Hello, I am writing new Hunger Games. Why? I love to write those and Anna wants me to continue writing. My previous games failed. Nobody joined them. In this Games I will do everything. Reaping, Chariots, Training, Interviews, everything.


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Weaknesses(min. 2):

Appearence(Lunaii if possible, otherwise I will make one and you have the describe):


Reaped or Volunteered:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Strategy for the rest of the Games:

Interview Angle:


District Name Age Weapon Strength Weaknesses Personality User
D1M Cadillac Woods 17 Axe, Bow & Arrow. Hand-to-hand combat, Running, Climbing. swimming Ruthless, Determined, Vicious. AxedFox
D1F Alex Chirp 17 Sword, Mace Killing, Running Camofoulage Nice, popular, good looking, kind RawrImmaEatYa
D2M Cobalt Nickle 18 Sword, Spear, Axe and Mace He is amazingly strong, very fast. He trained for 10 years to make himself the best of everything. He trained in swimming, climbing and everything that could make him win the games. Physically he is almost perfect, though he has a trick hip. Though emotionally he is slightly off, he needs to have the best care, and has to be the best. He had to be the leader aswell. He is very proud, and emotionally off. He loves to take control of others, and quite intelligent. Though he is quite head strong, and needs to be the best. The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
D2F Metallix Gleam 16 Bow and Blowgun She is very accurate, and detailed. She is a great climber, and very fast. She is swift and agile, and very intelligent. She knows all about plants and animals in the forest. She isnt that strong, and hates to be in physical combat. She has no use with close range weapons and cant take lead. She had slight problems killing people, though will do it if she absoloutly has to. She is very kind and intelligent. And has amazing morals, that she will break in the games. She cant take lead and is very shy. She is very devoted to her cause though, and will see it through to the end no matter what. The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
D3M Sylvester Kyle 13 explosives Running,electricity physical strength Very goofy Dedejacob
D3F Electra Dillilo 14 Sword, spears, nets Close combat, hiding and net making Berries Funny and kind, cute, she has alot of friends and admirers RawrImmaEatYa
D4M Carlos Yuacke 17 Almost anything but prefers a hammer, sword and spear. He is strong and excels using a variety of weapons plus he is clever Cocky, not that fast a runner. He is really cocky as at his home district, the girls always like him. He always seems nice but he is always thinking about his next move. Rainbow Shifter
D4F Opaline Cascade 18 Trident and Net She is an amazing swimmer, has been altered to be amazing in water. She is also very strong, and handy with a lot of different weapons. She is also a decent climber. She isnt very fast online, and is useless with accuracy involved weapons. She also is no good with weapons that involve a lot of arm power. She is a bit crazy, and very spoilt. She has the brains of a fish, and prefers to be underwater. She isnt the most sociable but is very intelligent, an amazing strategist. Though sometimes it is hard to believe through the craziness. The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
D5M Callam Huntington 15 Spear Traps, hiding, camouflage, stealth, plant identification and distance weapons Hand to hand combat and swimming Happy, Charming, Flirty and Optimistic CAPD
D5F Fiona Valoran 16 Swords and duel knives, she favors duel knives over swords because its lighter on her which makes her cause a swift and silent death. She also favors twin daggers, which could plunge into her opponent and result in a quick death. She is the one of the most notorious fencing duelists in Panem, her family is known for a long line of elite duelists. She longed to match the skill of her father, a legendary swordsman, and her talent that of quickly surpassed to her siblings. She was trained by her father soon after she persuaded him into teaching her, she worked for long, hard hours working on her figthing skills. For each lesson, she would pratice her posture, her speed, her swiftness, and her weaponary. It took a long time until she was finally a true duelist, with a sharp blade and a sharper tongue. She has sharp instincts, she can sense everything around her, she can dodge, block, and hit any in-coming attack. Fiora sometimes wants the easy way out of everything, when she wants her ally gone, she does it. She also boasts about how she's better than everyone else and that she could win, along with killing everyone. The worst of her weaknesses is her arrogance, she's pretty much a show off. She is ruthless, she is straight out ruthless. She gives no mercy when she's fighting with others. She's arrogant too, coming from district one, the district of luxury, had an easy life, no troubles at all. Though she boasts about her fencing skills most of the time. Fiona is also eager, she wants to learn new skills quick. She doesn't wait, she gets what she wants in every way, any way. Fluffeh Kitteh
D6M Icarus Trayn 16 Hammer Aim, swimming, intelligence climbing, sprinting Friendly but shy and awkward and nerdy 66mc
D6F Demi- Lee Seista 15 Anything from training, probably would try a knife Street-wise, sneaky, sensible Gets easily emotionally attached, and if they leave her her sense sort of goes with them! Also she hasn't got much stamina or speed. Loving, passionate, but very sneaky. Thena.airice14
D7M Levy Autumn 14 Warhammer Strength, Running, Swimming. Climbing, Hand-to-hand combat. Caring, Reliable, Smart. AxedFox
D7F Calypso Dawn 15 Pickaxe Plant Knowledge, Hunting, Climbing. Short distance weapons, hand-to-hand combat. Calm, Trustworthy, Down to earth. AxedFox
D8M Florian Wick 14 Sword Good runner, good swimmer Very shy, looks like a threath even though he's not Kind, shy, clever, selfish SuperTomato
D8F Opal Bayler 16 Throwing knifes and a machette Agility,Aim cant kill anyone that reminds her of her siblings,climbing trees She is overjoyed,emotional,and she over exagerates alot Dedejacob
D9M Raztic Jubala 15 Sword, Knife Very talented actor, good fighter Hyperactive, addicted to cigarettes Kind of crazy, nervous, stressed, happy SuperTomato
D9F Roxie Sparkle 14 Sword, knives Hiding, sneaking Wolf mutts Snobby and annoying, but can be sweet and kind when she wants to be. RawrImmaEatYa
D10M Javan Rino 15 Any weapon Being from 10 he has a way with animals, knowing how to care for them. He is also very strong, and amazingly fast. He is also a decently good swimmer, having lived on a fish farm. He is a terrible climber, and is terrified of heights. He has no stanima though, in both running and swimming. Also he finds it hard to get along with people, and is quite antisocial. He is very smart, and likes his own company. He is quite anti-social and finds it hard to get along with other people. And even those he gets along with, he never trusts. The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
D10F Paige Wintermoon 12 Knife running,Camo Combat nice bubbly Dedejacob
D11M Uvan Clingle 12 Knife, sword Good runner, knows plants, can go a little while without food and water Not very strong, childish, bad fighter Caring, kind, sweet, childish. SuperTomato
D11F Detria Glace 14 Throwing knifes, blowguns She is very stealthy, being unoticed, and she is hyper intelligent. She is also good at observing. She is very anti-social and can't make allies very easily. She is also quite weak and is so brute strength and hand-to-hand combat isn't her great aspects eighter Detria has a minor form for autism. She is very shy and stays away from most people unless she likes the person a lot or if they have done something remarkable. She almost never speaks but she is hyper intelligent. People seems to treat her like she is crazy but really she is not that much diffrent. She really just want people to stop stare and treat her normal. She dosen't wanna cause trouble and almost never fight with anyone. If anyone called her names she would just walk away and pretend like she didn't hear it instead of standing up for herself and fight back. She likes to be alone and often comes of as very mysterious to strangers. Annamisasa
D12M Carter Dyme 14 Pickaxe or hoe Aim, speed and stamina Camouflage, swimming and survival skills (fires etc.) Optimistic and happy go lucky, very nice, friendly and jokey. 66mc
D12F Melanoi Jet 16 Death Star, Shurikens Very accurate and fast. Like a ninja she prefers to stay off the ground. Keep to the trees like Rue. She is very weak, but prefers to not fight. She also couldnt kill easily as she has high morals. She is very quiet and loves sneaking around. She doesnt like 12 so she sneaks into the forest to satisfy her love for nature. The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

