Welcome, welcome. Anyways, while I found that I have a lot of spare time (and I mean a lot on the weekends, during the week . . . eh), I wanted to make another Games. This sounds crazy since two other ones are still in the process of being filled, but I'm just obsessed with writing right now. Anyways, welcome to the 146th Hunger Games!


Yes, I hate them too but I'm going to make it simple.

  1. Only 2 tributes per user. This number may increase over time. No tributes that have been in my previous Games, NO buts. Reservations last a day.
  2. 2 mentors per user. This number may increase. They cannot be from the same district as your tributes
  3. I will only be doing the training scores and then the acutal Games. I'll also involve a new part that involves your mentors trying to earn sponsor money.
  4. You, the user who created a tribute, cannot give your tribute sponsor gifts. ONLY the mentors can. This way, people will either get to bond or hate each other over these Games.
  5. I will try to be very descriptive and bloody. Also, I might swear a little, but I won't do it unless necessary.
  6. You must follow the same tribute/mentor template as I post, however, you may have more if you want. 
  7. I would appreciate if you either give me links or post it down below. No telling me to chose the tributes for you. I will go on profiles only for a valid reason (not that you're too lazy).
  8. Enjoy these Games! I do allow constructive critisism. 

Tribute Template










Mentor Template





How they won their Games: 

Arena: (the arena of their Games)

Advice for Tribute: 

  • Note: Do NOT give me the age of your mentors, I will do it myself along with the year. 

Rules for Advice

Only on certain days, you'll be able to post advice. For example:

  • The Bloodbath
  • The Feast
  • The Final Day

However, you can give your tribute some ideas. For example: 

  • My tribute has some gasoline and matches, maybe he can start a fire in the woods.
  • Try to poison your allies my tribute, kill anyone who notices.
  • Stalk an alliance until they sleep, then kill them at night and steal there things.

Things such as the examples above are good for ideas. However, you may not say things like: 

  • My tribute, your alliance is struggling so just try to lay low for the day. Don't do anything stupid and, once you see another tribute, kill them.
  • My tribute, you're currently in the desert, just try to hunt for animals and get some water from cacti.
  • My tribute, just start killing, killing, and killing!

Basically, you may give me ideas about what you might want your tribute to do, but I get to decide whether I'll go with it or not. If you say something like, "start hunting for animals," I might not want to do that. Sometimes, if you let the story unfold, you'll begin to find things that end up being good for your tribute. 


The Do's: 

  • Post advice for the bloodbath, feast and the final day along with any other day I tell you to post advice (will be in comments).
  • Give your tributes some ideas about what to do, but don't tell them to do it, just give them the idea.
  • You may also cheer on your tribute.

The Dont's

  • Post advice on any day unless indicated. 
  • Give an idea saying something stupid like "keep killing tributes." I thought that'd be common sense in these Games.

The Tributes

District Gender Name Age Weapons Height User
1 Male David Goldton 18 Axe, Sword (Machete, Bow and Arrows) 6'4 TehOnlyCanadian
1 Female Emerald Diamond 17 Dagger 6'0 LivesinDistrict1
2 Male Clay Barines 17 Sword, Throwing Knives 6'1 Tehblakdeath
2 Female Victoriana "V" Sylvester 17 Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow -- MissRandomStuff
3 Male Mordecai Darah 18 Scimitar, Sword (Bo Staff) -- XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
3 Female Skye Silverguard 13 Bow and Arrow, Awl 5'3 Annamisasa
4 Male Ratchet Squires 14 Spear, Khopesh 5'4 Tehblakdeath
4 Female Nikitia Summers 17 Spear, Net (Trident) 5'6 Madgeical
5 Male Jupiter Gallileo 17 Chakrams, Throwing Knives 5'11 Daniel17
5 Female Lia Skyward 17 Spear, Bow and Arrow 5'10 Annamisasa
6 Male Jeffery "Jeff the Killer" Killheart 14 Knife, Martial Arts (Stealth) 5'10 Mistfire333
6 Female Pinkamena Diane Pie 14 Torture, Sickle (Knife, Trust) 5'10 Mistfire333
7 Male Luke Pines 18 Axe 6'3 BaconCanadian
7 Female Melinoe Ryzom 14 Bow and Arrow 5'2 TBWTPT
8 Male Panthern Agrios 14 Bear Trap with Chain, Knife -- XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
8 Female Amy Mackenzie 16 Throwing Knives, Manipulative (Agility) 5'3 Andy1854
9 Male Tarquin Grist 18 Scythe, Sickle 6'3 Hybrid Shadow
9 Female Wind Settle 16 Whip, Lasso 5'3 TBWTPT
10 Male Gloom Ivy 13 Scythe, Axe (Sword) -- Nightlock Kryptonite
10 Female Missy Teagle 14 Throwing Knives, Blowgun (Camoflague) 5'3 Madgeical
11 Male Tyler Clifton 16 Knife, Bow and Arrow 6'1 BaconCanadian
11 Female Ally Mya 15 Poison, Knife (Dagger) -- MissRandomStuff
12 Male Ethan Thomas 16 Bow and Arrow 6'0 TehOnlyCanadian
12 Female Nakomis Romanus 16 Morning Star, Psychic (Spiritual Healing, Read Auras) -- XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX


Bold means they're the leader of an alliance. Italicized means they're asking for an alliance with or needs to get approved. ?'s surrounding the name means that I chose it and it must be approved. Underlined means they were kidnapped or for some reason with another alliance temporarily.

Careers: David Goldton (1), Emerald Diamond (1), Ratchet Squires (4), Nikitia Summers (4) [MOVED]Tarquin Grist (9), Nakomis Romanus (12) [MOVED]

Anti-Careers: Clay Barines (2), Jupiter Gallileo (5), Luke Pines (7), Tyler Clifton (11), Ally Mya (11)

District 3 Alliance: Mordecai Darah (3), Skye Silverguard (3) [MOVED]

The Small Females Alliance: Melinoe Ryzom (7), Amy Mackenzie (8)

District 8, 9 and 10 Alliance: Panthern Agrios (8), Wind Settle (9), Missy Teagle (10)

District 3 and 10 Alliance: Skye Silverguard (3) [MOVED], Gloom Ivy (10)

Loners: Victoriana "V" Sylvester (2), Skye Silverguard (3), Nikitia Summers (4), Lia Skyward (5), Jeffery "Jeff the Killer" Killheart (6), Pinkamena Diane Pie (6), Gloom Ivy (10) [MOVED], Ethan Thomas (12), Nakomis Romanus (12) 

The Mentors

District Gender Name Age Hunger Games Arena User
1 Female Cinia Pacifica 32 (17) 131st Hunger Games School with a Forest Madgeical
2 Male Cyrus Mica 34 (18) 130th Hunger Games Regular Forest Hybrid Shadow
3 Male Jaguar Taz 31 (17) 132nd Hunger Games Regular Forest Tehblakdeath
4 Male Brendan Seafare 23 (18) 141st Hunger Games Beach with Seacastle and a lot of Ocean TehOnlyCanadian
5 Female Celine Flare 18 (12) 140th Hunger Games City with a Beach and Forest Madgeical
6 Female Missy Randos 36 (15) 125th Hunger Games Candyland, then Forest MissRandomStuff
7 Male Mist Scorchill 35 (14) 125th Hunger Games Jungle, then Forest Mistfire333
8 Female Silkia Demoney 37 (17) 126th Hunger Games Various Sections Annamisasa
9 Female Sadie Wilson 34 (16) 138th Hunger Games Forest with River, Meadow and Mountains BaconCanadian
10 Female Sarai Binder 24 (13) 135th Hunger Games Forest and Dry Desert Annamisasa
11 Male Kobe Bekele 13 (12) 145th Hunger Games Peak Hybrid Shadow
12 Male Jason Merriweather 20 (16) 142nd Hunger Games Forest with Pumpkin Patch and Lake BaconCanadian

Pre-Game Group Training

Day 1

Head Trainor - The Capitol Assistant

I check off everyone who starts coming in. The last few years, we haven't had to do it, but this year, some people were trying to sneak in here. Luckily, we found them before they could steal some weapons and they were persecuted. Might sound a little harsh, but that's life in the Capitol.

When most of the tributes get here, besides the ones from 12, we start training. I go over the guidelines, instructions and tips. Like usual, the Careers just snicker and laugh as we're going through tips about going to survival skills first, then to weaponry. 

When I'm finally done talking, the Careers make a beeline for the weapons stations. The District 12 tributes just start walking in and starts going to the knife station. The District 3 tributes start talking all the way over to the plant station where the District 5 Female already is. The two tributes from 6 start going to the Gauntlet, followed by the District 7, 8 and 10 tributes. The remaining tributes go to camoflague or knot-tying. 

