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    March 6, 2014 by WiressFan21
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    Welcome! Welcome to the First Special Hunger Games!

    Name: (first and last)

    Age: (twelve to eighteen)

    District: (any of the thirteen districts or the Capitol)

    Gender: (male or female)

    Personality: (don't underestimate this one)

    History:  (don't underestimate this one)

    Weapons: (one to three, max)

    Related God/Goddess: (choose one of the gods below)

    Lunaii: (edited or not; important, needed)

    Real Life Picture: (important, needed)

    Preferred Alliance: (description or actual members that you want in an alliance) 

    God/Goddess Gender Name Age Originated From Weapons
    Aphrodite Male

    Aphrodite Female Komentia Flores Sixteen District Seven Curved Sword, MeleeCombat, Mace
    Apollo Male Crimson Typhoon Fourteen District Five Bow and Arrow, Melee Combat, Sword
    Apollo Female L…

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    "Welcome! Welcome to the 143rd Hunger Games!"

    So I decided that, for the first time for me, I'm going to do the User Games Hunger Games. I'm going to go through a little bit of the Training before the actual Hunger Games start. I'm going to try not to be bias towards others, but I know I might be a little bit. If I do get a little bias, I'm sorry for that, but it all depends on your strategy. So post advice for you to keep yourself alive. 

    These Hunger Games won't be including the Reapings, Chariot Rides or Inteviews. However, I plan on involving the Training, Training Scores and the acutal Hunger Games. Please, join if you haven't already because I plan on making these as fun as I can and as interesting as I can. I also want to quickly invo…

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    The 437th Hunger Games

    November 29, 2013 by WiressFan21
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  • WiressFan21

    Yes, I've tried this once before, but this time, I'm making sure I do it. Now, there's very little that you actually need to know about the Walking Dead, basically, it's a zombie apocalypse. However, in this edition, it will be going on in the entire Panem region. The Capitol and Districts 0 to 13 will be used. Please, follow the rules!

    1. I don't care if you use your own template or if you follow the one I provided, it all doesn't matter to me. If you do create a family of tributes, thank you since it will cause a lot more drama. Also, remember that it could be any age.
    2. You may create characters any time throughout the story, they just might not be used right away. There will be about 10 to 16 sections in each chapter. And the chapters are lim…

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