Welcome! These are a special edition Games that will be started and finished on Halloween. I'll have little updates in between, little quotes that each person said that will cause suspicious. I'll actually be writing this on my laptop until the day comes where I post it. I'm also going to write the group training down before Halloween so you guys can give advice to your tributes about what to do. I'll also be writings about "Rounds" which basically is used to determine if you know real fright. Many tributes will die in the rounds and those remaining will go to the arena. Have fun and happy Halloween!

Credit to Kekai for giving me the idea about the rounds. 

Tribute Template

You're allowed to post as many as you want! However, I'd prefer only 3. By October 19th or 20th, I might be asking people if I can use their tributes. Also, these tributes can be in my previous Games or any of my future Games.








Strength: (just one)

Weakness: (just one)

Fear: (just one)

Additional Information

Feel free to add anything you want.


District Gender Name Age Weapons Fear User
The Capitol Male Scepter Mist 18 Sickle, Poison (Spear, Knife) Not Being Acknowledged Hybrid Shadow
The Capitol Female Cira Marco 17 Dagger, Sickle and Chain Spiders WitchAndWizard
District 0 Male O-Rion Nebula 16 Spear, Traps Fire KronosTheTitanKing
District 0 Female Valerie Moonshine 15 Mace, Trident (Scythe) Drowning Nightlock Kryptonite
District 1 Male Luigi Wilkins 17 Sword, Throwing Knives Water MyWorld
District 1 Female Toph Beifong 13 Throwing Axes, Bow and Arrow Fire Nightlock Kryptonite
District 2 Male Cedric Mason 18 Morning Star, Dagger Failure Alyssa101
District 2 Female Yuna Drevisa 16 Butterfly Knife, Scalpel Her Father Madgeical
District 3 Male Rade Spectrus 15 Dagger, Crossbow (Molotov Cocktail, Flint and Steel) Large Amounts of Water Mistfire333
District 3 Female Lumina Spectrus 14 Dagger, Crossbow (Axe, Tomahawk, Poison, Darts) Losing Mist or Important Ally Mistfire333
District 4 Male Cristopher Kosmos 16 Spear, Net (Knife) Tight Spaces District3
District 4 Female Adria Nereus 12 Throwing Knives, Trident Tight Spaces Alyssa101
District 5 Male Frade Spectrus 14 Dagger, Crossbow (Mind Games, Traps, Throwing Knives) Being Overpowered Mistfire333
Disrict 5 Female Tiara Spectrus 13 Dagger, Crossbow (Slingshot, Sickle, Traps) Getting Caught Mistfire333
District 6 Male Blade Spectrus 14 Spear, Knife (Sword) The Careers Tehblakdeath
District 6 Female Auburn Friday 17 Slingshot, Blowgun (Camoflague) Tight Spaces Nightlock Kryptonite
District 7 Male Shade Spectrus 15 Dagger, Crossbow (Traps) Being in the Same Games as Frade Mistfire333
District 7 Female Sorcera Spectrus 17 Dagger, Crossbow (Poison, Throwing Knives) Being Tricked Mistfire333
District 8 Male Mist Scorchill 14 Axe, Tomahawk (Dagger, Hidden Blade) Betrayal Mistfire333
District 8 Female Rarity Iris 15 Katana, Giant Fish Hooks Being Ugly XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
District 9 Male Serque Flash 17 Triple Morning Star Cold TDR97
District 9 Female Kacey Anderson 15 Spear Being Forced to Kill an Ally Madgeical
District 10 Male Wolfgang "Wolf" Fang 15 Throwing Knives, Sickle and Chain (Slingshot) People or Society Hybrid Shadow
District 10 Female Missy Teagle 13 Throwing Knives Confrontation Madgeical
District 11 Male Galen Peregrine 18 Knife, Scythe Being Alone Hybrid Shadow
District 11 Female Wayde Ridica Umbra 13 Bow and Arrows, Trap Her Emotions Taking Control of Her Madgeical
District 12 Male Toad Jenkins 16 Blade, Knife Pain MyWorld
District 12 Female Fai Hastings 15 Throwing Knives Death Kaylei Marshmallow
District 13 Male Troi Cian 15 Dagger, Spear Death District3
District 13 Female Mistina Seabreeze 14 Long Knife, Any Knives Being Abused XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
District 14 Male Darni Fowl 18 Bow and Arrow, Knife No Allies Gummygugugaga
District 14  Female Valeri Hunter 15 Sickle and Chain, Poisonous Knife Insanity Alyssa101



  • Bold - leader
  • Underlined - second in command or co-leader
  • Italicized - moved to somewhere else. 

The Careers

Scepter (C), Cristopher (4), Cira (C), Luigi (1), Cedirc (2), Adria (4), Mistina (13)

The Anti-Careers

Toph (1)Mist (8)Toad (12), Serque (9), Troi (13), Darni (14)

The Female Alliance

Kacey (9), Fai (12), Valerie (0)Wayde (11), Valeri (14)

The Spectri

Shade (7), Sorcera (7), Rade (3), Lumina (3), Frade (5), Tiara (5), Blade (6)

District 0 and 11 Alliance

O-Rion (0), Galen (11)

District 10 and 11 Alliance

Wolf (10), Galen (11)


Yuna (2), Auburn (6), Rarity (8), Wolf (10), Missy (10)Troi (13)

Notes about Alliances

  • The Spectri are truced with the Anti-Careers and follow from the distance.
  • The Anti-Careers and Female Alliance are truced.
  • Yuna (2) and Missy (10) are truced.

Group Training

Day 1 - The Tributes Meet

Shade Spectrus - District 7 Male Tribute

The trainor starts talking about what we should do, but nobody really listens to her. Instead, most of the tributes view their competition, much like me. There's a blind Girl from 1, a Singer from 0 and a 12-year-old from 4. These tributes aren't much of a competitions. However, for those like Cristopher from 4 or Scepter from The Capitol, you just hope that you aren't stationed next to them on the platforms. Before I know it, the trainors done talking and Sorcera (7) elbows me in the gut.

"What was that for?" I scream, bending down while the pain fades in my gut. 

"They actually did it," she whispers in my ear fast. "They actually volunteered for the Games even though they knowthey'regoingtodie." She tries to squeese in right before all my siblings come walking towards me. They stand in a hemicircle around me, waiting for my word. 

"Let's train?" I say uneasily. Usually, they never listen to me. Rade's (3) usually too busy messing around with some fire. Tiara's (5) just the spoiled brat of the family. Blade (6) wasn't even known to be one of my siblings until just a little while ago. I'm still not sure if Sorcera (7) even knows who he is. Lumina (3) just adores Mist (8) to an unhealthy level. Then there's Frade (5) whose always been my enemy since he was born. I thought that he'd be happy for what I did to him. For how I helped him become who he became, even if he's the Devil. 

"Okay, but I'm just warning you," Tiara (5) starts, like what she does whenever she wants something from us, threatening that she'll tell our parents, "if any of you kill me in the Games, I hope you die and I will haunt your spirit for the rest of the Games . . . or days. Urgh!" She walks ahead of the rest of us and I just stand their wide-eyed. 

"She's been practicing that ever since she got on the train," Frade (5) mumbles, which, for the first time, actually makes me laugh. He has to be my ally, not my enemy. Because deep down, I still fear that he'll do something to me. He's fear, no beast could scare me more than his twisted personality.

Wolfgang "Wolf" Fang - District 11 Male Tribute

Memories never die. No matter how many times people say that eventually, things will get better and you'll just forget this entire thing happen. Well, keep this in mind the next time that you hear it: they lie. Memories never die, but they can become a little weaker. Maybe you forget little pieces of it or it becomes a little foggy, but even if 10 years pass, 20 years pass, you'll probably never forget the entire thing. 

Five years ago, my mother and father were killed. Because of me. Because of the entire district. Because of the stupid Capitol. The Head Peacekeeper used to be a nice guy, letting all of us children play and never even touching his whip. He was shot due to this. There came a new Head Peacekeeper, Darrel, was a strict man who needed to cool down a notch. I shot a rock into his window - no, all of his windows - and his alarms went off. I ran, but he must have seen me because he beat me to my own home. I hide, in a location where I could even see them murder my mom. They raped and tortured her before finally killing her.

The memory still burns inside of me, like an endless bonfire of memories. I want so badly to get revenge on the Peacekeepers, but they were armed and all I had was a homemade slingshot. They spread rumors around which made people call me the "Devil's child" to the point where I wanted to commit suicide. But I failed so I did the only thing left I could think of. I ran into the woods. 

Nobody could have suspected that I survive this long without looking back. I lived in the woods. After successfully burning down Darrel's house before bolting to the forest. Like usual, the gate was electrified. The only districts that I've actually heard have electrified fences are District 3, District 5 and other rich districts. But that's not the point! The point is that I got away. Until they caught me. I thought I was a smart enough hunter to fall into a poorly planned trap, but I did. Darrel's son was about to kill me when, instead, he put me in the Games. 

The memories will never die, I say gloomly as I'm knocked off the gauntlets by a steel bat. This your weakness! You can't concentrate! I almost start screaming at myself when I wipe some blood off my cheek. Memories might not die, but distractions will make you die.

Mistina Seabreeze - District 13 Female Tribute

Oh Alejandro! The name just gives me the goosebumps! If only he were here now. But then we'd both end up dying or one would die while the other finds someone else. I wonder what Alejandro is doing right now. Alejandro! Alejandro! Alejandro! I so badly just was his tender lips to touch mine one more time. Oh Alejandro! The boy with the beautiful name and amazing body. You know what I mean girls!

I finally end up rolling out of bed when I can't relax anymore and glance at the time. 12:00! I slept in all the way to noon! Wait. I have training. Oh Alejandro, you made me late. And you aren't even here. I quickly get changed and grab onto the necklace he gave me. I give it a little kiss, as if it were Alejandro and he was in my presence now. I can't wait until this is over and I get to see him once again. 

When I make it downstairs, I find that lunch has already ended. Knowing that the tributes have probably all met and formed alliances, I need to be fast. The Careers need me. I've actually been living in a Career district for most of my life until Alejandro and his family moved to District 13, wanting me to experience what it would be like without my father. I guess they wanted me to switch scenery in case the memories come again. But now that Alejandro let me live with him, I've begain having a different understanding of parents. Now, I can't wait to come home from the Career Academy.

They're right at the knives station where Scepter (C) and Cristopher (4) seem to excel in while Luigi (1) and Adria (4) never miss their target. As for Cedric (2) and the Capitol Chick, they are at the station next to them, practicing with the dagger. I hurry over there, noticing that they're trying to rap it up, but I fasten my pace and make it there right before they leave. They give me an annoyed look as they realize a Girl from an Outlying District joined them, but I quiet them once I show them my skills. Most of my weaponry revolves around knives as I find them enjoyable and always easy to find. Once I'm done, they stand there, surprised.

"You're in!" Cristopher (4) says before I even state my question. Scepter (C), who I suppose took the spot as the leader of the Careers, nods his head with approval. I play it cool, but inside, I'm jumping with joy. I put my hand around the daisy on my necklace and, as if he's really hear, I think, Thank you Alejandro!

Lumina Spectrus - District 3 Female Tribute

I wait, impatiently, for my knight in shiny armor to come downstairs and come join us for training. Ever minute or so I glance towards the elevator in hope that he'll come, but I have a small sense that he isn't coming today. I hope so desperately that he'll come here and I can see him. I would do anything just to see him. I've even changed to be more like him. I've died my hair just like his and even tried to become him. The only thing I haven't done is change my gender, mainly so I can still marry him. 