Ratchet Squires - District 4 Male Tribute

Unlike most of the Careers, I don't go towards the weapon station right away. I try to find allies. It might sound quite unusual for a tribute from 4 to not be allying with the Careers, but neither are the tributes from 2. The Careers currently only have the tributes from 1 along with Nikitia. 

I notice Tarquin, the boy from 9, starting to confront the Careers. I can't help but smile as I watch as he walks briskly walks towards them. The Careers start to turn towards him and Nikitia takes a few steps towards him. I expect to see a fight, but then I hear them start talking and finally, Niktia gives an approving nod. 

They just became allies, I stare with disbelief, they're actually taking tributes from poor districts!

But after I see him agressively beat up a dummy, I realize that he was a wise choice. He won't be one to underestimate. Unlike his district partner, he looks mean and always seems to have a devious grin on his face. The Careers might actual turn out to be very deadly this year, not like they haven't in previous years. But still, someone needs to take them down a notch.

"I want to kill them so badly . . . " I hear Clay, the boy from 2, say under his breathe.

"Me too." I say, then I realize what I need to do. "Let's create the . . . Anti-Careers!"

"Anti-Careers?" He questions. "Like to destroy the Careers."


"I'm in," he agrees, "but . . . doesn't there need to be more tributes? Two tributes going up against the Careers. We won't last a minute in the Games."

"I'll join," the boy from 11 says. "As long as I'm leader."

"Whatever," I say, but me and Clay both laugh under our breathes. A boy from 11 won't even last that long in these Games. In fact, it's unusual for them to even get pass the bloodbath.  

Pre-Game Mentoring/Sponsoring

Told from third-person point of view . . . 

Cinia Pacifica - District 1 Mentor

Cinia chuckles with joy after receiving her first $200 for David, her male tribute. She loves how he actually gave her something to work with. That he's ruthless when it comes down to making it home. All he needs now is a rivalry and it will be in the bag!

However, Emerald's a whole different story. She only received $100 for now which all came from the district. Cinia doesn't really seem attached to Emerald, the "normal" girl from 1 who looks like a fish, cat and human gave birth to her. Cinia's trying to find a rivalry for her, and says a terrible joke, saying her clothing is her rival. 

After the training scores are posted, Cinia was able to fully persuay multiple people into giving David some money, resulting in a total of $750 for him. However, Emerald stays with only $400 for her low score of a 7. What could she have possibly done to get such a terrible score? Cinia thinks.

Cyrus Mica - District 2 Mentor

Cyrus doesn't give much care to his tributes, but already told them to incorporate betrayal. I hope they aren't stupid enough to kill each other, he thinks, because I want to get out of this job! He sits at a bar and drinks a little bit. The District 11 Mentor, Kobe, tries to join him, but Cyrus yells at him to get away, then revealing a knife he keeps in his pocket.

After Kobe leaves, Cyrus sits by himself, staring at the knife until the training scores are shown. A 9 for Clay, his favorite of his two tributes since he joined the Anti-Careers. This will probably bother most of the district, but he doesn't care. V receives a 10 which makes him proud. She as well isn't allying with the Careers, but she has no allies to betray. Both only have $150 that were given to them before the Capitol knew they weren't joining the Careers.

Jaguar Taz - District 3 Mentor

Jaguar gives his best effort, but not a lot of people are willing to give money for some District 3 tributes. He just barely gives Mordecai $25, but some of the more sympathetic citizens who sponsored Skye with $75. After going to almost every Capitol citizen in the gathering area, he gave up a little bit and sat on a couch to rest. 

After training scores were shown, he received a total of $350 for Mordecai. While, on the other hand, Skye received a total of $400. Jaguar was surprised by it and started to annoy Cinia and Cyrus saying that he received a lot of money for his tributes. However, once Cinia shows him David's sponsoring money, he shuts his mouth.

Brendan Seafare - District 4 Mentor

Brendan remains a little annoyed with Ratchet. He's decided to betray his mentor and try to ally with the Anti-Careers. He never told Brendan whether he was joining or not. Either way, Brendan didn't care and just decided to give all the money from Ratchet to Nikitia.

Nikitia currently has a total of $900. She never told her mentor whether or not she was allying or with who. One way or the other, she'll be fine. Getting $900, a score of 10, and odds of 4-1, she's pretty well off. Ratchet on the other hand only has a 6, after Brendan tricked him into doing something stupid, and odds of 33-1.

Celine Flare - Distrist 5 Mentor

Celine this year is struggling a little bit with her plan. She wants her tributes to act weak, but they're so much older than most tribute. Just a 15 year old would have been good, she thinks. There's a certain age where it's no longer sad if you're not strong. 

Jupiter ends up with a 5, a pretty moderate score actually. Celine is a little upset, knowing that he must have gave an effort. On the other hand, Lia makes herself much weaker with only a score of 3, probably the worse score in these entire Games. With only $50 each, she's hoping that they're strategy works.

Missy Randos - District 6 Mentor

Great minds think alike! Missy and Celine have similar ideas, but instead of having her tributes act mediocre. Then, they'll just blend in. Missy only had a 5 and she won. Now, they must rely on their strategy and try to mimic Missy's. They won't receive a lot of money, in fact, probably not even more than $100.

However, after training scores were posted, Missy was disappointed. Jeff the Killer received an 11, probably the highest in the Games. Odds of 2-1 were also very impressive. It's okay, Missy thought, he's going to have a lot of sponsors, but be targetted. He'll be fine. Pinkamena received an 8, slightly better than what she wanted.

Mist Scorchill - District 7 Mentor

Mist waits patiently to see what the training scores are. His mind aches from the memories of Shade dying. Last night and mainly around the time of the Games, Mist's memories reign on about the death of Shade. The one person that he could actually classify as 'friend.' The only person who he didn't leave on the final day.

The scores are shown and he is actually pretty happy. Sponsors graciously give him $650 for his 9, something extraordinary for someone from 7. He already told me that he might join the Careers or go down my path. Personally, I'd want him to follow my foot steps. Then, there's Melinoe with only $100, mainly from the district.

Silkia Demoney - District 8 Mentor

Silkia sits at the bar next to Cyrus. After sleeping in almost the entire morning, she pulls herself out of bed and pulled on some clothes. Cyrus doesn't really mind her, she's older than him and both of them have closed off of these Games. Once again, Kobe tries to join, but Silkia lets him and they start to chart.

While talking, Kobe informs her that Panthern received a 9 and Amy was given a 6. Kobe also gives Silkia $50 for Panthern, telling her to keep it a secret because the money originally was for Ally. Silkia gives a small smile before putting the money in her pocket.

Sadie Wilson - District 9 Mentor

Sadie starts to organize the money she received from the district and the sponsors. With her tributes both getting a 7, she's not expecting a lot. However, she's surpised to find that each earned $400. She starts to recount, figuring out that it's really only $375, not $400. Well, at least they had sponsors, she thinks, I had to make a spear out of a branch

She starts to try and get more mentors when she bumps into Missy. The two start a quiet conversation, mainly revolving around there tributes. Missy humbly says that she has $700 for Jeff the Killer, but only $400 for Pinkamena. Sadie becomes a little jealous, but Missy admits that most people who sponsored Jeff were afraid of him.

Sarai Binder - District 10 Mentor

Sarai yanks onto $50 from a sponsor and adds it to the stash. Altogether, they have roughly $600, but ever time something else is revealed, she keeps getting more. She knows she trained them well, toughening them to the point where Gloom broke into tears. 

Look at them now! Gloom with a 9, good score for someone from 10 and a 13 year old. Missy received the same score, which brings a smile to Sarai's face. More money to get from sponsors! She thinks, letting out a little chuckle in the process.

Kobe Bekele - District 11 Mentor

Kobe goes away from all the mentors and goes to his bedroom. There's not a lot of sponsor money to take, giving that he gave it to Silkia. He doesn't mind though, if Silkia's tribute or tributes win, he can say he had part of the credit. His own tributes are failures.

With both of his tributes getting low scores, a 4 and 5, he knows they won't get any sponsors. He slowly crawls into bed. Kobe closes his eyes and the memories of his Games are brought to life in his dreams. He is falling into a never-ending, restless dream.

Jason Merriweather - District 12 Mentor

I tell them something simple, Jason thinks, and they don't do it. Anger arises in him and he ends up stabbing a knife in the couch. He walks back to his room, shoving all the money in the trash. More sponsors try to help out, but he ignores them. 