Tribute Gallery


The arena will consist out of four main types of landscape, a beach, a forest, a meadow and a savanne with some mountains. In the centre of the arens, in the meadow. There will be the cornucopia.


Placing Who? Who and how? When?
24th Sylvester Kyle Cobalt Nickle, smashed with a sword Bloodbath
23rd Javan Rino Carlos Yuacke, speared Bloodbath
22nd Icarus Trayn Opaline Cascade, stabbed with a trident Bloodbath
21st Callam Huntington Demi-Lee Seista, Throat slit Bloodbath
20th Electra Dillio Opal Bayer, Threw a knife in head Bloodbath

Cadillac Woods

Fiona Valoran, stabbed in his face Day 1

Raztic Jubala

Heart got ripped out by fog knight. Day 2
17th Florian Wick Melanoi Jet, Slit throat by dead star. Day 2
16th Levy Autumn Melanoi Jet, Dead star in chest Day 2
15th Roxie Sparkle Fell down a cliff, strangled to dead by Melanoi Jet. Day 2
14th Opal Bayler Opaline Cascade, stabbed with a trident. Day 2
13th Paige Winter. Killed by deer mutts. Day 3
12th Cobalt Nickle Stabbed by Fiona Day 3
11th Carter Dyme Axe in Chest but Calypso Dawn Day 3
10th Alex Chirp Arrow pierced through her eye inside her brains, Metallix Gleam Day 3
9th Melanoi Jet Stabbed in the heart, Demi-Lee Seista Day 3
8th Fiona Valaron Stabbed by Opaline. Day 3
7th Opaline Cascade Head smashed in by an axe, Calypso Dawn. Day 3
6th Calypso Dawn Arrow shot in Neck by Metallix Day 3
5th Uvan Clingle Knife in head. Carlos Yuacke Day 3
4th Carlos Yuacke Knife in Chest Day 3


District One ~ Alex Chirp POV

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, The victor of the 10th annual Hunger Games is ALEX CHIRP FROM DISTRICT ONE’ the announcer announced. I won the Hunger Games and I am a victor. After nine days of pure torture I won the Hunger Games. I killed the last tribute, a girl from District 8 and I am a victor!

Suddenly I woke up, It was only a dream, a very good dream. The sun was already up and the sunlight, warm and bright, fell down on my skin. Today It’s reaping day. I got out of bed. My whole life I have trained in this special training school. I was born to be a part of the Hunger Games. With my seventeen years on this planet they made me ready to turn into a vicious murderer which I like. It will be a great honour to be in the Hunger Games, ofcourse we already know who the victor is, me ofcourse. I live in a rich family in District One. Hunger never has been a problem so I could train for my games.

I got downstairs, my parents were there already. My father smiled at me. He is so proud of me and he knows that I will win the Games. He has been pushing me to volunteer, every year again.

‘Alex, Are you going to volunteer this year?’ My father asked me, he looked at me and I could see that he hoped that I would say yes, yes to compete in the Hunger Games.

‘Dad, Yes. This year will be my year of the Hunger Games. This year District One will have another victor. I am going in the games!’ I answered and my mother began to scream. She was so happy.

‘My little girl is going to be a victor!’ my mother yelled at us. She couldn’t stop smiling. My father has the same. He is happy, so happy. I quickly ate my breakfast and went upstairs. Ready to get dressed. I chose a dress, I come halfway my legs and it’s pink. It has now sleeves and at the side a huge rose is placed. I braided my hair and I added make up. My huge blue eyes and my blonde hair looks awesome with the dress. I put my hair bow in my hair and I am ready to go.

I went downstairs in my dress. My parents looked at me, their happiness was still on their face.

‘You look beautiful Honey.’ My father said with the same smile on his face.

‘Thank you Daddy.’ I said and he kissed me on my cheek. I hugged both of my parents when someone knocked the door. My friends were there. I am a popular girl at my school.

‘I’ll see you in a few weeks’ I said to my parents and I left. My friends all look stunning but I am the most beautiful.

After a ten minute walk we arrived at the square. It was already crowded with peacekeepers and children. They took my blood to confirm that I was there. The sun was still shining. All of the children are sweating, which isn’t weird. All of the children are there and our escort comes on the stage, her name is Iori. She has dyed her skin in a pink colour and her hair is red. She speaks with this capitol accent and she is quite loved her.

‘Welcome, Welcome at the reaping of the 10th Hunger Games.’ She said in her microphone. ‘Before our lovely tributes of this year are selected you have to watch this movie. It’s about the dark days, again.’ She said and the screen behind her lighted up. The movie started, it showed us how the rebels are getting defeated by the Capitol and how the Hunger Games were established.

‘So now it’s time for the reaping. Ladies first, like always!’She said and smiled. Her smile always cheered me up somehow. Her hand disappeared in the reaping ball. She opened the note but she couldn’t say the name.

‘I VOLUNTEER AS A TRIBUTE’ I yelled. I did it. I am in the Hunger Games!

‘Come here Sweetie!’ Iori said. ‘Tell district one your name!’.

