Okay I have been in some games and I wanna try making one myself. Btw this is not a quater quell. This game will have training sessions. FIRST TIME EVER DISTRICT 13 IN THE HUNGER GAMES


  • Three tributes per user
  • Don't hate me if I kill your tribute
  • Ask me before you spam
  • I will not accept "on my profile"

District Gender Name Age Weapons
1 Male



18 Spear/sword
1 Female




Bow and ar-

rows, knives

2 Male Navy Wonders 16 Spear
2 Female

Aletta Sifonios

13 Strength
3 Male Preston Emery 17 Wires
3 Female Marilyn Curran 15 Axes
4 Male Carter Cane 18 Trident/Net
4 Female Seraphina Sage 16 Numchucks
5 Male Caleb Nucula 15

Saves Alexa

with a axe

5 Female Alexa Grace 14 Spear
6 Male Seth Barbarossa 12 Slingshot
6 Female Sophia Babarossa 16 Sword
7 Male



16 Axes
7 Female Liliana Lilly" Skyes 17 Spear/longbow
8 Male Blade Aria 14 Sword
8 Female Silken Dimity 16 Knives
9 Male Joe Dock 12 Nothing
9 Female Fiona Brighton 14 Bow and arrow
10 Male Gunner Pann 15 Sword
10 Female

Anaylia Sanders

15 Throwing knives
11 Male Kang Kao 17 Axe
11 Female Demetria Callitor 15 Spear/knives
12 Male Chaiss Hunter 12 Fast and Strong


Female Jane Sybella 12

Crossbow with exp-losive and posioned tipped arrows

13 Male Hid Den 18 Hiding/Spear and Cant stand blood
13 Female Adrianna Marsk 16 Blowgun/Wip


Nick Lovizio (Whatever It Takes) - Head Gamemaker

Nick Lovizio

HKTLovesGlimmer - Assistant Head Gamemaker

Everdeen7000 - Specializer


558222 119607058183777 523598615 n

I made it myself

Mentors (Only 1 for each district for now)

District 1- User:HKTLovesGlimmer

District 2- User:Pierulesnotyou

District 3- User:Whatever It Takes

District 4- User:Katniss should have died

District 5- User:District1er

District 6- User:Katniss should of died

District 7- User:District 7!

District 8- User:AdaPayne

District 9- User:Whatever It Takes

District 10- User:Ms.finnickodair

District 11- User: Ms.finnickodair

District 12- User:Bryann1999

District 13- User:Whatever It Takes

Tribute templates











Private session:

Strategy for bloodbath/game:


Do you want him to live:

Allies (You have to ask the person before choosing them):


Careers- Jasper S, Emerald G (In the beginning), Aletta S, Hid D,

Alliance 1- Seraphina S, and Carter C, Jane S, Chaiss H, Alexa G, Caleb N, Joe D, Adrianna M,

Alliance 2- Annalyia S, Sophia B, Seth B,

Note: Alliance 1 and 2 meet together

Training Scores , Odds Of Winning

District Name Age



Odds of Winning
1 M Emerald Gold 18 9 4-1
1 f Jasper Sparkle 16 8 5-1
2 m Navy Wonders 16 7 2-1
2 f Aletta Sifonios 13 10 3-1
3 m Preston Emery 17 4 19-1
3 f Marilyn Curran 15 6 14-1
4 m Carter Cane 18 10 3-1
4 f Seraphina Sage 16 7 9-1
5 m Caleb Nucula 15 6 12-1
5 f Alexa Grace 14 5 14-1
6 m Seth Barbarossa 12 2 25-1
6 f Sophia Barbarossa 16 6 13-1
7 m Henderson Nunez 16 5 15-1
7 f Lilly Skyes 17 8 6-1
8 m Blade Aria 14 4 18-1
8 f Silken Dimity 16 7 10-1
9 m Joe Dock 12 1 26-1
9 f Fiona Brighton 14 5 16-1
10 m Gunner Pan 15 9 5-1
10 f Anaylia Sanders 15 10 3-1
11 m Kang Kao 17 5 17-1
11 f Demetria Callitor 15 7 9-1
12 m Chaiss Hunter 12 1 26-1
12 f Jane Sybella 12 11 2-1
13 m Hid Den 18 9 6-1
13 f Adrianna Marsk 16 9 6-1



Cornucopia bloodbath-

Note: Everything going on in the cornucopia is happening at the same time 5,4,3,2,1 Dong, Everyone sprints for supplies.

Lilliana's POV

I run toarwds a backpack and try to get a sword but before I do a get a spear right in the neck by Emerald and the last thing I see is Silken Dimity my friend fighting over a backpack then getting knifed in the back by Jasper. Boom Boom

Blade's POV

I run to the cornucopia and hide in and get a good weapon but as I'm about to get out I get my legs get cut off by Fiona B and I try to get away but I get a knife to the neck instead. BOOM

Fiona's POV

I feel bad for the guy from 8 but I dont let that stop me I push Aletta S. to the ground and I hover over her but then she twists my head and cuts it off the last thing I see her grinning at me. Boom

2 more cannons are heard but it is unknown who they got killed by. Boom Boom

Jaspers POV

I'm about to run away with the careers when I feel a whipp to the head the last thing I see is Emerald pounding on Adrianna for me but she gets away without a scratch. BOOM

Emeralds POV

What a terrible bloodbath, 4 tributes and one career omg we did awful any ways we decide to make camp at the cornucopia.

After Bloodbath-

Demetria is getting chased by Hid Den and she almost killed him but she got speard in the heart by Emerald.

Day 2

Status for the tributes

Who Area Possesions Needs Allies

D1M Emerald Gold


Food, Sword, First aid- kit, Water, Spear, Knives, Bow and arrow


2F 3M 13M

D2M Navy Wonders Top of the flat land Bread (2), Knife (1), Neosporin, blanket Water, Allies, None
D2F Aletta Sifonios Cornucopia Food, First aid kit, Warmth

1M 3M 13M

D3M Preston Emery Cornucopia Wire (6), stuff from allies Warmth 1M 2F
D4M Carter Cane Secret cave Trident, Net, Food, First aid kit, water, blanket Nothing

4F 5M 5F 9M 12M 12F 13F


Seraphina Sage

Secret Cave Numchucks, Food/water/first aid from allies Warmth 4F 5M 5F 9M 12M 12F 13F

Death Chart (In order)

Name District Age Killer How
Lilliana Skyes 7F 17 Emerald G. Spear through the neck
Silken Dimity 8F 16 Jasper S. Knifed in the back
Blade Aria 8M 14 Fiona B.

Stabbed in the neck

and legs got cut off

Fiona Brighton 9F 14 Aletta S. Got her head ripped off
Henderson Nunez 7M 16 Navy W. Speared in the heart
Marilyn Curran 3F 15 Carter C. Killed by trident
Jasper Sparkle 1F 16 Adrianna M Whipped to death
Demetria Callitor 11F 15 Emerald G. Speard in the heart


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