to eachother. The one can’t live without the other. That’s what we say.

I got upstairs, getting ready for the reapings. After a reallt hot but long shower I went to my room the put on the dress my mother bought for me. The dress had green colour, representing our district, power. The dress stops at my knees and I think it’s beautiful. I chose it myself and I still love it.

I am not the only who has to go to the reaping today, my two brothers and my little sister also have to go. No of us has ever been reaped. Actually nobody in my family is ever reaped. Not so far I can remember. This is the last year for my eldest brother. He turned 18 last week. If he isn’t reaped today he never has to compete in the Hunger Games and he can start to work. He will live his life and get old and get kids but if he is picked it would be a total shock. Our names are barely in it but a lot of kids have their name barely in it. I went downstairs, seeing my eldest brother is already dressed for the reaping. His blonde hair and his beautiful green eyes. He wore a blouse, a simple blue blouse and a pair of jeans.

‘Are you ready for the reaping?’ I asked him and he stared. He hates the games and he knows that there is a possibilty that he is reaped.

‘I’m ready for the reapings, No one us will be reaped. That chance is so small.’ He answered me but I know better, Everyone has the same chance expect the children who claim Tesserae. Their names are added in the ball a few more times. The rest of my siblings get downstairs, my little sister has her hair in a huge pony tail. She looks so adorable in her new dress. She is only twelve years old.

‘Are you ready?’ I whispered in the ear of my little sister.

‘No, I don’t feel well’ was her answer and I knew that, she didn’t want to die.

‘You don’t have to worry, your name is only in that reaping ball one time. They won’t pick you and if they choose you I will volunteer to go for you. You get it?’ I answered her. She looked stunned and I knew she didn’t want me to go in the games too.

We went to the sqaure together. We live close to square. We only had to walk for about five minutes and we were there. We got seperated. My little sister and I walked to the girls section while my brothers walked to the boys section. My sister was scared of taking her blood but we got through and we are seperated now. She stood in the back since her changes of being reaped is small. That’s how the make the group stand. The eldest tributes in front. I haven’t had a chance to see my boyfriend. I might see him but I can’t find him.

Our escort, Jane, comes to the stage. She had bright orange hair last year but this year her hair has poisonous green colour.

‘Welcome, Welcome tributes, Today two of you are selected to compete in the annual Hunger Games. Before I will go to the reaping I’d want you to watch this movie.’ Jane said. The movies was the same as last year, and the year before that. It’s about the first and second rebellion. We saw how the capitol won and how the Hunger Games are established.

‘Lets see who is our female tribute!’ Jane said and she slowly walked to the big reaping ball. She put her hand in it and grabbed a piece of paper. This first tribute is reaped. I stare to her with the fear dripping of my face.

‘Merrie Roberson, Where are your darling?’ she yelled. I froze and tears where rolling over my face. I am our first tribute, our first family tribute. The girl who stood next to me gave me a push and I walked towards the stage. Terrified. I got on stage and waited for the male tribute to be reaped. I saw my little sister at the back of the group crying and my brothers look devasted.

‘The male tribute is....’ Jane said but she got interuppted. ‘I VOLUNTEER’ A boy from the crowd screamed. That is a rare thing in District Five. A volunteer but then I realised it was my boyfriend. Jeffrey Deliz. He got on stage and hugged me.

‘May I ask your name?’ Jane said

‘My name is Jeffrey Deliz.’ He said and we got escorted inside. Our mentor sat there. He has to be eighty. I can’t remember our last victor so.

‘Hello, My name is Gero and I’m your mentor for this games.’ He said very slowly. ‘I’ll give you a few minutes with your family and then we really have to leave.’

I went to a room and all of my siblings and both of my parents were already sitting there.

We all cried and hugged.

‘You got to win these games, You have to win.’ My family said to me.

‘I’ll try.’ I whispered and I escorted to the train. My family ran after me and they stood by the train. The train started to ride and my little sister ran after the train but it was too fast. I’m heading to the capitol.

District Six:

Im skipping the rest of the reapings



Capitol Cititzen pov:

Today the tributes came in the Capitol. Twenty-eight young tributes. I love these games! Today the chariot rides will be and we get to vote for our favourites. The chariot ride are good for the tributes. Sponsors will see them and get to know them. A smile in the chariots can make the difference.