The elevator doors open and my eyes widen when I suspect Mist (8) to come out. Instead, it's Rarity (8) and I feel like I'm going to cry. I wanted so badly for him to come. And now . . . he comes out! He follows Rarity (8), quickly views the surroundings before finding us. As if we're in a movie, I suspect to hear some music and both of us, running towards each other through a beautiful garden, just so we can both embrace each other.

In reality, he's just casually walking towards us, a grin craving to get wider and wider. Then, he starts to spread out his arms. I try to get up off the ground, but instead, Mist (8) and Shade (7) give each other a "manly" hug, saying how happy they are to see them. After they're done, Mist (8) waves to all of us, and seems really surpised when he sees me. I only pray that he won't think this is creepy and not want to go out with me. If he does, I need to think of something fast.

"How'd all of you guys get reaped?" He asks, still staring at me. I let out a wry grin, but then feel my smile looking even weirder as I try to even it out. 

"Well, a week or so before the reapings, we decided to all move to different districts. I moved to District 7 with Sorcera, Rade and Lumina went to 3, and Frade and Tiara went to 5. To get there, we did a few things . . . " Shade (7). He leaves out the parts of all of them going on trains between the districts while Rade (3) and I had to make it there by foot. It was terrible! That's why our entire family was so happy to see each other, knowing that we all made it. 

"Why didn't one of you guys just stay in 8?" Mist (8) questions. Because then one of us would be left out? I felt like telling him. Actually, no it wasn't. I think the threat of a serial killer skinning all of her victims was more of the problem and we all wanted to get away. To my surprise, she came along with us. Rarity (8) obviously has to be the Skin Maniac. She's already doing it to a dummy when she just got here five minutes ago.

"We just wanted to try something new," Shade (7) lies once again. I can't really remember if he lied a lot back in 8, but it just seems weird. I thought that Shade (7) and Mist (8) were like bestfriends, but now, Shade (7) is acting like it's someone who have just become friends. This just seems awkward . . . 

Day 2 - The Alliances are Declared

Toph Beifong - District 1 Female Tribute

Just because I'm blind, doesn't mean I'm not a threat. In fact, most people will probably just think that I'm the easiest person to kill, but I bet that, if I could just see one of the people, that they will be easier to kill than me. The one thing that people forget about the blind is that they have better hearing and other senses that have been enhanced. Plus, if someone's really ugly, I don't have to see them.

Since Luigi (1) won't even talk to me ever since I announced my leadership in the Anti-Careers.  He's probably envious of the fact that I'm leader, while he has to listen to both Scepter (C) and Cristopher (4). Even if both of them die, Cedric (2) will probably start his reign. By the way Toad (12) has been so polite to me, he's been able to tell me how everyone looks while we were learning about survival skills. 

Also along in my alliance is Mist (8). I let him become my second-in-command, in case I die, which will most likely happen. I hate to say this, but I doubt that in the entire Era of Panem, there have probably been no victors who were deaf. If I die, I want Mist (8) as a leader. He has the heart of a warrior adn would be perfect for the Anti-Careers. Personally, I'd prefer him to be leader instead of me, but if I'm not leader coming up with great plans, how could I contribute to the Anits?

However, despiite my two co-leader or second-in-commands, my favorite ally is Darni (14). He's really easy to talk to and makes me feel so much happier. If he dies, I'll have no more meaning to win these Games. Surely, I'll want to get home, to see Iroh again and officially have the right to be away from my family. It's just, when you're in these Games, you need someone to experience what you do and make you feel better. Plus, Darni (14) is great at manipulating people into doing what he wants.

Overall, my alliance is pretty tight. Our job is to destroy the Careers and we have a lot more than just six tributes. The entire Spectrus Family is decided to accompany us during the Games, but just follow us. They won't be with us, but just stalking us. Before it sounds too bad, we have a truce with them so they shouldn't do anything funny. Because if they do, we have Mist (8), and I'm not saying that he'll fight with us, but he'll be our shield.

Valerie Moonshine - District 0 Female Tribute

To thinkthat a landmark like I be stuck in these Games! This just isn't believable. The Capitol loves me, my district loves me and almost all the citizens of Panem love me. If I die, the Capitol will be at fault and they will be the ones yelled at and a rebellion might start. I've changed so many lives in my song. I haven't really heard anyone say that, but I  know I have. People love me, and I love me too. 

But people make mistakes. I was tempted into drinking a drug, morphine. I don't know what I was thinking, but it must have been the people who have influenced me. I was with the wrong people at the wrong time. Just that one little sip of morphine and I became an addict. The alcohol burned down my throat, but I didn't care. It made me feel thinner and have less cares in the world. I felt like I could do anything.

Now, look at me. I feel like I won't be able to do anything else. I'm going to be stuck, waiting for Fate to show its rear end. For my candle to blow out. My only fear though, except for drowning - which I've feared my entire life - I'm terrified of being forgot. I've accomplished so much in my life just so I could be remembered, but what might happen now is a mystery. If I do die, will people forget about me? Will they just push me under the rug as if I didn't exist? 

I know that I sound stuck-up when I say this, but I need to be remembered. If I'm not, then what good was it for me to live in the first place.  To know that you've already made a huge difference in your country is extremely unbelievable,but thinking that you might not even be remembered just makes you sad. If you don't make a difference, then you aren't remembered. People still remember the first people in the first Hunger Games because they made a difference. People still remember all the presidents of Panembecause of the way they ruled and what they accomplished. And all I want to, which I've been stressing a lot, is to be remembered.

Mist Scorchill - District 8 Male Tribute

"Do I have it know?" I ask Lumina (3). I decided to have the Spectri Family help me use crossbows, since I'm only trained with the axes. Ever since I asked them, she bounced on the opportunity to teach me and has been putting her arms around me, basically shooting the crossbow for me. She's changed a lot since I've seen her last. And she changed into me!

"Just one more time and I'll let you try on your own," she promises. From behind me, I hear Frade (5) let out a little laugh as both of us find it humorous how much she's tried to hug me. I relax my breathing, making sure that I, myself, won't start to laugh as she purposely grabs onto my hands and shoots the arrow into the dummies head. By how close she stands, I can literally hear her breathe into my ear and down my back.

"Now can I try it by myself?" I ask impatiently as she reloads another arrow. 

"Sure," she says a bit upset. I know Lumina (3) and I know that she's in love with me. It's not much of a secret, but her appearance still seems to shock me. 

I grab onto the crossbow. I steady my breathing and aim for the heart. But my hands won't stop shaking, so I aim for a larger target, the stomach. When I believe the arrow should go straight into the stomach, I click the button and it goes flying into the chest of the dummy, just inches away from the heart. Sheer luck, the warrior side of my says, That won't happen in the real Games.

I know, I try to hush my inner-self, but the voices just won't stop. But right now, it's good enough. I hate to say it, but the warrior talking in my brain has made a huge impack on who I've become. I want to become an assasin so I listen to my tougher side. I rely on that side to get me through these Games. I can't spend my time just hoping and trying. I need to be doing. I need to be giving my all to win these Games and I know that I can and will win. The only thing is, is that all the Spectri will have to die first.

Blade Spectrus - District 6 Male Tribute

I sit down on a little stool next to the crossbow station. I'm not really in the mood today. Not in the mood to do anything. Mist (8) and Shade (7) are now here with me. I'd love the trips that I took to District 8 when they were there, but now, I don't want to live withouth them. I love to experience adventures and, despite the fact my life as it is was pleasing, I'd still want to have adventures. My adoptive parents at home won't allow me since they didn't even know I sneak over to District 8 ever year as it is. 

"What's wrong?" Shade (7) asks. He sits down next to me and gives me all his attention, even though my other siblings are fighting back at the crossbow station. 

"Nothing," I respond, ignoring the problem. He stares at me, as if to say Really?. "Fine," I give up. "I'm just upset because now I won't be able to have the fun times we had when I would come to District 8. Surely, it's not the most extraordinary district, but the journey was incredible!"

"You like adventures, don't you?" Shade (7) says. I nod. "Well, don't you see? This is an adventure just waiting to unfold. Once the buzzer sounds and we're all running off our plates, you will have the biggest adventure ever. It may be scary and bloody, but it's still an adventure. And in the end, if y- if we die, then it'd still be an adventure. If you think about it, this is possibly the funnest adventure you'll ever have."

This is possibly the funnest adventure you'll even have. The words replay throughout my head. This is an adventure just waiting to unfold. Such wise words for a 15 year old, but nonetheless, I can't let these words slip through my fingers. He's right. This is an adventure, a deadly adventure, but still an adventure. Nothing could be worse than death, but, at the same time, nothing will be more fun. It's a natural fear that a human is afraid to die, but when you do, you'll experience true fear and some people, like Shade (7) and I, will experience an adventure towards our end.

"Thank you," I mutter before finally leaving the training center.

Day 3 - Preparation for the Private Sessions

Head Gamemaker at The Capitol

I'm the first Gamemaker at the training center, even though I'm here at 9:30, half an hour past when everyone should have met here. We are instructed to come here everyday, but most Gamemakers just like to relax and talk to each other. I, on the other hand, like to watch the tributes. It fascinates me when they grab onto their first weapon and try it out. Today, they'll be perfecting their skills for the private sessions. While most of the Gamemakers are drinking and eating, I'll be the one jotting down notes for later today. I want to see what the tributes are capable of doing and, if they seem to just be a little worried during private sessions, I'll look at what I have written down for them before giving them their score. 

At 10 o'clock, the tributes are all here, busily starting their activities. Only a few other Gamemakers have appeared and have started to eat as soon as they walked through the doors. The best thing about these Games is that you always figure out who will last long. Tributes have different strategies, some in which are easy to decipher, but others, you don't know what they're doing until they die. The Careers are usually the ones clueless in the Games, some of them barely surviving a day when they lose all their supplies. Those who do seem unstoppable, but the others do not. 

I start taking notes, starting with the Capitol. Scepter (C) is the leader of the Careers. He seems like a good leader - confident and good at plan-making. However, he seems very risky. From what I've seen, and heard rumors of, is that he's an amazing criminal, stealing something nobody else could of. However, he risked a lot and was just lucky that he actually got out of the museum alive. Cira (C) doesn't really appeal to me. The only thing I find unique about her is that she used a sickle and chain, a very unique weapon that usually aren't in the Games. Now to the districts . . . 

District 0 has a major role model there who was at the wrong time and the wrong place when she became obsessed with morphine. Ever since that, she's had a new look and a new view point. Many people find this sad how such a beautiful, young woman has wasted her life to drugs. She's seemed to change since she got here, but Valerie's (0) reputation will be hard to forget. As for O-Rion (0), he seems to blend in a little bit with his ally, Galen (11). This is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing since people will easily forget him, which may come in handy, however, he will probably not get a lot of sponsors.

District 1 seems like rivals. It's tributes, Luigi (1) and Toph (1), are in seperate alliances to destroy each other. Toph (1) is blind, but still can throw an axe with extreme accuracy. Luigi (1) on the other hand blends in with the Careers. He seems useless in the alliance so, unless he starts making friends with his allies, he'll be the one betrayed by the Careers.

District 2 has Cedric (2), an 18-year-old who doesn't blend into the Careers. He might not be the leader or co-leader, but he seems like a major threat. Having him in these Games will be amazing. Let's just hope his appearance doesn't make him stronger than he really is. Yuna (2) is a loner and it takes me a while to actually find her at the butterfly knife section. Another hard thing to find in the Cornucopia field, usually, each Hunger Games just has a few throughout the outskirts, some that nobody even touches. She's a loner so she better have a sharp eye or else she'll never find the knife.