Why? They both got good scores. The exact opposite he wanted. In fact, Nakomis got the highest score! A 12. He can't wait to tell them all the wrong things to do during the bloodbath, get the killed just to show that he's in charge. 

Training Scores and Odds

Name Training Score Odds
David Golton (1) 10 3-1
Emerald Diamond (1) 7 14-1
Clay Barines (2) 9 8-1
Victoriana "V" Slyvester (2) 10 6-1
Mordecai Darah (3) 8 16-1
Skye Silverguard (3) 7 21-1
Ratchet Squires (4) 6 33-1
Nikitia Summers (4) 10 4-1
Jupiter Gallileo (5) 5 55-1
Lia Skyward (5) 3 80-1
Jeffery "Jeff the Killer" Killheart (6) 11 2-1
Pinkamena Diane Pie (6) 8 18-1
Luke Pines (7) 9 13-1
Melinoe Ryzom (7) 5 35-1
Panthern Agrios (8) 9 11-1
Amy Mackenzie (8) 6 45-1
Tarquin Grist (9) 7 13-1
Wind Settle (9) 7


Gloom Ivy (10) 9 17-1
Missy Teagle (10) 9 24-1
Tyler Clifton (11) 4 90-1
Ally Mya (11) 5 75-1
Ethan Thomas (12) 9 35-1
Nakomis Romanus (12) 12 2-1

Sponsoring Money

Name Mentor's User Sponsoring Money Money Used
David Goldton (1) Madgeical  $1,150
Emerald Diamond (1) Madgeical $400
Clay Barines (2) Hybrid Shadow $50 Ointment ($250)
Victoriana "V" Slyvester (2) Hybrid Shadow $150
Mordecai Darah (3) Tehblakdeath $350
Skye Silverguard (3) Tehblakdeath $350 Crossbow ($300), Arrows x12 ($150)
Ratchet Squires (4) TehOnlyCanadian $500
Nikitia Summers (4) TehOnlyCanadian $1,000
Jupiter Gallileo (5) Madgeical $50
Lia Skyward (5) Madgeical $50
Jeffery "Jeff the Killer" Killheart (6) MissRandomStuff $1,100
Pinkamena Diane Pie (6) MissRandomStuff $950
Luke Pines (7) Mistfire333 $750 Water x2 ($200)
Melinoe Ryzom (7) Mistfire333 $100
Panthern Agrios (8) Annamisasa $50
Amy Mackenzie (8) Annamisasa $0
Tarquint Grist (9) BaconCanadian $150 Night Vision Goggles ($250)
Wind Settle (9) BaconCanadian $375
Gloom Ivy (10) Annamisasa $1,350
Missy Teagle (10) Annamisasa $675
Tyler Clifton (11) Hybrid Shadow $0
Ally Mya (11) Hybrid Shadow $0
Ethan Thomas (12) BaconCanadian $0
Nakomis Romanus  BaconCanadian $0 Dagger ($100)

Sponsoring Gifts


Arrows (12) - $150

Axe - $100

Awl - $75

Blowgun - $200

Bomb - $250

Bow - $300

Camoflague Paints - $150

Club - $200

Crossbow - $300

Dagger - $100

Darts (12) - $150

Hammer (3) - $150

Hatchet - $100

Katana - $175

Khopesh - $200

Knife - $50

Lasso - $100

Mace - $350

Machete - $250

Morning Star - $350

Net - $150

Poison - $125

Scythe - $175

Sickle - $200

Spear (2) - $200

Speaheads (4) - $150 

Sword - $200

Throwing Axe (3) - $200

Throwing Knife (5) - $200

Throwing Trident (2) - $225

Trident - $200

Whip - $100


Food x1 - $100

Food x2 - $200

Food x3 - $300 

Food x4 $350

Food x5 - $400

Food x6 - $450

  • Basically, if you want enough food for 1 to 3 days, it will be $100 each day, but after that, each day you just add $50 instead of $100.


Purifier - $250

Spile - $150

Water x1 - $100

Water x2 - $200

Water x3 - $300

Water x4 - $400

Water x5 - $450

Water x6 - $500

  • Much like the food, from days 1 to 3, it costs $100 each day, but after that, each day you just keep adding $50, not $100.


Allergy Medicine - $200

Anti-Infectant - $250

Antidote - $275

Burn Cream - $250

Insta-Relief - $450

Ointment - $250

Painkillers - $250

Rash Cream - $250

Sleep Syrum - $250


Backpack - $300

Binoculars - $150

Blanket - $250

Heavy Jacket - $350

Heavy Pants - $300

Matches - $100

Net - $150

Night-Vision Goggles - $250

Rope - $75

Sleeping Bag - $200

The Hunger Games

Day 1: The Bloodbath!

The Capitol crowds cheering and people keep chanting different tributes names. Most people cheer for Nakomis, the girl from 12 who got a 12, but there's still a fair amount of other tribute's names being called. In second place for the most people screaming there name is Jeff the Killer because a lot of people want the killer to win. 

There's  sudden silence as the arena is revealed and everyone starts shouting out with satisfaction once they notice the fine details. From the gigantic television screen they show in the Capitol Square, you can basically see every little detail to the point where you can count each piece of grass. 

The arena this year is the Packers Stadium. The Capitol found it in an abandonned part of District 4 and moved it to the Capitol. They had to demolish one of the other arenas in order to place it, but that doesn't really matter to them. All the matters is blood and gory. 

The tributes circle around on the football field, right on the large "G" in the center of the field. The timer starts and there's a quick flash where the Gamemakers go through the entire arena. There's six exits, two along the longer sides and one on each end. The ones on the end are slightly longer and lead to the locker rooms. However, if you keep moving, you'll find a garage which leads into a forest. 

If you take the entrances along the sides, they'll lead you to the main grounds. This involves the main entrance which is another way, and the only other way, to get to the forest besides the big entrances. From the main grounds, there's an elevator that leads you up to any floor from the basement to the fifth floor. 

Floors 1, 2, and 5 have concessions surrounding the entire floors. There's some pathways that lead to the seating area which are always closer to the inside towards the field. On the other hand, Floors 3 and 4 have suites. Floor 3 actually has a giant audio room where all the social media is commemorated in. Other than that, there's different suites that surround it. All the ones on the third floor start with the number 3 and end two other numbers. Floor 4 is entirely suites and the three-digit number always starts with a 4. 

After that, there's not much about the arena that you really need to know. In the woods, there's multiple mutts, usually surrounding the source of water. There's many food sources too . . . a whole portion with apple trees and other vegetation. The vegetation and the lake are on the exact opposite parts of the arena with the east and west woods on the sides. 

30 seconds remain on the clock and the camera turns towards the cornucopia. Sword and maces and weapons galore! There's multiple bags, but there's no food located here at all. Each bag has at least one bottle of water and there's also multiple water canteens laying around. However, the entire cornucopia is entirely weaponry along with a few sources of water. There's also some miscellaneous items like ropes and compasses. 

10 seconds, 9 seconds, 8 seconds, 7 seconds, 6 seconds, 5 seconds - the cameras get the last arial shot of all the tributes before the Games start - 4 seconds,  3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second. GONG!

Lia's the first person at the cornucopia and she quickly grabs onto a bow. However, once she grabs onto the arrows, the District 12 Male, Ethan did as well. Ethan, thinking fast, yanked out one of the arrows and jammed it into Lia's stomach before she could react. Ethan took the arrows from her, but as he was trying to steal the bow, Pinkamena threw a sickle which ended up beheading him. 

Lia, clutching onto dear life, pretended to be dead as Pinkamena regained her sickle, but once she left, Lia grabbed her bow and arrow, quickly grabbed a bag and then ran for the north entrance, a large tunnel leading to the locker rooms. Pinkamena also ran away to one of the east exits. 

Back in the cornucopia, only one person has fallen, and he was from 12. Skye has grabbed onto a backpack and is planning on leaving, but doesn't want to ditch Mordecai. She frantically searches for him when she finally spots him running right towards her. She lets out a sigh of relief when suddenly the District 1 Female, Emerald, charges towards her with a dagger. Skye poorly dodges it, but is lucky enough that the dagger only cuts into her arm.

Mordecai lets out a little screech and flings the backpack on his shoulder right towards Emerald. The bag knocks the dagger right out of her grasp and she turns around only to be stabbed in the gut by Mordecai's sword. Mordecai then hugs Skye, happy he saved her before coughing up blood right on her. 

