User Requirements


Training Plans

Training goes on three days - days one and two from 10 - 5 and the third day for 10 - 12 before the private sessions. Also, keep in mind that lunch goes from 12 - 1, but your tribute has the chance to skip lunch. Saying this, your tribute already has some of it's strenghts and weaknesses written down so you can chose what you want to do. By doing the thing for the listed time below, they will become a pro at it, but to become an expert, you'll have to do it for another half hour. This means that if you do it for another half hour, your tribute will never miss or they won't lose in a melee fight. Also, don't underlook the other courses because you never know when they'll come in handy. 

Also, if your tribute doesn't participate at lunch and their fed very well, they might get sick and sent back to their floor, but for others, it might be fine. You can also go for a period of time.



Knife - 30 minutes

Axe - 45 minutes

Hatchet - 45 minutes

Awl - 30 minutes

Dagger - 45 minutes

Whip - 1 hour

Sword - 1 hour

Sickle - 1 hour 15 minutes

Machete - 1 hour 15 minutes

Scythe - 1 hour 15 minutes

Katana - 1 hour 30 minutes

Trident - 1 hour 30 minutes (if does throwing trident, only have to do 30 minutes)

Mace - 1 hour 45 minutes

Club - 1 hour 45 minutes


Throwing Knife - 45 minutes

Throwing Axe - 45 minutes

Bow and Arrow - 1 hour 

Crossbow - 1 hour 15 minutes

Spear - 1 hour

Throwing Trident - 1 hour 30 minutes (if does melee trident, only have to do 30 minutes)

Blowgun - 1 hour 15 minutes

Hammer - 1 hour


Net - 1 hour  (if does knot-tying, only have to do 15 minutes)

Poison - 1 hour 15 minutes

Bomb - 1 hour 30 minutes

Camoflague - 1 hour 15 minutes

Medicine - 1 hour 45 minutes (if does healing, only needs to do 1 hour)

If you want me to add any weapons or if I forgot one, just tell me and I will add it.


Speed - 1 hour

Endurance - 1 hour

Balance - 1 hour

Arm Strength - 1 hour (if does tree/mountain climbing, only need to do 15 more minutes)

Leg Strength - 1 hour (if does tree/mountain climbing, only needs to do 15 more minutes)

Blocking - 1 hour 30 minutes

Reflex - 1 hour 30 minutes

Stealth - 1 hour

Jumping - 1 hour

Tree Climbing - 1 hour 30 minutes (if does leg/arm strength, only needs to do 30 minutes)

Mountain Climbing - 1 hour 30 minutes (if does leg/arm strength, only needs to do 30 minutes)

Swimming - 1 hour


Smartness - 1 hour

Plan Thinking - 1 hour

Plant Identification - 1 hour

Animal Identification - 1 hour

Fire Starting - 1 hour

Shelter Building - 1 hour


Hunger - Depends

Knot-Tying - 1 hour 30 minutes

Hiding - 1 hour

Healing - 1 hour 30 minutes (if does medicine, only needs to do 45 minutes)

Hunting - 1 hour (if does stealth, 30 minutes)

If you think of anything else, tell me or else it might end up effecting you.


This is how I would like the training plans: 

Day 1

10-11:30 - Mountain Climbing

11:30-12 - Knife

12-1 - Lunch

1-2 - Fire Starting

2-3 - Shelter Building

3-4:45 - Mace

4:45-5 - Blowgun

Day 2:

10-11:30 - Reflex

11:30-12:30 - Smartness

12:30-1 - Lunch

1-2 - Speed

2-3 - Blowgun

3-4:15 - Camoflague

4:15-5 - Axe

Day 3:

10-10:30 - Mace

10:30-12 - Blocking


District Gender Name Age Weapon Height User
1 Male Topaz Grace 17 Katana, Knife 6'1 Junior ii
1 Male Canopy Starsos 17 Throwing Knives -- TDR97
1 Female Emma Fross 17 Sword, Throwing Knives (Mace, Spear) 5'6 Teen Derp
1 Female Chandelier Fronum 17 Bow and Arrow


2 Male Murr "Blood" Stregther 16 Mace, Crossbow 5'9 HungerGamesFanatic21
2 Male Zephyr Brawn 17 Club, Mace 5'11 TBWTPT
2 Female Onyx "Nyx" Eboni 12 Scythe, Spear (Knife) -- District1_Obsessed
2 Female Prism Winters 18 Throwing Knives, Throwing Darts 5'7 TBWTPT
3 Male Courage Blitz 14 Swords, Fire -- Jaberjay78
3 Male Michelangelo DeSantillo 15 Knife -- Rainbow Shifter
3 Female Techy "Tech" Harmonic 14 Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow 4'11 HungerGamesFanatic21
3 Female Electra "Ellie" Wires 15 Landmines 5'1 ClovelyMarvelous
4 Male Troy Costas 16 Trident, Spear 5'10 Beetee19
4 Male Thomas Quince 15 Trident, Spear (Net) -- Robin040197
4 Female Watt'r Resse 16 Throwing Knives, Sword 5'5 HungerGamesFanatic21
4 Female Dariah Hellen 17 Knife, Trident (Net, Spear) 5'11 Rainfacestar
5 Male Drikker Stann 18 Trident, Axe 5'11 AsherMizzou
5 Male Maxwell Liang 16 Hand to Hand Combat, Fencing (Wrestling) -- EffieLuna
5 Female Julia Manganese 15 Knife, Throwing Knives -- EffieLuna
5 Female Starr Fines 15 Intellegence, Survival Knife 5'2 ClovelyMarvelous
6 Male Brann Clatch 16 Sword -- Robin040197
6 Male Lutado Crater 18 Dagger, Bow and Arrow 6'3 VinciusDeAssis1999
6 Female Clarissa "Clary" Lightwood 16 Staff, Blow-dart (Seraph Blade) 5'6 Rainfacestar
6 Female Emma Grace 15 Throwing Knives, Mace 5'4 OBUSMD!
7 Male Thor Pheadra 17 Bare Hands, Machete -- TeenageDream19
7 Male Furry Anderson 17 Throwing Axe, Throwing Knives (Mace, Sword) 5'9 Teen Derp
7 Female Willow Firethorn 17 Katana, Throwing Axe 5'8 District1_Obsessed
7 Female Autumn Sequoia Timber 16 Tomahawk, Axe (Hatchet) 5'3 ClovelyMarvelous
8 Male Logan Heremiah 17 Spear 6'1 VinciusDeAssis1999
8 Male Dome Citadel 16 Throwing/Normal Hatchet, Ice Pick 6'4 Hybrid_Shadow
8 Female Flora Caspurne 18 Poison, Traps 5'10 OBUSMD!
8 Female Cheyenne Camomille 13 Dart Gun, Trap 5'2 OBUSMD!
9 Male Max Evans 15 Snares, Throwing Knives 5'4 Rainfacestar
9 Male Kevin Quince 12 Trident, Yin-Yang Sword (Net) -- Robin040197
9 Female Carter Evans 15 Scythe, Dagger (Knife, Sword, Anything Pointy/Sharp) 5'4 Rainfacestar
9 Female Themis Asterious 15 Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes 5'3 TBWTPT
10 Male Hunther Hayes 16 Spear 5'11 Junior ii
10 Male Zalcharius "Gambler" Richardson 17 Whip, Spear (Axe) -- District1_Obsessed
10 Female Chloe Leventis 16 Knife 5'7 Beetee19
10 Female Alexandra Cassava 15 Kunai, Hatchet 5'2 Annarki
11 Male Damian Weatherby 16 Broadsword 6' WeatherbyFalls22
11 Male Tempesto Callops 15 Hammers, Bow and Arrow -- VinciusDeAssis1999
11 Female Griffin Soar 16 Sword, Machete (Spear) -- District1 Obsessed
11 Female Violet Twinkle 16 Throwing Knives, Axe (Mace) 5'4 HungerGamesFanatic21
12 Male Spark Pyrrhus 14 Knife 5'8 Junior ii
12 Male Kohl Cyphers 15 Bow and Arrow -- Jaberjay78
12 Female Vixen Ice 16 Sword -- Jabberyjay78
12 Female Vicky Tamboli 14 Nun-chucks 4'3 WeatherbyFalls22
13 Male Drake Lorter 17 Axe, Sword 6'2 AsherMizzou
13 Male Shadow Titan 17 Gun (Spear, Sword) -- Jabberjay78
13 Female Pinea Nummit 15 Machete, Throwing Knive 5'6 VinciusDeAssis1999
13 Female Vivian Lockheart 18 Nuke 5'6 ClovelyMarvelous
14 Male Flick Rivers* 18 Trident, Spear -- HungerGamesFanatic21
14 Male Derek Odair* 17 Trident, Dagger 5'8 HungryTeen
14 Female Joanna Mason** 14 Axe, Throwing Axe 5'9 Junior ii
14 Female Bleu Starships*** 13 Poison Dart Blowgun, Dagger 5'.5 Foxface D5
Capitol Male Tiger Wolfe 14 Bow and Arrow -- Jabberjay78
Capitol Male Shimmer Flickerman 16 Axe, Spear 6'0 HungerGamesFanatic21
Capitol Female Xenon Osmond 16 Camoflague -- Jabberjay78
Capitol Female Hollow Fairbreath 16 Dagger, Knife 5'4 TBWTPT

|*Came from District 4 [Flick's is Aquira Watomjut; Derek's is Finnick Odair]

|**Came from District 7 [Joanna's is Johanna Mason]

|***Runaway that came to District 14

Tribute Gallery

Please keep in mind that Xenon has two images because there was one of her with makeup and without.

Strengths and Weaknesses Chart

After training, but before the interviews, I will put up a chart about your tributes strengths and weaknesses. 


District Gender Name Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Other Weapon Other Weapon Other Weapon
1 Male Topaz Grace
1 Male Canopy Starsos
1 Female  Chandelier Fronum
1 Female  Emma Fross
2 Male Murr "Blood" Stregther
2 Male Zephyr Brawn
2 Female  Onyx "Nyx" Eboni
2 Female  Prism Winters
3 Male Courage Blitz
3 Male Michelangelo DeSantillo
3 Female 

Techy "Tech" Harmonic

3 Female  Electra "Ellie" Wires
4 Male Troy Costas
4 Male Thomas Quince
4 Female  Watt'r Resse
4 Female  Dariah Hellen
5 Male Drikker Stann
5 Male Maxwell Liang
5 Female  Julia Manganese
5 Female  Starr Fines
6 Male Brann Clatch
6 Male Lutado Crater
6 Female  Clarissa "Clary" Lightwood
6 Female  Emma Grace
7 Male Thor Pheadra
7 Male Furry Anderson
7 Female  Willow Firethorn
7 Female  Autumn Sequoia Timber
8 Male Dome Citadel
8 Male Logan Heremiah
8 Female  Flora Caspurne
8 Female  Cheyenne Camomille
9 Male Max Evans
9 Male Kevin Quince
9 Female  Carter Evans
9 Female  Themis Asterious
10 Male Zalcharius "Gambler" Richardson
10 Male Hunther Hayes
10 Female  Alexandra Cassava
10 Female  Chloe Leventis
11 Male Damian Weatherby
11 Male Tempesto Callops
11 Female  Griffin Soar
11 Female  Violet Twinkle
12 Male Spark Pyrrus
12 Male Kohl Cyphers
12 Female  Vixen Ice
12 Female  Vicky Tambolini
13 Male Drake Lorter
13 Male Shadow Titan
13 Female  Pinea Nummit
13 Female  Vivian Lockheart
14 Male Flick Rivers
14 Male Derek Odair
14 Female  Joanna Mason
14 Female  Bleu Starships
Captiol Male Tiger Wolfe
Capitol Male Shimmer Flickerman
Capitol Female  Xenon Osmond
Capitol Female  Hollow Fairbreath


Knife Awl Axe Hatchet Dagger Trident Mace Club
Topaz Grace
Canopy Starsos
Emma Fross
Chandelier Fronum
Murr "Blood" Stregther
Zephyr Brawn
Onyx "Nyx" Eboni
Prism Winters
Courage Blitz
Michelangelo DeSantillo
Techy "Tech" Harmonic
Electra "Ellie" Wires
Troy Costas
Thomas Quince
Watt'r Resse
Dariah Hellen
Drikker Stann
Maxwell Liang
Julia Manganese

Starr Fines

Brann Clatch
Lutado Crater
Clarissa "Clary" Lightwood
Emma Grace
Thor Pheadra 
Furry Anderson
Willow Firethron
Autumn Sequoia Timber
Logan Heremiah
Dome Citadel
Flora Caspurne
Cheyenne Camomille
Max Evans
Kevin Quince
Carter Evans
Themis Asterious
Hunther Hayes
Zalcharius "Gambler" Richardson
Chloe Leventis
Alexandra Cassava
Damian Weatherby
Tempesto Callops
Griffin Soar
Violet Twinkle
Spark Pyrrus
Kohl Cyphers
Vixen Ice
Vicky Tamoboli
Drake Lorter
Shadow Titan
Pinea Nummit
Vivian Lockheart
Flick Rivers
Derek Odair
Joanna Mason
Bleu Starships
Tiger Wolfe
Shimmer Flickerman
Xenon Osmond 
Hollow Fairbreath
Name Sword Sickle Machete Scythe Katana
Topaz Grace
Canopy Starsos
Emma Fross
Chandelier Fronum
Murr "Blood" Stregther
Zephyr Brawn
Onyx "Nyx" Eboni
Prism Winters
Courage Blitz
Michelangelo DeSantillo
Techy "Tech" Harmonic
Electra "Ellie" Wires
Troy Costas
Thomas Quince
Watt'r Resse
Dariah Hellen
Drikker Stann
Maxwell Liang
Julia Manganese
Starr Fines
Brann Clatch
Lutado Crater
Clarissa "Clary" Lightwood
Emma Grace
Thor Pheadra
Furry Anderson
Willow Firethorn
Autumn Sequoia Timber
Logan Heremiah
Dome Citadel
Flora Caspurne
Cheyenne Camomille
Max Evans
Kevin Quince
Carter Evans
Themis Asterious
Hunther Hayes
Zalcharius "Gambler" Richardson
Chloe Leventis
Alexandra Cassava
Damain Weatherby
Tempesto Callops
Griffin Soar
Violet Twinkle
Spark Pyrrhus
Kohl Cyphers
Vixen Ice
Vicky Tamobli
Drake Lorter
Shadow Titan
Pinea Nummit
Vivian Lockheart
Flick Rivers
Derek Odair
Joanna Mason
Bleu Starships
Tiger Wolfe
Shimmer Flickerman
Xenon Osmond
Hollow Fairbreath
Name Throwing Knife Throwing Axe Throwing Trident Bow and Arrow Crossbow Spear Blowgun
Topaz Grace
Canopy Starsos
Emma Fross
Chandelier Fronum
Murr "Blood" Stregther
Zephyr Brawn
Onyx "Nyx" Eboni
Prism Winters
Courage Blitz
Michelangelo DeSantillo
Techy "Tech" Harmonic
Electra "Ellie" Wires
Troy Costas
Thomas Quince
Watt'r Resse
Dariah Hellen
Drikker Stann
Maxwell Liang
Julia Manganese
Starr Fines
Brann Clatch
Lutado Crater
Clarissa "Clary" Lightwood
Emma Grace
Thor Pheadra
Furry Anderson
Willow Firethorn
Autumn Sequoia Timber
Logan Heremiah
Dome Citadel
Flora Caspurne
Cheyenne Camomille
Max Evans
Kevin Quince
Carter Evans
Themis Asteriuos
Hunther Hayes
Zalcharius "Gambler" Richardson
Chloe Leventis
Alexandra Cassava
Damian Weatherby
Tempesto Callops
Griffin Soar
Violet Twinkle
Spark Pyrrhus
Kohl Cyphers
Vixen Ice
Vicky Tamboli
Drake Lorter
Shadow Titan
Pinea Nummit
Vivian Lockheart
Flick Rivers
Derek Odair
Joanna Mason
Bleu Starships
Tiger Wolfe
Shimmer Flickerman
Xenon Osmond
Hollow Fairbreath
Name Whip Hammer Net Poison Bomb Camoflague
Topaz Grace
Canopy Starsos
Emma Fross
Chandelier Fronum
Murr "Blood" Stregther
Zephyr Brawn
Onyx "Nyx" Eboni
Prism Winters
Courage Blitz
Michelangelo DeSantillo
Techy "Tech" Harmonic
Electra "Ellie" Wires
Troy Costas
Thomas Quince
Watt'r Resse
Dariah Hellen
Drikker Stann
Maxwell Liang
Julia Manganese
Starr Fines
Brann Clatch
Lutado Crater
Clarissa "Clary" Lightwood
Emma Grace
Thor Pheadra

Furry Anderson

Willow Firethorn
Autumn Sequoia Timber
Logan Heremiah
Dome Citadel
Flora Caspurne
Cheyenne Camomille
Max Evans
Kevin Quince
Carter Evans
Themis Asterious
Hunther Hayes
Zalcharius "Gambler" Richardson
Chloe Leventis
Alexandra Cassava
Damian Weatherby
Tempesto Callops
Griffin Soar
Violet Twinkle
Spark Pyrrhus
Kohl Cyphers
Vixen Ice
Vicky Tamboli
Drake Lorter
Shadow Titan
Pinea Nummit
Vivian Lockheart
Flick Rivers
Derek Odair
Joanna Mason
Bleu Starships
Tiger Wolfe
Shimmer Flickerman
Xenon Osmond
Hollow Fairbreath


Name Speed Endurance Balance Blocking Reflex Stealth Jumping
Topaz Grace
Canopy Starsos
Emma Fross
Chandelier Fronum
Murr "Blood" Stregther
Zephyr Brawn
Onyx "Nyx" Eboni
Prism Winters
Courage Blitz
Michelangelo DeSantillo
Techy "Tech" Harmonic
Electra "Ellie" Wires
Troy Costas
Thomas Quince
Watt'r Resse
Dariah Hellen
Drikker Stann
Maxwell Liang
Julia Manganese
Starr Fines
Brann Clatch
Lutado Crater
Clarissa "Clary" Lightwood
Emma Grace
Thor Pheadra
Furry Anderson
Willow Firethorn
Autumn Sequoia Timber
Logan Heremiah
Dome Citadel
Flora Caspurne
Cheyenne Camomille
Max Evans
Kevin Quince
Carter Evans
Themis Asterious
Hunther Hayes
Zalcharius "Gambler" Richardson
Chloe Leventis
Alexandra Cassava
Damian Weatherby
Tempesto Callops
Griffin Soar
Violet Twinkle
Spark Pyrrhus
Kohl Cyphers
Vixen Ice
Vicky Tamboli
Drake Lorter
Shadow Titan
Pinea Nummit
Vivan Lockheart
Flick Rivers
Derek Odair
Joanna Mason
Bleu Starships
Tiger Wolfe
Shimmer Flickerman
Xenon Osmond
Hollow Fairbreath

Strength, Identification, Climbing

Name Arm Strength Leg Strength Tree Climbing Mountain Climbing Plant Identification Animal Identifcation
Topaz Grace
Canopy Starsos
Emma Fross
Chandelier Fronum
Murr "Blood" Stregther
Zephyr Brawn
Onyx "Nyx" Eboni
Prism Winters
Courage Blitz
Michelangelo DeSantillo
Techy "Tech" Harmonic
Electra "Ellie" Wires
Troy Costas
Thomas Quince
Watt'r Resse
Dariah Hellen
Drikker Stann
Maxwell Liang
Julia Manganese
Starr Fines
Brann Clatch
Lutado Crater
Clarissa "Clary" Lightwood
Emma Grace
Thor Pheadra
Furry Anderson
Willow Firethorn
Autumn Sequoia Timber
Logan Heremiah
Dome Citadel
Flora Caspurne
Cheyenne Camomille
Max Evans
Kevin Quince
Carter Evans
Themis Asterious
Hunther Hayes
Zalcharius "Gambler" Richardson
Chloe Leventis
Alexandra Cassava
Damian Weatherby
Tempesto Callops
Griffin Soar
Violet Twinkle
Spark Pyrrhus
Kohl Cyphers
Vixen Ice
Vicky Tamboli
Drake Lorter
Shadow Titan
Pinea Nummit
Vivian Lockheart
Flick Rivers
Derek Odair
Joanna Mason
Bleu Starships
Tiger Wolfe
Shimmer Flickerman
Xenon Osmond
Hollow Fairbreath

Swimming, Knowledge, Sheltering

Name Swimming Smartness Plan Thinking Fire Starting Shelter Building
Topaz Grace
Canopy Starsos
Emma Fross
Chandelier Fronum
Murr "Blood" Stregther
Zephyr Brawn
Onyx "Nyx" Eboni
Prism Winters
Courage Blitz
Michelangelo DeSantillo
Techy "Tech" Harmonic
Electra "Ellie" Wires
Troy Costas
Thomas Quince
Watt'r Resse
Dariah Hellen
Drikker Stann
Maxwell Liang
Julia Manganese
Starr Fines
Brann Clatch
Lutado Crater
Clarissa "Clary" Lightwood
Emma Grace
Thor Pheadra
Furry Anderson
Willow Firethorn
Autumn Sequoia Timber
Logan Heremiah
Dome Citadel
Flora Caspurne
Cheyenne Camomille
Max Evans
Kevin Quince
Carter Evans
Themis Asterious
Hunther Hayes
Zalcharius "Gambler" Richardson
Chloe Leventis
Alexandra Cassava
Damian Weatherby
Tempesto Callops
Griffin Soar
Violet Twinkle
Spark Pyrrhus
Kohl Cyphers
Vixen Ice
Vicky Tamboli
Drake Lorter
Shadow Titan
Pinea Nummit
Vivian Lockheart
Flick Rivers
Derek Odair
Joanna Mason
Bleu Starships
Tiger Wolfe
Shimmer Flickerman
Xenon Osmond
Hollow Fairbreath

Miscellaneous Strengths

Name Hunger Hiding Healing Medicine Hunting Knot Tying
Topaz Grace
Canopy Starsos
Emma Fross
Chandelier Fronum
Murr "Blood" Stregther
Zephyr Brawn
Onyx "Nyx" Eboni
Prism Winters
Courage Blitz
Michelangelo DeSantillo
Techy "Tech" Harmonic
Electra "Ellie" Wires
Troy Costas
Thomas Quince
Watt'r Resse
Dariah Hellen
Drikker Stann
Maxwell Liang
Julia Manganese
Starr Fines
Brann Clatch 
Lutado Crater
Clarissa "Clary" Lightwood
Emma Grace
Thor Pheadra
Furry Anderson
Willow Firethorn
Autumn Sequoia Timber
Logan Heremiah
Dome Citadel
Flora Caspurne
Cheyenne Camomille
Max Evans
Kevin Quince
Carter Evans
Themis Asterious
Hunther Hayes
Zalcharius "Gambler" Richardson
Chloe Leventis
Alexandra Cassava
Damian Weatherby
Tempesto Callops
Griffin Soar
Violet Twinkle
Spark Pyrrhus 
Kohl Cyphers
Vixen Ice
Vicky Tamboli
Drake Lorter
Shadow Titan
Pinea Nummit
Vivian Lockheart
Flick Rivers
Derek Odair
Joanna Mason
Bleu Starships
Tiger Wolfe
Shimmer Flickerman
Xenon Osmond
Hollow Fairbreath


District Gender Name Age Weapon Games Won Relationships Owner
1 Male Mason Ekon 17 (13) Blowgun, Sword 194th  Careers Junior ii
1 Female Gala Biscotti 24 (17) Camoflague 191st None TDR97
2 Male Trent Genivive 31 (15) Sword, Shield, Sharp Stick 182nd Shelby (D7F & CoVictor) Weatherby- Falls22
2 Female Genny Smither 35 (17) Throwing Axe, Pencil, Sword 180th Jordan (D2M), Saa (D4M), Unnamed (D4F) Available
3 Male Spark Sonic 34 (14) Wire, Traps, Knife 178th Spee (D3F) Available
3 Female Eliza Wire 24 (16) 190th
4 Male Peril Falco 20 (18) Brass Knuckles, Knife, Traps 196th -- Hybrid Shadow
4 Female Skyler Blue 31 (14) Trident, Spear, Strength 181st Ada (D1F) Misytmolla
5 Male Kinet Mechon 56 (13) None (Garbage) 155th -- TDR97
5 Female Spee Sparks 24 (14) Vines, Net, Bow and Arrow 188th Nobody HGF21
6 Male Swift Needletail 21 (15) Sword, Axe 192nd Spike Kobra (D3F), Harmony (D6F), Decade (D11M) Hybrid Shadow
6 Female Alummie Titanium 44 (16) Sword, Wire, Throwing Knife 170th Train (D6M), Sonic (D3M), Nelly (D8F) HGF21
7 Male Ash Leaverly 29 (18) Axe, Throwing Axe, Knife 187th Spree (D3F), Watts (D4M), Ashley (D7F) HGF21
7 Female Teressa Oaksbury 43 (17) Axe, Throwing Axe, Throwing Knife 172nd Pinet (D7M), Pic (D12M) HGF21
8 Male Samuel Revian II 46 (16) Spear, Poisonous Survival Knife 168th Outty (D3F), Alice (D8F) HGF21
8 Female Lycra McOrganza 17 (12) Knife 193rd Sesame (D11F) HGF21
9 Male Gran Oats 50 (13) 161st
9 Female Millie Oats 49 (18) 167th
10 Male Gruff Rocksburry 23 (14) Whip, Snowballs 189th Nobody HGF21
10 Female Vivan Incomstanti 39 (14) Throwing Knives 173rd Pia (D11F), Kiera (D12F) Kman528
11 Male Tommie Schree 64 (16) 150th
11 Female BeBe Seed 40 (18) 176th
12 Male Charce Blackesee 44 (17) 171st
12 Female Carmine Coalk 61 (15) 142nd
13 Male Narkel Bomm 45 (16) 159th
13 Female Pixie Duccles 47 (13) 164th
14 Male* Rakke Harvesta 18 (17) Net, Trap, Spear 197th Cott (D8M), Lavandar (D8F) HGF21
14 Female** Sammy Brink 20 (17) 195th
Capital Male Cyraniam Harriton 40 (17) Shopping 175th Bright Harriton (Co-Victor and CM) HGF
Capital Female Bright Harriton 40 (17) Shopping 175th Cyraniam Harriton (Co-Victor and CM) HGF21

|*The District 14 Male Mentor was from District 11

|**The District 14 Female Mentor was from District 2

Game Arenas

Sorry, but these are in order of Games from farthest back (starting with 142nd to 197th), make sure you locate Games first and if it's a Quarter Quell, make sure you read what the Quell was first

142nd - Trailer Park

150th - Maze

155th - Dump

159th - Time Square

161st - Underground Railroad (literally, not with Harriot Tubmin)

164th - Cenote

167th - Plantation

168th - Zoo

170th - Desert

171st - Cave

172nd - Mansion

173rd - Countryside

175th - Mall

176th - Huge Library

178th - Leaning Tower of Pisa

180th - College

181st - Tropical Beach

182nd - Huge Toy Store

187th - Large Graveyard

188th - Jungle

189th - Antarctica

190th - Outer Space

191st - Zombie-Invested City

192nd - Forest

193rd - Old Factory

194th - Large, White Room (Lasted a Day)

195th - Castle

196th - Island of Terror

197th - Carnival

Quarter Quells

Everyone should know the 25th, 50th, and 75th Quarter Quells so I'll jump to the 100th.

100th: Only Districts 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12 and 13 must hand over tributes for starting a rebellion against the Capital.

125th: Nobody will win these Games to prove that war will never solve anything and the Capital shall rule forever.

150th: No Capital tributes will enter Games; Tributes will be put in a maze without the use of weapons to prove that they'll be lost without the Capital, the winner will be crowned if they are the first to make it to the end of the maze. The only stuff in the Corncopia was many compasses and a few maps that were destroyed when getting so far into the maze.

175th: Only Capital tributes will win to prove the Capital will overrule all other districts. 

Review of the Mentors

District 1

Mason Ekon

Mason won his Games by being very smart and allied with the Careers. He grabbed a blowgun in the cornucopia and stayed with the Careers. While the Careers were taking out the other, weaker tributes, he was able to save all the darts he could. When it was down to the final 8, he got the Careers to turn on each other. During that process, he was able to stab a male tribute. In the final 4, he killed all the other tributes by sitting in a corner and killing the other tributes using his blowgun. 

Kills: 4

Weapon(s) Used: Blowgun

Allies: Careers

Gala Biscotti

Gala won her Games by being hidden and didn't really ally with anyone. During the bloodbath, she gathered some camoflague paints which she used to camoflague herself like a zombie. The entire Games, she survived because, while other tributes were being eaten by zombies, she was one.