District 3, District 5, and District 7 all contain the Spectrus Family, but there's one in 6 that you might not want to leave out. Despite the fact Sorcera (7) is the oldest sibling, Shade (7) takes control of the alliance. Sorcera (7), who looks and acts like a witch, seems to be the co-leader or second-in-command. Tiara (5) seems like the spoiled brat in the family, making everyone do her dirty work. Lumina (3) is obsessed with Mist (8) and won't stop bugging him. I can already tell that, if Mist (8) dies before her, then she'll go insane. Then, there's Frade (5) and Blade (6) whose the same ages as Lumina (3). Frade (5) seems to be the issue-causer in the family, while Blade (6) is barely recognized by his own siblings. Ending it off is Rade (3), who seems like a pyromaniac.

Other than the Spectrus Family, there's no other siblings in these Hunger Games. District 4 are like the normal Careers. Yet, only Adria (4) seems like she knows how to use a trident. Cristopher (4) probably can throw or kill someone with a trident, but he seems more confortable using a spear or knife.  He's great at knot-tying, especially when it comes down to weaving nets, but other than that, it doesn't seem like he's a real District 4 citizen.

Skipping Districts 5, 6 and 7 - since I already jotted down notes for them, except for Auburn (6), but she doesn't stand out at all - I now carry on to District 8. Mist (8) is a fierce warrior. It's hard to tell if he actually has a crush on Lumina (3) or not, but if he does, he's not as crazy as she is. What really surprises me is Rarity (8). She's skinning the dummies so perfectly, it's like she's done it before. She strikes me as a major threat, a psycho from a different world, but I know that she's still a regular girl. Something triggered for her to become this deadly figure and the suspicions just creep up my toes.

District 9 tributes are always terrible, but this year, Kacey (9) sticks out to me. She's the leader of the Female Alliance and seems pretty good at it. She's made peace with the Anti-Careers - which makes the total of tributes truced with the Anti-Careers to around 12 - and has even made all of her allies stick out. Whatever she's doing, she's doing it well. Her alliance might not be the strongest, but they do pop out. They aren't going to be forgotten.

Both tributes from District 10 are loners. Missy (10) sits down at the edible plant station, messing around with a dog collar she has around her wrist. She's obviously not paying attention to the trainor, which doesn't surprise me because most tributes think they can survive without knowing anything about survival skills. Those tributes die in the bloodbath. Wolf (10) also uses a sickle and chain and he's pretty dang good at it. I write a little side note to make sure the Cornucopia has some sickles and chains, but odds are, even though I wrote it down, I'll forget it. 

District 11 is in deep shit. They're female, Wayde (11), doesn't seem strong at all or very important. Despite the fact she's a part of the Female Alliance, she doesn't seem like she'll be a very useful ally. Kacey (9) may being doing whatever she can to make this alliance stronger, but from my eyes, I don't think Wayde (11) has really improved. Galen (11) is with O-Rion (0) in an alliance, that will probably die in the bloodbath.

District 12 are the exact opposite. Both tributes are the co-leader of the alliance - Toad (12) with the Antis and Fai (12) with the Female Alliance. Unlike usual, there tributes might last a while. Toad (12) is an expert with blades. He's improved greatly since he arrived and Fai (12) can hit her target, no matter how small it may be. These are tributes that I would sponsor.

District 13 tributes will last some time. Troi (13) seems cold-blooded, like he'll kill anyone or anything just to become the victor. Mistina (13) came from 4 so she allied with the Careers. She can use a knife perfectly, even better than some victors could. However, her only problem is ranged attacks. If someone tries to get away, I don't think she's the fastest so she might not catch up and her prey will get away.

Finally, there's District 14, a new district to Panem. Both of their tributes don't ally with the Careers, despite the fact we gave them Career Academies. Instead, Darni (14) allies with the Anti-Careers while Valeri (14) allies with the other girls in the Female Alliance. I wonder why there's no Male Alliance?

After I finish jotting down notes, lunch has begun. Now, we'll get to see how they perform under pressure and what hidden skills they keep from the other tributes.

Training Scores and Odds


Lime = Excellent. You have a good shot at winning. Ranges from scores from 11 to 12 or odds of 1-1 to 5-1.

Green = Good. You're doing fine. Ranges from scores from 8 to 10 or odds of 6-1 to 15-1

Yellow = Moderate. You're in decent shape. Ranges from scores from 6 to 7 or odds of 16-1 to 25-1.

Orange = Bad. You have to do better. Ranges from scores from 3 to 5 or odds of 26-1 to 45-1.

Crimson = Terrible. You have little chance of winning. Ranges from scores from 1 to 2 or odds of 46-1 to 100-1.

Name Training Score Odds
Scepter Mist (C) 11 3-1
Cira Marco (C) 9 10-1
O-Rion Debula (0) 7 18-1
Valerie Moonshine (0) 4 44-1
Luigi Wilkins (1) 9 8-1
Toph Beifong (1) 8 15-1
Cedric Mason (2) 10 6-1
Yuna Drevisa (2) 7 25-1
Rade Spectrus (3) 6 22-1
Lumina Spectrus (3) 8 14-1
Cristopher Kosmos (4) 10 8-1
Adria Nereus (4) 8 15-1
Frade Spectrus (5) 11  3-1
Tiara Spectrus (5) 2 76-1
Blade Spectrus (6) 5 42-1
Auburn Friday (6) 7 19-1
Shade Spectrus (7) 11 3-1
Sorcera Spectrus (7) 9 7-1
Mist Scorchill (8) 10 8-1
Rarity Iris (8) 12 2-1
Serque Flash (9) 5 33-1
Kacey Anderson (9) 9 7-1
Wolfgang "Wolf" Fang (10) 10 5-1
Missy Teagle (10) 4 45-1
Galen Peregrine (11) 3 35-1
Wayde Ridica Umbra (11) 5 26-1
Toad Jenkins (12) 8 12-1
Fai Hastings (12) 8 12-1
Troi Cian (13) 12 2-1
Mistina Seabreeze (13) 8 10-1
Darni Fowl (14) 4 37-1
Valeri Hunter (14) 5 35-1

The Rounds

The Fear Tests

Death: Fai Hastings - District 12 Female Tribute

"Well, you're afraid of death, eh? But are you afraid of death when your life depends on it? If you were to either flee or be dead, you'd flee. Well, these Games don't handle little cry babies like you. You're challenge is to not be afraid. One tribute, the scariest one, Rarity, will be killing you. You'll be chained to a chair and she'll start to skin your face. If you manage to not scream or cry or even feel fear once she gets to you, then you'll survive. If Rarity doesn't kill either of you, she dies. Good luck!" 

The message rings through my brain. Basically, I have a lose-lose situation. If I let Rarity (8) kill me without being scared, then I'm dead, but she also dies. However, if I do scream or cry, then I'll be killed? I'm dying. They just want some tributes dead before the Games to even start. And I was the co-leader of the Female Alliance! These Games, are stupid.

I glance over to the other tribute being tested, Troi (13). He has a 12, just like Rarity (8), so it surprises me that he's afraid of death. I thought that was only me! Surely, dying is a natural human fear, but we both have it to a much higher level than most people. I can't even handle watching these Games without crying for people who I don't even know. Everytime someone's stabbed, I feel like puking and praying that it doesn't happen to me.

I have a reason though for being afraid of dying. My sister, May, was in these Games three years ago. And she didn't become a victor. She died and that's what triggered everything. I wanted revenge for my sisters killer, but once he died, I felt bad for him. He probably had a good life, like my sister. Maybe he wasn't a bakery, but something more understanding in his district. 

May's dead corpse still haunts me to this day. Her lifeless body laying in the wooden box keeps reappearing in my dreams, especially during the time of the Games. Every time a Hunger Games starts, my sister's corpse won't leave my mind until two months after. During the Victor Tours, I find myself wondering what might happen if my sister were still alive today. What it'd be like to see her as a victor. But now, it's over. And my life is too . . . 

Death: Rarity Iris - District 8 Female Tribute

"Welcome oh devious Rarity! Unlike most of the other tributes, your test is actually quite simple. We've seen how you love killing, especially when it comes down to skinning people. For your test, all you have to do is kill either Fai from 12 - the co-leader of the Female Alliance - or Troi from 13 - who received the same training score as you. Don't worry! You can kill both if you want. However, keep in mind that if you don't kill them, we'll pull your body apart limb from limb! Good luck!" 

Having my body pulled apart from limb to limb, eh? Quite honestly, I'd love to actually feel how it is to die. Usually, I kill the people and use their skin as fabrics for a dress. Never have I actually been hurt or killing before. Even when my birthday party was invaded by strangers who killed all of my friends. Rosa and Sian were both the stupidest of the groups. Sian tried hidding under a table and Rosa invited the killers inside my house. Now, I'm a killer.

The floor beneath my starts to rise up and I find myself in a white room, staring at Fai (12) to my left and Troi (13) to my right. I'm surprised that Troi (13) was able to manage a 12 in training! I got that score! When I was looking at the scores, I was so happy that I got the highest score, but it turns out that two people got a 12. I would so love to kill him, but I don't think he'll be as easy to crack as Fai (12) who seemed to tense up once she saw me. 

My attention turns towards Fai (12). I give her an evil grin and slowly start approaching her with a knife in hand. "You see this dress!" I scream out, realizing that I'm wearing one of my homemade dresses. "It's made out of human flesh. Who's skin was this? Maybe a pregnant woman. No, was it the mayor's daughter. Well, I plan on adding onto it. Using your flesh!" 

She screams and tries to push away from me as I'm just a yard away from her now. She ends up tilting the chair back and it falls right on the ground, making her hit her head. The impact was harsh, but she's just a little groggy, not unconscious, but groggy. I grab onto her hair and yank it harder against the ground. She coughs up a little blood and she has a bloody nose. Her hairs also starting to bleed, but I ignore this and, in one quick swing, cut off her ponytail. 

"Any last words?" I say, putting my mouth to her ear. 

At first, she shakes her head, but then manages to mumble, "I'm sorry May."

Who's May? Whatever, now I get to the fun part! I cut of the rest of her hair, going along her scalp and going down her nose. She sheds a little tear as she sees the skin of her nose right between my lips, but then stops. Her breathe starts to slow while I cut off the skin on her neck and then completely stops as I reach her stomach. I could only wish that she could have lived long enough for me to actually show her her skin. 


One way or the other, I just accomplished my goal. I decided not to kill Troi (13), though. Not because I didn't feel like it, but because I didn't want to know whether he feared me or not. Plus, I'd much rather kill him in the Hunger Games than right now, when he can't fight back. He's going to show me how he earned his 12 and, yes, I know that if I do fight him, I might die, but I want to know. 

Fire: O-Rion Nebula - District 0 Male Tribute

"Why are you afraid of fire? Because you could burn yourself? You could ruin your favorite dress? Well, whatever the reason, you'll learn to love it from this test. The two of you tributes will learn how to both confront fire and calmly avoid it. But how calm will you act when your fear mine kill you? You may choose to work as a team or as enemies. You'll both be equiped with a knife and start in similar locations. No handicap rule either! Good luck!" 

Fire . . . fire! I look around and can already smell the smoke from the lower levels. There's a window to my left which I quickly look out to see how many floors it is. Unfortunatly, there's about 10. 10 different floors that I'll need to get down before finally getting out of here. All I need to do is act calm. I take a few deep breathes, but I can't relax. I need to hurry! The blind girl is already leaving. She can't see anything and I'm surprised that she was able to actually find the door. 

My legs start to walk towards her, following her, but then a few bricks from the ceiling fall right in front of me, blocking my way down her stairway. I have to go towards a stairway, adjacent to hers. I've never run faster in my life! I find myself tripping over multiple steps just because I can't control my legs. I eventually stumble down enough stairs until I reach the fifth floor. Due to the fire, though, I couldn't go down any more stairs. 

