Welcome! Welcome! I'm proud to announce that this year, there will be a GIGANTIC quarter quell. Now, what is this you ask? Well, it's going to, let's just say, be a secret. The only twist that'll tell you is that there will be 5 times as many tributes as previous years. 5 males, 5 female. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Rules/Template/Things You Should Know

1. These Games don't rely on unless if I'm in love with the living tributes that I can't decide who I want to die. However, this doesn't normally happen.

2. With 10 tributes each district, you may have 10 tributes. This number may increase if I feel necessary, but currently, they're at 10.

3. No swearing or cursing. I might feel the need to add some swearing and mild language, but I won't really want you guys to be saying it. I might sound hypocritical, but really don't like hearing a lot of this swearing. In fact, if I say the swear word, then you can say it.

4. These games are invite-only. I'll have a list of people that I'd be fine with if they post a tribute. If you want me to add you to the list, just comment below and, depending on how I feel, I may allow or not allow you to join. 

5. If you've never been in my Games before, then please just stay active. Advice, for these Games, won't be needed until I say so. This goes along with the twist. Anyways, I'll have a lot of writing and it'll take some time so if you leave or aren't active, your tribute will die.

6. Please follow the tribute template. I have a few things that won't usually be there but that's so I can make my story better. I'd appreciate if you follow, but if not, don't expect me to really be attached to your tribute unless you have an incredible backstory.

7. Reservations are allowed. 48 hours, though. 

8. I'm fine with any tribute that's already been in another Games. However, those Games can't be another one of mine. 

9. Links and Profiles are allowed! I don't mind it and won't try to penalize your tribute from this. I'm reasonable enough that you don't need to copy and paste 5 tributes when you could just send me the link instead.


Name: (first and last)

Age: (ages 12 to 18, unless you have reason)

District: (Capitol along with 1 to 13)

Gender: (male or female)

Personality: (don't underestimate the importance of this one)

Backstory: (don't underestimate the importance of this one)

Weapons: (preferably one to three)

Appearance: (preferably lunaii)

Strength: (only ONE, there biggest strength)

Weakness: (only ONE, there biggest strength)

Height: (please be reasonable)

Sample Phrase: (just a practice sentence saying how your tribute speaks; it could be also descriptive like crispy or constantly swearing)

Birthdate: (just day and month, not year)


District Gender Name Age Weapons Ht. User
Capitol Male Hybrid "H3" Three 15 Anything 5'10 Mistfire333
Capitol Male Experiment "E6" Six 13 Cat-O-Nine Tails, Cat's Paw (Bladed Frisbee, Chained Sickle) 5'6 Mistfire333
Capitol Male Dusk Olive 17 Crossbow, Bow and Arrow (Spear) 5'6 LivesinDistrict1
Capitol Male Experiment "Oreo" 115 15 Knife, Claws 5'9 LeGruff
Capitol Male Chorillonamus "Coral" Studkarat 13 Anything Tehblakdeath
Capitol Female Tabby Euphoria 16 Revolver, Hidden Knives -- Nightlock Kryptonite
Capitol Female Shay Cobblestone 17 Dagger, Throwing Knives 5'9 Annamisasa
Capitol Female Dawn Olive 17 Dagger, Throwing Knife (Scythe) 5'6 LivesinDistrict1
Capitol Female Elsa Lovegrove 18 Blowgun, Poison 5'5 Madgeical
Capitol Female Maria Elena 14 Knife, Dagger 5'4 Rainfacestar
1 Male Sean Dansin 15 Hammer, Sword (Machete, Axe) -- Rainbow Shifter
1 Male Adrian Fabergé 16 Javelin, Scythe 5'7 TDR97
1 Male Zaffre Quartz 18 Trident, Sword 6'2 TBWTPT
1 Male Jaguar Taz 17 Cat Claws, Spiked Whips (Spines) 5'10 Tehblakdeath
1 Male Colton Thorne 16 Knife, Sword (Traps) -- BaconCanadian
1 Female Jade Seeku 18 Spear, Throwing Knives (Whip) -- Rainbow Shifter
1 Female Ava "Lizzie" Elizabeth Rocco 14 Bow and Arrow, Poison (Dagger) 5'3 MissRandomStuff
1 Female Glow Décor 15 Spear, Bow and Arrow -- Nightlock Kryptonite
Female Aurelia Roba 17 Labrys, Machete (Mace) 5'6 TDR97
1 Female Orchid Quartz 12 Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes 4'11 TBWTPT
2 Male Earl Zoranovic 18 Spear, Anything 6'2 Beetee19
2 Male Julius Paris 18 Mace, Spear 6'3 Hybrid Shadow
2 Male Silvanus Justice 18 Fists, Brass Knuckles 6'2 TBWTPT
2 Male Ark Cindre 12 Knife, Needle (Hand, Sword) -- Tehblakdeath
2 Male Brad Smith 18 Sword, Spear (Mace) -- BaconCanadian
2 Female Holly Smiley 17 Knife, Needle (Hands, Sword) -- TehOnlyUmbreon
2 Female Tavia Touchdown 18 Katana, Self-Defense (Wrestling) 5'11 Mistfire333
2 Female Minerva Den 16 Blowgun, Boomerang 5'3 TBWTPT
2 Female Fiona Valoran 16 Sword, Duel Knives (Twin Dagger) 5'9 Mineraku Rhyuabi
2 Female Sharpe Cindre 12 Knife, Crossbow (Sword) 5' Tehblakdeath
3 Male Damian Byte 14 Electricity, Chain and Hook (Blowgun) 5'5 TDR97
3 Male Alkaline Watt 17 Traps, Explosives 6' Hybrid Shadow
3 Male Solar Panels 12 Bombs, Wire Trap (Punches) 5' LivesinDistrict1
3 Male Rariatarium "Rary" Data 15 Anything Spiked or Sharp 5'6 Tehblakdeath
3 Male Wario Wade 16 Dagger, Throwing Knives 5'8 MyWorld
3 Female Madeline Kim 15 Bow and Arrow, Intelligence (Traps) 5'6 MissRandomStuff
3 Female Madoka Artemisia 16 Eyes, Wind (Fire Wheels, Dagger) -- XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
3 Female Phoebe Kressila 16 Dagger 5' Beetee19
3 Female Oniudra Curant 16 Club, Net (Sickle) 5'8.75 TDR97
3 Female Anna Hastings 17 Knife, Wire (Trap) -- BaconCanadian
4 Male Dune Glade 16 Trident, Spear 6'1 TBWTPT
4 Male Titanic Mage 18 Trident, Ball and Chain (Mace) 5'11 Lightstone123
4 Male Mario Adams 17 Sword, Throwing Knives 6' MyWorld
4 Male Luigi Adams 17 Sword, Throwing Knives 6'1 MyWorld
4 Male Pacster Chalmers 17 Sword, Throwing Knives 5'11 MyWorld
4 Female Chione Nereus 18 Trident, Net 5'7 TBWTPT
4 Female Adra Nereus 12 Throwing Knives, Twin Knives 5' Alyssa101
4 Female Serena Madrick 17 Trident, Net -- BaconCanadian
4 Female Tiara Spectrus 13 Dagger, Crossbow (Sickle, Slingshot, Traps) 5'2 Mistfire333
4 Female Sorcera Spectrus 17 Dagger, Crossbow (Poison, Throwing Knives) 5'9 Mistfire333
5 Male

Gaara Ryûghan

13 Spear, Throwing Axes 5'10 Rainbow Shifter
5 Male Blaze Yang 15 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives (Crossbow) 5'5 MissRandomStuff
5 Male Charlie Ryder 12 Knife 5'7 Beetee19
5 Male Blake Harper 18 Spear, Sword 6'1 Tehblakdeath
5 Male Troi "The Betrayer" Cian 15 Dagger, Spear -- District3
5 Female Brooke Yin 15 Sword, Dagger (Spear) 5'5 MissRandomStuff
5 Female Celeste Ryder 14 Explosives 5'3 Beetee19
5 Female Detria Glace 14 Throwing Knives, Blowgun 5'4 Annamisasa
5 Female Icelia Wintersmith 16 Knife, Traps -- BaconCanadian
5 Female Jessica Scythe 15 Mace, Spear 5'3 Madgeical
6 Male Grayson James 12 Wire -- BaconCanadian
6 Male Axl Lockhart 17 Mace -- Beetee19
6 Male Brandon Ivey 15 Sword, Throwing Knives 5'7 MyWorld
6 Male Zak Slaughter 16 Everything (Knife, Spear, Trident) -- Nightlock Kryptonite
6 Male Ash Briarwood 13 Swords, Crossbow 4'11 Tehblakdeath
6 Female Greta Maverick 13 Meat Hook with Chain, Golok -- XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
6 Female Senna Rosewood 15 Blowgun, Throwing Knives (Bow and Arrow) 5'6 HawkWD
6 Female Ella Webster 16 Throwing Axe -- Beetee19
6 Female Ophelia Carlile 15 Brass Knuckles, Camoflague 5'4 Madgeical
6 Female Mimic Slaughter 16 Everything (Knife, Spear, Trident) -- Nightlock Kryptonite
7 Male Mist Scorchill 14 Axe, Tomahawk (Dagger, Hidden Blade) 5'11 Mistfire333
7 Male Kodai Hitogorshi 17 Whip, Spiked Rod (Teeth, Brute Force, Strangling) 5'9 Mistfire333
7 Male Shade Spectrus 15 Dagger, Crossbow (Traps) 6'2 Mistfire333
7 Male Blade Spectrus 12 Flames, Crossbow (Sword) 5'2 Tehblakdeath
7 Male Keaton Young 14 Blowgun, Dagger 5'5 Alyssa101
7 Female Pandora Raven 16 Whip, Trident -- XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
7 Female Lydia Hollow 15 Axe, Tomahawk (Sickle) -- Nightlock Kryptonite
7 Female Solphy Argentenum 16 Knife, Hand-to-Hand Combat (Anything Easy) 5'4 Madgeical
7 Female Duskus Sinrood 16 Smoke Bomb, Throwing Knives (Sickle) 5'2 Mistfire333
7 Female Herba Hemway 17 Axe 6'1 TDR97
8 Male Rufus Silks 16 Knife, Brass Knuckles 5'11 Hybrid Shadow
8 Male Polyester Astro 18 Machete, Staff 6' LivesinDistrict1
8 Male Yoshi Holiday 14 Sword, Throwing Knives 5'5 MyWorld
8 Male Robin Vigo 17 Dagger -- Skyandbray
8 Male Lincoln Emmerson 16 Pic Axe, Axe -- BaconCanadian
8 Female Velvet Blitz 16 Machete, Sword (Blowgun) -- LivesinDistrict1
8 Female Wayde Ridica Umbra 13 Traps, Bow and Arrow (Stealth, Bear Trap, Slicing Tripwire Trap, Rope Blinding Trap) 5'1 Madgeical
8 Female Joelle Osaias 18 Dagger, Whip (Hand-to-Hand Combat) 5'9 Madgeical
8 Female Hannah Osaias 12 Knife, Blowgun 5'0 Madgeical
8 Female Chakra Fatalis 17 Dagger, Scythe -- District3
9 Male Toby Rodgers 18 Axes, Hand-to-Hand Combat 5'4 TehOnlyUmbreon
9 Male Grayson Watergate 13 Throwing Knives, Hoe (War Scythe) 5'1 Tehblakdeath
9 Male Jet Miller 14 Scythe -- Beetee19
9 Male L'D'Irving J. McJingletonson IV 17 Whatever -- Beetee19
9 Male JJJ Schmidt 13 Spear -- Beetee19
9 Female Jasmine Firethorn 13 Scythe, Knife 5'1 Beetee19
9 Female Anala Henderson 14 Hurlbat 5' TDR97
9 Female Trick Treat 17 Sickle, Anything 5'8 Hybrid Shadow
9 Female Riven Exile 18 Sword -- PumPum-Pumpkin :3
9 Female Zahra Lexus 15 Scythe, Axe 5'7 Alyssa101
10 Male Tyson Ashford 17 Knife, Trident (Pitchfork) -- BaconCanadian
10 Male Gamzee Makara 17 Clubs, Bow (Sledgehammer, Fear, Creativity) 6'3 Mistfire333
10 Male Dean Andrus 18 Crescent Sword 6'2 Alyssa101
10 Male Gale Malporne 17 Whip, Hands (Sword, Bow and Arrows) 5'11 MrSwagYOLO29
10 Male Pedro Evans 17 Sickle -- Beetee19
10 Female Crystal Ice 13 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives (Poison) 5'2 MissRandomStuff
10 Female Xenia Bloodhound 17 Long Knives, Triple Mace (Knife) 5'6 District3
10 Female Hebe Mines 15 Whip, Traps 5'5 Madgeical
10 Female Helena Krisp 18 Katana, Broadsword (Anything with Blade) -- Nightlock Kryptonite
10 Female Karlee Bain 16 Sword, Gun (Scythe) 5'10 Rainfacestar
11 Male Panthern Agrios 14 Bear Trap with Chain, Knife -- XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
11 Male Gloom Ivy 13 Scythe, Axe (Sword) -- Nightlock Kryptonite
11 Male Bulgar Durum 14 Pitchfork 5' TDR97
11 Male Theodore Vendetta 19 Short Sword, Throwing Knives -- Nightlock Kryptonite
11 Male Max Vaz 14 Blowgun, Poison -- Skyandbray
11 Female Janu Wong 12 Dagger -- XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
11 Female Lauren Huntley 15 Traps, Bow and Arrow -- BaconCanadian
11 Female Hadley Newberry 15 Axe -- BaconCanadian
11 Female Adira Shimmer 18 Trident 5'6 Madgeical
11 Female Petiola Midrib 16 Sickle 5'7 TDR97
12 Male Lasheniqua Shontayoleo 15 Bow and Arrow -- Beetee19
12 Male Mason Everwood 18 Spear, Bow and Arrow (Traps) -- BaconCanadian
12 Male Justice Reigns 17 Sword, Throwing Knives 6'3 LightStone123
12 Male Soot Dustcloud 16 Sword, Knife Glove (Throwing Knives) -- Mistfire333
12 Male Jack Cayman 18 Sawtooth Sword, Brass Knuckles (Dagger, Spear, Club, Fists) -- Mistfire333
12 Female Erien Smith 12 Machete 4'8 TDR97
12 Female Melanoi Jet 16 Death Star, Shurikens 5'9 TBWTPT
12 Female Dawn Angelfrost 15 Blowgun, Bow and Arrow (Knife) 4'11 Madgeical
12 Female Haley Howerton 17 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives, Poison 5'4 MissRandomStuff
12 Female Elissa Starmyne 18 Poison, Timed Explosive (Blowgun) 5'8 Madgeical
13 Male Harley Swoop 14 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives (Blowgun) -- Nightlock Kryptonite
13 Male Sark Lancaster 18 Axe, Whip 6'6 Lightstone123
13 Male Tails Power 15 Throwing Knives, Sword 5'6 MyWorld
13 Male Azure Tobias 17 Dagger, Seduction 5'4 Madgeical
13 Male Joker Dece 12 Surgical Tools, Axe 5'1 Tehblakdeath
13 Female Kipper "Kips" Luantag 13 Small Dagger -- Rainbow Shifter
13 Female Piper Quinn 18 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives (Sword) -- Nightlock Kryptonite
13 Female Hannah Bladekiss 15 Chained Sickle, Dagger (Sword) 5'8 Mistfire333
13 Female Farsha Spectrus 13 Crossbow, Knife 5'2 Tehblakdeath
13 Female Nyx Twila 13 Cresent Knives, Throwing Stars 5'4 Madgeical
  • This is just their Designated Day, not their Birthday (since I realized the birthday thing is messing up the plot)
  • Note: The Lime doesn't mean the tribute is alive, it means the tribute made it to the Top 24 and other arena. 


