Well, these are my second Games, it would be my fifth but I deleted a few. During these Games, you're going to realize how much your tributes have changed from the start to their death. Plus, these Games have a twist to make it a little more interesting. My last Games' twist was that they had to survive the zombie apocalypse and they had teams in the beginning. This year, I'm going to be doing something a little different, but still very interesting. 


Yes, I realize that nobody really reads them, but I still need to post them. 

  1. I will write the following: Reapings, Train Rides, Chariot Rides, Group Training, Training Scores and Odds, Interviews (depends on how these Games are going along), and then the actual Games. The twist will be told after all the spots are filled in.
  2. You can have 3 tributes per person. However, there's no reservations, unless has reasoning!
  3. These Games will include the Capitol along with Districts 1 - 14. 
  4. Advice is optional. Giving advice will help your chances, but just by staying along and commenting after every day is very useful too. Even if you don't give advice, but I know you're still reading this, you have the same chances of winning than anyone even if they have advice. 
  5. No cursing or sexual references. I don't want to hear about everyone swearing at each other or I will kill your tributes. I know all of us are old enough to hear this, but I don't want it to get to the point where it's outrageous. 
  6. I get to choose how or who your tributes are becoming. If you don't like it, I'm sorry but if you haven't noticed, people have changed during the Hunger Games. Example: Annie Crest who seems to be afraid of her own shadow. 
  7. Make sure you do the user requirements below. Currently, I haven't posted them yet (or maybe I have depending on when you read this) but once/if they're up, you should do them. It's your only way to have a chance in these Games. Anyone who decides not to do them will have their tribute be an easy bloodbath kill. 
  8. Please follow the tribute template. You don't need to do it exactly how it is, but it's always nice to either have the bare minimum or have more. Also, if you don't have a backstory, I will not accept it. If they're personality is full of writing and I can actually get a little bit of their history, I might use them. However, this is unlikely. 
  9. No tributes that have been in my previous Games. 


Tributes Template

I'm fine if you have more than what's on, but you just need to have these. Except for alliance which is optional. 





Weapons: (only weapons they know how to use!)




Appearance: (either a lunaii or description so I can make one.)

Token: (optional)

Alliance: (just details like smart, fast, quiet, district partner, nobody, etc.)


District Gender Name Age Weapons Height User
Capitol Male Armani Calaveras 18 Spear 6'3 ChrisoZuniga
Capitol Female Sona Buvelle 18 ?? -- PumPumPumpkin :3
1 Male Alric Gould 18 Sword 6' Beetee19
1 Female Inessa "Nessie" Beaux 16 Bow and Arrow, Awl (Throwing Needles) 5'3 Andy1854
2 Male Halloween Smiley 17 Knife, Sword (Needle, Hands) 5'11 TehOnlyUmbreon
2 Female Teresa Silver 18 Throwing Knives, Sword 5'11 MissRandomStuff
3 Male Wire Elec 17 Anything 6'1 Tehblakdeath
3 Female Chloe Mishkov 18 Sickle, Scythe (Awl) 6'4 Andy1854
4 Male Riley Apocalypto 17 Harpoon, Trident (Spear, Throwing Axes) 6' Nightlock Kryptonite
4 Female Amaya Niero 17 Trident, Net (Spear, Knife) 6'1 Rainfacestar
5 Male Magnas Velocity 18 Mace, Spear 6' LightStone123
5 Female Julie Vance 15 Bow and Arrow, Crossbow (Spear) 5'5 MissRandomStuff
6 Male Plarain Rode 17 Axe 5'10 TDR97
6 Female Lorelei Damion 17 Whip, Knife 5'11 Rainfacestar
7 Male Beech Aspen 14 Sickle 5'6.5 TDR97
7 Female Ficusi Galpa 15 Tomahawk 6'4 TDR97
8 Male Octavian Silvercrest 18 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives 5'11 Lightstone123
8 Female Mariette "Mari" Staford 14 Throwing Knife, Knife 5'4 Rainfacestar
9 Male Silver "Clocky" Clockson 16 Double Knives 5'11 TehOnlyUmbreon
9 Female Paris Caverly 15 Bow and Arrow, Axe 5'4 Sgirl11
10 Male Wolf Silverhorn 18 Sword 6'1 ChrisoZuniga
10 Female Aurora Mendoza 15 Bow and Arrow, Knife (Sword) 5'1 Beetee19
11 Male Trent Korey 18 Spear, Trident (Sword) 5'11 MissRandomStuff
11 Female Deliliah Brooklyn 14 Throwing Knives 5'9 Nightlock Kryptonite
12 Male Twix Cinders 12 Spear, Knife (Bow and Arrows) -- Nightlock Kryptonite
12 Female Reyna Alvarez 13 Axe, Dagger 5'2 Beetee19
13 Male Acheron Bane 16 Knife, Throwing Knives (War Scythe) 5'11 Hybrid Shadow
13  Female Jondrette Thena 17 Throwing Knife, Throwing Axe 5'7 TBWTPT
14  Male Scorpi Rex 18 Sword, Spear 6'11 TBWTPT
14  Female Torran Smiterson 16 Throwing Knives 5'7 ChrisoZuniga


Pre-Game Alliances

Italicized means they need to be accepted. [] means they're asking the user if they could ally with the tributes

Big Alliances

Careers: Armani (C), Teresa (2), Riley (4), Amaya (4), Lorelei (6), Paris (9), Trent (11)

Anti-Careers: Nessie (1), Chloe (3), Plarain (6), Beech (7), Ficusi (7)

Small Alliances

Clockowire: Halloween (2), Wire (3), Clocky (9)

District 1 and 8 Alliance: Alric (1), Octavian (8)

District 5 and 10 Alliance: Julie (5), Aurora (10)


Sona (C), Magnas (5), Mari (8), Wolf (10), Deliliah (11), Twix (12), Reyna (12), Acheron (13), Jondrette (13), Scorpi (14), Torran (14)


District 11 Truce: Trent (11), Deliliah (11)

Additional Notes

  • Alric (1) and Octavian (8) need to be confirmed whether they'll ally or not.
  • Julie (5) and Aurora (10) need to be confirmed whether they'll ally or not.
  • Trent (11) has to choose whether he'll ally with Deliliah (11) or the Careers. If possible, I'm thinking that the two could have a truce? It needs to be confirmed.
  • Sona (C) is going to be a loner because the user is leaving the wiki and didn't leave down a preference.


  • Almost half of the Careers are from a non-Career district.
  • Both tributes from 1 didn't ally with the Careers, but did find another alliance.
  • District 6 has one tribute on the Careers and one on the Anti-Careers.
  • Only the tributes from Districts 4 and 7 are allied together, but do have other tributes as well. However, Deliliah and Trent, both from 11, have a truce to not kill each other.
  • Districts 12, 13, and 14 (the poorest districts) have absolutely no tributes with alliances.

Prior to the Games

Last year, during the 198th Hunger Games, fighting broke out in District 14. They didn't like the Games at all and were trying to escape. Everyone went crazy and the Capitol had to bomb the district. What remains of the district is unknown, but from the looks of it, no life remains. However, the Capitol realized that they had to have a District 14 go in these Games some how. Quickly, they decided to build a new district, but one that could be used much better than astronomy. They decided to create District 14, the mutt district. This district is now used a lot by the Capitol and it has no electricity on the fence. The reason being so the mutts can leave to live in the woods.

District 14 is the poorest district in Panem. Then, it's District 13, then 12, then on and on until the Capitol. Most of the population in that district came from the Capitol, but a few have come from other districts. District 14 is located up near where Alaska is, all the way down to Washington. This is the second largest district, following District 11, as it needs a lot of room for the factories and preservators in making them. In the Alaskan part of the district, no fence is there so they are able to catch some other mutts and animals to be used to create the ultimate mutt. 

The Twist

Since I have all the tributes, I'm going to announce the twists. The twist is:


Each tribute will be assaigned either a superhero or a villain. They will be able to use that superheroes powers and abilities, however it has one catch. If they perform an action that the superhero or villain would never do, they will automatically lose that power. It all depends on how well your tribute is forming into that superhero. 


Superhero Power Other Abilites Losing Power
Batman Hidden in the Shadows (Ability to hide anywhere without making a sound) Extreme Stealth, Good Acrobat, Hiding Anywhere, Silently Taking Down Others, Very Smart Intentionally Killing another Tribute
Beast Boy Shape Shifter (Ability to shape shift into different animals) Good at Martial Arts, Mimicing Animal Behavior, Changing into Any Animal, Climbing Trees Dying in Shape Shifting Form (doesn't kill tribute unless in human form)
Black Canary Canary Screech (Ability to stun or damage foes by screaming really loud) Good at Acrobatics, Talented Investigator, Master Martial Artist, Strong Leader, Good Vocals, Strategic Thinker Losing the Ability to Scream (sour throat, chocking, etc.)
Cyborg Body Weapon (Ability to change a part of his body into a weapon) Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Endurance, Change Body Parts into Weapons, Armor surrounding his Body Destroying his Hard Drive 
Green Arrow Dealy Accurate (Ability to shoot arrow directly at target) Good Martial Artist, Accurate Archer, Good Swordman, Strong, Great Hunter, Good Acrobatic Being shot with an Arrow (either with bow or crossbow)
Green Lantern Let their be Light! (Ability to always see things as if during the day, just like night-vision goggles) Good Boxer, Always Glowing/Light, Great Leader, Very Strong, Flying Losing his Green Lantern Ring
Hawkgirl Reincarnation (Ability to come back to life after death) Flying, Great Martial Artist, Great at using Weapons Not finding an Ally in a Day
Hawkman Reincarnation and Transformation (Ability to come back to life after death and convert objects into different things) Flying, Good at Martial Arts, Amazing Leader, Great at Tactical Analysis, Very Knowledable Not finding an Ally in a Day
Nightwing Talk! (Ability to make anyone tell the truth) Super Strong, Very Fast, Great at Reflexes, Extremely Agile, Very Good at Endurance, Extremely Durable, Master Acrobatics, Great Detective, Good Leader, Master Martial Artist, Really Stealthy, Great Escapologist, Extremely Smart, Good at Disguise Batman and Robin Dying
Raven Empathy Projection (Ability to use her psionic ability to absorb emotions, teleport, create a form of a human shape or giant raven) Steal Emotions, Heal Others, Absorb Pain from Others, Telekinesis, Take form of Human, Take form of a Large Raven, Teleport, Flying, Casting Illusions Becoming too Evil (2 Kills)

The Little Mime (Ability to mimic someone's voice and voice patterns along with movements)

Amazing at Mimicing, Great at Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat, Good Martial Artist, Great Stealth, Good Swordsman, Awesome Thrower No More Allies
Starfire Starbolts (Ability to convert energy to starbolts) Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat, Flying, Starbolts, Great Strength, Very Durable Losing a Source of Energy (Being in the Dark or Unconsious for a Day)
Superman Super Vision (Ability to use heat vision, x-ray vision, and telescopic vision) Very Strong, Invulnerable, Great Stamina, Flying, Amazing Senses, Able to Heal Fast, Super Breath, Heat Vision, X-Ray Vision, Telescopic Vision, Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat, Great Boxer, Extremely Smart, Great Leader Touched by Kryptonite
The Flash Speedster (Ability to run extremely fast for long periods of time) Fast Reader, Great at Chemistry, Very Fast, Fast Healer, Flying, Amazing Endurance Walking
Wonder Woman Godly Advice (Ability to communicate to the gods and use their power) Very Strong, Extremely Durable, Flying, Very Fast, Great Reflexes, Extremely Agile, Good Stamina, Fast Healer, Enhanced Senses, Master Combatant, Amazing Strategist, Very Wise Communicating to All the Gods (only 13 Olympians) or Losing a Fight


Supervillain Power Other Abilities Losing Power
Bane Muscular Fighter (Ability to be very strong) Very Strong, Amazing Reflexes, Very Fast, Excellent Stamina, Amazing Durable, Fast Healer, Very Intelligent, Amazing Photographic Imagination, Great at Escaping, Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat Destroying his Venom Tube
Brainiac High IQ (Ability to comprehend things fast and extremely smart) Very Strong, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Good at Operating Compters, Enhanced Intellect, Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat Being Outsmarted
Catwoman Agile Feline (Ability to do great acrobatics and be extremely stealthy) Great Acrobat, Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat, Amazing Stealth, Great Thief, Amazing at Disguising, Befriend Cats/Felines Being Caught 
Deathstroke Contract Killer (Ability to kill people easily) Fast Thinker, Great Reflexes, Very Fast, Good Stamina, Very Stealthy, Enhanced Senses, Fast Healing, Great Tactical Analysis, Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat, Good Swordsman Losing his last Eye
Harley Quinn Poisonous Heart (Ability to be immune to poison) Immune to Poison, Great Pschiatrist, Good at Gymnastics Joker Dying
Joker The Poisonous, Cheating, Realizing Joker (Ability to be immune to poison, have poisonous blood, cheat death, and realize he's in a blog) Resistant to Pain, Poisonous Blood, Immune to Poison, Cheating Death, Aware of being in a Blog, Very Smart, Great Escapologist, Good at Disguise, Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat, Good Intimidator Harley Dying
Killer Croc The Heavy Scales (Ability to have skin hard as armor) Fast Healing, Armored Skin, Extremely Strong, Very Fast, Great at Agility, Good Reflexes, Enhanced Senses, Claws and Fangs, Good Wrestler, Intense Rage, Great Swimmer Not Being in Water in 12 Hours
Lex Luther The Genious (Ability to be extremely smart) Extremely Smart, Good Leader, Brilliant Scientist, Trained Combatant Being Outsmarted
Parasite Energy Sucker (Ability to absorb another person's energy) Absorbing another Person's Energy, Absorbing another Person's Power, Very Strong, Extremely Agile, Very Good Stamina Not Obtaining Energy in a Day
Penguin The Bird-like Smartie (Ability to be extremely smart) Very Smart, Great Leader, Befriending Birds Being Outsmarted
Poison Ivy Poisonous Plant (Ability to never be poisoned and poison others along with animating and manipulating plants) Manipulating and Animating Plants, Immune to Poison, Poison Others, Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat, Very Beautiful Not Being in Sunlight for 12 Hours
Riddler The Tounge Twister (Ability to come up with riddles fast and be extremely smart) Very Smart, Great Detective, Good Escapologist, Always Honest, Great at Telling Riddles Not Speaking in a Riddle Form or Being Outsmarted
Scarecrow Worst Nightmare (Ability to cause anyone to become afraid) Great Chemist, Good Intimidator, Amazing Martial Artist, Good at Psychology Being Afraid of Something
Soloman Grundy Resurrection (Ability to coming back to life everytime they die) Absorbing another Person's Energy, Invulnearble to Fire or Poison or Cold, Doesn't need Food or Water, Great Stamina, Very Strong, Coming back to Life Not Obtaining Energy in a Day
Two-Face The Split Personality (Ability to have two different personalities and rely on chance) Great Lawyer, Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat, Split Personalities, Relying on Chance Not Relying on Chance


Superhero/Villain Alignment Tribute's Name District Still Have Powers?
Batman Superhero Aurora Mendoza 10 Yes
Beast Boy Superhero Scorpi Rex 14 No
Black Canary Superhero Wolf Silverhorn 10 No
Cyborg Superhero Deliliah Brooklyn 11 No
Green Arrow Superhero Magnas Velocity 5 Yes
Green Lantern  Superhero Jondrette Thena 14 Yes
Hawkgirl Superhero Reyna Alvarez 12 Yes
Hawkman Superhero Nessie Beaux 1 No
Nightwing Superhero Plarain Rode 6 Yes
Raven Superhero Chloe Mishkov 3 No
Robin Superhero Trent Korey 11 Yes
Starfire Superhero Paris Caverly 9 Yes
Superman Superhero Acheron Bane 13 Yes
The Flash Superhero Lorelei Damion 6 Yes
Wonder Woman Superhero Octavian Silvercrest 8 Yes
Bane Villain Julie Vance 5 Yes
Brainiac Villain Halloween Smiley 2 Yes
Catwoman Villain Wire Elec 3 Yes
Deathstroke Villain Clocky Clockson 9 Yes
Harley Quinn Villain Ficusi Galpa 7 Yes
Joker Villain Beech Aspen 7 Yes
Killer Croc Villain Alric Gould 1 Yes
Lex Luthor Villain Riley Apocalypto 4 No
Parasite Villain Amaya Niero 4 Yes
Penguin Villain Torran Smiterson 14 No
Poison Ivy Villain Twix Cinders 12 Yes
Riddler Villain Armani Calvarez Capitol Yes
Scarecrow Villain Teresa Silver 2 Yes
Solomon Grundy Villain Sona Buvelle Capitol Yes
Two-Face Villain Mari Staford 8 Yes


Basically, all I want you to do is bet on who your tribute's paired up with. Try to guess which superhero or villain they are. However, to make it fair, I'll let you choose five superheros or villains (it can be 2 superheros and 3 villains or things like that). Basically, if one of yours are correct, then that tribute gets $100. Here's how it'll look like: 

RandomUser: I think that my tributes are either Deathstroke, Batman, Solomon Grundy, Two-Face and/or Scarecrow. 

  • Just to clear it up, you don't choose five superheros and villains each user, you just choose five superheros.
  • Also, it doesn't matter if you get it correct. I won't try to change it because I already have all of the superheros and villains picked out.
  • Gender doesn't matter. A boy could honestly be Poison Ivy or Harley Quinn. A girl could be Batman. 
  • Even if you decide to guess, I'll give you $50 to each of your tributes. 
  • This closes once all of the reapings are completed. After that, I will reveal the match ups and the tributes will learn it during the train ride. 
User Guess 1

Guess 2

Guess 3 Guess 4 Guess 5
Tehblakdeath Lex Luthor Robin
MissRandomStuff Poison Ivy Raven Bane The Flash Black Canary
LightStone123 Cyborg Killer Croc
Hybrid Shadow Bane

Tehblakdeath - $50 to Wire (3)

MissRandomStuff - $100 to Julie (5); $50 to Teresa (2) and Trent (11)

Lightstone123 - $50 to Magnas (5) and Octavian (8)

Hybrid Shadow - $50 to Acheron (13)

The Reapings

The Capitol - Armani Calaveras

"Good morning students!" My mother's voice booms throughout the auditorium. "Today is the reapings so I expect there to be two volunteers from The Capitol."

"I know you're talking about me mom!" I scream out and my dad gives me a shut-up-right-now stare. I quiet down and my mom continues. 

"Anyways, as you know, we've trained all of you to the best of our abilities this year. If you feel like you're brave enough to volunteer this year, all I can say is go with it. We've taught you about many different types of weapons and types of killing. Then for a few of you tributes who decided to take the survival courses, you have an even better chance." 

"Survival classes mean weak and weak tributes don't win!" I blurt out, then put my hands over my mouth. My dad gives me a shut-up-or-else-I'll-kill-you-before-you-even-volunteer look and my mom gives me the simple shut-up stare. I close my mouth yet again and begin to start listening instead of speaking.

"Well weak tributes don't win, but they do have another skill that makes them have a better chance than a strong tribute. They know how to make traps and lure you into them. They're also very good at realizing poisonous berries from the edible ones. Think about the humility of dying from eating a poisonous berries."

"Luckily I'll kill all the tributes before the Careers run low on food." I scream once again, earning my dad to pull my ear until I reach the cafeteria. "Ouch!" I compain and swat his hand away, forcing him to let go. 

"You need to shut up! You've been outrageous the last few days. You know, you probably won't even win the Games because your too stupid to win these Games!" He screams and slaps me.

"But I'm smarterer than you." I argue. 

"Don't you mean smarter?" My dad laughs. "I'm shocked you even remember your name." 

"Well . . . I'm shocked you even know how to count to ten." 

"Do you?" My dad laughs even louder.

"Yes! One, two, three, four, five . . . six? Nine, seven, eight, ten." I try, but I realize it's not right as my dad starts laughing. The bell rings, signaling that the reapings start in a half an hour. We both leave with disgust in our eyes.

