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The 26th Hunger Games - What if the painter had never learned?


These are the games of the male morphlings, or Winter French. But in this version the morphling ever went to the camoflauge station and never found out he had a talent. Therefore he never had that skill in the games. So what would it be like.


These are my made up tributes. All are made up and I named the male morphling Winter French.

District Name Age Weapon Training Score Allies Means Of Death Placing
1m Lucipher James 18 Sword 10 Careers
1f Sapphire Heart 16 Bow 9 Careers
2m Autumn Chill 15 Knife 8 Dead Stabbed in throat 22nd
2f Summer Chill 18 Axe 9 Dead Throat slashed open 23rd
3m Samu De Gron 13 Technology 6


Knife in neck 20th
3f Velma Donahue 15 Throwing Knives 7 Alone
4m Vague Poisson 18 Trident 10 Careers
4f Dechirer Cascape 17 Mace 11 Careers
5m Callum Sanch 14 Spear 7 Alone
5f Demetre Strange 12 Sword 4 Alone
6m Winter French 15 Blowgun 8 11, 10, 8 and 6m
6f Liel Wazniak 13 Bow 5 Alone
7m Dem Trial 18 Axe 7 Alone
7f Zera Falls 17 Axe 3 Alone
8m Ben Demon 16 Knife 5 11, 10, 8 and 6m
8f Xano Drench 12 Scyther 7 11, 10, 8 and 6m
9m Del Sinner 14 Kama 4 Lila
9f Lila Woods


Sickle 9 Del
10m Liir Fluor 17 Whip 7 Arrow in neck 21st
10f Milla Zur 13 Lasso 6 11, 10, 8 and 6m
11m Falcoln Dera 18 Scythe 5 11, 10, 8 and 6m
11f Anna Adams 13 Kama 3 11, 10, 8 and 6m
12m Liam Tristan 16 Pickaxe 9 Careers
12f Priasen Evad 18 Poison 4 Stoach Cut Open 24th


Day 1 - Milla's (POV)

GONG. And we are off. Im the third to get to the cornucopia, after the Chill siblings. I grab a sword and swing it and feel it meet its target. I see the girl from 12 clatter to the floor, gash in her stomach. I see Falcoln, my ally slash that Summers throat open as Anna stabs Autumn. Distict 2 completely dead. I run up to Liir, about to say hi when he grows an arrow out of his neck. I turn to see the 1 female run into the swamp along with the 1 male, district 4 and the 12 male. I plunge my knife into the 3 males throat and he falls to the floor. I look around and see only my allie. District 11, district 8 and Winter. And we are in control of the cornucopia.

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