Bold = Leader

Underlined = Co-Leader or Second-In-Command

Italicized = Seperated or Different Alliance


Tavia (2)Elsa (C), Jaguar (1), Sean (1), Zaffre (1), Colton (1), Jade (1), Orchid (1), Glow (1), Earl (2), Julius (2), Brad (2), Silvanus (2), Ark (2), Sharpe (2), Holly (2), Dune (4), Titanic (4), Mario (4), Luigi (4), Pacster (4), Choine (4), Serena (4), Blake (5), Ash (6), Solphy (7), Zahra (9), Gamzee (10), Crystal (10), Xenia (10), Helena (10), Kips (13), Azure (13), Nyx (13)


Mist (7), Kodai (7)Petiola (11), Coral (C), Ava (1), Wario (3), Madline (3), Brandon (6), Ophelia (6), Duskus (7), Wayde (8), Joelle (8), Hannah (8), Jasmine (9), Gale (10), Hebe (10), Adira (11), Soot (12), Jack (12), Haley (12), Elissa (12), Tails (13)

District 4, 7 and 10 Alliance

Dean (10), Adra (4), Keaton (7)

Ying-Yang Alliance

Blake (5), Brooke (5)

The Experiments with The Capitol, District 6 and 13 Alliance

H3 (C), E6 (C), Grayson (6), Joker (13)

The Spectri Siblings

Shade (7), Sorcera (4), Tiara (4), Blade (7), Farsha (13)

District 3 and 8 Alliance

Rufus (8), Alkaline (3), Rary (3)

District 5 and 12

Detria (5), Dawn (12)

Alliance for District 5, 6, 7 and 8

Aurelia (1), Oniudra (3), Herba (7), Anala (9)

The Olive Twins

Dusk (C), Dawn (C)

District 13 Alliance

Harley (13), Piper (13)

The Slaughter Twins

Zak (6), Mimic (6)

Cindre Twins

Ark (2), Sharpe (2)

Fled Anti-Career Alliance

Haley (12), Ava (1), Madeline (3)

Fled Anti-Career Aliance from District 8

Wayde (8), Joelle (8), Hannah (8)


Oreo (C), Tabby (C), Shay (C), Elsa (C), Maria (C), Adrian (1), Orchid (1), Silvanus (2), Fiona (2), Damian (3), Solar (3), Madoka (3), Phoebe (3), Anna (3), Tiara (4), Gaara (5), Charlie (5), The Betrayer (5), Celeste (5), Icelia (5), Axl (6), Greta (6), Senna (6), Ella (6), Pandora (7), Lydia (7), Polyester (8), Yoshi (8), Velvet (8), Chakra (8), Toby (9), Grayson (9), Jet (9), L'D'Irving (9), JJJ (9), Anala (9), Trick (9), Riven (9), Tyson (10), Pedro (10), Karlee (10), Bulgar (11), Panthern (11), Gloom (11), Theodore (11), Max (11), Janu (11), Lauren (11), Hadley (11), Lashenique (12), Mason (12), Justice (12), Erien (12), Melanoi (12), Sark (13), Hannah (13)

Group Training

Day 1 - The Alliances are Made!

Justice Reigns - District 12 Male Tribute

Right as us tributes from 12 make it downstairs, we realize that everyone's already starting to their things. The Experiments from The Capitol are all at the gauntlets station along with The Careers who are mocking them as E6 (C) is hit in the head with a metal bat and falls down to the floor. The Cat Experiment (C) follows, but is suddenly absorbed in a loose piece of string on the gauntlet, thus get two bats right in the stomach. H3 (C) just decides to be smart and moves away from the gauntlets, dragging E6 (C) with him, but trying to leave The Cat (C) behind. 

Three tributes from 7 stand tall in the middle of the room and starts to scream to get everyone's attention. They start off by saying how unfair it is for The Careers to always have prior training before the Games and how they are a huge risk during the Games. The taller of the boys who stands right between Kodai (7) and Duskus (7) starts to speak up, saying how they should start to form The Anti-Careers, but this year, if they get more tributes, that they'll be strong enough to beat and kill The Careers. Many other tributes pound their fists up in the air with agreement, earning about five other tributes. 

Soot (12), Jack (12), and Haley (12) all pressure me into going with them to join the alliance. At first, I'm reluctant, but then I feel so pressured that I follow them there. They give me a round of applause and were basically dragging there as they run over. I turn back towards my other district partners, but they've all dispersed throughout the training center. District 12 this year is very confusing and unique. Especially since Lasheniqua (12) somehow had her slip in the males reaping bowl and was counted as the male. Either way, she'll probably die right away. 

"Names?" Mist (7) says, giving us a stern look. He raises his right eye, waiting impatiently for a response, but my voice is hoarse from being so quiet. When I try to say my name, I'm only able to let out an embarassing croak before taking a few steps away so I'm behind Soot (12), Jack (12) and Haley (12). 

"I'm Haley (12)," Haley (12) steps up to the plate. "And this is Soot (12), Jack (12) and Justice (12)." She points to each of us as she says our names. 

"Well, nice to have you!" He says, growing a smile on his face. "Anyways, you guys can introduce yourselves as Kodai (7) and I start to figure out our plan." 

I feel veyr uneasy knowing that they didn't have a plan before forming this alliance, but I don't comment. Soot (12) tries to join them, giving them very few ideas as the three of them engaged in a conversation which sounds quite interesting with them raising there voices multiple times. In the meantime, I meet the Osaias sisters from 8. Hannah's (8) only a little 12 year old, while Joelle (8) is an 18 year old. This was the only year that the two of them could be in the same Games. Much like the tributes from 1 - Zaffre (1) and Orchid (1) - but the Osaias' didn't volunteer.

The other few tributes to join was Wayde (8), Tails (13), and Ava (1). Much like me, it looks like Ava (1) was forced to come with Madeline (3). Haley (12) feels sentimental for such young tributes being forced into the Games, even though Madeline (3) is the same age as her. Wayde (8) on the other hand seems to be breathing very heavily, almost like she's have an anxiety attack. Tails (13) on the other hand is getting on my last nerve. He just loves to talk and it seems like he just can't stop! Sometimes, when he realizes that I'm not listening, he tries to speak up, but I just huss him.

After some time, I realize that other tributes around me are also making alliances. The Careers maintain eightteen tributes, but one of them, who goes by Jaguar (1), comes over to talk to Mist (7). I don't really care about him though, some of the other Careers look really big threats. Holly (2) reminds me a lot of the tributes from 2 last year, Halloween, constantly asking anyone if they want surgery and, when everyone says no, demostrates it on a dummy. Tavia (2) can pin anyone to the ground, even the experienced trainor who didn't even stay on his feet for a minute before being pinned. The siblings - Mario (4) and Luigi (4) along with Ark (2) and Sharpe (2) - also look very scary, using their skills as if they were one. 

As for us Anti-Careers, we only have sixteen tributes. Only one of us is from a Career district, but she's only 14 and I don't even think she was properly trained. She tells me how her sister was in the Games seven years ago and died from a Career who betrayed them all in the night. This makes me wonder if this is why she wants to join The Anti-Careers. To get back for her sister's death? To show the world that The Careers aren't the dominant group of victors. Most victors have been a part of The Careers at one point of the Games, but there's also a group of inferior victors who won without The Careers, or in some cases, without any allies. Maybe I can win, though, and be a part of the inferior victors!

Adira Shimmer - District 11 Female Tribute

I try to do something nice, but everyone turns it down! District 11, my own district, is full of young tributes. Janu (11) is only 12 years old while Theodore (11) is already 19! I'll be 19 on the second day of the Games, implying that I survive that long, while Theodore (11) was complaining that he was 19 just a few minutes after the reapings. Still, none of them were interested in joining the alliance. They either said they're going with a different alliance or they will go alone. 

Bulgar (11) decided right away that he'll be a loner and ditched me. Then, my district partners stabbed me in the back and left when I was occupied. The only one who actually stayed was Petiola (11), yet she still didn't want to join the alliance. Instead, she suggested that the two of us join The Anti-Careers. At first, I really didn't want to, but then I decided that I really wanted allies. 

The two of us weren't the last to join, though. Coral (C) came shortly after us, being rejected by The Experiments. I'm actually quite shocked about The Experiments Alliance. It doesn't consist of all The Experiments though, the Cat Experiment (C) isn't even in the alliance. He just lays next to the gauntlets, as if trying to protect them, and purrs everytime someone walks by him. He's really creepy . . . but obidient, I guess.

When the District 7 Tributes are done talking, they start to quiet us down so they can talk. I can't help but stare at Duskus (7). Her eyes are flipped around, as in her eye is literally black with a white dot in the middle, presumably the pupil. Whatever the case, I really don't want to know about it. I've spent my entire life sticking up for girls like her. Those that were different and mistreated. I learned to love them though because everyone deserves someone to love.

"Well, like we've already established before, my name is Mist," Mist (7) says. "This year, we want to have a strong alliance. One that won't fall. Last year, superpowers were helping them out and the year before that, the zombie apocalypze took place. One, a tribute from the Career Districts won, but didn't ally with the Careers. If you remember, Troy allied with the Blood guy when he had to, but that year, they had teams. Last year, Octavian and Mari won from 8. Mari was a loner, while Octavian was with the Boy from 1. In the final 3, Octavian had the better odds, presumably because he had an alliance.

"I'm not saying that we need to have this gigantic alliance, but I do think that it will increase all of our odds of winning. Sadly, I doubt that they'll let all of us win, but we can use each others strengths to help us strive longer and longer. We'll lose people along the way, something that we all will fear, but you never know when the time is right. We never know when we'll die or if we'll die during these Games. So, why on Earth would you try to spend your possibly last days alone. That's why we need this alliance.

"Not only to comfort others along the way, but to take down the Careers. I suspect that if Octavian didn't accidentally kill the Boy from 1, he'd be our victor instead of Octavian or maybe Mari.The Carerers are have too many advantages that they are able to have. They need to be taken down a notch. Each districts might seem like they have a close number of victors, but I bet that the tributes that allied with the Careers have a larger ratio to the ones who haven't -"

"Are you suggesting we ally with the Careers?" Kodai (7) says. He let's up a little grunt when he realizes that he just used Mist's (7) words against him. "Are you suggesting that we get closer to people so when they die, we feel really bad and terrible?" 

"Kodai!" Mist says, stopping Kodai (7) from talking. He apologizes whe Mist (7) continues, "Anyways, we need to kill the Careers. They must die like how most other tributes do in the arena. And from this, we will be victorious!"

And from this, we will be victorious! I keep thinking over and over again. But only one of us will be victorious . . . 

Zaffre Quartz - District 1 Male Tribute

I don't know whether I should be happy or sad or creeped out right now. After lunch, they forced everyone to go to a specific room, handing each of us a certain day. They said that these were important birthdays - victors, rulers, presidents - and due to this we have to go to a room full of other tributes who were given the same month as you. They gave siblings the same month and day, thus automatically letting them be partners. However, for Orchid and I, we weren't twins so we were given different months.

In the rooms, we had to pair up with who ever we wanted, but there were a few restrictions. Any who has the same day and/or siblings automatically had to be paired up. After that, they made anyone of the same district match up, if there were an odd number, then they'd match you up according to your age. After those eliminations, very few were left so they were favoring for you to choose those the same gender and closer districts, however we didn't need to.

Originally, I had the same day as both Mimic (6) and Zak (6), but since they were siblings, they were put together instead of us. Same with Soot (12) and Polyester (12). Since the rest of us didn't have a district partner, I was stuck deciding between Damian (3), The Betrayer (5) or Mist (7). I originally would have been fine with Mist (7), but he gave me a dead stare and told me that he was creating a way to destroy us Careers. He quickly grabbed onto Damian (3), leaving me stuck with The Betrayer (5). 