The chariots start and I made my way right in front the chariot. Slowly each district. The first is district one, like always. They were dressed in pink and purple clothing, representing their districts, Luxury. The girl wears a long dress. Her black hair was curled and it looked beautiful. She is tall and that makes her look even more stunning. She smiled at the crowd, a potential winner. She sure is. The boy stands next to her. His purple with tuxedo matches his district partner and his beautiful icey blue eyes are to die for. I must say that district 1 has this kind of chariot outfit are a few years now and I think they had had there best times.

District two is next in line. Representing warriors. There district is known for making weapons. Different weapons. Every year the have been a different kind of warrior. I remember the 74th hunger games where they looked stunnen. I actually saw it on the television once. I wasn’t alive 175 years ago. The female wears are shot metal skirt and a metal top, She wears a fake sword and she looks stunning in it. She has an evil look in her eyes and I think she has potential of winning the games but all of the career district have this. The boy wears exact the same outfit only not a skirt but shorts and his weapon is an axe. He is very tall and he has lots of muscle. Hmm, Potential favourites at the chariots.

District three was coming. The tributes representing district three used technology most of the times but this year tributes are stunning. They made a dress out of wires for the girl. Every 10 seconds it slowly changes it colour into a different colour. From green to red and from red to blue. It looks amazing. Even her hair changes with the colouring. The boy were a tuxedo, also covered in wires. They look stunning. I wish I could come closer, those are defintely my favourites but we never know what is coming. The girl wears her blonde hair in a huge ponytail. Through the ponytail there are several wires what make this beautiful effect. Good job to their stylist!

District Four, Everone’s favourite. Representing the fishers of district four. They always looked stunning. This year it can be different but I’m glad I am wrong. The girl wears a mermaid dress. Her legs are tied together in a fish tail and she wears nothing but a bikini in the shape of sea stars. Her long blonde hair waved to her waist and most of the capitol male where starring at her. Her cyan eyes were beautiful and you could see that she represents the sea. In hair she wears a piece of red coral. She smiles, her smile is beautiful. The boy stand next to hair. Almost nude. He wears shorts and he has a blonde hair. He wears a trident, looking like an ancient god or something. They look stunning. The crowd goes nuts.

District five is always representing power. The girl wears a long dress, silver and the sparks are coming from it. Her blonde hair reaches a little below her shoulder and the sparks are flying of it. It looks like her hair is burning. The sparks look a lot like fire. It looks good but I think the idea failed a little bit. The boy has exactly the same. A silver tuxedo with the sparks comming of it and he only has short hair so the sparks are above his head.

District six. Representing the way of transportion. They look like an old fashion chariot at the moment. Fake horses in front of them. Beautiful but old fashion. They were looking quite boring but then it happend. The chariots burned and you can see that they were representing the modern ways of movement. The girls has an outfit representing a train. Grey but she looks so fast. The capitol loves this. Her hair black reminds me of the old steam trains. Well, She is singing... It sounds awful. The boy next to hair turned in a red car but he is covering his ear now. The awful sound his district partner makes, is terrible.

Distict seven, Representing lumber. The boy wears a lumber jack and an axe. He looks stunning and his district parnter wears a long dress. It’s brown and she wears a huge head. It looks like a tree with lots of leaves and the leaves are changing colour. The green from the spring, slowly turning in purple,brown and orange from the autumn. The winter has nove leaves so there were no leafs. The boy slowly cuts of the branches and it looks amazing! Just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!.

District eight, Representing the textile. They have to represent clothing. They always have clothing. I guess it’s hard for their stylist to think off something new. This year they wear black with red dress and tuxedo. Nothing special. The capitol citizen stare at the chariot and decided to look and try to get another glimpse of District 7. It looks like time is getting slower. The ugly district eight isn’t passing for a long time and then after a few minutes, which felt like hours they passed us.

District Nine, Representing the grain industry of Panem. They are dressed as grain. Grain. Just plain grain. The golden colour of the grain... but then. There clothing change. It’s changed in flour. The flour slowly turned in a dough and the dough started to bake. It’s became bread and biscuits. It’s looks awesome but not as awesome a District Seven. District seven will get lots of sponsors but District Nine tributes won’t starve either. They did a good job.