‘I am Alex Chirp and I am the District One Female tribute!’ I yelled in the microphone. I couldn’t stop smiling. My long blonde hair had a golden colour in the sun and everyone was stunned.

‘Now it’s time for our male tribute.’ Iori said but she didn’t even walk to the reaping ball. A boy already volunteered.

‘What a suprise.’ Iori said. ‘Come over here and tell us who you are.’

A boy from the crowd sprinted to the stage. He has brown hair and he has beautiful green eyes.

'I am Cadillac Woods.' He said and he grinned. We shaked eachothers hands and we were escorted inside the justice building.

District Two ~ Metallix Gleam POV

This morning I woke up in the same boring room. I have lived in this care home for sixteen years now.. My mother died while she was giving birth to me and a few months after my birth my father died in an avalanche, making me the only surviving member of my family. We never had much food and I went to the woods, just outside District Two every day. It’s just a twenty minute sprint. I get out of bed, get dressed in my clothes. I only got one outfit since we are so poor which is strange for District Two. We are one of the wealthiest districts. I went downstairs and was about to leave when someone came out of the livingroom.

‘Happy Birthday Metallix.’ My foster parent said and she smiled at me.

‘Well, Thank you.’I said when I got kissed. I never got present. As a child we never had toys and we barely had enough to feed us. I silently sneaked out of our house. I started to sprint. I sprinted through the little village I live in. After twenty minutes I came at the edge of District Two. I went into the woods. I have been here every day since I could take care of myself. I developed some skills to go without food and without water. My life has been one big mess so far. I walked through the forest like I always used to do. I put my shoes off and put my feet into this little lake. I love this feeling, the feeling of freedom. The sun is shining on my skin through the trees. After hours of sitting there I suddenly remebered it. Today it is not only my birthday, no, It’s also reaping day. I don’t know how late it is but I have to go back to my home. I sprinted as fast as I could and in the same twenty minutes I was back at home. My foster parents sat there.

‘Metallix, Where have you been? It’s almost reaping time!’ She said, she has an old face but she isn’t that old. She did my hair and I was ready to go.

‘Goodbye, We’ll see you in a few hours’ My foster parents said to me. They know this for sure because we are a career district. Almost every year some volunteered for the Hunger Games so the female girl hadn’t to compete in the Hunger Games. It took ages for me to go to the sqaure. The peacekeepers forced me to let them take my blood. I always hate this. After they took my blood I stood next to my peers. Waiting for our escort to come and reap the names. We always have the same escort, Cyan. Talking about Cyan, It’s the only colour she wears. Her hair is cyan, her makeup is Cyan and her clothes are Cyan. Her skin was made in to white. My eyes hurt when I look at her. It gave me an awful headache.

‘Hello Children of District Two. Are there any volunteers this year?’ She joked. ‘First of all we are watching this movie.’ She said and a huge screen lighten up and the countdown started. The dark days are repeated in like 5 minutes and then they showed us fragments of the previous Hunger Games.

‘It’s now time to select our lovely tributes from District Two. Ladies first.’ She said and she walked to the reaping ball and she picked a name. Her hand went in and out, in less then a second.

‘Metallix Gleam is our female tribute of this year’s Hunger Games.’ She said and I felt good. Someone is going to volunteer. Every year someone volunteers. I took ages but the escort finally said: ‘Metallix come here on the stage.’ I felt my heart pumping in my chest. This can’t be true. Why did no one volunteer? I fought against my tears. People shouldn’t know that I am weak, that way I wouldn’t even survive the first day. I waited for the male tribute to be reaped. Cyan already picked a name but someone already screamed.

‘I VOLUNTEER AS A TRIBUTE’ A boy yelled. He is tall and has black hair. I could easily fall in love with him but he is going back in a coffin. I shaked his hand and we got escorted inside the justice building. Only a few hours away from the train journey to the Capitol

District Three ~ Electra Dillilo POV

Today it’s 5 year ago that my parents died in this tragic accident. That day was horrible. I remember the awful sounds in this district. People screaming and running away. The factory were my parents were working exploded. No-one survived and my life was ruined. Luckily district three is one of the best districts to life. I didn’t starve and I felt like the whole district took care of me. I have lived with my grandparents ever since. My grandparents were shocked and didn’t speak for weeks but they refound their strengths and took care of me. At school I am popular and I got lots of secret admirers.

I am still lying in my bed, thinking about my past. I stare at my door, which slowly opens. My grandmother stand there. She has a very pale skin and her long grey hair is tied into knot. She is very skinny and small. We are poor, my grandparents haven’t worked since the explosion so I claimed tessera for us.

’Electra, Breakfast is ready.’ She said and gave me on of her toothless grins. She somehow always make me smile. I get downstairs in my pyjama’s. My grandfather is already there. He is a bald, small man. He is also very skinny. He reminds me of my father. The same eye colour and eye shape. Even their mouth look like eachother.

‘Electra, You know what day it is today, don’t you?’ My grandfather said. I could see the water in his eyes.

‘It’s reaping day, I know and I also know the odds aren’t exactly in my favour.’ I whispered. Tears rolled down my grandfather’s face. Last year a small girl got reaped for District Three. She survived the games for a long time. She just ran away from the bloodbath but she died in a horrible way. One of the tributes went psycho. She got cut open and all her guts are lying next to her. She died a painfull and slow way.

The rest of our breakfast we ate in silence. In the whole district the usual noise of the factory aren’t heard and no-one is on the streets already. I went to my room, to listen to some music. My music device is very old now. My father took it away from his work and I enjoyed it ever since. I never knew how to add more music to it.

I got dressed. We had dress my mother used to wear. We saved it from our former house before eveything got sold. It’s white and I goes down to my knees. My grandmother did my hair. Nothing special. As finishing touch I weared my cap. It will be my token in the games, if I get reaped today.

I went downstairs and I was surprised. My best friend, Elena, was there. She smiled at me and we hugged eachother.

‘Ready to go?’ She asked me. She has long blonde hair and the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. I am quite jealous of her appearance. I nod at her. I hugged my grandparents and I went outside. It was cold and it is also raining. We walked for a few minutes and we were already there. We got seperated since Elena is one year older then me. They took my blood and I went to the fourteen year olds. We are all terrefied. Nobody wants to be in the games. Our escort, Greia, comes on stage. She has a white skin and her hair is grey. She is old but tries to do her best to look younger. The weird people in the capitol always try to alter their bodies.