I find myself standing in a cafe that oddly designed like a jungle. The fake owls and monkeys scare me as I try to run through the cafe, in search for another exit. I find a little pool of water when I realize how dry my throat is. Wasting very little time, I take a giant gulp before resuming on my journey.

I hear someone scream as I'm running through the cafe and curiousity takes the better side of me. I find the blind girl from 1 stuck underneath a large clump of debris. Usually, I'd just let her die like that since she'd slow me down, but I can't resist the urge to help her. She's not injured at all, so I don't have to help her anymore. That's when something clicked in my mind. 

I just helped a Career! I think, disappointed. I find myself reaching for the knife, but she doesn't seem to notice. I pull my knife out of the holster which, despite the fact it's meant for a gun, has seemed to keep the knife from cutting into my legs and kept it cozy. Once I have the knife, I prepare to stab her when suddenly, she kicks the knife right out of my hand. 

"How . . . " I say as she throws her knife right into my stomach. I fall right to the ground, both shocked and frightened. And to think, I just died from a blind girl!

She scurries away and I lay on the ground, staring up at the surroundings. I begin to realize how beautiful this jungle actually is. If it wasn't on fire, I could imagine myself coming here every day. The food also smells really good. Now that I'm laying down and relaxing, I'm actually able to smell it. Steak and mashed potatoes, chicken, tuna - things that I couldn't even recognize that still smelled delicious. Goodbye word, goodbye father.

I hear a little, faint ding from downstairs, signalling that someone has exited the building. How did Toph (1), a little blind girl, be able to escape a fire, while a 16 year old, whose eyes both work, got killed by her? I already hear the laughter of people from 0, laughing meanly at my dad. 

"I'm sorry," I hoarsely say momentarily before debis crushes my bones.

The Loyalty Tests

The Spectri Family: Tiara Spectrus - District 5 Female Tribute

"Your test is quite simple. There are seven of you siblings in these Games, only five of you will actually be able to see the Bloodbath. The other two will die. Each of you are equiped with a crossbow and a dagger, weapons that seem to interest your family. Well, choose which sibling of yours seems the most useless. Good luck!" 

"You can't force us to kill each other!" Shade (7) screams up at the announcer. 

"Yeah," Rade (3), Lumina (3), Sorcera (7) and Blade (6) all say in union, but Frade (5) and I stay quiet. We both know who we hate more. Frade (5), Shade (7); I, Frade (5). Honestly, I know that my siblings may act like they love each other, but deep down, we're all thinking about who may be useful during the Games. 

Rade (3) seems to interested in fire. He may accidentally start a fire and the Careers might find and kill us. Lumina (3) could end up trying to impress Mist (7), only to accidentally cause the Anti-Careers to kill us. Frade (5) just causes tension between all of us. Sorcera (7) seems a little too inmature. Who knows what she could do to kill us? Anything really. Shade (7) acts like a leader for all of us, even though Sorcera's (7) the oldest. Plus, we usually don't listen to him. Then, there's Blade (6) who would be an easy kill, considering how none of us know him.

"No!" Shade (7) seems to scream at me, but I just yell at him to shut up. That is, before I knew what was happening. 

Within a second, I find myself on the blood, barely able to breathe. In my back lays a dagger. I try yanking it out, but my own blood made the grip slippery so I ended up cutting the palm of my hand. Standing above me with an evil grin is Frade (5). He starts shooting a crossbow towards my other siblings. Hitting Shade (7) right in the shoulder, forcing him to lose his aim on Frade (5). My other siblings just run around, screaming and trying to avoid being hit with arrows. They shouldn't have to go into the Hunger Games with Frade (5). Nobody should. 

Suddenly, I find the strength to yank the dagger out of my back. I let out a little cry, but Frade (5) doesn't seem to notice as he's shooting at poor Blade (6). Luckily, Blade's (6) able to avoid them, but not for much longer as he's starting to become more tired and more careless. 

Using my dagger, I stab Frade (5) right in the theigh, making him accidentally drop his crossbow and allowing Shade (7) to shoot him right in the stomach. Using all of my energy, I roll on top of him and start to press my dagger into his chest. He doesn't seem to be paying attention so I push the arrow further into his stomach, forcing him to see me. When he does, it's already too late because I shove my knife right into his eye. 


I let out a little sigh of relief at the sight of my dead brother, but the pain in my back seems to now be on fire. I turn over, right on my back and let out a little cry. I give up. At least he went down with me.


The Anti-Careers and The Female Alliance: Kacey Anderson - District 9 Female Tribute

"Your tests are quite simple. There's eight tributes from the Anti-Careers and the Female Alliance who haven't been tested yet. During this test, there will be one objective: to kill only two tributes. It doesn't matter if both come from the Anti-Careers or vice versa, but only two tributes need to die between your two alliances. While this is happening, we will have both Yuna from 2 and Missy from 10, both loners, shooting arrows at you from opposite sides. Also doing this round is Cira from the Capitol and Mistina from 13. Both'll be in charge of directing the flow of the battle and suggesting the deaths for Missy and Yuna to shoot at. My advice for you is to be fast and quick. Each of you were given a weapon in which you seemed to do best with. Good luck!"

"You guys," I tell my alliance quickly. "We might not be the strongest, but if we all work together, then we could kill these bunch of phonies. Our average score might have been a 4 or 5, but we just need to work together. Okay? Valeri, you have a sickle and chain which you should only use to protect our alliance. Don't try to throw it too much in case it accidentally goes past you and kills one of us by mistake.

"Wayde, you have a bow and arrow so try to stay behind us. Valeri, actually could you protect her. Just keep a close eye on Yuna and Missy in case they try to do anything. The other Valerie, you, will go with me into combat. Keep a close eye on Mist since he could easily kill us both but beware of Darni who has the bow and arrows, now lets go." I quickly rap up as an arrow whizzes past my face. 

Quickly, I turn and see another arrow, this one from Darni (14) and easily bat it away. Mist (8) and Toad (12) are both trying to take control of the Anti-Careers, but Mist (8) seems to be forgetting about Toad (12). While Toad (12) could be nice at times, he isn't a fit for war as Mist (8). Mist (8) is a warrior, Toad (12) is a helper. That's just how it is, especially since their leader already passed her test. 

Mist (8) is the first one to get to us. He swings his axe right towards my head, but I barely dodge it. An arrow finds its way right into Mist's (8) arm, which makes him lose grip of his axe and send it flying to the side. Using this advantage, I quickly spear him in the stomach and Valerie (0) sends his head flying with his mace. One down, one to go. 


What? Two deaths? Everyone stops and I try to see who died. At first, I suspect it to be either Valeri (14) or Wayde (11), but both of them just seem fine, except for the arrow in Valeri's (14) arm, that might be an issue. Wayde (11), on the other hand, is untouched, much like Valerie (0) and I, even though we were in the front line of people. 

Eventually, I catch a small glimpse of the face of the boy who lays with an arrow in his neck. With his bow and arrow to the side, it almost looks like he might have accidentally shot himself in the face, but, out of the corner of my eyes, I see Missy (10) staring at the body, wide eyed. She killed him. Unlike how Yuna (2) helped Valerie (0) and I kill Mist (7), she actually killed someone. Well, I think the whole truce thing is broken.

The Battle Tests

Scepter and Luigi vs. Cedric and Auburn: Scepter Mist - The Capitol Male Tribute

"This round is pretty basic. It's the battle rounds. Been in multiple Games in multiple situations. Well, this year will be amazing. This year, instead of the normal battle rounds where it's one-on-one, we're having it be two-on-two. Well, for this battle at least. After one team is completely dead, the round will be over. You have thirty seconds to wait on your plate before you can attack. You start off with one weapon of choice and the area is a forest. Use the trees as disguise as you want, but, I will warn you, it's not large at all. Good luck!" 

The floor beneath my feet starts to rise and I quickly take in the surroundings. A forest, like they said, but this one has easier trees to climb on. Not the crummy pine trees that people use for Christmas, but some that are pretty unique. On of them is shaped like a 'Z' while another looks just like a '2'. With all the different trees, which oddly look like letters, I suspect it to spell out something, but no, it seems to be completely random. 

I'm wearing a blue tribute uniform, much like what tributes wear in regular Games, except my coat has a little pumpkin on it with a spear through it, to resemble these Special Hunger Games. To my left is Luigi (1). He wears the same uniform as I and holds onto a sword, but I hold onto a sickle. Across from us are Cedric (2) and Auburn (6). They wear the same uniform as us, except inside of it being blue, it's red. They're are enemies! This will be easy!

For one thing, I know Cedric's (2) abilities, while I kept most of mine a secret just because it'd be more adventurous to see people underestimate me. When I showed my true colors at the private sessions, I earned myself an 11; Cedric (2) got a 10. Then, there's Auburn (6) who, if I can remember correctly, only got an average score for the private sessions. She hasn't really stood out to me, especially since she's a loner. I thought that she'd die in the bloodbath, but I guess in the battle rounds instead. 

The timer ticks to zero and I find myself rolling behind a tree as Auburn's (6) rocks she flung with her slingshot. I feel imbaressed for having to hide while someone is attacking me, especially with rocks, but once she hit my leg, I knew that she was just warming up. Luigi (1) did the same thing, but he just wasn't fast enough. The rock went right into his eye and, despite the fact that it didn't kill him, his eye is bleeding and he can't see out of it. 

I hear someone coming to my left and quickly pop out. Catching Cedric (2) offguard was a good thing, but he deflected my sickle with his morning star in an instance. After so many years at the Career Academy, I could only wonder what it'd be like to be training that long. I'd be dying to do something else, to risk my life doing something so stupid that it'd be nearly impossible to survive. 

Quickly, regaining my momentum, I swing my sickle towards his stomach, but he quickly blocked it and swung towards my arm. Blood streams out of my cut in my left arm, but I don't stop, I know that if I shocked any weakness or anything  that could give him an advantage, he'd use it. Quickly, I try to swing towards his arm, but when he puts his morning star up to block it, I quickly swing my sword towards his stomach. 

He takes a step back, but not fast enough for my sword to cut through his jacket. Just a centimeter away from his belly, if he didn't jump back at that moment, he'd be laying on the floor, bleeding heavily until he died. He's out of reach so I keep my sword pointed towards him, as if he moves, I'll be able to stab him right away. All he tries to do is take a few steps back before charging towards me. 

Quickly, I duck and roll out of the way as he smacks his face into a tree. He falls down with a bloody nose and, quickly, I stab him in the back. He drops his morning star and falls backwards. I notice he's still breathing so, quickly, I slit his throat with my sword. 


I move away fromhis body, leaving his sword sticking up in his belly. Even if that wasn't his cannon, he wouldn't be able to fight back. Everything seems quiet for now. Maybe a little two quiet. Right now, though, I have it in the bag. Two Careers against a loner from 6, that's basically a guaranteed win. But when I get to the clearing where we start, I almost start laughing because I jynxed myself. 

Luigi's (1) swinging his morning star at Auburn (6), but she easily keeps ducking underneath it. And when she ducks, she punches him in the stomach, making him flinch, giving her the chance to knock the morning star out of his hand. I would go and help Luigi (1), but this is his battle. And now he's unarmed. 

Auburn (6) doesn't seem to know how to use the sword well, but she is able to swing it right towards him with much agression that he has to attempt to flee. However, he's not fast, at all! He's terrible at running and just simply slow that Auburn (6) just needs to take a few strides before sending the sword straight through his belly. Then, when he's on the ground, stabbing him repeatedly until the cannon sounds. 


No! I feel like screaming, but instead of showing my feelings with words, I use actions. I throw my sword towards her, but the throw is so off, I'm just lucky that she accidentally took a step right into it. 


