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Willoe57 August 26, 2011 User blog:Willoe57

hahahahaha i took a test 2 see wat district i would fit into 4 personality and i got 12 :D it waz cuz if i were in the hunger games, i would be the bad a$$.by looks i from district 7 :D i a lumberjack!!!! i won against my buddy in a mini hunger games we did cuz she wouldve died first (we both threw our weapons at the same timeXD) but she sez i would hav died first...uuhhh she got hit through her heart and lungs wit a trident and already had her guts falling out lyk haymitch and she threw a nife or somethin lyk tht wich wouuld hav made my guts b fallin out. she would die first!!! prolly cuz she team peeta and peeta an idiot

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