My last hunger games were a succes. I really liked creating them and I couldn't wait to write more. These hunger games will contain more. Including reaping, and training


There will be some twists :)

  • 24 tributes with only one winner
  • 1 person can only have 2 tributes
  • An interesting tribute has a higher chance of winning this games
  • Please don't scold me when your tribute dies.
  • I don't like tributes with only strenghts! Please add some weaknesses.
  • Reservations last for 2 days (48 hours)
  • And last being a carreer doesn't mean you'll win.
  • Please create new tributes

Tribute Format





Appearance/Lunaii(please add a lunaii, I'll make a tributes gallery):





Bloodbath strategy:



The tributes

District Name Age Personality Weapons Strengths Weakness Token User
D1M Dasma Rath 18 Cold, Arrogant, cocky and a terrible flirt. Saber Claws and Throwing Axes Physical strength and aim. Also strong in his hands to use the claws. His arrogance often gets him into problems and his need to be the leader is also an issue. He's very cocky and likes to patronise the younger tributes. He also acts without thinking. None EvilhariboMadness
D1F Bella Moore 18 Bella is kind but will never give up without a fight, even in the pouring rain. She is also a flirt, and she doesn't fail at it. Blowgun, physical strength and long-range weapons (Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes etc.) Holding her breath, hanging onto branches. Creating Diversions., Bananas Necklace with a pure sapphire charm. Tiaraaaa

Malek Rath 17 Cold, Arrogant, cocky and very shy Spear, Throwing Knives Aim, Intelligence and physical strength. He's shy so most people take him as the weak career and this makes him lose his confidence but he's one to put the fear into the other tributes. His aggrogance causes personalities to clash with eachother and he's cocky and will try and push his luck. A ring that was his fathers. His father died in a previous hunger games. He was from District 12, hence Malek's abnormal career personality. EvilhariboMadness

Falvon Klein 17 Falvon is a rough girl who likes others company and dislikes being alone. Dagger, throwing axes. Hiding, Camoflague. Sneaking, Being Quie, hippos Black Woolen Beanie Tiaraaaa
D3M Justin Bieber 18 awful singer sing talent, microphone being not quiet failing,sing nice microphone Rueforever
D3F Sierra Merakel 16 : Resourceful, very serious, quiet, and alert Poisons, wire She is speedy, good at hiding, knows both edible plants and poison plants, intelligent, stronger than she looks. Swimming, climbing None Capitol Citizen
D4M Grefsol Tyronto 14 Grefsol is rude and cocky. He is also kind of insane in a bad way. He is confident and really believes in himself. He want to stick with the careers. Knows how to use everyone of them, prefers sword or an axe. Is a good fighter, good with weapons Not a good survivor, needs a lot of food. None SuperTomato

Annisa 14 Cheerful, sees the bright side of everything, funny, clever, easily scared. spear throwing things long distances. agility A small coin with "Anissa" engraved in it on one side and her sister's name on the other, "Carmen". 66mc
D5M Simion Liit 18 Is very brash and forceful Bow and Throwing Knifes Very strong and a great climber Cant swim None FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
D5F Petra Liit 15 ? Axe and Knife Very fast and strong Cant climb very well None FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne

Tiger Moon 17 Quite, Sly, Elusive Sword Hand to Hand combat, edible plants, making knots Blonde Girls, the colour yellow and hair from felines None Robin04019

D6F Lynnette "Lynnie" Handsows 16 Nice, rebelious knives ? ? ? Lexi13

Wingo Drollcuvin 17 Wingo is a nice boy, but also a strong boy. He does not take crap from anybody. Axe He is good with the axe and knows plants Can't swim and addicted to cigarettes. None SuperTomato
D7F Jane Skye 15 Clever, Shy, Sneaky, and Smart Axe and Hiding Like a ninja, can go anywhere without being noticed (she is stealthy). Will try not kill anyone. Absolutely hates using the axe A small bottle necklace with a tiny plant inside ShimmeringFire
D8M LeSean Moss 18 Brutal killer if he doesn't know you, best friend if he does. Slingshot with sharpened rocks, throwable spear Incredible strength and great combat skills. Develops a soft spot for allies. None Sport Shouting
D8F Luna Snare 15 Sly, elusive, nice Blowgun Hiding, Killing, Clairvoyant. Heights, none Justafox
D9M Ross Goodman 16 Sly, sneaky, mischievous, fierce, quick thinking deception, stealth, blowgun, knife stealth, survival, camouflage climbing, swimming None Tresh Hold
D9F Ariana Jacobi 17 happy, bloodthirsty, knowing what to do Bow and arrow, mace throwing going hungry, thirsty, speed hand to hand combat None