Kills: 0

Weapons(s): Camoflague

Allies: None

District 2

Trent Genivive

Trent won his Games by being unusual and allied with, not the Careers, but the District 7 Female, Shelby. He didn't participate in the bloodbath but found a sharp stick-like toy that he used to kill the District 1 Male when he encountered him. Trent climbed up on a toy shelf and found Shelby, which they made an immediate alliance. On the second day, Trent and Shelby gathered some supplies (sword, backpack with food) and, suddenly, were attacked by the District 3 and 11 Females and the District 5 Male. Trent killed the District 3 Female with ease and, after noticing Shelby wasn't doing the best, killed the other two tributes. Suddenly, teddy bears started to chase the two and Shelby was hit in the head. Trent thought she was dead, but it turns out she was just badly injured. He walked until he found his district partner killing the District 3 Male. Trent starting talking to her, causing a fake sense of security then, unexpectedly, Trent slit her throat. He found a shield and found the District 1 Female with a bow. The girl was stabbed in the back by Shelby and the two rejoiced after meeting each other. A note came down from the gamemakers that stated that if Trent got two more kills, they would both be able to leave. Trent killed the District 10 Male and, to end the Games, killed the District 4 Male by stabbing him in the head.

Kills: 5

Allies: District 7 Female and Co-Victor, Shelby Ratonaway

Genny Smither

Genny won her Games by being resourceful and allied with the Careers. During the bloodbath, she was able to kill the District 9 tributes using throwing axes. Genny and the other tribute from her district, Jordan, started to become boyfriend and girlfriend. On the second day, the two hugged, but were soon distracted when the District 1 tributes were trying to betray the Careers. Genny never really liked the two and was able to take down the male tribute while Jordan killed the female. They killed the District 4 Female and injured the District 4 Male, Saa. They eventually regained their composer on day 6. By that time, 8 tributes remained and a feast was announced. Genny was able to kill the District 6 Male while Saa was killed by the District 10 Female. Near the end of the feast, four tributes were still alive. Genny killed the District 10 Female while Jordan was struggling to kill the District 3 Female. He eventually got his throat slit, but not in a fatal position. Genny killed the District 3 Female using pencils, as she lost her throwing axes, and hugged Jordan's dying body. The two shared their first kiss while Jordan was dying, and were kissing until his body was limp. 

Kills: 6

Weapon(s): Throwing Axe, Pencil

Allies: Careers - District 1 Tributes; District 2 Male, Jordan; District 4 Male, Saa; District 4 Female

District 3

Spark Sonic

Spark won his Games by planning ahead and allied with his district partner, Spee. He didn't participate in the bloodbath, but did grab a wire right next to his plate. Spee was able to grab a backpack with food, water and medicine along with a knife stuck in her leg. The two stayed around the Leaning Tower of Pisa, usually climbing between the different floors and setting up traps. In the final 4, they both survived, but it seemed like the tower started leaning even farther. Spark was albe to catch the District 2 Male in a trap, leaving only them and the District 7 Male. Suddenly, the entire tower crashed and the District 7 Male died. Spee was stuck under huge rubble and was bleeding out. Spark felt really bad and put the knife to her throat, quickly swipping it across to send her out of her misery.

Kills: 2

Weapon(s): Wire, Traps, Knife

Allies: District 3 Female, Spee

District 4

District 5

District 6

District 7

District 8

District 9

District 10

District 11

District 12

District 13

District 14


Who the Mentors are Mentoring

District Gender (Mentor) Name (Mentor) Tribute 1 Tribute 2
1 Male Mason Ekon Topaz Grace Emma Fross
1 Female Gala Biscotti Canopy Starsos Chandelier Fronum
2 Male Trent Genivive Zephyr Brawn Prism Winters
2 Female Genny Smither Murr "Blood" Strengther Onyx "Nyx" Eboni
3 Male Spark Sonic Techy "Tech" Harmonic Electra "Ellie" Wires
3 Female Eliza Wire Courage Blitz Michelangelo DeSantillo
4 Male Peril Falco Thomas Quince Troy Costas
4 Female Skyler Blue

Watt't Reese

Dariah Hellen
5 Male Kinet Mechon Drikker Stan Starr Fines
5 Female Spee Sparks Maxwell Liang Julia Manganese
6 Male Swift Needletail Lutado Crater Clarissa "Clary" Lightwood
6 Female Alummie Titanium Brann Clatch Emma Grace
7 Male Ash Leaverly Furry Anderson Autumn Sequoia Timber
7 Female Teressa Oaksbury Thor Pheadra Willow Firethorn
8 Male Samuel Revian II Flora Caspurne Cheyenne Camomille
8 Female Lycra McOrganza Dome Citadel Logan Heremiah
9 Male Gran Oats Carter Evans Themis Asterious
9 Female Millie Oats

Max Evans

Kevin Quince
10 Male Gruff Rocksburg Hunter Hayes Chloe Leventis
10 Female Vivan Incomstanti Zalcharius "Gambler" Richardson Alexandra Cassava
11 Male Tommie Schree Griffin Soar Violet Twinkle
11 Female BeBe Seed Damian Weatherby Tempesto Callops
12 Male Charce Blacksee Spark Pyrrus Vicky Tamoblini
12 Female Carmine Coalk Kohl Cyphers Vixen Ice
13 Male Narkel Bomm Shadow Titan Pinea Nummit
13 Female Pixie Duccles Drake Lorter Vivian Lockheart
14 Male Rakke Harvesta Flick Rivers Derek Odair
14 Female Sammy Brink Joanna Mason Bleu Starships
Capital Male Cyraniam Harriton Tiger Wolfe Xenon Osmond
Capital Female Bright Harriton Shimmer Flickerman Hollow Fairbreath


District Gender Name Age Years as Stylist Attention (1-12) User
3 Male Sparks Montilegro 32 11 Years
6 Female Syrrus Draan 26 5 Years
11 Male Larfus Trinssil  91 68 Years
12 Female Dazzy Yarabwa 58 34 Years HGF21
14 Female Quinnsalyn Veryi 20 First Year Foxface D5


District 1 - "What!?"

Canopy Starsos

The reaping. That's all you need to say and feelings range from happiness to fright to sadness. Chandelier. That's all you need to say to get me all lovey-dovey, as my friends say. Her purple eyes, freakles, and long, straight, black hair just are so beautiful. Plus, I heard that this year, she's planning on volunteering. I must volunteer as well!  Then, we can be lovebirds in the Games and win the Games together. We'll come back home, get married, have children.

"Good morning District 1," our strange escort, Veronica screams. Suddenly, I lose my train of thoughts and almost forget where I'm at. I must remember that I need to volunteer. Make sure that I'm the one who protects Chandelier and even if I fail, she could win and remember me forever. 

"I volunteer," screams a girl from the 17-year old section. Shoot! Did I miss it? I can't even see who volunteers until I catch a glimpse of the blue and red hair. Phew, thank God it wasn't Chandelier, or else I'd have to volunteer. I mean, despite the fact I'm from District 1, I'm still afraid that I'll die. Seriously, who isn't afraid of death.

"I volunteer," screams another girl from the 17-year old section. Oh shoot, I forgot there is going to be two males and females from each district. There's the black hair which is surely Chandelier's. Now Canopy, keep your eyes on the prize. Remember, you must be the next to volunteer for the boys. Just focus your thoughts.

"I volunteer," the boy standing three people away from me screams. He slowly approaches the stage and then Veronica announces the next tribute. 

"I VOLUNTEER," I scream at the top of my lungs and everyone looks at me. Even the other boy who just made it to the stairs stops halfway up it and turns. Chandelier stands their, shaking her head as if this was a dream...or maybe a nightmare. Is it possible Chandelier has a crush on me? 

"Excuse me," Veronica says in a upbeat voice, "are you coming?" I walk onto stage and stand right next to the red-eyed boy.

"What's your name?" I whisper to the boy next to me. 

"Topaz Grace," he whispers, still looking at Veronica. 

"And here are the District 1 tributes for the 198th Hunger Games," she shouts and people start to leave, "but wait, because the Capital has promised a twist."

I watch as our fat, lazy mayor walks to Veronica and hands her the envelope. He turns, gives me a sick look as if I did something wrong. What did I do? 

"Ohhh, this is interesting," Veronica says, "each of you will be put into a small arena to fight." 

"What!?" we all scream in union. They can't do that...can they?

Veronica leads us under the stage which has obviously been changed to an arena. In the middle, is a little Cornucopia which is filled with multiple weapons. 

"Here's the weapon you will start out with," the Peacekeeper says and hands me a knife. Chandelier got a knife as well, but Topaz has a trident and the other girl has a dagger. Are they trying to make Topaz win?

Chandelier Fronum


"Remember tributes, only two of you can win, the other two must die," our escort announces over a loudspeaker. The countdown starts and I stand looking at the other tributes. I know Canopy well, he's probably the fastest runner out of all of us, but at least two of us can win...right? Or is it going to be a trick where we have to kill the other one. Before I know it, the gong goes off.


Great, I'm going to be the last one there!

Topaz Grace

I'm the second one at the Cornucopia, following the other male. He gathers some throwing knives while I get a katana. He's totally dead!

Before he even gets his head up, I tackle him to the ground. He drops three of the five knives and I clench the katana, despite the fact it cut the palm of my hand. Blood trickles out slowly, but I can't observe my injuries now, I must injure him...and better, kill him.

I pin him to the ground with my hands on his shoulders so he can't move. 

"Hi Topaz," he angrily says.

"Hi...whatever your name is," I say and get a little laugh out of it. 

"Is that really funny?" he asks and I nod. 

"Well, then maybe you'll find this funny." He digs a knife straight into my thigh and the pain fills my entire leg. 

"Ouch," I scream in pain and he pushes me off of him. He picks up the other three knives and tunrs towards me. 

"By the way, my name's Canopy...Canopy Starsos," he says and raises one of his knives, preparing to throw it.

"HELP!" the black-haired girl screams and runs over to us with a huge gash in her stomach which she holds. Behind her lays the girl who has a huge advantage over us as her entire family has won the Games. I notice the other male lowers his weapon, but I can't kill her, she's a girl. I let down my guard which was the worst choice ever because suddenly, I feel a knife in my chest. 

I fall down to the ground as the blood covers my chest and approaches my neck. The boy approaches me and his shadow covers my face.

Canopy Starsos

I look over Topaz and feel so upset. He might have had a family, maybe he had someone he loved. I wish I had someone like that...wait!

"Chandelier!" I scream as I watch the other girl approach Chandelier fast. She doesn't seem to notice the other girl approaching and I could do something, but I'm just sitting here, watching. Wasn't my job to protect her? But, I never killed Topaz yet.

Topaz has already made a pool of blood and it just keeps growing. He's totally dead. he's too weak to lift his sword so he's useless.

My attention turns back onto Chandelier and the other girl who I notice are coming towards me. Did they team up to kill me? If they did, what relationship would me and Chandelier have? 

"Canopy," Chandelier screams and grabs my hand, "help." 

I know what I must do. My knife soars right through the sky and would have landed right into her neck if she didn't block it with the sword. But in that little time she raised the sword to head level, giving me the perfect time to hit her stomach. My knife lands a little shorter and lands right in her left thigh. A river of blood starts slowly flying down her leg and she accidentally drops her sword. Yet, she still has her dagger.

She pulls it right out of her back pocket and charges right towards me. She tackles me to the floor and starts stabbing me repeatedly in the stomach. I start chocking blood into her face and she gives a little screech. She uses her left hand to wipe it off and I try to get away from her, but I'm too weak from the loss of blood.


Well, at least now I know that I'm not the first one to die. Plus, I did it protecting the girl I love, Chandelier. 

"Any last words," the girl says starting to dig the dagger into my neck. 

"Ya, Chandelier," I scream, hoping to get her attention, "I love you!"

The girl slowly starts to peel away my skin from my neck and I want to scream, but I can't. I can't even fight back, I close my eyes and I slowly drift away.


Another cannon signals my death. Wait, if that was my death, how could I still hear it. My eyes still open to the other female standing upright, looking into the distant. I push her off of me and she does it without trying to do anything back. Suddenly, I see the arrow in her back. Behind her, is Chandelier. Standing tall and proud with the bow and arrow in her hand. 

"You did it," she screams and hobbles over to me and starts talking, but the words drown out. My head falls to the ground and I finally awaken in the train with Chandelier laying right by my bed.

"You didn't let me finish," she says and I notice the bandage around her leg. 

"What's that," I barely say with the pain in the neck still there.

"This," she says and kisses me right on the lips. I don't stop it, instead I embrace it. This kiss not only resembled how much she cares for me, but how she does love me. And that will help us win these confusing games.

District 2 - "I remember my first kill."

Onyx "Nyx" Eboni

I stand, waiting for the weak District 2 tributes to make us look foolish again. Despite the fact that we're from District 2, our latest victory was 16 years ago by Trent Genivive in a toy store. That arena was probably the easiest one to win at, but no, everyone in our district believes it was amazing. Ever since, it seems like he's been too into his wife and covictor, Shelby, to actually help anyone out. But this year, he promised he would help the tributes.

"Welcome, as everyone has heard there will be two lucky boys and girls going into these Games so we might actually have a chance this year," Lucas, our escort, announces. I like him, he seems so passionate that our district should actually win, but we're just so stupid. 

"And the female tributes is..." he starts, but then waits a while to add some anxiety, "Onyx Eboni." 

Me! I almost want to shout, but I can't do that, it'd make others think I'm desperate to get into these Games and try to kill me. No, must play it cool. Pretend to be innocent.

I walk up onto stage, but sudenly a girl volunteers. She walks onto stage, but I still want to be in these Games. The rude girl shoves me over and I stop the entire innocent gimmick, pushing her right in the middle of the face.

"Wow! We might actually have a chance," Lucas honestly says, "but she still could take place of the other female."

"Ohhh..." I trail off, this might leave a damper in the friendship. She's 17 or 18 so the Careers would trust her much more than a little 12 year old like me. Luckily, the girl only broke her arm so it will be healed for the Games. I just hope she doesn't kill me. 

When my thoughts stop randomly trailing all over the place, I realize the two boys have volunteered and laught at the sight of them. Both have red hair, the same color of the blood I'll make them bleed. However, there still is Blood. He's a popular killer in District 2 who knows so many ways to kill someone, they had to force them in the Games. How do I know this? My dad.

I guess you could say me and my dad are really close. I'm the child he so long desired, we've been training so long together for the Games. Plus, we both agree on how weak our siblings are and think the same way. I guess, we're like twins.

Murr "Blood" Stregther

"Now tributes, we have a twist for you," Lucas says without enthusiasm, "You are all going to be forced to fight each other right now. 2 of you will win while 2 of you die."

Great! Blood before the Games, that's all I need. Maybe I can show them another method of killing.

I'm lead under the stage with a cornucopia in the middle with multiple weapons. Layed right in the middle of the cornucopia lay a bright, new mace. Perfect for me to get. A peacekeeper gives me a sword and I feel so happy. I haven't experienced with swords yet so this could be my preview before the Games. Plus, the little 12 year old got a net, the other female has a hatchet and the other boy has a crossbow. He's my first target.


Time starts and my eyes stay fixed on the other male right next to me. This is my chance to get an easy kill, plus he'll next be expecting it.

Zephyr Brawn



I dash off my plate and aim for the mace. This is my weapon, mine. 

"Ouch!" I turn to see the older female being stabbed by her own hatchet in the leg. She falls to the ground with a huge gash in her stomach. I would have kept watching, but the other male pounces on me.

The guy got a sword and uses it to swap the crossbow out of my hand. 

"What way should I do now?" he asks and keeps me pinned to the ground while he thinks. Well, if he does think, it's hard to tell with craziness like that. 

"Got it," he says a snaps his finger. Slowly, he pushes the sword into my chest and I close my eyes, waiting for the pain. Just waiting there for a little bit while the boy slowly pushes the sword into my chest. Then, the sword enters. The pain is so terrible, I bite on my own lips so I don't scream. Luckily, he missed my heart, but he doesn't notice. I feel the sword leaving my body and his weight getting off. My hand reaches nearby to a knife and I open my eyes. The boys right there and I dig the knife right into his foot. He falls down in agony and points the crossbow to me. I thought I had that? I thought I was going to...

Onyx "Nyx" Eboni


I raise my head to see one of the boys dead and so will one of the girls, the older one.

She lays near the side of the cornucopia with a huge puddle of blood. I can't help but stare at the sight, my first kill from the girl whose arm I broke. Ha! Who would have thought that a 12 year old would kill a 18 year old? Oh wait, me!

Suddenly, Blood sits nexts me and asks me about how the kill feels. Honestly, I don't know what I'm supposed to say. I did this to live, not like him who would do it anyways. Plus I didn't kill her yet. It just feels weird knowing that she will die really soon. 

"I don't know," I answer, "I had to do it to live." There, add a sprinkle of innocence to make it seem like it would never happen again. 

"I remember my first kill," he says, "and I did this." He grabs the crossbow and aims it towards the other female. 

"Look at her hands," he whispers as quiet as possible and I notice them slowly moving to something. 

"What's she trying to grab?" I ask and he informs me it's a pile of throwing knives.

Blood shoots the arrow right into the girls head. 


"Good job little cutie," he says and I slap him across the face. 

"Never call me cute again," I say. 

"We won, your the youngest out of all of us and you basically killed the oldest one in there, you should be happy." I can't help blushing and I do feel the happinest spreadding. 

Once we walk above to the stage, I see my dad smiles and giving me a thumbs up with my three other siblings giving me a nasty look behind him. What did I do? Oh ya, I got all of dad's attention because all of them are so weak. I can't help but laughing at this and don't even stop until we've left District 2, the last time Blood will see the district again. 

District 3 - "The Capital can't do that!"

Techy "Tech" Harmonic

Nobody stands next to me. Nobody stands near me. Nobody even looks at me. It wasn't my fault. It wasn't my fault the demon took control over me. It's not even my fault that I killed my best friend or teachers or principal or bully. I couldn't control it, but now I can. 

"Good morning District 3," the escort, Sonic, starts, "as usual we have to reap you guys, but this year there will be two male and two female. Also, we must sit down and pretend to be happy when we all know, smartness doesn't win you these Games." 

Wow! He's in a bad mood, usually he's happy. It's probably because his son died in the Games last year. At least the Capital doesn't worst than us! 

"The two females are Techy Harmonic and...Techy Harmonic?" he says, "Isn't that odd, it's never happened before where you choose the same name twice, but then again, this is only the 2nd time double the amount of tributes have gone in. Anyways, the other female is Techy Harmonic." 

He looks at the piece of paper and starts looking through at all the other slips. Due to his expression, I realize that my name was the only one chosen.

"The Capital can't do that," he blurts out, "they can't favor someone to get them into the Games." 

Suddenly, bullets are shot and I watch as Sonic falls down with multiple gun shots in the stomach.

"Help," he blurts with pain, but nobody walks onto stage because he's as good as dead. 

"Ok guys," a peacekeeper comes says, "where's Techy." 

At first, I'm shocked he didn't see me. I'm the only one in my area so it would be very easy to see me. Yet, I still do have to walk onto stage. When I get there, he looks at me, but then turns his attention to the audience. 

"And the other female," he says pointing to a green-haired girl in the 15-year old section. 

The girl slowly walks onto stage. When she does get up here, she doesn't even look at me and still stays 10 feet away from me. 

"The men are Courage Blitz and Michelangelo DeSantillo," he says looking down at two slips, "now you all must fight in an arena under the stage."

The peacekeeper leads us under the stage which has been completely transformed into an arena. In the middle lay a cornucopia with multiple weapons scattered around it. 

"Here," the mean peacekeeper says and hands me a net.

"Really," I say and he responds with chuckles. 

I look at everyone else. The boy my age, Courage, got a crossbow. The other girl has a bow and arrow which I so badly want. Then there's Michelangelo with the same weapon as me. 

The countdown starts, but my eyes never look away from the bow and arrow.

Electra "Ellie" Wires

I look at the other girl, Techy. What a stupid name, but she was a demon and that will never go away. She looks at my bow and arrow. Great! Now she's going to target me, but by the looks at everyone else, they're all targeting her. 



As I suspecting, she runs straight towards me and I run straight towards her. The other two boys are right behind her and Courage aims the crossbow at her. Courage shoots three arrows, but they all go flying in different directions. However, the last one goes straight through her elbow. 

"Ouch!" she screams in agony and stops, turning towards him. 

That was completely his fault though so I quickly run away to hide, but that was my mistake. I should have fought, not ran because right away, I feel an arrow go into my shoulder. I expect it to be Courage, but it's a Gamemaker trap. 

"Help!" I scream and get their attention.

However, it was way to late because when I want to run back towards them, an arrow appears right in front of me. The arrow goes straight into my head and everything gets blurry. 

Michelangelo DeSantillo


Good, only two more left before I can get out of here, but it doesn't seem like it will happen soon. All of us are running around, looking for weapons  frantically. I just need to find a knife before the demon girl does, or else I will be dead. 

"Goodbye," I turn to see Courage say as he drops a whole thing of gasoline all around the cornucopia. 

"What are you doing? Ah ha, I found a knife," the demon girl says and raises the knife, aiming towards me. 

Suddenly, the entire Cornucopia starts on fire and I watch as Courage runs away, unharmed. As for me and the demon girl, we are stopped by the flames. We're dead...unless. I quickly shove the demon girl into the fire and watch as it engulfs her. 


Water squirts out of the ceiling and the flames die down only leaving the demon girl's corpse behind. Courage still stands a little bit away from the cornucopia afraid. I aim my knife towards his head and am about to throw it when peacekeepers enter the room. They take the knife out of my hand and carry me to a train. When the drop me off, I try to escape, but the door closes. 

"We had the chance," Courage says behind me, "we could have stopped these Games, but we didn't."

What is he even talking about? 

District 4 - "I'm going to end up like my brother."

Troy Costas

I look around the girls to see which one I'll date after the reapings. My only requirement: she doesn't remind me of Cerulean Sparkle or else she's dead to me. Found one! Her blond hair in the front and brown in the back is just so adorable. Her makeups done perfectly, not to much, not to little so it reveals a lot. Plus her clothes. 

All of a suddenly people move away from her. She walks away from all the girls, coming towards this way. I push some boys away from me so I can get a better view, but the peacekeepers completely block my view. Luckily, I see her on stage, followed by another girl. I would have fallen in love with her too, but her dress has blood on it and some of her hair's the same color. I need to meet them. 

Some peacekeepers block my view so I simply move them to the side and walk towards the stage, but one peacekeeper grabs my arm. 

"No volunteers yet," he says in his deep voice. 

"No, no," Oci, our female escort, says, "If he wants to volunteer, let him." 

The peacekeeper finds no reason to argue and I walk onto stage. 

"What's your name?" the escort says.

"Troy Costas." 

"Interesting name. So we have Troy, Watt'r and Dariah as our tributes. The last one is..." she reaches her hand into the bowl, "Thomas Quince."

A boy who is supposedly Thomas walks onto stage. 

"Are you by any chance related to the tribute last year?" 


"Ohhh...well maybe you can do better than him and not die in the bloodbath!" she looks away from Thomas whose face is getting really red, "Anyways, now you guys will go under the stage which is a surprise in which only 2 of you will return." 

Thomas Quince

I can't even look at Oci anymore, I wish I could just sit down and die so I don't need to hear all of this annoying stuff she keeps on saying about my brother. It wasn't his fault anyways. How was he supposed to know that the Careers were going to turn on him? 

When we go under the stage, we find it has been completely changed to an arena. 

"I'm going to end up like my brother," I whisper, depressed. 

In the middle lay a cornucopia with multiple weapons surrounding it. My eyes go right on the trident along with everyone elses so I can't go there. What to do, what to do? 

"Here," a peacekeeper says handing me a sickle sword. 

"Thanks," I say excited, but that's when I realize I got the worst one with Dariah and Troy with a katana and Watt'r has a mace. 

Just great!

Dariah Hellen



I take a mad dash for spear and watch as Troy and Thomas both reach for the trident at the same time. Watt'r grabs a whole stack of throwing knives and starts running towards me. Before she attacks, I signal for her to stop. 

"How about we kill the boys?" I say persuasively. 

"Why?" she asks.

"So we don't need to listen to those boys stare at us the entire time." 

"You saw that too! Luckily, they were mostly looking at you."

"What do you mean?" 

"Nothing," she sheepishly says, "anyways, let's just kill them."

She says it like it doesn't matter. That just makes it seem so much better!

Watt'r Resse

The other girl and I walk up to the boys who are fighting for a trident. I have to admit, it's hilarious. Both boys have bad bruises along their faces. Troy's left eye is bleeding and completely shut. Thomas' lip is bleeding and he constantely has to spit out blood. 

"Should we kill them now?" the other girl asks.

"No, let them keep on fighting. Let one of them kill the other one, then we kill him before he can do anything to us."

The fight lasts for about three more minutes. Thomas gave Troy a terrible cut along the entire left side of his face which no longer leaves him pretty. As for Troy, he gave Thomas some really bad damage around his neck area, slicing it open for the death. 


Troy gets up and wipes away the blood on his shoulders, not recognizing us. When he finally looks up, he bends down to grab the trident, but the other girl slices his head clean off with the katana.

"Good job," I say complimenting her, "I love your technique!" 

"How do you know so much about weaponry?" she asks, but then figures out the answer herself, "Ohhh ya....we're from District 4." 

"That's not the only reason, I also love to kill." 

That leaves her quiet and we walk to the train in silence. Once the peacekeepers take us to the train individually, Dariah stops me once I enter. 

"What did you say about how you love to kill?" she asks.

"Do I need to repreat myself, I love to kill. I killed my parents, I killed a lot of people, but in a cool fashion." 

"Will you kill me?" she asks looking at me with her eyes wide.

"Your a year older, what are the odds of me killing you?" I say laughing and we keep on talking about killing. She even revealed her most personal thought: she was forced to train for the Games. That's like saying you hate life if you don't like preparing to win these Games!

District 5 - "Escorts ruin everything."

Maxwell Liang

I stare over to the girl section where Julia's standing. All I feel is pain. Ever since that kiss, ever since we shared that one moment, we never talked again. I've been fishing by myself and want someone else, and not my mom who keeps volunteering to cheer me up. I just want it to be normal again. But that day will never come. That day will never happen. 

"Welcome, Welcome District 5," our upbeat escort, Jewels, screams, "and this year for the reapings, not only will we have two tributes, but four." 

"Escorts ruin everything," I whisper aloud, not even realizing it.

It's always the escort. Always the person that ruins everything. But District 5's escort is worst of them all. I've seen many of the other escorts on TV, but none of them dress as creep as me. As if there was an award to win for the most makeup you can possibly wear. 

"As usual, ladies first," she walks over to the girl's bowl, grabbing two slips. The entire area is quiet with only the sound of Jewels' highheels echoing all over the reaping square. "The females are...Starr Fines and Julia Manganese." 

I'm living a nightmare. First Julia's supposedly dead, now she's alive, then we kiss, she never talks to me, and now she's reaped. On the bright side, I no longer have to see her again because I'm not going into the Games. Shoot, I hope I didn't just jynx that!

"And the males are Drikker Stan and Maxwell Liang," she screams with delight.

I totally just jynxed that. Great, now you need to add to the list: goes into the Games with her where only one will live. Plus, with double the amount of tributes and District 14 added, what are the odds of one of us killing the other 59.

"Tributes, we also like to inform you that there will be a twist. Each of you will go underground and discover an arena where you will all fight, but only 2 will come out alive," she calmly says while peacekeepers surround us. 

Even better, now we're going to fight to the death. But two of us can win...maybe if we both win...

Drikker Stan

Perfect, we all get to go downstairs where I kill two of them. This is going to be great. Everyone already knows that I'm going to win since I'm from District 4. In fact, the only reason why I was reaped is because peacekeepers caught me outside this district. 

"Here you go," one of the peacekeepers say and hands me a dagger.

"Thanks," I reply, but he leaves before I can thank him. 

Wow! Some people don't have mannors. I mean, he could have gave me a much better weapon, like a trident, but no, he gives me a dagger. But why should I complain, the other male has a whip and is struggling to figure out how to use it. Out of the two girls, the red-headed one has a knife and the other has a sickle sword. They totally want the girls to win.


Starr Fines



Straight away, I dash for the other girl. She has a sickle sword and all I need to do is get that out of her possession. Right outside the cornucopia, she bends down to pick up a knife and carefully views it, leaving the sickle sword on the ground. This is my chance. 

I swiftly shove the knife in her lower back and she falls down with a scream. 

"You kill her, I kill you," I hear one of the boys say in a fit of anger. 