Mordecai's corse falls down and Skye notices Luke right behind him, holding firmly onto another axe. An axe still lays in Mordecai's back, hinting that Luke killed him. Skye, in a fit of rage, lets out all of her energy onto Luke and throws a dagger right at him. Sadly, she has terrible accuracy so she quickly picks up the sword, along with the two bags, and leaves before she receives an axe to her back. 

Luke turns back to the cornucopia only to see the leader of the Careers being aggressively stabbed by Jeff the Killer. Luke calls the Anti-Careers to retreat to the Antis, but the Careers take note on this sand start to target them while they're confused. Nikitia throws a trident towards Clay, only to have it pierce his theigh. Clay falls to the ground helpless as Nikitia throws another trident. However, V heroically jumps in the way of the trident, being stabbed right in the chest, giving Ally and Jupiter the chance to quickly barrel off Clay. 

The bloodbath is dying down slowly. the Careers are still there along with the Female Alliance, Panthern, Missy, Wind, Gloom and Nakomis. The fights are slowly dissolving, but the Careers love this part as they easily take out the weaker tributes.

Ratchet grabs onto Missy's throat, but then starts strangling her with her own tribute token. Wind starts sceaming only to attract the Female Alliance. Melinoe, using her bow and arrow, shoots an arrow right into Wind's shoulder. She lets out a louder scream and Panthern quickly grabs onto her before leaving through the north entrance out into the woods. 

Tarquin, finding that he had absolutely no fun during the bloodbath, quickly grabs a sickle and targets the Female Alliance that's trying to leave. He throws a sickle right towards Amy and it goes right through her back. This only speeds up Melinoe as she runs out the south entrance and runs until she slips on some mud and passes out. 

Gloom and Nakomis are the only non-Careers left. Gloom grabs onto an axe, swings it right at Tarquin's chest as he tries to kill him and ends up barely getting away. All he has is a backpack along with the axe. Nakomis on the other hand is being murdered by the Careers. However, she's able to sense what they're trying to do and carefully dodges them. 

Eventually, the Careers give up and hold her as hostage, finding her to be very helpful when it comes down to it. What could be better than a girl that could tell the future and read auras? It just gives you better odds in these Games!

Ratchet Squires - District 4 Male Tribute

The bloodbath is over. We've only lost one and another one, injured.The Anti-Careers on the other hand lost their leader. Jeff the Killer gets credit on that kill. I've wanted to kill him, but then that stupid District 10 Girl got in my way. Unlucky that her token was a dog collar.

My minds start drifting away as I think about the remaining tributes. There's four of us left, four Antis left, we have Nakomis and there's a few loners. I try to think about who I say die. The two psychos from 6 live on, both earning a kill before fleeing. There's that Gloom boy from 10 who just barely got out of the grasp of us. The Girl from 3 I faintly remember leaving early in the bloodbath. Other than that, everyone just blends in.


Seven dead after the bloodbath, not too shabby. Among those is Emerald, my ally who was probably the most useless of them all. The very thought of her angers me. Not just because she was useless, but because she's a Career. Honestly, I hate the Careers so much, but my mentor forced me here, otherwise he probably won't mentor me. He probably still hates my guts for proposing the idea of me joining the Anti-Careers. But for now I'm safe.

Cyrus Mica - District 2 Mentor

"That son of a b*tch!" I scream at the TV screen. "Let your district partner die, maybe then you'll have a chance! You're so stupid! Why on earth would you jump in front of a weapon? He wasn't even your ally! You're a disgrace to the district and to these Games!"

I stare breathing heavily, like a monster, after finally letting out my anger. That's how it was when I killed Aqua. She first stabbed my eye, then cut my cheek so I simply grabbed her neck to kill her. I didn't even have nightmares about it. In fact, I have happy dreams that I kill her repeatedly.

It takes a while before I'm brought back to the realization that I'm in front of a group of mentors. Some have even been with me multiple years and know this is me, but they still seem shocked. I turn around, narrowing my eyes at everyone who tries to back away. They're all haters, they are all stupid as well. 

"Shut up!" Sarai hisses, standing out of the chair. "I can't see how Gloom's doing." 

"So now you suddenly care about your tributes?" I scream back. "I heard Clay tell me that Missy would always come to training crying about how mean you were."

She's about to say something, but then I realize she's speechless. She staers at the TV screen and sits back down. "But not she's dead." 

"And so is my f*cking retard just because she wanted to save her ally." 

"Please quiet down you guys, this isn't the time to be arguing . . . is it?" Sadie buts in. 

I quiet down and turn back to the screen. She's techincally responsible for the falldown of the Anti-Careers. If she gave Tyler some better advice, maybe he won't be laying on the ground lifeless with blood still flowing out of his stomach. Clay is screwed.

Gloom Ivy - District 10

My legs start shaking and I fall to the ground. I . . . I might have just killed a Career. But I can sense deep down that I didn't. I can tell that I'll see him again sometime soon, but pray that I don't. I'm just . . . good at predicting the future, but this time I don't want it to happen. 

So many people say that I'm psychic, but I didn't think anyone could be psychic until I met Nakomis from 12. She's a mystery and could tell me everything about myself, some things that I forgot until she told me. Some things that made me want to cry. And at the end . . . she said, "goodbye, Glu." Nobody, not even my mentor calls me that. I never told him, I was too scared. 

To give up off the cold floor and take in my surroundings. A football field, they couldn't have gotten any better ideas? Why not a place with berries or trees? This place is just . . . junk. It smells like concession food - popcorns, hot dogs, cheeseburgers - all things that I've never ate before. And now, I do. The smell just tingles my nose like I might die if I don't have one. Which coincidentally, might happen. 

Suddenly, I hear an echo. My eyes turn away from the concessions to a group of long, dark shadows in the same direction the voices where. Careers, I think, praying deep down in my gut that I'm wrong, but I know it's them. I know that the Careers will come right over here. 

Thinking fast, I look over the edge and jump right out of the building. I end up landing right on a tree and start tumbling down it until I crash right into the District 3 Female. She stares at me with her wide, olive green eyes. Her fingers start inching towads a sword close by her, but I grab onto her hand. Using her free hand, she smacks me and picks up the sword. 

"It's okay," I say calmly, "I'm not going to hurt you . . . Ally?" I blurt out suddenly. The words even surprise myself, but it's probably the only way I could stay alive. 

She stares at me, constantly moving her eyes from my hands to my eyes. "Allies," she finally says, but doesn't let go of the sword. I pick up my axe as well, trying to hint that I also don't trust her. This is exactly why I didn't want to have allies.

Lia Skyward - District 5 Female Tribute

Locker rooms. I hate it. Surely, now I have a place where I'm secure, locking but of the entrances by putting a wooden part of a broom through it. The smell is what I hate about it though. It smells like sweat and dirty laundry. My eyes literally watered once I got in here and not just because I might die tonight. 

That stupid District 12 Boy! I'm more upset with myself though. I'm great when it comes to reflexes, but I just . . . hesitated. I didn't want to kill him, but I didn't think that he would kill me. I just have to be happy that the psycho from 6 came in and helped me. I bet she would have killed me too if I didn't pretend to be dead. 

I unzipper my jacket to try and get a closer view of it. When I can't tell much of a difference, I end up taking off my own shirt. I still have a bra on so all the men in the Capitol won't be that amused. 

The arrow got a lot deeper than what I expected. I can honestly say that I'm lucky to be alive. Now all I need to worry about is a possible infection and when this could possibly heal. Probably never. Not unless my mentor would actually sponsor me . . . 

Aw, it would have been so cool if I just got a sponsor gift right then. But I highly doubt that I could even get a sponsor gift. They'd have to have someone mail it to me or have it randomly teleport to me. That'd be cool. I'd love to be there and watch as a gift randomly appeared in my lap. 

My phone, as everyone has one in these Games, starts buzzing and once I pull it out of my pocket, it starts to show me the fallen. The music is played throughout the arena, but in case you are inside, they gave you a phone to see who died. 

First up is a Career from 1. Honestly, I could tell she was going to die. She was the weakest Career, even from the ones from the non-Career districts. V, the girl from 2, is next, but she wasn't a Career. Following her is the boy from 3. He doesn't really stick out. Neither does the District 8 Female. Then, the leader of the Anti-Careers who got, I believe, the worst score in the Games. Then, to end it up, is Ethan from 12, who almost killed me. 

I probably have terrible odds. I'm injured. I only got a 3 in training . . . even worse than the Anti-Career Leader! I have really bad chances for survival. 