reserved by

D10F Rae Vina 14 Very shy when first meeting someone, but will warm up once she gets to know them. Very kind and helpful. Scythe, dagger She can pretty much befriend any animals (even the capitol's mutts) and turn them agaisnt her opponents, climbing, edible plants Swimming, not very fast A feather from her pet bird, Golden Capitol Citizen
D11M Ralaya Jackson 18 :bloodthirsty and ruthless but when u get 2 know him hes nice and kind saw and axe killing and running climbing none Masterire
D11F Rose Waters 13 Brave, determined, enthusiastic Spear, darts Climbing, running, edible plants, hiding, knots Swimming A shark tooth necklace Ambalina
D12M Eric Minks 12 adventurous, reliable, sneaky, quiet Spear, axe Swimming, great with weapons, fast (REALLY fast) edible plants A small wooden owl Ambalin

Nellie Cowan 14 Focuses on details, intelligent, sly, sneaky Throwing knives, mace Swiming, climbing, running, hand-to-hand combat edible plant knowledge None Nightlock Berries

The Arena

This years Arena will be one big desert. Only sand, sand and sand. The weather is very hot, 50 degrees celcius on the day, but in the night it will be freezing. The cornucopia is placed in the middle but it doesn't has his original form. This time it's a pyramid. In the pyramid will be weapons and suplies. Around the pyramid there a few bags of suplies. They only have one usefull item in it. There will ancient Egypt mutts, like Sphinx and Scarabs. In the desert there are cactuses. You can get water from them but their is also one big river, similair to the nile.

The Reapings

District 1

Dasma Rath POV:

Today it’s reaping day. This year 24 tributes are sent in the arena to kill each other and only comes out alive. One of those tributes will be me. Yes me! I’m going to volunteer. Why shouldn’t I? I walk towards a huge square. Every year the reapings are here. We always have this weird escort. Green hair and a greened skin. They call it fashion. I call it ugly. The escort starts with the promo about the dark days. I already have seen this shit for the past 6 years. Girls first, like always. The escorts take out a name, The female tribute from Distrct one this is year is Ros—I VOLUNTEER! In the crowd lots of people volunteer. I never seen this girl but I guess she is okay. Her is name Bella Moore. Now the escort is about to pick a boy from that bowl. Before he can say the name I shouted I VOLUNTEER! I walk towards the stage. I tell my name and shake Bella Moore’s hand. I’ll see all of you again in a few weeks. I won’t die.

District 2

Falvon Klein POV:

Reaping day, Gosh, I love this day. Today I’m going to volunteer I they like it or not. Yes you heard it right, The popular girl is going to volunteer and she is going to win this! My parents don’t know. My mother will go in an instant shock if I tell her. She wants me to stay here. Well, no. I have had enough of District 2. I want to go to the Capitol. Go into the arena. Kill the tributes and surive it! I choose the dress my mom bought for me. It’s red. I don’t like it. I just want to go to the square. Watching the stupid film and then volunteer if I don’t get reaped. Another girl will volunteer then and I won’t go to the games. Me and my family go to the square. The sun is shining, It’s a beautiful day. They take my blood and scan me. Yes bitches I’m Falvon Klein. Our escort is already on the stage. Ready to show us the movie. Man, This takes ages. I want to volunteer now! The escort grabs in the reaping bowl. LANIE --- I VOLUNTEER! I did it , I volunteered. I’m going into the games. I introduce myself and see my mother faint. I don’t care though. Malek Rath, my district partner also volunteered. The escort didn’t had time to pick a name . No he was already on the stage.