Now do you see my issue? I'm stuck with a boy named The Betrayer (5). I don't think he got that name because he's loyal and nice. My biggest fright is that he'll kill me right away. That he'll purposely just target me as I run towards the Cornucopia. Maybe he'll even try to purposely make us lose. Whatever the case, I'm just hoping that I need him for one round. 

The buzzer signals for us all to walk down to the underground floors for the battle rounds. Here's where I may die, getting a disadvantage during the Games, or maybe even win. Hopefully, I can win. As long as just use whatever smarts I have. Maybe, just maybe, I can outsmart The Betrayer (5) or somehow have him work with me. Whatever the case, I know we stand a chance. 

Day 2 - The Training and Rounds get Cancelled!

Madoka Artimisa - District 3 Female Tribute

There's been a lot of commotion as the rounds were cancelled. Only one battle started until they just gave up on it. I personally don't mind it, whereas some other tributes are freaking out over it. My partner was Lasheniqua (13), who, by the way she was registered in these Games, is a male. She has the female body parts, but for some bizarre reason, is a male.  

When I walk into the second day of training, I find myself repeatedly stabbing the dagger, letting all of my energy out from anger. The dummy falls, helplessly on the ground with multiple slashes and fake blood oozing from it. I constantly stare into the eyes of other tributes, scaring them as I seem to take control of them, just by staring into their eyes. 

The only problem comes from the Careers. They've been starting the fight against all other tributes, constantly scaring them and, under extremem circumstances, has even been purposely injuring it. The Head of the Hunger Games Commity is already putting this into consideration, or so my mentor said. I just don't think that they could do anything. 

"Attention tributes, along with cancelling the rounds, we're also cancelling training! Reason are meant for nobody. But if anyone asks, it's because of the injuries already happening. Good day!" 

Training . . . cancelled. They cancelled training. The Hunger Games will start tomorrow? I'm not standing with good odds. With the training scores test, presumably after lunch, I haven't even prepared. Yet, I'm already being lead to the cafeteria with armed Peacekeepers. Whatever happens, happens. I just have to hope I don't die. Because I'm not a mistake.

Training Scores and Odds

District Gender Name Training Score
Capitol Male Hybrid "H3" Three 8
Capitol Male Experiment "E6" Six 7
Capitol Male Dusk Olive 6
Capitol Male Experiment "Oreo" 115 4
Capitol Male Chorillonamus "Coral" Studkarat 9
Capitol Female Tabby Euphoria 7
Capitol Female Shay Cobblestone 6
Capitol Female Dawn Olive 6
Capitol Female Elsa Lovegrove 11
Capitol Female Maria Elena 8
1 Male Sean Dansin 9
1 Male Adrian Fabergé 8
1 Male Zaffre Quartz 10
1 Male Jaguar Taz 9
1 Male Colton Thorne 10
1 Female Jade Seeku 9
1 Female Ava "Lizzie" Elizabeth Rocco 9
1 Female Glow Décor 10
Female Aurelia Roba 10
1 Female Orchid Quartz 11
2 Male Earl Zoranovic 9
2 Male Julius Paris 11
2 Male Silvanus Justice 9
2 Male Ark Cindre 11
2 Male Brad Smith 10
2 Female Holly Smiley 12
2 Female Tavia Touchdown 9
2 Female Minerva Den 9
2 Female Fiona Valoran 10
2 Female Sharpe Cindre 10
3 Male Damian Byte 7
3 Male Alkaline Watt 6
3 Male Solar Panels 3
3 Male Rariatarium "Rary" Data 7
3 Male Wario Wade 7
3 Female Madeline Kim 6
3 Female Madoka Artemisia 9
3 Female Phoebe Kressila 8
3 Female Oniudra Curant 6
3 Female Anna Hastings 7
4 Male Dune Glade 6
4 Male Titanic Mage 8
4 Male Mario Adams 10
4 Male Luigi Adams 10
4 Male Pacster Chalmers 9
4 Female Chione Nereus 9
4 Female Adra Nereus 7
4 Female Serena Madrick 9
4 Female Tiara Spectrus 4
4 Female Sorcera Spectrus 7
5 Male

Gaara Ryûghan

5 Male Blaze Yang 7
5 Male Charlie Ryder 8
5 Male Blake Harper 6
5 Male Troi "The Betrayer" Cian 11
5 Female Brooke Yin 7
5 Female Celeste Ryder 9
5 Female Detria Glace 8
5 Female Icelia Wintersmith 7
5 Female Jessica Scythe 6
6 Male Grayson James 5
6 Male Axl Lockhart 3
6 Male Brandon Ivey 6
6 Male Zak Slaughter 11
6 Male Ash Briarwood 8
6 Female Greta Maverick 9
6 Female Senna Rosewood 8
6 Female Ella Webster 5
6 Female Ophelia Carlile 6
6 Female Mimic Slaughter 11
7 Male Mist Scorchill 10
7 Male Kodai Hitogorshi 10
7 Male Shade Spectrus 9
7 Male Blade Spectrus 9
7 Male Keaton Young 6
7 Female Pandora Raven 8
7 Female Lydia Hollow 5
7 Female Solphy Argentenum 7
7 Female Duskus Sinrood 9
7 Female Herba Hemway 5
8 Male Rufus Silks 10
8 Male Polyester Astro 6
8 Male Yoshi Holiday 1
8 Male Robin Vigo 9
8 Male Lincoln Emmerson 8
8 Female Velvet Blitz 6
8 Female Wayde Ridica Umbra 7
8 Female Joelle Osaias 4
8 Female Hannah Osaias 6
8 Female Chakra Fatalis 5
9 Male Toby Rodgers 11
9 Male Grayson Watergate 7
9 Male Jet Miller 8
9 Male L'D'Irving J. McJingletonson IV 1
9 Male JJJ Schmidt 1
9 Female Jasmine Firethorn 6
9 Female Anala Henderson 7
9 Female Trick Treat 11
9 Female Riven Exile 11
9 Female Zahra Lexus 8
10 Male Tyson Ashford 10
10 Male Gamzee Makara 10
10 Male Dean Andrus 8
10 Male Gale Malporne 7
10 Male Pedro Evans 8
10 Female Crystal Ice 5
10 Female Xenia Bloodhound 7
10 Female Hebe Mines 7
10 Female Helena Krisp 9
10 Female Karlee Bain 7
11 Male Panthern Agrios 6
11 Male Gloom Ivy 5
11 Male Bulgar Durum 5
11 Male Theodore Vendetta 5
11 Male Max Vaz 5
11 Female Janu Wong 3
11 Female Lauren Huntley 4
11 Female Hadley Newberry 4
11 Female Adira Shimmer 7
11 Female Petiola Midrib 5
12 Male Lasheniqua Shontayoleo 3
12 Male Mason Everwood 5
12 Male Justice Reigns 4
12 Male Soot Dustcloud 7
12 Male Jack Cayman 8
12 Female Erien Smith 7
12 Female Melanoi Jet 7
12 Female Dawn Angelfrost 6
12 Female Haley Howerton 7
12 Female Elissa Starmyne 6
13 Male Harley Swoop 5
13 Male Sark Lancaster 4
13 Male Tails Power 2
13 Male Azure Tobias 7
13 Male Joker Dece 5
13 Female Kipper "Kips" Luantag 9
13 Female Piper Quinn 3
13 Female Hannah Bladekiss 4
13 Female Farsha Spectrus 6
13 Female Nyx Twila 4

The Hunger Games

Day 1 - The Bloodbath

Ominscious Point of View

The tributes rise up to the arena. Each tribute is in a large circle, making the run to the cornucopia even harder than it was before. Most tributes are going to the cornucopia as well. Lucky for them the supplies seem to be endless. Some things in the outshirts even include amazing supplies, like an electrical net or camoflauge paints, two things that are usually very hard to find.

The arena this year is the big city of Chicago. With multiple tall buildings and shops on every corner, the tributes have a large arena for a large amount of tributes. However, there won't be a lot of tributes surviving the great massacre. Most going will probably die, even if they're from the Careers because anything is possible. These Games are expected for the bloodiest, most gruesome year. 

The timer zones in to the single digits. Ever tribute looks like they're going to the cornucopia. These fights will be gruesome. Since the cornucopia goes downhill and it takes a lot longer to climb up the hill, many tributes will also die trying to escape. Those tributes that can't climb or run fast, will, most likely, die. Finally, the gong sounds and the tributes dash across their platforms to get to the supplies.

The first two people at the cornucopia are H3 (C) and E6 (C). Both ignore all the weapons though and hide right in the back of the cornucopia. The Careers, despite the fact they're running right to the cornucopia, give no notice about this. The two experiments quickly find cat claws for E6 (C) and H3 (C) just grabs whatever he finds. Neither of them talk, but scared to death about the fighting.

Zaffre (1) and Orchid (1) are the next people there. Despite the fact they know they aren't the fastest, most tributes ended up rolling down the hill and into a crate. They're one of the only people who made it down the hill by their feet and quickly grab their weapons. Zaffre (1) grabs onto a trident and quickly stabs Oreo (C) in the chest with it. Orchid (1) does the same thing, but instead throws a knife right into Gamzee's (10) head, who was frantically searching for weed.

Petiola (11) quickly busts open a crate, searching for a sickle, but only finds knives. Quickly, she grabs onto a bag and slits JJJ's (9) throat with the knife before trying to go closer to the cornucopia for a sickle. However, the Careers have shortly formed in the mouth of the cornucopia, stabbing at tributes. She quickly finds Pedro (10) trying to flee the bloodbath, but what really sticks out to her is the sickle. She starts to chase after him.

Lasheniqua (12) somehow tackles her way past the Careers and grabs onto a bow and arrow. She sees H3 (C) and E6 (C) and lets out a little scream. The two quickly attack her with their cat claws, but Lasheniqua (12) hits them both with her bow against the cornucopia, knocking the two out. However, before she could kill them, Joker (13) appears and throws an axe right into her back. But then Joker (13), himself, is speared in the back by Blake (5).

Like usual, the Careers start to dominate in the bloodbath. Tavia (2) tackles The Betrayer (5), causing him to drop his dagger, before being stabbed to death by her. Lydia (7) is quickly speared by Julius (2). Xenia (10), despite the fact they're her district partners, beheads both Gale (10) and Hebe (10) in just one swing of her triple mace. L'D'Irving (9) is shot in the neck with a poisonous dart, shot with a blowgun. Elsa (C) gives herself a pat on the back for the kill. 

However, the Anti-Careers are showing they aren't to be forgotten. Haley (12) throws a knife right into Jaguar's (1) back. This leads to her being targetting, but before Pacster (4) can behead her, Mist (7) beheads him with his axe. Shortly after, Mist (7) is speared by Jade's (1) spear. Resulting in the Anti-Careers freaking out without having a leader. Nobody tries to step up since they didn't expect this. 

In the midst of confusion, the Careers start to attack them. Dean (10), Adira (4) and Keaton (7) all leave the cornucopia, untouched and with their preferred weapon. However, Keaton (7) quickly holds them up and grabs onto a dart. He put it in the blowgun and blows out, aiming for Jade (1), to get back on her for killing his district partner. However, the dart doesn't reach the entire distance and finds its way falling a tad short, landing right in Earl's (2) neck. With that, they leave for good.

Erien (12) scans the cornucopia, looking for someone with a machete. She eventually sees Velvet (8) trying to escape the bloodbath. Erien (12) quickly grabs onto a bag and knife before trying to attack her. However, she doesn't need to go up the distance as Velvet (8) tumbles backwards and falls unconcious. Erien (12) stabs her in the neck before trying to leave. However, Hannah (8), upset that she killed her district partner, shoots a dart right into the back of her head, killing her instantly. 

Harley (13) and Piper (13) find themselves fleeing the bloodbath, both with a bow and arrow. However, they sprint even faster as they both shoot an arrow into the sky, letting it fall onto whoever it does. Piper's (13) lands helplessly on the ground, next to one of the Careers, but Harley's (13) goes through Aurelia's (1) back as she was trying to leave. The angry alliance starts following them. However, after Herba (7) is stabbed in the chest with Choine's (4) trident, they all scatter away, leaving it to every man for themselves. 

The Anti-Careers also start to call retreat. However, they'll slowed down as the hill takes too much time to climb up. While the Careers start throwing weapons and chasing after them, the Olive siblings and Slaughter siblings find themselves battling for their lives. Mimic (6) quickly stabs Dusk's (C) chest with her katana, angering Dawn (C). However, as Dawn's (C) anger increases, her moves become reckless and Zac (6) spears her to protect her siblings. The Slaughters both high five before Zac (6) throws a spear right through Hadley's (11) back. Freaking out Lauren (11) who falls down, shortly is greeted by Mimic's (6) knife to her heart. 

As the Slaughter twins are looking for their next victims, the Anti-Careers are almost up the hill when the Careers start to easily throw weapons at them. Elsa (C) quickly dips some of her darts in poison when she starts shooting them, one hitting Brandon (6) right in the neck. He falls down, dead, taking out Tails' (13) legs. Tails' (13) tumbles down the hill with Brandon's (6) corpse, but the Careers think he's dead. 

Kodai (7) makes it to the top when Ophelia (6) is shot in the leg with an arrow.  She falls down, but Kodai (7) grabs onto her and brings her over the hill, just in the nick of time as the next arrow would have went right through her heart. Kodai (7) puts her on his shoulder, gives her a little kiss on the cheek before blushing and running away from the Careers. Ophelia (6) still holds on to the arrow, but her emotions are flared from the little kiss.

Glow (1), angered that Ophelia (6) didn't die, shots her last arrow in the dozen she was given, but luckily shoots an arrow right through Jasmine's (9) heart. Zahra (9), a little upset since she knew Jasmine (9) for the last week, slams an axe right into Glow's (1) back when she isn't paying attention. Jack (12) rears up the end of the Anti-Careers, but is hit right in the back by Nyx' (13) crescent swords. 