Then he starts rushing over and sits down next to her. Does he even realize we're in the Games? I pick up the sword and swing it across their necks, basically beheading them. 


Wow! That was fast, not even a full minute in and two tributes already die. Sweet, if only it were that easy in the Games...

Drikkker Stan

"No, No," I whine, I just missed out on all the blood and gory, "you should have at least left one for me!" 

She turns towards me with a smirk, "I'm sorry, I didn't think we were required to listen to boys."

"Ohhh, that's it," I pull out a trident and prepare to throw it to her chest.

"Drop the weapon," I hear an angry peacekeeper scream, "or each you won't even make it to the Games." 

The Games. The Games that I so badly wanted to be in and now they threaten to take that away! I drop my weapon, though, afraid that they weren't blushing. Well, at least now we know that I started this relationship off terribly.

District 6 - "Thanks for the staff, I needed it to kill you!"

Emma Grace

Finally, the only day of the year I can get away from my adoption parents. They are just so annoying, I wish I could just get reaped for the Games to get away from them. Then, I'd probably purposely die, except maybe I can move to another district with the power of being a victor. Well, that'd be a dream...


I can't believe it, our weird mentor, Isia, just called my name along with some other girl named Clarissa. Now, all I have to do is outlive 59 other people. Kill the 12 Careers, plus any additional ones that they decide to accept. Maybe I should think about reality. 

Lutado and Brann, who were just reaped, are both older than me and so is Clarissa. They all hate me, they would probably target them first because I scared them as well when I was a ghost. Ahhh, back when I was a ghost. It was so much easier to freak others out, that'd be a nice talent to have right now. Turn into a ghost with my body hidden somewhere and float around, possessing and killing different people, but I don't have that anymore. I wish I could just be a ghost again!

Lutado Crater

I look at the other District 6 tributes. As usual, they're going to die right away, well except for one, me. I might be cold, I might be evil, but that's what you have to be in these Games. In fact, just so I don't flinch when trying to kill them, I decided not to notice anyone. Well, that is, except for the ghost girl. who scared my japanese mentor when she poped through the wall. But I got her away, shot her through the head with an arrow and, despite the fact it didn't hurt her, it scared her away. Ever since, I've been with the FKC. Not the KFC, but the FKC meaning Future Killing Companies. 

"Tributes, now I will lead you downstairs for you to fight against each other!" Isia says in an upbeat voice. I can't help but notice her tone. It sounds like she's depressed, or is that happiness. Maybe I should learn more about other people, I need to be more social. 

The peacekeepers drag us, mainly Brann and the ghost girl, downstairs. They line us up on a plate and go down the line, handing us a weapon. I get a sword, because they just want me to win. Brann got a trident, the ghost girl has a crossbow, and the other girl has a hatchet. 


Why can't the gong just sound now?

Brann Clatch

Great! I have a weird type of trident that fells unusual in my hands. Suddenly it dawns on me, this is meant to throw! No wonder why it feels so light where it should be heavier, or is it the other way around. I've never felt a trident before, but I have seen one. 

By the looks of it, the other boy, whose name is Lutard or Lutando or something like that, stares at the ghost girl. Good, that's one threat out of the way, but there's still the other girl. She doesn't even move. She stays there, in a karate position as if we were going to go towards her. Perfect, I have a chance. 


The gong sounds and I sprint straight into the cornucopia, grabbing a long stick. When I turn, I notice Lutard running towards me! I bend down, looking for something sharp, something that will be easy to kill someone with, but I can't find it. I'm dead! I duck down, put my hands over my head and prepare for my acceptance to death. 

"Help!" I hear someone scream and hear the sounds of someone stabbing someone else. Slowly, I raise my head to see Lutard stabbing the ghost girl in the head, but she's not giving up without a fight. She successfully got the first arrow in the crossbow through his leg, but other than that, she keeps on missing. Perfect, one of them, most likely ghost girl, will die which leaves me killing the other girl. Ohh, this'll be good!

Clarissa "Clary" Lightwood

Lutado keeps stabbing Emma and blood just keeps flying everywhere. Emma's entire stomach is heavily bleeding and Lutado's leg looks completely dead. Both lay on the floor, rolling over each other, trying to kill the other one, but the only thing I see is two stooges trying there best to kill the other one. Lutando totally has the upper hand, he looks like he's been trained for years, while Emma is just used to her ghost form. It's going to take her a long time to adjust with the human form. 

"Hello Clarissa," I hear Brann say evily. There's something wrong with him, he just seemed so depressed a while ago, but now he wants to kill me. 

"Ohh, call me Clary, or your killer!" I say with a smirk and swing my ax but he easily dodges it. 

"Hold on, let me get used to this stick," he says. Wow! What an idiot, that's a staff, not a stick. He starts swinging it and then aims right towards my head, but I grab it. 

"Thanks for the staff, I needed it to kill you," I say with a smirk and yank the staff out of his hand. He whines and tries to grab it back, which I do, but don't hand it to him, shove it in his stomach. 


I hear signaling his death, but no, he still moves. That's when I realize it was Emma who just died. She had no chance anyway, all of us wanted to kill her, but once we noticed Lutado target her, we didn't want to go down with her. 

I pull the staff out of his stomach and look down at the huge gap I made. The staff just barely missed his heart and I caused that! I was the reason why he must die! But what kind of person would I be if I just let him suffer? I feel a little tear fall out of my eye and roll down my cheek. How can I help it, I was taught self-defence, not how to kill. 

"I'm sorry," I say looking down at him while some tear drops go into his wounds. I close my eyes and shove the staff right through his head.


My first kill, I've just become a part of these Games. Unlike Lutado though, I'm not proud of it.

District 7 - "I hate you!"

Autumn Sequoia Timber

I'm the youngest one. I have a huge disadvantage. I'm probably going to die, but I'm still going to be fighting. The other girl, Willow, seems too serious. Honestly, at first I thought she'd be an easy kill. She's a pretty girl, no joke, but she just doesn't seem like she'd want to kill anyone. 

Then, there's the boys, Thor and Furry. I remember Furry's sister in the previous Games, he was interviewed along with his family for the final eight, which just turned out to be a joke because halfway through the interview, she died and the interview stopped. Now, that boy that I saw before has changed. He became much stronger and more serious. Yet, he suddenly became so attached to his family that he even volunteered for his brother. 

Thor, though, is a completely different story. His eyes are bloodred, as if he's looking through your body and all he sees is blood. The scratches on his cheeks just make it worse, almost making it seem like someone was trying to get away from him in self-defense. But I'm jumping into things too fast. I don't even know the guy yet, he might be a good guy, but he wears red contacts. Maybe he got scratches while he was in the woods cutting down trees with the axes. One way or the other, he seems to be the biggest threat out of all of us. 

Suddenly, I'm forced downstairs, under the stage, and find a Cornucopia. Great! Just what I needed. On the bright side, they gave me a bow and arrow, which I don't even know how to use. The other girl has a net and the two boys have powerful weapons, Thor with a mace and Furry with a throwing trident. Perfect, I don't think they're favoring the boys at all.

Thor Pheadra

Perfect, just what I needed a mace! I'm not the perfectly trained, but I can quickly grab the machete in from of me just in case. Maybe a knife in case I run out of options. Ya, get machete, then knife, then attack tribute. But who should I attack? There's Willow, the little cutie. She looks weak, an easy target which means, I can get a lot of pain out of her. Plus, she has the stupidest weapon, a NET! I mean, what is she going to do, trap me? Ha!

Willow Firethorn

Just what I needed, Thor to be targeting me. How do I know this? He's staring at me. Obviously, he's targeting me, but how I get away? Suddenly, the idea pops in my head right as the gong sounds. 


I dash off my plate, slanting towards the other male, Furry, but he turns around once he realizes Thor is getting close to him. To his relieve, he's targetting me. 

"Ouch!" screams a high-pitched voice which makes me turn. 

"Ally?" I quickly blurt out, looking down at the other girl. Luckily, she's about four inches smaller than me so she doesn't realize Thor coming closer. 

"Sure," she says, "take this." Autumn hands me one of her two axes. 

I turn around to see Thor just a yard away. I want to leave, but then I wouldn't be able to use my ally to protect me. Thor is just in reach to hit me and he pulls back his mace. Then, he swings it right towards my legs. I quickly jump up, successfully dodging the attack, but my landing isn't as perfect. My ankle's twisted, but I get away in time for Thor to change his attention to Autumn. 

"I hate you!" she screams, followed by a large amount of screaming.

About ten minutes later, the screaming stops and I suspect to hear a cannon, but I don't. I peek over Thor's shoulder and see a pile of skin next to a skeleton, which I suspect to be Autumn. The entire skin on her face is completely taken off by a knife and one of her arms are amputated. Yet she's still alive, but not for long. She'll die from blood lose right!


What did I say? Wait, if she's dead, then...who's he going after next? Oh no! 

I turn around to find the other male suddenly behind me. My instincts bring the axe up and I quickly bring it down. The axe enters his brain and is so evenly divided down the nose, it's like a line of symmetry! 


His cannon goes off and I can't believe it. I just killed someone...and it just reminds me of Rosanne.

District 8 - "Well, that was stupid!"

Logan Heremiah

Every year we watch the Games and see the victor win, but it's never been from District 8. We were lucky five years ago, but that was truly luck. Luck in which only a few have. Each year though, we also see deaths, deaths which only remind me of my secret. The secret I've been holding back for what seems to be a century, but has really been just a few years ago. It wasn't my fault, though. Hunger was overpowering me and forced me to do that-

"Hello District 8," our fat escort screams into the earphone. At least I can get my minds off of something dark and just start to think of this lunatic of a person we call Sammy, the Terrible Escort. 

"This year, as you've all heard, we are reaping two men and female to be in our Games," she says and walks to the reaping bowl. Instead of starting off with the girls, though, she heads straight for the boys. But it takes her too long because she's so fat and this year, she has to put her hand in much work for her.

"And the...male tributes...are," she says sweating heavily with big breathes in between, "Logan Heremi...Heremiah...and Dome...Citadel." What? Did she really just call my name? No, she's kidding, maybe I misunderstood her with all the sweat poring down her face. But no, she really did call my name. 

Reluctantly, I walk onto stage and Dome, whose in a section in front of me for the 16 year old section, follows me. When we get onto stage, Sammy studies us and then comments about how we might have a victor this year. I take this as a compliment, but she always says this. I bet that we're going to die now. 

"And the two females are..." she says and notices the distance away from the bowl, " about I just chose two people." She looks out into the audience and points at a girl trying to hide her face, "You there and the pretty girl in the 18 year old section." 

Normally, when you say pretty girl, many girls would take it as themselves, but only one in the 18 year old section actually thought she was talking to her. Both girls walk up, the little 13 year old first followed by the 18 year old. 

"What's your names?" Sammy says with an elephant smile on her face.

"Cheyenne Camomille," the shy one says. 

"Flora Caspurne," the prettier one says in a tone that seemed like How do you not know? Well, she just did a perfect job on making me hate her.

Dome Citadel

The escort, along with some peacekeepers, walk us down under the stage which has been turned into an arena...well, sort of. There just a white room which seems to stretch forever with a cornucopia in the middle. Well, I don't really need to care, I have luck on my side. 

A peacekeeper hands me a hatchet, now there just basically asking me to win. The other boy, Logan, and Cheyenne both do have maces though, but by the looks of it, the girl doesn't know how to use it. Cheyenne can't even hold it up and suddenly, it drops. 

A huge explosion occurs and all of Cheyenne's boy parts are flung around. Obviously, she's dead, but the explosion blocks out the sound. The other two tributes are struggling to maintain there balance, which is really weird because I was the closest to her. What did I say? L-u-c-k, luck is on my side. 

Twenty seconds are still left on the clock when Logan regains his balance, but Flora is still struggling. It's about ten seconds later when she officially loses her balance and falls straight down. This explosion is a little smaller, but still blows her body parts every other direction. 

"Well, that was stupid!" I blurt out, but what was I supposed to say "that was so awesome that I didn't need to do anything." Well, I still claim it was luck.

District 9 - "He can't die like this."

Themis Asterious

"Hello, District...what is this? District 11?" our drunk escort, Harmonic, says. She never comes here without being drunk just because she also won a Hunger Games in the earlier years, where her fiance died in front of her eyes. 

"As usual, babies first," she says like always, she went into the Game pregnant, yet the Capital didn't let two get out so they killed the baby. It's been haunting her ever since.

"The babies are...Max Evans and Carter Evans. Aww, are you two siblings?" she says depressed. The two siblings  look very similar - same height, light blond hair, blue eyes, even the same color (black) shirt! No, they can't be regular siblings, they're twins.

"We're twins," the girl, Carter, says confirming my suspicions. 

"Ohhh wait, there's more," Harmonic says as if we were in a TV commercial, "if you order now...ok, let's get to the point - two more tributes will go in the Games." Wow! She actually said tributes. "And they are...Kevin Quince and Themis Asterious." 

"You've gotta be kidding," I whisper dumbfounded. I was reaped when I was 12, but I had a volunteer, I thought from here on I'd be safe. But nobody's safe in the Hunger Games.

Slowly, I walk onto stage, being the last one up there. Kevin even got up their faster, with his long, black hair that's even longer than mine. It's weird though, I haven't seen him before and I know the entire district because of my uncle, who is the mayor. How could I not notice him?

"And babies, now we're going downstairs to watch you fight, but for you guys you at least get TWO of you out," her voice somewhat changed to anger. What did we do?

Carter Evans


Surely, Max and I get the best of the weapons just because we are siblings. Max has the blowgun, I have bombs, while the other two have nets. How can you even kill someone with that? But I know, they will because Max always does the stupid ideas. Apparently, he finds it to be amuzing, never realizing how lifethreatening it really is.


And the cannon goes off, I dash towards Max, but he's already in the Cornucopia with Kevin. 

"Max," I scream as he pushes Kevin over right into a pile of tridents. Oh no...unlike everyone else, I know that Kevin came from District 4, where they constantly use TRIDENTS! No!

Kevin stands up with a bloody lip, his hand's gripping a trident. Max looks at him, aiming the blowgun towards his face, but Max doesn't know how to use it. My twin blows the dart out of the blowgun, but Kevin uses the trident to deflect it. Then, he throws it straight at my sibling and it hits him perfectly in the chest. Max is still alive, but he is having major problems moving and breathing. I run straight towards him, ignoring Kevin.

"Great, a pair of twins to start off these Games," he says in a cruel tone. I duck my head, preparing for the worst, but all that comes is Kevin's head.


I look up, watching as the lifeless Kevin's body falls down. His neck is extremely bloody, with his lungs and tonsils falling out. Gross!

"He's not going to last that much longer," Themis says, revealing the axe that she used to behead Kevin. 

"But I have to wait, two can get out, so I must kill you," I desperitally say, "He can't die like this." 

Themis goes down on her knees and looks straight into her eyes, "He will eventually, why not end his suffering now?" She hands me a knife and I look at my bloody brother.

I put the knife right over his heart and look at him, his eyes look at me like he's trying to saying do it. Right before he dies, he raises his hand and quietly says, "I love you." I close my eyes as tears trickle down to my cheek. Then, I dig the knife deep into his heart.


I close my brother's two eyelids and cry all the way to the train.

District 10 - "This just isn't going my way."

Zalcharius "Gambler" Richardson

My favorite time of the year...not really. Every year the escort always reminds me of my dad. The escort was an old friend with my dad - they'd always gamble together. Yet, my dad was the best. He wouldn't lose so our family had all the money from that. However, there was that one night, the one night where I ruined everything up. 

My dad decided that, when I was 13, I should visit a casino and become a great gambler. Now, that never quite happened...well, not the second part. I chose to jump right in and go against some guy nicknamed The Fox. The Fox was very sneaky and I would never win against him. I looked towards my dad who seemed bored, but now, looking back on it years later, think that he wasn't that surprised I was losing. Surely, he could have been upbeat and reassuring, but I truly believe he wanted me to realize it myself, that I shouldn't be wasting my money on something I'm not good at. But I still kept on playing. 

I lost many other games before I was extremely upset. I got up, flipped the table over and can't remember anything after that. That is, until I was running back home where The Fox encountered me again. He lead me right down to my father's death when I decided to throw a large rock towards his forehead. Then, I finally realized how crazy I was being, like a little child who didn't get what he wanted. I basically killed my father, but he was controlling that factor. He chose he'd rather be dead than be alive. He had a  little chance of still being alive today, but he didn't take it. I remember how it was like slow motion when my dad rolled down the hill to his death, but I couldn't do anything about...or could I.

After that, I was freaking out. Seriously, who wouldn't when their dad just rolled down a hill to his death. I ran home, not stopping until the comfort of my home was surrounding me. Then, to make things worse, I lied to my mom. I told her that it was The Fox that killed dad, but it wasn't me.

"Zalcharius Richardson," my dad says in an unhappy tone.

"Zalcharius Richardson?" he repeats, but no...that's not my dad's tone, but it does sound like someone I should know.

"Zalcharius Richardson are you here?" that's right! It's the escorts voice...

"This just isn't going my way," I blurt out and walk onto stage next to another boy and two girls. 

"Now tributes," our escort says and suddenly stops while our eyes meet. For a few seconds, everythings quiet before he continues, "this year we have made underneath the stage an arena for you guys to fight."

Just great. Exactly what I needed: to be put to my death early.

Alexandra Cassava

I walk downstairs and am handed a throwing trident. How do I know this? I have absolutely no idea. I've never watching someone in the Games use it before and I've never seem it until now. 

"Weird huh?" the other female, Chloe, says with a bow and arrow in hand, "I couldn't have guessed that either."

Well, that was weird.

"No it wasn't," Chloe says, "in fact it's normal for someone like me to realize that in someone like you."

What does that even mean? Anyways, Alexandra, focus your attention back to Cornucopia. There's only ten seconds left on the countdown.

"You're right, we probably should start paying attention," Chloe blurts out and I completely lose my focus.


I hear it, but I trip right off of my plate. Just great, I'm going to get killed. I look up, but instead of seeing a weapon put right in front of my face, I see a hand. 

"Do you need any help, because trust me, I won't kill you," Chloe says nicely, "Anyways, let's start to do something before..."

She stops mid sentence and slowly starts tipping over. When she completely falls, the spear in her back shows the cause of death and so does the killer: Zalcharius. No offense, but that's the worst name ever. I could have named my son Unicorn and it still wouldn't have been as weird as Zalcharius. 


I hear two cannons. So wait, how did Zalcharius kill that other person so fast? It's only been ten seconds, maybe a little more, and someone has killed not one, but two tributes. Something suspicious is going on here, but my answers are shown once Zalcharius moves to help me up, revealing twenty bats slowly tearing away flesh off of Hunther. 

"Thanks Zalcharius," I say once I stand up.

"No probablem, but just call me Gambler," he says and his voice cracks. I notice a tear rolling down his left check and notice his eyes turning red. Maybe I'll just call him Zalcharius.

District 11 - "Wait, the boys are dead?"

Violet Twinkle

My back is aching. My head is shaking, Just like it always is after a whipping. Don't get me wrong though. I'm not the one that's supposed to be whipped, it's my father. But family is family, that's all you need to say to describe everything. I wasn't the one that said that my dad was going to become a serial killer. It's just that...he did. And now, the Capital just wants to punish me to not listening to them. Otherwise, why would they somehow reap me and when a girl volunteered for me, they just said she could be the other girl tribute. It's just not fair.

Damian Weatherby

I'm going to kill Tempesto. How could he even keep smiling since he walked onto stage and even the 23 seconds we've been standing here. And now, I'm going to shove this axe into his head. What's he going to do? Use his knives to block it?


Perfect, my chance is finally here. I glance over at the girls who run over into the Cornucopia, grabbing swords while Tempesto stares at them while he plucks down to grab some weapons. This is my chance. I tiptoe behind him, raise my axe high, and dig it deep into his back. I barely miss the spine, but I still made him fall with no more energy. Now for the girls.

The two girls are in a huge melee fight. Violet has a sword while Griffin holds a spear. Both have cuts along their arms and stabs in the stomach. Griffin looks more hurt than Violet though despite the fact Violet has more blood dripping out of her body. This looks interesting. 

I sit down right next to Tempesto's body which lay still. His stomach lay on the ground with his back sticking up, revealing the axe in her back. Man, he's long dead. If I didn't kill him from the hit, then he would have died from the loss of blood. But I heard his cannon. My eyes drift of towards the girls. Now I just have to wait for one more. Wait a second, I didn't hear a cannon. But my suspicions are found once I feel a knife go into my forehead.

Griffin Soar


Good, one dead. Just need to kill Violet and everything will be fine. The boys...are dead? I could have sworn I saw Damian watching us, but now he's laying down dead. Before I know it, my own weapon drops and I feels a sword cut dead into my theigh.

"Ouch!" I scream from the pain and raise my hands to block the next blow, "Wait, the boys are dead?" 

"What?" Violet says and looks towards the boys.

"Ya, so either one of them aren't dead or the cannon didn't go off," I tell her while clutching my theigh, trying to stop the blood flow, "you figure out which one, I'm getting really dizzy from the loss of blood." 

I feel myself fall towards and look towards Violet. She looks down on my and I point my woobly hand towards the boys. I mouth for her to kill the boys and close my eyes. Hopefully she will kill the boys before it's too late.

My fingers are going numb and it keeps growing up until my arm. Eventually, it will reach my head and I won't feel anything. 


Was that mine! No, I'm still alive and being carried to the train. Please heal me before it starts though.

District 12 - "Aren't I dead?"

Spark Pyrrus

Peace and quiet. Darkness everywhere and anywhere you turn. I can't even remember how I died. Oh wait, I remember: it was because of the Vixen girl. I could have made it pass that round, just to give my sister the slimest of hopes that I'd come back alive, but she had to stab me right away. One way or the other, though, I would have died. Vixen and Kohl have something special going on...

My eyes suddenly flicker open. What? I'm dead. There's absolutely no way I can be alive. Maybe I'm just dreaming. Maybe the peacekeepers who are approaching me are just an illusion. And this seems like I should know it for some queer reason. Well, there's certainly a bunch of weapons around this place. And a knife laying right next to me. Obviously it's underneath the stage where we had to fight. I stand up on my feet, but fall right back down.

"Aren't I dead?" I scream to the Peacekeepers who are just a few feet away from me.

Nobody answers and they stop, standing there, staring at me...I think? I can't really tell because of their masks. Then, they pull out their guns. Immediately, I put my hands up, but their guns stay up. Behind me, I hear a loud clashing noise and turn my head as a reflex.

"Vicky?" I scream as a shadowy figure approaches me.

"Hi Spark," she responds and hands me a knife, "use this."

I'm about to ask her what it's for when Peacekeepers start shooting bullets at us. Vicky grabs me by the hand and half drags, half carries me with her. We duck behind a crate filled with weapon to block the bullets. Occasionally, Vicky will quickly pop up to throw a knife when there's a little gap without gunfire.

"Throw yours," Vicky nudges me, "I only have three left and there's at least ten left."

"Ten left?" I ask confused, "How many were there in the beginning, I only saw five when we started."

"Then more came," Vicky says as if I'm stupid.

"Why?" I say with thoughts roaming around my head. "Why do you even care? We're dead and somehow came to life, they're going to kill us before we can run away."

"We were dead," Vicky says before throwing her last knife. "Now we're alive. You didn't really believe the president was going to let us get out of the Games so easily did you? He still wants these to be a pretty big games, especially since he would have lost half from the reapings. No Capital person would want that, nobody at all. They like to watch us feel the pain, have us suffer and...look out."

All of a sudden three Peacekeepers come behind us with their guns raised right for our foreheads.

"You're coming with us," the tall one in the middle says and grabs Vicky.

"You two," the one to the right says and grabs my wrist.

As a reflex, I send a knife right into his heart. It's not my fault, though, I just they were abusing us...well, abusing us more than bringing me into the Games.

Vicky Tambolini

I can't believe it! Spark killed a Peacekeeper, giving me the perfect chance to get this guy off of me... I kick the guy right in the gut and speed into the Cornucopia, in desperate search for a sword. When I finally grab one, I turn to see Spark being tazed and brought to the train.

"Spark," I scream hopelessly, even though I know he's long gone.

Suddenly, I feel a sharp electrical shock in my back and my eyes become dark. My body goes limp and I'm sure that I'm dead, well, until I woke up...

District 13 - "Ahh"

Shadow Titan

Nothing ever good happens in life. Basically, you eat, sleep and die. If you're lucky, you become famous, like a mentor, or become disgraced, like the dead tributes. You only get one chance too, the Capital never gets you another chance once your in the Games. Once your in, you either die with 29 other people, or you're the last one standing.

I honestly wish my siblings could have gone into the Games. All of us were soldiers for District 13 - where if you aren't careful, you'll blow up the district. I'm serious. Luckily, though, we know how to avoid being hit by it: go underground...but if it's a bomb....

Tears start forming in my eyes so I constantly keep blinking before they start to roll down my face. The memory of my two siblings being killed just brings up memories...bad memories, the only ones it seems I have. Not the ones when you were having a fun time in the rain or playing tag with your brother; the ones where you wish you could forget them, but you can't.

I was a soldier from District 13...until now, when I was reaped. My siblings were both soldiers too, in fact, my sister might have been the only girl in our squad. Man, it was fun to be in the same army with my older sibling so I had someone to look up too and a younger brother who was looking up to be. Then, came the bombs. All of us ran for our lives and I was one of the lucky ones to keep mine. However, both my siblings lost theirs...if only I brought them with me...then they could have survived, or we would all be dead. What harms me the most, though, was the sounds of the explosion. It sounded like...


"Ahh," I yelp as I fall off of my plate.

At first, I don't realize what's happening...until I see the Drake guy beheading Vivian with a sword. Well, that's not a good way to get allies with people from the same district. Then, he gets down on his knees. At first, I think that he's crying, revealing he does have a soul, but then I realize that he's just repeatedly stabbing him.

On the other side of the Cornucopia, Pinea is hiding behind some crates. She hugs a machete with such a force, it seems like it could break. She looks up and our eyes meet, but it is shortly broken up when Drake decides to get involved. He pushes the creates to the side and Pinea drops to her feet. Everything's going fast and I can't believe my next move.

The axe is stuck right in his forehead, but it's not far enough. He turns to me with his face almost completely covered with blood. In a few minutes, whether I do anything or not, he'll end up bleeding out. Drake raises his sword and throws it towards me, but he can only see out of one eye so he has terrible accuracy. In fact, the sword was closer to Vivian's dead body...and that's about a 90 degree angle. It's like he was throwing it sideways.

All of a sudden, Drake grows a metal, pointy horn! I can't even believe that Pinea could stick the sword so...what's a good word...maybe, viciously? No, that sounds to mean, she did it in a much nicer fashion. There's absolutely no way on earth that I could guess that she would be able to kill someone.


Well, that seemed to be delayed. Before I know it, Pinea and I are being escorted by Peacekeepers to a train.

District 14 - "Because only one person can win..."

Bleu Starship

Life never fair. I learned that the hard way. Surely, I may be a smart and cute, but it wasn't always like that...

A while ago, my mother left my father and I. Everything seemed to be fine between us, but then I realized why she left: my father started abusing me! I could have never suspected him doing something that...immature. Right after his abuse, I somehow managed to advance to become this beautiful girl. My dad, though, never got out of his angry shell. Then the reapings came...

The day right before this years reaping, I was joined at the lunch table at school. I was excited, hoping for the chance to make a friend, but all he said, and I quote, "Good luck for tomorrow. But I wouldn't count of your behalf." And he was smart...seriously, who else would say that. Usually the boys would say, "Good luck tomorrow, but I doubt you'll be reaped." Seriously, there's a huge difference. I even told my dad about him, explaining every detail about him. The next day,, I was reaped. Right when I walked onto stage, I looked out to see the boy half-dead next to my dad. My head started heating up...and then, I passed out.

Flick Rivers

Today was probably the scariest day of my life. I was reaped! I acted all fine, but I couldn't help it. It's the first year so my mentor is either from District 11 or District 2, but I'm really desperate for the District 2 female mentor. No joke, the District 11 male mentor was probably lucky. That's the thing about District 14: it's our first year in the Games, we've never trained, and most of us have never seen the Games and those who did were adults. Well, there have been a few exceptions with children, like maybe Bleu since she was a runaway.


"Waaa," I yelp as the train door closes right behind me.

"Calm down," Derek says, "let's hope the cameras didn't get that..."

"Well, if they did I'd say you did it," I joke, "plus if the door was closed, they weren't that close to hear everything."

"What happens if they're right outside the window," Derek says pointing, "I bet my ancestor would have liked that."