‘Welcome, Welcome.’ She yelled with her awful capitol accent. She seems to enjoy these reapings. ‘I will now select two tributes from this lovely district.’ She smiled and she scared me.

‘Ladies first, like always. Always let ladies first.’ She said to use and she put her hand in the reaping ball. I took ages for she finally picked a name. She opened the piece of paper and read out a name.

‘Electra Dillilo’ She said and I felt like a little child, a child without a mother. I could feel the tears burning in my eyes and I slowly walk to the stage. I tried to spot Elena but I couldn’t find here. For a few seconds I hoped that someone was going to volunteer but it stayed awkwardly silent. Meanwhile Greia already picked the boys tribute. The boy’s tribute is Sylvester Kyle. He is younger then me and the whole district looks at us. Two other young children are going in the games. We got escorted inside the justice building and our trip to the capitol will begin in a few hours.

District Four ~ Opaline Cascade

I often dream about the early days of my change, my huge change. People used to bully me, they used to call me names but now I am one of the most popular girls in the whole district. I am now a fish look a like and I love it. Being outside, and especially being in the water is my favourite thing on this whole planet. My parents thought I would be awesome to alter my appearence to a fish. They took me to the capitol and I got an surgery. Now I can live in the water and on the land.

I get out of my bed early this morning. The sun just rose. I get dressed in simple clothes. A t-shirt and a daisy dukes. I went outside. The weather is awesome, it’s hot and the sun shining. I walk to the beach, which is right behind our house. I enjoy the beach, the sand between my toes, the wind aerated through my hair and the smell of the ocean. I get undressed and walk straight into the ocean, wearing nothing. I can breathe underwater. All kinds of fish are swimming with me. Tunas, Salmons and Herrings. On the bottom of the sea there are lots of colourful corals. Green, Red, Purple, Blue, Orange, too many colours to name. I love the water and everything that lives in it. I spent almost my whole life in the water. I swam for hours, enjoying the silence of the water. Dolphins came here often and today it was another day that the dolphins were here. They seems to enjoy me. They like me and I like them. After hours of swimming I decide to go back to my home. It’s reaping day today. I sit on the beach to dry and quickly get dressed again. My parents were already sitting downstairs. I haven’t told them that I am going to volunteer, but if I want to volunteer for the games I have to do it this year because this is the last year of me being able to volunteer, next year I will be nineteen and I won’t be allowed in the games then.

‘How was the water today?’ My father asked, he is very tall and muscular. His short blonde hair which is still blonde although he is already near the end of his fourties. He handed me a piece of greenish bread, the bread of District Four. We have seewead in it. It tastes quite salty, like the sea.

‘Dad, It is awesome. It’s pretty cool but the sun makes the bottom of the ocean so beautiful. The diffent kind of coral are so beautiful and all the fish seem to enjoy my company.’ I said with a smile on my face.

‘I am going to volunteer today’ I said in one breath to my father. He expected it but he spit out all of his milk.

‘Honey, That is great! I can’t wait to see your mother’s reaction!’ I said and he had a smile from ear to ear. The door went open and my mother, beautiful as she is stood there. She have long wavy blonde hair and a tanned skin.

‘What is happening here?’ She said when she saw my father’s smile.

‘I am going to volunteer for the Games today, Mum.’ I said and I got the same reaction from my mother. She screamed out of enjoyment and she couldn’t stop smiling. I went upstairs, the reaping will start in a half an hour and I still need to put my dress on. I look in my mirror, my blueish skin and my blue hair that I tied into braids. My dress is short, a short bleu dress. I kissed my parents good bye and I went to the square. It was already crowded and all of the children were ready for the reaping. The smallest children didn’t fear getting reaped, not in a career district. Every year someone volunteers and this year it is me for the girls.

Our escort came out of the justice building. She likes District Four so much that she alter her appearance to a beachy look. Her yellowish skin and her blue hair and makeup representing the beach and the ocean. She is actually quite normal. If you compare it to a escort we had five year ago, you could barely understand what she said.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the reaping for the Tenth Annual Hunger Games.’ She said and she looked at several people in the crowd. ‘This year two of you will go in the Hunger Games but first I have to show you this.’. The screen behind her light up. They showed us the dark days again. They do this every year. How the Hunger Games were established and how the rebels lost. After about five minutes the screen went black.

‘Now the times has come. I’ll pick two tributes from District Four.’ She said and she walked to the girl reaping ball. She walked back to her microphone and unfolded the piece of paper.

‘I VOLUNTEER AS A TRIBUTE.’ I already yelled. I sprinted to the stage and I looked at the crowd.

‘So tell us your name sweetheart.’ She said, staring at my fishy appearance.

‘SHE IS OPALINE CASCADE OFCOURSE!’ A boy from the crowd yelled.

‘Well, Nice to meet you, Opaline.’ The escort said and she smiled at me. ‘It’s now time to select the lucky tribute boy.’ She walked over to the boys reaping balls and put her hand in it but went she put her hand in the ball, the same boy already yelled that he is going to volunteer. Actually the boy already stood on the stage, next to me.

‘Well, Tell us your name then.’ Our escort said, with a annoyed voice.

‘I am Carlos Yuacke’ He said with a grin. I have seen him once or twice in District Four but that’s it. I shook his hand and our escort escorted us into the justice building.

District Five ~ Fiona Valoran

Fiona Valoran, one of the greatest duelists ever.

A poster of me, with this text. For years I have been the best duelist of Panem. My sharp blades made me famous. I know how to handle a sword. Fencing is my hobby. Just like the rest of my family. We all love to do it but our family is ashamed of what happend. My dad, also a great duelist, putted some paralysis potion in the drink of my oponent. The found it out and our family is a shame but I challenged my dad. I fought with him and I won. Now I am the head of the Laurent. People think I am arrogant and I am probally. I am not loved in District Five.

The pouring rain in District Five, It’s become usual. Everyday it has been raining. The sounds of different device, for generating power and electricity, is the noise every knows in this District. We live in a rich part of District Five. We moved out of district one when I was young. We got lots of money and now we live in distict five. Sometimes I wish I was back in District One. People liked us there but here people hate us, ever since my father did this, he did this to us.

I never feared the Hunger Games, Sure, I won’t volunteer but I have to potential to win. My sword fighting skills are terrific. My senses are awesome. One of the things I love about myself. The strengths I got.