Helena (10) is starting to chase after Detria (5) and Dawn (12), when she hears a moan inside the cornucopia. She stops, mid-sprint, and sees the two different Experiments getting up behind a crate in the cornucopia. Helena (10) inches foreward before pouncing right ontop of the two experiments and stabbing them both in the chest with a katana. She's fascinated by the blood flowing out of their open wounds and starts to pull back enough skin around the wounds so she can dip her hair in it.

Sark (13), who ducked down as Helena (10) started to stab the people hiding in the crate behind him, grabs onto an axe before leaving. The two District 4 siblings, Mario (4) and Luigi (4), both approach him with a sword, but Sark (13) swings his axe, beheading Mario (4), which angered Luigi (4) into messing up. As he stabs his sword deep into the ground, Sark (13) brings up his axe from his stomach, spilling out all of his guts. Then, Sark (13) runs away, seeing as only the loners and Careers are left. 

As it seems like all the loners already left, many still remain, such as all the loners from 11. They've been digging around supplies, eating much of the food they've already seen on the floor. The sense of their arounds totally left them as they find the Careers charging towards them. The six District 11 tributes start to run in every direction, screaming. 

Gloom (11) is the first of them to go out. After tripping over Tails' (13) body, Sean (1) throws a hammer deep into his skull, followed by Solphy (7) digging her knife into Tails' (13) heart. Sean (1) and Solphy (7) high five as Theodore (11) tackles the two to the ground before slitting their throats. He gives Gloom (11) a sentimental look before quickly turning as he's swinging the sword, slitting Serena's (4) throat. Theodore (11) gets away safely as not even Tavia (2) dares to go after him.

Panthern (11) and Bulgar (11) are running close together up the hill when Panthern (11) purposely trips Bulgar (11) down the hill. He lands at Holly's (2) feet and is quickly stabbed to death by Holly (2). Panthern (11) gets right to the top when he looks back at the cornucopia, only to be greeted by Julius' (2) spear. Not even he was excempt from his murder.

Janu (11) and Max (11) are the only non-Career tributes left. Janu (11), freaking out, starts running around the cornucopia and stabs Kips (13) in the face when she tries to kill her. Janu (11) takes a second to think before fleeing. Ash (6) starts chasing after her, but once he reaches the top of the hill, she stabs him in the gut and leaves her dagger in his stomach as he tumbles down the hill. Max (11) starts to shoot his blowgun all over the place, shooting a dart right into Colton's (1) forehead before accidentally sucking in a dark, suffocating right before another tribute could touch him. And like that, the bloodbath has finished! 

As most of the alliances start to regroup and everyone starts looking over the supplies, Petiola (11) is stalking over Pedro (10). Pedro (10) inside an abandonned home and lays down in the bed, staring at the sickle with amuzement. Petiola (11) grabs onto her knives before sending one flying into the window of the house. The knife breaks the glass, misses Pedro (10), but some of the glass shards get stuck in his leg. He lets out a little scream before grabbing onto his sickle, but he's a little too late as Petiola (11) quickly runs up the stairs, stabbing him right in the forehead, earning the first non-Bloodbath kill. 

As the day shortly ends after the kill, the faces of the fallen tributes are shown. Mixed feelings are spread throughout the air as different faces are shown, but, altogether, most non-Career tributes feel sentimental for the fallen tributes, whereas the Careers clap as all fourty-one faces are shown. 

Hybrid "H3" Three (C)

Experiment "E6" Six (C)

Dusk Olive (C)

Dawn Olive (C)

Sean Dansin (1)

Jaguar Taz (1)

Colton Thorne (1)

Glow Décor (1)

Aurelia Roba (1)

Earl Zoranovic (2)

Mario Adams (4)

Luigi Adams (4)

Pacstar Chalmers (4)

Serena Madrick (4)

Troi "The Betrayer" Cian (5)

Brandon Ivey (6)

Ash Briarwood (6)

Mist Scorchil (7)

Lydia Hollow (7)

Solphy Argentum (7)

Herba Hemway (7)

Velvet Blitz (8)

L'D'Irving J. McJingletonson IV (9)

JJJ Schmidt (9)

Jasmine Firethorn (9)

Gamzee Makara (10)

Gale Malporne (10)

Pedro Evans (10)

Hebe Mines (10)

Panthern Agrios (11)

Gloom Ivy (11)

Bulgar Durum (11)

Max Vaz (11)

Lauren Huntley (11)

Hadley Newberry (11)

Lasheniqua Shontayoleo (12)

Jack Cayman (12)

Erien Smith (12)

Tails Power (13)

Joker Dece (13)

Kipper "Kips" Luantag (13)

Day 2 - Healing after the Bloodbath

As the sun slowly starts to rise and the tributes start to wake, Grayson (6) is the first one awake and is frightened by the fact he doesn't have any allies. All of his allies died in the previous day, leaving an uneasy tension for him, scared about anyone that's around. He starts to walk out of the resteraunt he was staying in and looks towards a taller building. Luckily for him, not a lot of tributes are awake at this time and the ones that are were on watch overnight and exhausted. 

Rufus (8) and his alliance are still sleeping with Alkaline (3) on watch. He's tired and "watches" with his eyes closed. Most of the thoughts are starting to think about Roxie and he started to be angered from Emil. Anger! The thought flashes through Alkaline's (3) mind. He just felt an emotion! Alkaline (3) lets out a little scream from shock, waking up his allies. As they wake up, Rufus (8) screams at what Alkaline (3) was screaming for, but Alkaline (3) cannot understand him as the emotions over the years seem to flood him. I knew they couldn't take out my emotions!

Yoshi (8) wakes up with a little shock as he heres someone's footsteps echoing throughout the hallway. He quickly gets up and busily searches for his sword, pushing away his loose bags of food to find it. When he finally does, the tribute is already walking by him, unable to see Yoshi (8) in the dim light. He lets out a sigh of relief as he quickly stabs the tribute in the back. The tribute let's out a little screech, but then stops as Yoshi (8) pulls his sword closer to his head. When Yoshi (8) finally finds his flashlight, he is traumatized at what he did to the little 12-year-old, Grayson (6). 


As the cannon rings around the arena, many tributes are waken from the shock. Among them Tavia (2) and Elsa (C), who recognize right away that Blake (5) isn't on guard like he should be. Tavia (2) starts searching around the Cornucopia, suspecting that he was the killer, but finding no traces or new blood. As she does that, Elsa (C) starts to drink some water, but finds some of their food missing. They both realized he ditched them. 

As the two angrily walk towards each other, ready to negotiate where he might have gone, Sharpe (2) stumbles down the hill surrounding the cornucopia. Both Tavia (2) and Elsa (C) turn right towards her. When Sharpe (2) notices the two rushing towards her, she tries to run away, but Tavia (2) pounces on her like a cat seeing a ball of yarn. Sharpe (2) tries to put up a fight, but Tavia (2) puts her sword right up to Sharpe's (2) lips. 

"You might be 12 and gotten a 10, but I'm not afraid to cut off your lips, even if you are a Career." Tavia (2) says, anger arising in each word. "Now tell me what you now about Blake, you two had a good relationship." 

She closes her eyes, avoiding eye contact, and spits right in Tavia's (2) face. Angry, Tavia (2) is about to slam her katana into Sharpe's (2) forehead, but Elsa (C) grabs onto the butt of the sword and tells her to stop it since she has a better idea. Not daring turn towards Elsa (C), she nods, but still holds onto Sharpe's (2) neck against the hard ground. 

"Don't make this hard for yourself!" Tavia (2) whispers harshly into her ear, close enough to literally bite her ear off if she really wanted to. "I would've jammed my sword so far into your head, you'd keep feeling it when you're in hell so just stop trying to be so damn complicated and cooperate or else . . . "

As Sharpe (2) opens her eyes, she stares Tavia (2) in the eye, before looking away and fright flashes in her eyes. Noticing, Tavia (2) turns to see Elsa (C) with a veil of poison put up to Ark's (2) mouth as he tries to get away, but Elsa (C) holds a firm grip. Tavia (2) let's out a little smile, realizing how smart Elsa (C) was for getting information out of someone by harming someone they love. 

"Don't . . . don't hurt him." Sharpe's (2) voice is very fragile, almost worried about every word she's saying, as if she's trying to speak a different language for the first time. "Please, Blake . . . he's . . . with the Antis. He left this morning and when I woke up, he was about to leave." 

"Why didn't you tell any of us?" Tavia (2) still holds onto Sharpe's (2) head very firmly, but loosens her grip a little bit as she takes in the information.

"I was too scared. He's 18 and you know, gets angry easily." Sharpe (2) speaks fast, eyeing Ark (2) the entire time, because she wouldn't be able to live without him. 

"Charming." Tavia (2) says with a smile. "But we still need to find Blake so he can die like he should . . . Wait a minute! I have a plan!" 

Tavia (2) releases Sharpe (2), but cuts the back of her hair, making her scream. Ark (2) is dropped on the ground my Elsa (C) and the two siblings embrace each other with a hug. As they hug, Elsa (C) and Tavia (2) start discussing, including Crystal (10) in the conversation who just woke up. They're plan is simple, but relays mainly on whether Blake (5) really cares for the two siblings.

The plan goes into effect and Crystal (10) shoots an arrow deep into Sharpe's (2). She drops to the floor, letting out a little shriek as Ark (2) bend down to her side. Tavia (2) quickly comes up from behind Ark (2) and stabs him in the left shoulder, making his arm collapse and him banging the head on the ground. The two, though, grab onto some Insta-Relief, but the others don't notice as they hide in the cornucopia. 

The three seem to wait for minutes, then days, who knows, possibly months in their mind. But really, it was just half-an-hour. As Blake (5) rushes towards the cornucopia, his mind races, thinking about the possibility of this being a trap. However, the anger is starting to overheat and his thoughts just fly out of his ears. When he finally gets to the cornucopia, he tries down the hill and tumbles until he collides right with Ark (2), who just got to his feet, bringing him to the ground once again. 

"NOW!" Tavia (2) screams, her scream being so loud it wakes up more of the Careers. 

Among the woken was Azure (13) who was sleeping close to where Ark (2) and Sharpe (2) had been injured. As she gets up, she lets out a scream, warning Blake (5) that she's close to him. Blake (5), from part-shock, part-reflex, quickly swings the sword at the 17-year-old boy, beheading her. 


Crystal (10) shows her face outside the cornucopia and shoots an arrow towards Blake (5). He dodges it and gets the two twins to their feet, before ordering them to leave. They would have rebuttled, but his voice was alarming and scared. They knew he wouldn't take no for an anwer. As the two start to leave, Blake (5) blocks multiple arrows, but the darts are slightly smaller, in just a mater of time, Elsa (C) shoots a dart right into Blake's (5) knee, injecting the poison. As his vision starts to become a little blurry, he throws both of his spears in random directions before trying to escape. 


Right as Blake (5) turns back to try and see who he killed, he's greeted by an arrow in the stomach. He falls to the ground, still breathing, but very weak. Tavia (2) raises her hand to the other Careers, signalling that she will deal with Blake (5). As she approaches Blake (5), Ark (2) and Sharpe (2) are standing at the top of the hill, traumatized by the events. As Tavia (2) digs her katana deep into Blake's (5) head, Sharpe (2) falls to her knees, but Ark (2) just shakes it off. He starts walking away, but Sharpe (2) isn't done yet. She raises her crossbow, aim, and shoots an arrow right through Tavia's (2) heart before fleeing.


Finally, at roughly noon, Coral (C) is the last person to wake up from spending most of the night on watch, acting like Glimmer as he, as well, fell asleep in the middle of the watch. As he's acting much like her, he takes an hour to get ready, making sure his hair looks perfect and washes his body. Suddenly, his mind starts to think about Cato and he's suddenly changed into him. Aggressiveness fills inside of him and he marches back to the Anti-Careers. 

"Why aren't we doing anything!?" He screams, scaring many of the other tributes. "We can't just sit around and wait to be killed!" 

As Coral's (C) screaming the orders, Zak (6) and Mimic (6) both hear the loud noise and blood seems to fill in their eyes. Quietly, they tiptoe towards the Anti-Careers and the urge to kill seems to be gnawing at their face. If only there weren't so many of them, they would have popped out and killed the entire alliance. As the time goes by, they wait for the alliance to just split up, and, lucky for the Slaughter twins, right as they were about to attack, the whole group started to seperate. 

One group was led by Kodai (7) with his lover, Ophelia (6), being the co-leader. The normals in the group were Wayde (8), Joelle (8) and Hannah (8), all easy kills. However, at the last minute, Duskus (7) also decided to join the group. That left the other group with Coral (C) as leader with Soot (12) helping. Ava (1), Wario (3), Madeline (3), Adira (11), Haley (12) and Elissa (12) were also in the group. Zak (6) and Mimic (6) both smile as they seperate to follow one of the groups. 

Mimic (6) is following the group with Coral (C) leading it. Soot (12) brings up the rear and, as they cross over a big window, she quickly runs over and bumps Soot (12) out of the building. As the others turn around to see Mimic (6), many of them flee. Ava (1) and Madeline (3) are grabbed by Haley (12) as they are dragged away. Wario (3) tries to stand his allies, but Mimic (6) throws a spear right through his chest.


As Wario (3) goes down, Coral (C) is angered by his allies who tried to flee and, without even realizing it, finds himself lifting Elissa (12) off of the ground, but, as he's about to crack his neck, she pulls on a little slip before finally perishing from Coral's (C) brute strength. As her body becomes lifeless, Coral (C) throws the corpse towards the direction of the fleeing Anti-Careers.