District 3

Sierra Merakel POV:

I woke up early in the morning. Why am I so nervours? I mean it is just a normal day. Isn’t it? My mother looks worried. I ask her what’s wrong and she tells me that it’s reaping day. Dead is comming close again. Last year my cousin was reaped and she didn’t survive. No volunteers in this district. No, I won’t be reaped. That’s chance is so small. My family goes to the sqaure and I walk toward the group of kids. Our escort starts her talk about the games why they are here. I can feel that I’m shaking. I mean the chance is there that I’m chosen. It took ages for our escort to pick a name. She called a name but I knew it wasn’t me. I wait for someone to walk towards the stage but nobody walks. Our escort calls the name another time: ‘Sierra Merakel, Where are you?’ I just realised that everyone is looking at me. I’m going to die. No, I walk towards the stage and wait for my district partner to be picked. I don’t even know his name, I’m shocked and I shake his hand and we walk in to the justice building.

District 4

Grefsol Tyronto POV:

Hmmm! I love the smell of the ocean. I woke up in district 4. I know it’s the reapingday and I’m going to volunteer. Nobody knows it. Only me. I make my breakfast, the green bread. I don’t think we have this in the Capitol so I’m enjoying it now. It’s time for the reapings. Our idiot escort is already there. In the capitol there will be much food, delicious food. I’m really looking forward to it. The reapings start and we get to hear and see the same speech every year. The hand of the escort is disappears in the bowl of the girls. ‘What a lovely name’ our escort said. She screamed the name of Annisa. A girl I’ve never met. She looks horrible. No volunteers for here. Well, then I have to kill her. I close my eyes and wait for the escort to call out the name of the male tribute. It isn’t my name so I scream ‘I VOLUNTEER’. I walk towards the stage. I shake her hand and we go into the justice building, waiting for our family.

District 5

Petra Liit POV:

Reaping day, my least favorite day of the year. The change that I have to go into that arena and have to kill or most likely getting killed. I hate fighting. I can’t hear a thing, I’m deaf so someone has to poke me or something when I’m reaped. My brother Simion is in his last year of reapings. I hope he doesn’t have to go. I mean that would be cruel. Simion and I walk towards the square. The reapings bowls are there. Our escort tells us,I guess, that today two tributes will be selected. She walks towards the bowl with the girls names. She picks a name but I don’t hear a thing. Being deaf is awful. Suddenly I feel someone poking me. NO! They choose me! I walk to the stage. I can hear what she says and make clear that I’m deaf. The escort takes a name out of the boys bowl. Before she can say the name my brother runs to the stage. He did volunteer. WHY DID HE VOLUNTEER? We hug and we go into the justice building. Waiting for our family. They know that atleast one of us is going to die. I feel awful.

District 6

Lynnette Handsows POV:

Good morning world, It’s reaping day and I have to enjoy it. Ofcourse. Only the idea of travelling to the capitol by train is awful. I mean we live in the district of transportation. We hate travelling. We jump into our car. We are going to the square for the reapings. Yay! I should be happy. They takes some of my blood and I’m going to the group of 16 year olds. Our escort has a weird skin color, It’s blue. She starts her talk and I listen, well, I fake it. She take one name of out of the girls reaping bowl. She screams a name, Lynnette Handsow. WAIT! That’s me. I hopefully look around for a volunteer but you can hear a needle drop. Well, Fine. They want me dead. I walk to stage and the boy’s name is NAME HERE, I know him. We go to the same school. I know he is weaker then me but still, The other tributes, Careers.

District 7

Wingo Drollcuvin POV:

It’s a great day. The sun is shining and I love the smell of the woods. In a few minutes my whole room smells like smoke. Yes, I’m addicted to cigarettes. I need them. I can’t like without them. Today is the reaping day. I know that I can be reaped and then have to live without cigarettes. I don’t want to live without them. I smoke one more and go to the square. I walk to the seventeen year old and take another cigarette. That reaping girl thing. It looks like a weird creature to me. She starts telling us about the capitol and that they are stronger then us and that’s why the hunger games are here. She picks a name from the girls. Jane Skye. That name sounds so familar. I know her from something. Nevermind though. I’m still smoking. Untill I hear the escort calling out my name. I walk towards the stage with the same cigarette still in my mound. I’m going to miss you guys. I drop my box of cigarettes and go into the justice building.