I woke up, raining pouring into my room. I left my window open and my whole desk is wet. Even more reasons to hate it here. I slowly get out of my bed. I wish I could just lay down and fell a sleep again but I can’t, today it is reaping day and we all have to be there. I go downstairs, in my pyjama’s. I sit down on the dinner table and I stare outside, watching people running through the rain. It makes me laugh somehow.

I hear my siblings coming down the stairs. Only my brother can be reaped today but the chance is like zero. I can’t feel that it is reapings. Everyone is sad and they don’t want to go to the capitol. We all ate our breakfast in silence and I got upstairs again, to get dress. I wear a light blue dress, matching my eyes. I get out my house, walking in the pouring rain. The square is only a few hundered metres away from my house but I was totally drenched when I got there.

They took my blood and I waited for ages, slowly other children were coming. After what felt like a three days finally our ridicolous, purple all over her body. I like purple, look at my hair but she covered her whole body in purple. Her eyes, Her hair , her skin her nails and even her lips.

‘Welcome Children. Today two of you will chosen to fight to dead.’ She said in a not encouraging way. She smiled at the girls on the front. A movie started but I wasn’t paying attention. I stared at the screen, closing my eyes and hoping not to fall asleep. Too bad I did. I missed the movie and at out of nowhere someone screamed my name 'Fiona Valoran, Where are you?’ The escort yelled and I felt bad inside. I slowly walked to the stage and stared at the crowd. They seem to enjoy this. The escort picked the male tribute. A boy, Callam Huntington. We shook hands and we got escorted inside the justice building.

District Six ~ Demi-Lee Seista

This morning I woke up in this damp little hut. I have been living in here since my parents have too much children and not much space in their house, only three rooms. My five other siblings are living in the main house. Well, This has advantages. I don’t have to claim tesserae anymore, I live on my own. I started to work on some crafts again. I need to sell those so I can buy food but I doesn’t give me enough money to stay alive. No, I have to scavenge.

I get dressed and I nom on a little piece of bread, the only I have. Last week I managed to steal a whole loaf and I have been enjoying it, until now. I eat the last crums and drink a glass of water. I went outside my little hut, ready to go to the mart. A grey day in a grey district. The sun was just up. I slowly sneak around the market, hoping to find someone who isn’t paying attention. I see this butcher who is facing me with his back. I slowly sneak to him and I grab two large pieces of meat. Unfortunately the butcher turned around and saw me standing there, with two of his largest pieces of meat.

‘Are you going to pay for that?’ He said and he pointed with his butcher knife at me. I got scared and I actually felt I peed my pants. I dropped the meat and ran away as fast as I could but after a few seconds I already stopped. I just can’t .

After I walk for about ten minutes some peacekeepers grabbed me and cuffed me. They said that the butcher told them I tried to steal food.

‘I never stole food, I never did!’ I cried at them when they hit me with their whips. My whole back burned and I kept crying. They finally stopped and they left me while I was lying there on the ground. Crying like a little baby, all alone. None of my parents found me and I lied on the square for a few more hours. I didn’t had the strength inside me to get up and walk away. I stared to the justice building when I saw so capitol guys and then I remembered it. Today it is reaping day. Today the chance I am going to die is bigger then ever. I couldn’t be bothered to get up, to get dressed for the reaping. I felt someone taking blood from me and I stared at the square. Only I was there. After a hours of waiting finally everyone was there and the reaping could begin. I have this weird stomach ache and I have to feeling everyone stares at me, covered in blood.

Our mayor started with his speech. This is actually strange but he told us that the escort became ill, some kind of flu has struck her.

‘Well, Hello. Unfortunately your lovely escort is ill and stayed back at the capitol so now I have the honour to reap and guide the tributes to the capitol’ He said but doesn’t smile like the escorts always did. He showed us the movie about the dark days, those were ten year ago, I was five when they ended but lots of people died in it. The Capitol took over control and now the Hunger Games are there.

The mayor walked to the girls reaping ball and the pain in my stomach got worse. His old hand went in the ball and he picked a name. Someone girl’s life is probally ruined now. He slowly walked to the microphone, already read what was on the note.

‘Demi-Lee Seista is our female tribute of this year.’ He said in the microphone and my insides turned into stone. I felt someone pushing me, making clear that it was me and I shuffled to the stage. The mayor picked a male tribute.

‘Icarus Trayn, you are the male tribute.’ He said. A boy blue and black hair came to the stage. He looked scared and we shoke our hands and the mayor escorted us in the justice building.

Training Scores

Name Score
Cadillac Woods 9
Alex Chirp 10
Cobalt Nickle 11
Metallix Gleam 7
Sylvester Kyle 6
Electra Dillilo 7
Carlos Yuacke 9
Opaline Cascade 10
Callam Huntington 8
Fiona Valoran 11
Icarus Trayn 7
Demi- Lee Seista 7
Levy Autumn 6
Calypso Dawn 5
Florian Wick 4
Opal Bayler 7
Raztic Jubala 6
Roxie Sparkle 5
Javan Rino 7
Paige Wintermoon 4
Uvan Clingle 8
Detria Glace 7
Carter Dyme 6
Melanoi Jet 4

The Games

Day 1: When the dead comes knocking

Calypso Dawn POV

This night was awful. I had a nightmare, a nightmare about the games. I died. Several times, the dream kept comming back but now it’s real. I am going in the Hunger Games. Dead will come and get me. I am standing in my tube. Waiting to go in the games. The count down started. I look around. We are in a huge meadow. Behind me there is a beach, with palm trees and beautiful blue water. On my right, a huge forest. Dark, I will be good place to hide and it reminds me of home. On the other side a huge savanne. Plain, probally no food sources but a good place to hide, nobody will go there. Suddenly a canon sounded, the games started. I sprinted to the cornucopia. Grabbing a pickaxe and a backpack. I made an alliance with the girl named Paige. I don’t see her anywhere so I started to search for her. The boy from District Three bumps into, trying to flee for a career tribute. He falls to the ground and I see Cobalt Nickle running towards us. I decided to run and not protect him. The tears are rolling down the boy’s face but the Cobalt lifts his sword and drops it. A scream from the boy and the first dead in these Hunger Games is a fact.

I kept searching for Paige and suddenly I see her, standing on the edge of the forest, waving at me. I sprint towards her and we are ready to hide in the forest. Letting other tributes kill eachother. I turn around for one last look at the bloodbath. Tributes are fighting. Paige grabs my hand and I run with her, run for safety. Screams are heard from the bloodbath.