Cristopher, Adria, Wolf and Galen vs. Zombified Tributes: Galen Peregrine - District 11 Male Tribute

"Unlike the other battle rounds, you four lucky tributes will go against nine, armed zombies that have previous died in the rounds. Each are armed with a weapon they were good at. Fai with throwing knives, O-Rion with spears, et cetra, et cetra. However, before this sounds too easy, you aren't armed with a weapon. How will you survive? We don't know. Just put up a good show! Good luck!"

No weapons, no cornucopia, only open field with a dense forest surrounding it. Cristopher (4) suggests we hide in the trees, but we all quickly turn in down, knowing that it wouldn't be smart for all of us to get lost in the forest. Instead, we wait for the first side of action. The nine zombies scare all of us. Some of the tributes were major threats, like Frade (5) and Cedric (2), while others, nobody paid attention to, like Darni (14) or Auburn (6).

Finally, some action comes when multiple knives are thrown. Wolf (10) sticks out his hand and grabs onto it before sending it flying back to it source. We hear a little moan, but still see the thing approaching. "That's it!" Wolf (10) says with a little grin, we use their weapons against them!" 

It clicks into all of our minds and we all pick up a knife. Luckily, Adria (4) and Wolf (10) can both throw knives accurately and Cristopher (4) and I can easily take someone down with one. The first zombie, who appears to be Fai (12), starts to get closer, knife in the chest, we know that the only way to kill it is from a headshot. It's what everyone knows, especially since so many people are freaking out, saying the apocalpyse is happening so soon. 

After Wolf (10) throws another knife into Fai's (12) forehead, I let out a little sigh when I hear something move behind me. I turn to Luigi (1) swinging his sword right at me. I quickly duck and stab it in the stomach, even though I know it won't kill. Quickly, I grab onto Luigi's (1) hips and dig the knife right in it's brain. The sword is given to Wolf who raps some rope around the handle so he can use it as a sickle and chain. It's definetly not the same, but it's got to do.

Wolf (10) takes down the next zombie, Mist (8), using his handmade weapon before multiple ones come at one time. There's only six, but with weapons, they seem much scarier. Adria (4), being only 12, freaks out about the zombies and runs into the dense forest. The two Spectrus zombies follow her, but  Wolf (10) throws a knife towards Frade's (5) zombie, leaving Tiara (5) chasing after Adria (4). 

O-Rion (0) uses a spear which, after Cristopher (4) kills using his knife, takes and jams it into the head of Darni (14). I take down the other zombie, Auburn (6), who somewhat hid along the border of the forest and the opening shooting rocks from her slingshot. Killing her was easy since she didn't have good aim up close. I jammed my knife as far into her head as I could. Wolf (10), on the other hand, was taunting Cedric (2), basically making the zombie run in circles as it chased Wolf (10) before he finally stabbed him in the head. 

We all got to sit down when we heard a loud, high pitched, bloodcurling scream deeper into the woods. Cristopher (4) got up, turning towards the direction of the scream while Wolf (10) and I just turns our heads around. We waiting for the cannon, wondering what happened before finally, it was done. I let out a little sigh of relief as we finally got away when I realize I don't have an ally during the Games. 

"Wolf?" I ask before we are taken away. "Want to be allies during the actual Games?" 

He seemed to put this into deep consideration, but did say yes. So now, I do have an ally again. After losing one in the rounds, I have one again in the bloodbath. 

The Hunger Games

Day 1 - The Bloodbath

Omniscient Point of View

After having all the tributes finishing the rounds, they were given one night of rest before the actual Hunger Games. Most tributes who are bloodthirsty and evil went to sleep right away, like Rarity (8) and the Careers. Whereas many other, like Missy (10) and Valerie (0), were up most of the night, terrified about how they killed another tribute. There was also Kacey (9) and Toph (1) who were scribbling down different plans during the bloodbath and the rest of the Games. Since the truce between the Anti-Careers and Female Alliance was broken, they were stuck having to readjust their plans. 

But by 10 o'clock sharp the next morning, everyone was up and ready. Kacey (9) and Toph (1) were tired after finally figuring out their plan before meeting. The entire hovercraft ride over to the arena, the two fell fast asleep. Valeri (14) was stuck awake, even though she didn't sleep during night. She felt left alone without another tribute from her district and everytime she closed her eyes, she would see Darni's (14) dead corpse, laying with an arrow in his neck. 

Back in District 5, most people were still asleep. Since both of their tributes killed themselves, they didn't bother trying to wake up early enough for the bloodbath. The only other district that did the same was Dsitrict 1 as they realized that a blind girl couldn't win the Games. Some, in fact, multiple people still had faith in Toph (1), knowing that she knows how to kill. They saw her kill O-Rion (0) and just hope that she could prove to them why she didn't join the Careers. 

The tributes are placed in the arena. They wait, underground, before the intercom announces for them to step on the platform. Rarity (8) stayed ready. She sat on her platform, staring up at the closed dome, as if she could see right through it into the arena. Rade (3) was pulling a prank on his escort. As his escort fell asleep, he convientently started a trap so when his escort awoke, he would knock down the pillow, causing it to start a match on fire which would engulf the entire couch into flames. 

As the intercom announced for all the tributes to step on their platform. Rade (3) waited for his tube to close before pounding on it, wakening up his escort, starting him on fire. He let out a heartless laugh before the platform blocked the room from sight and all he could see for a while was ground. As the tributes made it to the top of the platform, many expected to be blinded by light, but instead, found themselves in an abandonned town. There was an eerie wind blowing by, making all the hairs on the back of the tributes neck stick up.

The arena this year was very suspicious. The bloodbath took place in the middle of a street, where all the tributes were standing in a circle. The cornucopia itself wasn't here yet. Thirty minutes into the Hunger Games, the cornucopia will drop out of the sky, landing right on all the supplies, destroying them and anything else that stands in its way. 

Surrounding the tributes was a circle of houses with a narrow alley in between each of the 8 houses. The houses, too, will be destroyed when the cornucopia falls from the sky, but while they last, they are of good use. Many of the houses are filled with candy, but also with unique weapons in which tributes might not even find. They all know about them, along with the cornucopia destroying the cul-de-saq, but many of them just zoned out and looked for their weapon. 

Out of the tributes sight and down each narrow alley was a different village. One alley leads to a huge Halloween-themed store called Halloween Express. Along the sides of the street reaching up to the story were various houses, three on each side, varying in height. The store, itself, is very large, large enough to be another arena as multiple aisles and shelves can be used for cover. The houses are much like the ones surrounding the cornucoipa, except these ones are one-storied and the basement is filled with a haunted house. If a tribute makes it to the other side of it, a wonderful surprise waits for them, but they must go alone. 

To the next narrow alley, which has multiple trash cans in the way, causing a lot of obsticles for the tributes to encounter, is a carnival. The carnival is abandonned, but most of the rides are still working properly, however very funky. There have been many people who've tried out there, but most of them have disappeared, especially in the Tunnel of Love, which turns out to be more scary than for love. There's many different rides, all to the right half of the carnival, except for the dunk tank, which is located right in the middle of the carnival. To the left are concessions and different booths of games. 

The farthest alley away from the tributes turns out to be the least popular. Whereas many people would suspect that they more dangerous it is to get, the more useful it will be, this alley seems to reject that hypothesis. The alleys seem to take you to a large pit, which brings you into the sewers. The sewers are filled with many wonders, many which you won't want to experience, but it also allows you to travel to the different locations. Going through the large labryth of the sewers is the only way to get to different areas. However, most tributes die trying than actually finding the way since there's very little light down there.

The final alley brings you to another arena. This one is filled with a fake idea of a safety. During the day, the weather is nice and sunny. There's trees everywhere as it's a forest. However, when the sun goes down, the monsters come out. The trees become an obsticle instead of a hiding place, allowing tributes to be easily caught and killed by the monsters. While monsters cover the entire arena, the majority of them is in the forest. In the center of the forest is a beautiful lake with lilly-pads all along the shore and little croaks here and there. However, beware since some days, the water may taste like candy or apple cider, while other days, it's poisonous.

The cameras quickly zoom in on the faces of the tributes. Scepter (C) is a little worried about being the leader of the Careers where Toph (1) is curious about what the arena looks like. Lumina (3) is a mess after being notified about Mist's (8) death and is putting deep thought into commiting suicide. The worst thing, she thinks, is that I never told him I loved him. But honestly, Mist (8) already knew she loved him at an unhealthy level. 

The timer gets down into the single digits. The faces of the two tributes who received a 12 - Troi (13) and Rarity (8) - are shown in split screen, causing the Capitol crowd to scream louder. They've been a Capitol favorite ever since the scores came out and now, they just can't wait for these Games. The camera quickly gets onto the faces of the remaining Spectrus siblings locking eyes before the cameras go to an aerial view and the Games start. 

"Let the Halloween Games commense!" 

At the sound of the cannon, all of the tributes, except for Lumina (3), Rade (3) and Serque (9), start running towards the supplies. Troi (13), the male tribute who received 12, is the first one there. Following closely behind him is Cira (C). Troi (13) grabs onto a spear, the same time Cira (C) bends down to grab a dagger, and quickly turns around, impaling Cira (C) with a spear. The bloodbath has begun!

Toad (12) ignores the loads of supplies to go to Toph (1). She walks around, tripping over the bags and loose knives. When Toad (12) gets there, he grabs onto an axe and gives it to Toph (1). He quickly mumbles something to her that she doesn't understand, so she just holds her ground, raising the axe in case someone comes. Toad (12) quickly grabs onto a knife and a bag before calling the Anti-Careers to retreat. 

The Careers, noticing the Anti-Careers are trying to escape, starts targetting them. Scepter (C) grabs onto a sickle, then onto a spear which he throws towards the Anti-Careers. The spear pierces Troi's (13) leg and he let's out a high-pitched scream. Toad (12) yells at Toph (1) to just keep running straight as he grabs onto Troi (13) and helps carry him off, depending them with a knife. 

Valeri (14) is the next on to leap into action. While her allies are trying to grab weapons and with the Careers distracted, she charges towards them with the only chain and sickle in the entire pile of supplies. She quickly sneaks behind Scepter (C) and is about to slash him with the sword when Wolf (10) throws a knife right into her stomach. Wolf (10) quickly grabs onto the sickle and chain before running into the house he saw Galen (11) run in. Little does he know that Serque (9) ran into the same house.

Back in the pile of supplies, only the Careers, the Female Alliance, two of the Spectrus siblings, Yuna (2), Rarity (8) and Missy (10) remains. Yuna (2) grabs onto a butterfly knife and shoves it into Missy's (10) back she's still alive, but Yuna (2) doesn't realize it as Rarity (8) scares her away. Rarity (8) is catching up to Yuna (2) when she grabs onto her hair and sends her flying to her back. Yuna (2) tries to roll away, but as she gets to her feet, Rarity (8) shoves her katana right through Yuna's (2) back.

Realizing that there's only two other allies of hers still alive, Kacey (9) calls for the Female Alliance to quickly regroup before fleeing. While Wayde (11) run past Valeri (14), she hears her moan and Wayde (11) stops in the middle of the tracks. Since the Careers are chasing Rarity (8) away from supplies, Valerie (0) and Wayde (11) quickly grabs onto Valeri's (14) arms and left arm before dragging her away. Valeri (14), just barely being conscious, grabs onto a small knife, a vile of poison and a bow for Wayde (11). She places the weapons on her stomach before she passes out, but doesn't die.

Serque (9) looks out the window of the room, holding onto a triple morning star and a pillow case full of candy. He hears both Wolf (10) and Galen (11) downstairs causing a lot of noise before he hears them walking up the stairs. Thinking fast, Serque (9) quickly sends all of his weight into the window as he jumps right through it and lands awkwardly on his leg. He limps away as he sees Wolf (10) and Galen (11) out of the corner of his eye in the window.

