aka Michael McClean

  • I live in Helmsley, North Yorkshire
  • I was born on August 14
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • WhyNoRollerCoasterCows?

    These are the games of the male morphlings, or Winter French. But in this version the morphling ever went to the camoflauge station and never found out he had a talent. Therefore he never had that skill in the games. So what would it be like.

    These are my made up tributes. All are made up and I named the male morphling Winter French.

    District Name Age Weapon Training Score Allies Means Of Death Placing
    1m Lucipher James 18 Sword 10 Careers

    1f Sapphire Heart 16 Bow 9 Careers

    2m Autumn Chill 15 Knife 8 Dead Stabbed in throat 22nd
    2f Summer Chill 18 Axe 9 Dead Throat slashed open 23rd
    3m Samu De Gron 13 Technology 6


    Knife in neck 20th
    3f Velma Donahue 15 Throwing Knives 7 Alone

    4m Vague Poisson 18 Trident 10 Careers

    4f Dechirer Cascape 17 Mace 11 Ca…

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  • WhyNoRollerCoasterCows?

    Welcome, Hi Im new here. My Boyfriend forced me on here so I thought I may aswell make the best of it so this is my first ever games. I really hope you join as I think I a talented writer, well I hope Iam seeming as Im studying literature and german at York University. I have been reading a few games before this so I hope I get it right. I will be doing the games with 28 tributes, all districts and the capitol. You can have up to 3 tributes and I will take reservations. I dont mind advertising as long as you have a tribute in the games. Well the last thing for me to say is Happy hunger games and May the odds be ever in your favour.

    Please fill out this when you are giving a tribute-









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