Carlos Yuacke POV

The careers are doing not so good. We only got one kill. The poor boy from District Three. I ran to the bloodbath, grabbed a spear and started to look for other careers. Soon I found Opaline, she scares me a little bit but she managed to grab a trident. We are both ready to kill those tributes. The first pair already fled. I see this boy from District Ten. He asked us if he could be in the careers. Our answer was given. I threw my spear, right in his chest and he died. The second kill of the bloodbath.

‘So, Only two kills yet?’ I said to Opaline but she screamed at me, that I should duck. I dive to ground and Opaline uses her trident, stabbing this boy, Opal Bayer, right in the face. He dies and his body falls, right on top of me. Opaline helps me to get up.

I look around, Cadillac is fighting a girl from District Five. She managed to grab twin daggers and she is fighting with Cadillac.

‘Need some help?’ I yelled at Cadillac, who got confused for a second and Fiona, the girl from District Five stabbed Cadillac in his shoulder. A scream of pain and Cadillac falls to the ground, bleeding. Fiona grabs a back and runs away. Towards to forest. Cobalt is fighting his way to Cadillac to see how bad his wounds are but a huge alliance starts to attack us. Florian Wick, Icarus Trayn, Levy Autumn and Roxie Sparkle are attacking us but we are careers. It is the four of us against the four of them. Florian Wick starts to fight with me. We are fighting,his sword keeps trying to hit me. I can’t find an oppurtunity to stab him. Next to me is Opaline fighting Icarus. Opaline has an easy job with him. She stabs him with her trident, in the stomach. Icarus screams in pain and she finishes her job.

‘That was easy.’ She said and I stabbed Florian with my spear, in his shoulder. He is hurt and run away from the bloodbath. I can see that my fellow careers stopped fighting too and I see the three of them running away, with only their weapons.

Demi-Lee Seista POV

The games began. The careers started their tribute killing spree but they kinda fail for career standards. Only three kills. Before the games I decided to make an alliance with the girl from District Two. I thought it was strange. A girl from a career district, wanting to ally with me. We both decided to run in the bloodbath, just to grab a weapon and a backpack and then run. Run for our lives. I ran to the cornucopia, searching for Metallix and a knife. A huge knife. Metallix sprinted around the cornucopia, holding two knives and a backpack. I grab the nearest backpack and run to her.

‘Here you go!’ She said while she handed me one of her knives. We kept running but some tribute tackled Metallix. She fell down to the ground, the boy from District Five, Callam pinned her down to the floor. Punching her in her face. Metallix screams, her screams are awful and I know what to do. I run to Callam and Metallix fighting. I stand behind Callam and I lift my knife.

‘Checkmate boy.’ I yelled at him, ‘Let her go and you will live.’ No movements he made. It took several seconds for him to move but it took to long. I slit his throat. Blood covered Metallix but she was still alive and that’s all that matter. I help her get up and tribute keep screaming. For one second we look at eachother.

‘Thank you, thank you for saving me.’ Metallix whispered to me and we run away, running to the savanne. Hoping that there aren’t tributes and we could survive for atleast a few more days.

Detria Glace POV

The grass surrounding several bodies turned red, red because of the blood. Children got murdered today. I might be one of them but I live in my own world, my own, secret world. Then the feeling of the lips of Koto, his lips on my lips. The best feeling I ever had and now I am here, hoping to survive the Hunger Games.

I finally found the courage to run of my plate and grab this backpack which is lying about 20 foot in front of me. A bright green backpack. Hopefully filled with supplies. I grab this green backpack, ready to turn around but someone tackles me. I fall to the ground and I can feel a hot breath in my face. The breath still smells like breakfast, something we had a few hours ago. The same breakfast that tried to kill me this morning. The smell of poison surrounds me, again. The girl from District Three sits on top of me. I remember her from the training, she was quite good with her weapon. Now she is punching me, punching me in the face. I feel the blood running across my face and I will probaly die, right now, right here. I close my eyes and I can see District Eleven in front of me. My mother with her amazing smile and Koto, Koto, my friend, we kissed and now he has to see how I get killed on national television.

Suddenly I feel that the body of the district Three female falls, falls right onto me. Opal Bayer, the girl from District Eight saved my ass today. I get up and I see the knife she threw at my attacker, sticking in her head. Opal grabs her knife from the body. She looks at me, staring at my face which is covered in blood.

‘Want to ally with me?’ Opal asked me and I stare at her, completely surprised. I silently agree. I grab my backpack and we run, running to the beach. Enjoying the sun for the rest of today I guess.

Fiona Valoran POV

Minutes ago I left the bloodbath, hurting one of the careers. I managed to get a backpack and my twin daggers. One of them is already covered in blood, career blood. I decided it’s time to unpack my backpack, just to know what I got. I opened my backpack. It isn’t exactly filled in a good way. Two packs of crackers, rope, a bottle and some weird kind of bright blue jacket. I packed my backpack again and held my dagger in my hands, just incase.


My canons sounded, meaning that the bloodbath is over. Five deads. I will see who died this evening, if I will make till the evening. You never know what kind of secret traps the gamemakers have for me. I hear lots of noises, not sure if those are animals or tributes but I continue moving. After a ten minute walk I can hear someone, a person.

I turn around and stare right in the eyes of a career,Cadillac Woods. The boy I did hurt. He seems fine but a little bit pale.‘I see you made it.’ I said to him, looking at his bandaged shoulder. I look at his weapon, this axe. Made out of the best steel and the most beautiful colored wood I ever saw.‘We found some instant relief. They took care of me and now some of us are tribute hunting and you, my dear. You will be my first kill.’ He said. In one second our fight started. He swings his axe but I dived. I can feel the axe comming really close across my body but luckily I didn’t get hurt. I get up and I stab him, stab with my dagger, right in his face. Blood splatters all over me but I killed him. BOOM I grab his supplies, atleast he had lots of food and even some water! I guess the odds are in my favour.

Uvan Clingle

Minutes ago, minutes ago the bloodbath started. The screams and the dead bodies. I will never forget them and I only was there for a few seconds. The screams of Icarus might be the worst. He was so close to me but that fish looking girl stabbed him. I just fucking hate the Games. Some sick person decided it would be nice to punish us, punish us by killing eachother. Blood was all around them. And now I am walking here, here in the forest. Hoping that no other tributes will find me. I got no supplies, no weapons. I have to rely on my plant identifaction, if there are any eatable plants.