District 8

Luna Snare POV: Are there people who like the games? Are they on this planet? Yes they are here. The careers. Who else would like the games? I still think they are a bunch of idiots. I mean why spill your live training and volunteer for the games? They ofcourse have an high advantage but atleast 5 of the die from the 6. I get dressed in the most simple outfit I could find. No make up and I walk towards the square. My parents are right behind. I don’t to go into the games. I don’t want to be a part of the games. I have heard what they did to the other victors. I don’t want to end like that. I walk on the square, not paying attention to the weird capitol guy and his speech. He shows the movie again. Every year, the same movie. I stare at the back of the person right in front of me. The chance is so small that they pick me but they did. I hear my name and lots of people make a path clear for me. No! I don’t want to go. I have to be in these awful games. Atleast I’m not the only one from my district. A big and strong male is choosen. His name is LeSean Moss. I never met him but I think he has a good chance of winning this. We shake hands and go into the justice building

District 9

Ross Goodman POV:

I woke up in the wheat fields. I love sleeping her. Out in the nature. It takes a while to remember that it’s reaping and I have to dress up nicely. I run towards my house. I change my clothes and disappear to the square. I’m not the first person being here. The whole district is here already! I’m the last one comming. Everyone looks at me. I feel terrible. I hate that! Don’t look at me. The same speech as every year is being told. The hand of the escorts goes into the girls bowls and picks the name Ariana Jacobi. She is pretty. It’s a shame she has to go into the games. The escort walks to the boy’s bowl. She picks a name and before I realised what she said I already walked towards the stage. Why did I that? I was reaped though. Why am I reaped?

District 10

Rae Vina POV:

I wake up by the sound of my pet bird. She sings beautiful. I love animals. I’m happy that I live in district 10. The district of animals! I take one of my bird feathers. You never know if I’m going to be reaped. I have a token atleast. I get dressed in a dress and me and my parents go to the square. Lots of childeren are her. If you are choosen her you have to go. Nobody volunteers here. I stand next to my best friend. I hope we are not choosen to be in the games. That will mean an instant dead. I guess our escort looks normal if you don’t see her green and purple hair. She picks a name from the girls bowl. She open the note. She has trouble telling the name. Why should she? She screams my name and I’m shocked. I’m going into the games. I won’t survive it. We haven’t got a winner in years. Why me? I walk towards the stage. I don’t know who our male tribute is because I’m shocked. I don’t want to go into the games. No...

District 11

Rose Waters POV:

I love the smell of the fruits we grow here. I wake up with it every day. We can’t take fruits because when we do we will be punished or in the worst case getting killed. Nobody wants that but we are so hungry in her. When you are selected the be in the hunger games you’ll get food. Everyone wants food but that’s likely impossible here. I go to the square. Lots of childeren are here. All fear the same and that’s being reaped. They don’t want to die and so do I. Like always the girls are picked first but this time our escort decided to pick the boys first. I feel nervous. It isn’t a big relief. It only takes longer before we know who is picked. A tall boy is choosen and now the escort goes to our bowl. I cross my fingers but I didn’t word. The escort said my name and I feel horrible. Why me? I don’t want to. I start to cry.

District 12

Eric Minks POV: Today is the reaping day. Every year two of the kids of our district are send into a big arena and only one tribute comes out alive. In total there are 24 tributes each from 2 from each district. We had one victor, 6 years ago Haymitch Abernathy. That was a quartel quell. 48 tributes had to go in the games. Today there is a chance I’m reaped. I hate the games. We have to watch them if we aren’t in them. I walk to our square. I see our escort. She has a white skin and orange hair. She picks one name from the girls, Nellie Cowan is chosen. I know here. She is our neighbour and we used to play together when we were kids. The escort takes a name from the boys bowl and I’m shocked. Did I hear that good? AM I PICKED? I don’t want to go but no one volunteers and I have to go.

