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  • I am Male
  • Whatever It Takes

    Okay I have been in some games and I wanna try making one myself. Btw this is not a quater quell. This game will have training sessions. FIRST TIME EVER DISTRICT 13 IN THE HUNGER GAMES

    • Three tributes per user
    • Don't hate me if I kill your tribute
    • Ask me before you spam
    • I will not accept "on my profile"

    District Gender Name Age Weapons
    1 Male



    18 Spear/sword
    1 Female




    Bow and ar-

    rows, knives

    2 Male Navy Wonders 16 Spear
    2 Female

    Aletta Sifonios

    13 Strength
    3 Male Preston Emery 17 Wires
    3 Female Marilyn Curran 15 Axes
    4 Male Carter Cane 18 Trident/Net
    4 Female Seraphina Sage 16 Numchucks
    5 Male Caleb Nucula 15

    Saves Alexa

    with a axe

    5 Female Alexa Grace 14 Spear
    6 Male Seth Barbarossa 12 Slingshot
    6 Female Sophia Babarossa 16 Sword
    7 Male


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