"Welcome! Welcome to the 143rd Hunger Games!"

So I decided that, for the first time for me, I'm going to do the User Games Hunger Games. I'm going to go through a little bit of the Training before the actual Hunger Games start. I'm going to try not to be bias towards others, but I know I might be a little bit. If I do get a little bias, I'm sorry for that, but it all depends on your strategy. So post advice for you to keep yourself alive. 

These Hunger Games won't be including the Reapings, Chariot Rides or Inteviews. However, I plan on involving the Training, Training Scores and the acutal Hunger Games. Please, join if you haven't already because I plan on making these as fun as I can and as interesting as I can. I also want to quickly involve that I have the right to reject any tribute or kill any tribute who decides to be too inappropriate.

The tribute template is very easy, since you don't involve any large amount of writing. But I do ask that you fill every part of the template. Anything less will be harder for me to make the story and a lot harder for me to speak from your point of view. Please, have fun and I don't need a lot of writing in the template. 


Name: (only first name, not last)

Age: (doesn't need to be your actual age)

District: (Districts 1 to 13)

Gender: (male or female)

Personality: (just needs to be words, not a paragraph)

Weapons: (one or two weapons, no more)

Strength: (only one, your main strength)

Weakness: (only one, your main weakness)

Let the Hunger Games begin!


If all the spots aren't filled in by a set date, the rest will be filled in by me. 

District Gender Name Age Weapon(s) Strength Weakness
District 1: Luxury Male


14 Hatchet/Axe, Throwing Knives Speed Swimming
Female Tara 16 Axe, Bow and Arrows Flexibility Swimming
District 2: Mansory Male Gabriel 13 Throwing Axes, Snares Intelligence Reckless
Female Kaity/Kef 15 Bow and Arrows, Combat Knife Intelligence Strength
Katniss EverdeenFan
District 3: Technology Male Blake 14 Throwing Axes, Mind Games Accuracy Speed
Female Willow 16 Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrows Accuracy Strength
District 4: Fishing Male Kaeghan 13 Bow and Arrows, Throwing Knives Athletic Darkness
Female Alyssa 13 Throwing Knives, Machete Speed Swimming
District 5: Power Male Will 15 Blowgun, Dagger Healing Strength
Female Rebekah 13 Blades Swimming Spiders
District 6: Technology Male Erlend 15 Cleaver, Bowknife Speed Strength
PumPum Pumpkin333
Female Jinx 15 Whip, Ninja Stars Accuracy Darkness
EverAfterHigh Freak
District 7: Lumber Male Mist 14 Axe, Crossbow Combat Endurance
Female Summer 14 Mace, Axe Accuracy Seeing a Loved One Die
Blissfully Mine
District 8: Textiles Male Aspen 18 Boomerang, Ninja Stars Trees Swimming
Female Aspen 15 Bow and Arrows, Sword Intelligence Climbing
District 9: Grain Male Jack 14 Crossbow, Basic Materials Crafting Heights
Female Emma 15 Bow and Arrows, Knife Intelligence Speed
District 10: Livestock Male Eli 13 Axe, Spear Speed Misjudgemenr
YourFavorite Salmon
Female Jessi 15 Katana, Knife, Bow and Arrows Stealth Trust
District 11: Agriculture Male Joe 17 Bow and Arrows, Dagger Strong Swimming
Male Tom 14 Hidden Blade Hearing Stamina
District 12: Mining Male Nichtlock 15 Spear, Throwing Knives Speed Lightness
Johngabriel. balaman
Female Emma
XxXMidget in a BikiniXxX
District 13: Graphite Male World 14 Sword, Throwing Knives Speed Strength
Female Billie 14 Throwing Knives, Schemes Intelligence Serious Injuries


Key: Pre-Game Meaning Current Meaning
Normal Text The tribute accepted the alliance and is a regular ally in it.  The tribute is still alive and is still with the current alliance.
Bold Text The tribute is the leader of the alliance.  The tribute is the current leader of the alliance.
Italic Text The tribute is waiting to figure out whether they'll be in the alliance or not. The tribute is the co-leader or second-in-command in the alliance. 
Underline Text A suggested alliance by the users or me.  The tribute is separated from the main alliance.


Suggested Alliance #1

Mist, Joan, Blake

+Alyssa and Summer


Suggested Alliance #2

Joan, Tara

Suggested Alliance #3


+Summer, Jinx or Joan.


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