Rade (3) and Lumina (3) regroup back in the pile of supplies. Sorcera (7) and Shade (7) both regroup with them. Rade (3) shows them a bag full of gasoline, coal and matches that he found in one of the houses. Lumina (3) shows them three, fully-filled schoolbags of food that she quickly packed. They all laugh as they grab onto their favored weapon before setting the rest of the supplies on fire, especially the Careers supplies they left behind as they were chasing Rarity (8). With that they leave. 

With only five minutes left, the Careers quickly make their way back to the supplies to find them all burnt to the ground. All they have are the weapons in the hand so they quickly split up to grab supplies from the houses that they found in the alley. Scepter (C) grabs some extra knives and viles of poison before adding a blanket and items to make them warm. Cristopher (4) grabs onto some water and food for the alliance. Adria (4) grabs onto some food, especially candy she became obsessed with, before grabbing onto a ring of throwign knives that were sitting on a diary with a heart on it. She also grabbed the diary, but that's for different reasoning. Mistina (13) was the last person out of her house with a large bag of matches and other fire-starting objects, but also grabbed onto some meat she found in the fridge.

All of the tributes made it out just before the cornucopia crushed what remains from the supplies and houses. The Careers found themselves running into the large hole, bringing them underneath to the sewers. Scepter (C) lights a match before trying to lead them into the large abyssal of darkness, in search of an exit. All of them wear a blanket on their shoulders, freezing from the cold water under their feet. Each of them also hold their main weapon before them, afraid of whatever waits in front of them.

The Anti-Careers, who lost Serque (9) when their plans seemed to mess up, found themselves in the dark forest. While Serque (9) is in the same forest, the Anti-Careers found themselves camoflaguing themselves in the mud around the lake. They all had a weapon - Toph (1) with throwing axes, Toad (12) with a knife, and Troi (13) with a spear along with a knife - along with bags. They only have two, Toad's (12) and Troi's (13), both filled with food and enough water for two days. Serque (9) on the other hand, was dying from dehydration, but had enough candy and food to last him twelve days. 

The Female Alliance were all lacking in enough water to last them the rest of the day. They have access to water, however, they just haven't found that out yet. They're sitting inside the Halloween-themed store, in the aisle full of candy. Valeri (14) is injured with a large cut in her stomach, if she doesn't receive a sponsor gift with anti-infectant, then she'll die from infection. She has poison and a knife, but keeps it hidden from the rest. She also brought a bow for Wayde (11), however, they don't have any arrows. Valerie (0) has a mace for a wepaon and Kacey (9) is armed with two spears. They have three bags filled with enough food for five days, however, they have enough food around them to last them the entire Hunger Games.

The five remaining Spectri siblings have materials for fire, multiple weapons, and three bags of food that could last ten days. Including the food in Shade's (7) bag would add another day to the food amount. Each of the Spectri alliance has a crossbow along with six arrows, but Sorcera (7) holds onto twelve of the extras in case of an emergency. They also have an emergency dagger in their pocket. Rade (3) also has two gallons of gasoline along with a whole box of matches. Lumina (3) also holds an axe, staring at it with much satisfaction, as if the axe brought Mist's (8) presense back to life. Blade (6), like usual, is the forgotten one, and would have been forgotten if he hadn't dropped his bag to run towards his siblings before they left. 

Galen (11) and Wolf (10) are also in the labryth of darkness, following behind the Careers. They use the light from the Careers to carry them through the labrynth, but don't take any changes and still feels the ground in front of them before taking a step. Wolf (10) has a sickle and chain that he stole from Valeri (14), but also has a blanket and food for three days. Galen (11) has food for three days as well in a bag along with both a scythe and knife he found in the house. He wears a blanket around his shoulder and he makes sure that Wolf (10) is in an arm's reach away from her.

Missy (10) and Rarity (8) are both in random areas. While Missy (10) is in the Halloween-themed story with the Female Alliance, however she hides in her bathroom. All she has is a backpack for food and a bruised up back. After everyone left, she found some Instant Relief, which healed her wound instantly. Rarity (8), on the other hand, is all the way to the right of Missy's (10) location in the carnival. She's the only one there so she takes a lot of materials from the booths. She has enough food and water to last her the rest of the Hunger Games along with a katana. 

Day 2 - The Mysterious Frights

Missy Teagle - District 10 Female Tribute

I wake up probably between midnight to early morning and find myself moaning as I get off of the ground. My back's all sore from being stabbed the other day, but has healed a lot as I'm now able to walk. Before I got here, I was literally following the Female Alliance and would have asked for an alliance, but fear nudged me into just sneaking around the same place. Sitting in a bathroom with the door locked, though, doesn't make he feel safe. I've seen them. They have maces and bows, whereas I have nothing for protection. I have some food and I turn the sink handle, just a little bit so they don't hear it. 

I hear a loud THUD! on the door and let out a little shriek from surprise. My hands clasp my mouth and I frantically start pacing back and forth, not knowing what to do. There's another THUD! and the mop that I used to keep it closed snaps. There's one more, much louder THUD! before finally, the lock gives up and the door flings up. Standing there is Wayde (11).

I find myself crawling into the a stall before she can see me and I duck my head underneath, checking to see where she is. First, I can see her feet walking over to the sink before I hear it turn on. She takes multiple gulps before yelling at the her two allies that she found a source of water. There's only one other person that comes and she takes a few sips of water before putting it into a canteen. I hear the metal water fill up and my lips seem to want water. I find myself shoving my head in the toilet to get some drinks of water before I throw up from fright. 

I push my ear against the stall when I hear the two girls mumbling. I can't understand them a lot, but I do catch some words like "dying" and "I don't know". The two girls then start to walk towards my stall and I hold my breath. I hear them put a hand on the knob before just dropping their hands and walk away. I let out a little sigh, before clasping my mouth, knowing I just did stupidest thing. 

I peer under the stall and find the two girls, ones picking up her mace, before yanking on my stall to open. With one agressive kick, the door comes flying open and I find myself coming face to face with the door. I land on the ground with everything blurry around me. The two girls stand over me and I just start crying. The girl with the black hair and the shite stripe then lifts up her mace, beforing sending it down onto my face. 


Troi Cian - District 14 Male Tribute

I have a bad feeling about this. About everything in these Hunger Games. Mist (8) and Darni (14) both died in the rounds and they would be perfect allies in this situation. Serque (9) is somewhere around here, Toad (12) says he though he saw Serque (9) limping in the woods, but isn't completely sure. Now, Toph (1), the blind girl, is deciding to lead us to where he might be. Toad (12) is standing at her side, giving her little bits of information about the surroundings. I, on the other hand, am just thinking about betraying them. They're useless so it's not like killing them will make my chances of winning any easier. 

Toad (12) abruptly stops as we step in front of a lake that's beautiful. He claims that he knows Serque's (9) somewhere around here, but I highly doubt that. Toph (1) is still walking though, dipping her hand in the water and then cupping it, taking a sip. Toad (12) sits down next to her as they both taking sips of water. Even though we have enough water if we didn't take a sit, I find myself walking towards the lake. From across the lake, I barely see through the eerie fog the mud pit where we camoflauged ourselves last time. All we did, was start walking in a circle! This is what happens when we trust in a blind girl.


And now two cannons! "Who do you think that could be?" I ask Toph (1) and Toad (12), still staring into the thick fog. But they don't reply. I repeat my question before turning and screaming from alarm.

What used to be my allies are now crumpled up piles of human flesh. I stare at them, realizing that all of there insides seemed to have dissolved or melted, even their bones. I grab onto a stick and start jabbing it at the two corpses, trying to see if someone killed them or what happened. But, once their body accidentally falls into the water, I notice bubbles starting to float to the surface from the skin and then, within thirty seconds, nothing remains. Nothing remains of my two allies.

"Water!" I hear someone say and turn to see Serque (9). He pushes me out of the way and dips his feet into the water after taking off his boots and socks. He's been running or walking a lot because his feet are blistered and fluffy. Then, he starts to cup his hands and drinking the water. At first, I was planning on warning him, but with us remaining from the Anti-Careers, he's pretty useless. Instead, I find myself walking away. 


It's nearly noon, when his cannon finally sounded. Foru deaths within around four to six hours. With that, the total number of remaining tributes is either 17 or 18. I forgot about how many people died during the rounds, but I do know that only two died yesterday during the bloodbath. Only half the tributes remain and these Hunger Games say that there's going to only be three days in the arena. Somethings going to happen today, and whatever it is, I'm not prepared for it. 

Omniscient Point of View

Troi (13) is correct. The tributes, all scattered throughout the arena, are going to experience the fright of there lives. This won't be the same as the rounds, but for the Capitol audience, they'll be screaming and begging for more. Some districts though, like Districts 1 and 12 who have all their tributes dead, won't even care about watching the deaths of the other tributes, unless it's the family members who are praying for their child's killer to die. 

The frights start right when the clock hits 12 o'clock noon. Troi's (13) stuck in the woods; the Spectrus Siblings are all inside a house outside the large Halloween-themed store, sitting in the backment, staring into a maze that they plan on going in; the Female Alliance is still working on Valeri's (14) state, since she's still injured, next to the costume section; the Careers, with Galen (11) and Wolf (10) following, are all in the labrynth of the sewer under the arena; then there's Rarity (8) swallowing loads of cotton candy, shooting darts at balloons to occupy her time while she waits for some action. Action that is coming right away.

The Spectrus Alliance, however, start off the chain reaction of fright. The haunted maze has three different passages in which the tributes could start. They all lead different ways to the same place, but if you take the wrong turn, you'll be dead. The first path is a glistering gold with cobwebs all along the sides and so thick in the doorway, that you have to swat them away before getting any further. The second path is entirely black and makes it hard to see the corners. Multiple frights rest within this path, with multiple in other paths, but not as much as this one. The final path is completely red, with real blood oozing from the walls, but the tributes think it's fake. The path is covered in a thick fog, making it hard to see the danger on the ground.

After the Spectri - as they like to refer to their last name like this when you talk about more than one of them - are preparing to enter the maze, they decide to split up into different groups. Rade (3) goes by himself down the path with cobwebs, but lights them on fire to clear the path and to see farther into it. Lumina (3) and Shade (7), whose been helping each other out after the lost of Mist (8), go down the darkest path and just keep bumping into the walls. Socera (7) and Blade (6) reluctantly go down the last path together. 

Rade (3), after lighting the fire, takes cautious steps around the dancing flames. The path starts to become narrower and narrower until he can't walk anymore since, if he does, his pants will start to catch on fire. He's starting to think about ways to get around it when the fire alarm goes off, causing sprinklers to light out the fire. Rade (3) catches himself off guard when he takes a harsh left, crashing right into the wall and passing out. 

Lumina (3) and Shade (7), who have slowly realized that the walls are spiked, still clumsily bump into them until the sprinklers cause Lumina (3) to start crying. Shade (7) tries to help out, but he doesn't feel the greatest either. His vision seems to be blurrying and he keeps throwing up blood. Until realization smacks him right in the face that he's poisoned. He's seen it on other Hunger Games where a tribute is poisoned, but which one of his siblings poisoned him? His first instinct is Frade (5), but he's already dead. 

Lumina (3) is still crying when she puts her hand on the ground, bending over to regain her breathe. But all she can feel when she touches the ground is blood and is frightened. She jumps up and backs up right into the wall, deeper than she's ever been. Her hand touches the spike through her stomach as she too, throws up blood and stops breathing. Shade's (7) getting weaker and weaker until he too is drowning in the pool of blood from Lumina's (3) wound. He gets one more breathe before the poison reaches his heart. Little did either know that the spikes were poisoned. 