Day 1 Odds

Name Odds Previous Odds
David Goldton (1) 5-1 3-1
Clay Barines (2) 85-1 8-1
Skye Silverguard (3) 25-1 21-1
Ratchet Squires (4) 10-1 33-1
Nikitia Summers (4) 3-1 4-1
Jupiter Gallileo (5) 45-1 55-1
Lia Skyward (5) 100-1 80-1
Jeffery "Jeff the Killer" Killheart (6) 2-1 2-1
Pinkamena Diane Pie (6) 6-1 18-1
Luke Pines (7) 19-1 13-1
Melinoe Ryzom (7) 40-1 35-1
Panthern Agrios (8) 10-1 11-1
Tarquin Grist (9) 10-1 13-1
Wind Settle (9) 45-1 35-1
Gloom Ivy (10) 15-1 17-1
Ally Mya (11) 80-1 75-1
Nakomis Romanus (12) 10-1 2-1

Day 1 Supplies

Name Allies/People With Supplies Needs Location
David Goldton (1) Ratchet (4), Nikitia (4), Tarquin (9), Nakomis (12) Sword x2, Bow, Arrows x24, Machete, Axe, Food x15, Water x7, Backpack x2, Rope, Anti-Infectant Cornucopia
Clay Barines (2) Jupiter (5), Luke (7), Ally (11) Nothing Food, Water, Weapon, Medicine Suite 415
Skye Silverguard (3) Gloom (10) Sword, Food x3, Water x1, Backpack x2, Rope x2, Net (Preferred Weapon) East Forest
Ratchet Squires (4) David (1), Nikitia (4), Tarquin (9), Nakomis (12) Spear x3, Spearheads x6, Khopesh, Food x15, Water x7, Backpack, Rope, Net, Anti-Infectant Cornucopia
Nikitia Summers (4) David (1), Ratchet (4), Tarquin (9), Nakomis (12) Trident x5, Spear x4, Spearheads x8, Food x15, Water x7, Backpack x2, Rope, Net x3, Instant Relief Cornucopia
Jupiter Gallileo (5) Clay (2), Luke (7), Ally (11) Knife, Throwing Knives x3, Food x2, Backpack, Rope, Net Water Suite 415
Lia Skyward (5) N/A Bow, Arrows x12, Food x2, Water x1, Backpack, Net, Night-Vision Goggles North Locker Rooms
Jeff the Killer (6) N/A Knife x2, Food x2, Water x2, Backpack, Night-Vision Goggles, Binoculars Nobody Knows 
Pinkamena Diane Pie (6) N/A Sickle x2, Knife, Food x3, Water x2, Backpack, Rope, Net Hall of Fame
Luke Pines (7) Clay (2), Jupiter (5), Ally (11) Axe, Food x3, Backpack, Rope, Night-Vision Goggles Water Suite 415
Melinoe Ryzom (7) N/A Bow, Arrows x11, Knife, Backpack, Rope, Camoflague Paints Food, Water Second West Exit/Entrance
Panthern Agrios (8) Wind (9) Knife, Food x2, Water x1, Backpack, Rope, Net, Sleeping Bag North Vegetation
Tarquin Grist (9) David (1), Ratchet (4), Nikitia (4), Nakomis (12) Sickle x2, Scythe, Food x15, Water x7, Backpack x2, Rope, Net x2, Sleeping Bag, Tent Cornucopia
Wind Settle (9) Panthern (8) Whip, Food x3, Water x2, Backpack, Night-Vision Goggles, Blanket North Vegetation
Gloom Ivy (10) Skye (3) Axe, Small Knife, Food x2, Water x1, Backpack, Rope, Blanket East Forest
Ally Mya (11) Clay (2), Jupiter (5), Luke (7) Dagger, Poison, Food x3, Backpack, Night-Vision Goggles, Blanket Water Suite 415
Nakomis Romanus (12) David (1), Ratchet (4), Nikitia (4), Tarquin (9) Food x15, Water x7 Weapon Cornucopia

Day 2: The Mutts Attack!

Nakomis Romanus - District 12 Female Tribute

I slowly wake up from my restless nightmare. But once the sun blinds my eyes and I see a giant scoreboard, I know that it wasn't just a nightmare. Luckily, I'm not dead yet so I have something to fight for. 

I look around for the Careers, but I only see Ratchet laying on the ground, drooling. Out of all the Careers, I like him the best. He originally wasn't going to ally with them, but then rumors spread that his mentor forced him. I wouldn't like that mentor. I don't even like my current mentor. He's so mean and emanding. If we don't listen to him, he'll just try and kill us. 

I sit around for probably about an hour before my senses start working. The other Careers aren't here! I think happily. They left him on guard! Oh how badly I'd beg just to get out of here. If I just get a weapon to cut this rope and flee, I'd do anything. 

As if on cue, a sponsor gift parachutes down and lands right on my lap. I'm tempted to look up at the hovercraft, but I know I'll just be blinded by the light. Quickly, I open up the gift and find a toothbrush along with a dagger! I grab onto the dagger, but am zapped. 

You must brush your teeth first! A message goes through my mind.

Regretfully, I start brushing my teeth and spitting out the saliva that formed. Then, the toothbrush just . . . vaporizes. I ignore this and just dig my hand into the gift, grabbing onto the dagger. Quickly, I start sawing at the rope, going though almost ten different layers before I can finally breathe. 

I sit down for a few minutes, realizing that now I can flee, but . . . I don't know where to go. I haven't gone anywhere in this arena yet and honestly, don't know where to go. The only place I know right now is the cornucopia and quite honestly, I don't want to leave it. I'm debating about whether I should tie myself back up, when Ratchet wakes up. 

"What!?" He says in alarm as he notices me untied. 

Thinking fast, I grab onto my dagger and get to my feet. He grabs onto a spear and chucks it right at me, but I quickly jump out of the way. I fall down on a pile of swords and lose my dagger. Ratchet stands over me, khopesh right to my neck. 

"Any last words?" He shakily says. I notice his hand start shaking really badly, to the point where the sword might just go through my neck on accident.

I try to say something, but can't. I try to say something, but nothing comes out. Instead, with my throat being dry I let out a little croak. 

I prepare to receive a khopesh through my neck so I turn away. I don't want to see this happen. I almost close my eyes when I see a morning star laying just out of hands-reach away from me. Quickly, I start to think up of a conversation with him. 

"So . . . what were the Anti-Careers thing you were creating?" I ask, trying to stall. 

He stares at me suspiciously. I know that he knows I'm just trying to stall, one of the few things that I get from reading auras. Also, I know that he's not going to try and kill me. He's just trying to wait for other Careers to come. Why? To prove that he's on their side. 

"So the Careers are in the forest?" I say, starting to get a broad idea of the arena. So there's a tunnel to get to the forest and there's different floors. There's got to be different places where the other tributes are staying. They all can't be in the woods . . . 

Suddenly, his aura changes to wanting to kill me. Quickly, I reach until my hand gets on the morning star and swing it towards him. He jumps up as the sword cuts his shirt a little bit. He swings his khopesh, but I expected it so I duck under. Quickly, I stab him right in the stomach with the morning star and he drops his khopesh. 


And just like that I got my first kill. Quickly, I start stuffing food into my bag along with enough water for 4 days. Finally, I start to hear some noise so I quickly run towards the north entrance/exit, away from the noise. When I get there, I turn around to catch a glimpse of the Careers staring at Ratchet's corpse. 

I bump my butt right into a door, afraid about going into the forest. After the first time, it doesn't open, but after three more times, the doors flies open and I get a fresh breeze of air . . . before the smell catches up to me. Dirty gym socks! Gross!

When I finally familiarize with the smell, I quickly tie my belt around the two door knobs and tie it as tight as I can. Finally, I can get some rest! I lay down on the cold, stone floor, my back aches so much that I want to stab myself. At least I got away, but now they'll be hunting me down. 

I here a moan and my head spontaneously looks towards the source. Lia, the District 5 Female, lays on a bench with only a bra and pants on. There's a huge cut in her stomach. I feel bad for her so I get to my feet and slowly start walking towards her. I bring my sword up when I finally realize something. 

I can heal her, I remind myself. I start searching through my bag when I find an insta-relief. Well, I guess I can take the easy way out of this. Quickly, I start rubbing the medicine on her wound when she wakes up. She reaches for her bow and arrows and tries to get away when she realizes I'm healing her. 

"Who are you?" she says in alarm, tensing a little bit. 

"Nakomis from 12. You're Lia right?" she nods. "Good, I just felt bad for you so . . . "

"Thank you." she says with a smile as her wound starts to close. 

"You're welcome," I say and start getting up, "I need to go."

"Why?" she says. "Don't you want to ally?" 

"Can't" I say and with that, I'm out the door and running towards the concessions. 