The Trainingscores

You were probally wondering what the twist will be! Now, they won't get training before theire private session. They have to do it with the skills they already have. Trainings follows though. Look at the scores:

Name Score Odds of Winning
Dasma Rath 10 1-5
Bella Moore 10 1-5
Malek Rath 9 1-7
Falvon Klein 10 1-5
Justin Bieber 12 1-2
Sierra Merakel 7 1-15
Grefsol Tyronto 7 1-15
Annisa 7 1-15
Simion Liit 6 1-17
Petra Liit 8 1-12
Tiger Moon 7 1-15
Lynnette "Lynnie" Handsows 4 1-23
Wingo Drollcuvin 8 1-12
Jane Skye 5 1-20
LeSean Moss 6 1-17
Luna Snare 8 1-12
Ross Goodman 7 1-15
Ariana Jacobi 6 1-17
Unnamed D10 male 2 1-35
Rae Vina 8 1-12
Ralaya Jackson 7 1-15
Roser Waters 5 1-20
Eric Minks 8 1-12
Nellie Cowan 6 1-17

Group Training

Day 1

Justin Bieber POV:

Today will the first of the massive group training. I already scored a 12 for my private session that's one great thing. Our escort escorts us to the training room where you can train lots of things. One of those things is fighting with all kind of weapons. Weapons, I should learn one. I mean in this arena without a weapon is pretty bad. As I walk towards the weapon training station I see this karaoke thing. My mind goes straight to the karaoke and I start to sing. Suddenly everyone is silent.

Petra Liit POV:

Wow! That's akward. We just came to training and learnt something about making fires without matches. The trainer learned us to use two stone to create one fire. We were one of the first tributes here but now everyone is here. You can now see how good other people are and if you want an alliance with some people. I guess I'll stick with my brother. This really weird guy, Justin Bieber, went to sing karaoke. When I started to sing it happend. Everyone grabbed the nearest weapon and threw it right at him. He got 23 weapons inside him, sword,arrow,knives and even my stones. Wow, That was the first kill and we aren't even in the arena!

Day 2

Dasma Rath POV:

Yesterday was a great day! The first tributes got killed, I mean how stupid can you be? That Justin Bieber sang us an awful song. Not only I killed him, no. Also 22 other tributes threw a weapon at him. I kind of enjoyed it. It was a great silence after he was killed. Bella and I started working together with the rest of the careers. We decided to split us. A few of us learn how the create fires, while I learn all about edible plants. We won't know what the arena is and what kind of things grow here. At the edible plants you can learn about like every plant on this planet. I mean, We are in Panem. We know that there will be plants in the Arena. I have never seen an arena without plants before. Poisonous cactus's I never heard of them. Probally most people in the Capitol didn't either. I guess I skip that one.

Nellie Cowan POV:

I started this day with the thought that I really need to practise with some weapons. I mean if I don't have any weapons I can control, how can I ever win this games? I walk in to the weapon training corner. Lots of weapons I could choose from. I feel comfortable with some knives. I take 3 three knives. I look at those targets and I aim but I think my aiming takes to long, In the arena I won't have this time. I start throwing at random and I hit 2 of the 3 times. Not bad I guess. I also want to train with a bow. I love the bow. I take one and shoot a few arrows. Everyone hits the target in the center. Yes, I found my weapon, a bow.

The Games


LeSean Moss POV:

This games begin today. No one knows the arena. I hope it's good. Me and my stylist are talking about strategies until a voice says that tributes have to go in their tubes. I stand in my tube and it goes up. The arena is horrible. I mean we are in a desert. We have no cornucopia, I guess. We all come up by a huge pyramid. I look around and see some of the careers looking for weapons. An announcement is made. This pyramid is the cornucopia. You have to find your way in it and find your suplies. A few bags are close to the enterance of the pyramid. Good luck tributes. The countdown starts. 60, 59, 58, 57 , 56. I decided to go into the pyramid and get a bag. BOOM! Before I realised the game started. I see tributes fleeing but also tributes running for the weapons. I start running. It is so hot out here. I reach the pyramid and grab a bag in the outskirts. I'm so close I have to go in it. Inside the cornucopia it is a maze and only a few weapons are in it. I find a slingshots and some rocks. No I need to find my way out of it. I haven't had time to open my bag but I don't mind. I need to run.