That's right...he's related to Finnick. I'd say he's lucky, but most people from District 14 are related to a victor, except for a few runaways. For example, I'm related to Aquira from District 4. She won a little bit more recently, but ended up turning crazy after watching her brother die. Funny thing, they had the same name as me! Then again, I would assume that's why Grandma wanted my mom to name me Flick, after her dead brother. If only I could still go to her house to get some District 4 cookies, I would be delighted.

"Flick?" Derek says, regaining my attention.

"Sorry, I was just thinking." I say, shaking my head.

"About the Games?" Derek asks, "Because I wouldn't blame you. I've never seen one before so I'm terrified."

"I hear they are terrifying," I confirm, "I remember Grandma telling me about her Games."

"What happened?" Derek asks intently, probably just to have a little more of an advantage.

"I don't know..." I look towards the ground. "Because only one person can win..."

Capitol - "And that concludes the Reapings."

Tiger Wolfe

I don't see why the President decided to involve the Capitol in the Games? Surely, the rule changed about 100 years ago, but seriously, who's going to have joy now? Is he trying to make a point? Will he destory the entire nation? All these questions to be asked, but no time. No time at all because I'm being sent to my doom, underneath the stage...

Shimmer Flickerman

No difference between me and everyone else. I thought for sure they wouldn't have me being in the Games because my dad, whos dad was Caesar Flickerman, was the new interviewer. But surely enough, the President just wants to ruin everything for my family. First, my dad's brother went into the Games, placing second which devastated my Grandpa. He literally died from depression, and now, my dad will too.

Hollow Fairbreath

I was looking so forward to these Games! One thing that I couldn't wait for is being a stylist, but now the President took that away from me. You'd hear that years ago, the Capitol wouldn't need to go into the Games, but that just seems like a folk tale. There's no way the President is on anyone's side, otherwise we might as well not even have the Hunger Games in the first place. If only I had the chance to show that I'm a good stylist...

Xenon Osmond

The President sucks! Everyone thinks he favors the Capitol, but he really doesn't. All of us with so much make-up it's like we're disguised!


What? I look around and everyone else seems clueless. Straight ahead is a Cornucopia, but I don't know if I should go there because Shimmer has gotten to his senses and is running straight into the mouth of it. Hollow stays there, knife in hand, almost as still as a statue it's scary. Then there's Tiger who starts running towards the Cornucopia.

I finally start running, slowly creeping up on Tiger. Around my feet lay weapons - spears and tridents and maces - but none appeal to me. Finally, I find a beautifully carved knife that curves. It's like a miniature's soo cute! I can't resist to stop and pick it up, then suddenly...


My head pops up and I straighten my back with the curved knife in my hand. All I can see is Hollow standing still with the knife in her hand and in the Cornucopia...a shadowy figure. The light is too dim to figure out who, but whoever it is they killed the other one. The shadowy figure reveals his blue hair when he steps into the light seeming through the wooden boards of the stage.

Glimmer holds a spear and his eyes seem to have changed colors to a dark, blood red color. It's really frightening! The spear too has blood covering the spearhead and has a little drops along Shimmer's pants. His face seems to look like a mad man's and his make-up seems to be wearing down. He gives me a wicked smile, then launches a spear right in my direction. I'm too terrified to move, so once I feel the spear enter my body, there's no way to avoid death.

But then there seemed to be a way the Capitol did because before I know it, I'm waken up and brought into a train with Tiger. The Peacekeepers drag us into a separate cart labelled 'Capitol.'

"And that concludes the Reapings," the speaker announces. "We are ready to bring the tributes to their stylist."

Ughh! More! I don't even care. And before I know it, I fall asleep.

Reaping Results

Living Tributes

District Tribute 1 Gender Tribute 2 Gender
1 Canopy Starsos Male Chandelier Fronum Female
2 Murr "Blood" Stregther Male Onyx "Nyx" Ebony Female
3 Courage Blitz Male Michaelangelo DeSantillo Male
4 Watt'r Resse Female Dariah Hellen Female
5 Drikker Stan Male Starr Fines Female
6 Lutado Crater Male Clarissa "Clary" Lightwood


7 Thor Pheadra Male Willow Firethron Female
8 Logan Heremiah Male Dome Citadel Male
9 Carter Evans Female Themis Asteriuos Female
10 Zalcharius "Gambler" Richardson Male Alexandra Cassava Female
11 Griffin Soar Female Violet Twinkle Female
12 Kohl Cyphers Male Vixen Ice Female
13 Shadow Titan Male Pinae Nummit Female
14 Flick Rivers Male Derek Odair Male
Capitol Shimmer Flickerman Male Hollow Fairbreath Female

Decesased Tributes

Please keep in mind that all the deceased tributes were brought back to life.

District Tribute 1 Gender Tribute 2 Gender
1 Topaz Grace Male Emma Fross Female
2 Zephyr Brawn Male Prism Winters Female
3 Techy "Tech" Harmonic Female Electra "Ellie" Wires Female
4 Troy Costas Male Thomas Quince Male
5 Maxwell Liang Male Julia Manganese Female
6 Brann Clatch Male Emma Grace Female
7 Furry Anderson Male Autumn Sequoia Timber Female
8 Flora Caspurne Female Cheyenne Camomille Female
9 Max Evans Male Kevin Quince Male
10 Hunther Hayes Male Chloe Leventis Female
11 Damian Weatherby Male Tempesto Callops Male
12 Spark Pyrrus Male Vicky Tambolini Female
13 Drake Lorter Male Vivian Lockheart Female
14 Joanna Mason Female Bleu Starships Female
Capitol Tiger Wolfe Male Xenon Osmond Female

Train Ride

Canopy Starsos - District 1

I lay down on my bed in my room they gave me. What should I do? Should I tell Chandelier that I love her? Would that sound way too forward and scare her away? She did just save my life. Maybe she has feelings for me. No, she's rich while my family has two deaf children and parents who do volunteer work. That's right, they don't get money from that so how do I approach her? 

Maybe if I win these Games, I'll be able to ask her. Wait, then she'd be dead. Well, if I tell her right now, then I'd know that one or both of us will be dead in less than a week. Before we could even go on a date. I'm at a...crossroad. First of all, if I tell her right now, then we'd never have time to actually date or have fun with each other. But if I don't tell her, then my feelings for her will be lost forever. 

Someone knocks on my door and I become a little suspicious about who knocked on my door. Maybe it's Chandelier. Should I change into something nicer? Right now, my shirt has a little bit of blood on it. I need to change. I quickly put on a t-shirt and jeans that an avox left for me. There's some cologne on a dresser and I deside to squirt some on. It smells awesome and I can't help but put on so much, that it blocks out the smell of blood. But when I open the door, nobody's there. 

"Hello?" I scream down the hall. Did I really take that long? A smell pleases my nose and I start following it. I walk pass the train part full of avoxes, the wine cart, even the kitchen until I finally meet the smell.

"You've finally made it!" Gala says, getting up from her chair to guide me to one. 

A bunch of avoxes surround our long table, dropping off different places of food. Some even put a bid around my neck, but I just swat it off. I'm not a baby! Still, they treat me like one by picking out what food I should eat. 

"Give him some mashed potatoes, these avoxes make them the best!" Gala screams and a herd of avoxes with mashed potatoes fill up my plate with it. 

"Suddenly, I'm not that hungry." I say and push my plate away. 

"You have to eat!" Chandelier giggles. "In the arena, you never know what food there will be." 

"I guess..." I trail off and start eating the mashed potatoes. Am I eating politely? Chandelier's still laughing, maybe I'm not eating that well. I might be sloppy. My eyes quickly glance at Gala and I start to copy what she's doing. 

"What are you doing?" Chandelier asks. 

"Eating." I say quickly, terrified about what she might be thinking. 

"Like Gala?" 

"Yes." I admit. "I just want to see how she's able to eat like that."

"Like what?" Gala says, placing her tea down. "I'm eating politely."

"I didn't want to embaress myself."

"You wouldn't embaress yourself." Chandelier bluffs. 

"Oh La La." Gala says which just ends the conversation. Chandelier and I just start glancing at each other constantely. I've ended my suspicions: she has to like me!

Murr "Blood" Strengther - District 2

I quickly grab a plate of chicken wings before walking back to my room. I don't feel like talking to Genny or Nyx because we all know they don't get me. Genny is a victor who did get a lot of kills, but she can't be a tribute anymore. And Nyx, she's basically being lead into a death trap. There's only one 12 year old who has recently won, and we all know that was by luck. 

"Murr, don't you want to eat with the rest of us?" Genny screams from behind the door. 

"My name's Blood and no." I scream and throw a bone at the door, hoping to scare her away.

"But -"

"I said NO, now leave me alone." I scream and accidentally knock over my wings. They all splatter around the floor and I call for an avox to clean it up. "I guess I will be joining dinner."

When I get to the dinner table, I notice Nyx has changed to a beautiful, purple dress with black polka dots. It's sleeveless and the skirt only goes down to her knee. This isn't the Nyx I remembered a few hours ago. She's completely grown up. 

"So you did join us!" Nyx smiles. She seems so nice. It's so hard to actually know what's going on in that little girl's head. Just be smart, Blood, don't fall into her trap.

"Ya, I accidentally knocked the chicken wings off my bed..." I trail off. There's no more to know. I still have a bloody and messy shirt on and it's just hitting me that everyone else is dressed nicely. 

"Well, at least now I can mentor you guys without having to repeat myself." Genny states.

"What'd you say?" I joke around. "Anyways, I already know what I'm doing. Go to the bloodbath, grab some weapons, maybe kill a few tributes. After that, I'll just hang out with the Careers." 

"But how do you know you'll last that long?" 

"I already know how to kill, I've done it a lot. Wait, I think I remember seeing you at one of my performances."

"What performances?" Nyx asks, obviously unaware about how District 2 lost so much population.

"Everyone day I would find a weakling which I would kill at night in front of an audience." I reply.

"My family's full of weaklings..." Nyx mumbles.

"Isn't your dad a victor?" Genny asks. "He was my mentor when I went into the Games."

"With the exception of him." Nyx replies. "My older siblings and my mom are weaklings. Even when my mom died she was weak."

"Ok, that's enough about learning about each other." I say, grabbing a whole stack of ribs. "I'm going back to my room to eat these and then sleep."

Dariah Hellen - District 4

My mind keeps flickering back and forth from my current thoughts to killing the boy. At first, it didn't even seem that scary, but then I started experiencing nightmares. Right after we went on the train, I had a conversation with Watt'r and then I went to bed. There wasn't much to do, I did have to completely ruin my dress...wait, that sounds selfish, but I did. Now, it has a splash of blood on my white dress.

I roll out of bed and look at my clothes, supplied by the Capitol. Just a plain blue shirt and a white dress that goes right to my knees. Not one of the things I'd suspect from the Capitol, but it'll do. It is better than a bloody dress...

I'm just about to leave when an avox bumps into me with a bowl of soup. What are the odds? Now, I have no clothes and the avox doesn't even say sorry! He's about to leave before I speak up.

"You could have said sorry," I say in a hushed scream, but all he does is point to his mouth. "What does that even mean? Do you have a cat on your tongue..." Wait, they don't have tongues.

The man walks out and comes back a few minutes later with a new dress. It's an adorable, sleeveless dress that's white with blue dots on the skirt. Quickly, I change into this dress before heading towards the dinner compartment.

"Hey sleeping beauty," Watt'r jokes.

"Shut up," I say and take a seat next to her. Nobody else is here and I'm becoming a little frightened. She did admit she likes killing.

"Our mentors coming," she says, reading my expression. "But I don't know who it is. Our escort told me there's two possibilities: Peril Falco or Skyler Bue."

"Hmmm," I try thinking back to previous Games where they were on screen. I remember parts of Peril's Games from two years ago, when I was 14. However, I never quite got to see up past the part where these strange creatures were crawling all out of their mouths.

Surprisingly, the door clicks and out comes out escort. Following her is our mentor...

"Skyler Blue!?" we say aghast in union.

"That's me!" she giggles and then collapses into a chair across from us.

"Our you okay?" I ask, abruptly standing up, but she just keeps giggling.

"Sorry," a man says, walking through the door. "But we were almost done with therapy before the reapings started, but we got her to relax by taking laughing gas."

"Ohh," I say and begin to slowly sit down.

"But why are you still here?" Watt'r asks suspicious, starting to lean back in her chair. "I thought only the tributes and the mentors could come on the train?"

"And Capitol assistants," I add in. "Also those avoxes who are no use at all."

"I am a Capitol assistant," he says firmly.

"But you look like you've been in District 4 your entire life. You smell like seaweed," Watt'r states.

"That's my unicorn!" Skyler giggles and we all start focusing a little more on here as she grabs a knife.

"Well, as you can see...she needs a little...well, professional help," he says and reaches for the knife.

"My knife," Skyler says like a little child and shields him from the knife.

"And as you can see she isn't quite a fast learner," the Capitol assistant jokes.

"Well I hope my tributres are," Skyler says without giggling and grabs the Capitol assistant's head. He lets out a cry for help, but Skyler just delievers a knife to his forehead. "And that is the perfect way to kill someone. Have them underestimate you, lead them into your trap, and then stab them in a fatal spot."

"Nice," Watt'r says as if the entire thing was already understood by her.

As for me, I'm so confused about what just happened. First, we meet Skyler who was very giggly and on a drug. Then, here therapy doctor comes into the compartment, despite the fact he isn't a tribute, mentor, escort, or Capitol assistant (as his stench revealed it). And now, Skyler kills him aggressively and tells us that's the perfect way to kill...WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

Thor Pheadra - District 7

"Hey Thor?" I hear Willow speak up behind me.

"What?" I say and turn around to see Willow wearing some pajamas. 

"Why did you peel the skin off of Autumn?"

"I..." I stop and think for a while. What am I supposed to say? I love killing. In fact, I don't even want to listen to her right now...or ever. She seems just like an annoying, popular, smart girl.

"It's ok," she says and we start walking towards the dining cart.

"Why did you seem so...shocked when you killed the other boy?" I blurt out.


"Whatever his name is."

"It just...just reminded me of my friend."

Just perfect, she's going to talk about her life back in District 7 now isn't she.

"Back in District  7," she starts. "I was in a study group and my friend had to go to the bathroom. For an hour, she was in there and everyone was starting to get creeped out. I finally decided to get up and..."

"Oh look, here's the cart," I shout out. I really don't want to listen to her sad story. If anyone should be talking here, it should be me! I'm not trying to sound spoiled, but...

"Swift Needletail?" Willow says. And I stand still, both shocked and happy that for once, District 7 has a good mentor that is able to take me home!

Logan Heremiah - Distirct 8

District 8 wouldn't have gotten that far into the Games with those two girls. They didn't even last past the countdown which is the most surprising thing ever. I would of expected the littlest thing of a fight, but nothing happened. Now, District 8 seems foolish and stupid.

"Who do you think our mentor's going to be?" Dome asks as I lose my trail of thought.

"Who do I think we're getting or who do I want?"

"Either one."

I haven't even put this into consideration. There's either Sam or Lycra I believe from the previous Games. Both are pretty bad, but have some strengths. Lycra hasn't seen a death, except for on TV, but she actually mentors and gives sponsor gifts. Sam on the other hand experienced deaths, killed some people, but he doesn't give out any sponsor gifts or even mentor the tributes at all.


"Sam?" Dome asks surprised. "What happens if you need a sponsor gift?"

"What happens if I need to learn how to kill?" I ask, despite the fact I don't even need to learn about that. I've already killed a few people in my lifetime and the thought of having some more in the arena doesn't affect me.

"Why would you need to kill people if your as lucky as I am."

"You're lucky?" I laugh.

"Just wait, you'll see. I bet our mentor is Lycra."

"You're on."

We wait in silence, staring at the door as if waiting for something to happen, but nothing does. It seems like a while and I start to lean back in my chair. Nothings happening with the door, but there is noise behind it. The sound of glasses dropping totally means it's Sam. I look towards Dome, but he just sits their with a trail of sweat streaming down the side of his face.


We both sit up in our chairs as our mentor walks through. And it is...Sam!

"Ha, I knew Sam was going to be our mentor!" I snicker, but Sam looks towards us as if we're crazy.

"What?" he says drun. "She's your mentor."

Slowly behind him is our real mentor, Lycra.

"Ha, told ya." Dome says, trying to immitate me, but doing a bad job.

"Wait," I say finding a little error. "They why are both of you here?"

"Because on the underground train, there's no drinking compartment. I should have gone down with Flora and the other girl, but the Capitol agreed to keep me...satisfied."

"But the girls are dead," Dome speaks up. "They both fell off their plates."

"Yes," Lycra agrees with us. "But now they're alive."

"How?" I say, but the train comes to a stop.

"Well clear that up later, now it's time for you to meet your stylist." Sam says, then screams for Capitol attendants to clean up his broken wine glass.

Everything is becoming so...weird nowadays!

Carter Evans - District 9

I can't believe my brothers dead! He was my twin so we've experienced everything together. Well, I haven't quite experienced death like he has yet, but I will soon...from depression. 

"Are you okay?" Gran asks.

"Not really, my brother was reaped with me and I could tell he was terrified. Then, we had to fight and I watched him die." 

"Ohhh..." Gran says, his expression clearly tells that he's trying to think about what to say. 

"Let's just watch the reapings." I say because I want to here and watch about other tributes who aren't as lucky as I. 

District 1 actually looks a lot nicer and casual this year. The two boys look very nice, but one of the girls seems very creepy. I think her dad won one of the previous Games because I remember that last name from somewhere. They don't show the fighting though, but does show that one male and female came out.

District 2 looks extremely creepy, but I guess all the Careers can't be nice. Both males look extremely evil and bloodthirsty while there's one 12 year old. I can still tell that she's a bit evil, especially the older female.

District 3 seems interesting. One of the girls seems to be hated by everyone else, but it ends up that she didn't even get pass the reaping fight. The two boys ended up coming out of the reaping fights and I can't help but laugh. 

District 4 was the exact opposite of District 3 where only the girls won. Both of the girls wear makeup while the boys...wait, one has the same last name as Kevin, my district partner...well, my late district partner. 

"Do you think Thomas and Kevin are related?" I ask Gran, but he just stares at the TV. 

I missed the District 5 reaping, but District 6 has a boy with weird hair. The hair in the front is grown out longer and is red. Like District 3, they seem to hate the girl. She doesn't come out, like the District 3 Female, but the other female does with a boy. 

District 7 has two males who look extremely creepy and evil while the females look innocent and kind-hearted. However, only one of the girls get out with the creepier male. 

Then, District 8 comes rolling along where both of the males get out. Supposedly, the escort told me that she heard that their battle was stupid, something I've never expect to hear from a Capitol citizen.

District 9 is on next, but I turn off the TV. I can't handle to watch my brother die. 

"I'm going to bed," I mumble and slowly walk towards my room. 

Chariot Rides

Courage Blitz - District 3

I'm still overwhelmed that I killed that devil. The entire train ride here my mind couldn't get off of it. Well, maybe when I was eating, but when the reapings came on, it didn't take that long to remember. As for Michelangelo, he had to have some attendants help him because he was breathing too much smoke. He obviously was stuck in my fire for a while. 

"Hello!" My upbeat stylist, Sparks, announces. He actually came from District 3 so he knows about all the disapointing costumes they made us wear years ago. This is his first year doing District 3, though, so I'm somewhat scared. 

"Hi." I respond. "What's that?" I notice him holding a suit and a staff. 

"It's your chariot ride costume!" He says with a clap. 

"Could I at least have my hair spiked up with flames?" I say. "It's a subtle hint that I like using fire as a weapon." 

"A weapon..." Sparks groans. "Fine, you can do it as long as it's FAKE." 

Sparks gets me dressed and I realize it's not as stupid as I thought it was. With a click of a switch, my suit starts pulsing with electricity. At first, I thought it would hurt, but I can't even feel a thing! I even have a necklace that looks like a lightning bolt. As for the staff, it actually shoots fake sparks. 

"What are the other people wearing?" I ask, honestly hoping it's nothing. If I could stick out in District 3, I could get many sponsors!


"What?" I jump up. I didn't mean it literally, in fact, I was just kidding. 

"Well, everyone except for devil girl." 

"Devil girl..." I moan. She's alive! She'll hate me now. I never thought she would come back to life, but in the Capitol with many medicines... "What's she wearing."

"Why don't you see for yourself. You will be on the chariot together!" He opens up the door and out comes Techy.

Techy doesn't look as good as me. She has a beautiful dress that goes down to her knees and covering it is lightbulbs. The lights keep flickering and it so hard to keep your eyes off of her. Now I know why it's this basic. If both of us are on the chariots, we'd attract a lot of people which means a lot of sponsors!

Drikker Stan - District 5

"I'm going to totally have a better costume than you!" I snicker to Starr, but she doesn't respond. Our mentor, Kinet, decides to walk in and he is frowning. "Did you hear about our costumes?" 

"About that..." He trails. "You don't have anything..." 

"WHAT?!" I shout! How can I be better than everything else without wearing something. "They can't do that." 

"They've been struggling this year for a lot of things." He confirms. "Some districts only have one tribute wearing a costume. Others were lucky to actually have a good one that has all of the tributes wearing one."

"Couldn't we just wear some clothes?" I ask. "It would be better than nothing!" 

"Rules are rule." Kinet announces. "You're no exception." 

I so badly want to punch him in the face and break his glasses, but I can just kill people in the Games. Plus, I have the Careers on my side who'll help me because nobody's better than them. Who am I kidding, nobody's better than me!

Lutado Crater - District 6

The FK Company has trained me for this moment. Everyone else in my district has failed to become a victor for what seems like forever. Even if I have a mentor who won just six years ago, that wasn't really that interesting. Plus, he was lucky. I'm going to show that District 6 has something that other district's can't. 

"I just heard what you were going to wear at the chariot rides." Swift moans to Clary and I. 

"What is it?" Clary asks, somewhat interested. 

"'re wearing nothing." Swift confirms. He then glances at me. "But you have a stylist waiting for you." 

I slowly walk down the hall with some peacekeepers following me. They're always around because they think I'm going to run away. Who would run away if they knew they would bring pride to your district? 

When I finally go down the hall, I find out my stylist is the depressing Syrrus. I'm serious! Unlike most stylists I see on TV, she doesn't really like the Games and only is a stylist for the pay. In her hand, she holds golden and silver clothing which she hands to me. 

"Try it on for size." She says with a frown and I put it on. "Seems a bit too big." 

"Do you really care?" I say just to figure out. 

"Not really." She confirms. "But I just want to get to a better district for better pay." 

If she wants to do that, she might wan tto do better with the costume. Honestly, I like it and all, but I don't know how it represents our district. Well, as long as the sponsors know, it's fine. 

"Why didn't you design anyone else's clothes?" I ask since all we were doing was staring at each other. 

"I didn't need to." She says. "In fact, other districts don't even have a stylist who's doing their clothes!" 

"You're joking!" I start laughing. 

"Ya, well you're just lucky that you got one." She says and starts looking at another dress next to her. 

"Who's that for?" I ask. "I thought you said Clary wasn't going to have one?" 

"Clary, you mean Clarissa?" She asks. "She's getting one, just not the other two. I think I messed that up..."

"You think?" Her other dress is extremely beautiful. It even makes her look like District 6's main product, car production. It's even very reflective. Even her makeup looks like a car. "She's got a better costume than me!"

But who really cares? The other two don't even have any costume which means they won't have any sponsors. Anything is better than nothing...I guess

Violet Twinkle - District 11

"Only me and Tempesto?" I ask about the chariot costumes. Supposedly, only us two are going to be wearing chariot costumes so, if District 11 wants sponsors, we have to really sell it. "What are we even wearing?" 

"You'll see..." Larfus says, trying to make it sound interesting. 

"It's probably overalls." I remark and he just frowns. It's obviously overalls. 

Larfus throws my clothes at me and tells me that I should put them on. He also gives some Tempesto, but not that harsh. Honestly, Tempesto is extremely nice, I would never think he could kill anyone. In fact, he's probably going to be the first death in the bloodbath. 

When I finally finish changing, I notice that my outfit totally resembles me. The outfits are dark purple and very dark. However, that's not it. The entire outfit is covered with these dead flowers which totally resembles me. I'm dark and depressing and loyal which is why this is my outfit. 

As for Tempesto, his resembles him too. He wears basic clothes. Then, around the tissue, leaves cover it. The green leaves and basic clothes are simple and happy. You can't go wrong with that...right? 

Now, they start getting us ready for the chariot rides. I look around, noticing that some districts don't even wear costumes. Districts 5 and 7 are butt naked. Luckily, though, the president has allowed everyone with a costume to leave. Only about 28 tributes still remain, which means there's a very good chance for me to get sponsor money. 

Vixen Ice - District 12

I want to so badly date Kohl! But he probably hates me because I'm rich and he's...not. Plus, my parent's won't let me because of that. Maybe, though, if he asks me, nobody can blame me...right? If I wear something good for chariot rides, maybe he'll notice me. 

"What am I wearing for chariot rides?" I ask suspiciously. 

"I have it in your own personal room, come follow me." Dazzy leads me down the hall until we reach a room that's labeled 'Vixen's outfits' right on the door. When she opens up the door, I notice a beautiful dress, tiara, high heels and jewerly all made of diamonds!

"It's beautiful!" I say bewildered. Honestly, I haven't seen anything like this before. 

"Just wait to see how you'll look when we do your makeup and hair." Dazzy says while she leads me to a chair for me to sit down.

She gets to work right away and I can feel myself turn beautiful just 3 minutes after she starts. Her hands go all through my hair and, once she's done, she hands me a mirror. 

"My hairs amazing!" I say stunned. "There's not way I could have done this myself!" 

"I know." She firmly says, but then starts laughing. "I'm just kidding, but thanks!" 

Then, she starts to get with my makeup. I constantely start laughing because the blush is just so weird when she puts it on that I couldn't hold it in. Dazzy keeps telling me to stop it, but then she starts laughing too. When she's done, I almost forgot how to breathe because everything's perfect. 

"Thanks!" I say with a smile. "This will really help out." 

Hollow Fairbreath - Capitol

This was supposed to be my year to shine! But not as a mentor, as a stylist. Now, I'm stuck being transported to the training center since I don't have a stylist. Seriously, I could have made my own if they wanted me to, but rules are rules. Surely, though, they could have let me do it because I was supposed to be a stylist. However, it turns out that I was fired once I was reaped. 

There's an abrupt stop that sends me bumping my head on the seat in front. I slowly get off the bus, feeling to see if there's any blood on my forehead, before Peacekeepers get right by my side to escort me to an elevator. My parents told me that since I'm from the Capitol, it's only one floor up, but there's actually a lot of open space and even an area where we can go outside. 

Right when I open up the door, I realize how my parents were lying. It's much better! There all these different colors everywhere and I can't stop smiling. Everything just seems perfect. 

"Glad you could make it!" Bright says warmingly. Next to her is her husband and I watch as he gets up and away from here. "Come sit down!" 

I slowly make my way over there until I decide to trust her and sit down. "What are you watching?" I ask, noticing the TV on. 

"Just the chariot rides." She admits. "I just want to see if Shimmer will make an impression!" 

"Ahhh." I say as happy as I can, trying to hide my feelings that I'm upset. Plus, everyone's going to want to sponsor him because he's Caesar Flickerman's son. There's nobody else who has a famous person related to him. Well, one that everyone knows. My parents are known around the Capitol for them being the stylist for District 4 and also District 4, but everywhere else, they're nobodys. Everyone knows Caesar Flickerman and their family because they always interview the tributes. 

"Are you okay?" She asks. I lose my trail of thought and start watching the TV. 

"Yeah, I'm fine. I was just thinking." I admit. "Ohh, it's starting." I realize that I didn't say that happily so I repeat it in a happier tone. Bright smiles and we start watching. 

District 1, as usual, makes the crowd start shouting. There's only two people on the chariot, a male and a female. The boy looks more like he's going to the interview with his blue dress shirt, black slacks and loafers. As for the girl, she wears a pretty icy blue dress with sapphire studded sleeves and velvet slippers. I start to laugh, though, when one accidentally falls off and a Peacekeeper picks it up. 

District 2 only has one male tribute on the chariot. Covering his feet are rocks which keep dropping every time he hits a bump. Peacekeepers follow with dust pans to sweep it up. He wears completely red clothes with two swords on his back and two hammers for a hat. 

District 3 has the same as District 1, but they look amazing. The girl for some reason wears devil horns and a dress that keeps flickering with the lightbulbs covering it. It's so distracting. As for the boy, he grabs all the audiences attention when he shoots sparks out of his staff. It hits a Peacekeeper and you can tell it's fake when he doesn't even notice. 