District Ten, Representing the cattle of Panem. They usally are dressed as cattle or a cattle holder. This year there is nothing new. They actually got both. The girl is dressed a cow girl with a hat and a cow pattern on her jacket. She has a whip in her hand and the boy. He is dressed as a cow. Boring. Boring Boring. The capitol have seen enough of the basic cow and cowboy combination. It’s nothing special anymore. The capitol seems not amused. They didn’t even noticed that the outfit from the male changed into a pig.

District Eleven. Representing the agriculture from Panem. They are dressed a different kinds of fruit. A huge pineapple is the male tribute while the female tribute is dressed as a peach. The capitol loves this kind of fruits and respects them. Well, The tributes don’t seem amused. The tributes from District eleven are poor and knows that they will get killed in the arena. The capitol fell in love with the little girl and maybe she can survive the bloodbath.

District Twelve. Representing our Medicines. They wear doctor outfits and show the capitol all kinds of medicines. The female is dressed as a nurse. They used to present the coal mining but after the second rebbelion they started to make medicines. Nothing special they are. They haven’t had something special since the famous Katniss and Peeta were in the games.

District Thirteen is next in line. They represent graphite mining and their nuclear power. They wear a green suit. Lime green and they are hacking in some graphite with some pickaxes. The capitol has added district thirteen in the games because of the second rebellion. After the first rebellion they made a deal with district thirteen to not attack the capitol but the capitol took over again and they added them back in the games. District thirteen has never won. They always failed.

Last but not least. The capitol. The crowd goes nuts. The capitol. They are all the capitol. The capitol is fan favourite here. They represent their fashion. They pink wigs and the lime wigs. Their greenish skin and their yellow make up. Everyone in the capitol will buys their outfit and they will get it. No matter what. The capitol tributes smile and wave at their families. This were the chariots and now the groups are made. Which tributes will be in the same group and which are not in the same group?

The Groups

The chariots are done. All of the tributes are on a huge square now. This time they will be divided in groups. Each group containing four tributes. No careers this year. Only those groups. A total of seven groups.

‘Hello Panem! Now it’s time for the groups to be selected.’ The President said and he winked at a person behind the stage.

A huge television lighted up and choose the names of the tribute who will ally. Seven groups appeared on the scream. In huge letters the following groups appeared:

Group One:

Rebecca Black (D6 Female), Xerox Roult (d2 male), Merrie Roberson (D5 female), Jefferey Deliz (D5 Male)

Group Two:

Aleyen Woods (D7 Female), Kittiwake Wynters (D9 Female), Melanoi Jet (D12 Female), Juniper Gold (D10 Female)

Group three:

Max Shelby (D8 Male),Rose Spencer (D2Female), Mikayla Anne Pines (D8 Female), Elpis 'Ellie' Johnstone (D13Female)

Group Four:

Shea Tripman (D6 female), Hiro Kahn (D7 Male),Pyro Vuldren (D12 Male), Clementine Allard (D11 Female)

Group Five:

Kamille Muldour (D4 Female), Callam Delaney (D13 Male), Thames Donn (D1 Male), Peniss Fannie (D11 Male)

Group Six:

Zulliron Gittle (D10 Male), Ruby Hyrglass (D3 Female), Zap Cowen (D3 Male), Buscull Alensius (District 9 Male).

Group Seven:

Bristol Bray (D1Female), David Seas (D4 Male), Adrianna Marsk (Capitol Female), Gemellus Bronze (Capitol Male)

The Games

The Bloodbath

Xerox Roult POV:

My group and I got escorted into one tube. Four persons in one huge tube.

‘So, What’s our strategy I asked? Will we compete in the bloodbath?’ I asked and I look at everyone.

‘We all compete in the bloodbath. They one who will be killed had just bad luck...’ Merrie answered and she grabbed Jefferey’s hand. The tubes slowly went up and the girl named Rebecca stared at me. Maybe she fell in love with me but I got my boyfriend at home. I will return for him.

We stood there on one huge plate. The cornucopia right in front of us. I looked around and the arena looks like the old asains before the world got destroyed and only panem survived. I see a forest and mountains. The sun is low and it’s early in the morning. Their is some mist.