It feels like I am going mad. All kind of sounds I hear but no tributes or mutts. It’s inside my head I guess. I have been walking for a few hours now. Found some leafs which I could eat but the worst is that I still need a water source. My bodies energy got drained already. Walking for hours without food or any water is bad. Really bad. I lie down, my back against a tree. Hoping that no-one will find me or if they find me they will kill me in my sleep. Suddenly I got scared to dead. As sound which I heard before. It’s the National Anthem and the dead tributes face light up. Five from the outlying districts died but I am more surprised that the boy from District One died. One of the careers already died. We don’t see that often. It made me smile, knowing that the chances of me winning the Hunger Games became better. Much better. The careers are already failing, maybe I should go back to the cornucopia, just to grab some supplies but for now I will take a nap, a huge nap.

Day 2: Spoilt Blood

Raztic Jubala

This morning I woke up, woke up in a world full of fog. Thick fog. I collect the few supplies I got. Yesterday the bloodbath happend and I went in, grabbing a sword and a canteen full of water. The worst is that I don’t have a bag and I always have to walk around, both hands filled. One with a my sword and the other with the canteen. I am feeling nervous, every second could be last with me knowing it.

My senses tell me that there is something wrong with my current enviroment. This forest is most likely filled with tributes and mutts but still. The calmth, the silence is killing me. All colours around me seem to fade away, becoming one with the thick fog and after a while I can only see fog and nothing else. I wander around in these woods, praying I don’t bump into another tribute. Suddenly I see something move. I prepare myself. I drop my canteen and I hold my sword.

The fog splits, splitting in three different groups. I stare at it, strange thing to happen to fog. It forms into shapes, shapes I don’t want to know I think. The fog that is the closest to me turns in a gigant lion, sharp claws and teeths. The second fog transformed in a huge knight, with a mace and suddenly know what I am facing. I don’t even know what the third one is but I turned around and ran for my life.

I ran for about five minutes but the newly made creature don’t seem to get far away from me, I decided that there is only one thing to do. I grab my sword and turn around. A huge serpent, the last fog that turned is ready to attack me. His teeth are ready to enter my body but I slashed his head with my sword, making sure this weird creature died. Not even a second later the lion starts attacking me, using his sharp claws, trying to cut me open but I dived a way. This awful sharp pain in my legs and I know the lion did hit me. My legs are bleeding and the lion’s head appears above me. I turned around and I stab him in his face with my sword, instantly killing the lion who disappears.

The last creature, the awful knight throws his mace at me. I dodge it and I feel great! He doesn’t have a weapon and I am free to do kill the knight. I slowly walk to him, entering the 1 metre zone of the knight. Suddenly he graspes at me, to my chest and I feel him entering my body. Blood is pouring out of my body and the knight pulls his arm out my chest, having my heart in his hand. The last thing I see is the knight falling apart. I close my eyes. I died. BOOM!

Roxie Sparkle

This morning was awfull. We left Florian, our wounded ally. A thick fog came and we had to run. Run for our lives. Levy and I are left. After a few minutes of running we heard a cannon. Florian’s cannon I think. In the haste of leaving the fog I dropped my knives. My only weapon in this arena. Levy still has his pickaxe but that’s it. Only a stupid pickaxe and no supplies.

We have been walking for hours, in silent and not encountering any threats. I am feel not comfortable with this silence. Not even an animal that makes a noise. The wind is slowly blowing, the cold cuts through my body. It feels like winter came early this year.

‘Levy,’ I asked after a while ‘What do you think happend to Florian?’ I whispered with my

wet eyes. Levy stops walking and he froze.

‘He died. I am almost sure he died. Either a tribute or the arena killed him.’ Levy said with no emotion.

In trees next to me something moves, a tribute is in the trees. I feel it. I have felt it for a while now that someone is spying on us. I look at the trees to find Melanoi, the girl from district twelve spying on us. In both her hands she helds one death star.

‘Worried about your little friend Florian?’ She yelled at us with her high voice, a voice that you can’t forget. She starts to laugh at us. ‘He is dead, I killed him this morning.’ She said with a grin on her face,’Talking about killing, It’s time that the both of you also die.’ She throws her stars and I start to run. No weapon to defend me. Behind me I hear a boy screaming. I watch around my shoulder and I see that Levy has a dead star in his chest. Deep in his chest. I keep running and I hear his body fall on the ground. BOOM!

I keep running, running for my life. My guts tell me that Melanoi is stalking me now. I run and run for ages. Suddenly I feel no ground beneath me, in just a second I realise I just jumped of a cliff. Falling down for several feet. With a loud crack I feel on the ground, knowing that I broke almost every possible bone in my body. Above me a person appears, Melanoi was stalking me. She spits in my face.

‘Bye, Bye Darling.’ She says before she places her hands around my throat and I slowly die. Finally going home. BOOM!

Opaline Cascade

Day Two since these games started and few tributes have died. Not enough to make me a victor. Us, the careers, are camping at the cornucopia. We don’t have to worry about getting short on supplies but I hate the fact that we never went to the beach. I just reminds me of my home, District Four.

‘Guys, I think that it is time for us to go tribute hunting. I mean we can’t be the career without killing any other tributes.’ I said while looking at the faces of my fellow careers. Cobalt straightens his back and starts to talk.

‘’I agree with you Opaline but we don’t have to go hunting with all of us. Two will be enough for now. I suggest that Opaline and I go tribute hunting while the other stay here.’ The other careers nod. I walk away with Cobalt, grabbing my trident and some supplies.

‘We are heading to the beach first. I saw two tributes going there. There is a chance that they are still there and we might be able to kill them and even take some useful stuff back with us. Just enjoy the beach for a few minutes. I reminds me of my home and I want to stay there to be honest.’ I said smiling. I might even be able to swim for a few minutes.

After a 30-minute-walk we arrive at the beach, seeing to female tributes sitting by a palm tree. Opal and Detria. Ready to be slaughtered by us. I remember Detria, a weird girl from District Eleven that seems to live in her own world. She always was alone and she didn’t make an impression on other tributes during training.

‘Hello tributes. Are you ready to die?’ I yell at them while I lift my trident, ready to kill one of them. The girl from Eleven hears my voice and somehow she recognizes it. She screams and throws Opal in the front of her. Detria grabs the knife out of the hand of Opal. The knife cuts her hand and blood is pouring out of her hand. Detria throws it at Cobalt and at the same second I stab Opal in the face.BOOM!! Cobalt dives in the water to dodge the knife and while I try to retrieve my trident Detria disappeared. She ran away, sacrificing her ally.