The battle between Mimic (6) and Coral (C) has begun. The two eye each other down, circling around like they're in a wrestling match. Coral's (C) grip of the sword seems to tighten as Mimic (6) fakes throwing her spear at him until finally, she sends it flying into Coral's (C) leg. Coral (C) tries deflecting it, but the spear goes straight through his theigh, causing him to fall to the ground.

He's barely able to get up when Mimic's (6) on him with a knife in her hand. She tries to stab him in the neck with the knife, but Coral (C) grabs onto her wrist, then her side, before launching her towards the dead Elissa (12). Mimic's (6) barley able to get her back to the ground when Coral's (C) already limping towards her. As the two are just about to rip each other to shreads, the body of Elissa (12) starts to beep, turning their attention onto her. The two can't even get out of reach when the body blows up.


Coral (C) lays on the ground, well, at least his body does. His head is somewhere off in the distance, probably somewhere with Mimic's (6) legs. She barely survived the explosion, but still lost both of her legs. Her heart's beating faster and faster, trying to cling onto dear life. She doesn't bother to try to move around, knowing she'll just lose more and more blood. All she has to relay on is Zak (6) or sponsors.

Zak (6) stalks the alliance, listening to the four cannons echo throughout the arena. Some part of his mind wants to tell him one was Mimic (6), but he just can't come to conclusions like that. Instead, he follows the group quietly, waiting for the perfect chance to attack. Right now would be perfect, but fear seems to be staring him in the face. Kodai (7) and Ophelia (6) are both chatting in the front, flirting. The three girls from District 8 are just chit-chatting and Duskus (7) is just following behind them, staring at the ground. Finally, Zak (6) becomes encouraged to throw his spear, going right through Duskus' (7) back.


All of a sudden, chaos erupts. Zak (6) is still hidden in the rubble and peeks over the pile, watching as the group is freaking out. Joelle (8), Hannah (8) and Wayde (8) start to freak out and tries to run away, but Kodai (7) tells them to calm down. Ophelia (6) is staring at the dead Duskus (7) before vomitting over the corpse. She stares at the ground when Zak (6) is about to throw a knife at her head, but he can't bring himself doing it. They're from the same distict so, instead, he throws the knife right at her lover, nailing Kodai (7) right in the heart. 


Zak (6) then leaves the little babies before running towards where Mimic (6) said he would meet up with him. But, after not finding her, he's angered that she must have died, but, barely, he hears the voice of Mimic (6) and finds his way right into the room where her legs were amputated. Right away, Zak (6) takes off his jacket to tend to the wounded legs, trying to stop the flow of blood.

Away from Zak (6) and Mimic (6), two of the most dangerous tributes are staring at each other, preared to fight to the death. One of them will win, and they both know it, yet neither back down. On the right is the girl from District 6. Her orange hair glimmers in the sunlight, making her seem harmless, if it wasn't for the insanity in her eyes. The other female, from District 9, has dark hair with orange streaks. Her eyes seem to be looking into the body of her next victim. The girl's finger goes through the blade of her sickle, cutting her own finger and letting her crimson blood pour over the handle. Of course, these girls are Greta (6) and Trick (9).

Greta (6) makes the first move, swinging her golok viciously and rather careless. Trick (9) easily blocks the swing with her own sword, the counter attack making Greta (6) lose her grip at the sound of the metal colliding. She regains balance, but a little too late as Trick (9) swings her sickle right at the throat of the other girl. Greta's (6) only able to let out a little yelp as the cold metal cuts her throat, separating her head from her body.


"I thought you were going to be more of a threat!" Trick (9) laughs as she starts to pour Greta's (6) blood all over her hands.

From behind, Riven (9) let out a little smile, being the reason the two girls encounter. She slowly starts to walk away, but after stepping on a little dog toy with a squeak, Trick's (9) attention turns right towards her. Before Riven (9) can even look up, Trick (9) already throws her sickle, hitting Riven (9) right in the chest. She's barely able to breathe when Trick (9) takes her sickle and brings it farther towards Riven's (9) legs.


Back to Zak (6) and Mimic (6), Zak (6) starts pounding at his sisters chest, even though she passed away shortly. Ophelia (6) found her way with an angry expression of her face, staring as Zak (6) is freaking out over the death of his sister. She gives a little sigh of sympathy before remembering Kodai's (7) face. She throws her knife, but misses poorly. Zak (6) becomes aware and throws his spear right into her stomach. 

"You didn't need to die," Zak (6) tells her as he regains his spear.

"Neither did Kodai or Mimic," Ophelia (6) says quietly, not even looking at his eyes. 

Zak (6) stares at her, motionless, unaware of what to do. Usually, he'd listen to what Mimic (6) would order him to do, never would he dare notlisten to her. Winging it, Zak (6) goes over to Ophelia's (6) knife where he puts it up to her neck. Slowly, he slits her throat, staring into her eyes as her life drains out. As he feels her pulse stop, he puts the knife up to his own chest, before plunging it into her heart, realizing he can't go on by making all the calls.


Right as the two fall, the anthem goes up just minutes later, as the sixteen fallen are shown. 

Chorillonamus "Coral" Studkarat (C)

Brad Smith (2)

Tavia Touchdown (2)

Wario Wade (3)

Blake Harper (5)

Grayson James (6)

Zak Slaughter (6)

Greta Maverick (6)

Ophelia Carlile (6)

Mimic Slaughter (6)

Kodai Hitogorshi (7)

Duskus Sincloud (7)

Riven Exile (9)

Soot Duskcloud (12)

Elissa Starmyne (12)

Azure Tobias (13)

Day 3 - The Accidents and The Crumbling Careers

As midnight strikes and the DING! sound rings throughout the arena, the Capitol decides to include a hit that was popular in one of the previous Hunger Games. With just one click of a button, one of the buildings are knocked over, killing four of the tributes. Brooke (5) and Blake (5) were the first of the four to die, being inside the building as it collapsed. Toby (9) was right outside the door, who the Capitol's only target was to kill him. And finally, just a little further away, Celeste (5) was flatened while she was asleep. 


As the four cannons ring out throughout the arena, Xenia (10) wakes up after falling asleep from watching over the Careers. She finds herself looking right into the eyes of Alkaline (3). Alkaline (3) kicks Rary (3) in the gut, which accidentally causes Rary (3) to active the mine once he was about to get it out. A large explosion erupts and Rary (3) is blown into pieces and Alkaline (3) and Rufus (8) were just lucky enough to be a few few away, just being knocked out when they impacted the building.


Xenia's (10) hearing goes out and so does the rest of the Carees who are all awaken from the explosion. All of them, deafened from the loud bang! But lucky for Rufus (8) and Alkaline (3), it's too dark for the Careers to notice them. Five deaths already at midnight! The Gamemakers are prepared for a jam-packed day. Maybe enough deaths to go down to 24 tributes if they keep it up. 

In the early morning, the Careers don't find their ways back to bed. Instead, they start to split into two groups - one group of Districts 1 and 2, while the other involved District 4 and other districts - before starting to search for tributes. They mainly target the area around the collapsed building, since many tributes around there might be injured or not going anywhere. Plus, they have enough brains to realize that the Gamemakers wouldn't blow up a building if there wasn't any tributes around.

After searching for two hours, the group containing District 4 and the other district tributes start to lose hope, when they start to move back to the Cornucopia. The Spectri Siblings just received the note from their mentor saying that Rary (3) had died and they were starting to walk away and towards their location of the supplies, when the groups encounter. 

The first one to react is Crystal (10), who shoots an arrow right into Blade's (7) shoulder. Blade (7) falls to the ground, injured, but doesn't let go of his crossbow or matches. As his back goes on the ground, he tries to aim at the Careers, but it's too dark to see any of them. He randomly shoots where he hears something move and he shoots Nyx (13) right in the throat. 


Shade (7), in the meantime, tackles Crystal (10) to the ground, causing her to lose grip of her bow. The arrow that she was about to reload into the bow goes right through her theigh, causing her to let out a high-pitched scream. Shade (7) grabs onto his dagger before putting it up to her throat. He feels one moment of regret before quickly cutting the young girl's throat. 


As Shade (7) gets to his feet, Zahra's (9) the first one to get to him. She's very quiet and quickly swings her axe right into Shade's (7) chest. He lets out a little whine before telling his siblings to leave. Zahra (9) takes back her axe one more time before swinging it further into Shade's (7) chest, killing him. At the same time, Dune (4) throws his spear, intending to hit Shade (7), but as Shade's (7) body falls to the ground, the spear goes right into Zahra's (9) chest, killing her right away.


Sorcera (4) and Tiara (4) grab onto each other, screaming as the cannon of their brother's sounds. Quickly, the two of them run off into a random direction, gripping onto each other for support. However, Blade (7) is having trouble escaping. He slowly starts to slip away, but Choine (4) notices and throws a trident. Blade (7) rolls over before shooting an arrow right into his forehead. Right as Choine (4) falls down, Xenia (10) receives a knife in the heart from Farsha (13) as Farsha (13) grabs onto Blade (7) before dragging him away.


As the three remaining Careers from the second group try to alm down. Titanic (4) is staring at Dune (4) with great interest. He saw Dune (4) spear Zahra (9), but Titanic (4) doesn't know it was an accident. Helena's (10), who missed the fight as she was trailing behind the others, is angered, but remains silent when Titanic (4) gives her the news. Then, out of the blue, Titanic (4) stabs Dune (4) with a trident right in his chest. Another blow just barely stops his breathing.


The other five Careers are walking around until finally, they start to give up hope. Their feet ache and their legs are stiff. The cold from the morning is biting at their faces, making them get very chilly and wanting to go back to the Cornucopia. However, Holly (2) doesn't give up hope, but is really excited once she finally hears snoring from another tribute. Hannah (13) is laying, sleeping, when the Careers approach her. 

Suddenly, almost as if planned, Hannah (13) wakes up from the smallest of noises and quickly grabs onto her weapons. Holly (2) isn't very pleased and quickly tries to tackle her, but Hannah (13) easily sidesteps and digs her sword into Holly's (2) knee. As Holly (2) falls to the ground, Elsa (C) tries to shoot a poisonous dart at Hannah (13), but Hannah (13) easily grabs onto Holly's (2) head and uses it as a shield against the dart. 


As Holly's (2) corpse goes cold, Hannah (13) quickly throws the body at the Quartz siblings from District 1, bringing them both to the ground. As she quickly sprints away, Julius (2) tries to interupt, but Hannah (13) beheads him right as he gets in the way. Jade (1), weirdly, tries to avoid her, but Hannah (1) feels herself on a roll and uses her chained sickle to behead her.


Finally, Hannah (13) leave. Leaving three dead Careers and two dazzed siblings behind, along with the traumatized girl from the Capitol. Her training score, with only a 4, was a mistake. The Gamemakers were mostly drunk or too bored of watching over 100 tributes that they just gave her whatever they wanted. That was their mistake, now, how will they deal with a girl with a 4 killing three Careers. Mistake or bad judgement?

After many hours have passed and less tributes become very active, Maria (C) seems to come out of her shell and is confronted by Harley (13) and Piper (13). The two surrender and so does Maria (C), until finally deciding to ally with each other. Maria (C) seems to be very understanding with why the two are keeping their weapons close by their side. Finally, after the couple decides to try and get rid of Maria (C), they ask her if they could wash her weapon. Maria (C) agrees and hands over her knife. 

Right as Maria (C) turns her back, Harley (13) throws a knife right towards her. However, his hands are shaking as it releases that the knife goes flying into the ground close by Maria (C). Maria (C), asking fast, quickly grabs onto knife before throwing it right into Harley's (13) heart. Piper (13) lets out a scream before trying to shoot some more arrows at her, but Maria (C) easily sidesteps before throwing onto Harley's (13) bag and knocking Piper (13) unconscious.


Harley's (13) cannon finally sounds, but Piper's (13) still hasn't. Maria (C) walks over to the unconscious girl before lifting up her head. Piper (13) is barely conscious when Maria (C) starts screaming at the girl for trying to betray her. Piper (13) knows that she won't be able to get out of this, so instead, she tries to stab Maria (C) with an arrow. However, she's too weak that her grip doesn't even keep the arrow in her hand. Angered again, Maria (C) agressively starts pounding Piper's (13) head against the cement.


Farther away in the arena rest two tributes, Detria (5) and Dawn (12). Neither of them have done much and neither of them have their weapon of choice. Their only weapon was an axe, but both still have bags with rope and matches. Nearby, a large threat lurks around. Someone whose wanted a kill ever since he saw his training score. He stares at the girls from behind the door. 

The girls, completely unaware of Sark (13), start to back closer towards him. Finally, they're right in range of Sark's (13) whip and Sark (13) quickly swings the whip and it starts suffocating Detria (5). Dawn (12) screams and tries to yank the whip out of her friends throat. But Sark (13) throws an axe in his free hand at the girl, but Dawn (12) ducks under. Anyways, the throw was aimed lower and lodges itself into Detria's (5) forehead.


Detria (5) falls to the ground, lifeless. Dawn (12) screams and tries to escape, but Sark (13) lashes his whip against the back of her kneecap, making her fall. However, before she can even fight the next lash, a shuriken comes out of nowhere and hits Sark (13) right in the neck. He falls down and Melanoi (12) shows her face before throwing one more shuriken into Sark's (13) forehead.


"Th...Thanks." Dawn (12) says, still struck with the killing of her ally. But Melanoi's (12) already left, gone just in a second.

Finally, as the day slowly turns into night, the mutts are released. These mutts, unlike any mutt that anyone has ever seen before, only appear to tributes who haven't kill another tribute. They're ghosts, out to destroy those who don't seem to want to kill or play in these fun Hunger Games. However, once a tribute kills their designated ghost, they will be safe from any other. A mutt cannot be killed by another tribute, though, only the one it's stalking.

Let the fun begin!