District 4 has two chariots. One chariot with two girls. The girl with brown and blonde hair wears a transparent, turquoise skirt that, in the front only goes to her knee, but in the back it goes down to her ankles. Luckily, underneath she wears a swimsuit that keeps changing colors. The other girl has her hair shaped like a starfish. She wears a dress that actually touches the ground, like the actual ground. Her dress is completely blue and is covered with fish and starfish and even seaweed. The other chariot, with the spiky-haired boy on it, isn't that appealing. All he wears is a golden swimsuit. See, if I were the stylist, it would be so much better. 

Then, a random chariot comes riding out with no tribute. Apparantly, District 5 has no tributes wearing clothes. 

District 6 has two tribute, a male and female. The boy wears silver armor, golden boots and helmet and finally, red pants. However, the female gets all the fans as she wears a silver dress that reflects the light. Even her makeup looks good. She, honestly, looks like a car, but that's what gets fans. 

Another random chariot comes out wiht no tributes so District 7 also has no tributes with chariot costumes. 

District 8 has only one male on it. He wears a gray and black shirt and white pants. All over his clothes, though, are textiles which seem to make a huge impression. 

District 9 has the two siblings on it. Both wear tan clothing - the boy with a shirt and pants while the girl has a dress - along with grain that goes up their legs and wraps around their arms. The girl's hair is out of her way with nothing it in while the boy has his hair spiked up and, to finish the costume, has the crown of grain around it. 

District 10 has only one female wearing a long, sleeveless dress that goes down to her ankles. She has curly hair and long black boots as well. 

District 11 is so confusing. Looking at the male, who wears a normal clothes with leaves around the tissue, makes everyone so happy and makes you smile. However, the girl, who wears purple overalls and dead flowers around it, makes everyone sad and actually feel sorry for her. 

District 12 is acutally very fancy. The boy's clothes is made of sparkling coal - his tuxedo, crown and shoes - and his cheeks are very black, but that's from the coal dust. The girl looks like a diamond, which actually makes up her dress, tiara, jewerly, and high heels. Her face is glittery and has blue makeup. To keep her hair out of the way, it's braided. The two start to hold hands, which makes their cheeks rosy. I have to say, it makes it seem like the coal is on fire on the boys face. 

District 13 has a soldier and a happy girl on it. The girl has a yellow dress, with red sleeves, that goes just above her knees. She wears gray boots which makes her seem like a little girl who was just out in the rain. The boy just has basic military clothes along with a biohazard symbol on a hat. He also holds fake guns which he pretends to shoot people with. 

District 14 has only one tribute, a male  with brown hair. He has on a shiny tuxedo with some water spilling from the sides. Obviously, he's from District 4. 

Finally, my district comes up with two chariots. Tiger looks like a tiger. He has the same makeup on from the reaping and even has fake teeth to resemble it. Then, next to him, is Xenon who mainly has a lot of jewerly on. Everyone is surprised by it, especially the fact that she has the same reaping clothes on. On the other chariot is Shimmer who wears so much makeup, it might have added ten pounds! All of it's blue, except for his lipstick and mascara which is red. He even holds a sword in his hand. 

I turn off the TV and go to bed. I'd prefer to hear about how they did later.

Training Center

Day 1

Shimmer Flickerman - Capitol

"What do you think you're going to start off at?" Bright asks. "I'd suggest you don't start at a weapon though because the Careers would crowd over there right away." 

"Well..." I already have what I'm doing planned and I'm starting off right at the spear station. But I don't want Bright to know. "We shouldn't be late." I quickly finish my breakfast and head for the elevator. Tiger and Xenon join me and we head down to the training room. 

Once we get there, as usual, all the Careers are there and the District 12 male and female join up with us. Then so does the District 3 male and female, District 11 Female and District 10 Female. To finish it up, the District 13 Male, District 6 Female and District 9 siblings join us. 

Right away, the head Gamemaker greets us. Usually, it's the head trainor but he explains that she got the nasty case of the flu last night. He explains the basics and tells us to not ignore the survival skills. Obviously, the Careers just laugh about that and we are dismissed. 

Ever tribute finds their own station. I'm the only one at spear station which makes the trainor smile. Everyone seems to be at their own station, except for at the sword, running and plant identification station. At the sword station, the District 4 Female is freaking out because she doesn't want to share, while at the plant identification station, the District 12 tributes are nicely sharing with Tiger. Xenon is putting on more makeup...wait, no she's doing camoflague. Then, at the speed station, the girl who I keep hearing is a devil and the District 11 Female are running. Halfway through my lesson, I notice the District 3 Male, I believe his name is Micheal or something, joins them. 

I start to make my way towards the speed station in hopes of learning about that one devil girl. However, on my way there, I get distracted by the axe station. Nobody seems to have gone there yet. I decide to head over there instead. I mean, I have all day. During my lesson, Xenon decides to join me. 

"How was camoflague?" I ask here while beheading a dummy. The trainor applauds me and I do a little bow. 

"Are you talking to me?" Xenon asks. "Because, then you should give more eye contact." 

"Sorry." I say and offer her an axe. 

"I'm good, but good. It's just like putting on makeup!" She exclaims while she picks up an axe. 

Xenon starts to swip away at the heads of dummies and body parts, but I start to get really annoyed. She starts singing, even when the trainor is helping her. Honestly, she's a good singer, but it makes me feel weak! I can't go through any longer with this girl.

Dome Citadel - District 8

"Why do you call her the devil?" I ask Courage about Tech. Apparantly, she was posessed by the devil! District 3 just has a lot of...issues this year.

"Yeah, it drove everyone crazy!" He says and makes a weird face with weird gestures, as if trying to reinact it. 

"Are you sure?" Dariah asks. I can honestly say that I thought she was tough since she was a Career, but she's very friendly and nice. She's not the regular Career. 

"Do you really think I'm lying?" Courage says dumbfounded. 

"Who knows?" I admit. "In fact, I don't even know if I can...OW!" The knife cuts my hand as it slips and I look down at the cut. Surprisingly, it's nothing and blood doesn't even come out. However, it does feel really bad, but, on the bright side, I know that my luck is as good as I knew it to be. 

"Are you okay?" Dariah asks, dropping her knife to inspect the cut. "It doesn't look like anything!" 

"It's because I'm lucky." I admit and start laughing. 

"Well, are you sure?" Courage asks. 

"Yeah." My stomach growls and I bend in pain. "I hope lunch is soon though." 

"Hello tributes, we are going to start lunch now. Please report to the lunch hall when you want to." Someone announces over the loud speaker. 

"I thought you said you were lucky, not a future teller." Dariah laughs and we go to lunch together. I do notice, however, that the District 2 Male, District 14 Male, District 11 Female, devil girl and the District 1 tributes don't come right away. Do they really think they'll learn anything with some of the trainors even coming over to eat? 

Canopy Starsos - District 1

Almost an hour into lunch, Blood decides to leave for lunch. He said he was just going to get a little snack and start scaring some of the other tributes. I can't blame him though. With someone like Blood on the Careers, he'll make us look very threatening in the Games. 

"How's that net?" I ask Chandelier, whose been at the net station the entire lunch period. 

"I'm getting better." She nods with encouragement. "How about the spear? I know you're used to using throwing knives." 

"Funny." I roll my eyes. "But in the Games, spears will kill people, not nets."

"Just wait." She says and turns towards the net station again. "Let's see who gets more kills." 

I start laughing, really weirdly. What was I supposed to do? I do like her and, after getting her a little upset, I don't want to get her angry at me. I honestly, don't know what I was doing? It's okay Canopy. I remember in all the childhood movies that both people always have a crush on the other one. 

"Chandelier, can I tell you something?" I ask her, very scared, but I hide it. 

"Sure, what do you want?" She asks and drops her net to walk towards me. 

"Well..." I start, but shortly stop once other tributes start walking out. I notice a lot of them talking and being nice to each other, but that'll just make them harder to kill. Once Blood walks out, I can't help but laugh as he scares the 16-year old girl from District 6. The Careers have a big advantage this year. 

Vixen Ice - District 12

During lunch, I was able to make friends with the District 4 Female, Dariah. Honestly, she's not the normal Career. In fact, she's the exact opposite! Dariah's nice, while Careers, like Blood, are evil and weird. I also got the girl from District 3 to join us. I felt bad because I heard her district partner call her the devil girl, so I decided to step up and allow her to join us. Everyone else is treating her like dirt!

After lunch, we all decided that the best station to go to would be the healing station. You never know when you'll need to fix your leg in the Games. There's so much stuff to learn that it starts to take more than an hour. The District 6 Female, who told us her name was Clary, joins us and we all start to become pretty good friends. However, once the lessons over, we all split up. 

Clary stays at the healing station, while Tech decides to go to the medicine station. Apparently, her mentor just wants her to make sure she knows about healing because, otherwise, she won't last that long. Dariah decides to go towards some of the weapon stations. However, it doesn't seem like she's trying to use a harmful weapon, since she only tries the awl. 

"What station?" I ask Kohl. If there's one thing for sure, it's that we won't be leaving each other. 

"Well, we haven't doen a weapon station yet." He says while watching Dariah. "But let's just go to the regular knife station, nobody's there." 

We both head off towards the knife station and quickly get to work. The knife station is very easy and doesn't really take a lot of work. Before I know it, we're already halfway done. Then, somehow, we're done before I can even realize how much I just learned about a knife.

Dariah Hellen - District 4

I finally finish learning all about the awl until I notice a Capitol Female walking out of this hallway. Her hair is wet and she has a towel over her clothing. She was swimming! I slowly make my way down the hallway and find this gigantic pool that has been recently placed. Along the walls are swimsuits that are each labelled by our names.

I open up the clear door and grab the swimsuit labelled 'Dariah.' I notice that a few other swimsuits are already taken and am surprised when I notice Kohl and Vixen join me. There's also Watt'r, my district partner, who just tries to scare them. 

"Stop that!" I harshly whisper to her before we dive in. 

"Stop what?" She says. "For being a Career?" 

I become enraged and tackle her into the pool. If there's one thing I hate, is when Careers think that they're unstoppable. If they were, they would have created the 'Anti-Careers.' Plus, then more people would want to be apart of the Careers, but everyone knows that we have as fair a chance as any.

Eventually, trainors come to the scene and seperate the two. They drag us both out of the water and starts screaming at us that we have to be away from eachother for the rest of the time in the pool. From behind, I notice Kohl and Vixen staring with fright and I realize what I've become. I'm actually turning into a Career!

Violet Twinkle - District 11

I finish using the crossbow when I notice the time. There's still roughly around 15 minutes left before training is done. No reason to end early! All around, there's people at the knowledge stations, not so much of the weapons, which I just laugh about. Everyone, even the Careers, are coming to their senses and learning about things they need to know. 

I decide to go to a station with at least two other people, so then I don't need to make a weird converstation with somebody else. At the tree climbing station is a Career along with the District 13 Male, but I shortly lose the idea when I notice how mean they're acting towards each other. I remember when I would stick up for my dad when that happened...

"Violet!" I hear someone whisper and turn to find it the District 9 Male and District 12 tributes. They gesture for me to come over there, at the stealth station, and I reluctantely agree to. 

"What'd you want?" I ask. 

"Don't go by the District 2 Male! I hear his name is Blood!" Max says. "Just don't go over there, we say you looking over there. Plus, I need an alliance with my sister." 

"An alliance?" I ask, what was I supposed to say? I don't want to agree since I know, they'll just stab me in the back. "Let's just see what happens."

I start doing the station, but before I can do anything major, they decide to close training. Inside, I'm just laughing, because I could have probably learned how to use a knife within that time!

Day 2

Courage Blitz - District 3

Right away, Michelangelo, devil girl and I start heading down the elevator to the training room. We stay silent the entire ride down, as we are all scared of each other. Both Michelangelo and I are obviously afraid of devil girl, while devil girl is scared about us. It's like we all are scared of each other, like babies!

When the elevator opens, we realize that it only people, from the previous day, who didn't come on time. Michelangelo heads off towards the crossbow station, while devil girl heads over to the District 10 Female for a reflex lesson. I, on the other hand, decide to go near the biggest group here by the hiding station. 

"Hi!" The Capitol Male says upbeat and happy. He extends his hand for me to shake and I do, just very reluctantly. 

"Hi..." I trail off while shaking his hands. "How are you?"

"Good!" He says and his smile increases. "You made it just in time! Our lessons about to start." 

Literally, right when he finished saying that the lesson starts. The trainor tells us about how to hide easier. He makes sure to cover the basics about how to find the best hiding spot, especially the part to make sure you're completely hidden. I can't help but to start to block out a few of the things he's saying, which later Tiger, the Capitol Male, decides to fill me in on. 

Once the lessons over, I head over to where the siblings are. Both are sitting down next to the trainor, intently staring at some berries. Obviously, this is the plant identification station, but the trainor jokes around, saying it was the sword station in the beginning. 

The two siblings just keep on complimenting each other whenever the are able to tell a poisonous berry from a non-poisonous berry. I wish they would just shut up so I try to move away. Accidentally, I fall into a bowl of nightlock berries and the two try to cover their laughs. My face is starting to heat up and I came feel my anger turning red. I wish I could just punch them to shut them up, but I know, that'd only get me kicked out of the Training Center.

Troy Costas - District 4

"Who should be the leader?" I ask my district partners. The only person not here is Thomas, but he didn't feel like it. 

"Definetly not the people who didn't show up." Watt'r snickers. "They're probably so weak, that they don't want to show it!"

"I don't know..." Dariah starts trailing off. "I think we shouldn't act all cocky, you'll probably die before they do..."

"You wanna fight!" Watt'r says, kicking her chair back and standing up, tying to intimidate Dariah. Dariah just laughs and Watt'r pulls back her fist. Trainors come over and grab her fist. The Head Trainor just puts up two fingers. Obviously, Watt'r is running out of chances to get on the Gamemakers good side. Blood joins us and Watt'r is brought to a seperate room. 

"What was that about?" He asks, but we all know he won't get an answer. 

"We were thinking about a leader for the Careers." Dariah says, trying to hide her anger, but you can hear it underneath her voice. 

"Me!" Blood says almost immediately. "I've always wanted to be the leader of the Careers!"

"Why not?" I say, looking for Dariah's approval. After a while, she seems to be debated and finally agrees. 

"As long as you know how much pressures on you." Dariah says. 

Watt'r Resse - District 4

Dariah just angers me so much. I want to just punch her so hard in the face, but the Peacekeepers told me that violence dosen't solve anything. Then what are the Games even for?

I decide to make my way towards the endurance station where the District 11 Female already is. When I finally get there, Dariah decides to join me. I try to ignore her, but then she starts talking to me. 

"Sorry about that little fight in the cafeteria today." She says while looking at the ground. "I just was a little upset."

"Fine, I forgive you, but you need to be like a real Career." I say trying to motivate her. "Let me show you. Just go throw some tridents and I'll show you how to scare tributes." 

She nods and walks towards the tridents. Once in a while, she glances at me for a while and observes me. The District 11 Female already seems so dark and depressing that it'll be hard to try to scare her. But there is the District 6 Female who seems very happy. While I'm done scaring her, she can't even blink without even have a tear drop. 

"Nice job!" Dariah says giving me a pat on the back. "I'm going to try on him." She points for the District 9 Male who is at the blocking station. 

"Go get him!" I say and finish up my station. 

Once I'm finally done, I look over at Dariah who totally scared the District 9 Male. Literally, once the trainor says he's finished, he runs right towards the balance station. My trainor also says that I'm done so I walk right towards him. Honestly, I just want to see if he will poop his pants! By the time I'm done with him, he hugs his sister and she has to drag him towards the endurance station, with the District 10 Female helping her out. These Games are full of weaklings!

Kohl Cyphers - District 12

"I hate this." I laugh when I start using the dagger. "I keep cutting my hands." 

"Just have a tighter grip." The instructor says and locks her hand over mine. She helps me cut off a few dummies' heads and I can't help but laugh. I suck at using this that, without the trainor, I probably couldn't cut it off myself. 

"It's okay." Vixen says. "Everybody starts somewhere." She literally is amazing at using this weapon! It's like she had a hidden talent right after all. I literally want to trade positions with her because I won't be able to make an impression with a trainor making sure the dagger is tight in my hands. 

"Well, I started at negative three." I say. "And I haven't gotten much better!" 

She starts to laugh, but then rubs my shoulder. "It's fine. I'm sorry if I hurted your feelings." 

I could of so easily made a romatic reply, something like 'Well, maybe a kiss would make me feel better.' While, in reality, I just laughed and blushed. 

We finish up the station and, by the end, I can honestly say I got a lot better. Now, at least I don't cut my hand and I can kill someone with it. 

"What should we do next?" She asks. 

"Fire starting." I tell me instantely. "We're from District 12 so it can't be that hard. We've practically known all about fire and coal since we were little."

Michelangelo DeSantillo - District 3

I slowly walk over to the plan thinking station. My mentor told me specificially that I must do this station today. Why did I wait this long? Now, I'm stuck here with the District 4 Female. Today, she even made the District 9 Male cry!

I mind to myself and try to ignore her, but then I hear her start to get really upset. She keeps mumbling that she's not her and I start thinking she's dillusional. Only 10 minutes before the final bell rings, I can't handle but try to comfort her. 

"Are you okay?" I ask her, sounding as nice as I can. It takes a few minutes for her to respond. 

"Yeah, I'm fine." She says. "I'm just not a....Career."

I'm speechless. This is the first time I've heard of someone not wanting to be a Career. Surely, there were many years where people from 1, 2 or 4 haven't allied with the Careers, but when they do, they usually don't cry. I'm so confused!

Day 3

Carter Evans - District 9

Max is still afraid about the other day when Careers decided to target and scare him. He wasn't planning on going today, but I forced him. Max needs to practice or else he'll end up like the other tributes that aren't here, dead. There's no way that I would let him do that. 

When the elevator gets to us, there's only one other person on there: the District 11 Female. She seems so upset most of the time and I get sad just thinking about her. Plus, it looks like she was whipped in District 11 because she has lots of scars everywhere I can see.

By the time we reach the training floor, I look around. Max seems to hide behind me a little bit when he notices the District 4 Females, one at the blocking station with the District 14 Male and the other trying to start a fire. I notice the Capitol Male at the knot tying station. He's nice...right? He's from the Capitol and I see him always smiling. 

"Go to the knot tying station." I whisper to him. "I'm going to the animal identification station." 

"But there's a Career there!" He says shocked. "I don't want you to go." 

"It'll be fine." I tell him. "Otherwise we might not know if we're eating poisonous animals or not." 

"Do you really think there's poisonous animals?" He says stupidly.

"Obviously, you never know about mutts disguished as regular animals." 

And with that, we seperate. Max seems to enjoy his time with the Capitol Male and I constantly hear him laughing. He just seems to be so much happier around someone that is like him. Someone who seems to be happy all the time. As for me, I'm stuck with the Blood guy. I heard Careers call him that the entire lunch yesterday and I hear that he's their leader.

My lesson gets done within an hour and I quickly leave. From instinct, I look towards Max and realize that he's still doing his lesson. I don't really care though, as long as he's enjoying it. Everybody else is either switching stations or just staying put. I notice the District 4 Female walking to the shelter building station, where the District 10 Female already is. I really want to see how mean she is.

Chandelier Fronum - District 1

The District 3 Male and I are at the spear station, trying to figure out whose better. Honestly, he's better than me! I can barely hit the dummimes heart and, if I'm lucky, send it through its head. On the other hand, he's able to just throw it right into its head with ease. 

Around halfway through our lesson, the guys starts to move the dummies for Courage. I become better at throwing it, but still struggle hitting the fatal positions on the moving targets. Courage becomes more skilled and the trainor makes him use his non-dominent hand. Luckily, when he uses his non-dominent hand, I look like I'm more skilled than him. 

Before the lesson is entirely finished, the Capitol Male decides to join us. He shakes Courage's and my hand, revealing his name is Shimmer. Shimmer grabs a spear and gets to work right away. He's able to hit the moving target with ease that I'm surprised. There's no way he's a beginner at this. He probably came here yesterday. 

Suddenly, I hear something and swiftly turn around. I notice the District 4 tributes making out. To their left, the other District 4 Female, Watt'r I think, is pretending to throw up. This is so romantic. I notice Canopy staring at them, and then at the District 12 tributes who also start. It seems like someone starts grabbing me by the shirt and dragging me to Canopy. 

"Hi." I tell him as romantic as I can. "I've always loved you." 

Before he can even respond, I kiss him. Then, trainors have to split us apart because the bell rang and trainings over. Now, individual training sessions will start right after lunch.

Training Scores and Odds

District Name Training Score Odds
1 Topaz Grace 8 9-1
1 Canopy Starsos 10 5-1
1 Emma Fross 9 9-1
1 Chandelier Fronum 11 4-1
2 Murr "Blood" Stregther 11 3-1
2 Zephyr Brawn 9 6-1
2 Onyx "Nyx" Eboni 7 20-1
2 Prism Winters 10 9-1
3 Courage Blitz 7 17-1
3 Michelangelo DeSantillo 6 17-1
3 Techy "Tech" Harmonic 8 21-1
3 Electra "Ellie" Wires 5 45-1
4 Troy Costas 10 6-1
4 Thomas Quince 8 10-1
4 Watt'r Resse 9 9-1
4 Dariah Hellen 10 4-1
5 Drikker Stann 9 10-1
5 Maxwell Liang 6 30-1
5 Julia Manganese 7 28-1
5 Starr Fines 4 70-1
6 Brann Clatch 6 35-1
6 Lutado Crater 9 23-1
6 Clarissa "Clary" Lightwood 8 25-1
6 Emma Grace 5 65-1
7 Thor Pheadra 10 14-1
7 Furry Anderson 8 16-1
7 Willow Firethorn 6 34-1
7 Autumn Sequoia Timber 6 55-1
8 Logan Heremiah 7 50-1
8 Dome Citadel 9 20-1
8 Flora Caspurne 3 90-1
8 Cheyenne Camomille 3 80-1
9 Max Evans 8 30-1
9 Kevin Quince 7 45-1
9 Carter Evans 9 30-1
9 Themis Asterious 6 60-1
10 Hunther Hayes 7 50-1
10 Zalcharius "Gambler" Richardson 5 50-1
10 Chloe Leventis 8 35-1
10 Alexandra Cassava 6 40-1
11 Damian Weatherby 7 55-1
11 Tempesto Callops 5 71-1
11 Griffin Soar 7 35-1
11 Violet Twinkle 8 29-1
12 Spark Pyrrhus 2 95-1
12 Kohl Cyphers 9 35-1
12 Vixen Ice 9 33-1
12 Vicky Tamboli 4 70-1
13 Drake Lorter 6 55-1
13 Shadow Titan 10 20-1
13 Pinea Nummit 8 30-1
13 Vivian Lockheart 5 75-1
14 Flick Rivers 10 15-1
14 Derek Odair 9 19-1
14 Joanna Mason 4 46-1
14 Bleu Starships 3 89-1
Capitol Tiger Wolfe 7 45-1
Capitol Shimmer Flickerman  9 25-1
Capitol Xenon Osmond 10 20-1
Capitol Hollow Fairbreath 4 90-1

The 198th Hunger Games with a Twist


Sponsoring Money

User Tribute's Name District Sponsor Money Sponsoring Gifts
Beetee19 Troy Costas 4 $625 Blanket, Dried Meat
Hybrid Shadow Dome Citadel 8 $900
Jabberjay78 Courage Blitz 3 $550 Filled Water Canteen (x2)
Jabberjay78 Vixen Ice 12 $900
Rainbow Shifter Michelangelo DeSantillo 3 $600
Rainfacestar Carter Evans 9 $1,050
TDR97 Chandelier Fronum 1 $1,100
ViniciusDeAssis1999 Pinea Nummit 13 $800

Sponsoring Gifts

Item Group Cost Definintion
Allergy Medicine Medicine $350 To prevent sneezing or coughing all day.
Anti-Infection Cream Medicine $300 To prevent wounds to become infected.
Antidote Medicine $350 Cures poison.
Arrows (x12) Weapon $150 Used for crossbows or bows.
Awl Weapon  $100 A weapon very similar to a knife.
Axe Weapon $150 Used to chop down trees and kill tributes.
Blanket Warmth $175 To make sure your tribute's warm.
Blowgun Weapon $200 Used to shoot a dart at a tribute or animal.
Bomb Weapon $300 Whenever someone steps on it, it blows them up.
Boots Clothing $200 Helps your tribute run faster and keep their feet warm.
Bow Weapon $200 Used to shoot an arrow at a tribute or animal.
Bread (x12) Food $150 You choose which district's bread to give.
Burn Cream Medicine $300 To relieve your tributes burn.
Butcher Knife Silverware $100 A knife used for food, not killing.
Butterknife (x6) Silverware $50 When you want your bread to be buttered.
Camoflague Paints Weapon $250 To use the element of surprise.
Cheese  Food $150 A whole thing of cheese for your tribute to eat.
Club Weapon $250 A weapon that looks like a bat with spikes.
Cooked Deer Food $500 A type of food that will last your tribute a week.
Cooked Pig Food $400

Only lasts 5 days until it's all eaten.

Cooked Squirrel Food $200

Lasts you 2 days, but still very yummy.

Crossbow Weapon $250 A weapon used to shoot arrows at tributes or animals.
Dagger Weapon $200 Basically, a double-sided knife.
Darts (x12) Weapon $150 Used in blowguns.
Dead Deer Food $450 Only lasts 6 days and must be cooked correctly.
Dead Pig Food $350 Lasts 4 days and must be cooked correctly.
Dead Squirrel Food $150 Lasts 2 days and must be cooked correctly.
Dried Meat Food $200 What it says. Lasts only 2 days.
Earmuffs Clothing $150 To block out sound and make your ears toasty.
Empty Backpack Survival Item $200 An empty backpack to keep supplies.
Empty Water Canteen (x4) Water $150 Used to fill up water.
Filled Survival Backpack Survival Item $400 Get a backpack and as many things you want, not weapons, that cost less than or exactly $400 
Filled Water Cantten (x2) Water $200 Get two water canteens that are filled up.
Filled Weapon Backpack Survival Item $500 Get a backpack with as many weapons you want, but it must cost less than or exactly $500
Fire Starters Warmth $250 It's how it got its name.
Fork (x6) Silverware $50 To eat your food properly and mess-free.
Fruit  Food $250 Lasts 4 days, but gives you a large variet of healty fruits.
Gloves Clothing $200 To keep your tributes hands warm.
Hammer (x3) Weapon $300 Comes with 3 hammers that could be used as a ranged attack or a melee.
Hat Clothing $200 Covers your tributes ears to keep them warm.
Hatchet Weapon $250 Sort of like an axe, but better.
Insta-Relief Medicine $550 Instantly heals a wound. If used carefully, could be used more than once.
Jacket Clothing $250 Used to keep your tributes body warm. Also has a hood.
Katana Weapon $300 A skiny sword, but very powerful.
Knife Weapon $150 A simple knife with a handle and a blade.
Mace Weapon $300 A spiked ball with a chain. You could even choke someone using the chain...
Machete Weapon $400 Another sword that has a thicker blade, but good at killing.
Magnifying Glass Warmth $150 If you have a smart tribute, they could make a fire with this.
Matches Warmth $250 An easier way to make a fire.
Net Weapon $300 An easy way to trap a tribute and then kill them.
Night Vision Goggles Miscellaneous $400 Allows travel at night with the ability to see clearly.
Ointment Medicine $300 Used to put on skin.
Pack of Silverware Silverware $500 Comes with 6 spoons, 6 forks, 6 butterknives adn 2 butchet knives. One to kill and one for food.
Painkillers Medicine $400 To prevent pain in one day, unless if you get wounded. Then you have to take another.
Pants Clothing $250 Used to keep your tributes legs warm.
Poison  Weapon $300 In case you don't like your allies...
Purifier Water $300 Just one drop makes your water pure.
Rope Survival Item $350 For those who sleep in a tree or to help you up. Also used for traps.
Scythe Weapon $400 A weapon that reminds me of the Grim Reaper.
Sickle Weapon $350 A curved sword with a smaller handle. 
Sleeping Bag Warmth $300 To ensure warmth at night for your tributes.
Sleep Syrum Medicine $250 To make someone sleep.
Socks Warmth $50 A pair of socks for $50! That's outrageous!
Soup Food $200

Lasts only two days, but helps warm you up.

Spear (x2) Weapon $200 A weapon that you throw. It has a long, wooden part and then a spearhead on top.
Spearheads (x6) Weapon $250 Used for spears. After each kill, a spearhead isn't required, but helps with accuracy on the next throw.
Spile Water $300 To get water out of the trees or maple syrup...
Spoon (x6) Silverware $150 Used to eat soup.
Sword Weapon $200 A sword with a handle and blade.
Throwing Axe (x4) Weapon $250 To throw at trees when angry and heads when killing.
Throwing Knife (x6) Weapon $250 Throwing a weapon called knives. Make it easier to throw because of the lighter handle.
Throwing Trident Weapon $300 A trident that is much easier to throw.
Trident Weapon $250 Used in District 4 a lot so they might have an advantage.