Bella Moore POV:

The games started and I found all my allies, the careers. A few of us went inside the pyramid while other's grabbed bags around the pyramid. I went in the pyramid and was the first one of us to find my weapon of choice. A beautifull brown bow with arrows. Enough the kill all tributes in this arena. I find my way outside the pyramid ans start shooting at tributes. Ariana Jacobi is still searching for a bag and a way inside the pyramid. I take an arrow from my quiver and I shoot in her direction. The arrow goes right in her tummy. Dying. BOOM!! One down. She isn't the first. I remember the trainings. Everyone killed that Justin Bieber. I grab a few bags and walk towards our camp. We have a lots of suplies. Food, water, healing ointment, first aid kits. I see a boy coming out of the pyramid. Malek is ready to kill him. Malek throws his spear and LeSean falls to the ground. He died BOOM!!

Luna Snare POV:

I got a blowgun from the pyramid. I can attack people know. I poisoned that darts that I found and I'm ready to kill. I walk outside the pyramid and I see that my district partner is killed by a career. I'm going to revenge him. I'm going after the boy from District 4. He is a career and I think he speared him. I walk up behind the careers. They do not notice me. I take my blowgun and blow on darts. I hits him in the neck. The poison will be effective in a few minutes. I run away grab a bag and find my way in the desert. The desert of nothing. I can see a river. That's were I'm going. BOOM! I think the boy I just attacked died.

Anissa POV:

I went inside the pyramid. I lost my way in it. It is a huge maze. I walked and walked and walked. It felt like hours. I found a spear and a huge bag of food and water. I only need to find the exit. I hear someone else in this. If I walk into this tribute he or she will be dead. No matter what. I walk around a corner and I face Lynnette Handsows. She got a bag and a sword. We start fighting. I have my spear and she has her sword. I try to stab but she blocked. She slashed but it only scratched my arm. She sees it and I stab her. Right in the heart. She falls to the ground. BOOM!! She died. I take her suplies. I do have two weapons now but I'm still lost in this maze. I don't want to be in this maze. I don't know what is in it.

Rose Waters POV:

Okay, I got away from the bloodbath with both of my allies. Sierra Merakel and Rea Vina. We run in this desert. We are in the desert. The sun is burning and we already start to turn red. We talk about surviving these games. The arena is horrible. We don't have water or food, we got a back but I contained a few throwing knives. We all got one. We see these huge cactusses. I learnt that those contain water. Yes, Training was handy. I cut open the cactus and water was coming out of it. The three of us started to drink it. It tasted so good. I kept drinking and drinking. Suddenly I realised that we are drinking from the posionous. Rea started to faint. I don't know if she is fainting or if she just died. BOOM!! Rea died. No! That means that Sierra and I will die. BOOM!! Sienna died too. I'm all alone now. Waiting for myself to die. BOOM!!

Day 2

Malek Rath POV:

The first day of the games were quite good for us the careers. Only one career died. today will be the hunting day. We will leave for those stupid other tributes. We filled our water suplies and we went away with our weapons. A few hunderd metres from us I see this red headed girl, Luna Snare. She is dangerous. She was the one that killed our career. We come close to her and start talking to her. Hee little girl, Yes you with the red hair. We want to you to tell us why did you kill our fellow career? Why? We may spare your life! Luna starts talking. She told us that she has to I she wants to win the games. She takes her blowgun. She did it in like 1 second and before I know she blowed it. The darts hit Dasma right in the eye, killing him by just a few seconds. The poison starts to work and Dasma falls. BOOM!! I went furious. SHE KILLED MY COUSIN! I throw my spear. It hits Luna right in her chest. The blood slips over her and she dies. BOOM!!

Eric Minks POV:

I'm still stuck in this maze. I went in here yesterday and found myself a sword. Turn right, turn left and still can't find my way out. I'm stuck. In the pyramid there isn't much light. It's really dark and I have been searching for an exit the whole nights. I'm tired and I want to sleep. I sit down and immeaditly fall asleep. Maybe I shouldn't be sleeping. I hear a weird sound. It sounds likes insects. Insects. Which kind of insects will live in this freaking desert!! Lots of little bugs are walking towards me. These aren't normal. I think they are poisonous and I start to run but they are faster. They get me. They all start biting me and it hurts. Thousands of scarabs are eating me and I won't win the games. No. I'll die in this pyramid. My body, lying here forever untill they decide that it's time to clear the bodies. I blow out my last breath and I die. BOOM!!