Skye Silverguard - District 3 Female Tribute

"Finally! Water!" Gloom shouts as we find a lake. He collapses to his knees and start drinking away. After travelling to the exact opposite side of the arena in search of water, we're both happy that we made it here. Originally, we wouldn't of even had to come here, but clumpsy Gloom accidentally knocked over ours when he said he "predicted the future." I don't trust him a bit, but Nakomis is a different story. 

"I think it's going to storm soon," I take note on the dark clouds swarming over head, but Gloom just grunts in between swallows. "Are you okay? Maybe that's enough water." 

I pull his face out of the water, but then scream. His entire mouth has been burned off from the water and leeches are crawing in and out of his mouth. One of his cheeks have melted and blood pours out of the wound. Gloom reaches for me and when I try to run, he grabs onto my hair. I scream once again as I fall to my butt and he drags me closer to the lake. 

"Get away!" I try to slap him away, but he won't stop inching closer to the lake. When we finally get close enough, he pushes me close to the water until I'm almost face to face. I do whatever I can to stay away, but I know that this is my time to end. Finally, I run out of hope so I kick him. Luckily, I kicked him right in the balls which causes him to loose his grip. Quickly, I grab onto his back and fling him into the water. 


I don't know what the helll just happened, but I'm happy I'm still alive. There must have been something in the water, something that caused this. Mutts. They're already sending in mutts! It's only noon on the second day and they're already sending in mutts! This is getting crazy! I start to walk towards the vegetation zone then it turns into a jog, then a run. I need to get away from my dead ally. 

Pinkamena Diane Pie - District 6 Female Tribute

Two cannons today and I haven't seen anyone! I need a kill. Blood. I want someone to cry so badly. To listen to them complain, beg for death. Maybe if I had some cupcake batter I could make my famous cupcakes. Watch as they pass out and tie them up with ease. Maybe I could skin their face until I could see their bones. I might even be able to make them go splat all over these statues. That's it, I need a kill!

I walk up the stairs from the Hall of Fame when I spot Melinoe, the girl from 7. She's losing her mind! She's sitting down, playing with her arrows as if they were airplanes. I wonder where her ally is. I can't remember if she died during the bloodbath since I left pretty early. I should have stayed a little longer. Well, if her ally didn't die, then I need to work fast.

I wait until she turns away from the stairway until I quickly tiptoe towards her. When I'm just a few feet away, I leap and tackle her to the ground. She starts wailing and swinging her arrow everywhere. She stabs me in the shoulder with it, but then I knock her head so hard against the stone floor that she passes out. I know she's not dead yet because I can still feel her pulse.

I drag her body down the stairs and tie her on a statue of a football player on a bike. I use both my rope and her rope to tie her up. She's sitting upright which I don't like, but I'm fine with it. About a half an hour passes when she finally wakes up. I'm the first thing she sees so she starts crying and begging in her hoarse voice to let her go. Obviously, I don't and start on her face. 

"It's okay," I reassure her. "You're face will look 'beautiful' once I'm done with it." 

She cries even more, but I ignore it and start scalping her face. I start on her forehead, slowly making it down to her nose, cheek then finally her chin. The last bit of pink flesh is surrounding her face is starting to bleed heavily, but I don't want her to bleed out. 

"Maybe you shouldn't see this," I say looking her in the eyes. "You probably don't need your eyes anymore . . . do you?"

She starts crying even louder to the point where I start cutting off her ears as well. Slowly, her breathing gradually decreases as more blood pours out. I quickly yank out her eyes. Now she can't cry, I think happily. Now all I need to do is watch her bleed out, but that's not fun. Quickly, I grab onto my sickle and start beating her with the butt of the sword. She's bruised and bloody and messy when she finally dies. 


I grab onto her bag and start looking inside of it. She has no food or water and she only had a bow and arrow. It's very unlikely that she would have even survived this day even without me. I watch as her body is taken from a little machine that I wouldn't of even noticed if it didn't roll over my toe. Then, I hear some footsteps, then a few more, then more. 

"Come and get me!" I scream when the statue of the man on the bike stands up. "What the hell?"

I swing my sickle towards the statue, but it just ricochets off of it, not even affecting the statue. I start moving away when the statues behind me grabs at me. I smack it, but it just ends up hurting my hand. I got to flee, I think even though I hate fleeing. Quickly, I run pass the statue only to knock right into an entire football team. 

They all start tackling me and I hear my ribs snapping. My lungs are being slowly crushed and I'm barely able to breathe. Is this how death is like? Slowly feeling the pain until my candle blows out, I wonder. Surely, I've seen and killed other people, but I never thought what I'd be that painful unless, you know, I kill myself. 

One of the statue sits down right next to my head and starts pulling under my chin. I scream loud, a sound that I usually love if it wasn't my own, and then I feel a tear drop roll down my cheek. I feel so sick and start puking on the statue, but nothing stops them. Then, I feel my own neck snap and my head being pulled off.

Wind Settle - District 9 Female Tribute


The fourth cannon that sounded today, but I have a feeling it won't be the last. This arena seems to be designed for death. In fact, I felt safer at the Cornucopia with the Careers staring at me, wanting to kill me. Now that I'm getting a better view of the arena, I'd much rather commit suicide than sit here for the rest of the time. I already know that I can't win, so why should I just wait for my inevitable death? 

I don't know why, but now that I know my death is near, I really want to start living. It's as if knowing you'll die, you just want to live more. So desperately do I want to live. I  don't want to die! I know that to win though, my allies must die. Missy's already dead, dying in more of a shameful matter, suffocating from her own token. Then, there's Panthern who just seems to be tired, sitting next to a tree eating an apple. 

Suddenly, he starts chocking, but I don't move. I just think that he got some apple stuck in his throat, but then he starts puking up blood. He starts to clutch at his heart when suddenly, a bunch of worms start crawling out of every opening of his head - ears, mouth, even eyes!

"Panthern?" I say somewhat confused, somewhat scared. He grabs onto my hair, but he's weak and I easily push him off of me. 

"Help," he's barely able to mutter when a group of worms slowly rip out his tongue, then slowly his eyelids. He lets out a bloodcurling scream when suddenly, his eyes are ripped out. These aren't worms, they're mutts. 


I turn to run away from this deadly scene of my own ally dying. Maggots start to crawl out of his eye sockets and the group of worms won't stop eating at his hair. With tears in my eyes, I find myself running to the only place I know - the Cornucopia. I don't know why, but the urge to watch my ally die just makes me want to as well. 

Slowly, I sprint through the tunnel and see the cornucopia. The sunset blinds my eyes as I get to the football field and once I'm able to see, an arrows already shot at me. It plunges deep into my heart. So this is how it feels to die, I think my final thought.

David Golton - District 1 Male Tribute


Finally, I got a kill! And right on time too because slowly after her death, the sun sets and the anthem starts. I look into the sky, anxiously waiting to see whose left. Who died. And more importantly, my first kill. 

First up is my own ally, Ratchet. Honestly, I'm happy he died. It was embarassing when he was alive because I got a better score than him and he got a kill. But now, I'm in the lead since I'm still alive. More importantly, I didn't die from a tribute from 12. 

The second face shocks me. Pinkamena from 6. She was bloodthirty and I thought that she would be a major threat towards the end of the Games, but now she's dead. And so is the District 7 Female, District 8 Male, and the District 9 Female. The sight of the District 9 Female makes me want to jump up in the air, screaming that she was my kill. But then the last fast is shown. Gloom. His face replaces my joy and calms me down a little bit. 

I lay down, thinking about how I killed her. How I killed the 9 Female. I feel a little pain in my gut though for killing a living human, but my joy is still pretty high. I go to bed easily, thinking about killing her that I just pass out. 