Warmth Jacket

Clothing $400 A jacket that will keep your entire body warm whenever you have it on.
Whip Weapon $250 Cowboys!
Bite Cream Medicine $300 Medicine used to prevent death from a zombie bite. 
Scratch Cream Medicine $250 Medicine used to prevent death from a scratch from a zombie. 


District 4 Alliance

Watt'r Resse (4) and Dariah Hellen (4)

Living Team 1 Alliance

Courage Blitz (3), Michelangelo DeSantillo (3), Dome Citadel (8), Max Evans (9), Carter Evans (9), Violet Twinkle (11), Shadow Titan (13)

Living Team 2 Alliance

Canopy Starsos (1), Chandelier Fronum (1), Clarissa "Clary" Lightwood (6), Logan Heremiah (8), Kohl Cyphers (12), Pinea Numit (13), Flick Rivers (14), Shimmer Flickerman (C)

Deceased Team 1 Alliance

Techy "Tech" Harmonic (3), Clarissa "Clary" Lightwood (6),  Chloe Leventis (10), Tiger Wolfe (C), Xenon Osmond (C)

District 2 and 4

Murr "Blood" Stregther (2), Troy Costas (4)

Day 1 - The Bloodbath

Xenon Osmond - Capitol

My platform slowly rises and I hear the countdown start. I already know what I'm going to do right when I get away. Wash my makeup off so people don't recognize me. It relies on how I do in the Games. Without it, I'll be simply spotted and killed. 

Once my eyes finally adjust, I recognize all the tributes surrounding me. To my left is Griffin (11) whose wearing a green coat. Then on my right is Bleu (14) whose wearing blue. It's coincidental that she's wearing the same color as her name! I'm wearing gray along with a lot of other people. Everyone around me is either wearing blue, green, gray or red! 

"30...Before we continue the countdown, you will realize the people around you are wearing colored jackets. Anyone wearing those colors are on a team and cannot kill any teammates...Now, 29...28." 

Just great! Teams! And all the people on mine died in the Reaping Battle. 

Spark Pyrrhus - District 12


The countdown continues and I look around the arena. It looks like a gigantic resort! There's 15 different tall building, each labelled with numbers, except for the one straight ahead with a C on it. Each building has something differen than the other one like how the one with the 6 is just a huge garage with different levels, the one with the 7 is made of wood and the one with the 4 looks like it's dripping water off every side.

Then, like usual, is the basic cornucopia sitting in the middle of the arena. Around me is water everywhere I look. It seems like its everywhere except for on the cornucopia area itself. Weapons lay really close to the cornucopia, most of the deadly weapons inside it while others, like the simple knife, is only a few yards away. 

I won't be using weapons though. I can't have my sister watch me turning into a monster. There's no way that I'm going to become the little piece in their Games. How could I knowing my sisters watching these? She's probaly crying and hoping that I win. However, I know and so should she that I won't kill. Then, I wouldn't even know who I am. But there is a way out of this. 

Quickly, I glance at the countdown and notice only 7 seconds remain. I close my eyes, take my last breath and bend my knees. Then, I jump and wait for the explosion.

Emma Fross - District 1

The idiot Spark (12) decides to jump off of his platform early! He was on my team too! I can't believe it! Right now, I'm struggling to even stay on when suddenly, the gong sounds. 


I fall to my butt and watch as a wave pops out, dragging all of the weapons floating either towards or away from us. When I eventually regain my balance and stand up. A trident is thrown right into my stomach. There's a few seconds where I notice the killer before I die. It's the District 5 Male, Drikker!

Thor Pheadra - District 7

I get my hand on a machete which is floating my way when I realize the Hollow (C) who is struggling to get passed the waves. Everytime one comes, she just flips over and she starts rugging her head. Easy kill!

Quickly, I run towards her and, with an easy swing of my machete, her head comes off and her body falls. I notice the red blood starting to mix in with the water and I can't stop but let out a little laugh. Then, I notice the District 1 Male. He's having the same problem, but just a little farther out. At least this will be a challenge. 

I sneak up behind him, but he notices. He kicks the machete out of my hand and tries to strangle me. I simply twist his hands, letting out a terrible crack. Topaz (1) let's go of my hands and helplessly shakes them. This doesn't stop him though because he uses his arms to try to drown me. 

I'm losing air fast and doing whatever I can to breathe oxygen, but it's hopeless. My muscles seem to weaken and I can't stop but just let it get over with. Suddenly, Topaz's (1) body gets off of me and I finally catch a gulp of air. I keep breathing until it seems to settle down and watch as Topaz (1) receives a mace to his head by Blood (2). 

"Allies?" He whispers. Blood has the same color jacket as me so I can't kill him. This angers me, but I agree. 

"As long as I get one more kill..." I say with a laugh. 

He points over to Gambler (10) who picks up my machete. With ease, I strangle him and regrab my machete. There's no way that I could lose these Games!

Carter Evans - District 9

I grab a backpack which floats my way along with a scythe which is just a little bit farther in the water. Close by it is a dagger which I decide to grab for Max (9). In fact, where is Max (9)? 

I look around but it's too hard to see with all these tributes. Blood (2) and Thor (7) are both chasing after Cheyenne (8) who is weaponless. She's dead meat...and so is Max! The District 7 Female, Autumn, starts chasing after him with an axe in hand. Luckily, though, both are terrible at swimming so the waves itself is dragging them. 

With my scythe in hand, I dash over towards Max's (9) aid and drag him towards me. I hand him the dagger in my bag and he quickly grab a wet sleeping bag by our feet. Autumn (7) gets into axe distance and swings it. Luckily, Max (9) swiftly pulls me back which just barely allows the axe to miss. With her being unbalanced, I simply swing my scythe and she falls to the ground, clutching at her neck with a huge gash in it now. 

Max (9) stares at me scared and I look towards him. Suddenly, I feel a knife go into the back of my theigh and then another into the back of my ankle. My leg goes numb and I fall over. Max (9) picks me out and we stare at Themis (9). She's our district partner and we both hold each other. I push Max (9) to leave, but he stays. When Themis (9) finally reaches land, she falls over with a knife in her back. Closely behind is Tech (3) with throwing knives in hand. At first, she prepares to throw one, but then looks at Max (9). She signals for us to leave and Max (9) doesn't stop until we're far away from the cornucopia. 

Julia Manganese - District 5

Even though the bloodbath started a while ago, it's too hard for a few of us tributes to swim so some of the District 4 tributes and tributes who are good at swimming try to kill the others. Both Maxwell (5) and I stay together, grabbing anything that's in our reach, which isn't a lot. We've only been able to grab a few knives and a wet blanket. How will that keep us warm if it's wet?

"Julia look out!" Maxwell (5) screams and points towards Watt'r (4) and Dariah (4). Both are armed with two tridents and they throw one right towards me. Without moving, I watch as Maxwell (5) jumps in front of the trident and it goes right into his stomach. 

"Maxwell!" I gasp right before the trident finally enters my neck.

Kohl Cyphers - District 12

Both Vixen (12) and I have food, water and a weapon of choice. I picked up a bow and arrow with a quiver of 23 arrows, used to be 24, but then I shot at Furry's (7) head, easily killing him. Vixen (12) picked up two swords, one for each hand until she places one into her backpack. 

I notice that Hunther (10) and Joanna (14) decide to team up and they grab axes and spears. They seemed to target the two Quince brothers, both Kevin (9) and Thomas (4). With ease, the Quince's take down the two tributes. Hunther (10) receiving a trident into her stomach from Thomas (4) and Joanna (14) getting a sword through her forehead from Kevin (9). Everything is just happening fast!

Before anyone can get into a fight with us, we both run away and fast! We hide behind a building that smells terrible. Just like District 12, it has a foul smell like burning coal mixed with oil. Yuck!

"Kohl!" Vixen harshly whispers. "I heard something..."

Without questioning, I pick up my bow and arrows. She points over to where it was and I start aiming towards it. Suddenly, I notice the District 6 Female, tumbling everywhere while clutching her right arm. I release my grip and send the arrow flying through her forehead. 

Kevin Quince - District 9

The bloodbath is still going through. It's been almost half an hour and only a few tributes have left yet. The waves seem to be dying down, allowing more tributes to grab some supplies. Drake (13) and Drikker (5) engage in a huge fight, both using axes. Drake (13) chops off Drikker's (5) arm, but then gets his leg chopped off. Drake (13), losing his axe while he falls, receives a axe right into his forehead. Drikker (5) keeps smacking the dead body with an axe. 

I creep up behind the District 5 Male and stab him in the back with a trident. The axe falls out of his hand and cuts my foot. Still, I got a kill! I push his body off of my trident and look towards Thomas (4). He signals for me to go over towards him as he grabs Flora (8) and gets her into a headlock. I start to swim when I feel a spear go into a leg and I can't move. Nyx (2) throws one more and I feel as it goes through my stomach.

"Thomas." I whisper with the rest of my strength

Onyx "Nyx" Eboni - District 2

I laugh at the sight of Thomas (4) running right passed me to hug his dead brother. He must have known that one way or the other, only one comes out so why is it so shocking? I would kill him, but I'd rather kill him when he becomes all upset and it gets really funny.I notice Starr (5) trying to run away with Flora (8) close by. 

"Courage!" I scream to the District 3 Female who is preparing to throw his spear into Thomas' (4) back. "Get them!"

Without arguing, he throw a spear into Starr's (5) back, but misses Flora's (8). It throws a few more before it seems like she's mocking us. I end up throwing the spear right through her throat and she falls down, lifeless. 

"You!" I hear Tiger (C) scream. He pulls back an arrow and sends it flying. I easily dodge it, but didn't expect another one to come...

Tiger Wolfe - Capitol

I swifly get out of the cornucopia, where the green team seems to be setting up camp. I'm the last person to leave from another team, except for Thomas (4) whose hopelessly hugging his dead brother. I feel so bad for him and I guess so does the other team because they decided to simply slit her throat. 

I make my way towards the 1 Building where I notice Blood (2) and Thor (7) beating up Cheyenne (8). Sadly, she was on my team and I've seen a lot of people wearing gray die during the bloodbath. I stroll around for a while until I find a hidden path. Reluctantly, I walk through it and it brings me to a beach. On the beach, I realize Tech (3), Xenon (C) and Chloe (10) looking out towards the water. 

"Guys?" I say, realizing we're all on the same team. "I'm on your team." 

Tech turns around with a knife in her hand until she finally realizes we're on the same team. I guess she didn't trust me! "Good, so we do have other people on our team."

Shadow Titan - Districct 13


"21!" Courage (3) exclaims pumping up one of his fists. 

"It's just the bloodbath." Violet (11) says. "There's more and we all know that."

"Stop being so down." I tell Violet (11). "We survived."

"I guess?" She says and suddenly jerks her head. "Did you hear that?" 

"Hear what?" I whisper. "I didn't hear anything."

"I thought I heard somebody moaning?" She says, making her voice normal again. "It just sounded weird." 

"What do you guys think the numbers on these building mean?" Dome (8) asks. 

"Simple, it's the districts." Violet (11) says. "There's no way it could be something else, just think about it." 

"Hmm...I never thought about that." I say. I guess being in these Games were just bad enough as it is that I just couldn't think about it. "So since we're in 13 does that mean it's about granite?"

"I guess." Violet (11) says and starts eating some crackers. 

"Wait!" Dome (8) says getting up on his feet. "District 13 makes nukes...what happens if this thing blows up!" 

"It wo..." Violet (11)starts, but then stops. "Let's get out of here."

We make our way all the way towards the Capitol building, knowing that it seems the safest. Plus, all they do is mainly make medicine and put on makeup! What could be so bad about that?

Shimmer Flickerman - Capitol

I lay down on a little inflatable reclining chair. It's so nice being able to releax for once. Surely, I wasn't able to get any kills but that's just because I'm waiting for the chance that I should really show my skill. 

"Who do you think died?" I ask the others. 

"Just wait until the pictures are shown." Derek (14) replies. 

Other than Derek (14) and I, everyone else is doing something. Chandelier (1) and Canopy (1) are practicing with the bow and arrow and chatting. They seem to have something going on and so does Vixen (12) and Kohl (12). Pinea (13), Willow (7), and Clary (6) are trying to set up a camp and cook some dinner. Griffin (11) decided to scope out the arena with Logan (8) and Flick (14). 

  • District 1
  • District 1
  • District 2
  • District 4
  • District 5
  • District 5
  • District 5
  • District 5
  • District 6
  • District 7
  • District 8
  • District 8
  • District 9
  • District 9
  • District 10
  • District 10
  • District 12
  • District 13
  • District 14
  • Capitol

Suddenly, the Capitol anthem sounds and the faces appear. The first two faces to appear are from District 1: Fross (1) and Topaz (1). Then, the little 2 girl is shown followed by Thomas (4). All the District 5 tributes are shown followed by Emma (6). Autumn (7), Cheyenne (8), and Flora (8) follow with the District 9 tributes, except for the two siblings. Both males from District 10 are shown and then Spark (12) who died by jumping off his plate early is shown. Drake (13), Joanna (14) and Hollow (C) all end up the fatalities. The sky darkens and before I know it I fall asleep.

Day 2 - The Explosion

Zephyr Brawn - District 2

I wake up early in the morning to the sound of a alarm clock. At first, I think that I was just dreaming about being in the Games when I notice weapons surrounding me and Prism (2) by my side. 

"Why'd you put on an alarm clock?" I ask one more time. I've asked her so many times the other day but she wouldn't answer. 

"So we can hunt tributes early in the morning." She finally answers.

Suddenly, a huge cannon sounds, but not a normal tribute's death cannon, one that I've never heard of before. 

"Let's leave, I want to see what that is." I say already walking to the door. She doesn't say anything and just follows. 

By the time we get outside, we notice a large rocket coming down from the sky. It flies pass the other buildings and hits the building Prism (2) and I were just in. The building starts tiping over and we try to get out of the way. However, I watch as the building crushes Prism (2) while I just get out of the way, but it still crushes my leg. 


I grab it with pain, but I know I won't be able to use it anymore. I notice one of Prism's (2) throwing knives and use it to cut off my leg. Doing as well as I can to ignore the pain, I quickly make a turniquet using a blanket to control the bleeding, but pass out shortly after. 

Willow Firethron - District 7

I look around at all of our supplies enraged. That stupid building that just collapsed destroyed most of our supplies! Now, we're going through the rubble, searching for anything that may come in handy. Luckily, we all have weapons, but we're lacking food and the water here is all full of chlorine!

"Look what I found!" Flick (14) calls, waving his hand and pointing to a little apartment that somehow survived the explosion. "Should we go in it?" 

"I don't think so." I tell him. I always hate going somewhere when it's just reminds me of....I can't even say her name. 

"But it would keep us hidden." Clary (6) says. 

"I'm with Clary on this one." Kohl (12) says and Vixen (12) just nods her head. She just keeps staring at him with a smile like she's in crazy love with him. 

"Let's put it to a vote." Pinea (13) says and starts. "Anyone who wants to go in there, raise your hand." Clary (6), Logan (8), Kohl (12), Vixen (12), and Flick (14) all raise thir hand. "Anyone who disagrees." The 7 others decide to raise their hands, along with me, and we all agree we have to move somewhere else. Anyways, when I was walking by, I heard weird noises in there. 

Watt'r Resse - District 4

Dariah (4) and I walk around the arena. We know that other tributes must be on the opposite side of the arena from the District 13 building. Nobody over there could still be alive, but then again, I only heard one cannon. 

"Where are they?" Dariah (4) asks. "We've looked through 3 buildings so far and nobody's there!" 

"Patience!" I tell her and motion for her to quiet down. "We need to be smart and -" I stop mid-sentence when a sponsor gift drops right in front of us. 

"I call it!" Dariah (4) quickly says. "Let's see..." She opens it up, then drops her shoulders. "It's just a list of who's still alive on our team." 

"Who's left?" I ask anxiously. "Is anyone strong?" 

"There's...Blood from 2, Courage and Michelangelo from 3, Lutado from 6, Thor from 7, Dome from 8, Carter from 9, Alexandra from 10, Violet from 11, and Shadow from 13. The only people we lost were Nyx, Starr and Gambler." 

"Hmmm..." I try to thnk about the people she said. Blood (2) seems to be a threat, but I remember him runnin goff with Thor (7). Both are strong and deadly, they are obviously the bigger leaders of the team. Then, there's the two from 3. I don't really remember then so they obviously didn't get good training scores. Then again, I know they didn't do terrible, like the boy from 12, so they're average. Lutado (6) and Dome (8) got a pretty good score. I remember them getting the same as me and I wanted to kill them...and now we're working together. Carter (9), despite getting the same score as me, didn't seem too deadly because of her brother. She's probably with him now despite the fact they aren't on the same team. I forgot entirely about Alexandra (10) and Violet (11) since I fell asleep during the training score announcements right after District 6's. Then, there's Shadow (13) who I remember Dariah (4) waking me up to see he got a 10. "We've got a pretty good team." 

"Yeah, but where are they?" Dariah asks. "What happens if one of them was killed this morning?" 

"Then we're even closer to winning." I tell her. "You realize that the Gamemakers never said that your team could win. That means it's still only one can get out!" 

"No...they couldn't have done that!" Dariah rebuts. "Just think about what would happen if it came down to our team!" 

"Then I guess it can't come down to it." I speak. Honestly, I don't because Dariah's becoming the best friend I've ever had. Seriously, within my entire lifetime she's the only person I could say I don't want to kill...not yet anyways. 

Brann Clatch - District 6

I slowly sneak away from the District 4 Females and quickly run outside. That was the luckiest thing that happened all day. The sponsor gifts. Even I got one! Sadly, it was just a list of my team. I just left it there because it didn't really matter. 

I made my way all the way down to the blown up building and walk around. There's a sword hiding between two bricks and I try to yank it out. I have to use all of my energy just to yank it out and when I finally do, I bump my head on a random apartment. 

"Ouch!" I scream and hold my head. I hear sounds like someone quickly hissing. Well, not exactly but like a quiet yell mixed with hissing. It's very confusing!

I try to walk away, but everything's blurry. My mind keeps imagining tributes I've seen in either previous Games or during the bloodbath and I swing my sword at them. Nobody's really there, which I realize shortly, but it just seems like their really there. I try to imagine what it must be like watching me and I let out a little laugh. 

Suddenly, I realize two other tributes. They're probably imaginary so I keep rubbing my eyes, but they're still there. Plus, they are popping out. I prepare my sword, but then realize I have three! Something's really going wrong with my head. I keep pounding it hopelessly, hoping I can either realize what's happening or wake up from this nightmare. Until suddenly, I notice an arrow flying right towards my eyes. Actually, there's three...

Murr "Blood" Stregther - District 2

I laugh with Thor (7) as I pull the arrow out of Brann's (6) eye. He was so confused and so weird. We've been stalking him for some time after he ran out of the District 4 Building and watched as he seemed to be freaking out. Luckily, we killed him before we got too hungry because it's already, maybe noon from the looks of our shadow. 

"You want lunch?" Thor (7) asks and I nod. "Great! Because he looks like he's got a lot of meat on him!"

Without letting him say anything, I grab the body and start peeling away. Thor (7) takes a whole chunk of Brann's (6) stomach out and kick his head into the water. Then, he peels off the skin and yank all of the bones out. Thor (7) starts eating a little meat he found on Brann's (6) ribs and I start throwing up in the water. I watch as it expands and eventually, drains out of the pool. 

"I'm going to take a walk." I say before I start puking again. "Just call me once your done eating."

"What are you eating?" He screams after swallowing some of Brann's (6) body. "Because I can share him." 

"It's fine." I reply. "I'll find something around here. Do you want me to grab some coal from the District 12 building? It'll help with a fire." 

"Sure." He says and I turn away. 

I honestly don't know how he could eat another person! I would throw up before the body even touches my lips. My mind wanders and I find that I was accidentally heading towards the Capitol building. Great! Now I need to retrace my steps and see Thor eating the body.

Electra "Ellie" Wires - District 3

I look around the entire arena, searching for my group. It's almost nighttime and I'll have to stop, but I still need to find my team. I remember seeing Zephyr (2) pass out by the District 13 building and he's probably the one who died around noon. I doubt that he could have survived with that much blood loss. 

Then, there's Prism (2) and Troy (4), the only living Careers on my team and I try to think where they might be. There's one team in the cornucopia, but they left and I remember seeing Courage (3) on their team. Courage (3) isn't on mine though. I remember going on a path which lead to a beach, but Tech (3) was in that alliance, not in mine though. That means two things. One, my team is separated. Or two, my team is running away from me or I haven't found them. 

I walk towards a building and spot the District 4 Females. I quickly run to the District 7 wooden building, but the doors are locked. My mind's rushing and I notice the females running towards me. I'm running out of time so I jump through the window and am greeted with a trident.

"Troy?" I speak up and he lowers his trident. "Help me board up this window!" 

Without arguing, they all pitch in to board up the windows. There's only Troy (4), the District 11 Males, Bleu (14) and I so we all grab some nails and hammers they found at the District 6 building. When we're finally done, the two females stop banging into the door and window. I peak through a little gap and receive a knife in my eye.

"Ouch!" I scream and grab my bloody eye. Troy (4) grabs my hand away from my eye and look at it. He let's out a little groan and backs away. 

"It's broken." He says and sits down. "It's no use trying to get it to work again." 

"My eye's no broken." I scream under my breath. "Eye's don't exactly break. They aren't like bones. I just got stabbed in the eyes and now I won't be able to see out of it." 

"Whatever." He says. "Do you guys think they left?" 

I look out of the window with my good eye, but just receive a knife in my eye. Everything's dark and I stumble backwards into somebody's arms. 

"Are you okay?" The voice says and I detect it being Tempesto (11). "Can you even see?" 

"No." I respond. "And by the way Troy, I think they're still out there." 

I hear the anthem starting and I wait until it's entirely over before I start asking them about who died. 

"Who's dead?" I ask. 

"People on our team..." Tempesto says and, for the first time, it's not happy. "Prism's dead." 

"How about Zephyr?" I ask. "I say him bleeding out by the destroyed building."

"His picture didn't show, only Prism and the District 6 Male." 

"Great!" I say sarcastically. "Still more than half the tributes left and I'm blind." 

Day 3 - The Fire

Dariah Resse - District 4

"Watt'r!" I whisper as I'm trying to shake Watt'r (4) awake. "We need to find a way to get those tributes out of there."

"What?" She mumbles as she opens up her eyes and starts scratching her head.

"We need to get them out of there!" I scream and she covers my mouth. I swipe her hand away and apologize. "But we still need to get them out." 

"Good job!" Watt'r tells me with an elephant smile. "You're becoming a Career!" 

Wow! I am! I've only killed the District 5 Female during the bloodbath, but now I'm craving for blood. These Games really change you! I guess I just really want to get home. "Thanks." I say as I realize she just complemented me. 

"But you still aren't that entirely smart." She snickers. "This building is made entirely of wood. It would easily burn if we started it on fire. All we need to do is us matches to burn it down and then we will be able to kill them when they try to escape the house. One way or the other they're dead." 

I begin to think about any flaws that might occur. However, it doesn't seem like there's any. "First, let's make sure there's no doors on any other side." I say. "Because if they escape from the back, we wouldn't catch up to them." 

"Fine, but I didn't see one yesterday." Watt'r (4) says, but does reluctantely follow me. When we finally make it all around, we notice that there's only one entrance and exit. In the front. Our plan is flawelss!

"Here." I say while going through my bag. "I remember picking up matches when we were leaving." I start pulling things out of my bag until I find the matches at the way bottom. They've dried up, but still somewhat slippery. Watt'r (4) grabs the matches out of my hand and lights one. I take another and light it. 

"Are you ready?" Watt'r (4) asks and I nod. We toss the matches into the house and watch as a fire erupts.

Troy Costas - District 4 

"Troy!" I hear Bleu (14) scream and I immediately wake up. "Fire!" 

I look around and notice fire starting to destroy the building. I'm on the second level and the floor is already starting to fall, while my allies our underneath. With my trident in hand and bag on back, I run down the stairs and notice the others getting as far away from the fire as they can. The door is still locked, but I suspect Dariah (4) and Watt'r (4) are waiting by the door. 

"Let's leave!" Damian (11) screams and makes a risky attempt to flee. He makes it to the door, opens it, but then receives a trident to the chest.


"Damian!" Tempesto (11) screams, but I grab him before he can run towards him. 

"We're doomed!" Bleu (14) cries and falls to the ground. "We can't get out of this." 

Suddenly, the floor above us starts to fall and I look around for somewhere we can duck for cover. A desk! I gather Bleu (14) and Tempesto (11) and grab them underneath the desk. We don't all fit, but all of us manage to get our head in protection. Then, the wall collapses. 


I notice Bleu (14) laying down on the ground and the wall in the back has collapsed. I grab Tempesto's (11) hand, but he seems to try to run the other way. With all of my strength, I manage to get hime out of the house and flee to a different building. When we reach the District 9 building, we run inside and sit down to rest. 

"We lost...two people." I say between big breathes. "Bleu and Damian." 

"Bleu's not dead." Tempesto (11) informs me. "She's knocked out." 

"No she's dead!" I say. He's probably just imagining things. I saw her myself on the ground with blood around. She's long gone. "Who else would the cannon be?"

"Ellie's." Tempeto (11) immediately says. "Bleu was just knocked out because of the building on her back." 

I start to say something, but then stop. Ellie (3) was on our team. She was with us last night. And now I let her die! What type of a leader is that? 

Alexandra Cassava - District 10

I look out of the window from the District 8 building and watch as the fire seems to be dying down. I can't believe how much damage it caused! This is the third building that was destroyed. I faintly remember seeing the District 5 start to lower during the bloodbath. Then the District 13 was exploded and finally, District 7 was burned. 

I slowly make my way out of the building, watching every step I take so I don't step on a creek. When I reach the door, I wait until the voices faintly go away and open up the door. I notice the District 4 Females holding their tridents up high, heading towards the District 9 building. 

Quickly, I shut the door as quietly as I can, hatchet up high, and run in the opposite direction. I notice moaning coming from the ashes of the District 7 building, but decide to just keep moving. I start to hear noices and then I see a whole team start approaching me. I catch a glimpse and notice Willow (7). I quickly open the door to the District 6 building and hide by a window. 

I grab the sheet of paper telling me about my team, looking for Willow's (7) name, but she's not on my team. I hold my breath, hoping that they pass when I hear the doorknob start to be twisted and then opened. I notice Griffin (11) with a horrifying machete in hand. She closes the door and starts to head in the opposite direction of me. 

With my hatchet in hand, I swiftly move towards her, being as quiet as can be. I raise my hatchet and bring it down on her back. However, my hands are shaking so much that I only cut off her arm. She screams with pain and I quickly bring the hatchet into her mouth. She falls down, but her teammates come to the door. 


I try to look for somewhere to hide, but before I can, I get knives thrown into my stomach. The pain is unbearable and I finally die when one reaches my head. 

Canopy Starsos - District 1


I look down at Alexandra (10) who I just killed. My teammates look at me and I notice the horror in their eyes. In fact, their entire body language shows horror. I ignore them and just run upstairs. They obviously don't know how to kill.

I notice a room right to the left when I enter the room and enter it. There's no time to be mad. My mind keeps telling me, but what does it know. I just killed someone greusomely. There were nine knives in her stomach, then I threw two into her forehead. Even I didn't know that I was a monster. 

"Are you okay?" Chandelier asks as she opens up the door and peaks around to see me.

"I'm fine." I say grumpily and turn around.

"Look, what you did down there was brave." She says and gives me a hug. "There's nothing wrong with that." 

"Everyone's afraid of me." I say with my lip starting to tremble. "Even I'm afraid of who I'm becoming." 

"Then stop." She says. "Stop trying to be afraid and just don't do it." And with that, she gives me a little kiss on the check and leaves. 

I still sit in the room smiling. She kissed me again! When will I kiss her though?

Furry Anderson - District 7

I make my way to the District 6 building, waiting for my chance to attack that huge alliance. They're all so simple and such babies. They only have two Careers and their in love. If I kill one of them, then the other would be simple because of their rage. As for the others, who really cares? They're a bunch of idiots!

I stay hidden on the side of the house when I hear the door open. It's Willow (7)! She's all alone and sits down on the ground. I throw an axe right to her and watch as it enters her head. 


