Wannagi, bald eagle blind in one eye.

I am enthralled by Katniss.

Katniss suffers the trauma of losing her Father in a mine explosion. The explosive combustion of coal dust seems to continue to connect with her identity as "The Girl on Fire".

Katniss feels betrayed by her Mother, who suffers from clinical depression following the loss of her husband. We found out later she passed up marriage to a well off baker to live the precarious life a coal miner can provide in the seam.

As a result, Katniss withdraws in a rage. She vows to provide for her mother and little sister, Prim, but her rage leaves her emotionally isolated and unsupported. This isolation continues the theme of betrayal and trust throughout all her future relationships.

If she chooses to trust someone, as she did her Father, she is terrified of losing that person, as she lost her Father!

If she rejects someone as a betrayer, she is again isolated and without support.

This lose lose scenario is how she classifies everyone she meets. Gale has a special place as someone who looks just like her, who hunts with her, as she did with her Father, to feed his family. But he too is not immune.

It often looks like Katniss cannot decide who to trust, and love, unless she is in a rage. Rage provides the coccoon of safety from where she can face trust again while rejecting her fear of loss. Rage provides the safety of protection from where she can decide if she trusts someone. If she decides to trust, she becomes vulnerable to them. If she decides they have betrayed her, they are an enemy, in which case she kills them!

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