Day 2 Odds

Name Odds Previous Odds
David Goldton (1) 4-1 3-1
Clay Barines (2) 80-1 85-1
Skye Silverguard (3) 18-1 25-1
Nikitia Summers (4) 4-1 3-1
Jupiter Gallileo (5) 35-1 45-1
Lia Skyward (5) 30-1 100-1
Jeffery "Jeff the Killer" Killheart 4-1 2-1
Luke Pines (7) 18-1 19-1
Tarquin Grist (9) 7-1 10-1
Wind Settle (9) 50-1 45-1
Ally Mya (11) 80-1 80-1
Nakomis Romanus (12) 2-1 10-1

Day 2 Supplies

Name Allies Supplies Needs Location
David Goldton (1) Nikitia (4), Tarquin (9) Sword x2, Bow, Arrows x24, Machete, Axe, Food x14, Water x6, Backpack x2, Rope, Anti-Infectant  Nothing Cornucopia
Clay Barines (2) Jupiter (5), Luke (7), Ally (11) Ointment Food, Water, Weapon Suite 415
Skye Silverguard (3) N/A Crossbow, Arrows x12, Sword, Small Knife, Food x3, Backpack x2, Rope x2, Net, Blanket Water West Forest
Nikitia Summers (4) David (1), Tarquin (9) Trident x4, Spear x5, Spearhead x8, Food x14, Water x6, Backpack x2, Rope, Net x3, Instant Relief Nothing Cornucopia
Jupiter Gallileo (5) Clay (2), Luke (7), Ally (11) Knife, Throwing Knives x3, Food x1, Backpack, Rope, Net Water Suite 415
Lia Skyward (5) N/A Bow, Arrows x12, Food x1, Backpack, Net, Night-Vision Goggles Water North Locker Rooms
Jeff the Killer (6) N/A Knife x2, Food x1, Water x1, Backpack, Night-Vision Goggles, Binoculars Nothing Nobody Knows
Luke Pines (7) Clay (2), Jupiter (5), Ally (11) Axe, Food x2, Water x1, Backpack, Rope, Night-Vision Goggles, Binoculars Nothing Suite 415
Tarquin Grist (9) David (1), Nikitia (4) Sickle x2, Scythe, Food x14, Water x6, Backpack x2, Rope, Night-Vision Goggles, Net, Sleeping Bag, Tent Nothing Cornucopia
Wind Settle (9) N/A Whip, Food x2, Water x1, Backpack, Night-Vision Goggles, Blanket Nothing West Forest
Ally Mya (11) Clay (2), Jupiter (5), Luke (7) Dagger, Poison, Food x2, Backpack, Night-Vision Goggles, Blanket Water Suite 415
Nakomis Romanus (12) N/A Morning Star, Dagger, Food x6, Water x4, Backpack, Rope, Net, Blanket, Sleeping Bag Nothing East Forest

Day 3 - The Silent Killer

Jeffery "Jeff the Killer" Killheart - District 6 Male Tribute

I lurk in the shadow, staring at my next victim. She doesn't even know I'm watching her as she lays, sleeping against the trunk of a tree. Why don't I kill her? It's much more fun to scare your victim before they actually die. Her eyes slowly starts to open as the Sun sneaks through the thick leaves of the dense forest. Her instinct makes her grab onto her crossbow before finally getting to her feet. 

I grab onto a pebble and through it in the opposite direction of me. She turns and prepares to shoot her crossbow before finally lowering her arm, knowing nothing is there. I grab onto another rock. slightly large and, with great strength, chuck in at the distance to the right of me. She turns once again, gasping this time and actually shooting a crossbow into the darkness. I throw one more rock, this time towards her. 

The rock lands right in her eye and she spontaneously drops her crossbow, holding onto her eye. Nows my chance! Quickly, I dash towards her. She notices me and tries to pick up her crossbow to shoot at me, but I'm already there and knock it easily out of her hand before tackling her to the ground. 

After a little time of quieting her down, hussing her from her crying. I pull out one of my knives and stare at it, fascinated by such beauty. This makes her cry even worse, but once I stick it right next to her lip, she hushes. She just takes fast breathes and breathing really heavy.

"It's okay," I tell her, pushing my finger against her lip, "It'll just be painful for a while before finally, you're dead!" 

This makes her cry even worse so quickly, I start to cut off her lips. Slowly and painfully, I cut through her flesh and start letting her own blood drown her, but she keeps spitting it out, making me more upset and taking even longer. Once I'm done, I hold onto her lips between my fingers and rip it to pieces. I lean back a little bit, wiping at some of her blood when she reaches into her pocket. Then, before I know it, she stabs me in the shoulder.

I tense, letting go of her so she kicks me away. But I'm not letting her get away. She's just about to be buried in the darkness of the shadows when I grab onto her crossbow. I've never used one before, but nows a better time than never. I click a button and the arrow whizzes into the woods. There's a long silence before . . . 


And just like that, District 3 is now out of the Games.

Clay Barines - District 2 Male Tribute

It's official. The Anti-Careers will be attacking the Careers today. I lay down, hopeless in a chair, looking out a glass window towards the cornucopia. The Careers are clueless about this plan. They know nothing about what'll happen to them. I honestly cannot wait. There's going to be a lot of blood, and many deaths. Something that I wouldn't really like, but it's the Careers. 

I stare out towards the other side of the stadium. where Jupiter (5) positions himself properly. A flash of light blinds his eye, signalling that Ally (11) and Luke (7) is ready. I grab onto my match and quickly set off the fireworks right over the arena. However, one of them doesn't start to light. I grab onto it and start figiting it, only to find it blow up towards me. 

My body flies out of the window with the firework under my shirt. I finally just smack the firework off from my shirt and fall right down into the bleachers. My head smacks into the bleacher and I find myself staring at the cornucopia upside down. My mind can't comprehend what's happening, but I know that it's not going with the plan. 

Jupiter (5) starts throwing knives at the Careers, which was planned. But, out of the three knives he threw, only one of them hits Tarquin (9) and it only lodges into his arm. Tarquin (9) acts like he doesn't even feel his pain and starts to attack Jupiter (5) with his sickle. My other two allies, Ally (11) and Luke (7), have a little delayed sprint to ambush the rest of the Careers. However, Nikitia (4) notices right away and spears Ally (11) right through her stomach.


Luke (7), acting like a terrible leader, quickly stops dead in his traps, trying to leave. However, the doorssuddenly are blocked from a steel door and Luke (7) is forced to attack the Careers. He bats away the weapons thrown and shot at him, until he's in reach of David (1). David (1) tries to shoot an arrow, but it easily misses and goes flying right into Nikitia's leg. Luke (7) then beheads him. At least one Career died. 


Nikitia (4), angered by the arrow, grabs onto her spear and sends it right into Luke's (7) chest. He stares down at the spear before finally, dying. My vision as well starts to fade and I feel like my own cannon is going to sound soon. If only one more could go down. I lift my hand, as if to crush Nikitia's (4) head, but I just give up. My hand falls to the ground and I let out my last breathe. 


Jupiter Gallileo - District 5 Male Tribute

I turn around, Tarquin's (9) still chasing me and is gaining momentum. He's easily catching up to me and I can see that my allies have all fallen. Clay (2) lays with a large puddle of blood forming underneath his head. Luke's (7) body lays with a trident marks in his chest. His body is right next to that of David's (1), while David's (1) head is a few feet away. Nikitia (4) starts to dispose of the bodies, starting them on fire, not even realizing us. 

As I reach the highest I could reach and get cornered with a large drop behind me, I turn around, grabbing onto my knife. I prepare for a fight when he just lets out an evil laugh. He drops his bag and one of his sickles, but keeps another in his hand. He tries swinging right towards my head, but I quickly duck. I stab him in the stomach and he takes a few steps back. 

"You want to play, don't you?" He says, picking up his other sickle. 

Without thinking, I deflect his sickle swing and stab him in his shoulder. This just angers him more and he stabs me right in the stomach. I'm barely hanging onto life, and just barely keeping myself from falling, when I grab onto Tarquin's (9) shirt and send him flying to his doom with me. He falls on the ground first, landing straight on his face, snapping his neck. And I follow.


Lia Skyward - District 5 Male Tribute

Seven tributes already fell today. It makes me wonder if there was a feast and I slept through it. But it couldn't of been. It's only the third day, how many people are even left? Maybe four. Definetly four. Seven on the first day. Six or seven people yesterday. And seven today. Total of twenty tributes dead. Only four remain. So I made it to the final four? And without a kill!

The anthem starts and anxiety spreads over me. Nakomis (12) couldn't have died, right? Yet, I don't want her and I to end up in the final two. If we do, I wouldn't have the heart to kill her. But I'd know that I must. If I want to go back Autumn back home. She reminds me a lot of . . . no, I can't say her name. The memories too hard to bear right now. It seems like I've grown past that memory for a while, but the Hunger Games just made it come alive.

The first face in the sky is David (1), a Career. His face surprises me, but I know that it just means someone powerful is still in the arena. To take down a Career takes a lot of work. He wasn't the only major threat down. Clay (2) came next. He was an Anti-Career and, honestly, was my biggest fear. Right around my age, he seemed more like an 18 year old or older by the size of his muscles. 

Skye's (3) the next face, which really dampers my mood. She was a nice, little girl. I never socialized with her, but I do know that her death would have been painful to watch. I bet that she was even tortured because everyone loves killing tributes who they know can't fight back. Jupiter's (5) face makes me feel even worse. He was my district partner, it would be only logical if I were to feel dissapointment.