Then, the anthem starts, showing all the dead faces from the sky. The mutts still remain, but won't attack until tomorrow morning. This'll be fun!

Jade Seeku (1)

Julius Paris (2)

Holly Smiley (2)

Rariatarium "Rary" Data (3)

Choine Nereus (4)

Dune Glade (4)

Blake Yang (5)

Brooke Yin (5)

Celeste Ryder (5)

Detria Glace (5)

Shade Spectrus (7)

Toby Rodgers (9)

Zahra Lexus (9)

Crystal Ice (10)

Xenia Bloodhound (10)

Sark Lancaster (13)

Harley Swoop (13)

Piper Quinn (13)

Nyx Twila (13)

Day 4 - The Ghosts and Hell Erupts

Fourty-three ghosts, searching for souls they will feed upon, enter the arena at midnight on the dot. The Careers have nothing to worry about, all of them have a kill, but there's only one district who doesn't need to worry about this at all: District 13. Two of those tributes remain, but they could just relax all day. Alliances won't be able to protect each other. Ghosts are only seen and can be killed by one tribute. This will show the real muscles in these Hunger Games.

Jet's (9) ghosts flies through the air with it's nose up, as if a dog smelling a bone. But no, it's looking for Jet (9). Finally, the ghost approaches Jet (9) and, with a knife, plunges it right into his theigh. Jet (9) wakes up and scream as his nightmares seem to look him in the eyes. He tries to back away, but the ghost goes right through Jet's (9) chest, taking his soul with him.


The screaming and the cannon wakes up all the tributes throughout the arena. Rufus' (8) ghost sneaks up close behind him, but Rufus (8) has been in a bad mood ever since these Hunger Games began. When the ghost tried to stab him in the back with a knife, Rufus (8) quickly turned around and plunged the knife deep into the ghost's chest, turning him into ashes which fly away with the breeze. 

The Careers listen to the noise and go dashing through the city until bombs and shot throughout the arena. They try to get away, but the building they were beside is hit and starts to crumble to the ground. Zaffre's (1) leg gets stuck under some debris. He screams for help and his sister turns around and runs right towards her. Another building close to them is hit by a bomb and starts to crumble to the ground. The two siblings get one last kiss in before . . . 


Orchid (1) opens her eyes, thinking that she's dead, but she's still alive! She touches her legs and arms and the blood on her forehead. Yes, she is alive. She bends down towards Zaffre (1) but he remains cold and lifeless. Tears fill Orchid's (1) eyes ask she starts to pound on her brother, as if he were sleeping. But the more she punches, the clearer it gets that a shard of glass got right through his heart. 

The other Careers have fallen as well. Elsa (C) and Silvanus (2) have fled, they've survived. But Helena (10) and Titanic (4) have been flattened. These Hunger Games . . . they're erupting into hell. No longer are they for the killing, it's for the joy of knowing they are dead. The joy of having their blood on your hand. These Hunger Games have just begun.

We all know that people are born, they grow old, and then they died. But I don't want to die at the hands of a murderer. Yet I didn't want to kill to stay alive. But things happen like they do. And look, I'm still alive.

Alkaline (3) reads the little passage over and over in the book he's found. The author was his mentor. The mentor whose gone insane with writing. Lost his voice and anti-social. Nobody really cares for him, except for his family. He's not married. No children. No friends. No nothing. Similar to Alkaline (3) . . . 

There are no more Careers. But the Anti-Careers have disbanned too. Is this the end of the fun? I think not. If there's no more Careers, they're going to make some Careers. Get the Games back into insanity. And how do we come up with more Careers? We bring in the mentors and the victors. All 203 that have won before. Revive them from the dead. Make so many tributes die. Make so many victors die. That these Games will cause children to be traumatized. For people to be frightened. To show the real point of the Hunger Games: facing your fear. 

Joelle (8) runs away, screaming on the top of her lungs, followed by Wayde (8). Hannah (8) trails behind, trying to stop the girls since she's had a kill on Erien (12) since the bloodbath. The two girls still go dashing away, knocking over tables and chairs as if to slow the ghosts down. But there's no place to run, only fear to confront. 

Wayde (8) throws a knife behind her, trying to kill the ghost. But the ghost simply dodges and the knife lodges into Hannah's (8) leg. She goes down with a cry and Joelle (8) stops from her big sister urges. And the ghost catches up and stabs her in the colon. She falls to the drop, gripping at the knife. Before finally she realizes it was her final night.


Hannah (8) lets out a squeel and pleads for her to stay alive. But she's already gone and so is her mind. Hannah (8) grips onto the knife in her leg. Yanks it out with great force. And shoves it into her stomach. 

"I cannot go on without you big sis." She says as she twists the blade, killing her instantly. 


Wayde (8) zigzags around before running into Madoka (3). The two girls stare at each other before wielding their weapons. Madoka (3) swings her dagger towards Wayde's (8) head. But Wayde (8) is so swift, she ducks under and stabs Madoka (3) in the stomach. Madoka (3) lets out a scream, but Wayde (8) pushes harder. Until finally she falls, and the ghost seems to vanish.


Tiara (4) runs amok with Sorcera (4) following. Both have lived together for quite some time, but they'd never felt this much fear. They are lured in a corner, trapped by the ghosts. There's only one way out now: to kill. But Tiara (4) takes this much too seriously and shoots an arrow into Sorcera's (4) brain, before finally being fearless.


The mentors and victors have been released, and Anala (9) and Oniudra (3) are the first ones to know. After running into an alley, cornered by a fence. They quickly find a new path, and run away from the ghosts. There two victors wait: by the names of Brutus from 2, victor of the 47th Hunger Games, and Titan from 1, victor of the 153rd Hunger Games. Both might look so old, but they lok 20. Brutus was long dead, but now he's resurrected from the dead. 

The two girls back away in the path, revealing their weapons to their ghost. Before backing so far into the arms of the victors. Oniudra (3) lets out a scream as Brutus grabs onto her head. And with a quick jerk, she's already dead. Anala (9) seems frightened, and stabs the victor in his arm, releasing his grip. But he tackles her down and stabs her repeatedly before finally, she's dead.


Haley (13), Ava (1) and Madeline (3) are walking around a large building, unaware of what is happening today. They're one of the only few tributes who haven't felt fear today, so Gamemakes send in a plane that goes aiming right towards the building made of glass where the three allies rest. Ava (1) just barely catches the plane out of the corner of her eyes when it finally crashes into the building. 


Ava (1) quickly gets to her feet and yanks out the glass shard that's found it's way into Ava's (1) stomach. She gives one last glance at her dead allies before tearfully running down teh stairs, tripping multiple times due to her clumsiness. When she finally reaches the exit, she only gets a second to have a breath of fresh air when Senna (6) shoots a dart right into Ava's (1) neck. Ava (1) starts crying but the dart disables her to breath, so she dies minutes later, drowning in her own blood. 


Moments later, as Senna (6) yanks the dart out of Ava's (1) throat, another airplane crushes right into the building, causing a large fire to erupt. Senna (6) and all the surrounding thirty tributes only have minutes to flee before the building comes down, smacking the earth with great force that either blinds or crushes the surrounding tributes. 

The amount of the dead is undetermined. The debris spreads throughout the entire arena, blinding every tribute. The effect the Gamemakers didn't intend on having, for they just wanted to kill three people. Now, there could be half the remaining tributes or there could be only one more fatality. As the fog blinds the tributes, many ghosts use this as an advantage. 

Tyson's (10) ghost finds it's way right next to Tyson (10) and quickly shoves it's hand into his chest, yanking out his heart and soul in just one tug. Robin's (8) ghost does similar, except it repeatedly stabs Robin (8) to death before the ghost vanishes into nothing for completing it's job. Adra's (4) ghost quickly snatches her soul, killing her instantly, but also giving Dean (10) a head's up, which allows him to kill his ghost.


Fifty tributes remain, not including the ones that might have died in the collapse of the building. The ghosts have been vanished from the arena, but the victors still lurk in the shadows. Rufus (8) and Alkaline (3) take down a pair of sibling mentors from District 1, Cashmere and Gloss, along with the first victor of the Hunger Games, Victoriana. 

Finally, the Gamemakers are able to get a better view of the dead. Tiara (4) remains lifeless with a brick lodges in her forehead. If it wasn't for her tracker and physical traits, nobody would have known it was Tiara (4). Anna (3), with multiple glass shards sticking out of her chest, is the second one to be found. So does two of her district partners, Solar (3) and Damian (3), who were already bruised and bloody from their fight before the collapsed building occured. 


It takes a few more moments for the head of Ella (6) to be seen by the Gamemakers. However, her body's whereabouts remain unknown. Adira (11) and Petiola (11), who have finally found each other after being separated, were crushed in the remains and left to die for. The only other body found was Hannah's (13), along with the arm of an unknown female. 


If it wasn't for nightfall approaching so quick, the other bodies would have been found, but for now, they remain were they died. Bloody and decaying. And all the known faces rest in the sky. 

Zaffre Quartz (1)

Ava "Lizzie" Elizabeth Rocco (1)

Damian Byte (3)

Solar Panels (3)

Madoka Artemisia (3)

Oniudra Curant (3)

Madline Kim (3)

Titanic Mage (4)

Sorcera Spectrus (4)

Adra Nereus (4)

Ella Webster (6)

Robin Vigo (8)

Hannah Osaias (8)

Joelle Osaias (8)

Jet Miller (9)

Anala Henderson (9)

Tyson Ashford (10)

Helena Krisp (10)

Adira Shimmer (11)

Petiola Midrib (11)

Haley Howerton (12)

Hannah Bladekiss (13)

Day 5 - Presents of Death

"Welcome! Welcome!" The announcer's voice booms throughout the arena, waking all the tributes up. "Congradulations to making it to the final thirty-six! There's still a long way to go-and it's only been five days-but we're moving to a different arena! Your mentors will determine your fates in this one, as it relies all on their commitment.

"Actually, no. There's two ways you can get out. One, from your mentor discovering a mysterious question given to them. The other way, the way you guys may decide, is by attending the feast! The only things there are different presents. Different ones hold different things, pretty self-explanatory. However, some gifts will either lead to your death or your safety. 

"Currently, we'd like to congradulate six tributes who are already going out to the new arena. They'll have an advantage, being placed closer to the cornucopia than the rest of you. These trbues are . . . Maria from the Capitol, Ark and Cindre from 2, Blake from 7, Grayson from 9, Karlee from 10 and Farsha from 13! Good luck the rest of you!"

Alkaline (3) and Rufus (8) are briskly walking to the cornucopia, ready to risk their lives to get to the next arena. Alkaline's (3) feet ache, but he doesn't say anything to Rufus (8). When they finally reach the clearing, a hovercraft appears and drops a ladder down to the two tributes. They stare at each other and reluctantly grab on as they freeze and are pulled into the hovercraft.

Gaara (5) is walking around in circles, thinking about his choices. He can either risk his life going to the cornucopia, weaponless, or wait for the arena to collapse and his inevitable death. But there's one possibility that troubles him. Can he rely on his mentor?

Trick (9) is staring at Gaara (5), completely covered by fallen debris. She grabs onto her sickle and notices another movement from behind Gaara (5). Riven? She ultimately thinks, but pushes the thought aside. She's already dead. It's another tribute, I didn't get a good enough view of it. It's probably just a little twelve-year-old, trying to run from anything they spot.

The hairs on Gaara's (5) neck pricks up as he notices Trick (9) behind the debris, but says nothing. He moves his eyes quickly away, before she notices he saw her, and come up with a way out of it. But the only way he can think of is death. His thoughts start to fog up as he realizes Trick (9) is waiting to pounce on him like a cat and he sprints away. 

Trick (9) gets up and chases after him, but Gaara (5) knows his way around here, being the main place he stayed, while Trick (9) was everywhere. Eventually, Gaara (5) turns into an alley, believing that Trick (9) lost him, but screams when she turns into the alley. He screams and cries against the wall before a ladder comes down and Trick (9) is shocked by a tazer, that will just last for a few minutes. 

Gaara (5) climbs on and his body freezes, his head facing down to see Charlie (5) stand up in the shadows and try to run away. But just as he gets out of the alley, Trick (9) is up and throws her sickle right into the back of his neck. Charlie (5) stands up for one moment, almost like he's still alive, but then falls to the ground, lifeless. 


Trick (9) is picked up by the same hovercraft Keaton (7) and Dean (10) are on, making them shudder as she is pulled into it. Her sickle is thrown out the window and flies towards Padora (7). As the sickle gains speed, it pierces Padora's (7) foot with extreme pain. Pandora (7) cries and tries to pull out the sickle, but it's stuck in the cement and she can't. She's pretty much dead. Unless her mentor helps her. 

Back towards the cornucopia, two threats lay in the outshirts, hidden by debris. To the north is Melanoi (12), shurikens ready for someone to attempt to make it to the cornucopia. To the south is Dawn (12) with her blowgun at her lips. Both girls constantly peek out for someone to come, but don't notice each other. With their eyes pried on the bags in the cornucopia, someone finally makes a move. 

Lincoln (8)! Both girls jump out at the same time, shooting or throwing their weapon at him. Dawn's (12) dart hits him first, making him fall to the ground, dead. However, Melanoi's (12) shuriken completely misses Lincoln (8) and instead, implants itself into Dawn's (12) neck. She has a moment to recognize her killer before she falls to the ground, lifeless. 


Keaton (7) holds a blowgun to his mouth as he prepares to shoot Melanoi (12), but the shriek of his ally, Dean (10) distracts him. She turns towards him to see Silvanus (2) holding Dean (10) in a headlock with brass knuckles pushed into his neck.  

"Please, don't do it!" Keaton (7) weakly begs, but Silvanus (2) just laughs as he plunges the brass knuckles into Dean's (10) neck, killing him instantly.