The two cannons ring out in harmony, BOOM! BOOM!, scaring most of the tributes. Sorcera (7) is frightened, thinking that it's Rade (3) or one of her siblings, which she is correct. Her and Blade (6) aren't getting along very well and just find themselves walking awkwardly besides each other. Left. Right. Right. Straight. Retracing their steps. Everything they do, they just walk as if they don't recognize each other. Sorcera (7) eventually ends up putting her hand on the wall, screaming a high-pitched scream which breaks the sprinkler. Her fingers are fummeling as she lights a match and finds blood on her hand. 

Blade (6) looks at Sorcera's (7) hand and thinks its her own blood so he runs away. He's retracing their steps, making it right to the entrance when a large, steel door blocks the exit. He finds himself pounding on the door, wanting to get out when evetually, it creaks open. Behind the door, lays Satan himself. His body floats in the air with a black form and he has a little crooked smile reaching from cornor to cornor on his face. With a snap of his finger, Blade (6) finds himself being brought to the air and then face to face with Satan. Just with the little blow of Satan's breathe, Blade (6) falls into an wakeless sleep. 

Sorcera's (7) still observing her hand when Blade (6) cannon sounds. BOOM!. She looks around, wondering where Blade (6) might be before coming to a logical reason that he's dead. Rade (3) knows the same thing, but still ventures foreward. Both Blade (6) and Sorcera (7) eventually run right into each other, pointing their crossbows, before lowering them, when they go together to get out. The paths all start to combine and the two eventually find their way to the prize. But what is the prize? You just have to wait to find out. 

The Female Alliance just a block away from the Spectri Siblings, or whats left of them, are struggling to survive. The different costumes which little children used to wear, are now alive! The different Elmo costumes and the Chucky costumes all start attacking them, using what they have. Some of them, that had fake weapons, now actually have weapons and those holding a fake head, actually have a real head. 

Valeri (14) lays on the ground, using a knife to stab at some of the costumes, but knows sooner or late that she'll die. Both because of the costumes, and because she spilled some poison into her wound when she was trying to fight them off. Eventually, she gives up and lets the costumes trample her as they reached her allies, who tried to do everything for her. 

BOOM! Goes Valeri's (14) cannon, but the others can't grieve yet. With ten different costumes attacking them at, once, they can barely consentrate on each other. Wayde (11) uses her bow to knock away other weapons the costumes have, but, once one of the costumes knocks it away, she tries to run away, only to be accidentally bludgeoned in the face with Valerie's (0) mace. 

BOOM! Valerie (0) scream as Wayde (11) head goes flying into a costume. Knowing Wayde (11) died because of her, she quickly takes down the rest of the costumes. Her and Kacey (9) both stare at their two dead allies. All they wish is that they still be alive and that they could've done something to prevent their death. Valerie (0) grabs onto Wayde's (11) body and hugs it senseless, saying a little prayer of gratitude and sorrow for killing her. 

Underneath the arena, stalking the Careers, were Galen (11) and Wolf (10). They were right above the Female Alliance so the sound, although faded, sang throughout the sewers. The Careers seemed to snicker when the cries echoed, whereas Galen (11) and Wolf (10) were both deeply frightened. Eight cannons already sounded today. Five of them happened within the last hour. Whatevers happening, it's spreading. 

Wolfgang "Wolf" Fang - District 10 Male Tribute

I stare into the deep space of nothingness as the cries seem to die down. Galen (11) keeps staring at the ground, deeply troubled and lost in thought. I know what he's thinking. Who died? Eight people died today and these Hunger Games don't seem to have very weak tributes. There's a few, but they would be hiding and it'd be very stupid for them to try to kill another tribute. 

"Wh-wh-who do you think that was?" Galen (11) asks, starting to tie knots with some rope he found. He's not very good at it, but I guess if it distracts him. 

I put up my arm, signalling for him to stop. "It's not the time to talk about this," I warn. "We'll figure it out tonight during the anthem." But there's a little bit of doubt in mind. The Hunger Games this year will only last three days, not as many days as previous years. I also know that Galen (11) and I aren't the strongest, if the Careers turn around, we're both dead. 

"AHH!" I turn to see the Careers screaming and running towards us. At first, I think they found us, but then I notice a giant wave right behind them, trying to devour them. My legs spring off the ground and I start to sprint, with all my energy, away from the giant wake. The sewer splits up into three parts just about a hundred meters away, I could either go straight, to the left or to the right. I choose the left. 

Quickly, I turn the corner and find myself reaching a dead end. I embrace for the impact, but instead, the wave just keeps going straight, only very little water actually gets to me and all that just drenches my socks. The only other person that I can see still alive is Mistina (13) who stays afloat in the water, swimming in the opposite diretion of where the others were running. 


That cannon. Could it be Galen's (11)? No, Galen (11) couldn't have died. But . . . I left him. I didn't help him at all when the wave came, I just ditched him. The water pressure starts rising and I start to run along the sidewalk of the sewer. I'm keeping close to Mistina (13), and I notice two other Careers, Cristopher (4) and Adria (4), swimming up in front of her. All three are strong swimmers, barely havign to take breathes between strokes. However, this also brings to the conclusion that either Scepter (C) or Galen (11) is dead. 

Quite honestly, I'd want Galen (11) dead. It's not because I hate him, it's because I couldn't kill him if we went down into the final two. Plus, he told me how he was afraid of being alone, which means that I'm making him face his fear right now. I'd want him dying, knowing that his ally wouldn't ditch him, even though I technically did if he's alive. 

However, if Scepter (C) died, the Careers would have no leader. That'd be great for me since it means the Careers wouldn't have any leader and none of them seem very qualified. However, I'd suspect Cristopher (4) take control of them. But right now, that's not my problem. The problem is killing them. I can't do it now though, they're too far away from the reach of my chained sickle. 

Rarity Iris - District 8 Female Tribute

I can't believe I haven't even skinned someone yet! I've killed Yuna (2), but now I'm afraid I'll lose my touch. I checked the entire amusement park or carnival or whatever it is and haven't been able to find anyone. Now, I just lay down under a tent. The sun is already setting and there's already nine dead today. But as the sun goes down, I hear a little noise outside my tent. 

As I peer over the corner, I notice a little puddle of blood followed by what looks like drag marks. I start following tracks, holding up my katana. I hear a little noise like an animal eating some food and decide to go towards it. Anxiety takes over me and I start to run towards whatever is making the noise. Whatever it is, I want these supplies for myself. 

Either by sheer stupidity or from having a sugar rush, after I see the thing eating another person, I tackle it to the ground. I find that I accidentally dropped my sword a yard away so I start beating the thing senseless. My fists are bloody and red from the blood of the thing, but it ignores the pain and just tries to bite at my fists. I start to strangle the thing, but it isn't affected by it. It grabs onto my arms and I just knee it in the face. I then grab onto my katana and send it right through it's heart. 

Seeing as it's dead, I turn around and look at the person it was eating. Not in these Hunger Games, but the person's hand start moving. I put my hand onto his, wondering if he's injured or dying. I release the grip of the man's hand and put my head to his mouth, wondering if he's breathing. I feel his head moving and, once I turn my face towards his, he bites my face off. 

I notice my own nose and skin in his mouth as the other zombie tackles me. From the lack of blood, I can't understand a lot of things and just let the zombies do what they want. My feet go numb and I see the zombies licking as the eat off all the skin from my toes. Eventually, I just stop trying to see what's happening. I guess this is what it's like to die. And surely, once as I do, the anthem starts. 


Day 3 - The Finale

Omniscient Point of View

All the tributes have stopped grieving for now. Each of them woke up  in a separate entrance to a haunted house. Each alliance was still together, but the loners were all alone. Each person only had a melee weapon. However, if someone did throw their weapon, they'd be instantly vaporized by different lazors and tricks surrounding the house. Whoever makes it out of the haunted house alive, will be the victors. The other way to be a victor is to be the last person alive, like in every other day. 

Rade (3) and Sorcera (7) and the first people to run into the haunted house. The two of them knew every single trick the Capitol did and know they don't have the resources to create a new one. The only thing they haven't seen were the old tricks. No matter how ridiculous and stupid they were, they could be quite surprising and scary. The tributes however, despite the fact they could easily make it to the haunted house since they have a huge head start, they wanted blood. Neither of them have killed yet. 

The Careers, like you might have suspected, were the next one into the haunted house. Scepter (C) was the main reason they were behind the Spectri Siblings because he was exhausted from doing whatever he could to prevent drowning. They all had a lazy start, but eventually start goign through the haunted house. While fake traps would pop out, Scepter (C) would either behead them with a sickle or Cristopher (4) would stab it with his spear. Adria (4) would just trail behind them and, when something popped out that was delayed, she found herself stabbing it off and yanking it out from where it's attached.

Wolf (10) clumpsily start after the Careers. He makes a lot of noise as he crashes into different traps. He starts running into the walls when he finds his legs are still soar from his endless walk last night. Seeing Galen's (11) face in the sky last night, he knew that sleeping would cause him to have nightmares about Galen (11) and he didn't have the heart. He around the corner when he saw the Careers. Angered, he screamed at them before swinging his chained sickle. However, before he could even slash one of the Careers, Cristopher (4), for habit, threw his spear right into Wolf's (10) heart, only to be burned alive by a flamethrower.


Listening to the two cannons, the Female Alliance sped up. The walked right into the maze, but Valerie (0) was scared from the first trap and got seperated from Kacey (9). Valerie (0) kept screaming as everything kept popping out and just found her as far away from the end of the haunted house she could ever be. The Spectri Siblings were right around the area, but Valerie (0) quickly hid as she heard Sorcera (7) and Rade (3) talking. 

Troi (13) snuck around the different levels of the haunted house. He easily got passed the little kids idea of scary, which still Valerie (0) would scream at. When he saw the Careers, he quickly tiptoed passed them until running head to head with Kacey (9). He quickly grabbed onto her mouth, not trying to strangle her, but trying to keep her quiet. He points towards the Careers, but, once they turned the corner, they ran towards Kacey (9) and Troi (13). Troi (13) meanly tripped Kacey (9), leaving her all for Scepter's (C) sickle repeatedly stabbing her.


Troi (13), mainly trying to get away from the Careers, takes random turns into he comes face-to-face with a staircase, the first step in getting out of here. Quickly, he runs up the stairs, followed by the Careers, who can barely see Troi (13) in front of them. Troi (13), when he's far enough out of the Careers sight, hides under some cobwebs. The Carers run right by him and he starts tiptoeing behind them. They eventually are on the final stretch when Troi (13) stabs Adria (4) in the back and runs as fast as he possibly could, faster than anyone has ever seen him run, until he is officially out of the arena and a victor. Scepter (C) and Mistina (13) follow him, not caring about Adria (4) whose bleeding out. 


With three victors already signalled with a little ding, the other tributes rush. Valerie (0) still stays hidden, but after she sees the floor beneath her and beside her starting to crumble and break, she rushes away and towards the exit. However, her own fright sends her tackling Sorcera (7) to the ground. Without thinking, Valerie (0) digs her mace into Sorcera's (7) stomach and quickly knocks the dagger out of her hand. Rade (3) tries to jump in and help, but the floor beneath Sorcera (7) crumbles and he starts to chase after Valerie (0). 


Valerie (0) is beating Rade (3) by a lot, but after making a wrong turn, has to come face to face with Rade (3). Valerie (0) sheds a little tear, begging that the two could be victors if they could just get out of the haunted house. Reluctantly, Rade (3) agreed and the two of them quickly helped each other out of the haunted house. As the two crossed the line, they heard all the horns and say the other victors as well.