Suddenly a gong went and we all started running to the cornucopia. I was one of the first to come here and I grabbed this huge axe. Perfectly. I looked around and I see this boy, around the age of fourteen. I chopped my axe right in his body. BOOM!! I got the first kill! I turned around to see that Rebbecca Black got speared by Callam. BOOM!! One of my group already died.

Adrianna Marsk POV:

The games started and the bloodbath began. I ran to the cornucopia, being there right on time. I grabbed a blowgun with the poisonous darts. I got my weapon of choice. I turn around and try to hit a tribute. This girl, Mikayla, tried to throw some knives at Gemellus.

‘GEMELLUS! DUCK NOW!’ I screamed and I used my blowgun, the dart flied of, hitting Mikayla right in her back. She falls down to the ground without killing a person. BOOM!!

I ran father in the cornucopia, grabbing a pack of knives, a sword and a huge bag of suplies. This should be enough for now. I run off and take Gemellus with me. We hide until the bloodbath is over. Our group mates follow us. I passed the throwing knives to Gemelllus. He knows how to use them. I turn around and I see that Kamille gets beheaded by Bristol Bray. BOOM!! Well, My group survived and I’m happy. Let’s see what the other tributes got at the bloodbath.

Clementine Allard POV:

The bloodbath is still going on. I ran into it and I grabbed a spiked mace. YES! My weapon. This person, I don’t know his name but he is the District 11 male runs towards me with a huge sword.

I did swing my mace and I did hit this boy right in his face. BOOM!! I crushed his soul and brains. I felt awful to kill but I had to. I want to live. I grabbed a bag. I dont know what it contains and I fled the bloodbath with my group but Pyro falls down to the ground. Someone shot an arrow in his head and he died. BOOM!! Another boom is heard. The same person shot an arrow at Rose Spencer. She died. BOOM!!

Day 1

Shea Tripman POV:

My whole group got out of the bloodbath, save. Clementine is the only one of us to get a kill in the bloodbath. Well, Atleast the odds of us winning are bigger now. I managed to grab a spear and a knife. Seven tributes died in the bloodbath.

That boy from District Four, Hiro, took the leadership. He tells us what to do. Well, I don’t mind. I’m the shy one here. We walked around. Through jungles of bamboo and stuff. Nothing to eat, nothing to drink. There was dew this morning, when the games started. We haven’t seen a tribute in the last hours. I heared something in the bushes and I stopped. Waiting for it to come out. My group stayed to. Armed and well.

‘There is nothing,’ Hiro said and he turned around. At that moment it happend. The group of David Seas jumped out of the bushes. Wanting to kill us. I threw my knife right into David’s head, killing him directly. BOOM!! Adrianna stood there on the outside of the battle. Ready to use her Blowgun. She aimed for Clementine, who just used her mace to destroy Bristol’s skull. BOOM!! Adrianna used her blowgun, shot her dart, hitting Clementine right between the eyes. BOOM!!

I ran away from the fight, with Hiro. We both survived it but we lost 2 others. It’s horrible. We kept running and we heard Adrianna and Gemellus weren’t following us.

Aleyen Woods POV:

My group and I were walking on this huge mountain. Trees are on it and we enjoy the shadow. It’s so hot here. I got a bow and arrows at the bloodbath and I already killed two tributes and I am the only one with a weapon at the moment. The bloodbath wasn’t a great place for us. My fellow tributes fleed before even grabbing something. Well, Two of them are young so I can’t blame them. I went away from my group to hunt.

‘Where are those damn animals’ I screamed and some group came out of the bushes.

‘Hello there.’ Zulliron Gittle said. I holds a huge machette. They all are armed. I’m really scared. Knowing that I’m alone and have only my bow against three armed tributes. I took an arrow and aimed at Ruby Hyrglass.

‘One movement and she will die.’ I told them and they all started to laugh. I shot the arrow, piercing her head. BOOM!! Zulliron went mad and he runned to me, chopping me with his manchette. I died BOOM!!

Day 2

Buscull Alensius POV:

Zulliron Gittle and I were walking through the huge forest. No mutt to be seen. We are safe her I guess.

‘Zulliron, I think we got a problem. We haven’t got any water. Yesterday at the bloodbath we menaged to grab some food and that’s it.’ I said and I stared at my feet.

‘Yes, That’s pretty bad, let’s keep on walking and hope we find some lake or river.’ Zulliron answered and we went through the forest. Walking and walking. We came at a huge field with no trees. We stood here for a while. The sun was nice and then dark clouds came. RAIN!