‘Cobalt, Are you enjoying the water?’ I asked him while I take of my clothes and jump in the water and swim. Swim for ages. The coral reminds of me of District Four, the district that I love. Coral in all colours and the fish that are keeping me company. I love the be a fish for atleast 75%.

Calypso Dawn

A cold wind blows through the forest where Paige and I are resting.  Canons sounded today but we didn’t even see a single tribute, not a single tribute in two days.

‘Dear tributes,  Tomorrow, on Day Three of these Hunger Games there will be a feast. We would love that all of you attend. Tomorrow at exactly Ten am the feast will start. Good luck surviving until tomorrow and don’t forget the mutts in the arena.’ The voice of a gamemaker shouted through the arena.

I stare at Paige who has been afraid the past days, knowing that the odds of her survival are most likely the lowest of all tributes. We got little supplies and have been relying on some plants we found.

‘Paige, we need to go to the feast. We need to go there. Our only chance of survival might be the feast.’ I whispered to her, hoping not to wake up any tributes or even worse mutts. Mutts are in the arena. It has been confirmed. Every sound could be the last sound we hear. I grab my pickaxe and lift Paige on my back. Her feet have been aching, she says but I am stronger than her, I carried her around like this for two days now.

‘I am afraid.’ Paige whispered in my ear, her voice is beautiful but it still has this childish side in it.

‘You don’t have to be afraid Paige. I am close to you.’ I said, a little too loud. Birds flew away and I grab my pickaxe more tightly. I stood still listening to every sound. I put Paige on the ground, so if we have to run it will be easier. Suddenly we both hear the same. Lots of hooves. Paige gets nervous and hides behind me when suddenly the bushes in front of us start to move.

A beautiful deer jumps out of the bushes but it is different. Her eyes are red and there is a liquid coming from her eye, a red liquid. Her brown hair is really dark now and I won’t forget to mention her teeth. Large and pointy. In a matter of second a whole group of deers is packing up in front of us and there is only one thing that comes up in my mind and that is…

‘RUN!’ I shouted and we both start to run.  My shout seems to alert the deers of any danger. They start the follow us, following us through a forest I have never been in before. Paige is a slow runner and she is getting behind.

‘Paige, Comon! Run as fast as you can! I know that you can run faster than this.’ I said but when I completed my sentence I hear a cracking sound and Paige lying on the ground, her feet disappeared in the roots of a tree. I stare in horror for a few seconds but then I remember the deers. They run over Paige, breaking her back and they started to eat her. Her canon sounds really soon and I start to run away with tears rolling down my face. I am heading for the cornucopia now. This feast should be the killing spree. I will return to District Seven!

Day Three: Feast beast

Fiona Valoran

It is exactly 10 am. A table rose and it is filled with bags. Lots of tributes are left and considering how they were the last time I saw them I think I will be the next victor. Just some silly people who are in this shit. Some tributes are running into it like now but the careers appear.

I stare from the bushes. Seeing how the tributes starts to fight. Careers grabbing their weapons and wanting to kill tributes. Some scream is heard and when I turn to my side this boy from District Twelve is standing there. Just staring into my eyes.

‘Hey Bitch, Wanna tell the tributes where I am?’ I shouted in his face, covering his face with my spit. He is punches me in the face while I drop my daggers. I feel warm blood. Warm blood. The boy starts punching me in the face and I feel the bruises already.

I try to reach for my daggers but I can’t find. The boy keeps punching and punching but suddenly the big strong career, Cobalt lifts the boy and throws him away. Cobalt lifts his sword and is read to stab me but I roll away at the exact second and his sword is stuck in the ground. I grab my daggers.

‘Any last words you want to say?’ I say with an evil smile on my face. I lift my dagger and stab him in the face. Blood spats out his face. BOOM! My once beautiful hair is now covered in the red blood. My face is red and I have the taste of blood in my mouth.

Metallix Gleam

As I stare at the horror in front of us, at the cornucopia. Tributes slaughtering again like they are animals. Demi- Lee and I decided to go on our own now since we both couldn’t kill each other. We shared half of our supplies but I was stupid enough to lose the knife, lose the knife to Demi-Lee. She will use it as her weapon now while I will be weaponless. My only chance is to just run in and the grab the first weapon I see and hopefully no one will see me.

With the all the courage that I will ever have I run into the cornucopia mouth, grabbing a bow and a quiver filled with arrows. My hand grabs an arrow and the girl from District Seven buries her axe into the chest of the District Twelve boy. Blood covers her face while she runs away before the any can notice her. BOOM!

I hear some screams next to me and she that Demi-Lee is chased by the girl from District One. I still can’t see how Demi-Lee could be killed so I aim. I release my arrow and I see that the girl from One gets pierced by the arrow, right through her eye, heading straight into her brains. BOOM!

Demi-Lee waves at me , knowing that I saved her life now. Demi-Lee runs away but bumps into Melanoi. She falls to the ground and is ready to throw one of her shurikens in Demi-Lee. I will be to slow to shoot an arrow at her but Demi-Lee saves her own ass. She stabs her knife right into the heart of Melanoi. Melanoi coughs up blood and dies. BOOM!

Opaline is in a struggle with Fiona. Both are strong tributes and both are fighting till dead. Fiona tries to stab but she barely blocks Opaline’s attack. They stab and stab and they stab. Fiona hits Opaline in the stomach but Opaline reacts in the same second. Stabbing Fiona in the face. BOOM! Opaline falls to the ground with a huge wound into her belly and she just pretends to be dead. Hoping that she can win this by pretending to be dead.

Calypso reappears and smashes her axe into Opaline’s head. Just to make sure that she died. BOOM

But I remember what they told me. KILL THE BITCHS! I shoot an arrow at Calypso, hitting her in her neck and she falls to the ground, actually falling on Opaline’s body. BOOM!

Uvan and Carlos are fighting. Stabbing eachother with knives. Carlos is winning. He throws knives at Uvan, actually hitting him but when Uvan falls, he stabs Carlos in the chest, killing both of them. Detria was standing next to them, hiding in the bushes. BOOM BOOM!

A Gamemarkers voice is heard.

'Ladies and Gentlemen. The Capitol announced that there will be a twist in these games. Meaning that three tributes can win these games. Ladies and Gentlemen may I now tell you that Detria Glace, Metallix Gleam and Demi-Lee Seista are the victors of the 10th Hunger Games. Also some Capitol Citizens felt bad for the girl from District Seven. They donated lots of money to her dead body, in order to revive her. She will be back in a few days into the normal life.'


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