When I make it to my dorm, I start to pack my things for the Victors Village. Nothing will stop me from getting there. I put on a t-shirt along with some jeans before leaving to meet up with my parents. My dad's already left, but my mom decides to stick around for me. I hand her my bag with all my belongs and tell her to make sure it's protected when I come back. She nods and we walk to the reapings.

We walk in silence until finally, we make it to the reaping square. I give my mom one, meaningful hug before we separate. She goes with the other adults where she meets up with my dad. On the other hand, I get my finger pricked and, after the small flash of pain is done, I walk to where the other 18 year old males are. Right away, they take a step away from me which makes me laugh. Sadly, though, I wasn't able to say anything menacing because our escort, Tersylvia, starts tapping on the microphone.

"Welcome Capitol audience! I'm proud to be in charge of choosing the names this year and bond with your tributes. I can't wait! And without further ado, I'll be chosing the females first!" She says upbeat and happy. Tersylvia starts walking to the bowl when she trips, but luckily doesn't fall. She blushes, before digging her hand in the bowl. Anxiety is spreading throughout the air, but I'm just bored. The only sound is Tersylvia walking with her high-heels on. 

"And the female tribute of the 199th Hunger Games is . . . SONA BUVELLE!" 

I notice a girl from the 18 year old section start walking up on the stage. She has curly, blue hair with a blonde streak. She probably dyed her hair except for the front part, because I've never seen a person with natural blue hair. She wears a beautiful blue dress which matches her eyes.

Tersylvia starts to walk over to the male bowl. I hear the sounds of boys tapping their feet, scared it'll be them. Honesty, I just start to walk towards the aisle. Peacekeepers start pushing me back towards my section, but I easily push them out of my way. 

"I VOLUNTEER!" I scream at the top of my lungs and everyone stares at me. Tersylvia, with the slip already openned, just drops it and it flies in the wind. The audience slowly starts to clap, but then it ends up in a round of applause. 

I walk onto stage briskly, walking a little it slower than usual just so I can cherish every second I walk up there. When I reach the stage, I wave my hands and grab the microphone. 

"Hi! I'm the future victor, Armani Calaveras." I announce and then hand the microphone to Tersylvia. She drops the microphone and I just do what we were supposed to do. I grab Sona's hand and shake it, making sure that I have a much better grip than her so I scare her. 

"And these are the Capitol tributes for the 199th Hunger Games!" Tersylvia says, still on her ground when she was picking up the microphone. She leads us inside the Justice Building, but I just walk right pass the rooms where we say goodbyes so I can go to the train. I'm the first person there, other than our mentors who are making out in the corner. 

District 1 - Alric Gould

This was the year I was supposed to volunteer. The year that I should have been announcing to the Career Academy that anyone who volunteered would be receiving my fist. In fact, I should be their right now if I hadn't grown a brain. I'm still shocked that people my age want to volunteer right now when they could just grow up and have their kids volunteer. Does everyone really want to be a victor? 

On my bed lays my purple collared shirt. Even my parents haven't talked to me for weeks just because I had told them. What if they never talk to me again? What happens if nobody even talks to me again? I won't get married, I'll never have kids, I'll never experience true joy.

Stop thinking like that, my mind keeps telling me, you just have more brains than other tributes from your district, it'd be shameful if you were reaped. Then District 1 will be 100% stupid. 

I begin to smile at this and put on my shirt. District 1 might seem like a nice place right now, but it won't. Eventually, the Career Academies will get shut down . . . right? They have to some time. It's been up for already 200 years. Just wait until my district does something stupid to anger the Capitol. I'll charish that day to come, unlike most who envy it. 

I start to walk to the reaping square when a group of my ex-classmates from the Career Academy bump into me. They start calling me names like "Buttercup" and "Winnie" for not volunteering. This is the hell that I've had to put up with this last year. Then tackle me into a trash can until some Peacekeepers show up. They take the boys off of me and drag them to the reaping square. I get up off the ground and wipe the trash off of my pants. I brush a banana peel off of my shoulder and continue walking to the reaping square.

I hope one of them gets reaped, I bitterly think, I hope they don't even score higher than a 5 and are kicked out of the Careers. Maybe even be the first kill in the bloodbath or even accidentally sneeze and have the bombs blow them up. It would just be karma for all the things they've done to me and the others who decided not to join the Careers. 

Stop thinking like that! A voice that I never heard before says. I look around to see if it was anyone, but everyone's already at the reaping square. 

Hello? I scream hopelessly. Anyone there. This isn't funny.

Shut up you idiot, the voice says again, the only thing funny is that you're yelling at your mind. You know you're going to be reaped, right? 

No I'm not. I say and suddenly, all the lights break. The street lights crash like a line of dominoes and the lights from the buildings all turn off. The sun is even covered by clouds which makes everything seem suspicious. This isn't funny!

Yes, it's funny, the voice says, it truly is. 

This time, I'm able to pick out the voice. The voice of a girl. I know that voice from somewhere though. Somewhere in a store. I just can't put my finger on it right now. 

Shut up or reveal yourself! I scream preparing my fists. Within the last year, so many people have bullied me, but now I want to take my anger out of someone. 

Why don't you? The voice says one more time and the street light above me turns on. Behind you.

Slowly and cautiously, I turn around as if I wasn't able to go any faster. I'm met with a person in a dark jacket holding a bow and arrow. The surprise sends me falling down and I'm unable to move from shock. She walks towards me menacingly. I want to move away, but I can't. Every step she gets closer, I start sweating even more and before I know it, she's holding the bow and arrow right over me and aiming for my heart. My eyes won't close until finally she let goes of her arrow . . . 

"Don't shoot me!" I scream as I wake up. I rub my eyes before realizing it was just a dream. "Oh, good it was just a dream." 

Slowly, I get out of bed, still unsure what my dream was about. Laying on my bed is the same exact clothes in my dream. I rub my eyes a little more, but then I realize it's really there. Reluctantly, I put it on and head downstairs. Like usual, nobody's there. I quickly grab a banana before running to the reapings after looking at the time. 

I barely make it to the reapings on time and am extremely lucky that nobody beat me up on the way. My finger gets pricked and I walk over to the 18 year old section where all the boys give me the evil eyes. They turn their backs towards me and take a few steps away. 

This is my life, I think depressed, does anyone want to trade?

"Welcome! Welcome!" The District 1 escort, Sparlessy, announces. We meet eyes and she stops for a few moments like she's stuck in a gaze. "Anyways, like usual ladies first." 

She walks over to the ladies bowl and picks up a slip. Slowly, she walks up to the microphone, obviously trying to cause suspicion. Some of the girls are about to scream out when they hear the name: Inessa Beaux. Another person who hasn't joined the Career Academy. She's just 16, which makes me a little upset.

"And for the boys . . . James, I mean Alric Gould!" She screams and gives me a devilish grin. 

Slowly, I walk onto stage. How did I even get here? Do I really deserve to be up here? There's anyone else who wants to be in the Games, just not me. Behind me, I hear a lot of whisper and laughs and even hear someone call me "dead meat." That's it! I'm going to show all of them. Careers aren't even that good! Name a year they won . . . oh yeah. 

When I make it on stage, Inessa shakes my hand and says hi. I almost jump back from shock when I hear her voice because I've heard it before. Probably less than two hours ago. Because she was in my dream. She's somehow talented with an arrow, right? That's what my dream was about, my killer and her weapon of choice? Whatever it was about, it won't happen. 

District 2 - Teresa Silver

The man. You know, the man whose been following my life ever since I lived in District 6. If you saw him, you would recognize my face. Maybe like Allison said, he killed a few people and stalked them too. I might have been one of them. 

His height would be the first thing you realize. He seems to be unusually tall. That's basically all you can tell about his physical appearance. Other than that, you'd recognize him in the background of your pictures. Over the years, you'll realize he's shown up in more and more. You think that moving would help, but it doesn't. Not even if you change districts does he stop following you. He finds his own reason to change districts. For me, it was to become a Peacekeeper. 

I still watch him. He sticks out above most other Peacekeepers. Every time I walk home, I make sure I always watch him. I've been getting quite used to watch him. It's funny since he start by stalking me, now I'm somewhat stalking my stalker. I don't follow him and all, but I just watch him from afar when I notice him. Even when I'm at an orphanage or the animal shelters. 

My mother even helped me and told me to join the Career Academy in hopes that I'd forget all about the man when I joined. Never happened like that. I joined, but I became a little afraid every day. I took that fright and changed it to anger. Then took that anger out on the dummies. I felt joy in throwing arrows into their hearts and beheading them. I even had a brief time where I forgot all about the tall man. 

Now though, I will never. I'm 18. He's stalked me for eight years already. Four of them were even in a different district for crying out loud! Now, my entire life is all depending on these Games. I may not be trustworthy, but I have other talents. People might not know I'm a good swimmer, but they shouldn't know until I need it. Until the times comes where it matters because if the Careers know you very well, then how would you kill them?

The escort walks onto stages. She calls herself Silver, probably the stupidest names I've ever heard. Seriously, anybody else could have named her better, even a two year old. She, however, knows the routine in District 2, that everyone volunteers before she even starts walking towards the bowl. I learned that last year when I was making sure I did everything right since I'm not really from District 2. 

Silver looks around when the giant Peacekeepers walks up and whispers something in her ear. My hand almost comes down, but she points right towards me. Her wickedly long fingers signal for me to walk onto stage which I do. It seems like she's a witch, luring me into a trap, but I ignore the thought. My real concern is what the tall Peacekeeper told her. 

Before I know it, another boy is on stage with a wicked smile. He has a white surgical mask on with a smile which intimidates me a bit. He keeps asking me if I want a surgury, but I just keep whispering no. Obviously, he's mental, but I don't say it. Suddenly, he tackles me down, saying that he wants to kill me, but I'm able to easily push him off. Peacekeepers come to my aid and shove him off. Sarcastically, Silver says that these are the future victors of District 2. 

I skip the chit-chat and just go straight to the train where our two mentors sit inside. They ask about how I am, but I ignore them and go straight towards me room. Suddenly, the phone rings and my heart stops beating. Who even knows this number? Slowly, I answer the phone and say hello. 

"Hey Six, I'm betting on you." The tall man says and I drop the phone. I'm living a nightmare.

District 3 - Chloe Mishkov

My name is Chloe Mishkov. I am from District 3. I am a female. I am rarely happy. I have been told I'm talented. I am a run away. I am the mayor's daughter. I am a volunteer. I am a tribute of the 199th Hunger Games. But why tell you about the things when I'm already being sent to my death?

Just last week, I discovered my dad hired prostitutes. To me, though, they'll always be whores. Who ever knew how sick people are just to earn money? This even brought up the question about if my dad was a prostitute. Maybe he's at home right now doing random things for money. Didn't he already get paid enough as the mayor? 

Then, I remember running away. Surely, I was in agony and grief for a few days before I wanted my life to be over. I never wanted to see my father again for the rest of my life. Honestly, I considered if I was being a little overdramatic, but I never really was. I knew that what my gut told me, it was totally correct. Now what did I do you ask?

I volunteered. After being alone for a week, barely able to feed myself, I decided to volunteer. My life was over. My life was ruined. I never realized how easy it was by just saying two words: "I volunteer". Luckily, nobody really seemed so upset or surprised that I didn't cry. Well, except for my father. He started screaming at me, but I ignored him and just went along with the reaping.

The male was just like me. Uncared for. I knew deep down that my dad was just trying to put on a show, that he would just go to the prostituted her hired and stay with them for a while. The boy's name was Wire Elec. He had longer hair than me and had scratches on both cheeks. I would ask him how he got the scratches, but he stinks. It's a combination of a sweaty boy going through puberty with pine cones and nature mixed in. I notice a few leaves stuck on his shoes, but try to ignore it.

Then, it was over. As simple as that. I didn't want to talk to my father so I tried going to the train right away. However, Peacekeepers told me that the mayor demand I talk to him or else . . . 

Reluctantly, I listened. I was trying to see if I could quickly sneak my way out of this. Maybe trip and pretend to hurt my knee. Even saying I'm having a heart attack would be better, but before I knew it, I was there. Our conversation went a little bit like this: 

Me: You demanded I talk to you.

Dad: Yes.

Me: Why? So you could tell me which whore you want to marry?

Dad: That was just an accident honey.

Me: Don't call me honey.

Dad: Well, you're just taking this the wrong way. Ever since your mom passed, I wanted to find another women, but I never felt like I was dating material. 

Me: I don't really want to learn about your dates.

Dad: Just, please forgive me.

Me: I won't.

Dad: Well, just remember that I'm sorry and will be waiting at home when you return.

Me: Who said I was going to return?

Dad: Well . . . 

Me: Because quite frankly, I don't want to do what you keep telling me. I'd rather die.

Dad: Is that why you volunteered? I've missed you the last week.

Me: Save it, I'm done talking to you.

After that, he left speechless. Now, I wait in a train to take me to death. First, though, I have to suffer through chariot rides, training and even interviews until finally, I can just die. Why does life always have to be so tiring?

District 4 - Amaya Niero

It's like it was just a few days ago, but it was a few weeks, maybe months ago. Brenna was allowed to watch over us since she was old enough. Still, I was the one who did the protecting. Brenna might be older, but I still have to be the protective one. She wouldn't even be alive right now if it wasn't for me!

I calm myself down to bring up happy thoughts. The times we went fishing. Going along the shore was what we usually did. Splashing our feet in the nice, cool water before having to run back to our house in the hot sand. The smell of the salty water with the cool breeze was amazing. That's how I learned how to use a trident and make a net. The entire family learned how to. Mom and dad already knew . . . 

Mom and dad. Within the last year, they've died miserably. Just because of me too. I wasn't thinking. I've just been always a fighter. Never have I let someone I love get hurt. When my sister's fiance pulled out a knife, my instincts took over and I grabbed my own. Then, I pinned him to the ground and was about to kill him, but then my sister came in. She's never been a fighter so she made us drop our weapons. 

I felt a mixture of anger and sadness and fear. Then, when we came home to Talise laying on the ground crying, my emotions poured out. Our house was burning and our parents were dead. I didn't know what would happen, but luckily, Brenna is good at this stuff. She arranged everything which I why I'm standing here now, waiting for the sucker who gets reaped.

The District 4 escort, Marissa walks onto stage. Her blue skin seems even more blue than it usually is. Her gold tattoos still cover her arm and her hair is as green as seaweed. She's really into district pride I guess. And supposedly to make sure it works, she has a seastar tattoo on her check. Honestly, it makes her look even more goofy. 

She taps the microphone and starts to say all the normal junk she usually says. She reaps the girls and slowly makes her way towards the microphone. Then she says the name: Talise Niero. I'm so shocked that I want to cry when I scream about volunteering. I walk onto stage before she even chooses a girl. 

I make sure I have a straight face while the camera tries to zoom in as close as it can, capturing every moment I step onto stage. Talise gives me a nervous look, but I can't give her eye contact. Nervously, I state my name, trying to make sure there's no cracking in my voice. Talise runs back to Brenna and I give them one last look before mouthing something I've meant to say for a while. I'm sorry. 

District 5 - Magnas Velocity

I chose my own fate. That's why I volunteered. I get to choose, nobody forces me to do anything. I don't need to listen to the Capitol! I don't need to even be a part of these Games if I didn't want to, but I get to chose. Plus, I got to help one of the kids off the streets who was reaped. They can learn how to live without my help!

My only wish for these Games is to kill. I want to show my rebellious side, but don't know how much it'll effect me. If I win, I could say how bad these Games were, but I know I would easily be shot before I could start a war. Nobody even dares to, but I don't see why? 

In these Games, I have one priority: prove the Capitol wrong. I'll show them whose really being a piece in a game or being moved like pawns. I might not be very rich; I might only be living on the streets, but anyone can show the Capitol wrong. They're just a big bunch of idiots who think they're so good. Honestly, they're the biggest rich snobs I've ever met and seen, even if it was just on TV. 

The girl from my district, Julie Vance, looks very weak. I don't even think she can hold most weapons, which means she is probably a ranged weapon girl. Honestly, I love getting down into fights, doing anything I can to just feel that power of a kill. If I really had to, I'll use a spear, but maces are my style. I've never tried one before, but I already know. It's like I'm psychic!

Like I could have suspected, I have absolutely nobody who comes in during the post-reaping talks. If only my parents didn't die when I was 12 . . . Suddenly, the door opens, but I notice it's just one of the children I gave food to. She gives me a nervous look before handing me a piece of bread. I notice cut marks on her hands and feel bad for her. She snuck bread for me!

"Thank you," I say holding back tears, "It's the nicest thing anyone's ever done to me in years." 

"Your welcome," she says quickly and leaves. 

I look down at the piece of bread and slowly rip off a piece. I start to slowly eat the bread, savoring every moment I have until it's done. The inside is steaming hot, while the crust is always a bit harder. I've forgotten how nice things in a civilized place is when you aren't shoving leftover food from the trash in your mouth. 

District 6 - Lorelei Damion

My name wasn't always Lorelei Damion. But when you learn that you're a child of rape, you want to kill the person who commited the crime. In my case, it was my father. My poor mother, Annabeth Amethyst, didn't know he was actually going to start raping her until it finally happened. Just the thought of my mom being pregnant alone, with no husband to help her out, haunts me. 

I decided to get revenge. I stayed isolated from my family until finally running off with a lot of money. With the money, I bought a house that I would kill people in, you know, for fun. I was able to lure my father into my house, claiming I was a prostitute. We started making out before I finally was able to reach some cloth to gag him. With all the strength I had, I dragged him down to my torture room and tied him up. He was still unconsious when I grabbed my whip. 

"Where . . . where am I?!" My father asked after waking up and looking at the surroundings. "Who are you?!" 

I let out a little laugh. "It's truly disappoinitng that you don't recognize your own daughter. You know, the one you forced my mom, Annabeth Amethyst."

He seemed to recognize the name because I could see goosebumps crawling up his arms and hairs on his neck straighten up. His eyes widened and he attempted to break free. A smile started to grow across my face. "I'm truly going to enjoy this," I say and started to whip him. 

His screams echoed throughout the torture room and I could feel my muscles growing each whip. I could tell that it obviously hurt, but he deserves it for doing a thing like that to my mother. Finally, after maybe an hour, a nice pool of blood formed underneath his feet. His eyes were swelled shut and his entire body was black and blue. 

"Enjoy the rats!" I screamed while walking up the stairs. "I know they'll enjoy you." 

A few days later, I walked to my torture room and found my dad's corpse, well, what was left of it. The rats did a nice job of pulling off the flesh from his bones. From the neck down, his entire body was skeletons. I sliced off my father's head and placed it in my room as a perfect souveniour. His body remains in the closet to scare anybody I am about to kill. 

Now, I'm in the Hunger Games. I don't remember if I was reaped or volunteered, but I know it wasn't by luck. I know that I'm destined to do great in these Games and get a lot of kills. Honestly, I can't wait until these Games are going to happen, because I also know there's a twist. 

District 7 - Beech Aspen

"Welcome! Welcome, District 7's citizens!" The upbeat escort, Woody, says. He came from District 7, but after he was 'discovered' as a escort, he was brought to the Capitol and, after a few drinks, here he is. "I remember what it's like standing down there, waiting to see if your name will be reaped. Luckily for me, it never happened! In fact, I couldn't even believe that I came from this cruddy distrct! Have you even seen the Capitol? It's full of so much glamorous things!"

I can feel the tension in the air. Everyone is upset that Woody called our district 'cruddy.' Has he even went to districts 11 or 12? I bet they're even worse than here! Plus, what's so good about the Capitol? They love sending their children off to their deaths?

I was born in an upper middle class family and I can tell you somethings about living just like that. It's miserable! I wasn't even cared for by my parents and now, Woody's saying that rich families are amazing? They're worse than middle class families because they're all snobs. Honestly, I've loved to see how Woody felt if he was forgotten!

