Hi, it's Nick and I'm going to be leaving this wiki. I've had many great friends, wrote many Hunger Games stories and enjoyed my time here, but things change and I'm going to be leaving. All my Hunger Games that are going on will be cancelled. 
  Will I return?
  Most likely not, as the name of this blog implies. Personally, I have a lot of time now and I really want to write, but I'm not going to stay here anymore. I'm sorry if this seems all of a sudden, but I have my reasons to leave and they're personal.
  I'm really sorry that I didn't get to finish my Hunger Games that were going on, but with everything that's happening in my life, I won't be able to. I'm not going to reveal who the victor was going to be, so you guys can just assume.
  I'm not going to write a list of my friends that I've made here, mainly because I'd feel bad if I didn't include you or if you didn't view me as a friend, so all I can say is goodbye!

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