"Congratulations Scepter Mist from The Capitol, Valerie Moonshine from 0, Rade Spectrus from 3, and Mistina Seabreeze and Troi Cian. You have proved that no fright may haunt you anymore. Great Hunger Games victors!


Rounds Trivia

  • Originally, there was going to be a round messing with a person's backstory, testing them to see if they know what's true and to fix a mistake. If I went with this round, there would only be two tributes tested in it: Valerie Moonshine (0) and Missy Teagle (10).
    • Valerie's (0) round would be about her taking morphine. They would have the same people she was around trying to influence her and, if she decided to throw the morphine aside, she would win. If this round went through, she would have won. 
    • Missy's (10) round would be about her dog, Teal. The Peacekeepers would drag her into a room where her dog was being held hostage. She would be able to choose whether she'd want to give her life for her dog, or if she would let the Peacekeepers kill it. She would have won after she noticed a little piece of metal sticking out of the dog's ear, since it was a robot.
  • District 5 originally wouldn't of had both of their tributes die. Frade (5) was going to die either way, but I chose to kill Tiara (5) due to a comment Mist said about bringing a tribute down with you if you are dying. In my original version, Frade (5) killed Shade (7) brutally before being shot down by Sorcera (7) and then set on fire by Rade (3). While this was happening, the other siblings were just hiding, Lumina (3) trying to make her siblings feel better before realizing how Mist (8), her inspiration, wants to do this and feels guilty for changing herself to be like him.
  • Originally, O-Rion (0) was going to live, but then something encouraged me to kill him. Mainly to cause Galen (11) to be scared, since his fear is of being alone, but I decided to ally Galen (11) up with Wolf (10).
  • All the tributes from The Capitol, Districts 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 13 all survived the rounds. 
  • Out of all the rounds, my favorite one I wrote was Scepter's (C). Not because of the fluency or the details - which I really didn't use well - but because of what he thinks. He's an adventurous person and I love using him to cause tension and conflict between tributes.
    • Scepter is also the only person who got two kills. Since he was in a battle and his partner, Luigi (1), was killed, he had to kill Auburn (6) to survive. Originally, the teams were going to be Luigi (1) and Cedric (2), but I decided against it since it didn't seem right to have one team seem untouched during a fight between two Careers.

Bloodbath Trivia

  • Originally, Missy (10) wasn't going to grab onto the Instant Relief and she was going to die as the cornucopia dropped from the sky, crushing her bones. However, I couldn't get rid of her yet so I decided to have her find the Instant Relief and get away. 
  • Yuna (2) was originally going to survive, but then I decided to kill her, since I needed to have Rarity (8) kill someone because a psycho like her wouldn't make it out of the bloodbath without a kill.
  • After the bloodbath, due to Yunas (2) death, District 2 is now out of this years Hunger Games. Coincidentally, they're the second district to be eliminated from the Games.
  • Districts 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 13 still have all of their tributes. All of these tributes, besides Missy (10), is also in an alliance with at least one other person whose district partner is still alive.
  • Rarity (8), Serque (9) and Missy (10) are the only tributes who aren't in an alliance. While Serque (9) is allied with the Anti-Careers, he lost them during the bloodbath, but luckily, made it to the same section as them. Out of all these people, Rarity's (8) the only one who doesn't have a truce nor other allies; since Missy (10) had a truce with Yuna (2), whose now dead, and Serque (9) is allied with the Anti-Careers.
    • Technically, Missy (10) doesn't have a truce since Yuna's (2) dead, but before the rounds, Rarity's (8) the only tribute who didn't negotiate or ally with any other tribute.

Day 2 Trivia

  • Originally, Rarity (8) was going to survive, but then I decided against it. She would have killed the zombie originally, but still have been wounded by it, dying early in the morning.
  • District 12 is the third district out.
  • District 3 is the fourth district out. 
  • District 14 is the fifth district out. 
  • District 11 is the sixth district out. This district is also the second district to have both of their tributes die back to back. 
  • District 8 is the seventh district out. 
  • District 4 and District 13 are the only districts with both their tributes still alive for the final day. 
  • Valerie (0) was the only person to get a kill on the second day. The other eight deaths were from the Capitol's tricks and mutts.

The Aftermath

While all the victors did end up becoming very fearful and had constant nightmares, they all got along quite well. They each had the others phone numbers and would call every day, discussing their nightmares because they know what the other person experienced. While Scepter (C) and Mistina (13) never got to know each other very well during the actual Hunger Games, the fact they were in the same alliance, they were the best of friends. Valerie (0) became the center of the Capitol attention once again, but she refused and moved back to District 0. Rade (3) was always frightened as now, he was an only-child and was always inside. As for Troi (13), he had greate improvement.

As the Halloween Games seemed to end fast, the Hunger Games Assosiation started to prepare for another Hunger Games, the Thanksgiving Games. They already have plans on what they'll do, but this also means that the victors will be greeted with different victors soon. The victory tour was fast, one district one day until they finally returned to their district where a big feast was announced. 

Mistina (13) was greeted by Alejandro once she came home and went all crazy over him. However, the memories from the Games haunted her each night and she imagined that Alejandro was in the Hunger Games with her and she killed him. Her mind seemed to become very fragile and, even over the stupidest things, Mistina (13) would cry. Unlike Troi (13), who kept a low profile and, out of the five victors, was the least favored by the Capitol, he tried to betray his other victors. He would spread rumors of the other victors flaws and fears, but it backfired. Everyone started hating him so he changed his way. At first, it seemed weird, but Troi (13) changed. He would talk to Mistina (13) and Alejandro every morning and spend the rest of the day doing random godo deeds. 

Then, there's Scepter (C), who had the most kills out of the victors. He still kept doing terrible things. He ended up stealing the mayor's precious wedding ring, just so he could get his mind off of the reoccuring nightmares. He never resulted to drugs though, since that seemed like the easy way out of things. Instead, he would just do illegal things, but never get caught. 

Since Valerie (0) didn't allow the Capitol to use her anymore, they kicked her out of the Capitol and forced her to move back to District 0, which she didn't mind. Since she didn't have a lot of family there, she invited Rade (3) to come there, if he wanted, but he chose against it. Valerie (0), within the little time before the next Hunger Games, became a teacher and would help her students into preparing for the Hunger Games. She might be young, but her knowledge was incredible. 

Rade (3) became a heavy alcoholic. He wouldn't stop drinking, even when he didn't know his own name. Older victors from the Hunger Games were forced to help Rade (3) out, but Rade (3) just ended up killing them. He would torture them, mumbling some random things. Then sacrifice the person for one of his siblings. Eventually, the Capitol tried making Mistina (13) help him, but she was preparing to move to District 4 in time for the next Games. Rade (3) still drinks heavily, even during the reapings and important events. 

Death Chart

Placing Name District Day of Death Killer Method


Fai Hastings  12 Rounds Rarity (8) Skinned to Death with a Knife
31st O-Rion Nebula 0 Rounds Toph (1) / The Capitol Stabbed in Stomach / Crushed by Debris
30h Frade Spectrus 5 Rounds Shade (7) / Tiara (5) Arrow in Stomach / Stabbed in Forehead
29th Tiara Spectrus 5 Rounds Frade (5) Bled Out from Dagger in Back
28th Mist Scorchil 8 Rounds Yuna (2) / Kacey (9) / Valerie (0) Arrow to Arm / Spear through Stomach / Beheaded
27th Darni Fowl  14 Rounds Missy (10) Arrow through Neck
26th Cedric Mason  2 Rounds Scepter (C) Stabbed in Back
25th Luigi Wilkins 1 Rounds Auburn (6) Repeatedly Stabbed
24th Auburn Friday 6 Rounds Scepter (C) Sword to Chest
23rd Cira Marco  The Capitol Day 1 - Bloodbath Troi (13) Speared through Stomach
22nd Yuna Drevisa 2 Day 1 - Bloodbath Rarity (8) Katana through Back
21st Missy Teagle 10 Day 2 - Early Morning Valerie (0) Knocked Out / Mace Crushing Skull
20th Toph Beifong 1 Day 2 - Late Morning Capitol / Gamemakers Disintegrated from Drinking Lake Water
19th Toad Jenkins 12 Day 2 - Late Morning Capitol / Gamemakers Disintegrated from Drinking Lake Water
18th Serque Flash 9 Day 2 - Late Morning Capitol / Gamemakers Disintegrated from Drinking Lake Water
17th Lumina Spectrus 3 Day 2 - Noon Capitol / Clumsiness Ran Back into Poisonous Spikes
16th Shade Spectrus 7 Day 2 - Noon Capitol Poisoned by Poisonous Spikes
15th Blade Spectrus 6 Day 2 - Noon Capitol / Satan Life Taken Away with the Blow of Satan's Breathe
14th Valeri Hunter 14 Day 2 - Noon Capitol / Trampled Trampled by Costumes
13th Wayde Ridica Umbra  11 Day 2 - Noon Valerie (0) Accidentally Bludgeoned with a Mace
12th Galen Peregrine 11 Day 2 - Noon Capitol / Drowned Drowned from Wave
11th Rarity Iris 8 Day 2 - Night Capitol / Zombies Eaten by Zombies
10th Wolfgang "Wolf" Fang 10 Day 3 - Morning Cristopher (4) Speared through Heart
9th Cristopher Kosmos 4 Day 3 - Morning Capitol / Cheating Cheated, Resulting in Burned to Death
8th Kacey Anderson 9 Day 3 - Morning Scepter (C) Stabbed to Death
7th Adria Nereus 4 Day 3 - Late Morning Troi (13) Bled Out from Stabbing
6th Sorcera Spectrus 7 Day 3 - Late Morning Valerie (0) / Capitol Mace to Stomach / Fell out of Arena
1st Scepter Mist Capitol N/A N/A N/A
1st Valerie Moonshine 0 N/A N/A N/A
1st Rade Spectrus 3 N/A N/A N/A
1st Troi Cian 13 N/A N/A N/A
1st Mistina Seabreeze 13 N/A N/A N/A

Kills Chart

Name Kills Shared Kills Tributes Killed
Rarity Iris (8) 2 0 Fai (12), Yuna (2)
Toph Beifong (1) 1 0 O-Rion (0)
Shade Spectrus (7) 0 1 Frade (5)
Tiara Spectrus (5) 0 1 Frade (5)
Frade Spectrus (5) 1 0 Tiara (5)
Yuna Drevisa (2) 0 1 Mist (8)
Kacey Anderson (9) 0 1 Mist (8)
Valerie Moonshine (0) 1 2 Wayde (1) | Mist (8), Sorcera (7)
Missy Teagle (10) 1 0 Darni (14)
Scepter Mist (C) 3 0 Cedric (2), Auburn (6), Kacey (9)
Auburn Friday (6) 1 0 Luigi (1)
Troi Cian (13) 1 0 Cira (C), Adira (4)
Capitol/Arena Tricks 8 2

Toph (1), Toad (12), Serque (9), Shade (7), Rade (3), Valeri (14), Galen (11), Rarity (8), Cristopher (4) | Lumina (3), Sorcera (7)

Lumina Spectrus (3) 0 1 Lumina (3)
Cristopher Kosmos (4) 1 0 Wolf (10)

Dead Tributes without a Kill: 

  • Fai Hastings (12)
  • O-Rion Nebula (0)
  • Mist Scorchil (8)
  • Darni Fowl (14)
  • Cedric Mason (2)
  • Luigi Wilkins (1)
  • Cira Marco (C)
  • Toad Jenkins (12) 
  • Serque Flash (9) 
  • Lumina Spectrus (3)
  • Rade Spectrus (3)
  • Valeri Hunter (14)
  • Wayde Ridica Umbra (11)
  • Galen Peregrine (11)
  • Wolfgang "Wolf" Fang (10)
  • Adria Nereus (4)

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