‘I CAN”T BELIEVE IT IS GOING TO RAIN!’ I yelled and I started to run around in circles. It’s started to rain. Huge rain drops fell down from the sky. They tasted different then normal water. I started to drink and drink it. I was dehydrated. I start to scream.

‘IT BURNS! THE RAIN IT BURNS!’ I yelled and the burn wounds were on my arms and in my face. Suddenly a waterfall of this acid came on earth. Zulliron and I stood under it, slowly burning down. Our feet already burned away and I closed my eyes. Knowing this are my last moments alive. BOOM!! BOOM!!

Gemellus Bronze POV:

Adrianna and I were both in this jungle. My mentor adviced me too make a kind of wire to make other tributes trip and then we could kill them. Well, If they aren’t with that much. I used a knife to cut of a vine. That should be good. I tied the vine between two trees and Adrianna and I went hiding. We sat here for about a few hours. Talking to eachother about our families.

‘It’s so strange we haven’t seen a single tribute today’ A voice said. I don’t know the girl whose voice it is but I know that they are not far away. They walked across the trees and three of them tripped. I took my knives and threw two, hitting Kittiwake Wynters and Melanoi Jet in the stomach and in the chest. They both died. BOOM! BOOM!! Adrianna took our sword, she walked over to Juniper Gold. In one flash the sword beheaded Juniper. BOOM!!

Day 3

Xerox Roult POV:

Yesterday, it happend. A huge fire burned down this part of the forest. Destroying my group’s supplies and splitting us up. This morning the announcement came that there was a feast. The feast were I am going to attend. I didn’t even find the strength to track down my group mates. I still got my axe so if I have to fight I am armed.

I am near the cornucopia. Seeing no tributes. The tables with the bags are already there. I decided to wait because I will kill another tribute and win these games. Jefferey and Merrie are there! My fellow group mates. I walked towards them and we reunited.

‘Where have you guys been?’ I said, looking at them. They both got burn wounds.

‘We got seperated when the fire started. After about an hour walking I found Merrie. She lied in the river.’ Jefferey said and a knife went into Merrie’s head. BOOM!! Jefferey started to cry. Knowing that his girlfriend just died! He turns around and sees the District Thirteen girl, grabbing her bag, opening it and run away. Jefferey chased her and I am alone again.

Suddenly, Out of nowhere all the arena’s forcefield got blown apart in pieces.

‘WHAT”S HAPPING?’ I screamed and the girl from the capitol came to me. She didn’t attacked me but started talking.

‘I think these are rebels. I am a rebel living in the Capitol. My name is Addriana by the way.’ She said and a huge hovercraft was coming near us. A robe ladder came down and Addriana and I grabbed it. A electric force made us stick to it. The rebels are there. I’m going out of the games!

Inside the hovercraft there are 3 other tributes. I guess Jefferey didn’t make it. He was sad about his girlfriend.

Gemellus Bronze POV:

This all happend so fast. Under one hour ago we still were fighting eachother to survive the Hunger Games and now I am in this hovercraft. Flying away to somewhere I don’t know. A male came in this room. His face was covered in a hood. I couldn’t see his face but I heard Xerox scream.

‘RILEE! RILEE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?’ He screamed and he ran towards the male. Xerox kissed Rilee on the lips. I guess they knew eachother. I look away.

Rilee hugged Xerox and he started to talk.

‘Hello tributes, you are the last five surviving tributes. This is sad but we managed to save atleast five of you. Sorry that I took so long but we had troubles. They chanced the forcefield. It wasn’t the same forcefield as they used every year but we are on our way to the base of rebellion. District Seven. You all should get some sleep and rest. Tomorrow you will meet the rest of the rebels.’ Rilee said and escorted us to our bedrooms. I went to my bed. I lay down on my bed and fall in sleep.'


Addriana Marsk POV:

This morning I woke up in a bed, a bed. Something different then the hard ground I was getting used to, the ground where I spent two nights on. This night I actually slept. I slowly realise that the rebels saved us. They tried it earlier but the forcefield was changed. They couldn’t get through it. All of the tributes were murder machines and only five were still alive when the rebels got through the forcefield. I got out of my bed. Walking around in nothing but my underwear. They took away the tribute clothing and replaced it with a simple, plain grey t- shirt and blue jeans. I got dressed and walked to the window of my room. A huge forest is beneath us. We are flying above District Seven, the lumber district.

