aka Gurl

  • I live in Papau New Guinea
  • I was born on June 29
  • My occupation is stripper
  • I am transgender
  • WhatChuGonDoGal

    Mia and Wes' 1 year anniversary and Wes' birthday thingy.

    • If you're not invited, gtfo
    • Don't moan if you're not invited, you didn't fit the criteria?
    • We will swear and stuff
    • Whatever happens, deal with it

    1. Alice
    2. Anna
    3. Berry
    4. Cass
    5. Caylin
    6. Miscy
    7. Liza
    8. Colin
    9. Lauren
    10. Kiki
    11. Joan
    12. DBD
    13. Oleh
    14. Annie
    15. Jade
    16. Callam
    17. Dani
    18. Gruff
    19. Erlend
    20. Zach
    21. Emma
    22. Kekai
    23. Dustin
    24. Claudia
    25. Adrian
    26. Wes
    27. Me
    28. Erwin

    A dark night, cloudy and with a chance of rain, a group of brave young heroes stepped onto the gardens of the huge manor of heaven. Beautiful bushes with roses and the smell of fresh and new flowers. Fields with strawberries and a beautiful gravel path, slowly leading towards a huge, white manor. On of one of the balconies there is standing a black figure, cloaked in a dark coat with cape with an evil smile on their…

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