"Well, as usual, we have to choose two of your children to go off to their deaths. Who will it be . . ." He slowly starts walking to the female reaping bowl. He has one leg that ends in a stump because it was crushed by a tree accident a few years ago. The Capitol gave him a prosthetic leg to help him walk, but it's been malfunctioning for the last few years. When he finally returns to the microphone with the slip he reads. "Ah, it's Fic . . . Ficusi Galpa. Weird name, hard to pronounce." 

Ficusi! I know her. She's the girl that was sitting alone. I remember trying to help her out, talk to her for a little bit and she told me a few things about herself. Things that made me feel bad about her. Made her life seem even worse than mine! 

I notice Ficusi walk up onto stage. She still smiles, but it looks like it's hard for her. Who can blame her? She was just reaped. Her glasses seem to be fogging up because she's breathing so deep, but it's hard to tell from the distance. Ficusi's body language is telling me that she's depressed as she's looking at the ground and not daring to even give eye contact to anyone. 

"And now for the male . . . " Woody says and is about to read the name when . . .

"I VOLUNTEER!" I shout out and everyone turns towards me. Even Ficusi looks up and stares at me. A small tear rolls down her cheek and I feel guilty. What have I just done?

District 8/10 - Mariette "Mari" Staford

I might only be 14, but I have a boyfriend. I may be only 14, but I have been pregnant. I may be only 14, but I have a daughter. I've been to two different districts: both 8 and 10. My mother has already passed and my dad's insane. I've had my childhood taken away just so I could help my siblings when my father punished us. 

I no longer attend school. I didn't even make it to middle school until my dad decided to homeschool us. He thought we needed "quality time together," but that really meant he wanted to make sure we were all turning into perfect little girls. Our entire life was ruined and it was flushed down the toliet when Cirena was reaped. 

My dad went insane. He made me and my older sister move to District 10 with him where I met Talon Rosedain. We became a couple and did somethings that I'm too disappointed to say. Basically, to leave out the ugly parts, we had children. We got her from a "pumpkin farm" as we told my father. Luckily, he was so insane that he believed us. He was losing his mind anyways, it's not like he'd become any more sane if we told him. 

The biggest surprise is that I'm only 14! The baby's only about a year old, but still. I know a few people who have babies around my age, but why me? I'm probably one of the smartest girls in my district, yet I'm having babies like it's no big deal. Well guess what, it is! I'm ruining my reputation.

The worse part is that when I told it to my fiance, he just laughed in my face. Honestly, we aren't really fiances, but we know we're going to get married when we're of age. Some days, I wish I could go out with some other hot boys, but that would just cause conflict. And conflict is never good.

I start to walk to the reaping with Talon. Then, the question comes into my mind: how old is he? He could easily be 18 and I didn't know it, but he has that childish look in his face that makes him seem 14, maybe even younger. I'm about to ask him the question when he pushes his finger up to my lip. Then, he does the cliche move of kissing me. I want to push him away, but his lips are so nice and juicy . . . 

"Eww!" I hear some little kids scream and we stop kissing. It's an immature little kid. I bet if he knew where kids really came from . . . then he'd get it.

"Scram!"  Talon shouts and pulls the baby out of the stroller. Our little girl starts crying and we have to feed it. "I'll do this, you go to the reapings."

"Ok," I say and walk off to the reapings. When I get there, I notice the reapings already started. Quickly, my fingers pricked and I walk towards the 14 year old girls. The escort, Quinnalysis, already has a slip in her hand and is about to announce the name. 

"And the District 10 Female is . . . Aurora Mendoza!" 

The girl walks up in stage from the section behind me so she's 15. She has short, brown hair and wears a robe. Honestly, I don't know if she just got out of the shower or if she's from Greece or something where wearing that might seem normal. 

"And the District 10 Male is . . . Wolf Silverhorn!" 

A boy in the 18 year old section starts to walk up on stage. He has brown hair which is all spiked up. On his left cheek is a scratch and he has chocolate brown eyes. Obviously, he's Mexican . . . well, I think. He wears what most boys wear here: overalls. 

Suddenly, a loud screech sounds at the train station which makes a few people turn. The escort starts walking over there to check it out, but it turns out to be just another train that pulls in. Along the side, it has the number 8 and a boy peeks his head out the window.

Some Peacekeepers walk out and the one in the middle says, "Welcome District 10, we're here for Mariette Staford who is originally a District 8 citizen. She has been reaped as a tribute fom District 8. Where is she?" 

Slowly, I walk out of my section towards the Peacekeeper. However, before I enter the train, he asks if I need to talk to anyone. I nod and he escorts me inside the Justice Building. Since the Distict 10 tributes are already using it, I get to use the bathroom. 

I wait patiently until Talon walks in with our baby. He stares at me before hugging me. Then, he does his magic. He starts talking romantically and before I know it, we're laying on the ground with him onto of me. I would tell you the rest, but let's just say a Peacekeeper walked in to an unusual sight.

We both had to get dressed when I felt something in my stomach. Something moving. Oh no, I'm pregnant! This year, there'll be three tributes from 8!

District 9 - Silver "Clocky" Clockson

People always ask me where and how I got a clock in my eye. Simple, it was my fathers. The story all went a little like this: 

Once upon a time, a.k.a 4 years ago, there was a 12 year old boy listening to his stupid step father yell at his mother. The argument was over paper. Usually, it was about that or sometimes food. One thing he didn't learn is that in District 9, you better be happy with what you get because usually, you don't get it.

He heard slapping downstairs and was angered by it. When he yelled for Steve, his stepfather, to stop it, he just started to harm him. Steve punched the 12 year old in the eye and silver got stuck in it. His right eye was blinded and, in return, he punched Steve in the nose. Blood oozed out of his nose and he tripped down the stairs.

While distracted, the little boy ran for the bathroom. He locked the door and stared at the mirror, checking out the damage to his eye. It was defenitely gone for good and then, he focused on the pocket watch. Tick! Tick! Tick! The watch when an idea popped into his. Slowly, he grabbed a knife and started digging out his eye. When he was doing this, instead of screaming, he started reciting things as if taking over by it.

Time makes you live through the torture. Slowly progressing through life, being controlled by society. Until you find you no longer have a purpose. It's a vicious cycle. Time does not speed up, nor does it slow down, it is violent. It makes you live through the torture, over and over again. Unable to fast foreward away from it. I am Clocky!

Where his right eye used to be was now a clock. He was clocky. Steve started banging on the door and Clocky quickly opened it up. He grabbed his shirt and pulled a knife to his face, giving him a clear view of it. 

Your time is up, he said and dug the knife into his body. Within seconds, he was dead and Clocky let out a laugh. 

At midnight that night, he crept into his mother's room. He had to protect himself so he clutched onto his knife. When she woke up to the ticking, she sreamed for Clocky not to kill her, but Clocky had changed. He became . . . strong and fearless. 

Your time is up, he said and shoved a knife into her heart. The candle laying next to her bed was knocked down and the house burned to ashes. Luckily, they all thought that Clocky and his parents had been burnt and killed by the ashes until he appeared at the reapings. For four years, he was safe until finally, he was reaped for the 199th Hunger Games. Let the Games begin!

District 10 - Wolf Silverhorn

What happened before that one girl had to leave to go to the Capitol as a District 8 tribute? The usual stuff that always happens. I had to wake up at 4 and start to take over my grandma's and my jobs. My grandmother's very ill so it's too hard for her to work. She's very old, old enough to remember the Hunger Games starting again as the 100th Quarter Quell.

Life, like usual, was terrible as the hot sun starting to blind your eyes. When the reapings eventually started, I was sweating so hard that I had to quickly change into some overalls and quickly spike up my hair. I didn't get all of it, since a strand of hair fell down to my forehead, but I didn't mind. 

When I reached the reaping, I was waiting patiently for it to get started. I came early with my grandmother, knowing that I'd be late if we got caught in traffic. It took about an hour before the reaping to actually start and everyone to come. I remember hearing a baby crying and then watching the District 8 Female running in. However, I had no idea that she would be reaped or even I. 

After both Aurora and I were reaped, we didn't know what was going to happen. We're we going to be placed in a different district? We're we really going to die? All of these were in my mind, spinning around when my grandmother walked in. I let out a little smile, hoping that she doesn't sense my hidden fright.

"Hi," I say weakly, then try to say it more reassuring, "Hi."

"I got you something," she says and then hands me a piece of cloth from her favorite dress.

"How did you get this so . . ." That's when it dawns on me, she's wearing her favorite dress. Right to the bottom left is a little chunk pulled out which would fit perfectly with the cloth in my hand. "Thanks.'

"No problem," she says while bluffing. "Could you please just try to win . . . for me?" 

"Yeah grandma," I mutter. "I'll do anything to make it home." 

"Will you kill someone?" she asks. 

"I don't know. If it comes down to it." 

"Just do whatever you feel right." 

"Thanks grandma, you always know what to say." 

And with that, she left. Peacekeepers escorted her out and I looked out the window to watch Peacekeepers help escort her home. I let out a small smile with the kindness they show, but then, before I know it, they drag me to a train. Slowly, I walk on and go straight to my room.

District 11 - Trent Korey

I pledged that I would volunteer, so I will. Why shouldn't I? If you know me, I'm very honest. Who am I kidding, I'm cold hearted. Even my mom knows it and is afraid of me for it. However, my dad wasn't the same. He was mean and wasn't afraid of me at all. 

I decided that after he decided to whip me, that he would pay. He cut my food supply and I so badly wanted to kill him. So I tried to. I went to the Career Academy and snuck a sword. Maybe I should rewind a little back so you don't get confused since District 11 doesn't have a Career Academy.

I used to live in District 4. Secretly, I went to the Career Academy. I became very skilled with swords and spears and tridents. When my dad started to whip me . . . wait, I already told that. Well, just after the stuff with my dad, I shoved a sword into his leg. Sadly, he didn't die and I was banned from the district. My dad went to the Capitol.

Honestly, I liked being in District 11 better than 4. First of all, the conditions are harsh! Everywhere has Peacekeepers surrounding it, yelling at you if you step out of line. The food supply is low so it's hard to get a complete meal. Even you get stronger by the day harvesting the plants. 

Plus, my mom actually seemed to like being away from my dad. She seemed to do more for me, realizing it was all we had left: eachother. There was nothing I could do, but actually go along with it. I would've been upset, but she just kept doing more for me. In fact, I would've asked to move back to 4, just to tell them about 11, but then I would get executed.

When reapings came along, I made sure to tell my mother in the morning. She seemed a bit upset, but I told her I would return. It'll be easy to win too. She seemed a little less enthusiastic when I told her about the easiness part. I was about to yell at her about regretting me, but then the bell signaling the reaping in 30 minutes sounds. 

I walked to the reaping, slowly, making sure I can capture every moment of this glamorous day. When I finally made it there, there was already a girl standing on stage as a tribute. She has a scared look on her face and I hear someone say her name's Deliliah. Our escort, Xinglysy, already has the male slip in her hand and is about to read it when. 

"I VOLUNTEER!" I scream and walk up to stage confidently. Everyone knew I was going to volunteer, but now, I'm a total package: strong, great with weapons, and great hunger.

District 12 - Twix Cinders

I love being naked! Is that really a crime? Just because I have a terrible memory wearing clothes doesn't mean that I'm still going to wear them, especially when I could've died from it. The story all started when I was five . . . 

When I was five, my clothes caught on fire. I was extremely lucky that it didn't get caught onto me or my hair, but the memory still haunted me. Ever since, I hated wearing clothes because it reminded me of the fire and it just saves a lot of time. 

Well, that was a short story. I guess it's not even really a story. Maybe I just don't have that interesting of a life . . . well, I don't see anyone else who is naked around District 12. Nobody here that is 12 years or oler at least. Well, now my story will begin now, because once I go into the Games, the only way you  get out is if you win.

The door opens and I look to see my dad. My dad. He's trained me well with spears, along with knives and bows and arrows. He's always been nice, but never told me what happened to my mom. My dad and I don't live together. I live by myself while my dad has to live closer to the mines. I like being alone, but I don't mind my dad. 

"Hi dad," I said a little gloomily. I wish I could be a little upbeat, but a 12 year old in the arena with no allies will never survive. 

"I know how you're feeling," he says. Honestly, I don't think he does because he's never been reaped.

"But you've never been reaped." 

"People I once knew have been reaped. They all died. It's worse when you're watching them die." 

"Really? Isn't dying worse.'

"I don't know, I never heard their word," he says and cracks a smile. I start to laugh a little bit too.

"I bet they died have that much fun." 

"Yeah. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if they were still around."

"Your time's up!" The Peacekeeper says while he walks in

"Just remember, use your skills to win, I've taught you well," my dad screams as he's dragged out the door. He's trained me well, maybe I could win. Who knows? I might surprise a few people.

District 13 - Acheron Bane

My entire life has changed ever since that one day . . . 

It seemed like a normal day. Both of my parents, who I strongly admired for being soldiers, were polishing their guns with great interest. My annoying siblings were just running around, without a care in the world, chasing each other. I despised them so much, but still, I wasn't able to save them. I wasn't even able to save myself. 

Armed men knocked down our door and my dad stood up, only to be shot down. The blood splattered over me and I was too scared to move. My mother received a knife into her back and both of my siblings met their end like my father's. One of the men turned their attention towards me. I was a little 10 year old boy, but this didn't stop them. He hit me with the butt of his gun and I became unconscious. 

When my vision finally cleared, I realized I was in a hospital bed. But I was strapped in tightly. This wasn't a normal hospital . . . A scientist with a terribly stinky breath and a maniacal grin stretching from the corners of his face. His hair was greasy and . . . well, just about thinking about him makes me shiver.

For the first time in my life, I was intimidated. He started asking me basic questions like how I was doing. The scientist knew my name and obviously knew that I was tense. I was trembling when I asked him about if my family was really dead. He said it was when he suddenly pulled out a curved blade. My time was up, he wanted to kill me just like he did to my family. 

He put the knife up to my clothes and started to slowly cut it off. My torture was just beginning. Every day he started digging deep holes into my chest, legs and sometimes back. The entire thing killed and I wanted to get out. The only thing is that I wouldn't have anywhere to go, but anywhere is better than this. 

One day, I was able to wake myself up just a tad before the scientist would come to meet me. The straps were a bit loose due to all the struggling, making it a bit easier to get out. When I did, I grabbed the knife that so desperately hated. I was able to get out of my "bed" and stumble to walk over to where the scientist goes every night. 

I yanked open the door and was about to attack when I realized it was a hall. Cautiously and quietly I walked through the hallway, looking forwhere the scientist works. Once I met him, I shoved the knife deep into his knee. I started to interogate this man who kept me so long. I grabbed his head, listening to him arguing. I got a few things out of him, but once I heard something that disturbed me, I shoved the knife into his throat.

You see brat, he said, you're basically one of the most intelligent bastards of your district. Seeing how people go missing in 13 often, we of course, picked you as our speciment for testing. And before you ask me what we were planning to do with your flesh and blood, we're trying to create a super soldier

A super soldier? That was an obnoxious idea. Plus, wouldn't the idea basically be defeating the purpose if they kidnapped me. An invention to stop missing peoplel wouldn't even work. It wasn't until I was 14 until I finally realized what he meant. I realized his plan. After three years of living in a cave, I learned the meaning. I fended for myself and became hidden. That's exactly why nobody cared when I was reaped. 

District 14 - Torran Smiterson

"Welcome, welcome District 14 to the 199th Hunger Games reapings! This year will be your first year with your new industry: mutts, so let's hope it turns out better than last year when they all died!" Sxie screams into the microphone. She's very upset that we didn't win, but it doesn't really matter since it's over. 

"As usual," she starts, "or, well, now it'll be usual . . . ladies first!" 

Slowly, Sxie starts to walk to the girl's reaping bowl. I'm filled with anxiety because the reapings just remind me about terrible things. Back when District 14 didn't originally exist and I was from a different district, my best friend was reaped. I was left with nobody else to love me . . . 

"And the female is . . . Torran Smiterson!" 

Torran Smiterson is my name. Maybe it's just something unusual with my hearing that I heard my name. However, once she repeats her name, I know it's mine. Slowly, I walk up on stage, dreading every moment of it. When I finally make it up on stage, she already has the male slip in her hand. 

"And the male is . . . Scorpi Rex!" 

Scorpi Rex starts walking up on stage. He has brown hair, lighter bangs, and green eyes. Scorpi's really strong, which is a little strange because I haven't seen many strong boys in my district. Plus, we're not in a career district so he couldn't have been training to get the muscles or become strong. 

"And these are the tributes of the 199th Hunger Games!" 

We shake hands and walk off. Both of us split up into seperate rooms. Honestly, I already know that nobody will come to talk to me, because nobody loves me. Nobody even really knows me. I've had to do things that I'm not proud of just so I could say i have a place where I can stay. Well, since I have the time, I can tell you.

Basically, since I won't narrow down into details, I became a prostitute. I wanted to so badly to have gotten a job, but I was too young. Honestly, I just didn't want to work so I took the easy way out. My parents abandoned me since they weren't able to raise me and left me to the arms of the nursing home. The odds haven't been in my favor.

Train Rides and Chariot Rides

Coming Soon . . . 

Please post chariot ride costumes!!!

Sona Buvelle - The Capitol

I walk onto the train as quickly as possible. Armani's already on the train and so are the mentors, so they're all waiting on me. I don't know why it took me so long because nobody even talked to me. Maybe I just wanting to sit down and think for a while. The overwhelming idea that I got reaped kills my mind and I can't remember anything about my previous life. 

When I walk onto the stage, I'm greeted by our mentors making out. I start to look for Armani, but I don't see him anywhere. He must already be in the room so I start to roam around myself. Maybe it'll help me figure out about my life. 

In the train, there's so many different compartments in here! There's one completely filled with wine. Another which looks just like a living room. Dining room. Batroom. Bedrooms. Dressing room. Every one has a beautiful design that goes along with the furniture. Even the toliets share a design. 

When was start moving, I expect to go flying back, but I don't feel nothing. Armani and our mentors meet up with me in the living room to start discussing strategy. I want to so badly speak about what I think I'm going to do, but I'm not exactly sure about it.

"I'm going to ally with the Careers - maybe be leader. Then just get a lot of kills," Armani says confidently.

"I don't know what'll do," I admit. 

"Well," the female mentor starts, "when me and Cyraniam went into the Games, we had no strategy at all. All we did was shop and we won!" 

"Technically, we could've done anything because that year was a quarter quell allowing us to both be victors and only the tributes from 10," Cyranium says. "But it still took some time."

I still don't want to wing it, but if that's what my mentor tells me to do . . . then why shouldn't I give it a shot? Seriously, I only live one. I should start something like that. IOLO, I only live once.

Inessa "Nessie" Beaux - District 1

I walk into the train to hear a loud ruckus coming in the living room compartment. When I walk in, I notice Alric yanking onto our escorts hair. He keeps punching her agressively, letting her feel all the pain that we feel noww. When Alric meets eye contact with me, he slows down and gets the escort into a handlock. 

"She purposely said my name," Alric says with fire in his eyes. "She really grabbed someone named James Jerimini. I'm just getting . . . urgh, you're free to go."

He shoves the escort out of the compartment and we sit down on a couch. A few minutes later, we're greeted by our mentors, Mason and Gala. The two won their Games in pretty recent years since neither of them are in their thirties. 

Mason is Alric's mentor. He is very talented with blowguns and swords, perfect of Alric. Mason's only 18, same age as Alric, so that's another common factor in their relationship. However, unlike Alric, Mason joined the Careers, but then used them against each other. I remember watching the Games 5 years ago because they were so short. Many deaths all in one day.

My mentor's name is Gala Biscotti. Her Games were pretty similar to those of last years since the arena was covered with zombies. Gala was just barely able to grab some camoflague paints and camoflague herself while her allies were all dying. Once she got the paints on, nobody was able to recognize her and she was crowned victor after the last tribute was eaten alive by zombies.