I walked out of my room and I came in a huge hall. Four other doors were here. I think each for the living tributes. I start wandering through the hovercraft. Hoping to find a living person. A person who can explain me what is happening and why they got us? We are going to die anyway if the capitol finds us. I went through a door. This room, lots of benches but also food. I grabbed a piece of bread and started eating it.

‘Addriana, Isn’t it?’ A voice said, There was no one in the room when I got in, or am I getting blind? This woman sat there in a corner.

‘Ehm, Yes, That’s me and who are you?’ I said and I kept staring at this woman. She has long, curled, dark brown hair. She is taller then me and see has bright blue eyes.

‘The name is Pandora, One of the master brains in this project. Saving you and the other tributes.’ She said and smiled.

‘Well, Thanks for that.’ I answered.

‘If you want to talk to me about your experiences in the Hunger Games, you can. You don’t have to. When all of the tributes are awake, they will be escorted to here and Rilee, You know, Xerox’s lover will explain you everything. After Xerox volunteered he contacted him about rebellion, since then we took him from District Two, he is working with us, to save you and the other tributes. Stay here by the way.’ Pandora said and she walked out of the room. She heart something I guess.

I don’t know how many hours I spent here on my own, thinking about everything that just happend but finally, after ages of waiting the other tributes and Pandora and Rilee joined me.

‘Good morning Ex- Tributes.’ Rilee said, looking at all us. You can see that this night of enough sleep did miracles. Xerox looks beautiful. Gemellus smiles again and Elpis has an awesome look when she is not dirty and sweaty and the boy from District 13, Callam, only touches his hair.

‘First of all, Congratulations, You are the victors of the 250th Hunger Games.’ Rilee said with a big smile and I started to laugh. I survived it.

‘Now the serious business. We are rebels. I am sorry to tell you this but your family isn’t alive anymore. After we took you from the arena, they killed your whole family.’ Rilee said and everyone started to cry. We are the only surviving family members.

‘But we are going to overwin the Capitol. We are going to fight back. I think you all think the same, after what happend to the all of you in the Arena. You all have your own strengths. When we get at our base you’ll all get a training, a training to a soldier. You can choose there if you want to be on the melee or the range squid. Be smart and choose the weapon you are comfortble with. Don’t take bow and arrows when you are good with a sword.’ Rilee said and a voice, not Pandora’s said that we all should be ready. We are near the rebellion base.

We are on earth again and we are escorted into this huge building, base of rebellion. It’s hidden in the woods and noone can find it without help from the inside.

Death Chart

Placing Who Died? Who Kiled? How? When?
24 Zap Cowen Xerox Roult Chopped Bloodbath
23 Rebecca Black Callam Delaney Speared Bloodbath
22 Mikayla Anne Pines Adrianna Marsk Shot by a poisonous dart Bloodbath
21 Kamille Muldour Bristol Bray Beheaded Bloodbath
20 Peniss Fannie Clementine Allard Skull got destroyed Bloodbath
19 Pyro Vuldren Aleyen Woods Shot an arrow in head Bloodbath
18 Rose Spencer Aleyen Woods Shot in arrow in the chest Bloodbath
17 David Seas Shea Tripman Knife in head Day One
16 Bristol Bray Clementine Adlard Skull got crushed Day One
15 Clementine Adlard Adriann aMarsk Shot by a poisonous dart Day One
14 Ruby Hyrglass Aleyen Woods Arrow shot in her head Day One
13 Aleyen Woods Zulliron Gittle Chopped Day One
12 Buscull Alensius None Acid Rain

Day Two

11 Zulliron Gittle None Acid Rain

Day Two

10 Kittiwake Wynters Gemellus Bronze Knife in chest Day Two
9 Melanoi Jet Gemellus Bronze Knife in stomach Day Two
8 Juniper Gold Adrianna Marsk Beheaded Day Two
7 Merrie Robinson Elpis 'Ellie' Johnstone Knive in head Day Three
6 Jefferey Deliz Unknown Unknown Day Three
4( or Victor)
3( or Victor)
2( or Victor)

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