These are the games of the male morphlings, or Winter French. But in this version the morphling ever went to the camoflauge station and never found out he had a talent. Therefore he never had that skill in the games. So what would it be like.


These are my made up tributes. All are made up and I named the male morphling Winter French.

District Name Age Weapon Training Score Allies Means Of Death Placing
1m Lucipher James 18 Sword 10 Careers
1f Sapphire Heart 16 Bow 9 Careers
2m Autumn Chill 15 Knife 8 Dead Stabbed in throat 22nd
2f Summer Chill 18 Axe 9 Dead Throat slashed open 23rd
3m Samu De Gron 13 Technology 6


Knife in neck 20th
3f Velma Donahue 15 Throwing Knives 7 Alone
4m Vague Poisson 18 Trident 10 Careers
4f Dechirer Cascape 17 Mace 11 Careers
5m Callum Sanch 14 Spear 7 Alone
5f Demetre Strange 12 Sword 4 Alone
6m Winter French 15 Blowgun 8 11, 10, 8 and 6m
6f Liel Wazniak 13 Bow 5 Alone
7m Dem Trial 18 Axe 7 Alone
7f Zera Falls 17 Axe 3 Alone
8m Ben Demon 16 Knife 5 11, 10, 8 and 6m
8f Xano Drench 12 Scyther 7 11, 10, 8 and 6m
9m Del Sinner 14 Kama 4 Lila
9f Lila Woods


Sickle 9 Del
10m Liir Fluor 17 Whip 7 Arrow in neck 21st
10f Milla Zur 13 Lasso 6 11, 10, 8 and 6m
11m Falcoln Dera 18 Scythe 5 11, 10, 8 and 6m
11f Anna Adams 13 Kama 3 11, 10, 8 and 6m
12m Liam Tristan 16 Pickaxe 9 Careers
12f Priasen Evad 18 Poison 4 Stoach Cut Open 24th


Day 1 - Milla's (POV)

GONG. And we are off. Im the third to get to the cornucopia, after the Chill siblings. I grab a sword and swing it and feel it meet its target. I see the girl from 12 clatter to the floor, gash in her stomach. I see Falcoln, my ally slash that Summers throat open as Anna stabs Autumn. Distict 2 completely dead. I run up to Liir, about to say hi when he grows an arrow out of his neck. I turn to see the 1 female run into the swamp along with the 1 male, district 4 and the 12 male. I plunge my knife into the 3 males throat and he falls to the floor. I look around and see only my allie. District 11, district 8 and Winter. And we are in control of the cornucopia.

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