Honestly, I don't have any hope in these Games. I don't know whether or not I'll join the Careers. I've only been trained in throwing needles at men who assault my parents. They were make up artists and once that happened, I was reaped just a month later. Life always seemed to go downhill from their. Just look at where I am now to get the feeling about it. 

"We need to talk strategy," Gala says, then drags me out of the room so we can talk privately. "Are you going to ally with the Careers?" She finally asks once we're all alone.

"It all depends," I say. Right now, I don't know where I'll go. I guess I'll just decide during traning.

Halloween Smiley - District 2

It's nighttime. And like I promised, I'm going to give Teresa her surgery. 

Slowly, I tiptoe out of my room, carefully open my door so it doesn't squeak, then slowly walk down the hall to the kitchet. I grab onto a fairly large knife, examine it's beauty, and then walk back to Teresa's room. Suddenly, the door opens to my mentors room and I duck for cover. He has really good hearing for someone in their thirties. 

When he finally shuts the door, I let out a silent sigh of relief before tiptoeing into Teresa's room. Luckily, the door isn't as squeaky as mine and doesn't even make a noise. I slowly tie her to the bed, making sure she doesn't wake up, and shove cloth in her mouth to prevent screaming. 

Once she wakes up, I already have the knife to her chest which makes her scared. She tries to get up, but is brought right back to the bed from the rope. Teresa tries to scream, but the cloth prevents it from being too loud. When she realizes she must go along with the procedure, she starts to cry a little bit, but not stopping her panicking. 

I take off her clothes and know what she's think. Rape. But I'm not going to do that when there's an even more important cause on the table. For her to get better. I have to cut off her shirt, yank off the bra, and pull off her pants. Once I'm done, she's naked, but this doesn't bother me.

With the knife in my hand, I begin to outline what I'm going to do. I could start off in her stomach and make my way to her feet, or I could shave a heart in her forehead. There's all these different surgeries I haven't try, but I so desparetly want to. 

I bring the knife up, but it's yanked out of my hand. I turn to see Trent, my mentor, holding the knife and turning on the light. Once he notices the naked girl, he turns it back off because he loves another girl. Shelby. Trent cuts her loose from the rope and pulls the cloth out of her mouth. She gets dressed, then Trent pushes her to go back to bed. 

Once she lays down, Trent grabs me by the shirt and brings me into the hall. He shuts Teresa's door, then gives me the why-on-earth-did-you-do-that? stare. I want to say something but he sticks up his finger, telling me he won't listen. 

I go off into my room, upset that I didn't get to do the surgery. Oh well, there's many other tributes I can do it to. And even later tonight to Teresa . . . Click! I turn to my door and slowly walk over to it, unsure about what just happened. I try to open it up, but it's locked. Great, then I guess I can't do it tonight after all. 

Wire Elec - District 3

I wake up right around lunchtime. It's not my fault, but being reaped takes a lot of energy out of you. It seems like you've filled with adrenaline, but really, it just gets you tired out fast. I'm able to change into some laid-back clothes. A white t-shirt with some sweat pants. When I notice a sheet of paper laying next to my bed. 

The stealthiest thief, 

Can blend with a leaf. 

She's a black cat,

So she might eat a rat.

There must have been a mistake. I'm a male, not female. There's obviously something wrong, I thought I would be Joker or Batman or some man. Now, I'm stuck with a false sleep next to my bed, making my anxiety lower a lot. And I mean to the point where I'm scared if this is turly meant for me. 

I walk down the hallway until I hear some voices. I barely pick out the words 'mess up' and 'Raven' when I get a little happier. When I'm about to turn the corner, I catch a glimpse of Chloe's mentor and her sitting down, arguing. Chloe has a nervous look in her face and her mentor is on the phone, talking quickly and sharply. Something must, be wrong, but I dare not to talk to them. 

"Spying on girls I see," my mentor speaks and I jump out of my skin. I would've fell, but he has a firm grip on my shoulder. 

"No . . . I was just, um . . . " I hand him the slip and after reading it, he cracks up.

"What's so bad about that?" He asks, still having a giant smile on his face. 

"I'll be a girl," I say with a dead look in my eyes. I try to give him the like-you-should-have-known-that glance, but I can't do it. I can't really do those complicated stares, so I just try to talk instead of just get anyone upset. 

"Well, if they girl is Catwoman, then you'll be pretty good."

"How do you know it's Catwoman." 

"What other person is an amazing thief and a black cat. You're lucky. Except for maybe your arena wear . . . "

"What'd be bad about my arena wear?"

"Oh nothing. Shouldn't you be with your stylist right now?"

It took me up until now to realize that it's passed lunchtime. We've been told that tomorrow after lunch we had to meet with our stylists to prepare for the chariot rides. Honestly, I forgot that the train even stopped. It just always feels like you aren't even on it . . . 

Riley Apocalypto - District 4

After the reaping, when a huge crowd of interviewers stormed over by us to try to hear why we volunteered, I was trying to so badly get away. One of them yanked me and asked, so simply, I responded by saying it might be my last chance. Next year, who knows what the twist will be, but I want to make sure I get into these Games. People told me next year might just be for ages 12, 13 and 14, so why risk not going into the Games?

When I made it to the train, I grabbed Amaya's hand and dragged her in. Both of us looked terrible. I was missing a shoe, someone stole a chunk of my hair, and they even got me a bloody nose. Amaya's shirt was half ripped off, her hair was in her face, her face was full of dirt, and she had blood all over her arms. These people are savages!

When we get a few minutes to relax after the train leaves, we start to rest for a little while. I make my way into my own room, which is incredible. Unlike my bed back home, this bed shakes every time I lay down. I ask an avox what this bed has in it, but she just gives me a stare. 

That's right, avoxes can't speak, I tell myself in my head. 

When my mentor walks in a little later, after the avox leaves, he tells me it's a water bed. I love this so much, but I know that I can't keep it. Well, that is, unless I win. Plus, I have a huge advantage because I'll have the power of a superhero or supervillain. I pick up the sheet and am about to open it up when my mentor slaps it out of my hand.

"What'd you do that for?" I scream and try to grab the slip out of his hand. 

"No. I first want you to realize what you're risking." 

"What could I possibly be risking when I open a slip?"

"Who you'll become. You could end up getting a cruddy villain like Harley Quinn or the Brainiac." 

"Well, it's better than nothing."

Slowly, I open up the slip. He might be right, it could be a useless superhero. But still, like I told him, anythings better than nothing. But what happens if I already have the abilities the villain or superhero has and it's useless. Well, it's too late now because I open up the slip.

This man's really smart,

But might result on the death chart.

He's an amazing leader, 

And a great reader.

Great! A poem . . . and not a great one either. My mentor pulls out a list full of the superheros and villains and starts crossing out ones that aren't known for being smart. When he finishes, there's only five people left. Batman, Brainiac, Lex Luthor, Penguin and Riddler. 

We start to look through what they main part of the poem was. It's obviously about smartness. We cross out Batman and the Riddler, since obviously it would've included more things about them. I guess the Penguin could be crossed out as well, but as for Lex Luthor and Brainiac, we don't have a clue.

"You're Lex Luthor," my mentor confirms.

"But how do you know?" I ask.

"Because the psycho from 2 is the Brainiac. I heard earlier today from the mentor. Apparently he couldn't hold himself from peeking. He figured it out within seconds and was confirmed by Gamemakers. I don't think the boy knows yet, but he'll be a major threat in the Games."

Julie Vance - District 5

I sit down, staring intently at the TV screen while the reapings begin to start. Like usual, they start off in the Capitol and slowly start to make their way down to District 14. 

During the Capitol reaping, the male looks extremely pathetic. I hear him say something about getting half the kills, but I bet he'd be one of those easy bloodbath kills. I want so badly to just punch him in the face, but I obviously won't be able to do that. The female looks pretty modest and well-rounded. Surely, she might become extremely scary once she joins the Careers, but I could see her being killed in the bloodbath.

District 1 has absolutely no volunteers. Instead, they're two tributes who the district seems to hate. The first one, Alric, looks extremely scary. It seems like he will last a long time, but I'd be shocked if he was killed first. He's strong, probably one of the strongest in the district, but that doesn't mean he has the brains. The girl looks scared to death on stage so she is probably one of the only few who haven't trained for the Hunger Games in 1 before.

District 2's tributes are really big threats. The male is completely psychotic. He's probably the biggest threat in these Games, but who knows. He might get killed in the bloodbath if everyone targets him. The girl will last some time. She's a well-rounded tribute and will be extremely hard to try to kill. With well-rounded tributes, you never know if they'll try something weird.

District 3 doesn't seem that strong. They have a male with extremely long hair and looks like he's in the wild. The Capitol gets extremely good zoom that it seems like stink coming out of his body. I get one good view, before my eyes seem to burn. These graphics are incredible! The female looks just like the mayor, but she doesn't seem to know him.

District 4 is also very strong. Two volunteers, two strong tributes. Both have good looks so they'll probably receive sponsors. However, the real question is if they have skills. However, it seems like both of them do. They're probably skilled with tridents and awls and nets. 

Then, District 5 is on. I close the TV right away and have a tear trickle down my cheek. I don't want to relive being reaped because I didn't like it. Nobody should, but the Career districts think they're amazing and always win . . . which they usually do. 

Plarain Rode - District 6

"Rise and shine!" All of my prep team shouts into my ear. I awaken and jerk my head up to realize I'm laying in a bed. Well, not really a bed, but . . . well, I think you know what I mean. 

They start spraying me down with a hose and ripping off all of my clothes. I'd like to stop them, but I know that they have a limited time before I meet my stylist. Once they finish hosing me down, they start blowdrying me and then puts me in a robe. 

"Time to go," one of the girls say and they all leave. After about 15 minutes, the stylist walks in.

"I've seen you on TV, but I don't know if this will fit. Put it on," she says. Her entire ears are full of rings and she has tattoos everywhere visible. Her hair and eyes are black, filled with hatred. 

I start putting on my clothings a little later, after I finished counting the earrings on just her left ear. 28. I start to put my clothes on. First, I have to put on my underarmor shirt which is gray and black. The pants are jeans with some gray around the edges. Then, there's a brown sweatshirt which actually looks pretty cool. She hands me some Nikes, gray and white, with an amazingly cool trim. 

Once I'm done, I don't know how it is, but I totally look like a true District 6 tribute. I look like a train track mixed with some cars. Everything looks amazing, knowing that a goth girl made it. Honestly, though, I always thought that she got this from storage instead of making it herself.

When I'm finished, she gives me one last look before giving me a thumbs up. She leads me down the hall to go to the chariots and get me ready. Honestly, I think that this costume will look amazing because it's plain, but powerful.

Ficusi Galpa - District 7

"This dresss reminds me so much about the open air back home," I whisper to Beech.

My dress reminds me so much of a butterfly. It's like I'm a little critter just flying around the air. This dress is just like District 7. Where, in the woods, the little caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies. I'm just hatched out of my cacoon and I'm becoming my own person. Now, I'm able to choose my own path. Either life or death.

Beech is wearing a long sleeve, cotton, gray shirt. It's plain and so are his shoes. The only thing that really resembles the district are the shoes because it somewhat looks like a piece of wood. Honestly, I'd much rather wear his. His looks comfortable while the back of my dress keeps poking me just because they didn't adjust it very well so they had to use safety pins to fit it. Honestly, they aren't that safe because now I have a few cuts in my back.

The thing that really disturbs me about Beech though is that he volunteered. For me. How do I know? He told me. I feel bad about that because if he was reaped, I wouldn't volunteer. I already know that I probably won't make it pass the bloodbath, but hopefully he could win. Not for me, but so he can make it home. He didn't deserve this, I did. My family that I don't like with absolutely hates me. In fact, they're probably pray for me to die. If only I could show them that I'm not a dissappointment.

"I love it," Beech says.

"Love what?" I ask before realizing he was talking about the dress. "Well, yours looks good too."

"My dress?" He asks, then starts laughing. "No, I know what you mean." 

"Good . . . also, I've been dying to ask you this, but why do you about this but . . . nevermind."

"You want to know why I volunteered right?"

I nod.

"Well, I did it for you. So you can get home."

"But I'm not going to last that long anyways, you shouldn't have volunteered. Plus, it's very weird going into the Hunger Games knowing that you'll die. You'll have no inspiration which will just cause you to be devastated and commit suicide."

"You're my inspiration. And the only reason I would commit suicide is if we were the final two."

Octavian Silvercrest - District 8

I sit down at the dinner table and stare at Mari. She's not even from District 8. She came from 10, but apparently once moved to District 10, but didn't become official citizens there. They still were District 8 citizens, I don't trust her though. I've never seen her before so I don't know whether she's nice or not.

When our mentors and stylists and escort come, we start having a nice conversation. Mari talks about life back in District 10, but honestly, who would like smelling fertilizer each day? I would never change my district because I don't know what it would be like. I wouldn't like to move to a district where I don't know what might happen.

When dinner is served, I get a large portion of spaghetti along with two pieces of garlic bread. Once I finish shoving the food down my throat, I start to get some clam chowder imported from District 4 itself. I can't even taste the fish and all the spices just taste so delicious in my mouth. 

Once dinner is done, we start to watch some of the other reapings. We missed districts 1 to 8, but we still are able to watch District 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14. 

District 9 is pretty scary. The male is extremely scary and psychaotic. He has a devilish smile on his face and I just want to scream because he creeps me out. He might be a bit younger than me, maybe 15 or 16, but he's still creepy. The girl is a bit younger than the boy and a lot nicer than the boy. 

District 10 has pretty moderate tributes. Usually, they don't last that long, but they do have an 18 year old. He looks like he's from a Mexican family, but the TV is a bit wacked up. Someone threw a knife into it and it is a bit blurry. I can't quite see the girl, but I think she's younger than the male.

District 11 has a pretty scary male. He walks onto stage shirtless with a snake around his neck. It's hard to tell whether it's fake or not, but whatever it is, it's pretty threatening. The female seems really nice. She's probably 12 or 13. 

District 12 comes next, but when I see the male butt-naked, I throw a knife into the scream. The screen breaks and you can no longer see anything. My mentor gives me a dirty look, but that's probably because he drank a little too much. 

Paris Caverly - District 9

I stare a Clocky's clock-eye and feel a little shiver down my shine. What could possibly have happened to have his one eye being gouged out and having a clock placed in it? He couldn't have been born that way . . . right? No, that's impossible . . . right?

When I meant I wanted to volunteer, I didn't mean I wanted my district partner to be psychotic. He just scares me a little, but this doesn't matter. Because he's going to be targetted. I can already tell that when I inform the Careers, they'll try to kill him right away. Maybe they'll even make me leader since I know the most about them.

I've already planned things out for these Games. In fact, I've had them planned out ever since I was 10. I was going to run to the Cornucopia during the bloodbath. I was either going to grab a bow and some arrows or an axe along with a bag before going by the Careers. Then, simply I need to just kill other tributes. I'd try to make at least one good friend within the Career pack and just follow whatever the leader wants to do. I guess, I can't and won't be leader after all.

Anyways, I know that the leader of the Careers obviously won't be from the Capitol. Both tributes there just seem very lost. The boy seems cocky which might result a knife to his neck. The girl just seems like she's confused. Like she doesn't know something she's been dying to know her entire life.

District 1 is still being investigated. I don't know whether the male or female will join the Careers because both seem to be hated by their district. This obviously means they didn't volunteer or didn't go to the Career Academy. Both didn't volunteer, but I'm not quite sure why nobody else in their district did volunteer.

District 2's out of the question as well. The male seems completely psycho. Clocky points out that he's totally allying with him, which is fine by me. That just means that the two psycho's are teaming up. The girl also seems a bit on edge. When they cameras got to the train, they heard her scream. She's either afraid or completely insane, but she didn't show it during the reapings. 

Since District 3 isn't a part of the Careers, District 4 is up. Both of their tributes seem worthy of being a leader. Neither seems insane and neither seem that worried. They'd be perfect leaders!

Aurora Mendoza - District 10

I'm still completely confused why Mari was sent to be a tribute from 8. I thought she was a citizen from District 10, but apparently not. I just wish she was. If she was, then I probably won't even be a tribute in these Games. Or maybe I would. Who knows? 

I give an uneasy stare to Wolf as he sits down next to me. I don't know why, but I'm not even trusting him. He might make a move and then what. Many boys have tried, but I don't what to become that popular-hated girl. I guess it doesn't matter now though since I'm reaped and heading to my death.

Stop thinking like that! My mind screams at me, You're dad has worked his butt off, being beat up by cattle while he tries to slaugther them and you're too afraid to even kill a human. Well suck it up sweetheart and grow a spine.

I'm right. My dad shouldn't deserve working the toughest, well, one of the toughest jobs in the district and watch his little boy die. Not even my brother David should go through that. We both love each other a lot and I know it'll break their hearts if I die. Nobody deserves to be sent to their death, not even the Careers.

"Here's your slip," Wolf says and hands me a sheet of paper.

"What's this?" I ask confused, but then open it up. A riddle. I recite, "Can hide in the dark, not like a shark. He will never kill, due to the chill. Great, now I won't be able to kill."

"Intentionally," Wolf adds. "Maybe if it's due to a reflex or something it won't count." 

"Sure," I say, but I know that I won't be able to kill no matter what. "But who is this?"

"Batman," Wolf says confidently. 'You're lucky, I'm stuck with . . . wait, I can't say."

"Why?" I ask. 

"Because then I'll lose my superpowers." He says.

"It's okay, I doubt they'd do that because they already know," I reasure.

"You're right!" He says, "I'm Black Canary." 

Deliliah Brooklyn - District 11

I hate who I'm going to become. Cyborg. Now, half of my body will be electronic and I won't be able to go into water. Lucky for me, I don't think that they're be water in the arena, but I don't exactly want to jynx myself. Whether there's water or not, I will and need to become the victor. I already am possibly the best knife thrower in the entire nation of Panem.

I grab a knife from the table and head to my room. Both Trent and I have come from Career districts so, shockingly, District 11 has a chance! I don't want to sound evil though, because every time I do I always fail. In fact, I'm extremely weird.

For example, I wouldn't hurt a fly. However, I killed a person and was the best knife thrower in District 2. I have no idea how that's possible, but why cares. I always love being unpredictable because it means nobody else knows what you're doing. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, I'm smart. 

Anyways, I was going to plan to have an alliance with Trent, if I could, but he says he wants to join the Careers. It's fine with me, but I hate the idea of having to be in the Games alone. Maybe I should ally with the Careers. I mean, they are pretty powerful and a lot of people are scared of them. 

When I hear my mentor scream for dinner, I quickly jump out of bed and head down the hall. I bump into Trent, who gives me a mean look, but I just laugh. He seems so scary, but I can tell that deep down he's afraid. In fact, everyone should be afraid, but the Careers always pretend to be strong and overlook this fact. 

When I make it to the dinner table, I look at all the food. I haven't seen this much food on one table ever since I lived in District 2! I quickly sit down, put a napkin on my lap, and then start burying my face in the food. I eat a whole thing of sausage and pepperoni pizza along with some fries and pasta. Even though my parents earned a promotion to 11, I still was never able to eat enough.

Reyna Alvarez - District 12

I so badly want to stab my district partner. It's extremely gross that he has to be naked, but really, in public? I thought for sure a boy who goes into the Hunger Games would find it more comfortable to wear something. Pants. Shirt. Shoes. Socks. Underwear even. But no, only a hat and a scarf. If only the hat and scarf could cover up the places I don't want to see.

I know that the Capitol won't find this tribute appealing or worthy enough to be a victor. This somewhat devastates me because he's only 12, but I know he won't win. On the bright side, that'd make my chances of winning better! Obviously, I want to, no, I need to come home. I vowed I would so my family would stop being such a mess.

However, it's too good to be true. Ever since my parents divorced, my mother has hated my guts. She thought that I, along with my two siblings, were the cause of their break up so she probably wants me dead. My dad is an alcoholic which makes it hard for us because with all the money he spends, I alone have to work 4 hours after school to earn enough money for food and clothing. There's so many things that I would love to have, but will they even happen? Is life ever going to go good for us?