Perfect! One down, only a few left. Next one's to come out is Shimmer (C) and Derek (14) followed by Flick (14). I quickly throw an axe into Derek's (14) leg and chuck a knife into Shimmer's (C) shoulder. Both drop their weapons and I end Derek (14) with a knife to the head. As for Shimmer (C), he hides inside while Flick (14) and I examine each other. All he has is a stupid trident so I throw an axe towards him, followed by a few knives. He swiftly dodges the weapons and chucks the trident at me. I try to dodge it, but it enters my leg. And because of that little second where my guard was down, I received another to my neck. 

Techy "Tech" Harmonic - District 3

Chloe (10), Tiger (C), Xenon (C), and I all lay down on the beach. We found some swimsuits inside a hut and decided to try them on. These last two days have been all about tanning and swimming and relaxing. Nothing could beat this moment. Plus, nobody's come near us since. One way or another, we would be able to defend ourselves, but it all depends on where we are. In the morning, I'm on watch. At noon, Xenon (C) takes her shift. Afternoon is Tiger (C) and night is Chloe (10). 

Currently, Chloe (10) is on her shift and we all decide to change back into our tribute's outfits. We put on some more sunscreen, just in case if we get burnt during the night, and start to lay in the hammocks. Chloe (10) even joins us for a while as the Capitol anthem starts and the faces appear. 
  • District 3
  • District 7
  • District 7
  • District 10
  • District 11
  • District 11
  • District 14

First up is Electra "Ellie" Wires (3) from District 3. Following her is two tributes from 7, a male and female, which means only Thor (7) is still alive from that district. District 10 has only a female which leaves Chloe (10) as the last female from 7. She starts to cry a little when she sees Willow's (7) face, but Tiger (C) starts rubbing her back. Finally, there's the District 14 Male who's related to Finnick Odair. Now, there's just about half the tributes left! And we still have a pretty good team...

Day 4 - The Infection

Vicky Tamboli - District 12

I wake up early and stroll around the arena. I look around at the destroyed District 13 building in search of food. Even in District 12 I at least ate a little bit of food each day. Now, my stomach feels like it's just eating itself. My stomach just keeps grumbling and I can barely walk. 

When I finally look through all of the ruckage, I fall down. My eyes start flickering and I feel like I'm going to die when I hear moaning. My head looks up just a little bit to find a room that somehow survived. I start to crawl over to the door. I get to my knees and eventually on my feet when I start to twist the knob. 

Zombies. Zombies were all that's inside of there. At first, it looked like regular tributes, but then one turns around. I can tell from the rotting eyes and the blood coming out of it's lip. It starts to moan and then the other join in. One starts to turn around, but this ones different. It has a somewhat pea-green skin and a huge chunk of his neck taken of. Others start to turn around and I can name one difference in each of them. Handless, elderly, children, females, even dogs were in there.

Then, without warning, they all charge at me. I trip over a brick and let out one last scream until the pea-green zombie rips out my heart.

Thor Pheadra - District 7


I wake up and Blood (2) gives me an uneasy look. 

"Are you okay?" He asks and then yawns. "Because you slept through your shift."

"I'll watch us the entire night tonight then." I respond and rub my eyes. He hands me some fruit and I start to eat away. 

"CONGRADULATIONS TRIBUTES!" A booming voice announces. I have to hold onto my ears because he screamed it so loud that it seems like I lost my hearing. "You've survived four days already and half the tributes remain! Have you bounded well enough with your teams? If you did, then I'm sorry to say that now, there's not going to be teams. In fact, all you need to do is survive the next few days or until all the zombies die. Actually, die again since they're already dead. Anyways, there's already 300 in this arena plus all the dead tributes. You kill all of the zombies, feel free to leave the arena alive. However, be warned that a single bite or scratch will kill you. Have a great day!"

I turn towards Blood (2), but he already has a mace out. There's no way I could have trusted him, but we were on the same team. I pull out my machete, but he knocks it right out of my hands using his foot. For once, I'm actually a little scared, but I can't show it. I charge at him and manage to get my hands around his neck. The mace is flung to the side and an arrow digs right up into my knee. I look down to notice it went right through his leg, but that caused me to let down my guard and he kicked me right into the wall. He crawls towards his crossbow and aims at me.

He sends it flying, but it doesn't hit me! It goes right into a zombies stomach. The things still alive and starts to go after me. I kick it off of me and get up on my feet. Blood (2) does too and starts to hop up the stairs. I follow him, but made sure to grab my bag along with a machete. When we make it up the stairs, Blood (2) enters a room and locks it before I can even get it. I go in the room next to it, lock the door and start to chuckle when I figure out the rooms connect. 

"Do you still want to kill me?" I ask Blood (2), leaning against the doorway between the rooms. "Because if you do, I hope you realize I have both legs."

"What's that?" Blood (2) says, pointing at a little wound in my leg that got when the zombie attacked me. "It looks like a scratch." 

"It's not." I say and start to pull up my pants until the wound is completely visible. A scratch! "I think I must have cut my leg when you fought me." 

"I didn't scratch you." He says dead scared. "That's a zombie scratch." 

"No it's not!" He screams and I hear pounding on the door. "The zombies are probably trying to get in." 

"Yeah." I say staring at the scratch. "How will we even get out?" 

"I know how I'll get out." Blood (2) says staring at me. 

"How?" I ask, but then begin to realize a little error in his sentence. "Wait, you said I." 

"You're right." He says starting to stand up. "Because I'm using you." 

Before I can even move, he pulls out a crossbow and shoots me right in the shoulder. I drop my bag and my machete, which he picks up, and then hobbles into the other room. I try to call out to tell him to wait, but he just turns around and shoots me in the leg. Suddenly, the door is knocked down and the zombies start to tear me apart. In the corner of my eye, I notice Blood (2) who sends an arrow flying into my forehead. 

Murr "Blood" Stregther - District 2


I lock the door behind the zombies and lay onto the bed in there. Outside my door, I can hear the unpleasant sounds of zombies mauling Thor (7). Others are outside me door, but I think they're starting to believe I'm not even here. 

I start to stare out my window when a plan starts to form in my head. The outcome's unpredictable, but it has a good chance of working. I grab some metal from the bag, add some crackers and even Thor's (7) machete before chucking it all out of the window. There's a loud explosion and at first, I think it's my supplies, but then I realize it's the District 7 building...well, the remains of it. It flings around every where and I get some woodchips stuck in my left eye. 

Once I pull it out of my eye, it notice it's bleeding a little, but I'm still able to see out of it. When I dab the blood away from my eye, I realize the sound is silent. Then, I notice all the zombies at the District 7 building. Sound! Zombies must be attracted to sound. 

Once again, I hear a scream coming from the building and watch as the zombies seen to surround the source. Then, as usual, there's the...


Carter Evans - District 9

Max (9) and I stare at each other, both extremely scared. We just experienced what some might say a "zombie apocalypse." I guess it wasn't smart to try to move towards the District 6 building, but we did find interesting things. There's vehicles everywhere! Plus, no zombies have come in...yet. At the garage door, zombies are banging to get in. 

Max (9) starts to cry and I try to comfort him, but I don't know how to. We're in a very bad situation where it looks like we won't come out. I grab his hand to get away from door, knowing that zombies would attack him right away and I'd watch as he's eaten alive. I bring him inside a car and lock the doors when I think about a plan. Drive. Drive away.

"Max, I'm going to do something risky." I say noticing keys lined up along the opposite wall. "I need to quickly get to the other wall." 

"No!" He screams and grabs my arm. "The garage is going to be knocked down soon and you can't die!" 

"I'll be fine." I say while grabbing my scythe. "I'm protected."

Without saying anything else, I leave with my scythe in hands. I dash over to the keys and just barely put it in my pocket when the garage is knocked down. From here, I can hear Max (9) screaming for me to rush over which I do until zombies surround me. I stab one in the stomach, but it still moves until I bring my scythe down on his head. The head! They only die if you hit the head!

I start swinging my scythe to kill a few more, but some get in my way and knock the scythe out of my hands. I start to back up when suddenly, the body falls down. Behind, I notice Max (9), knives in hand, brutally shoving his knives through zombies heads. I pick up my scythe and regroup with my brother. We slowly make our way to the car, when we finally jump in. Max (9) gets the passanger seat while I quickly go to the drivers seat. 

"Drive!" Max (9) screams, but he didn't need to because I already had my key placed and car started, then I drove out of there without having a mind to think about how I don't know how to. 

When we finally make it outside, zombies seem to attack the car, but I keep driving until I notice a group in front. Zombie corses are covering the windshield and when it finally falls off, I notice the District 2 Male and District 14 Female right in front of my car. I can't stop on time when they go flying. 


I slowly realize what just happened, when Max (9) nudges me to help them out. I open up the door and scream for them to get in. Without hesitating, they all climb in and start speeding away. 

"Are any of you bit or scratched?" Max (9) immediately asks when we get going. "Because if you are, get out!" 

"None of us." The District 11 Female says. "We weren't even touched." 

"What are your names?" I ask, lightly punching Max (9) for being rude. 

"Violet." The District 11 Female says. 

"Dome." The boy next to her says. 

"And I'm Shadow." The boy right next to the door says.

"Michelangelo." The boy says in the way back. "And this is Courage." 

"Nice to meet you." I say looking back at them until I go over a bump and almost tip the car over. "Whoa! Anyways, we're Max and Carter from 9. Also, sorry for killing the other two of your allies."

"It doesn't matter." Courage (3) says revealing his face. "We just met them this morning after the outbreak."

"Ohh..." I say, not knowing how to respond. We reach the District 2 building where we decide to quickly stop at when suddenly, it's blown up. Weapons fly everywhere and one pops the tire. Quickly, we all duck for cover and embrace for the impact. The bricks go through the roof and knocks Max (9) unconsious. When everything slows down, we decide to just look up. The cars completely hidden, but it's hard to tell because it's starting to get late out. 

"I think we'll be safe here for tonight." I say giving a light smile. "But just in case, I'm going to move back there with Max." I drag him to the back seat and I begin to lay down. 

"We should just go underneath the car." Courage says. "Because I found a trap door right here to get you out of here." 

"Really?!" I say intently looking back at the trap door. "Let's go there!" 

All of us start to take turns to go under the car, but then Shadow (13) never came. He nominates himself for taking first watch when the anthem starts. Since I won't be able to see. I pull the blanket over Max (9) and I and fill up my bag with soft treats which makes it feel like a pillow. 

"Who died?" I ask as I'm not able to sleep. 

"There's only 5. The two people you ran over from 2 and 14. Then the male from 7. Finally, a female from 12 and 13." 

"Wow! These Games are going by fast." I lie. Who am I kidding? Despite the fact these Games have only lasted 4 days, it still feels like hell from all the twists. On the bright side, now we don't have teams! Wait...

Day 5 - The Plans

Troy Costas - District 4

"What?" I mumble as Tempesto (11) nudges me awake.

"We need to leave." He whispers urgently.

"Why?" I say while rubbing me eyes and adjusting to the sun. 

"Zombies." He says and I get to my feet. I look out of the window to see a whole group of zombies surrounding the door. 

"What'd you'd do!" I scream. "Now we're going to die!"

"No, it's fine." He says motioning me to hush. "I have a plan."

Without saying anything, I go along with his plan. He tells me that we are going to burn down this building and then escape from the back. The only problem is if the front burns down first. Tempesto (11) grabs some gas, splashes it all around the back wall, and throws a match right into it. 

I leap back from fright and almost fall over from how fast the fire starts. Tempesto (11) grabs my hand and we start to run away. We make it to the District 10 building, but am stopped by a herd of zombies. We start to make our way to the back ally, but there's even more there. Tempesto (11) accidentally runs into the wall and lets out a little yelp when they start to come. 

We turn around and see a zombie. I can smell it's bloody breath and start to back away when I notice some flesh stuck in its teeth. It grabs Tempesto's (11) arm and bites. A huge bit is taken out and I hear Tempesto (11) scream. He punches the zombie away and quickly shoves a knife into its head. Tempesto (11) gives me an uneasy look, but then something grabs me.

Zombies! Everywhere, zombies. I kick one in the gut and it crashes down a few in its way. A scratch! No, not a scratch. Tears start forming in my eyes because this can't be how I end. Tempesto (11) stares at me and gives me a look that tells me he's risking his life for me. I try to stop him, but he shoves himself into a group of zombies. They all start eating him alive. 

Blood is spread everywhere and crying is still heard. Until finally, I see as the heart goes flying into my hand. Someone grabs my should and, at first, I think its just another tribute, but I look at its dusty, old hand and kick him away. I throw a trident into its head and start to make my way away from here. I quietly sneak around to the District 12 building and notice a boatload of zombies inside. I grab a little bit of food, but then I hear it. 


It must have been delayed because Tempesto (11) couldn't have died right now. Zombies start rushing to the door and I go around the corner as they start to come outside. When I feel like they all left, I rush inside and bump into Blood (2)

"Allies?" I quickly burst out and he nods. 

Murr "Blood" Stregther - District 2

I grab Troy's (4) wrist and drag him up the stairs. A few zombies still remain, but they seem hopeless. I keep going up the stairs, trying to see something I haven't seen yet and find a trapdoor. Slowly, I open it and am blinded by the ray of light. When my vision finally adjusts, I notice how beautiful it looks up here. Well, for District 12.

The entire roof is covered with a small, black fence that only goes up to my legs. However, its on fire. All around are different types of coal bushes. Even though I'm wearing shoes, I can still feel the heat going through my shoes and burning my feet. 

"We can't stay here." Troy (4) says and jumps to the stairs. "It's too hot, we can't move."

"But if we can't, neither can they." They refering to the zombies. I know it's a wild guess and we'd have nasty burns, but I'd rather not stay down there. 

"Suits yourself." He says and runs down the stairs. I try to go after him, but then I hear it.


I slowly make my way and, very suspiciously, I peak to see if he's still alive. When I see him close the door, I let out a little sigh and start to join him. But my suspicions arise. Who died?

Xenon Osmond - Capitol

I yank my spear out of Lutado's (6) corpse and start to wipe away the blood. Tech (3) gives me a reassuring look, but Tiger (C) just stares outside. There's something going on outside and I want to see, but am to preoccupied trying to move the body. 

"A sponsor gift!" Tiger (C) says and pushes Chloe (10) awake. Since she watches us at night, she usually sleeps in the morning. 

"What'd you say?" Chloe (10) says groggily. I feel bad, we've had to wake her up a lot today and she's only got about an hour of sleep. "Can I please just get a little bit of sleep?"

"A sponsor gift!" Tiger (C) repeats and this time, Chloe (10) stands up. She looks out the window where a little metal box lies. I hear a little beep repeatedly and notice about 15 zombies surrounding it. Luckily, there's not a lot at this beach, but there's still a few. "We have to get it." 

"We don't have good supplies." Chloe (10) says. "And I'm talking about weapons. Tech's the only one who got a good weapon. Other than that, all I have is a knife and Xenon has a spear." 

"We can do this." Tech (3) says. "I'll go on the roof and snipe the zombies. When most are down, go out there and kill the rest. I'll still try to hit them from afar, but I won't risk hitting you guys. Also, grab my knives or darts if you could."

"I have a better plan." I say. "What happens if we see if light distracts them. We throw a match out there and then we kill them there. We could also use the body."

We decided to do a combination of both. Tech (3) climbs on the roof with me and we wait for the time. I grab Lutado's corpse and throw it towards the side of the house. One by one, the zombies start to head over to the body, and we all are starting to eat it, Tiger (C) and Chloe (10) head out. 

They pick up the sponsor gift which Tiger (C) quickly opens. A knife! That's it! We just tried to risk our lives for a knife! They give us an uneasy look and I watch in terror as a herd of zombies start to invade. They both turn and try to attack, but I just let out a little cry. Tech (3) tells me to wait as the others start to make their way back to the hut. 

Suddenly, Chloe (10) falls. She drops her knife and is looking busily through the sand for it when suddenly a zombie grabs her leg. She kicks it away and suddenly, pulls her hand back. From here, I can see a littel trickle of blood start to pour out and start to close my eyes, but I can't. She picks up the knife, but her hand is busily shaking. I feel so bad for her when suddenly, I become face to face with a zombie.

Zombies start to climb up the sides and Tech (3) starts to dig knives into their heads. I start kicking some of them off and Tech (3) signals for me to get it. I don't refuse and look out the window for Chloe (10) and Tiger (C) to come. They both barely make it to the door when I quickly open it. Zombies try to get in the door, but we all eventually close it before they touch us.

"Where's Tech?" Tiger (C) says and looks up through the little opening in the ceiling. We wait anxiously until something jumps in. Tech! She quickly closes the trapdoor and starts breathing heavenly. 

"We just experienced hell." Tech (3) says and bends down, putting her hands her knees. "I don't like this." 

We all start to relax, but we know that it won't last that long. This was probably the worst thing to do. Waste all of our time trying to get a knife that won't be useful. 

Clarissa "Clary" Lightwood - District 6

I start to slowly walk around, following a whole group of zombies. Believe it or not, they don't even know I'm there. Pinea (13) and I both willingly volunteered to risk our lives to find other tributes for alliances. If we have everyone, then we will be unstoppable. Plus, they can't kill all the tributes. Can they?

We slowly start to follow them down this path and Pinea (13) starts to give me a nervous look, but I just ignore it. I can't start doubting myself. Not now. We slowly make our way to a beach where I notice a group of zombies surrounding a hut. We make our way over there until finally, I can look through the window. Four tributes. 

They are all pretty small and pretty weak. But I do remember them from their training scores. Tech (3) seems to have been pretty low these last few days as I almost forgot about her. Chloe (10) and Tiger (C) always stuck in my mind from the start. Both just stuck out as they weren't really like their district partners. Then, there's only other girl with brown hair and an orange streak. I didn't even think that was a tribute. 

As quietly as possible, I tap on the window, hoping they'll notice. Tech (3) gets off her feet and stares at me. I need to get in. There's got to be a way that I can get in without getting injuring or killing them. I start to back away, when an idea sparks. Literally. I saw a flame start and saw a whole lot of zombies surrounding it. I grab all my matches and let is go flying into the wooden hut. The entire thing goes into flames and the four come bursting out. 

They pass the line of zombies without scratches or bites and we run towards them. When we meet up, we quickly hide near the path before slowly make our way pass it. Zombies are everywhere. They keep coming by and I just keep watching Pinea (13) shove a machete in their heads or Chloe (10) shove a knife in their heads. Tech (3) watches our backs and prepares her blowgun in case if anything comes. 

When we finally make it pass the path, we search for a building. Pinea (13) decides to lead us towards the District 2 building. We finally make it there and enter. Luckily, nothings in here. Zombies haven't infected this place yet so we all lock the doors and then relax. Each of us get our own rooms on the second floor and we all start to go to bed. I wonder what my alliance is doing. Not this one, but the one over there. When I left, they were heading over to the cars which they noticed yesterday.

Carter Evans - District 9

I lay down on a bed next to Max (9). Today, we made an even larger alliance and now are able to relax. We've been able to sleep all morning in the District 5 building. The best part is that it has power! I'm able to watch TV and I hear about what's happening outside of these Games. Supposedly District 14 started an uprising, so I feel bad for their tributes. We all know that they won't win then. 
  • District 6
  • District 11

Suddenly, the anthem starts and the TV changes. I watch as Lutado (6) goes up first, followed by Tempesto (11). I feel bad for them. Tempesto (11) always seemed so happy, but now he's gone. Then, there's Lutado (6) who I didn't really notice. However, he still had a life and was probably loved by someone. Then, the anthem stops and the Capitol seal is shown before it disappears.

I turn the TV's volume down and turn the timer on to half an hour. The blanket keeps me warm, but the bed feels even better. Max (9) still has been unconsious, but he's getting better. He broke his arm in the crash. 

Day 6 - The Feast

Head Gamemaker, Flux Ogilby, at the Capitol

"These Games are getting boring." Another gamemaker to my left says. I can't quite disagree. The tributes are starting to ally with each other, not fight. They're forgetting the whole purpose of these Games!

"We have to do something to make them get in trouble." I say with a little snicker. "You know, we haven't had a feast yet." 

"The tributes wouldn't go." He says and I give him a nasty stare which makes him get back to work. 

"They wouldn't go if they didn't need to. They wouldn't risk it." I respond. "But we just need to force them." I walk back up to my work station and start to clear away some of the zombies. "They would go though if they had a clear shot."

"Where are you trying to move all the zombies." Levai, my sister and second-in-command says. "We can't just get them all out and then place it in there again."

"We could place it in a building." I suggest. "District 8's seems like barely anyone has gone in there. But that won't fit them all. Maybe the District 3 building would be even better. In fact, just place them in both!" 

And with that, we start to control each zombie to make them walk to the District 3 or 8 building. Before sunrise, the zombies are all hidden away and I grab a microphone. 

"CONGRADULATIONS TRIBUTES FOR LASTING THIS LONG! I know you might not like this, but there will be a feast. Why should you go? Well, there is multiple different items that you might need. In fact, all of you need a better weapon. We're proud to announce that this will be the first year where guns will be allowed. There are different attachments you may add, like a silencer or a red-dot sight. Also, for you how are scratched or bite. There's that medicine in the cornucopia. Finally, in the middle of the cornucopia is the medicine to change a zombie back into a human! The feast starts right at sundown, when the sun is red and orange."

"When the sun is red and orange." My sister giggles as I put the microphone down. "That's what you had to say." 

Troy Costas - District 4

I sit up briefly as the feast is announced before laying back down. My arm just feels like it's on fire because of the scratch and I keep throwing up. Last night, Blood (2) noticed the scratch and kicked me out of his room. He's keeping me in the room right next to his, but now I think we'll be on the same team again. 

Someone knocks on my door and I open it up. Blood (2). He gives me a stare and then signals for me to follow him. Honestly, he scares me but these Games need someone that I can use to protect me. He opens up the door in his room and I leap back before realizing one things missing. The zombies! 

He leads me downstairs and we walk outside. The fresh air and the sound of birds singing just reminds me of perfect memories that I could just lay down and relax here. However, I have to kill tributes. There's no way you could relax in this sort of situation. 

We start to make our way to the District 14 building, since the District 13 building has been destoyed. I catch a glimpse of the breath-taking cornucopia and I stand for a while noticing the beauty. There's one thing that's different about it. Maybe it's the fact that it looks even brighter than before or there aren't any bricks on it. That's when I come to the conclusion that it must have moved out of the water. Now, it sits on a section of land in the middle of the water that only has one way to get on from land, from the back. In the front, you can see that it's just surrounded with water. 

When I look away from the cornucopia, I start to search for Blood (2). He ditched me! Anger starts filling up inside of me when I hear a sound in the District 14 building. I walk inside to find Blood (2) holding a lot of supplies. He's got food that will last each of us a week and even night-vision goggles. Finally, he has a telescope and binoculars for each of us. I start to help him grab the stuff and he gives me a bag of his for us to split. We each get a portion of each, except for the telescope which he gives to me. 

After that building, we felt rich. It was luck we just struck gold until we reached the Capitol building. Everything inside was bright and fun. Plus, there was medicine everywhere. Each of us grabbed some insta-heal before finding a booth which camoflague's you. Blood (2) goes in first, after I finally push him in and comes out as a nerd. I get a little chuckle out of this, but not a really big one as I come out as a girl. My hair got extensions and I have lipstick everywhere. Nobody will notice me!

When we are finally ready to leave, we hear some glass break. Slowly, Blood (2) looks around the corner to see Shimmer (C). He's looking through some medicines until he pulls out a little bottle. Shimmer (C) looks around to see if anyone's there until finally running away. Blood (2) grabs his crossbow, readies an arrow before sending it flying towards Shimmer (C). The arrow goes right through his arm and he drops his axe. However, instead of trying to pick it back up, he goes sprinting as fast as he can away from the building. From a window we notice him heading towards a building, but we can't see him until he runs pass the District 1 building. Before he did, though, he pulled the arrow out of his arm and dropped it on the floor. At least we can us it again.

We pick up our backpacks and start to head off, to try to see where he was going. Blood (2) picks up his arrow as he's walking pass it and we start to find where he's hidding. He couldn't have, gotten that far away, though, because by the way he's running, he would have passed out before he even made it to the District 6 building.

While walking pass the District 2 building, Blood (2) grabs me adn makes me stand still. Faintly, I can here the sound of tributes talking. Blood (2) gets an evil smile, but I talk him out of trying to kill him. Shimmer (C) would probably have way too many weapons in there since it is District 2's building. After putting this into consideration, Blood (2) pulls out his matches. He starts to slowly melt the handle until nothing remains. Then, he starts to go around the edge of the doors and, by the time he's done, there's no way the tribute can get out. Since District 2 doesn't have any other doors or windows, we start to head off. 

Instead of going to other buildings though, we decide to head to the cornucopia. Get our strategies ready before the materials rise. That way we'll get many kills. 

Chandelier Fronum - District 1 

"We have to amputate his arm!" I yell at Carter (9). "Otherwise your brother will die from internal bleeding. Plus, we need to bring him to the feast." 

"We can't bring him to the feast when he's unconsious!" She yells back. 

"It's fine." I say trying to calm her down. "We just need to quickly give him some sleep syrum and some painkillers. Then, he'll be fine for the day. Well, after we preform the surgery." 

"But..." She starts, but then forgets what to say. "Fine, but if he dies, so will you." Angrily, she runs off and I start to get ready.

Canopy (1) helps me by handing me a knife, some thread, some wire, and then a needle. Sadly, I have to use the knife to pull back his skin before I start. I wash my hands and then get right to it. 

First, I start by slowly pulling back the skin in his arm, but being very careful to not cut a vein. Canopy (1) starts to puke by my side and I excuse him. Luckily, he has enough brains to clean it up before I get sick myself. 

I focus once again on the arm, carefully examining the broken bone and figuring out what I could do to fix it. Luckily, it's just a bit off, but anything more could have made this surgery a whole lot more impossible. I start to move the bone in place, having to wipe some of his blood away just so I can see. When I finally estimate that it's perfect, I start wrapping the wire around. It won't have to stay like this forever, but I realize that if he won, they'd probably do a better surgery, but for now he's good. 

Then, I start to look around for where the vein was that was cut. When I finally see it, I slowly start to pull out of shard of glass, being very careful not to cut any other one in the process. Then, I grab a needle and start to stitch it up. Wait, no. You can't stitch up a vein. I start to pull out the thread, but it just starts oozing out liquids even more. I'm running out of time before he dies so I quickly try to wrap the thread around the vein. Luckily, it keeps most of it in, but it's not good enough.  

A trickle start to roll down my eyes and I'm greeted by a hand. Shimmer (C)! He hands me a bottle labelled 'Insta-Relief' and I let out a little sigh. I'm not dying today! Quickly, I dab what's left of it on the vein and watch as it almost instantely heals. I hug Shimmer (C), but he pushes me away, telling me I still have to finish my job. However, I can't handle but notice the little scar on his arm... Anyways, I get back to work. 

Stitching up his arm is almost too easy and I let Carter (9) walk in. She gives me a hug as well, but I tell her about how he won't be conscious by the time of the feast. She seems a bit disappointed, but doesn't really matter because she has her brother.

I decide to let the two be before leaving to get into the hall. Everyone's standing out of their apartment, waiting anxiously for the news. I inform them and they all start smiling. 

"However." I start. "We need Violet and Shimmer to carry him to the District 6 Building. We can easily get a car for him to rest while we're at the feast. We can hide the car so that once we have the supplies, they can quickly pick us up and bring us back here." 

Nobody argues and we start to make the way to the District 6 Building. Violet and Shimmer don't even look tired when we make it there so I start to feel a little better. Atleast it didn't kill them just carrying them to the next building. When Carter (9) opens up the garage, we are stunned, realizing how nice it is. We find a nice van that allows two people to sit in the front, three behind, and then have the trunk be full of nothing. The trunk it larger than the other parts, so big that you could have a little picnic, but not really that large. It's just a regular size van, slightly longer than a car, but not bus long, where the trunk takes up half the space. We fit Max in the back until we all start to find our seats. I'm the driver so I start to head over to the feast, realizing it should start in less than an hour.

Techy "Tech" Harmonic - District 3

"We have an issue getting to the feast!" I yell from down the stairs. All my allies are upstairs, but I decided to try and get a head start. "The door is stuck! It won't open." 

"Let me try." Tiger (C) says rushing down the stairs, but it doesn't work. Shadow (13) follows and they both try, but they don't even move it a bit. 

"I'm pretty sure it's not that hard." Pinea (13) says with a little chuckle. "Keep in mind you have to PULL not push." She also gives a try, but it won't move. Chloe (10) comes down the stairs, but is smart enough to just trust us.

"Clary? Are you still upstairs? If you are, are there any windows up there?" Chloe (10) screams, but Clary (6) doesn't respond for a while. A few minutes later, she tells us there's none and we start to lose hope. 