Gamemakers POV:

Attention Attention Tributes, Tomorrow there will be a special event at the pyramid. Everyone has to come or you will have an instant painfull way of dying. This event has to be special for every tribute. That means no killing when you see each other'. The one who will do that will get struck by a thunder or something. Remember, Sometimes is forming an alliance more important then killing other tributes. Good luck finding your way to the cornucopia and remember, MAY THE ODDS EVER BE IN YOUR FAVOUR!

Petra Liit POV:

That was the weirdest announcement I ever heard. We aren't aloud to kill eachother anymore. How does one of us ever going to win this stupid game? Simion and I survive the first day. We got water and we got some food. We pack our stuff and we start walking towards the pyramid. We came from that direction. We walked into the night. Freezing as it was, we started running to keep us warm. The last thing you want is freezing to death when something big is going to happen. The national anthem played and we see the fallen. One of the careers died. It shocked me. I mean, the careers always looked like they were undefeatable. Luna Snare, the girl I liked at group training. She seemed so strong and got the potential to win, the last one is the boy from 12. I never spoke to him but I'm surprised he lived that long. We see the pyramid. Lots of tributes are already there. I think we are the last ones. We walk towards them and they greet us. It is strange to come so close to tributes. They won't kill us. That would be a suicide for them. Well, I guess we have to stay with each other the rest of the day.

Day 3

Gamemakers POV:

Good morning tributes, You all looked forward to this day. Today something terrible will happen but there is one rule. When we see a tribute kill another tribute you will get killed no matter what. No excuses or something. Just dead. One of you is the potential victor. As you know the capitol loves the victors. If you win richdom and fame will be yours, but still don't kill each other. May the odds ever be in your favour! BOOM!! BOOM!!' BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOM!!

Jane Skye POV:

Wait, 10 cannons. What happend!? Did 10 tributes died and are only 4 of us left? I look around and see all tributes look around. No none of us died. We are here. All 13 tributes are still alive. We hear an awful sound from the pyramid and the enterances are swarmed with human look a likes. Wait, These are mummies? I heard about them once in my life. Mummies or zombies. It looks like a mix. They are hungry and start attacking all of the tributes. It's terrible. Ralaya Jackson was the one close to one of the enterance and we sees he gets attacks. He screams for his live and he is eaten alive BOOM!! Not the tributes think and run towards the huge mountain suplies of the careers and grab weapons. I got a shiny new sword. It's more usefull at the moment then throwing knives and a bow. Tributes also try to flee but a strange forcefield stops them and we are stuck in a 'cage'. We start fighting against to rotting bodies but they are with more. I can see Ross getting eaten. He screams and screams. BOOM!! I slice off a head of a zombie who wants to attack me. Someone got a bow and tries to protect as many tribues. She climbed up the pyramid and starts covering tributes. She aims at zombies around me shoots. I feel a sharp pain in my chest, She hit me! I feel the last pieces of my live flow out of me and Bella Moore, The girl with the bow falls of the pyramid she died. The game makers are serious. A zombies want to eat me but I already died. BOOM!! BOOM!!

Annisa POV:

The zombies are comming and comming. There is no stop of them. We are left with 9 people and I want to win this. I flee with a bow towards the pyramid climb up it and hide. It will stay here untill the zombies are gone. When the gamemakers I announce that we can kill eachother again I will kill them. One by one. WAIT ONE OF THOSE ZOMBIES LOOKED LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER! THE BOY THAT GOT KILLED AT THE TRAINING. He carries a bag? Wait. Do the death tributes have suplies for us? They aren't exactly dead. I mean that Justin Bieber is still walking. I slowly climb down and kill that Justin Bieber. I grab his bag and look inside it. WOOW! I don't know what happend but one second I was in the 'cage' and now I'm watching it from the outside. I can flee. I won't be eaten while others are fighting off zombies. I'm going to win! If nobody finds out I can win. I won't die. I can win!