Hopefully, I'll be the one that cleans up this mess. I don't want to be the one that brings the family farther down into misery. What would happen then? My family would be ruined, brothes depressed and having to work harder and longer. They'd probably have to join the mines and risk being blown up. If one of them does, we'd be even more in the mess. Luckily, then I wouldn't be there.

Honestly, I don't know what I want. I want our family to get back together like it used to, but I'm afraid that my mother wouldn't accept me. She might think I won just by luck or commit suicide because she was wrong. My dad would probably think we were lying since he would be too drunk. There's all these possibilities, but I know that if I want to win, I just have to hope that things turn out how I want it to. One happy family. I mean, I have a good chance because I have Hawkgirl on my side.

Jondrette Thena - District 13

I stare at the avoxes and almost scream because of the similarity between them and I. Faintly, I start to remember my family. I was only 2 when everyone was punished and I was sent to this nice elderly couple. I guess this is how two of my brothers turned out. Avoxes. I wonder what happened to the other one, but that's when I realize he's in jail. Parents executed.

One of them gives me and hug and I reluctantly wrap my arms around him as well. I feel so bad for him. Having to serve the tributes from 13, knowing that one day their sister might be forced into the Games from being apart of their family. But I wasn't. I volunteered for a reason. To get myself killed.

Nobody could stop me if I went into the Games, but now, I'm debating about it. Maybe my siblings could get their tongues surgically placed back in their mouth and my other brother would allow to get out of jail. This the first time in 15 years that I've even seen one of my siblings and it feels good.

Back "home" was terrible. It didn't really feel like a home to me anyways. After the elderly couple died when I was about 10, I was truly miserable. They sent me to an orphanage where I was constantly bullied. My life was terrible and I wanted to just die to get it over with.

So I tried to commit suicide. However, I failed, which I weird because all I needed to do was stick a knife in my throat, but my muscles relaxed before I could cut my wrists. I had a little bit of hope that I would meet some of my family and they would come home, but obviously that didn't happen. Instead, I'm stuck living in a world where three of my brothers are still being punished.

After I attempted to commit suicide, I was always being watched. They would always assign a person for the day to stalk me, make sure I didn't have any knives or wepaons that I could kill myself with. In fact, they even made sure I was chewing and swallowing all of my food. Always drink a little sip of water in case I poisoned it. Then, I decided to volunteer, knowing that this was my only way to accept death freely. 

The funny thing is that when I told my avox brothers, their eyes widened and I could sense that if they could, they would yell at me. But deep down, I know they would have done the same if they had nobody left. If they didn't know their family was still alive, but being punished.

Scorpi Rex - District 14

I've always had a schedule to train for these Games ever since I was only 7 years old. I remember how I would wake up at 5 o'clock every morning for a 3 mile jog. 7 o'clock was breakfast followed by a days work at the lab, learning how to design and create mutts. When it was 5 o'clock at night, I would start training as a Career with a large group of people. Then, at 9, I went to sleep. 

When I was 9, I started to get so used to this constant pattern, that I no longer needed an alarm clock to wake me up. By the time I was 12, I was able to tell when I had to leave and go to the next part of the schedule, being there right on the dot. 16 was when I was able to go blind-folded from place to place, knowing every step and the distance to where I had to be.

I'm about to lay down to rest for a little while on the couch when Torran joins me. She turns on the TV right as the District 12 reaping is finished. I was going to go to my bedroom when I figured I could get a glimpse of the tributes this year.

District 13 has a pretty scary male. He's got many scars along his body and that's just where I can see. The female makes me frown a little because she just seems like she wants to die. I start to feel bad for her, but then feel a little happier. Hey, it's a free kill and an easy one too.Following District 13 is our district, which I don't really want to watch so I head for my room.

When I go inside my room, I lay down for a while. It's roughly around 8:42, which I know without looking at a clock, so I start to change into my pajamas. The Capitol laid some down for me at the bottom of my bed so I quickly change.

By 8:56, I'm in bed with my lights off. I close my eyes and start to count down until 9 o'clock. 8:57. 8:58. Wait, why do I need to go to bed early? I don't have anything in the morning so why do I need to? Well, I guess it's good to rest up before the Games. That's why right at 8:59, I pass out. Now, I could go to bed at 9:01 tomorrow!

Chariot Ride

The crowd start to silent down as the lights slowly dim. Everyone's waiting for the first chariot ride to come out, afraid to miss one moment of this beautiful night. Everyone here waits silently until the anthem starts to boom through the loudspeakers and the first chariot comes out.

Right away, the crowd starts booing at the tributes from the Capitol. Both wear their reaping clothes as if they never even changed out of them. The crowd starts chucking random food they hold and others start to use this to their advantage. They start to sell tomatos which are thrown at the tributes. The announcer gives them a 0 out of 12 for lack of imagination, but find it very funny how they are all red as they turn the corner.

District 1 comes riding out and all the attention turns towards Inessa. People start clapping for her as her dress shows true beauty. The blue dress seems to wave from the chariot and Inessa kindly waves to the people. Everyone, even the announcers, still find this district lacking a little imagination as Alric is only wearing his reaping outfit. Alric receives a big fat 0, while Inessa receives a slightly better score of 7 out of 12.

Right as District 2 comes out, little kids start screaming. Halloween wearing his tribute token, a surgical mask with a bloody smile on it, and a doctors outfit, consisting of a white lab coat, gray pants, black shoes and a few instruments. Teresa cautiously stares at the insturments, making sure Halloween's hands are up and waving at the Capitol. She looks just like a rock with a shirt that goes off on one sleeve. Then, to make it even better, her headpiece is white, but in the shape of the District 2 seal. Both tributes receive an astounding 10 out of 12 score.

District 3 gets a huge round of applause. Wire looks like an assasin, hiding his face from the crowd. From the looks of it, his hood is covered with wire as well as the knife he holds in his hand. Although the outfit looks cool, he only receives a 5 out of 12 due to lack of district pride. Chloe wears a simple, gray dress that ends right above her knees. Around her neck, is a complicated design, earning her a total score of 9.

District 4 is another district expecting to be really good, but it's a show stopper. Some people start flipping the tributes off, causing Amaya to cry a little. The tributes receive very bad reviews for just wearing their reaping outfits, thus earning a big, fat 0.

When District 5 comes out, this angers the Capitol even more. Magnas doesn't even dress up, either showing really good district pride or showing rebellion against the Capitol. Either way, the people don't like it, getting him a little score of 4, just because he really brought District 5 to the Capitol. Julie, on the other hand, wears a gray, strapless, flowing dress. She wears two pins and her shoes look just like District 5's symbol. She wears bracelets which look just like wires, earning her an 8.

District 6 earns a pretty moderate score. Lorelei wears her reaping outfit, causing people to frown with her 0. Plarain really needs to hold the district on his shoulders. He wears a simple outfit consisting of a hoodie, jeans and basketball shoes. However, this somehow reminds people a lot about District 6. People start to cheer and it's obvious he earned a high score. A 9.

District 7 follows behind, everyone screaming at the top of their lungs. Both tributes from 7 really look like Distrit 7. Ficusi looks like a beautiful butterfly. Her dress looks just like one and she seems like she's ready to fly to greatness. Next to her Beech reminds people about District 7 people instead of their industry. He wears a plain shirt with shoes that look like chunks of wood. Both of them receive an 11 for their amazing costumes.

District 8 also helps lighting the crowd with Octavian's costume. Mari receives a 0 for lack of imagination, but Octavian earns a high 8. He wears a suit that includes many different colored feathers, making everything look incredible. He makes all the little kids stare with delight at how friendly he looks with the costume on, but deep down, they know who he really is . . . 

Then, District 9 comes out. That's when, the crowd starts cheering, but not at District 9, at District 3. Wire's costume lights up and everyone turns their attention towards him. The majority of the people don't even realize District 9 has already come out, but the few who have noticed Clocky's outfit, give him a 6.

District 10 gets the same treatment as District 9. Both tributes receive scores of 0, but for Wire, he doesn't care less. In fact, the announcers have changed his score to an 11 for surprising them. Everybody gives Wire high fives, if they can reach his hands until finally, the claps die down.

The attention turns over to Trent from 11. His district partner might have received a 0, but that doesn't bother him. He wears a plaid jacket, revealing his chest which some girls start to scream and jump up and down with excitement. Trent just wears jeans, but does also have some hunting boots on. From this, he receives a 7.

12 really stops everyone's shouts. Everyone was so excited about them, but now, they've embaressed themselves. Luckily, though, District 13 comes out slightly early so the crowd doesn't die entirely.

Acheron from 13 really carries his district on his back. He wears a camoflague shirt and pants. To make it look even better, he has an eye patch on his left eye and also gives an intimidating stare. By his side is a fake gun and on his feet, he wears army boots laced with silver. He earns an incredible 10, but his district partner earns a little 0.

14 really causes people to leave as both wear nothing other than their reaping outfits. When the president finally gives his speech, only a third of hte people actually stayed and hons mainly cover up his words.

District Name Score Name Score
Capitol Armani Calvarez 0 Sona Buvelle 0
1 Alric Gould 0 Inessa "Nessie" Beaux" 7
2 Halloween Smiley 10 Teresa Silver 10
3 Wire Elec 11 Chloe Mishov 9
4 Riley Apocalypto 0 Amaya Niero 0
5 Magnas Velocity 4 Julie Vance 8
6 Plarain Rode 9 Lorelei Damon 0
7 Beech Aspen 11 Ficusi Galpa 11
8 Octavian Silvercrest 8 Mariette "Mari" Staford 0
9 Silver "Clocky" Clockson 6 Paris Caverly 0
10 Wolf Silverhorn 0 Aurora Mendoza 0
11 Trent Korey 7 Deliliah Brooklyn 0
12 Twix Cinders 0 Reyna Alvarez 0
13 Acheron Bane 10 Jondrette Thena 0
14 Scorpi Rex 0 Torran Smitherson 0

To know how much sponsoring money you earned, first you have to find your score. Divide that in half and then multiply by 100. Basically, if you earned a 5, half is 2.5 which means your total is $250. 

Training Center

Day 1

Beech Aspen - District 7

I've already decided to start forming an alliance after the Head-Trainor finished talking. Right away, I grabbed Ficusi because, for one thing, I'm making sure we don't get split up. I've met her and she needed help. Plus, it's a little coincidental that I'm the Joker while she's Harley. It's like we were meant to be.

Once Ficusi joins, we start to watch some other tributes. The boy from 6, I think his name was Plarain, is all alone at the edible plants station. I think he's a little useless, but Ficusi feels bad for him so we walk over.

"Hi," Ficusi says with a wide smile. Then extends her hand, "Nice to meet you.

"Hi . . . I'm Plarain, also known as Nightwing," he jumps up and gets into a fighting stance. 

"We didn't come here to fight Plarain," I say, stepping in front of Ficusi. "Plus, it's two against one: Nightwing against the Joker and Harley Quinn."

"Ok, then what did you want?" He says, relaxing a little.

"An alliance," Ficusi says sharply. "We just want to show the Careers that they aren't the best they think they are. We don't think it's fair they get to train so we're making the Anti-Careers."

"Anti-Careers?" Plarain says with great interest. "You mean, like we'll kill the Careers?"

"Yeah, that's it," Ficusi says. "You wanna join?"

"Sure," he says immediately. "But under one condition, you don't kill me."

"What do you think an alliance is?" I say as we all start laughing.

Inessa "Nessie" Beaux - District 1

"So I guess both tributes from 1 won't be allying with you guys this year!" I say proudly right into the Careers face. They already recruited Trent from 11 after Halloween decided to ditch the alliance as well. 

"You can't!" Trent sreams, "Or else we will kill you!"

"What would Robin do against Killer Croc exactly? And Hawkman?" Alric says with anger in his tone.

"Mimic their actions, basically deflecting your move and impaling you the same time you impale me." 

"So then we'll both die."

"One way or the other, at least one of us will have to die!"

"Shut up!" I scream at the top of my lungs. "Why didn't you argue when Halloween left.

"He already attempted to kill me," Teresa says from behind Trent. "He would of too if it wasn't for his mentor."

"So your saying we should attempt to kill you?" Alric says and is about to pick up a sword when I grab his hand.

"No," I calm him down.

"No, we just . . . ok, you have a valid reason," Trent says. "But I hope you realize, you'll have to pay."

And with that, we leave. Alric already said he was probably going to be a loner, but he still doesn't know. I already figured that I'm going to ally with a large alliance. One that isn't like the Careers where they've trained all their lives. That's when I notice Chloe talking to a group of 3, maybe 5 people would be the perfect size for that alliance.

Jondrette Thena - District 13

Lunch is about to start when I hear arguing between two alliances. An alliance of 4, the Careers, against an alliance of 5, the Anti-Careers. Obviously, these two will be the main threats during the Games because not only do they got the numbers, but they also have the strength.

Somehow, the Anti-Careers persuaded the District 1 Female into an alliance. She keeps telling them all the things she knows about the rest of the Careers. She also has been bragging about how she's Hawkman, but seriously, does that seem like something you would brag about? Especially knowing that the Careers are the Scarecrow, Lex Luthor, Starfire and Robin. 

Besides those two alliances, the next most threatening is the Clockowire alliance. They're probably, if yu look at strength, by far the most threatening, but they aren't that large. Three people against 30 others, that just mean you won't last that far. Especially if you don't have an alliance like me . . . 

Other than those three alliances, nobody else has really formed any yet. Many are still deciding, but I knew right away that I would be a loner. Some others, like Acheron, Magnas and Scorpi, realized right away that we wouldn't be allying with anyone. Others, like Julie and Octavian, have been asking lots of people if they want to have alliances. Finally, there's people like Twix and Deliliah that keep asking the same person to ally with them.

These Hunger Games have already begun. There's already fighting. People already want others dead and fast. And what do I do? I sit around and laugh. Everyone's being so stupid. In fact, I'd much rather be spectating these Games, as I suspect most other tributes would, but these Games are just going to be a hoot.

And for a superhero? I've already figured out about a lot of the matchups. Scropi's paired up with Beast Boy, Magnas has Green Arrow, Lorelei has the Flash . . . and I, I have the Green Lantern. I'm just happy I'm not a superhero, but now that I think about it, what would the Green Lantern do while fighting a group of 30 tributes? He'd be targetted. In fact, all of the superheros will be targetted since every supervillain hates them. 

Reyna Alvarez - District 12

"I don't know yet," I scream at Twix, but in a calmer tone.

"Why, can't you please just ally with me?" He says with a depressing frown.

"I just don't know if I can trust you or not."

"You don't trust me?"

"Yeah, because you'll poison our food and I'll end up dying from it." 

"Just because I'm Poison Ivy doesn't mean that I don't have feelings."

"I didn't mean it like that, it's just -"

"Save it! How do I know I can even trust you? If I ally with you, I'll end up dying like that stupid curse you have." 

"What curse?" 

"Just wait and see, because I remember what our mentor said when you left . . ."

Acheron Bane - District 13

I barely finish my lesson with a scythe when training ceases. Honestly, I'd prefer to use war scythes, but I guess they might not have that weapon during the Games. For right now, I'll be fine with whatever I have. Because during these Games, you don't get to take your time chosing a weapon. You have to run and grab them as fast as you can.

If you're lucky, you get out alive with a weapon and some survival supplies. Getting water, food and a weapon is all you really need. Warmth is just optional, but it is hard during some of the harsh nights. As for anything else, it's junk.

Then, if you're just moderately lucky, then you just manage to get a weapon. Weapons are the most essential things in the Games, followed by food and water. When you get a weapon, you are able to hunt with it. It also means that tributes who attack you might not kill you so easily.

If you've just barely got any luck, then you manage to leave with some food and or water. They can't really protect you from mutts or tributes, but they do allow you to live more days. Plus, if you're lucky, you'll be able to get a sponsor gift, but those things seem impossible to get. They're always expensive, but the sponsors always have the money. They always have a certain amount but some are just really cheap and don't even use them. Might be because they get to keep it for themselves . . . 

The final option you have during the bloodbath is to be flat out of luck. You either get killed, which is the easy way out. Other than that, you get no food, no water and you're starving and dehydrated for days before finally, you can't take the conditions anymore and pass. Others might get injured, some even bleeding out. Some of those cuts get infected and then you're in deep shit.

I've known how it feels to be punished and tortured. If I get an infected cut and am slowly dying out each day, it would have been better than being "tested" each day. Especially when it's for a stupid reason. Then again, these Games are very stupid and do have a stupid reason for them going on.

Day 2

Julie Vance - District 5

"Do you still want an alliance?" Mari asks and I drop my bow. I turn towards them and give a smile.

"You really do," I say extremely enthusiastic.

"Yeah, it's better than nobody. Plus, we find you trustworthy."


"Yeah, me and Aurora from 10."

"Yeah, I guess. Where is she anyways?" 

"Probably running behind schedule."

Aurora Mendoza - District 10

"Why can't I go to training?" I scream at my mentor. 

"Because Wolf's stuck with the cold, you might have it so the Capitol demanded we stay in our rooms until the interviews. You'll be the first to go for the individual sessions, but you still need to be fast and get out of there when everyone else is at lunch," he informs me.

"So I'm basically going into these Games with barely any training and I haven't even figured out what weapon I'm good at. Unable to kill. And only good at being stealthy?"

"Exactly . . . oh, District 10 won't have any victors this year." 

"I might! I . . . I have a chance."

Octavian Silvercrest - District 8

It's already lunch and everyone has figured out there alliance or know they're going to be alone. I thought for sure Mari would want to ally with me, but she said she was a bit afraid with me. She thought that I was more of a Career than a person. That's when I broke.

I started screaming and her and even made her cry. I felt so bad once I was done, but I couldn't because she ran to her room before I could. I tried so many times for her to open up, but she kept it locked. It wasn't until 11:30 when I finally lost hope. I went to my own room and passed out.

This morning I wasn't able to see her since she already ditched and went to the training all alone. I was a tad bit late, but got there right in time to see Mari making an alliance with a group of girls. They've already become really good friends so she doesn't even give eye contact to me 

"Do you still have an alliance? Or are you still looking for one?" The District 1 Male, Alric, says.

"Yeah?" I say a little confused. 

"You're looking for one?"


"You wanna ally?"


"We're similar."

That's when Mari's woords seem to spin around my head. You are more than a Career than a human being. At first, I want to start to argue and punch myself for changing when I realize what big of an opportunity I have. There's a huge chance that I could win these Games with a Career by my side. Plus, if we're both Careers, then we're obviously really strong.

"Sure," I say. "Let's ally." 

"Sweet." He says before joining me at the knot tying station. Honestly, we both hate it so we head over to the weapons station. First, we go to the swords station where he really excells in. But when he sees me shooting arrows into the heads of dummies without even looking, we already know we're going to be allies and have a good chance of winning.

Wire Elec - District 3

I honestly don't know what to say about my alliance. Both seem bloodthirsty, psychotic killers, which scares me. Clocky tells me how he scooped his eye out with a knife before shoving a pocketclock in it's place. Halloween is all about surgery. Sometimes going crazy and attacking tributes that he thinks need surgery. Honestly, though, I know what surgery means.

Despite the fact that both are extremely psychotic, I find them the closest living friends I have. I've been living alone in the woods for a few months, but the only friedns there are bears, if your lucky. I remember that the day of the reaping I was attacked by a skunk. The smell was so bad that I'd much rather shove my head down a clogged toliet.

I've been training and was going to ally with the Careers, when I met these guys, I knew that they would be the ones leading us to victory. We might lose some things along the way, but I really think that anyone who comes in our way will be asking for death.

Plus, the make things even better, we've spent our entire time just standing at the weapons station. We might also go to some survival stations soon, but I highly doubt that. We've become absorbed by using the weapons, finidng it extremely hard to even leave or go to lunch. 

