Yes! I am doing the 25th Hunger Games, also known as the first Quarter Quell


  • Please, Enter detailed tribute since I can also not accept your tributes.
  • Do not scold on me when your tributes die
  • No on my profiles. 
  • Make sure you have everything when you post your tribute.
  • Please check the games and and comment. This will keep me motivated.
  • I will do a full game, so with reapings, chariots etc.
  • After everyone entered his or her tributes, I will make some polls to let you peopel vote for what tributes should go in the games!
  • I trust you people, Please don't vote for your own tributes.
  • You all got a week to submit tributes.

Tribute Format


District: (list three districts)




Weaknesses(min. 2):

Appearence(Lunaii if possible, otherwise I will make one and you have the describe):



Reaped or Volunteered:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Strategy for the rest of the Games:

Interview Angle:

Tribute chart

District Name Age Weapon Personality
District 1 Elle Sirus 15 Bow and Trident She is quite different from her brother, being rather shy and self-concious. She prefers not to kill, finding it annoying and just finds it hard to shake off. She is not strong mentally, and can crumble under pressure. She is not mentally the strongest.
District 1 Titan Sirus 16 Mace and Club He has some slight anger problems, getting mad when others insult his sister, and is sometimes to protective. He is a pretty good leader, knowing how to treat others but sometimes he can get mad if they fail or do not do what he asks, and may take it out on the others.
District 2 Tinder Rose 17 Bow and Throwing Knives She is a clam minded. Overall relaxed kid. She is very focussed on herself, and always knows what will happen. She is very strategic, and intelligent. Very sneaky and always knows when things will happen, amazing mind.
District 2 Ebony Wraith 17 Sickle, machette Mercilous,evil!
District 3 Pylon Spike 18 Axe and Sword He is a very very strong minded guy, he is a great leader and always needs to be in charge of everything. He is quite intelligent, and very strategic. He always thinks out every possibility, and does whatever he can to help his alliance.
District 3 Amber Bridges 18 Electrocution, or sword Amber is very cold hearted and couldn't care less about anyone. She is very sarcastic when someone asks her a question. She has been the "popular" girl at school because she is intimidating. She thinks she is the best at every thing
District 4
District 4
District 5
District 5
District 6
District 6
District 7
District 7
District 8
District 8
District 9
District 9
District 10
District 10
District 11
District 11
District 12
District 12
District 13
District 13

Tribute Gallery


Dani ~ District One

Today it is reaping, a special kind of reaping. A week ago the Capitol announced that this year will be a quarter quell, something special will happen with this years games. This year people will vote for each other and the two with the most votes get it. It will show how much the people love you.

I walk into my dressing room, already seeing my beautifull black dress. Long and widet. A little too long for me, I am only 5’0 foot but still. I put it on and I still have to drag 1 foot over the floor. I put my curled, black wig on and I am ready for the reaping.

I walk on stage with h heels, also in the same colour as my dress. I have a hard time walking with those but I keep smiling, smiling at the children who are scared, scared to go in the Hunger Games. It feels like the microphone is walking away from me. Further away but I won’t give up. After reaching the microphone, a time period that felt like years, it’s time for me to reveal the lucky tributes.

‘Hello, Distict One. Today is your favourite day of the year’ I said, ignoring the boos from the little kids, who are really afraid. ‘As you all know the tributes of this year are selected by you! You choose them and when one of them returns they will probally hate you, hate you forever. Enough talking I will now reveal the names of our tributes from District One. These two tributes are Elle Sirus and Titan Sirus. Elle you got atleast 500 votes while your brother, Titan scored the double amount of votes! Both of you come on stage.’ I said, looking the crowd. A boy and a girl, holding eachothers hands walk to the stage.

‘Hug eachother one more time, only one of you can possibly return to District One.’ I said with the worst capitol accent ever.

‘Go and fuck yourself’ Elle said. Titan raises his middlefinger to the crowd and they are both escorted in the justice building.

Mia ~ District Two

People are counting, all around me. Counting the votes for our lovely tributes. This year tributes don’t get reaped, no they get voted. Most hated persons might get in. Just a guess.

I walk around in District Two. District Two consists of small villages, near a mine. The central one, the largest and the village which has the Justice Building is where I am now. Ready to get in, getting dresses and announce our lovely tributes. People are building up the stage. I walk past them, walking into the collasal justice building.

‘Someone, escort me to my dressing room.’ I yelled with a capitol accent. Some short redheaded boy comes to me and brings me to my dressing room, which isn’t that large but there is atleast a dressing room.

As I walk in I see my beautiful Olive Green dress, well, the shape is awesome. Personally I hate the color but it is a wide dress, untill my knees. Special for this occasion my stylist decided to give me a total olive green look. My usually blue hair will change, I will get an olive green wig and my make up will be olive green too. I put my lipstick on, get in my dress as someone knocks my door.

‘Ready to leave, Miss?’ The same redheaded boy asked me. I look at the huge clock and I see that is time for the reaping. I walk around the justice building, opening the front doors and I see this crowd. Lots of children, most of them are feared to dead while the older children, who trained there whole life are quite relaxed.

‘Welcome Children of District Two. Today is again a special day. Two of you will go in the Hunger Games, and ofcourse one of them returns to District Two. But who are this years tributes? Well, I can reveal that the tributes from District Two are Tinder Rose and Ebony Wraith’ I said while this girl, Ebony, screamed!

‘YES I GOT SELECTED FOR THE HUNGER GAMES! I LOVE YOU DISTRICT TWO!’ She yelled while Tinder walks to the stage, head down and not ready. They both shake each others hand and I walk with them in the justice building.

Lily ~ District Three

Every year I have been in District Three and taking nice presents for my loved friends in the Capitol. The newest music players or the newest computers. The reason I go to District Three every year is very simple. I got the honor to escort the tributes from the Hunger Games. This year will be different. The tributes are already selected. I only have to announce the names.

In the Justice Building they decided that I should wear a weird dress, one made of barbed wire. I can’t refuse this. Who on earth thought of making a barbed wire dress and make people wear them? I get undressed and people cover my body in a grey substance that will harden soon. After hours of sitting it finally hardened. They put on this ridiculous dress and somehow they put electricity through it. I feel nothing but I am not comfortable. As I walk to the stage I quickly put my long white hair in a pony tail.

I walk on the stage, people stare at me, like I am a grazy person. Well, They are right. Which person on earth would wear this dress?

‘Hello, Dear children from District Three. Last week you all voted for your tribute. These votes are counted and we got our tributes. They won’t be happy and hate you but as I said our tributes of this year are Pylon Spike and Amber Bridges’ I said while a tall boy sprinted to the stage while this small girl slowly walks to the stage. They both shake each others hands. Amber’s face is covered in tears. She is broken. She knows she is going to die.

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