When Clary (6) comes down a few minutes later, she holds two maces in her hands. A blowgun is peaking out of her bag and we all start to back away. We don't know if she's trying to kill us or if she's just preparing for the feast, but I don't really want to try out. She winds up the mace and sends it flying for my head. I duck and grab one of my knives, sending it flying into her hip. She lets out a little yelp, then starts yelling at me about how she was trying to open up the door. When I turn around to see a huge part of the door missing, I start to believe her but I don't think I can for that long.

She starts to brutally knock down the door using the mace, injuring her legs in the process. But in the end, the door was done and Clary (6) was just scratched a lot in her legs. 

Watt'r Resse - District 4

We wait patiently for the supplies to appear. Dariah (4) and I are hiding behind some lawn chairs, being as quiet as possible. I know that there's going to be a hgue fight. Around half the tributes still remain and they're calling a feast? That's crazy. But I guess that was their way to get kills. I bet the tributes are all in an alliance too. Probably just so they don't die in the fight or so they don't die from the zombies. 

Suddenly, the ground below the cornucopia sinks and out comes all the supplies. My eyes lock on a shotgun near the inside of the cornucopia. I can't believe there's actually guns! There's pistols, machine guns, shotguns, extra ammo all around, and even some rocket launchers. Then, there's all the medicines and cure relating to all the zombies. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I notice some movement and find a group of about 11 people. That group consists of Canopy (1), Courage (3), Michelangelo (3), Dome (8), Logan (8), Violet (11), Kohl (12), Vixen (12), Shadow (13), Flick (14), and Shimmer (C). I prepare to throw my trident when another group tries to ambush us. It's Blood (2) and Troy (4)! Blood (2) swings a mace for my head, but I duck and it hits him in his leg. He lets out a little scream, but I shove a trident in his throat before he can make anymore noise. 


On the other hand, Dariah (4) is doing a very bad job at trying to kill Troy (4). She drops her trident and starts to hug him. I literally feel like I'm going to throw up, but I ignore this. I need Dariah (4) on my team and if I have to have Troy (4) too, I'll be fine with that.

"Now let's start killing some tributes!" I say and they stop hugging. They pick up their trident and we all dive into the water. We're the first people here so we quickly grab some guns. I get a shotgun, a pistol, and some extra ammo. Dariah (4) grabs a machine gun with two things of extra ammo along with some bite and scratch medicine. Then Troy starts to rub medicine on his arm before picking up a rocket launcher. He grabs enough extra ammo for him to hit it seven times, but that's not that good. 

We start to leave when Troy (4) bumps into an alliance with Tech (3), Clary (6), Chloe (10), Pinea (13), Tiger (C), and Xenon (C) when he accidentally shoots his rocket launcher right into the ground. The explosoin sends me backwards until my head knocks into the ground and my neck snaps.

Troy Costas - District 4


I look around searching hopelessly for Dariah (4). She couldn't have been one of those four cannons...could she? The body parts of several tributes are laying around. All of them look the same, except for Tiger's (C) which totally sticks out. I'm able to spot out the bloody head of Tech (3) laying on the ground. Watt'r's (4) not moving so I assume she's dead, but the last person is killing me. 

I start to hear some moaning and I walk over to the source. Dariah (4)! Just by looking at her, I start to cry because she's a bloody mess. Her entire face is covered with red, both of her legs are amputated and she helplessly waves one of her arms. She won't survive through the night without some insta-heal. That's when I remember I have that in my bag! I throw everything out of my bag until I finally have the right medicine. Then, slowly and cautiously I start to apply it to her wounds. 

Almost instantely her bloody mess is cleaned. Her legs now end in a stump, but luckily both of her arms start to work again. She gives me a look which tells me that she won't survive, but I just disagree. She can survive! She's strong!

I pick her up and rap her in a blanket. Then, quickly, I dash away. I can't handle listening to the cries of those hopeless tributes all around because I have my own.

Pinea Nummit - District 13

I lay around hopelessly, everything feeling so oozy. I'm barely able to make myself sit up and lean against the cornucopia. The big claw comes down from the sky and starts to pick up all the dead parts of the tributes. I notice Clary's (6) head being picked up, followed by Tiger's (C). I can't stop but have a little tear roll down my cheeks. They were my allies and now, they're dead. Tech's (3) is also brought up which makes me lose my hope entirely. We just lost the three strongest allies from a rocket launcher that the stupid District 4 male blew up. At least he lost one of his allies in the process!

Somethings moving out of the corner of my eyes and I slowly turn. Chandelier (1)! She looks at me and then leads all her allies over to me. We hug each other and can't help but let out a little smile. 

"We should have two others left...they probably survived since I only...only saw three of our allies being brought up." I choke. A whole thing of smoke seems to be in my mouth and I start coughing. Canopy (1) starts patting my back when Shimmer (C) comes over with my allies. "Chole?!" I scream between tears and she looks at me.

Chloe's (10) entire lower body is nowhere to be seen. Some of her veins are sticking out of her body and she has to army crawl towards me. I give her a hug and we just keep hugging until she breathes her last breath.


"Chloe." I cry and Xenon (C) comforts me. Surprisingly, all she is is bloody. Both her and I are what we have left from our alliance. We've bonded better within a few days than I have with my original alliances. I wonder how it is with her having her lose all of her allies from one bomb. 

Shimmer Flickerman - Capitol

I start to walk back to the car, helping Xenon (C) and Pinea (13) get there. Both are extremely disappointed and won't stop crying when suddenly, something pops into my mind. 

Only one tribute may win!

Despite the fact that these Games have weapons in them that were never in any previous Hunger Games, that doesn't mean that the number of tributes will change. I have to tell someone. I need to! Someone else should know and quite frankly, I don't know who. 

Chandelier (1) would tell the whole group and Canopy (1) would tell the whole group. Pinea (13) and Xenon (C) would get even more disappointed. Max (9) and Carter (9) wouldn't leave each others side, but would try to team up against us. Kohl (12) and Vixen (12) would just start kissing each other until they died from the lack of air. Shadow (13) would destroy all of us using the machine gun. Courage (3) and Michelangelo (3) will create a device to kill us all. Dome (8) and Logan (8) would just ambush us when we least expect it. Violet (11) would just become more depressed. That leads nobody else!

I begin to think about this when we don't find the van when we come back. Chandelier (1) is knocked out and tied up right where the van used to be with a note on her forehead. 

Only one can win.

It says and everyone starts to stare at each other. Like I suspected, Shadow (13) grabs a gun and starts to shoot down Violet (11). Michelangelo (3) and Courage (3) quickly grab their supplies and leave. Canopy (1) grabs Chandelier (1) and tries to drag her along, but doesn't she that far. Kohl (12) and Vixen (12) run away holding hands towards the cornucopia. Flick (14) stands their starstruck until I realize I have to do something.

I grab my axe and watch as Logan (8) and Dome (8) try to kill Shadow (13). Logan (13) however receives a hammer through his forehead, but Dome (8) is able to put an axe in Shadow's (13) back. I knock Flick's (14) trident out of his hand and he turns back only to receive my axe in his forehead. 

"Allies?" I say to Dome (8) after I collect my axe from his head.

"Allies." He agrees and we head for the District 11 building, knowing that it'll be the safest. 

Vixen Ice - District 12

I sit down with Kohl (12) on top of the cornucopia. We keep making out until finally, we hear the anthem play. We stop kissing briefly just to watch the deaths and stare into the sky. 
  • District 2
  • District 3
  • Watt'r Resse
  • District 6
  • District 8
  • District 10
  • District 11
  • District 13
  • District 14
  • Capitol

The first face shown is Blood (2), which is pretty surprising. I thought he would have survived much longer than the feast! He got the best odds and training score out of all of the tributes and I thought he would win. Then, Tech (3) is shown who had pretty good odds for a non-Career tribute. Kohl (12) tells me how he heard that she was taken over by the demon and had amazing skills with throwing knives. I guess it's good she got killed! Following her is another threat, the District 4 Female, Watt'r (4). Following her is Clary (6), Logan (8), Chloe (10), Violet (11), Shadow (13), Flick (14), and finally Tiger (C). All of them were either allies of people we were trying to save. Now, they're dead.

Tears start to trickle down my eyes, but Kohl (12) embraces me. He keeps me close until my eyes finally close and I hear buildings fall. 


I wonder who this was? Whoever it was, they probably were trompled by the building. 

Day 7 - Sorrow

Pinea Nummit - District 13

I lay down quietly next to Xenon (C). We are ducking behind crates full of guns, knowing the District 12 tributes are right above us. All night, we've been negotiatong about what to do, but all of it risks our lives. We just have to hope that they leave soon adn don't realize us. 

"Pinea? What happens if we die?" Xenon (C) asks heavily shaking. Ever since I told her we'd probably die, she hasn't stopped shivering.

"Then we lose the Hunger Games." I say and then focus on sounds aorund us, hoping that they will just jump off and leave the cornucoipa. 

"I don't want to lose though." She says and then starts to cry. She sobs and I hear the two tributes above us stadn up. Now, it's time to move or we'll get killed for sure.

When we're finally about to leave the cornucopia, the Kohl (12) jumps right ontop of Xenon (C). She starts bawling and hopelessly grabbing for her spear. When she realizes it won't work, she tries to kick and punch him off, but nothings working. I'm about to help her out when Kohl (12) grabs one of his arrows and digs it through the back of her neck. She screams, but then stops moving at all.


"You monster!" I scream with anger. He looks up, but is greeted with a sword to his neck.

No cannon sounds and I'm about to strike again when Vixen (12) jumps down and starts to hug Kohl (12), crying into his bloody neck. By the looks of it, he's only got a few minutes left before he loses too much blood. I get one last look of Xenon (C) and Kohl (12) before running of with tears in my eyes. These Games actually do change you.

Vixen Ice - District 12

"Kohl?" I stare at him hopelessly. "Kohl speak to me!"

"Vixen." He says very quietly. "Vixen, I love you." 

"I knew that Kohl." I laugh with tears in my eyes. "I love you to."

"I knew that Vixen." He says and we both let out a little chuckle. "Vixen, don't worry. Only one of us could have won and I wanted it to be you."

"Or none of us could win." I say grabbing an arrow. I'm about to plunge it into my heart when Kohl grabs my hand.

"It's okay." He says, grabbing the arrow out of my hand. "You can win...for the both of us. We will meet again another day." 

"But...I don't want to without you." I say with buckets of water pouring out of my eyes.

"But you should." Kohl says and then starts to choke. "Remember Vixen, I love you."

"I love you too." I say and I watch as his pulse stops and his body goes cold. "KOHL!" I scream, but then I hear the noies that devastates me the most.


I hug his body for an hour, until I start to feel slightly better. But you can never heal when someone you love dies at another person's hands. Even worse, when you're there when they die. 

Carter Evans - District 9

Max (9) and I sit down quietly behind a couch. Yesterday, we finally found a place to rest for a while in safety when suddenly the District 4 tributes barged in. Luckily, they didn't notice us, but we haven't been able to leave since. My back aches from sitting upright for about 16 hours and Max (9) keeps complaining about his too. Eventually, we realize we have to do something.

"I have a plan." Max (9) whispers. "I'll jump out and start to ambush them. You get out of here and get to the van. I'll meet you once you hear two cannons. Okay?"

"Well..." I start, but soon begin to realize how he's doing exactly what he should be doing. In these Games, you have to take risks or else you get killed. Technically, if you take risks, you could get killed, but it is the Hunger Games.. "Fine." 

"Good, on the count of three." He says. "One, Two, Thr-"

"Wait." I say and grab him before he jumps out. "Just be careful." 

"I'll be fine." He reassures me. "Three, two, one!"

Suddenly, Max (9) jumps out and so do I. I quickly run pass the two when I realize that Dariah's (4) legs are amputated. I begin to turn around when I notice Troy (4) shoving his trident into Max (9) as he's backing away. I'm about to go kill Troy (4) when I think of a better way to get revenge. I raise my scythe and send it down onto Dariah's (4) head.


Troy (4) turns towards me a throws a trident at me. Luckily, I dodge it and run away. Then, I hear the noise that I hoped so badly I wouldn't have to hear. 


I must win now. Not for me, but for Max (9)!

Chandelier Fronum - District 1

I lay down on a couch next to Canopy (1). We just ate a giganitc lunch that'll keep us full for days, well, at least for a few meals. We probably won't need another meal for a day, but it was all worth it. We shared a romantic moment before we finally kissed. 

Now, we decided to rest. These Games are narrowing down and there's only 9 tributes left since four cannons already sounded today. One more death and interviews will be going on back home. I just hope it's not one of us. Shoot! I hope I didn't just jynx that!

But the interviews do remind me of home. I wonder how it is back home? Home in District 1 isn't that bad. District 12 or 11 seem much more worse than it is in District 1. Plus the Capitol loves us. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to have Career Camps.

Slowly, my eyes start to drift away and I'm asleep. All my dreams are filled with Canopy (1) when suddenly, he starts strangling me, but not really. He just starts making it really hard to breath, and suddenly, I'm awake.

Fire! Fire is burning down everywhere and the floor keeps breaking. Canopy (1) is nowhere to be seen, but I haven't heard a cannon. I open up the bedroom door and find him on the ground, quickly gathering up his things. When he's done, he gives me a stare that's a mixture of scared and calm. It's like he's trying to give me hope while he's freaking out.

He gets to his feet and grabs my hand before leading me out of the apartment. Every step we take, the floor seems to get weaker and weaker until finally it collapses under Canopy's (1) feet. Luckily, I manage to grab his arm before he falls to his death. I try pulling him up, but it's too hard and I'm not strong enough.

"This is the end." He says.

"No, I'll get you out." I say, trying to pull him out, but it doesn't work."

"It's fine Chandelier, let go."

"I can't." 


"Because I love you." 

"I love you too, but I can't watch you die because of me. Leave and win for the both of us." 

"But-" I start before he let goes. 

"I love you." He says as he disappears into the flames. 


"Canopy." I say one last time with tears in my eyes. "I will win. For us."

I get to my feet and dash down the stairs. Downstairs, fire is everywhere! There's no way to get across without burning my legs. I back up before deciding to dash through the flames. Halway through, I trip on an object and look to see it's Canopy's (1) burnt up body. Tears start forming in my eyes, but they never start to roll down my cheek because of the heat. I quickly get to my feet and make it outside. To my right, I realize the two boys from 3 running away. This angers me and I shoot my shotgun towards them. I realize it won't hit them, but I need revenge. 

I look down and notice the palms of my hands are burnt, along with my elbows, knees, legs, feet, and even cheeks. Right now, I really need some burn cream. I look in my bag, but I don't have any. Maybe some water will help? I start to make my way down to the District 4 building, hoping that water will cool the burns.

Dome Citadel - District 8

My legs are killing me from walking all day. I couldn't find a way to lay down and rest for a while. All the places I've gone are destroyed or I heard some noise. I notice the Chandelier (1) walking by and duck down behind a shurb. She doesn't see me, shockingly, but I guess that I'm just that lucky. I notice the District 3 building still looks pretty good and no one's in there so I open up the door.

Zombies. I fall back from the shock as zombies just start pouring out of the building. One starts to attack me so I quickly swing my hatchet. It's guts start spilling out of me and the smell makes me naustious. When I finally get used to the smell, I realize all the zombies are ignoring me. I get up and make my way inside the building. When the last zombies gets out, I close the door and go upstairs. 

I find a nice room and lay down. The entire place is untouched. Even though zombies were in here, it doesn't really seem like it because they didn't ruin anything. I lay down in bed and look out the window as the anthem starts. 

First up is Canopy (1) and I suspect Chandelier (1) also died. However, when she isn't shown, I'm shocked. They were a couple and I didn't except them to leave each others side. Dariah (4) is next, but not Troy (4). Max (9), but not Carter (9). Kohl (12), but not Vixen (12). Shimmer (C) is next. He was my ally for a while before some buildings crushed him. I survived untouched, while he was flatened. Finally, Xenon (C) is shown. 

Day 8 - The Confusion and the Announcement and the Finale

Head Gamemaker, Flux Ogilby, at the Capitol

"We have a problem." Levai says, getting up from her chair. "The death chart is completely messed up!" 

"How did this happen?" I ask, upset that these amazing Games just had a little flaw. 

"Well, you know how we had that death medicine that brought tributes back to life that we used to revive tributes from the Reaping fight?" She says. "Well, apparently we had extra and it spilled onto one of the tributes. Then, they came back to life...just to get killed again."

"Who?" I ask. I haven't remembered any tribute die twice in these Games. 

"Furry Anderson from 7." 

"Who?"I ask. The only tributes I remember that already died are the ones from the last day. Before that, I can barely remember what year these Games are.

"What will we do?" She asks. "If President Mercen Arti finds out, we're all toast!" 

"Then we have to make it seem like we planned it all..." I say with a thought forming in my head. I pick up the microphone and get ready to read the announcement. 


Michelangelo DeSantillo - District 3

"Wait, if one person from each gender can win..." Courage (3) says and then grabs his spears. "Then only one of us can win." 

"But we can wait." I say, but he throws a spear anyways. "Or not." 

I quickly dodge the spear and pull out my sword. He tries to knock the sword out of my hand, but I manage to cut him in the hip. He gets on a knee and digs the spear into my thiegh. That's when I first notice the bite mark on my side. Something happened overnight, but now I can't think about this. 

I grab onto my sword and yank the spear out of my theigh. Blood pours out, but I ignore it and focus on the unarmed Courage (3). With my sword raised high, I send it down and it goes right into his shoulder. He drops to the floor and I lose grip of my sword, which is stuck in his shoulder.

I start to crawl over to a spear when I notice my sniper on the ground. Surely, it would hurt up close, but anythings better than trying to use a spear. My hands wrap around the gun and I put it into position. I aim for his head and with a big shot, he's dead. 


I still hear the echo from the shot, but I don't hear anything. No zombies are around which is kind of suspicoius...But my thoughts drift off as a sponsor gift lands right onto Courage's (3) body. I wrap up my leg before finally applying the bite cream. My leg's pain starts to drift off and even the pain from the spear is impossible to feel. 

I get up, but it's extremely hard to with my leg. Eventually, I do manage to get out of the building. Just to come face to face with a knife. 

Chandelier Fronum - District 1


I pull my knife out of Michelangelo's (3) face and let out a sick laugh. He killed Canopy (1), well now he's dead. I guess now we're even. But what happened to Courage (3)? 


Great! Now I don't need to win with a boy. I could win with either Vixen (12) or Carter (9) as well. Either are pretty weak, but they managed to get this far didn't they.

Pinea Nummit - District 13

This bite is killing me! It landed right beneath my ribcage and is fastly racing to my heart. I only have hours before the bite will soon infect my entire body and I'll die.

Slowly, I make my way outside and notice Vixen (12).

"You killed Xenon!" I scream with anger without realizing it. 

"You killed Kohl!" Vixen (12) screams as she turns. She holds a rocket laucher, machine gun, sniper, and pistol which I didn't notice before. 

"Let's play fair." I say backing up. "Only weapons." 

"Nope." She replies and starts shooting her machine gun. A bullet goes into my shoulder, but I do manage to get to get inside. I lock the door, when I hear an usual noise. Instead of being one that sounds like pew, it made a sound like caboom! Ohh wait.

Before I can leave, though, the building collapses right over my head. 

Troy Costas - District 4


Great! Two cannons. I really hope that one was Carter (9). She's the reason Dariah (4) died. She's the reason why my life was ruined. Now, I'm stuck with only 2 people left to kill before I become victor. 

I grab onto my trident and walk around the area for a while, until I notice Chandelier (1) laying down. A body is pulled up in front of her and I carefully stand up to see who it is. Michelangelo (3). He probably killed Canopy (1). 

Suddenly, I hear her scream and a knife is thrown at me. I jump out of the way, but it goes deep into my theigh. I let out a little whine, but then I throw a trident towards her. She dodges the first one, but the second one lands right into her stomach. She falls down and I throw one last trident into her neck, killing her. 

"Nice kill!" I hear behind me and turn to see Dome (8) he holds two hatchets with a pistol in his pocket. His hands are up and he looks like he's trying to signal for me to hold back. "Only one more kill is left before two of us become victors. So...maybe it should be us?" 

"Why don't you sound certain?" I ask.

"Well, just because..." He starts but then stops mid-sentence. "Did you just hear that?" 

"No." I say, but suddenly the sky it light with fire. "Vixen." I whisper and look around to where she could be.

I begin to feel safe when I notice her behind Dome (8). She holds her rocket launcher and shoots it. I fling myself to the side and prepare to hear a cannon which nevers comes. At first, I think my hearings gone, but then I hear a moan. 

I walk over to the source and find Dome (8) laying down with a huge hole in his stomach. It's lucky he's not dead, but one way or the other, he'll be dead in a minute.

"Dome?" I ask with a little tear forming in my eye. He looks so much in pain, but I can't do anything...can I?


No, I couldn't of. Dome's (8) corpse is cold and I hear trumpets.



Troy was swarmed by many girls when he made it home. All these girls wanted to date him, but he refused. The only person he wanted to date was dead and nobody was left for him. He became a bit bitter within the last year, but also very alone. Sometimes, he'll travel to District 12 to talk to Vixen who was going through the same problem with Kohl. She was doing much better though. 

Vixen actually became happy. She was treated like an adult and allowed to make her own decisions. She lived on her own, though, and would spend a lot of time on the phone with Troy. She never decided to date anyone though, because Kohl was the only boy she had an eye on. 

Death Chart 

Placing Name District Day Killer Weapon Method
60th Spark Pyrrhus 12 1/Bloodbath Suicide N/A Jumped off Plate Early
59th Emma Fross 1 1/Bloodbath Drikker Stann Trident Trident to Stomach
58th Hollow Fairbreath Capitol 1/Bloodbath Thor Pheadra Machete Beheaded
57th Topaz Grace 1 1/Bloodbath Murr "Blood" Stregther Mace Mace to Head
56th Zalcharius "Gambler" Richardson 10 1/Bloodbath Thor Pheadra N/A Strangled to Death
55th Autumn Sequoia Timber 7 1/Bloodbath Carter Evans Scythe Scythe slashed Throat
54th  Themis Asterious 9 1/Bloodbath Techy "Tech" Harmonic Throwing Knife Knife in Back
53rd Maxwell Liang 5 1/Bloodbath Watt'r Resse Trident Trident to Stomach
52nd  Julia Manganese 5 1/Bloodbath Dariah Hellen Trident Trident to Neck
51st Furry Anderson 7 1/Bloodbath Kohl Cyphers Bow and Arrows Arrow into Head
50th Hunther Hayes 10 1/Bloodbath Thomas Quince Trident Trident to Stomach
49th Joanna Mason 14 1/Bloodbath Kevin Quince Sword Sword through Forehead
48th Emma Grace 6 1/Bloodbath Kohl Cyphers Bow and Arrows Arrow into Forehead
47th Drake Lorter 13 1/Bloodbath Drikker Stann Axe Axe into Forehead
46th Drikker Stann 5 1/Bloodbath Kevin Quince Trident Trident to Back
45th Kevin Quince 9 1/Bloodbath Onyx "Nyx" Eboni Spear Spear through Stomach
44th Starr Fines 5 1/Bloodbath Courage Blitz Spear Spear through Back
43rd Flora Caspurne 8 1/Bloodbath Onyx "Nyx" Eboni Spear Spear through Throat
42nd Onyx "Nyx" Eboni 2 1/Bloodbath Tiger Wolfe Bow and Arrows Arrow into Chest
41st Thomas Quince 4 1/Bloodbath Clarissa "Clary" Lightwood Knife Throat Slit
40th Cheyenne Camomille 8 1/Afternoon Murr "Blood" Stregther Mace Beaten to Death
39th Prism Winters 2 2/Morning N/A N/A Crushes by Building
38th Brann Clatch 6 2/Noon Murr "Blood" Stregther Crossbow Arrow to Eye
37th Damian Weatherby 11 3/Morning Dariah Hellen Trident Trident to Chest
36th Electra "Ellie" Wires 3 3/Morning Watt'r Resse and Dariah Hellen

Fire and District 7 Building

Crushed by Building
35th  Griffin Soar 11 3/Noon Alexandra Cassava Hatchet Hatchet to Back
34th Alexandra Cassava 10 3/Noon Canopy Starsos Throwing Knives Knife into Head
33rd Willow Firethorn 7 3/Afternoon Furry Anderson Throwing Axe Head split in Half
32nd Derek Odair 14 3/Afternoon Furry Anderson Throwing Knife Knife to Forehead
31st Furry Anderson 7 3/Afternoon Flick Rivers Trident Trident to Neck
30th Vicky Tamboli 12 4/Morning Zombies Hands Heart ripped Out
29th Thor Pheadra 7 4/Morning Murr "Blood" Stregther Crossbow Arrow to Forehead
28th Vivian Lockheart 13 4/Noon Zombies Hand/Teeth Ripped to Pieces
27th Bleu Starships 14 4/Afternoon Carter Evans Car Ran Over
26th Zephyr Brawn 2 4/Afternoon Carter Evans Car Ran Over
25th Tempesto Callops 11 5/Morning Zombies Hand/Teeth Heart ripped Out
24th Lutado Crater 6 5/Noon Xenon Osmond Spear Spear in Chest
23rd Murr "Blood" Stregther 2 6/Night Watt'r Resse Trident Trident to Throat
22nd Tiger Wolfe Capitol 6/Night Troy Costas Rocket Launcher Blown to Pieces
21st Techy "Tech" Harmonic 3 6/Night Troy Costas Rocket Launcher Blown to Pieces
20th Clarissa "Clary" Lightwood 6 6/Night Troy Costas Rocket Launcher Blown to Pieces
19th Watt'r Resse 4 6/Night N/A N/A Neck Cracked on Floor
18th Chloe Leventis 10 6/Night Troy Costas Rocket Launcher Bled to Death
17th  Violet Twinkle 11 6/Night Shadow Titan Machine Gun Repeatedly Shot in Cest
16th Logan Heremiah 8 6/Night Shadow Titan Hammer Hammer through Forehead
15th  Shadow Titan 13 6/Night Dome Citadel Hatchet Hatchet in Back
14th Flick Rivers 14 6/Night Shimmer Flickerman Axe Axe in Face
13th Shimmer Flickerman Capitol 6/Night N/A N/A Crushed by Building
12th  Xenon Osmond Capitol 7/Morning Kohl Cypher Arrow Arrow in the Back of her Neck
11th Kohl Cyphers 12 7/Morning Pinea Nummit Machete Bled Out from cut in Neck
10th Dariah Hellen 4 7/Noon Carter Evans Scythe Head Split in Half
9th Max Evans 9 7/Noon Troy Costas Trident Trident to Chest
8th  Canopy Starsos 1 7/Afternoon Courage Blitz Fire Fell to Death in a Burning Building
7th Courage Blitz 3 8/Morning Michelangelo DeSantillo Sniper Bullet to Forehead
6th Michelangelo DeSantillo 3 8/Morning Chandelier Fronum Throwing Knife Knife into Forehead
5th Pinea Nummit 13 8/Morning Vixen Ice Rocket Launcher Crushed by Building
4th Carter Evans 9 8/Morning Vixen Ice Rocket Launcher Crushed by Building
3rd Chandelier Fronum 1 8/Noon Troy Costas Trident Trident to Neck
2nd Dome Citadel  8 8/Noon Vixen Ice Rocket Launcher Bled Out
1st Vixen Ice 12 N/A Kills: 3 N/A N/A
1ST Troy Costas 4 N/A Kills: 6 N/A N/A

Betting Odds

Who do you think will win? Write down how you think the rest of these Games will end. Go from 1st (victor) all the way to 8th. Here's how it should be like: 

1st: Chandelier from 1
Final 8 198th HG

2nd: Courage from 3

3th: Michelangelo from 3

4th: Troy from 4

5th; Dome from 8

6th: Carter from 9

7th: Vixen from 12

8th: Pinea from 13


User 1st 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
JabberJay78 Carter (9) Dome (8) Troy (4) Vixen (12) Chandelier (1) Pinea (13) Courage (3) Micha (3)
TDR97 Troy (4) Vixen (12) Pinea (13) Courage (3) Micha (3)  Chandelier (1) Carter (9) Dome (8)
Hybrid Shadow Vixen (12) Troy (4) Dome (8) Courage (3) Micha (3) Pinea (13) Chandelier (1) Carter (9)
Rainbow Shifter Courage (3) Micha (3) Dome (8) Vixen (12) Pinea (13) Troy (4) Carter (9) Chandelier (1)

Red = Tribute is Dead and Under-Placed

Green = Tribute is Correctly Placed

Yellow = Tribute Lasted Longer than Guessed

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