Even the Careers are afraid to even come by the weapons station we're at. They'll occasionally come to a different weapon stand, but once we even give eye contact, they flee. They've obviously been lacking tributes from actual Career districts. Only half the Career tributes, one from 2 and the ones from 4, are actually apart of the Careers. The others have joined their own alliance. They're going to be extremely hopeless this year.

Teresa Silver - District 2

I hate to admit it, but I don't really think I have a chance with the Careers. Usually, they're strong and fast and very threatening. However, we have recruited a few tributes. But we have a lot of tributes against us. Usually, they're all loners, but there's a new alliance called the Anti-Careers plue the Clockowire alliance. We're in deep shit.

Training has already ended and I am almost surprised how fast it went. I barely had any time doing weaponry today because most of the time, the tributes were afraid of Clockowire. They've been very scary lately, especially to us, so most of the Careers are trying to stay away.

However, we can't avoid them the entire Games. Eventually, they'll have to encounter us. If the Careers are going to be so chicken, then we'll die. It'll be shocking if we even win these Games. We need a true miracle to happen. But then again, those superpowers can do amazing things . . . 

Day 3

Mariette "Mari" Staford - District 8

I can't be in this alliance anymore. I can't end up killing them or watching them die. Plus, my mentor said. Sometimes, I really question whether she's actually trying to help me out or if she wants me dead. I just have to hope she wants me to win.

When the elevator opens, I come face to face with Julie and Aurora. Both stare at me with entusiasm until they finally bring me over to the climbing section. They both start laughing and commenting how beautiful the trainor looks. They start making really funny jokes about some private, inappropriate things that I just can't say.

But all those things that they talk about reminds me of my baby. About how I'm becoming pregnant and I can't do anything against it. I want so badly for it to just leave my stomach and go back to my husband, but I realize that that won't happen. I'm due in 6 months. Unless this baby grows really fast, it'll die with me.

"Are you okay?" Aurora asks, looking me in the eyes. I must be looking really suspicious because as far as I know, she can't read minds. She might be Batman and I might be Two-Face, but nothing could make me believe she can read minds.

"Yeah, well . . . no," I admit. "I have to leave the alliance."

"It's not because me and you are enemies, right?"

"No, you're my best friend. The superpowers I got mean nothing about it. It's just that . . . I'm pregnant." 

"Your what?" Julie and Aurora say in union. 

"Pregnant, I was . . . raped before I was reaped and now I can't stop it." I feel guilt pounding me in the chest, as if I should tell them the real truth, but I can't. I can't say that I'm going to be married and already have a child. That'd make me sound like a prostitute.

"Really . . . " Julie says suspiciously, staring at me. I try to keep my face straight until finally, she calms down. "It's okay, but truce?"

"Yeah, that'd be great." 

Alric Gould - District 1

I like my alliance with Ocatvian, but honestly, we won't be the strongest. Surely, he's Wonder Woman and can call gods when he wants, but what could Persephone do against someone like Superman. I already know who Superman is too, a loner from 13. He has an amazing shot of winning.

I'm starting to like the Anti-Careers though. I'm still debating about whether or not I should ask them for an alliance or if we could join, but then what would Octavian do? He's become a lot happier than he did before when he had no alliance. But I guess anyone would be knowing they'll have someone to rely on.

Lunch is just about to start when I quickly get one last sword attempt. I'm really good at them, but I just want to make sure that I'll be prepared when individual sessions start. Honestly, I want a good score just to show the Careers that you don't need to train before the Games just to get a good score. Three days of training could be the exact same theings

Training Scores

Name District Training Score Odds
Armani Calvarez Capitol 8 15-1
Sona Buvelle Capitol 3 78-1
Alric Gould 1 9 18-1
Nessie Beaux 1 8 15-1
Halloween Smiley 2 11 4-1
Teresa Silver 2 10 7-1
Wire Elec 3 9 10-1
Chloe Mishov 3 6 29-1
Riley Apoctalypto 4 10 6-1
Amaya Niero 4 9 10-1
Magnas Velocity 5 2 99-1
Julie Vance 5 7 24-1
Plarain Rode 6 8 26-1
Lorelei Damon 6 10 5-1
Beech Aspen 7 4 44-1
Ficusi Galpa 7 4 50-1
Octavian Silvercrest 8 8 33-1
Mari Staford 8 7 45-1
Clocky Clockson 9 11 4-1
Paris Caverly 9 9 11-1
Wolf Silverhorn 10 5 55-1
Aurora Mendoza 10 5 40-1
Trent Korey 11 11 11-1
Deliliah Brooklyn 11 10 15-1
Twix Cinders 12 3 70-1
Reyna Alvarez 12 5 66-1
Acheron Bane 13 7 34-1
Jondrette Thena 13 3 85-1
Scorpi Rex 14 6 57-1
Torran Smiterson 14 4 74-1

The Hunger Games

Day 1 - The Bloodbath

Sona Buvelle - The Capitol

I start rising up from the platform when I begin to realize my outfit. Before they went, they handed my an axe along with a sheet of paper. Looking at the sheet, it tells me all the matchups and how they lose their superpower. Lucky for me, all I need to do is absorb another person's energy each day.

When I get up, my eyes are blinded by the huge ray of light. I have to rub my eyes for a while before eventually it clears up. Right away, I notice the other tributes costume. Acheron's (13) dressed up just like Superman. Aurora (10) Batman. Everyone dressed like their superhero or supervillain they have the superpowers to. 

This makes me think about what everyone must have as a weapon. Acheron (13) has a big boxing glove. Probably because Superman didn't really have a weapon. Aurora (10) has a batarang. I'm stuck between Batman and Superman. Well, at least I have many lives!


My head turns right towards the Cornucopia. Shockingly, Lorelei's (6) already there and grabs a whip and a knife. She also grabs a bag before turning right towards Deliliah (11). She uses her whip and manages to start strangling her. Deliliah (11) instinctively grabs onto the whip and yanks it off. Lorelei (6) goes flying right towards Deliliah (11) and she grabs onto Lorelei (6). Then, with immense strength, she sends her flying off into the distance, too far for me to even see. 

Back at the cornucopia, Acheron (13) already grabs some throwing knives, a war scythe, a bag of food and a tent. Scorpi (14) sneaks up right behind him with a kryptonite sword. However, he wasn't quite stealthy, and after tripping over a bag, Acheron (13) turns around.

The kryptonite sword is just about to hit Acheron (13) in the foot, but he kicks Scorpi (14) in the face. Scorpi (14) tumbles back a little bit and right away, Acheron (13) melts the sword out of his hand. Scorpi (14) screams from the pain in his hand and Acheron (13) starts melting him. From here, even I could see his rib cage and then his heart before finally, it stops beating and Scorpi's (14) entire body melts.

Wolf Silverhorn - District 10

I let out a little chuckle as I deafen everyone by a little laugh. Some of the tributes closest to me have their ears start bleeding. Wire (3), who was the closest to me, turns right towards me and grabs my throat. With a easy kick, he falls back onto the ground and his hand wraps around a knife. He throws a knife right towards me and I just let out a little laugh. I stick up my hand to try to catch it, but I miss it and it goes right into my throat.

I fall to the ground and wrap my hands around the knife. I yank it out, but see more blood pouring. Wire (3) jumps right ontop of my stomach and I throw up. He gives a look of disgust and then starts laughing.

"These claws weren't meant for only climbing and pushing yarn around," he says with a devious smile.

Before I can respond, he starts scratching my face to pieces. I want to cry and scream and at least punch him back, but the loss of blood is making it hard to even blink. Then, before I know it, he scratches out both of my eyes. Now, I can't see anything, but at least now I won't see the pain.

Halloween Smiley - District 2

I smile as I watch Wire (3) destroying the boy from 10. He deserved to die though and I can't help but just smile and laugh. However, that doesn't last that long when I hear a plead for help from Clocky (9). At first, I wonder what could even cause a boy like him to be pleading for help, but then I see Twix (12) standing on top of Clocky (9) holding a spear towads his chest.

I wonder why Clocky (9) won't just shove him off, but I can tell from the pea-green skin that he's poisonous. I search for weapons, but none are around here. In fact, everything's on fire. I look up in the air to find Acheron (13) burning the supplies so I flip him off. 

Back to Clocky (9). I hear him scream out in pain as Twix (12) starts injecting poison into his system. I grab onto some water bottles and splash it over the fire. Eventually, once all of the fire's out, I find a knife. I've never thrown one before, but with my smarts, I know exactly how to throw it with accuracy.

I turn right towards Twix (12) and look back down to my ally. I've been way too distracted because now, he's as pale as snow. He keeps throwing up and spitting up blood. With a little toss, I throw a knife right into Twix' (12) arm. He flinches and releases his grip from Clocky (9). 

Clocky (9), using this opportunity wisely, kicks Twix (9) off of him and grabs onto a sword, however, before he can, Twix (12) has left and is already swimming pass the river. I would go after him, but there's a lot of Career and Anti-Career already here to kill. This'll be fun.

Alric Gould - District 1

I stand, back to back with Octavian (8) fighting for our lives. We were the main target for the Careers and now, they got us. They've surrounded us, ignoring the Anti-Career who are busily grabbing supplies. Above us, flying around in circles, is Reyna (12) and Nessie (1) both swinging maces at each others head. Then, there's Magnas (5) ontop of the Cornucopia aiming a bow and arrow at them. 

"Well, any last words?" Riley (4) says, aiming his triden towards me. 

"Yeah, this!" I scream and feel my body start changing. It's not something I can really explain, but I just felt it happening. I was growing taller. Nose becoming a stout. Nails growing into claws. Teeth sharpening. And before I know it, I'm a crocidile. My attention turns right onto Riley (4). 

He drops his trident and tries to run away, but I reach out and grab him by his neck. He struggles to try and get away, but I just start digging my claws into his throat. He gives one last struggle before his body goes numb. I shove his body right up at Nessie (1). She goes flying back and ends up being unconscious. 

"Oh no," I say. "She's going to lose her power because I knocked her out."

"It's fine," Octavian says. "It's either you or her."

Magnas Velocity - District 5

I have to admit that I didn't want to be apart of these Games, but this is just amazing! I aim my arrow right at Deliliah (11) whose trying to get pass the river. She's running up and down, looking for any way to cross it without getting wet. What a brat!

I pull back my arrow then send it flying right towards her. It goes right into her elbow and she starts glitching and freaking out. She starts to shake rapidly and then falls into the water. I watch as the entire water goes into electrical shock. I can see as the electricity is flowing down the river and watch as Torran (14) falls in. 

I can't handle watching two girls die. I aim right towards Torran (14) and send an arrow flying towards her forehead. She dies on impact and so does Deliliah (14) once Reyna (12) throws a mace into her forehead.

The Careers, Anti-Careers, Mari (8), Sona (C), Jondrette (13) and I are still left in the Cornucopia. The Careers and Anti-Careers fight immediately and Mari (8) chases after Jondrette (13). On the other hand, Sona (C) just jumps into the water and her body dissolves. I knee with astonishment as it appears right on the other side. 

Then, my attention turns towards the Anti-Careers battle. Chloe's (3) in front, showing her incredible Raven powers by levitating weapons towards the tributes. Amaya (4) easily dodges them and then grabs onto Chloe (3). Within just minutes she shrivels down into a piece of paper. 

Beech (7) starts screaming for retreat, but I get just enough time to send an arrow into his shoulder before finally, the water comes clear again and they leave. I run as well, but find Nessie (1) laying down injured on the ground. I'm going to ask for an allinace when I realize what might happen if I ally with her or Reyna (12). Well, on the bright side, both will probably end up losing their powers by tomorrow morning.

Lorelei Damion - District 6

I lay down inside of an unusually shaped building. I get to my feet and run to the outside, but it's hard. I truly think that I broke my leg and arm after that huge impact today. But I can just hope that I can still run, because if I even take a step, my powers will be lost. 

When I finally make it outside, I realize I must have fainted because it's already really dark out. The building is shaped like a 'T' which just brings up the though of the Teen Titans. They're obviously here and this arena is obviously about the superheros. I notice off into the distance a planet that looks like it's in pieces. 

This just questions me about how someone could get there, or when. There's going to be something happening . . . and soon. Because something like this doesn't just happen. And something like this just means something will come. Does that make sense? 

I don't have much time to this about this though because the anthem starts playing. 

Placing Fallen District Killed By District Weapon Used Killed How Day
30th Scorpi Rex 14 Acheron Bane 13 Heat Vision Heart Melted 1
29th Wolf Silverhorn 10 Wire Elec 3 Cat Claws Face Scratched Apart 1
28th Riley Apocalypto 4 Alric Gould 1 Claws Claws dug into Neck 1
27th Torran Smiterson 14 Magnas Velocity 5 Bow and Arrows Arrow into Forehead 1
26th  Deliliah Brooklyn 11 Reyna Alvarez 12 Mace Mace into Forehead 1
25th Chloe Mishov 3 Amaya Niero 4 Hands Energy Sucked 1


  • All the tributes from the Capitol, District 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, and 13 are still alive.
  • Only District 14 lost both tributes.
  • The first three deaths were boys, while the last three deaths were girls.
  • Clocky (9) has entirely healed from the poisoning
  • Nessie (1) will be knocked out until tomorrow, and from this she will lose her power.

Day 2 - Intimidation

Inessa "Nessie" Beaux - District 1


I wake up right away to the sound of a cannon. My head jerks from side to side and I try to get up, but I can barely move. When my vision begins to clear, I realize I'm stuck. In fact, I'm strapped, stuck with a heavy box on my back. I soon begin to feel something very weird, something that I've never felt before these Games. That I'm . . . changing. 

I look towards my wings, but they aren't there. I look for my same outfit, but it's replaced by a normal tribute outfit. I've remember seeing it in every Games. But, now a question arises. Where am I? And what business do I have to do here?

I look outside the Cornucopia, noticing it's probably late noon. There might have already been another death today and I didn't know about it! Maybe there's been a lot more. But still, what do the Careers want from me. How do I know it's the Careers? It's simple! They're the only tributes who I know would try and occupy the cornucopia. However, I didn't expect them to be this . . . smart. They've captured an Anti-Career and are going to try and torture me into spoiling information. 

Jokes on them because I don't know much about the Anti-Careers. In fact, I barely know anything. I know that Plarain's the leader, but I don't know where they are. I don't know who's still alive on that alliance or if any are still alive. 

"She's awake!" Someone screams from behind me and I come face to face with Trent (11). He gives a wicked smile stretching from the corners of his face and has a drip of sweat rolling down his eyebrows. His hair is really messy, in fact has a bit of debris in it, but I can't stand the breathe. They seriously need to have mints for a sponsor gift instead of nothing. Maybe if they scheduled each of us to brush our teeths, that'd be nice.

"Lookie who we have here," Teresa (2) says. She holds a little grenade which makes me try and get away. If she's trying to blow me up, then I know I'm dead. I just wish I knew grenades were in these Games.

"How many died today?" I ask, trying to do my best to cover my fear. I stare at her eyebrows instead of her eyes, never daring to make eye contact.

"Two, one was Ficusi and the other was Beech."

My mind starts racing. The two love birds in our group. The two who always found their way in life to be fun and entertaining. I just wish I could see them again . . . wait a minute! "How'd you kill them?" 

"Easy! We trapped them and then shoved swords in their bodies." 

"Really . . ." I saw very suspicious. Beech is the Joker so trapping him will be very tricky. In fact, I don't really think they could. To kill the Joker, first you'd have to kill Harley, which is Ficusi. Plus, out of all the Anti-Careers, how could they capture the Joker and Harley? They're lying. "Ok, I believe you whole-heartedly," I lie.

It's okay, I reassure myself. The Anti-Careers still must be out there and maybe even preparing an attack.  Yeah, they're totally planning an attack. In fact, I just need to stall until they're finally ready.

Beech Aspen - District 7

They took our ally, but we're getting her back. Nessie (1) might not have her superpower anymore, but she still is our ally. Allies don't leave others behind. In fact, we need her. If we didn't have her, then we wouldn't know this much about the Careers. How they operate, when you can tell when they decide to start hunting for tributes Even knowing about when they'll turn on each other is valuable.

Ficusi (7) and I bend down behind some bushes, hoping that no Careers see us. On the other side, Plarain (6) stands behind the Cornucopia. Slowly, I watch as the shadowy figure of Plarain (6) starts to creep over to the mouth of the Cornucoipa. Now!

We jump out of the Cornucopia and catch the Careers by surpise. Lorelei (6), however, isn't phased and quickly grabs a whip. She manages to also get some rope and then starts running around us. By the time she's done, Ficusi (7) and I are stuck togther.

"Weaklings, any last words." She says. Her voice figthens me, but I know that this is the easiest trap to escape from. 

"Yeah," I saw. "What's on your shoe?" 

She looks down and Ficusi (7) kicks her in the face. Lorelei's (6) brought to the floor and then starts to angrily walk towards us. Suddenly, she stops right in front of us and her entire body starts to light up. In a little shining light, she's transformed into herself. No longer wearing the Flash costume but a tribute uniform. 

"You little -" She starts until she looks straight at me. Using this time wisely, I quickly cut the rope off. When I finally get it off, it falls to the floor along with Lorelei's (6) corpse, revealing an axe in her back. Plarain (6).


I look at the rest of the Careers, but find a sight quite distracting. We've failed our mission, well, part of it. Nessie's (1) running towards us, unharmed, but Plarain's (6) . . . dead. Armani (C) yanks a spear out of his torso and then turns towards us. Trent (11) ran away, Amaya's (4) in the Cornucopia, Paris (9) is aiming an arrow towards us, while Teresa (2) stares at us with awe. In a fit of rage, I try to throw my sickle, when Ficusi (7) grabs my hand. Instead, she throws her tomahawk and gives a huge gash into Paris' (9) throat before coming back. Then, we flee.


Jondrette Thena - District 12

A hold a knife on my chest. I can't live like this anymore. I've been always wanted to die, but know that I have the chance, I'm not taking it. 11 people already died in these Games. 11 tributes out, 19 still alive, only 1 will survive. I close my eyes and start thinking about my brothers.

My brothers. The avoxes. They wouldn't want my to die . . . would they? I could save them though. Maybe they could get their tongues back, but I know that won't happen. Things don't just happen like that. Where everythings just always good. There's always sadness adn to me, that's all I have: to be depressed.

My knife slowly starts to go away from my chest. As the anthem starts to play. But at the last moment, I send the knife plunging into my chest. My breathe starts to slow down while I lay down to watch the anthem play. First up is the tributes from 6. Both faces shine and gives me a little smile that I'm going down with the stronger tributes. Next up is another Career, Paris (9). Then, there's both tributes from 12. I let out a little smile as I give my last breathe.

Placing Fallen District Killed By District Weapon Used Killed How Day
24th Twix Cinders 12 Silver "Clocky" Clockson 9 Sword Sword through Stomach 2
23rd Reyna Alvarez 12 N/A N/A N/A Ran into Forcefield 2
22nd Lorelei Damion 6 Plarain Rode 6 Axe Axe in Back 2
21st Plarain Rode 6 Armani Calvarez Capitol Spear Spear in Torso 2
20th Paris Caverly 9 Ficusi Galpa 7 Tomahawk Gash in Neck 2


  • Jondrette (13) died right after the anthem. 
  • Reyna (12) died when she her wings started shrinking and accidentally ran into the forcefield. 
  • Twix (12) died when he accidentally bumped into the psycho alliance. He was able to grab onto Clocky, but didn't really hurt him. Then, Clocky shoved a sword through his stomach. 
  • Both tributes from Districts 6 and 12 are now dead.
  • The Captiol, Districts 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 11 and 13 have both tributes still alive.
  • Districts 3, 4, 9, 10, and 14 only have one tribute left.

Day 3 - The Battles

Julie Vance - District 5 (against Octavian from 8)

I wake up to a sudden shock in my arm. I lunge foreward a little bit, but am flung back into a chair. Right across from me is Octavian (8). He has the same confused face as I do and we both stare at each other. Eventually, a machine with a huge shot at the end starts to come towards me. 

