Eleven years ago the dark days ended and since then we had our famous Hunger Games. Like every year two tributes for each district will be selected to compete in the Hunger Games. Twentyfour children between the ages of 12 and 18 will fight to dead and only one will remain, the victor of the Hunger Games. This tributes will live a new life. Richness.This year will be an normal Hunger Games but there might be an awesome suprise for our competitors. Good luck to those who get selected and may the odds ever be in your favour. 

 - President Onada


As stated before these games will be a basic games with a nice twist for the final tributes. I promise I will do a full game now. This mean that I will need some people helping me making escorts and stylist. Mentors won't be important since I don't want people to write advices.


  • I am allowing three tributes per person. You can only have on career tribute.
  • Reservations last for three days.
  • Don't hate me because I will kill your tributes.
  • Use my form, make sure everything is in it. You may add extra information.
  • These Games are just fun, don't start any drama here.
  • I don't go to links and profiles.
  • I got the right to not accept your tributes.
  • Please support me with writing.








Weaknesses(min. 2):

Appearence(Lunaii or a real life picure. The galleries will in Lunaiis.):



Reaped or Volunteered:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Strategy for the rest of the Games:

Interview Angle:





How does the reaping go?: (short summary)

Appearance: (I would love if you added a lunaii).





Appearance: (include Lunaii)

Female's Chariot:

Male's Chariot:

The Tributes

D1F Cynthia "Cinder" Wildes 17 Bow & Arrow, Knives
D2F Prism Winters 18 Throwing Knives,Throwing Darts
D3M Pylon Spike 18 Axe and Sword
D4F Drina Vox 14 Trident
D5F Alexandra Stevens 14 Bow & Arrows, Knives
D5M Calix Radley 15 Sickle, Dagger
D6F Amethsyt Moon 16 Sickle
D7F Cherri Pinewood 14 Axe,Small Dagger,
D8F Firefly Gambia 16 Nunchucks
D9F Serina Frostswords 15 Crossbow, knives
D10F Anke Artig 14 Bow and Throwing Axes
D11F Terra Skylar 16 Throwing axes, throwing knives,bow and arrow
D11M Smile Bloodtooth 14 Teeth, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Axe
D12F Zaskia Safier 18 Hatchet
D12M Reserved by SS


District Name Age Reaping
1 Diamond Pill 24 She walks up to the stage and poses beautifully and welcomes all the tributes. She then gives background on the Hunger Games and picks the female tribute. She looks at her and introduces her to the audience. She then looks at her and notices every good thing about her and shares it to everyone and makes them look good. She then picks the male tribute and kindly welcomes him up to the stage. She introduces him and notices every good thing about him and shares it to the audience. She then makes the tributes shake hands and introduces them together. Then she escorts them to the stage.
5 Luna Lux 32 Luna walks up onto the stage, and begins babbling on in her usual happy obnoxious speech. She then starts the film, and continues smiling. After exclaiming 'What a great film!' when the picture fades, she moves to the girls reaping ball. Pulling the name out of the ball, she hesistates, "adding to the tension", and then reads out the name. The same with the boys after the girl has come up to the stage. She then thanks district 5, and leads the tributes to the Justice building


District Name Age Female Chariot Outfit Male Chariot Outfit
1 Reserved by Ranger
3 Reserved by Ranger
4 Luella Mistry 29 The girl will wear a dress made out of shimmering material of different shades of blue and green. The skirt is hydraulic so looking like waves. On her head she wears a tiara of pearls. Her footwear are sandels covered with sand grains. The male tribute has the same footwear (but slightly more masculine!), a turquoise loose shirt and aqua blue trousers which flare at the end. He is wearing a crown of seaweed and carrying a trident
5 Ruby Iulius 35 The female tribute is wearing a long dress that is shaped like a square at the hem. Their are mirrors over her which reflect light so it gives off an amber glowing look. Her hair has wires plated into them Male has a silver shirt and black trousers. His black jacket is designed to give off gold and silver sparks whenever he raises his arms. His belt is made up of cords and has the same mirrors on him. His shoes have plasma patterns on them.

Chiron Winters

49 The girls will wear something similar, they will have floorlength ballgowns coated in leaves. With a delicately stitched pattern. Its a darker green, but it gets paler as the chariot goes on. They are holding long green fans, with small emeralds in them. That catch the light and send shimmers into the crowd. They will also be throwing small greed ords, that burst in flowers. And entangle there feet. : They are dressed in pale green robes, with hoods covering there faces. Under them there is no make-up or anything. Just darkness. The robes are stitched in a light green patern of flowers and trees in a dark brown. Very calm and understated. They have no gimmicks and a light dust of dark green falls on them as they go around the place. They are carrying tall staffs wound round with elegant red flowers. With a glowing red plant at the top.
11 Kenzen Retor 32 She is wearing a knee length flowing wispy dress, which floats around her. Its the same pale green as the guys shirt. She had the same vines wrapping her arms, and legs. She had basic golden make-up and has a wheat necklace on. Her hair has been braided with wheat, and has the same gold powder in it. She has no shoes, and has golden nail-polish and a single simple green ring on her middle finger of her left hand. He is dressed in a pale green shirt, that hangs from his body. His arms have been wrapped in thin dark green vines. The also wrap around his legs, which are on display as he is wearing short green shorts. That have finely stitched wheat patterns in a dark brown thread. He has light gold make-up, and his hair is dusted with a gold dust, the same dust that coats his skin. He is bearfoot.

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