Falvon Klein POV:

Did I saw that right? That girl of District 4 just disappeared after grabbing a weird kind of bag from an old tribute look a like? I start searching for a tribute look a like zombie. I see one. He is about to eat a living tribute. The boy is bitten in the neck and he dies BOOM!! Run down. Seeing that stupid Justin Bieber eaten the body of that boy. A bag is hanging on his neck. I kill that Justin Bieber, grab the bag and I closed my eyes. I opened them and I see desert, a pyramid and lots of zombies but next to me. This girl from district 4. She looks and me and she says that I found out her secret. We see that everyone there is fighting, fighting for their lives. Some have noticed that we are on the other side of the barrier. People see that we got those bags. They are desperatly looking for those and some of them are succesfull. They find them. Malek Rath, Simion Liit, Petra Liit and Nellie Cown. The only one who made it out alive. The rest is eaten. There are no bags and the zombies are having a feast meal. It looks disgusting but yes, I'm happy it's not me.

Gamemakers POV:

Good job tributes, you made your way out of those nasty zombies. Your allies, your friends and maybe family tributes are just killed. You are the final six. You can only win if you kill now! May the odds ever be in your favour and I might see you in the capitol!

Simion Liit POV:

We have to fight now. We can't afford to get killed now! I grab my sword I got at few minutes ago. I slash my sword. I hit Nellie Cowan in her head and she dies. BOOM!! Next to me Petra is fighting but she gets speared by Malek. BOOM!! No, My little sister died! I start crying and I have the feeling I have to win these games for Petra. To give Petra's death something that was worth it. Falvon Klein and Malek Rath are looking worried. Petra threw her sword in Malek's chest. Malek won't survive for long. BOOM!! That means only Falvon and I are left. No, That's not right. The girl from district 4 stand behind Falvon! She has troubles. She only got her bow left. She can't shoot. Falvon turns around and kills her with the sword from Malek's body. BOOM!! Falvon and I stare at eachother. Her eyes are showing how much she hates me. I cut of her leg. It was a reaction on her movement. She falls to the ground and cries. Her leg is lying there. She tries the get up and I slash my sword and I behead her. BOOM!! I DID IT! I WON THE GAMES!

Ladies and Gentleman. I can now present you the victor of the 56th Hunger Games! SIMION LIIT!

Death chart

Place Name Who killed this tribute? How? When?
24th Justin Bieber Every tributes They all threw weapons at him when he started to sing Group Training
23th Ariana Jacobi Bella Moore Arrow in tummy Bloodbath

LeSean Moss

Malek Rath Speared Bloodbath
21th Grefsol Tyronto Luna Snare Poisonous Dart Bloodbath
20th Lynnette Handsows Annisa Spear in heart Bloodbath
19th Rea Vina Herself Drunk from poisonous cactus Day 1
18th Sierra Merakel Herself Drunk from poisonous cactus Day 1
17th Rose Waters Herself Drunk from poisonous cactus Day 1
16th Dasma Rath Luna Snare Poisonous Dart Day 2
15th Luna Snare Malek Rath Speared Day 2
14th Erik Minks Scarab Mutts Eaten Alive Day 2
13th Ralaya Jackson Zombies Eaten Day 3
12th Ross Goodman Zombies Eaten Day 3
11th Bella Moore Gamemakers Painful dead Day 3
10th Jane Skye Bella Moore Accidentaly shot by an arrow Day 3
9th Tiger Moon Justin Bieber Eaten by Justin Bieber Day 3
8th Unnamed D10 boy Zombies Eaten Day 3
7th Wingo Drollcuvin Zombies Eaten Day 3
6th Nellie Cowan Simion Liit Sword in head Day 3
5th Petra Liit Malek Rath Speared Day 3
4th Malek Rath Petra Liit Stabbed with Sword Day 3
3rd Annisa Falvon Klein Stabbed with Sword Day 3
2nd Falvon Klein Simion Liit Beheaded Day 3
VICTOR! Simion Liit n/a n/a n/a

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