Mǐa and Wes ' thingy

Mia and Wes' 1 year anniversary and Wes' birthday thingy.


  • If you're not invited, gtfo
  • Don't moan if you're not invited, you didn't fit the criteria?
  • We will swear and stuff
  • Whatever happens, deal with it


  1. Alice
  2. Anna
  3. Berry
  4. Cass
  5. Caylin
  6. Miscy
  7. Liza
  8. Colin
  9. Lauren
  10. Kiki
  11. Joan
  12. DBD
  13. Oleh
  14. Annie
  15. Jade
  16. Callam
  17. Dani
  18. Gruff
  19. Erlend
  20. Zach
  21. Emma
  22. Kekai
  23. Dustin
  24. Claudia
  25. Adrian
  26. Wes
  27. Me
  28. Erwin

And it begins

A dark night, cloudy and with a chance of rain, a group of brave young heroes stepped onto the gardens of the huge manor of heaven. Beautiful bushes with roses and the smell of fresh and new flowers. Fields with strawberries and a beautiful gravel path, slowly leading towards a huge, white manor. On of one of the balconies there is standing a black figure, cloaked in a dark coat with cape with an evil smile on their face, knowing what will happen to these heroes. The cloaked man watches the group near the house and slowly fades back into the shadows.

Wesley stands into his room, his personal room for their stay at the weekend. A sweet big room with a maroon floor and golden brownish wall. Wesley puts his tuxedo good.  On his huge two person bed there is one man lying, wearing nothing but his underwear and a rose between his teeth.

‘We already did it and get dressed. ’ Wesley says as he plants his lips on the boys head while Wes’ hand goes through his short brown hair. Wesley quickly leaves the room to go to Mia to welcome their beloved guests.

However in the next room Mia is sitting, all by herself. She wears a short, white dress and high heels. Wesley knocks on the door and Mia opens it, slowly with a cracking noise.

‘They are here.’ Wesley says and a light shines in his beautiful, deep green eyes. They both walk downstairs as they open their oak front door.

‘Welcome, our beloved guests.’ Mia says as she looks into the small group of people. She gestures towards the corridor stretching behind her and the twenty-five other guests slowly shuffle through the door, gazing in awe at the oak panels and golden frames hung upon them. Before they have time to see who is in each of the paintings and to question their invitation they're led into a long hall embellished with red carpets and golden curtains with black frames. Oak tables are placed randomly round the room with red cloths and chairs fitted with velvet. Vases of flowers sit in the middle of the tables and golden plates and cutlery lie in circles round the table-tops.

The guests immediately gather round the tables and find their names, from the allocated spaces. Wesley and Mia swiftly back out of the room before anybody notices them and they watch the guests sip their drinks.


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