Keaton (7) screams and shoots a dart towards Silvanus (2), but he uses Dean's (10) body to shield himself. He laughs one more time before throwing the corpse at Keaton (7), making him trip and almost fall out of the window. Silvanus (2) presses his body against Keaton's (7) and grabs his neck. He's barely able to scream before he is thrown out the window.


Theodore (11) ran into the mouth of the cornucopia, carefully avoiding the shurikens that came his way and grabbed onto a bag. He quickly openned it up inside the cornucopia and pulled out the button, which said "Activate" right on it. He observed the button for a while before a shuriken was thrown at him and hit him in the shoulder. Freaking out, he pressed the button.

Suddenly, the entire arena shook and Melanoi (12) lost her balance. The earth started to split in half and Melanoi (12) barely rolled out of the way until her body fell into the abyss. Evil, carnivorous monkey mutts jumped from the crack and attacked any tribute that wasn't inside the cornuccopia. Melanoi (12) screamed as her body was being ripped to pieces before finally getting up and running into the cornucopia with a broken arm, rib and hip. 

Wayde (8) screams as the monkeys started to chase her before she finally ran into a trap that Icelia (5) made. Icelia (5) popped out from the corner to stab the girl, but the monkey jumped on her and ripped her throat open. Wayde (8) closed her eyes as the monkey pierced their sharp nails into her soft flesh. 


Silvanus (2) was still in the room when the monkey came, but the stopped right when they saw him. He leaned out of the blown up wall and looked down before finally jumped out, closing his eyes in the process. As he fall, he open his eyes and grabs onto the rope, hidden around his waste. When he's about twenty feet from the ground, he tightens the rope and it flings him up, but snaps in the process. All planned though, as he runs into the mouth of the cornucopia which was less than a mile away.

Yoshi (8) and Karlee (10) swung their swords at the monkeys as the stand back to back. When the monkeys start to decrease, Karlee (10) plunges her sword into Yoshi's (8) back without even turning. She leaves the injured boy for the monkeys as she quickly flees. Jessica (5) attempts to pound Karlee's (10) face with a mace, but ends up being too early and giving Karlee (10) the chance to behead the girl. 


Tabby (C) is the next tribute to die at the hands of the monkey mutts. As she attempted to flee with the other Capitol Females, after they all teamed up together, she was ambushed by monkeys. Elsa (C) screamed as a monkey grabbed onto her back, but instead of helping, Maria (C) hit Elsa (C) in the face with the butt of her knife, bringing her down and leaving her for the monkeys.


With only two more needed deaths before the monkey mutts would leave and the remaining tributes would be taken to a new arena, the mutts became more vicious. Fiona (2) was able to fight back the herds of monkeys without even breaking a sweat, but when their teeth and nails grew longer and longer. Their nails blocked Fiona's (2) sword strikes and eventually stabbed her in the thiegh before ripping her to pieces. 


To finish the entire chaos, Theodore (11) gripped onto his sword and came right behind Silvanus (2). He held his sword up high for a moment before bringing it down on his head, killing him instantly. 


"Congradulations tributes! You'll now be taken to another arena to fight to your death! But, there's another twist. Do you remember the experiments from the Capitol? Well, their creators were angered by the way we killed them so they're coming back! Except for Oreo, that cat had issues! Saying this, one more of you guys need to die!"

Almost insantly, Theodore (11) tries to behead Melanoi (12), but instead, she threw a shuriken right into Senna's (6) forehead. Theodore (11) quickly stops once Senna (6) falls to the ground and drops his sword. He barely mumbles nice throw before the cannon sounds.


Day 6 - Another Bloodbath

As the tributes rise up into the new arena, they're greeted by sunlight and bird's chirping. When they look around, all the notice are birls and the mesmerizing beauty. Some tributes straighten their stance, looking around, while others, like E6 (C) keep their eyes pried on the cornucopia. With the time limiting to the bloodbath, a few of them start to prepare to run to the cornucopia, but not everyone is completely ready. As the cannon goes off, the mesmerized people snap into reality, but are still seconds behind the other tributes. 

E6 (C) is the first one to the cornucopia and is the first person to grab a weapon. His hands wrap around the handle of the chained sickle and he turns his head back, noticing Minerva (2) shrinking the distance between the two. When she's finally close enough to hit, E6 (C) turns around and swings his chained sickle towards Minerva (2). She tries to duck under it, but the sickle meets her neck and her head goes flying on top of a backpack. 

Orchid (1) let's out a little yelp as Minerva's (2) head lands on the bag she planned on grabbing, but instead, she focuses on a bag in the outskirts. Surrounding the backpack are some throwing knives, which she needs as a weapon. When she finally gets to the backpack, she puts it over her shoulders and shoves the throwing knives in her pocket. Then, without looking back, she runs deep into the forest. 

Rufus (8) and Alkaline (3) are the fourth and fifth people to get to the cornucopia. Rufus (8) grabs onto a knife and brass knucklesre handing Alkaline (3) a knife. The two don't bother to grab a backpack as they run right into the mouth of the cornucopia in search of explosives. When Alkaline (3) finally finds a small, grenade-like bomb, he quickly rearranges the pieces from a pressure bomb to a timed bomb. When he finally gets it, he hides it underneath some swords and the two run off with two backpacks. 

E6 (C) still stands towards the mouth of the cornucopia, completely focused on finding H3 (C) instead of looking for backpacks and essential needs. When he finally spots him, he yelps from the sight. H3 (C) battling Pandora (7), but H3 (C) looks like he's winning. Their tridents hit together and they constantly block each others hits, but H3 (C) is faster than Pandora (7). Pandora (7) notices H3's (C) next attack is to swing the trident towards her head so she ducks under it and shoves the trident into H3's (C) belly. 

E6 (C) is surprised and his body freezes, as if there's nothing around him, but he finally gets out of his trance and throw a knife towards Pandora (7). The knife goes right into her shoulder blade, but this doesn't make her slow down a bit. She stabs H3 (C) one more time in the stomach, ensuring that he is dead, before looking towards E6 (C). But by that time, he's gotten in range for the chained sickle and beheads her before leaving the bloodbath, along with his best friend's corpse. 

Shay (C) picks up a dagger and two, loose throwing knives before picking up a backpack. Her eyes nervously look around, taking in the sight. she notices Adrian (1) pick up a javelin and running away, but she knows that she must kill him. She's one of the few tributes still alive without a kill, and without a kill, you barely have a chance in these Hunger Games. She carefully throws a knife towards Adrian (1), hitting him right in the theigh. He stumbles and falls to the ground before Shay (C) throws the other knife into his skull and leaves the cornucopia. 

Ark (2) and Sharpe (2) were one of the few tributes that got to the cornucopia without being noticed. Both of them grabbed a knife, but Sharpe (2) also grabbed a crossbow before engaging in a fight. Due to their age, they didn't dare go up against Maria (C) who got to the cornucopia right after them. Instead, they notice Grayson (9) and Sharpe (2) easily shoot an arrow into his chest. He clutched onto his chest for a moment before falling to the ground, lifeless. 

Blade (7) fell to the ground, surprised that a tribute just a few feet away from him just fell down. He covered himself by hiding on the other side of the cornucopia and peeked around the corner to see the two Cindre twins starting to run away. Blade (7) looked at Grayson's (9) body again and this time saw sorrowness and hatred. He also noticed a crossbow near his body. He picked it up, yanked the arrow out of his chest and shot it right into the head of Ark (2). Sharpe (2) screamed and turned around, but Blade (7) was already fleeing with his sister, having twelve arrows and a backpack with him. 

Seeing the numbers dwindle, Trick (9) became enraged that she hadn't killed anybody yet. She holds onto the sickle in her hand with much pressure that her hands are red. She stays hidden inside the cornucopia, preparing for a tribute she can ambush. Finally, Karlee (10) stops right in front of her to grab onto a sword. Trick (9) jumps onto the girl and snaps her neck before she hears beeping behind her. When she finally realizes it's a bomb, she jumps out of the way and a large explosion occurs right behind her. 

With the weapons inside the cornucopia flying everywhere, Melanoi (12) is impaled by shurikens and her body goes numb. She panicks and screams, but a large crate comes tumbling her way and crushes the girl's forehead into a pancake. Axl's (6) loses his grip on his mace and it plunges deep into his forehead, killing him instantly. 

Justice (12) looks up from the ground, but everything's blurry. Theodore (11) gets to his feet and grabs onto a swod that landed dangerously close to Justice's (12) forehead. With just a little moan, Theodore (11) looks down at Justice (12) before digging his sword into his neck and watching the blood trickle out of his neck, eventually leading into a puddle which Justice (12) drowned in. 

Gaara (5) is the last person at the cornucopia, but is too frightened to do anything. He's smart enough to grab onto a spear and a backpack, but is too frightened to stay any longer in case of another explosion. His legs take him deep into the woods, close to the dangerous Trick (9). But neither tribute notice. Other than them, the tributes are fairly spaced out. But this can't happen, not right now. These Hunger Games can't get boring. 

Day 7 - The Finale

Orchid (1) stares at Trick (9) from behind a shrub. If it wasn't for fear, Orchid (1) would throw a knife into her forehead, but even though Trick's (9) asleep, she's still the biggest threat left. The Capitol grows angry from Orchid (1) not attacking and to their dismay, she leaves the sleeping Trick (9) livings another day.

Alkaline (3) stares at Rufus (8), angry. All night, he's been on watch and is upset that Rufus (8) isn't doing his fair share in the alliance. Alkaline (3) looks from his knife to Rufus (8) and picks it up. The knife inches closer and closer to Rufus (8) before Alkaline (3) shoves it into the ground in a fit of anger for even thinking about it. This angers the Capitol and, even though it's early morning, they want more. These Games were meant for more blood and now, the tributes aren't fighting. Well, that's going to change.

The Head Gamemaker yawns as he orders the Mutt Gamemaker to create another great mutt. But, thinking fast, instead of having it being an animal or fictional creature, this ones going to be a poisonous gas. The gas first infects the tributes brain, having their limbs go numb and their thoughts go wild. Then, it spreads to their mouth and gives them a sour taste which also causes them to throw up. Eventually, within three minutes, the tribute will fall to the ground with their limbs not functioning and finally, die.

The Gamemakers laugh as they release the gas. It's going to be the finale? This early? Well, that remains a mystery. Depending on how the tributes act, there may be more that survive than others. But then again, these group of tributes don't classify as the smartest and they might all die. This will be fun.

The gas is released throughout the edges of the arena and have a faint purple look. Gaara (5), whose the closest to the forcefield, is still asleep when the poisonous gas wraps itself around him. Gaara (5) wakes up, coughing blood and tries to get to his feet, only to fall to the ground. He screams for help as more blood runs down his nose and a pool starts forming in his mouth. Within minutes, his body is still and a cannon is heard.


Trick wakes up from the sound of the cannon and notices the gas. She runs away from it, being lucky that she didn't inhale any if the gas while she was asleep. She frantically runs towards the cornucopia when she notices something shift out of the corner of her eye. Curious, she changes dire fail to follow the movement.

Orchid (1) runs away, faster than she has ever run as the gas chases her tail. As she runs, Theodore (11) pops out and swings his sword towards her head, but Orchid's (1) instincts make her duck and stab Theodore (11) in the stomach. He screams and falls to the ground, grabbing at the knife in his stomach. Before he even pulls out the knife, the gas surrounds him and his body goes numb. He eventually gives up.


Shay (C) quickly sprints throughout the forest, ducking and jumping over fallen branches. When she comes into an opening Rufus (8) notices her and tackles her to the ground. He repeatedly stabs her in the abdomen before the gas surrounds Rufus (8) and he falls to the ground. Eventually, the two die, staring into each other's eyes as they die.


Alkaline (3) runs through the forest, carefully avoiding the grass and any movement from any tributes. His feet ache and he only carries a knife in his right hand, but he'd rather make it out of here than die in here. He hears someone crying for help and he sees Blade (7) stuck under a fallen log as Farsha (13) attempts to pull him out. Blade (7) looks at Alkaline (3), but turns away once he sees the gas creeping up Blade's (7) legs.

Sharpe (2) runs right past Alkaline (3), but instead of fleeing for the cornucopia, she's trying to find the source of Blade's (7) scream. When she finally does, he's entirely covered by the gas and his body is twitching. Farsha (13) cries in the safe area as she backs away from the body and the gas. When she turns, she sees Sharpe (2) pointing her crossbow at her and doesn't even try to avoid the arrow as it plunges into her heart.


As Sharpe (2) finally makes it to the cornucopia, she stares at the other tributes as they stare back. No more alliance, no more friends—now it's just a game of strength and killing. E6 (C) holds his chained sickle close to his body and stares at Maria (C) who gives him the evil eye. Her, Alkaline (3) and Orchid (1) holds onto knives, but the main threat is Trick (9) with her sickle. Each tribute is prepared, each have their chance to win. But in the end, only one can win.

Trick's (9) tempted to make the first move, but she knows that would be extremely ridiculous. If she takes the first attack towards another tribute, she might kill herself and wouldn't have an advantage if they blocked it. Maria (C) also fears the same thing, along with Alkaline (3), as they only know how to use knives in a melee attack. Orchid's (1) too frightened to make a move since she only has ten knives and E6 (C) is too far away to hit anyone. Sharpe's (2) the one who finally makes the move. 

She exhales through her nose and shoots the trigger right towards E6 (C), he swiftly doddges it, but Orchid (1) throws a knife aiming for his chest. E6 (C) barely gets out of the way, but the knife finds it's way into his shoulder, making him cry in pain. He rips out the knife and tosses it to the ground before lunging at Orchid (1) with his chained sickle. It slashes her in the shoulder, but she ignores the pain and throws a knife. E6 (C) barely has any time to react, and when he does, he makes it worse as the knife goes deep into his heart. 