I try to back away, but the venom injects into my arm and my vision goes blurry. When I eventually regain consiousness, I look around to find Wonder Woman. I'm dead. But when I look down, I've completely changed. I'm Bane. Bane vs. Wonder Woman. Huh, interesting battle. 

The gong sounds and we both go head on after each other. I grab onto his arm, but he slams the shield into my forehead. With an annoying gong sound, I fall to the floor with my head shaking. Wonder Woman does a chant and I find myself starting to drown in water. Poseidon, god of the sea. 

I turn my attention towards Wonder Woman who carelessly swims into circles. I swim underwater until I find myself right underneath her. My feet touch the floor and I fling myself right at Wonder Woman. Right away, I make contact with her back and she goes flying into the sky. 

I barely stay up in the water, waiting to have claimed victory, but it never comes. I expect something to happen, soon, but I can't find Wonder Woman. Suddenly, I hear a booming noise and look right into the sky as a thunderbolt is coming right down at me. I barely close my eyes before I'm electricuted to death.

Halloween Smiley - District 2 (against Trent from 11)

The TV turns off and I face Trent (11). Julie (5) just died, but I couldn't care less. I never knew that Octavian (8) had that much power, but I guess you mainly focus on bigger threats: the Careers and Anti-Careers. If they weren't in these Games, I would have known Octavian's (8) true potential and maybe accepted him into our alliance. 

I wonder who Clocky (9) and Wire (3) are paired up with. Luckily, it won't be each other since we're all supervillains, but I still wonder. What if it's a Career? What happens if it's Acheron (13)? He's Superman and possibly the biggest threat in these Games. Well, these Games actually have a lot of threats. 

Honestly, I can't say anybody isn't a threat. Actually, wait, I can. Jondrette from 13. She was weak and even during training was trying to commit suicide. I was shocked she even made it to day 2, well, after the anthem I mean. We saw how she died. She plunged a knife into her chest. However, except for that death, they haven't shown any other. That way, tributes secrets will be revealed.

I watch as a needle injects venom into my arm. Wow! I could really use those needles when I preform surgery. The patients are always so complainy and just whine when it starts hurting. That's the point where I just need to kill them. My vision goes blurry and I'm pretty sure I'm as close to dying as it can get. 

When my vision clears, I'm face to face with Robin. He holds a staff about a head over his while I have the skill of teleportation. Right away, he attacks. 

I simply doge the staff, then teleport behind him. At first, he doesn't realize what happens, which gives me the perfect chance to grab the staff out of his. He looks at me with wide eyes and tries to get away, but I swing the staff and knock him right on his feet.

He looks up and I stand right over him. I put the staff over my head, before finally sending it down right through his stomach. He lets out a little scream on the impact,but it dies shortly once it goes through his lungs. 

Wire Elec - District 3 (against Nessie from 1)

I let out a little sigh of relief as Halloween (2) is woken (or is it waken, I'm not the best writer) up into reality and I find myself going up next. Up against Nessie (1).

I'm afraid about underestimating her, but I know she's not the strongest. In fact, she supposedly never went to the Career academy. This gives me a huge advantage because, unlike her, I've actually been training for these Games. 

My vision slowly starts to fade away, until finally I'm in a dark room. Suddenly, something falls to the ground and I look up to find a needle going into my forearm. I want to scream, but then Nessie (1) will think I'm weak. I bit down onto my lip until finally, my vision clears and I'm face to face with Hawkman.

Right away, as expected, he throws a mace at me. I easily do a flip over it and then turn towards him. He throws another one which hits me right in the leg, but I don't fall down. I keep my eyes focused on him. 

Hawkman tries to fly up a little, but I grab onto his leg with one hand. He tries kicking me off, but I dig my nails deep into his foot to the point where his teardrops are getting into my eyes. I grab onto his mace in my other hand and smack it rigth into his chest. He starts flying out of control until we land on the ground. 

He looks dead, but just to make sure, I dig my naisl right through his neck and then yank off his head. Yep, he's dead. Which means I'm getting farther into these Games!

Silver "Clocky" Clockson - District 9 (against Acheron from 13)

I already hear the crowd cheering for this next fight to happen. Superman vs. Deathstroke. Acheron (13) vs. Clocky (9). I honestly don't know who will win. It will surely be close, but I think I have the upper hand. I do have guns and junk, but technically, Supermans invincible. 

My eyes close and I feel myself slowly being pulled away from reality into a different world. As if I were inside my own head or a videa game but still . . . me. 

When my eyes open, I find Superman floating into the air. I hold onto a sword so right when he does heat vision, I'm able to block it. The sword melts, but I still got away! That's a good thing.

Then, I make my move. I grab onto a machine guns and start shooting at me, the bullets painlessly drop to the floor after touching his body so I begin to back away. He flies right towards me until finally pinning me to the ground. I grab onto my sword and use the butt to slam into his eye for him to get off.

He ends up with a black eye, but at least he's off of me! Then, he gets really angry. I watch as the flesh burns away from his face and turns red. I use this time as wisely as I can and try to shove a sword through his throat, but he grabs onto it and twists it into a knot with ease. 

I start to try other weapons - guns, swords, knives, grenades - until finally I get a piece of kryptonite. Right away, Superman backs away and I just keep waving it around, watching as he keeps trying to avoid it. I find this so humorous that I start throwing it up into the air and making chicken noises. 

However, I really don't think I should have let that kryptonite out of my hand, because once I released it into the air, it fell to the ground. Why did that happen? Because I was too busy having my flesh melt into my bones from Superman.

Teresa Silver - District 2 (against Aurora from 10)

I close my eyes as tight as they can go until the shot finally goes into my arm. I feel the venom already spreading around my body and feel like I'm going to throw up when finally my vision clears and my prey awates. Batman.

I'm quite shocked that they would pair the two of us up. Today, the great Batman is going to the ground. The best thing is, he can't kill. At least, I think he can't. But once I see him, he seems ready to kill and I mean kill. His eyes stare at me as if I'm the only person there, which I am, and he holds a batarang in his hand. 

I, on the other hand, give a wicked smile and only hold a fear toxin grenade they gave me. They as in the Capitol. I grab the bomb, turn it on, when suddenly Batman throws a boomerang right into it. Without giving me time to throw it somewhere, it explodes in my hand, but I have a cloth covering my mouth. But it's not working.

Right away, my vision blurs. I see things not even there. There's zombies all over the place and the flies eating away their rotting bodies. When I catch sight of Batman, I almost start crying because the sights horrific.

Where his eyes are, are now just little eye sockets with blood endlessly dripping out of them. The mask is broken everywhere and is white. There's some makeup applied to the mask to look like a clown, something the Joker's minions might wear. However, in the cracks revealing his face, all you see are scabs of skin dangling by a thread. I could reach out and pull one off, but there's green puss flowing out of it. 

Eventually, the thing turns towards me and starts walking towards me. I try to back away, but the thing grabs the back of my collar. I start screaming for him to not kill me, but instead, he lifts up his mask. Right when I see the worms crawling all over his face along with the bloody eye sockets and scabs of skin, my heart stops beating, literally.

Magnas Velocity - District 5 (against Sona from The Capitol)

I turn my attention right onto Sona (C). I know this battle will be easy and fast, so let's just get it over with right now. I grab onto a bow and arrow and send an arrow flying towards Solomon Grundy's forehead. He reacts a little too late and the arrow goes right through his forehead. Then, the anthem starts playing on the TVs in our room and I watch the faces appear.

The first person up is Sona (C) who I just killed a little while ago. She's followed by Nessie (1) and then Teresa (2) Teresa's (2) face surprises me, but the other twos just seem reasonable. Julie (5) comes up next. The fact I'm looking at my district partner scares me, becuse I got to bond with her. And now . . . she's dead. Clocky's (9) up next which also makes me smile. Another threat down. Acutally, make that two because Trent (11) follows. Jondrette (13) wraps it up.

I'm . . . happy. The remaining tributes are, and I made a list: 

Me, Armani, Alric, Halloween, Wire, Amaya, Beech, Ficusi, Octavian, Mari, Aurora, Acheron.

12 tributes remain. Which means . . . I'm almost there. I'm almost home. I'm almost about to prove the Capitol wrong!

Placing Fallen District Killed By District Weapon Used Killed How Day
19th Jondrette Thena 13 Herself 13 Knife Knife into Chest 2
18th Julie Vance 5 Octavian Silvercrest 8 Gods Electrocuted to Death 3
17th Trent Korey 11 Halloween Smiley  2 Staff Lungs Smashed 3
16th Inessa "Nessie" Beaux 1 Wire Elec 3 Mace Mace in Stomach 3
15th Silver "Clocky" Clockson 9 Acheron Bane 13 Heat Vision Melted 3
14th Tereas Silver 2 Herself/Aurora 2/10 Fear Toxin Bomb Scared to Death 3
13th Sona Buvelle Capitol Magnas Velocity 5 Bow and Arrow Arrow through Forehead 3


  • Only Districts 7 and 8 have both tributes still alive.
  • Both tributes from District 11 are dead now.
  • All the superheroes had to fight, while some of the supervillains got a break.
  • Tomorrow, the Games will start off in the bloodbath once again. Each tribute will have to get weapons. This time, they don't have their superpower.
  • Currently, this day caused the most deaths with 7 deaths.

Day 4 - Bloodbath: Take 2

Aurora Mendoza - District 10

Supposedly that little thing I did with the fear toxin counted as a kill which would make me lose my power. However, since today is our last day with the powers, they're letting me off with a warning. If todays my last day with the power, I'm going to get a kill with it.

One way or the other, I'd lose my power. I guess that I'm going to try to kill someone during the bloodbath. Each kill makes me closer to getting home. Each kill in the final 12 is important. Each will stick into somebody else's mind. I don't want it to. If I die, I don't want people to be rewinding and video taping my death. If I die, I don't want the entire Panem to be watching, my parents at most or David. And the only way to avoid this is by killing.

I remember learning about all the other tributes. Reyna's (12) family has always been a mess and this was her chance to fix it. She's dead. Jondrette's (13) never had a home since all of her family died, imprisoned or punished when she was young. She's dead. Teresa's (2) been stalked by a tall serial killer. She's dead. But there's always people who deserved to die.

Teresa (2) deserved death despite being stalked for being a Career. Lorelei (6) deserved death for murdering others. Trent (11) deserved it for being kicked out of his original district and never allowed to return. Riley (4) and Paris (9) deserved to die for being Careers. Clocky (9) for killing his family. However, some made me cry.

Twix (12) didn't need to. He was only 12 and might have been a little weird. Nessie (1) for just being a rebel for not joining the Careers showed her bravery. Now she's dead. Plarain (6) for starting the Anti-Careers, thus trying to fight for equality. Sona (C), Chloe (3), Julie (5), Wolf (10), Deliliah (11), Reyna (12), Scorpi (14) and Torran (14) never should have died. I might not remember a lot about them, but I know one thing is true: they shouldn't have died.

And now, more of us are being sent to our doom. I already know some things that will happen. I know that Halloween (2) and Wire (3) will ally and start to kill others. I know that Alric (1) and Octavian (8) will ally. If Julie (5) would have survived, we would be allies. But she didn't. The Careers only consist of Amaya (4) and Armani (C). The Anti-Careers only have Beech (7) and Ficusi (7). The rest of us - Mari (8), Magnas (5), Acheron (13) and I - are loners. 

After this day, only few will remain. I'm guessing about 8, maybe 9 of us will still be alive. Because I know one thing - the Capitol needs the interviews. If the bloodbath erupts and only 7 people remain, everything will be messed up. Everyone will be confused. The tribute placing 8th will have their parents crying, saying that it was lucky they even got this far. 

My platform slowly starts to rise. I let a tear escape from my eyes and roll down my check. I wipe it away before the sun blinds my eyes. Right away, I know this is going to be weird. Because we aren't on Earth. We're surrounded by floating buildings and ruined slabs of stone. This is Kryptone.

Ficusi Galpa - District 7

I watch as the entire Kryptone starts to pull itself back together. I have to hold onto my platform so I don't fall and just barely manage to stay on when it stops. An announcement goes on about how we only have an hour here. In an hour, Kryptone will blow up and everyone on it will die. The only way to get back to safety is in a escape pod located on the other side of the arena. 

My mind starts spinning. Should I go over there? Should I stay and try to get weapons? What happens if Beech (7) doesn't get a pod? What's going to happen? But I have to ignore the questions and fight. The countdowns in the single digits when eventually, I hear the gong.


Right away, I dash off my platform. My hand wraps around a tomahawk and I start looking for Beech (7). But he's nowhere. I start worrying about where he could be when suddenly, I find him. He's fighting with Amaya (4) and she looks like she's winning. 

She knocks the sickle out of his hand and pins him to the ground. Amaya (4) lifts up her trident. I release my tomahawk. The tomahawk flies right out of my hand and lands right in her back. I let out a little smile and Beech (7) smiles at me. But his smile flushes.

I want to start running towards him when a spear appears in my stomach. I look down and grab onto the bloody mess. My muscles weaken and I fall onto my knees. Beech (7) runs over to me. He says a few things, but the words are flooded out. I stare at him in the eyes and notice the fear in his eyes. I give him one last kiss before my eyes close and never open again. 

Alric Gould - District 1

My attention changes from Armani (C) to Beech (7). Beech (7) sits on the floor, crying. I want so badly to help him out, but I know I can't. Octavian (8) grabs me by the wrist and drags me out. However, before I can, I catch a glimpse of a batarang going right into Alric's (1) wrist. 

Alric (1) screams, then yanks it out. A flow of blood starts to trickle out of his wrist and he lets goes of me. I turn my attention back onto Aurora (8), who threw it, but it seems like it's too late.

Behind her, slowly creeping up like snakes, are Halloween (2) and Wire (3). Then, I watch as Wire (3) yanks Aurora (10) back on her hair, she lets out a little squeal, before Halooween (2) slits her throat with a knife. The two then turn towards us, but I just start running faster. 

Mariette "Mari" Staford - District 8

I'm the first one at the pods, but I guess it was obviously going to be me. I only got a knife and a bag, nothing much or close in. But at least I found the pods! I get in and, wait for a while until the next person comes.

Magnas (5) is next with a mace and two bags. He has a scratch across his cheek and his buck teeth were knocked out. Following him was Octavian (8) and Alric (1). Octavian (8) has a bow with 10 arrows, 3 throwing knives, bag, and a bird. Alric (1) just has a sword along with a bag. With half the pods already filled, there's only four left until the cannons start sounding. 


3. Only 3. This means one will get blown up later. Half an hour still remains. Halloween (2) and Wire (3) are the next to show. They both have many weapons and bags. Halloween (2) has two knives, two swords and two bags. Wire (3) has claws, a sword, knife, axe, three throwing knives, a bag and neosporin. Aurora (10) follows, but only has batarangs and a bag. She obviously didn't take the right path. 

This leaves only Armani (C) and Beech (7) left. Right away, I see Beech (7) coming from the back and Armani (C) coming straight on. Armani (C) gets his legs into the pod before being tackled out of it. He holds a spear, but Beech (7) knocks it away. Beech (7) has a sword, knife, and bag along with a Tomahawk and glasses.

"Did you kill her!" He screams, making us all focus on him. 

"No," he croaks.

"Really? I don't see anyone else with a spear!" He screams louder, more angry.

"I didn't!" Armani (C) screams. 

This angers Beech (7) and he shoves the sword right into his throat. The sword goes through his neck, killing him, but Beech (7) doesn't stop. He starts stabbing Armani (C) in the chest, stomach and even slicing his head. Only a minute remains when Beech (7) grabs Armani's (C) spear and shoves it in his stomach. Then, he heads into the pod. He stares at the glasses and tears roll down his cheeks. 

Placing Fallen District Killed By District Weapon Used Killed How Day
12th Amaya Niero 4 Ficusi Galpa 7 Tomahawk Tomahawk in Back 4
11th Ficusi Galpa 7 Armani Calvarez Capitol Spear Speared through Stomach 4
10th Aurora Mendoza 10 Halloween Smiley 2 Knife Neck Slit 4
9th Armani Calvarez Capitol Beech Aspen 7 Sword Neck Slit 4


  • Both tributes from 4, 10 and the Capitol are now dead.
  • Only District 8 has both tributes still alive.
  • Armani (C) killed Ficusi (7) for killing Amaya (4) for revenge. Beech (7) then killed Armani (C) for killing Ficusi (7).
  • All the tributes will be sent into seperate corners in the morning. 

Day 5 - The Final 8

Beech Aspen - District 7

I wake up as the sun blinds my eyes and right away, I look for Ficusi (7). Oh wait, she's dead. But I got my revenge. For killing Armani (C). It just passes my mind that I also finished the mission of the Anti-Careers. The only Career left is Halloween (2), but he never actually joined the Pack so technically, the Anti-Careers completed their mission.

We might have lost Chloe (3) in the bloodbath and they captured Nessie (1). But we got her back, killing some of them in the process but paying the price of having our leader, Plarain (6) die. I became leader. Then, the battles started. Nessie (1) died during them, but I bet Plarain (6) would've won. We basically made a bigger mistake trying to save her than protecting ourselves. Then, it was the bloodbath again. Ficusi (7) saved me from Amaya (4), but I didn't save her. Now, I'm the only one left.

I'm distracted as I her some yelling and that's when I relize I'm in a building. My pod crashed from about, but there's still a human-sized hole in the wall. I look down and see them, Halloween (2) and Clocky (9), wait, no it's Wire (3). Both of them are screaming, allowing anyone in a 20 mile radius to hear them. I slow down my breath to try to hear what they say, but the only words I pick up are "surgery" and "no". Somehow, I know this won't end well.

I begin to walk down the stairs of the building until I find the exit. Slowly, I start to open up the door, but it lets out a loud and slow creek. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice the two turn towards me. But before they can catch up to me, I sprint away. They try to keep up, but once Wire (3) trips and brings Halloween (2) down with him, I know I'm safe. Well, for now.

Acheron Bane - District 13

Unlike most tributes, I am the master at stealth and quiet. I slowly creep towards the sounds of two little girls (I'm just kidding, psychos) screaming. I eventually find them and stand in bushes listening to them. 

Apparently, they're bichering about surgery. Halloween (2) wants to perform surgery, but Wire (3) is creeped out. Wire (3) speaks fast, saying no as soon as Halloween (2) moves his lips. This is going to be good!

Wire (3) puts on his claws, Halloween (2) grabs onto a knife when suddenly, they turn towards me. Well, not exactly. It's Mari (8). She's right behind me throwing up and the smell makes my nose want to just chop off. I was used to bad breath, but this smell just sits and stays, not only appearing when someone opens their mouth. 

The two slowly start to creep over to us. I turn around towards Mari (8), but she's already left. She's disappeared into the shadows. Which means . . . I now either have to kill or be killed.

Both males start to creep up to a tree. Wire (3) starts moving in before Halloween (2), slowly walking along the line of bushes. I'm in that line of bushes. I slowly roll away from the bushes, but bump into a tree. It seems like Wire (3) noticed, but he just continues. Right when he's at the bush I was hidding behind, I jump into action.

I bring my war scythe right down on his head, but he seems to notice and uses the claws to protect him. He manages to move out of the way of the death blow and grab onto a knife. He digs it right into my hip, but I cut him in the leg with the scythe. 

Halloween (2) appears to the scene with two swords. I thought he only had a knife! He tries to cut off my head, but I duck and the blade gets stuck in the tree. I grab my scythe and cut off his hand. He screams and falls back, holding onto a stump he know has instead of a hand. 

My attention turns right back onto Wire (3) who now has an axe. He swings right for my temple, but I deflect the blow with my scythe. I then yank Halloween's (2) sword out of the tree and swing it across his neck. Blood flows out of his neck and he falls back, holding onto it. 