Noticing Orchid (1) isn't prepared for another attack, Sharpe (2) shoots an arrow right into her shoulder. The arrow goes right through her shoulder and gets stuck in the ground. Orchid (1) drops her knives and tries to pull the arrow out of her shoulder, but she's too weak. Sharpe's (2) about to shoot another arrow into her heart, but Maria (C) tackels Sharpe (2) to the ground and stabs her to death. Orchid (1) smiles and looks at the arrow, but Trick (9) brings her sickle right down on her head, splitting her head in half. 


Alkaline (3) ducks dwn inside the cornucopia and looks for something that he could use as a weapon. An explosion? No. Trap? Useless right now. He finally picks up an untouched crossbow and struggles to put an arrow in. He pulls the arrow back, having it aimed right at him with his two feet keeping it in place. However, when he assumes it's fine, he doesn't wait for the click and the arrow goes flying into his forehead, killing him instantly. 


Maria (C) and Trick (9) stare at each other. The battle between the beasts. Neither of them seem effected by the deaths they causes and, rather less, seem eased. Both want to get home, but only one of them will. Maria (C) wipes some blood off of her dagger before chucking it poorly at Trick (9). Trick (9) smiles as the dagger is thrown completely off and charges at Maria (C). 

"No! Don't kill me!" She screams pathetially, but Trick (9) raises her sickle above her head. 

"Why?" Trick (9) jokingly says. 

"Because I'm going to win." Maria (C) pulls out a knife in her back pocket and plunges it into Trick's (C) stomach. Trick (9) stands there, amazed as the knife is twisted and Trick (9) falls to the floor. Maria (C) pulls out the knife and delivers the final blow to Trick's (9) chest. 


The Fallen

Arena #1

Placing Name District Day Killer District Method
140th Experiment "Oreo" 115 Capitol 1 Zaffre Quartz 1 Trident to Chest
139th Gamzee Makara 10 1 Orchid Quartz 1 Throwing Knife to Head
138th JJJ Schmidt 9 1 Petiola Midrib 11 Slit Throat
137th Lasheniqua Shontayoleo 12 1 Joker Dece 13 Axe thrown in Back
136th Joker Dece 13 1 Blake Harper 5 Speared
135th Troi "The Betrayer" Cian 5 1 Tavia Touchdown 2 Stabbed to Death
134th Lydia Hollow 7 1 Julius Paris 2 Speared
133rd Gale Malporne 10 1 Xenia Bloodhound 10 Beheaded
132nd Hebe Mines 10 1 Xenia Bloodhound 10 Beheaded
131st L'D'Irving J. McJingletonson IV 9 1 Elsa Lovegrove Capitol Poisonous Dart to Back
130th Jaguar Taz 1 1 Haley Howerton 12

Throwing Knife to Back

129th Pacstar Chalmers 4 1 Mist Scorchil 7 Beheaded
128th Mist Scorchil 7 1 Jade Seeku 1 Speared
127th Earl Zoranovic 2 1 Keaton Young 7 Dart in Neck
126th Velvet Blitz 8 1 Erien Smith 12 Stabbed in Neck
125th Erien Smith 12 1 Hannah Osaias 8 Dart in the Back of Head
124th Aurelia Roba 1 1 Harley Swoop 13 Arrow through Back
123rd Herba Hemway 7 1 Choine Nereus 4 Stabbed in Chest 
122nd Dusk Olive Capitol 1 Mimic Slaughter 6 Stabbed in Chest
121st Dawn Olive Capitol 1 Zac Slaughter 6 Speared
120th Hadley Newberry 11 1 Zac Slaughter 6 Speared
119th Lauren Huntley 11 1 Mimic Slaughter 6 Knife in Heart
118th Brandon Ivey 6 1 Elsa Lovegrove Capitol Poisonous Dart in Neck
117th Jasmine Firethorn 9 1 Glow Décor 1 Arrow through Heart
116th Glow Décor 1 1 Zahra Lexus 9 Axe in Back
115th Jack Cayman 12 1 Nyx Twila 13 Crescent Sword in Back
114th Experiment "E6" Six Capitol 1 Helena Krisp 10 Slashed in Chest
113rd Hybrid "H3" Three Capitol 1 Helena Krisp 10 Slashed in Chest
112nd Mario Adams 4 1 Sark Lancaster 13 Beheaded
111st Luigi Adams 4 1 Sark Lancaster 13 Slashed in Stomach
110th Gloom Ivy 11 1 Sean Dansin 1 Cracked Skull
109th Tails Power 13 1 Solphy Argentenum 7 Knife in Heart
108th Solphy Argentenum 7 1 Theodore Vendetta 11 Slit Throat
107th Sean Dansin 1 1 Theodore Vendetta 11 Slit Throat
106th Serena Madrick 4 1 Theodore Vendetta 11 Slit Throat
105th Bulgar Durum 11 1 Holly Smiley 2 Stabbed to Death
104th Panthern Agrios 11 1 Julius Paris 2 Speared
103rd Kipper "Kips" Luantag 13 1 Janu Wong 11 Stabbed in Face
102nd Ash Briarwood 6 1 Janu Wong 11 Stabbed in Gut
101st Colton Thorne 1 1 Max Vaz 11 Dart in Forehead
100th Max Vaz 11 1 Max Vaz 11 Suffocated on Dart
99th Pedro Evans 10 1 Petiola Midrib 11 Stabbed in Forehead
98th Grayson James 6 2 Yoshi Holiday 8 Stabbed in Gut
97th Azure Tobias 13 2 Blake Harper 5 Beheaded
96th Brad Smith 2 2 Blake Harper 5 Speared
95th Blake Harper 5 2 Tavia Touchdown 2 Stabbed in Forehead
94th Tavia Touchdown 2 2 Sharpe Cindre 2 Arrow through Heart
93rd Soot Dustcloud 12 2 Mimic Slaughter 6 Pushes off a Building
92nd Wario Wade 3 2 Mimic Slaughter 6 Speared
91st Elissa Starmyne 12 2 Chorillonamus "Coral" Studkarat Capitol Neck Snapped
90th Chorillonamus "Coral" Studkarat Capitol 2 Elissa Starmyne 12 Blown to Pieces
89th Duskus Sinrood 7 2 Zak Slaughter 6 Speared
88th Kodai Hitogorshi 7 2 Zak Slaughter 6 Knife to Face
87th Greta Maverick  6 2 Trick Treat 9 Beheaded
86th Riven Exile 9 2 Trick Treat 9 Cut in Half
85th Mimic Slaughter 6 2 Elissa Starmyne 12 Bled Out
84th Ophelia Carlile 6 2 Zak Slaughter 6 Slit Throat
83rd Zak Slaughter 6 2 Zak Slaughter 6 Suicide
82nd Brooke Yin 5 3 Gamemakers N/A Crushed by Building
81st Blake Yang 5 3 Gamemakers N/A Crushed by Building
80th Toby Rodgers 9 3 Gamemakers N/A Crushed by Building
79th Celeste Ryder 5 3 Gamemakers N/A Crushed by Building
78th Rariatarium "Rary" Data 3 3 Alkaline Watt 3 Accidentally Caused Bomb to Blow Up
77th Nyx Twila 13 3 Blade Spectrus 7 Arrow in Neck
76th Crystal Ice 10 3 Shade Spectrus 7 Slit Throat
75th Shade Spectrus 7 3 Zahra Lexus 9 Axe in Chest
74th Zahra Lexus 9 3 Dune Glade 4 Speared
73rd Choine Nereus 4 3 Blade Spectrus 7 Arrow in Forehead
72nd Xenia Bloodhound 10 3 Farsha Spectrus 13 Stabbed in Heart
71st Dune Glade 4 3 Titanic Mage 4 Stabbed in Chest
70th Holly Smiley 2 3 Elsa Lovegrove Capitol Accidentally Shot by Poisonous Dart
69th Julius Paris 2 3 Hannah Bladekiss 13 Beheaded
68th Jade Seeku 1 3 Hannah Bladekiss 13 Beheaded
67th Harley Swoop 13 3 Maria Elena Capitol Stabbed in Heart
66th Piper Quinn 13 3 Maria Elena Capitol Skull Smashed in Cement
67th Detria Glace 5 3 Sark Lancaster 13 Head Split in Half
66th Sark Lancaster 13 3 Melanoi Jet 12 Shuriken to Forehead
65th Jet Miller 9 4 Ghosts N/A Soul Taken
64th Helena Krisp 10 4 Gamemakers N/A Crushed by Building
63rd Titanic Mage 4 4 Gamemakers N/A Crushed by Building
62nd Zaffre Quartz 1 4 Gamemakers N/A Stabbed in Heart with Glass
61st Joelle Osaias 8 4 Ghosts N/A Stabbed in the Colon
60th Hannah Osaias 8 4 Hannah Osaias 8 Stabbed in the Stomach
59th Madoka Artemisia 3 4 Wayde Ridica Umbra 8 Stabbed in the Stomach
58th Sorcera Spectrus 4 4 Tiara Spectrus 4 Arrow through Brain
57th Oniudra Curant 3 4 Victor Brutus [2] Snapped Neck
56th Anala Henderson 9 4 Victor Titan [1] Stabbed to Death
55th Madeline Kim 3 4 Gamemakers N/A Crushed by Plane
54th Haley Howerton 12 4 Gamemakers N/A Crushed by Plane
53rd Ava "Lizzie" Elizabeth Rocco 1 4 Senna Rosewood 6 Drowned by Blood
52nd Tiara Spectrus 4 4 Gamemakers N/A Skull Smashed
51st Damian Byte 3 4 Gamemakers N/A Crushed by Building
50th Anna Hastings 3 4 Gamemakers N/A Crushed by Building
49th Solar Panels 3 4 Gamemakers N/A Crushed by Building
48th Hannah Bladekiss 13 4 Gamemakers N/A Crushed by Building
47th Ella Webster 6 4 Gamemakers N/A Beheaded
46th Adira Shimmer 11 4 Gamemakers N/A Crushed by Building
45th Petiola Midrib 11 4 Gamemakers N/A Crushed by Building
44th Janu Wong 11 4 Gamemakers N/A Crushed by Building
43rd Polyester Astro 8 4 Gamemakers N/A Crushed by Building
42nd Mason Everwood 12 4 Gamemakers N/A Crushed by Building
41st Phoebe Kressila 3 4 Gamemakers N/A Crushed by Building
40th Chakra Fatalis 8 4 Gamemakers N/A Crushed by Building
39th Tyson Ashford 10 4 Ghosts N/A Soul and Heart Ripped Out
38th Adra Nereus 4 4 Ghosts N/A Soul Taken
37th Robin Vigo 8 4 Ghosts N/A Stabbed to Death
36th Charlie Ryder 5 5 Trick Treat 9 Sickle to the Neck
35th Lincoln Emmerson 8 5 Dawn Angelfrost 12 Dart to Neck
34th Dawn Angelfrost 12 5 Melanoi Jet 12 Shuriken to Neck
33rd Dean Andrus 10 5 Silvanus Justice 2 Stabbed in Neck
32nd Keaton Young 7 5 Silvanus Justice 2 Pushed Out Window
31st Icelia Wintersmith 5 5 Monkey Mutts N/A Throat Ripped Open
30th Wayde Ridica Umbra 8 5 Monkey Mutts N/A Ripped to Pieces
29th Yoshi Holiday 8 5 Monkey Mutts N/A Ripped to Pieces
28th Jessica Scythe 5 5 Karlee Bain 10 Beheaded
27th Tabby Euphoria Capitol 5 Monkey Mutts N/A Ambushed
26th Elsa Lovegrove Capitol 5 Monkey Mutts N/A Ripped to Pieces
25th Fiona Valoran  2 5 Monkey Mutts N/A Ripped to Pieces
24th Silvanus Justice 2 5 Theodore Vendetta 11 Sword to Head
23rd Senna Rosewood 6 5 Melanoi Jet 12 Shuriken to Forehead

Arena #2 

Placing Name District Day Killer District Method
22nd Minerva Den 2 6 Experiment "E6" Six Capitol Beheaded
21st Hybrid "H3" Three Capitol 6 Pandora Raven  7 Stabbed in Stomach
20th Pandora Raven 7 6 Experiment "E6" Six Capitol Beheaded
19th Adrian Fabergé 1 6 Shay Cobblestone Capitol Knife in Skull
18th Grayson Watergate 9 6 Sharpe Cindre 2 Arrow in Chest
17th Ark Cindre 2 6 Blade Spectrus 7 Arrow through Head
16th Karlee Bain 10 6 Trick Treat 9 Snapped Neck
15th Melanoi Jet 12 6 Alkaline Watt 3 Caused Explosion (Flattened by Crate)
14th Axl Lockhart 6 6 Alkaline Watt 3 Caused Explosion (Impaled by Mace)
13th Justice Reigns 12 6 Theodore Vendetta 11 Drowned in Blood
12th Gaara Ryûghan 5 7 Gamemaker's Gas N/A Poisoned
11th Theodore Vendetta 11 7 Gamemaker's Gas N/A Poisoned
10th Shay Cobblestone Capitol 7 Gamemaker's Gas N/A Poisoned
9th Rufus Silks 8 7 Gamemaker's Gas N/A Poisoned
8th Blade Spectrus 7 7 Gamemaker's Gas N/A Poisoned
7th Farsha Spectrus 13 7 Sharpe Cindre 2 Shot in Heart
6th Experiment "E6" Six Capitol 7 Orchid Quartz 1 Knife to Heart
5th Sharpe Cindre 2 7 Maria Elena Capitol Stabbed to Death
4th Orchid Quartz 1 7 Trick Treat 9 Head Split in Half
3rd Alkaline Watt 3 7 Alkaline Watt 3 Accidental Suicide
2nd Trick Treat 9 7 Maria Elena Capitol Knife to Chest
1st Maria Elena Capitol N/A N/A N/A N/A

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