Halloween (2) gets back up with a sword and stabs me right in the stomach. Out of the corner of my eyes, I notice Mari (8) grabbing Wire's (3) bag before running once again. Halloween (2) starts to twist his sword and I feel myself slowly falling apart. My insides are literally churning and I can't do anything, except . . . 

Using all the energy I have, I swing my scythe right through Halloween's (2) back. At first, I thought it would hit his nuts, but instead, it went a little farther and went through his back. Since the blade is curved and all . . . I think you get it now. 


Wire's (3) stopped breathing right after Halloween (2) died. This means that the two biggest threats are out of these Games! Which means that I'm the strongest! I'm the most likely to become victor. I'm . . . 

I feel something go right into my back and I yank it out. A knife! My vision slowly starts to fade and I fall to the floor throwing up blood. My killer appears and takes the knife right out of my hand. Mari (8). I knew I should have killed her instead of trying to focus on these. 

I was supposed to be the next victor. But now, now I'm the next person dead. 

She digs the knife deeper into my back and everything turns black. I just helped her get closer to winning. I took out the harder competition while she waited for the chance to kill me. To wait until I was injured and unable to fight. And she wins this time. And every other time because we'll never meet again . . . until she dies. 

Mariette "Mari" Staford - District 8


I pull the knife out of Acheron's (13) back. Only five of us remain. The last people left are Beech (7), Octavian (8), Magnas (5), someone I'm forgetting and me. I try to think about who else is left, before finally, I put my finger on it. Alric (1). He's done a good job blending in and forgetting. And . . . I'm the last female survivor. Other than that, I'm up against boys. Well, actually, we have six tributes remaining. If you count my baby.

Alric (1) is probably the strongest out of us five, but I've seen Octavian (8) fight against Julie (5). He's strong, no he's good. Alric (1), though, I haven't seen since the bloodbath yesterday. I can't remember even seeing him throughout the Games except for the bloodbaths, so he's classified as a threat right now.

However, Beech (7) can fight as well. We all saw him fight when he brutally murdered Armani (C). I would have loved to see Armani (C) screaming as he kept crying out that he would get half the kills, but he never did. In fact, he was too afraid to even speak. He just was watching as Beech (7) ripped him apart.

That leaves the rebel Magnas (5). He seems to just hate these Games and wants to do whatever he can just to destroy these Games. I know that the Gamemakers will kill him though. They never like when someone proves them wrong. It's either he dies or his loved ones will. 

The rest of the day goes on pretty boring. With already 3 deaths in the morning, everyone died down a bit and just seemed to rest. Tomorrow will cause a few more deaths. Who knows? Maybe even more than that. Maybe it'll be the last day, but I doubt it. Usually it will take some time before we all get together. 

This also brings up a question. How will the Gamemakers get us all together? How will we all end up killing one another? What will happen if these Games just become boring and the Gamemakers just kill us all? What happens if they don't let my baby out?

The anthem starts, but I know everyone who died so I just close my eyes and enter a world full of fear. Because for the fourth night in a row, I'm having a nightmare. But not about me dying, but a lot of other fears that I think about. Like what is happening in District 10 right now and what's going on with my fiance?

Placing Fallen District Killer District Weapon Used Killed How Day
8th Halloween Smiley 2 Acheron Bane 13 War Scythe Scythe through Back 5
7th Wire Elec 3 Acheron Bane 13 War Scythe Bled Out 5
6th Acheron Bane 13 Mariette "Mari" Staford 8 Throwing Knie Knife in Back 5


  • District 8 still has both of their tributes still alive.
  • Districts 2, 3, and 13 have no more tributes left.
  • The remaining tributes all have at least one kill in these Games.
  • Acheron right about Mari's strategy about having the stronger competition taking out each other and she finishes them off.
  • Magnas is most likely to die tomorrow if he doesn't start doing something. Same goes with Alric and Octavian.
  • Tomorrow, it's still being determined by Gamemakers whether it'll be the finale or not.

Day 6 - Another Day, Two more Deaths

Mariette "Mari" Staford - District 8

I wake up right away as I hear a cannon, but not a tribute cannon, like the actual noun. I pull myself to my feet and turn to see the Teen Titans building collapsing. Quickly, I grab my knives, but forget my bag and make a sprint for safety.

However, I trip along the way and look back at the oddly shaped building. I try to get to my feet, but my stomach weighs me down. My palms are sweaty and my mouth, dry. I also catch a glimpse of Magnas (5) making a run for it. So this is how they're trying to get us all to meet, but not today.

I pull a knife out of my pocket and send it flying towards Magnas (5). He doesn't realize it as his eyes are consentrated on the building so the knife plunges into his heart and he almost flies backwards.


I smile at the kill and scoot over to a tree. I'm barely able to get to my feet as the building collapses to the floor. I duck down, hands over head and hiding behind a tree. I hear a loud, THUD!, before finally the debris starts to spread and everything gets a little harder to see. I look towards the building and start to look over at the remains.

Nothing. Nothing remains. Everythings slowly melting into the ground and I have to rub my eyes to tell it's true. Yes, it's true! Lava! 

I get to my feet as the hot liquid starts to spread. It starts to melt down trees and the heat is so exhausting. I know that I'm going to end up running into a tribute soon. But . . . where? 

Beech Aspen - District 7

I slowly pull myself awake as I hear screams. Right away, I begin to walk around for a while before finally running into the cornucopia. The place Ficusi (7) died. She wouldn't want me crying like this . . . would she? 

I wipe all the tears out of my eyes and head into the mouth of the cornucopia. I look for whatever I can find. A rope, net, knife, swords. Nothing that surprising until finally, in the back of the cornucopia framed with the sun beating heavily on it is Ficusi (7). Well, a picture of her.

The Gamemakers are trying to mess with me. They're trying to make me an easy kill. Something that everyone knows will happen. Something that everyone knows will cause me to cry. And it looks like the Gamemakers won this battle because tears flood to my eyes. 

Finally, I pull myself to the realzation that the place where Ficusi (7) died was at the planet now blown up, Kryptone. This place still doesn't make me feel better because this is where Plarain (6) died. Oh, how I wish he were here. I don't know what to do. I lost everyone except for me. The only person I have left died. The only person I cared about is deceased.

Now, I'm all alone. I grab one of the knives, planning on commiting suicide, until my mind empties that thought. Ficusi (7) already had enough pain when she was dying, my mind says, so why would she like to watch her boyfriend die as well?

That brings up a valid reason. The tears dissolve off my cheeks and I grab two sickle swords laying nicely on a rack. Then, I fill up a bag with food before finally leaving. I head off until I'm in Arkham Asylum. I don't go in though, afraid of what might lay inside, but just rest.

Octavian Silvercrest - District 8

My feet drag me along as I search for Alric (1). After searching from morning to afternoon, I just want to sleep. My feet ache from the walking. I swear that I've probably went around this arena 3 times, switching from a walk to a jog to a sprint each time. Now, I want to lay down and die.

I start to sit down when I hear a sound. My eyes open and I realize that I must've fallen asleep because it's dark. I can barely see anything when suddenly, the figure pops out. 

Right away, I start to back up until my hands reach my knife. I pull my knife into my hand and watch as the slowly creeps foreward. In his hand is some sort of sword, but it looks distorted from here. In his other hand is a bag dragging along the ground. 

When he raises up his sword a little higher, I make my move and throw a knife right. It hits him right in the arm becuase he drops bag and starts swearing. Then, before he says the one word that literally kills me, I throw the knife at his forehead. 


I stand, struck by what he just said. I couldn't of. There's no way I just . . . I just. No, I couldn't. He couldn't of been. But surely enough, his face is in the sky. Following him is Magnas (5). I slowly feel tears forming in my eyes and can't help it when it rolls down my cheeks.

Because the word he said was "allies." 

Placing Fallen District Killer District Weapon Used Killed How Day
5th Magnas Velocity 5 Mariette "Mari" Staford 8 Throwing Knife Knife in Heart 6
4th Alric Gould 1 Octavian Silvercrest 8 Throwing Knife Knife in Forehead 6


  • Both tributes from Districts 1 and 5 are now dead.
  • Only District 8 has both tributes still alive.
  • Beech has a 13-1 chance of winning.
  • Octavian has a 8-1 chance of winning.
  • Mari has a 15-1 chance of winning
  • Octavian is the only person to kill an ally.

Day 7 - 2 Deaths, 2 Victors

Octavian Silvercrest - District 8

The night rolls along vigorously. I can't sleep. I couldn't sleep because I killed Alric (1). I didn't realize how big of an idiot I was. Alric (1) is good with swords, he had a bag, but it was dark. He was probably looking for me as well. On the bright side, I didn't have to kill him today. But I still killed him.

Now, the competition is a bit easier. Beech (7) is still traumatized from the death of Ficusi (7). He's either going to be really hard to kill to avenge Ficusi (7) or he's going to be a free kill because he wants to be with her. Then, there's Mari (8). It's going to be hard to kill her. She is a district partner. She will not be easy, but I have to pray Beech (7) kills her first. After that, I'm victor.

I begin to make my way to the cornucopia. If there's anything I know, it's that they will try to get us stuck there. It's in the open and easy to find. I literally make it there within minutes of jogging because it's so easy. I get myself on top of the cornucopia and just start to wait. Wait for Beech (7) to appear. Wait for a cannon to sound.

Beech Aspen - District 7

I wake up as I hear some more thudding. I look around to try and find the source when I notice the asylum. Whatevers in there isn't pleasant. I know that it will be released soon so I pack my things and start to walk to the cornucopia. After 199 years of these Games, you begin to realize the final battle always happens in the cornucopia, unless if something happens.

When I'm about a mile away from the asylum, I hear a loud CLANK!I and I begin to start a light jog. When I notice the poisonous, dog mutts behind me, I speed up.

Each dog has a unique color, ranging from red to purple to black to turquoiste. Some look colorful and funny, others remind me of blood. Their teeth are tinted yellow and all pointed. No eyeballs at all, just a nose which helps them sense us. I start to zigzag a little as some try to fling on my back, when one does, I shove a shove down their throat. 

However, it's not that easy. Their nails dig into your shoulders and you feel the poison injecting intself into your body. You do whatever you can to get it off, but your ankles start to turn into lead. It seems impossible to keep moving, but you find your motivation to keep on running. Ficusi (7). 

When I make it into the clearing of the cornucopia, I realize the two tributes from 8 staring at each other, throwing knives when the other ones not ready. When Octavian (8) over throws one, it lands right into my shoulder and I find myself flying back into the mutts. 

Their teeth dig into my chest and I try to get them away, but they just keep moving ontop of me. They start to yank off my legs and I actually see a group of 4 dogs fighting over my leg foot. My arms are then slowly ripped apart, dogs eating it as fast as they can as if it's Thanksgiving and you haven't ate for a year.

Eventually though, my eyes start to fade. I feel as some dogs try to yank my torso away from my head, but I try to roll over and give it off. Then, I get to notice a full view of the inside of a dogs mouth. It's teeth digging into my neck as suddenly, it yanks it off.


I feel as my soul flies out of my body. I watch as the dogs devour the rest of my body whole until I feel a tap on my shoulder. When I turn, I'm in heaven . . . with Ficusi (7).

She hugs me right away and I hug her back. Then, she leads me to Plarain (6) and I hug him too. I'm so happy that I get to see them again. Then, there's Nessie (1) as well, along with other tributes like Twix (12) and Julie (5). I can't help but smile as I remember looking at another tribute in these Games, although a few are missing.

"Welcome home," Ficusi (7) whispers as we embrace our arms.

Mariette "Mari" Staford - District 8

I'm just about to shove a knife into Octavian's (8) chest when I hear trumpets. 

"Congratulations Octavian! Victor from District 8 of the 199th Hunger Games!" 

I stare at Octavian (8) and he stares back. At first, he's confused, but then I see happiness fill his face. He pushes me off and grabs onto it. Then, I watch as he's lifted out of the arena.

"You forgot about me!" I scream with anger. They can't just let Octavian (8) win because they like him.

"We haven't forgot about you," the announcer screams. "It's either you or your baby, you're choice."

My baby. Who with the sickest mind could tell someone it's either you or your baby? The Capitol, that's who. They've always been sick and wicked. But jokes on them because I made it farther than their tributes did. Ha. In fact, both tributes from crummy old 8 outlasted the Capitol, in fact one already won.

I wonder how it must be at home. I bet Talon's sitting at home watching anxiously as I chose between our baby or I. I already knows what he wants. Me. He probably can't wait for me to come to District 10 for the reapings and we might even move to 8. But I don't really want to move to 8. It's old and crummy. I remember Octavina (8) telling me stories of buildings collasping because they're that old. 

Who knows, we might spend the rest of our lives together in happiness. Whatever happens, happens. I'd much rather go back to Talon and have even more babies then save this one. But what happens if I don't. What happens if something happens where I'm unable to become pregnant anymore. I guess thats a risk I have to take.

I grab a knife. And stand as minutes turn to hours. I know everyone's dying to see if I plunge it into my heart or stomach, I know already what it is. It's just . . . hard to say goodbye to my unborn. I close my eyes, before sending the knife through my stomach.


"Congratulations, Mari! Co-Victor of the 199th Hunger Games from 8!"

Placing Fallen District Killer District Weapon Used Killed How Day
3rd Beech Aspen 7 Mutts N/A Teeth Ripped to Pieces 7
2nd Mari's Baby N/A Mariette "Mari" Staford 8 Knife Knife in Stomach 7


After the Games, Mari was welcomed back to Talon. She did end up moving to District 8 after having a series of nightmares which only Octavian knew how she felt. Over time, the two became close friends. Right before the victory tour, Mari became pregnant.

During the victory tour, the tributes were shocked by fans from many different districts. District 14 seemed to really like the two, mainly Mari for killing her baby, but District 13 hated them. Districts 12 and 11 had a neutral feeling about the two. District 10 loved Mari after Mari gave a speech about how happy she was to get to know Aurora, but hated when she died. District 9, 7 and 6 had a neutral feeling about the two. But District 5 had a love-hate relationship. They loved Mari, but hated Octavian for killing Julie. Districts 4 and 2 hated Octavian for allying  with Alric, who didn't go to the Career Academy. District 3 was a moderate feeling, many people were touched by Mari killing her baby. District 1 was incredibly in love with the two, especially Alric. However, the 'incredibly in love' part comes from the parents of the two tributes, the crowd itself hated them. The Capitol didn't care. At District 8, everyone was clapping and cheering for them because they just loved them.

Between the time of the end of the tribute parade and the quarter quell reaping, everyone was excited as Mari was only days before delivering her baby. She gave birth to a baby body the day before the reapings. She gave birth to a little girl Julie Aurora Staford.

Possible Victors

So, here's a list of the tributes that I was thinking about having victors. If your tributes aren't listed, either you just didn't really stay active or I just didn't really like your tribute. Please, keep in mind that I usually love longer backstories, but did become attached with tributes with short backstories as well. Anyways, I'm grouping tributes together on the day they died.

Bold - means I wanted them to be victor.

Underlined - mean I didn't want them as a victor for a reason.

Day 7 Victims

Beech Aspen - I loved him and was going to give him the crown instead of Octavian, but I decided that he wouldn't be happy on earth, but much more happy with Ficusi in heaven.

Day 6 Victims

Alric Gould - I was also planning on maybe having him win. I would have loved to show the Capitol that the Careers aren't always the greatest, but then, when it was too hard to decide, I figured that Beetee19 won my last Games so it was someone elses turn.

Magnas Velocity - Another tribute who I would love to prove the Capitol wrong. However, I knew that the Capitol would do something like they did to Titus to make sure he doesn't win.

Day 5 Victims

Acheron Bane - I loved him and would've had him be victor if he didn't already win a Games. I love having new victors so killing him took a long time.

Wire Elec - I really started to like him as he was starting to ally with the psychos.

Halloween Smiley - the only reason I killed him was because I was extremely freaked out by him, but I had a lot of fun using him. He was creepy, but funny.

Day 4 Victims

Amaya Niero - Backstory. I loved it!

Ficusi Galpa - To prove her family wrong and I loved the relationship between her and Beech as well.

Aurora Mendoza - the only reason I didn't want her to win is so that Mari would become angered by her death and start to kill others. However, that didn't really work out so she would've probably lasted longer.

Armani Calveras - He was just histerical with how he thought he would win. I had a little thought about having him win, but then I turned it down.

Day 3 Victims

Jondrette Thena - She wanted to commit suicide all along. It just took me a while to find the right timing.

Julie Vance - I so badly wanted her to win, but then, when I did, she was paired up with Octavian. It took me a while to figure out who would win, but, as you can see a little, she originally was going to win, but then I wanted Octavian to so that Alric's fight would be more intimidating (however, he never really fought)

Trent Korey - I honestly just found him very scary. I mean, I liked him, but then I was thinking about what would happen during the parade. Plus, he was paired up with Halloween and I just wanted Halloween to win. Plus, for a time, I didn't think you were active.

Inessa "Nessie" Beaux - the only reason I didn't want her to win was because he backstory was just a little too short. I liked her though for not joining the Careers and joined the Anti-Careers instead, but I just . . . didn't feel very interesting, respectively.

Silver "Clocky" Clockson - if I had to choose out of all the psychos, I would have chose him to win. However, like I said above, I wanted Acheron to become victor until I figured he won another Games. I wish he would've lasted longer.

Teresa Silver - I just didn't want her to win because of that creepy guy back home that kept stalking her. I was planning on having that guy show up on day 2, but it never really happened.

Sona Buvelle - no backstory, easy deaths.

Day 2 Victims

Twix Cinders - a naked, 12 year old victor. Who wouldn't find that a little funny

Reyna Alvarez - I don't really know why. I just fell in love with Alric so much that I kind of forgot about her a little bit.

Lorelei Demion - her name means death. She totally would've lasted longer, but I had to kill one of Rainfacestar's tributes.

Plarain Rode - would've lasted longer, but like Lorelei, I had to kill one of TDR97's tributes. I wanted so badly for him to win because he was leader of the Anti-Careers, but I just . . . couldn't ruin the relationship.

Paris Caverly - I've just seen her in a lot of Games. I'm fine with people who do that, but you also weren't very active.

Day 1 Victims

Scorpi Rex - I just didn't really like the idea of a tribute from 14 as a Career. 

Wolf Silverhorn - weren't even active, he's going to die.

Riley Apocalypto - it took some time to kill Riley in the bloodbath because I wanted him to win. Then, learn that next years twist had nothing to do about age.

Torran Smiterson - I had to make her lunaii, which I'm fine with. No chariot ride costume or even being active.

'Deliliah Brookly'n - I loved the fact that both tributes from 11 came from a Career district. However, when she didn't join the Careers, I knew that she would be targeted. In a regular Games, she would have made it to the top 8. However, this isn't a regular Games.

Chloe Mishkov - short, but sentimetnal backstory. I would have had her get farther, but I had to kill one other tribute  and most of them had already left. 

Trivia about my Games

  • I wanted Mari to be a victor so that I could have 2 victors.
  • Plarain's original score was going to be a 6.
  • I gave Trent odds of 11-1 so I could just use 1 for his row (from 11, got 11, odds of 11-1)
  • Jondrette was supposed to die instead of Deliliah.
  • Teresa was going to die instead of Lorelei
  • Nessie was originally going to die instead of Plarain.
  • Alric was going to die instead of Amaya.
  • Acheron was going to kill Wire, but then get killed by Halloween, However, instead he killed both and then got killed by Mari.
  • I also was thinking about Mari being killed by Acheron and, before being killed, be in a fight with Halloween and Wire.
  • Alric was going to win instead of Octavian, but then I switched it since Beetee19 won my last Games.
  • I was going to have these Games last 8 days. On the 4th Day, instead of a bloodbath, it was going to be a fight between superheros and villains. Like not one-on-one, but as teams. 



Finally, thanks for everyone whose been reading my Games. I enjoy if you guys could give me any advice about how my writing could improve. Also, I'm sorry if the last two days are short but it's a little late here. Thanks! Everyone, I respect you a lot for reading these. Thanks everyone! 

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