Luke (7), Tarquin (9) and Ally (11) follow. Luke (7) and Ally (11) were Anti-Careers, wheras Tarquin (9) was a Career. There was a battle between the Careers and Anti-Careers today, but someone else killed Skye (3). Jupiter (5) told me a lot about the Anti-Careers, especially the members. I know that, today, they all died, except for their leader who died during the bloodbath. 

That means that there's only four tributes left. I'm still alive. So is Nakomis (12), the nice girl who healed me. I have little odds of winning, but she could heal anyone with the wave of her hand, or so it seems. Jeff the Killer (6) is also alive. He's that maniac who,if someone doesn't stop him, will totally die. I doubt that even Nikitia (4) could take him down. This will cause nightmares tonight . . . 

Day 3 Odds

Name Odds Previous Odds
Nikitia Summers (4) 3-1 4-1
Lia Skyward (5) 17-1 30-1
Jeffery "Jeff the Killer" Killheart (6) 2-1 4-1
Nakomis Romanus (12) 15-1 2-1

Day 3 Supplies

Since it's the last day and no more alliances, they won't be included. Neither will needs since the tributes can last a night without food. However, if they don't have a weapon, they're in trouble. Food and water won't be included either. Only weapons and supplies.

Name Supplies Location
Nikitia Summers (4) Trident x4, Spear x4, Spearhead x5, Backpack x2, Net x2, Rope, Instant Relief Cornucopia
Lia Skyward (5) Bow, Arrows x12, Backpack, Night-Vision Goggles, Binoculars Forest
Jeffery "Jeff the Killer" Killheart (6) Knife x2, Backpack, Rope, Night-Vision Goggles, Binoculars Stadium
Nakomis Romanus (12) Morning Star, Dagger, Backpack, Rope, Net, Blanket, Sleeping Bag Stadium

Day 4 - The Victor is Crowned

Omniscient Point of View

Nikitia (4) is the first person awake in the entire arena. She came up with an elaborate scheme which is sure to kill Jeff the Killer (6), but first she needs to find Lia (5) and Nakomis (12). As she begins her walk, a silver parachute comes falling from the sky and lands on her head. Insta Relief! she thinks with delight. A slow smile starts to creep aross her face when she walks through the stadium.

Jeff the Killer (6) is the second one awake and spotted Nikitia (4). He slowly approaches her when he comes up with an idea for the girls to start killing each other. He looks from the cornucopia to the stadium where he sees the box with a microphone. He runs up the bleachers in there, but then spots Nakomis (12). He ducks down and looks for something to startle her. 

While this is happening, Nikitia (4) is busily searching the arena. She slowly starts to go from a walk to a run as she hears the speakers go on. Jeff the Killer (6) is holding onto Nakomis' (12) hair and petting her face. He grabbed onto a brick and chucked it in the window, hitting her in the head which knocked her out. He locked the doors and starts to speak into the microphone like a Gamemaker.

"Hello tributes, there will be a . . . some mutts that will be shortly entering the arena. The only safe place is the cornucopia so . . . if you want to live, go there." 

He turns off the microphone as he starts to maniacally laugh. Nakomis (12) starts to wake up from her dizzy dream about the same time Nikitia (4) finds her way in the cornucopia, waiting for Jeff the Killer (6) to show his face. Nakomis (12) lets out a little scream as she sees Jeff the Killer (6) and Nikitia (4) looks at the box to see Jeff the Killer (6) trying to strangle the District 12 Girl. 

Nikitia (4) grabs onto one of her spears before launching it at the two tributes. Jeff the Killer (6) easily duck under the spear before digging a knife deep into Nakomis' (12) forearm. She lets out a loud scream and Jeff's (6) other hand, which was suffocating her, quickly grabs onto his other knife and digs it deep into her back. Nakomis (12) let's out a little cry as her body crumples to the floor. She's still breathing, but just about to die.

As Nikitia's (4) distracted, Jeff (6) quickly runs off with only his knives. Nikitia (4) bends down to the defenseless Nakomis (12) and a little tear rolls down her cheek. She feels bad that now, only her and Lia (5) will stand a chance between Jeff the Killer (6) and is frightened by the thought. Both of them, as she remembers, only use ranged weapons. 

"Insta Relief?" Nakomis' (12) voice is hoarse as she reaches for the bottle of Insta Relief in Nikitia's (4) pocket. At first, Nikitia (4) is willing to give her gift to Nakomis (12), but then remembers that she'll just be wasting it as Nakomis (12) would probably just stab her in the back. 

"Oh Hell No!" Nikitia (4) screams, grabbing onto the Insta Relief and placing it out of Nakomis' (12) reach. Nakomis (12) asks why, which angers Nikitia (4) because Nakomis (12) obviously knows the answer. Nakomis (12), bleeding heavily, tries to stab Nikitia (4) with her dagger, but Niktiai (4) senses the attack and bangs Nakomis' (12) head against the floor, denting her skull. 


Jeff the Killer (6) is running out of the hall and down into the lobby, when he finally remembers how the other two girls that remain are probably still in the cornucopia. He lets out a little laugh as he forces himself to the football field where the cornucopia lays. It's a long shot, but the girls are going to eventually fight. Even if they don't, it's passed noon and soon, it will be dark. Dark enough for him to easily sneak around and slit both of their throats. 

Lia (5) sits behind a crate, avoiding and hiding from Nikitia (4). Usually, she isn't shy, but with the only three tributes left, she'd prefer not to bond with one right before their death. Eventually, Lia (5) finds the courage to pop out and Nikitia (4) let's out a sigh of relief and tells her about her plan. However, Lia (5) comes a little too late as the sun is set and the arena seems to be dark. The two can barely see each other and they're within five feet. 

Jeff the Killer (6) is quick on his feet. He angles himself to go behind the two girls before finally, stabbing them to death. It's a brilliant scheme in this dense of darkness, but he doesn't know that stadium's hate the darkness. Right as he's getting behind them, the lights shine brine, startling him. He falls to the ground, knocking down a crate which alarms the two girls. 

Nikitia (4) makes the first move, throwing her spear at Jeff the Killer (6), but he easily rolls away from the spear and gets to his feet. Lia (5) tries shooting arrows, but him popping out startled him so she can't aim accurately. She starts to take a few steps back, thinking that it will help her, but Jeff (6) is running everywhere it seems like he's in one place for a second before moving to the next. 

Jeff the Killer (6) stabs Nikitia (4) in the arm as she grabs onto her trident. Nikitia (4) drops the trident right on the mark and, alarmed, she screams. Lia (5) stumbles backwards as the scream both frightened and shocked her. She drops her bow and breaks three of her arrows. When she gets to her feet, Nikitia (4) is at the mercy of Jeff (6) who slowly starts to slit her throat.

Lia (5), angered, shoots two of her arrows at Jeff (6), but he uses Nikitia's (4) body as a shield, causing both arrows to go in her stomach. However, the third arrow Lia (5) shoots goes right through Jeff's (6) hand, causing him to let go of Nikitia (4). Using the last bit of her energy, Nikitia (4) stabs her trident deep into Jeff's (6) chest before she crumbles to the ground. 


"Nikitia?" Lia (5) asks, tears arising her eyes. This reminds her too much about Dawn and a whole river starts to pour from her eyes. 

"Lia?" Nikitia's (4) voice is hoarse and very quiet. She turns over and, laying in her stomach, is her own trident. "You deserved to win . . . " 

Nikitia's (4) eyes roll to the back of her head. "Nikitia!" Lia (5) screams, shaking Nikitia's (4) body repeatedly. "Don't die on me."

"Thanks for being a good helper." Nikitia (4) barely manages as her cannon sounds. 


"Helper" The word rings through Lia's (5) mind.

Death Chart

Placing Fallen Day Killer Method Used
24th Ethan Thomas (12) 1 Pinkamena Diane Pie (6) Beheaded
23rd Emerald Diamond (1) 1 Mordecai Darah (3) Stabbed in the Gut
22nd Mordecai Darah (3) 1 Luke Pines (7) Axe in Back
21st Tyler Clifton (9) 1 Jeffery Killheart (6) Repeatedly Stabbed
20th Victoriana "V" Slyvester (2) 1 Nikitia Summers (4) Trident in Chest
19th Missy Teagle (10) 1 Ratchet Squires (4) Suffocated with Missy's Token
18th Amy Mackenzie (8) 1 Tarquin Grist (9) Sickle through Back
17th Ratchet Squires (4) 2 Nakomis Romanus (12) Morning Star through Stomach
16th Gloom Ivy (10) 2 Skye Silverguard (3) and Capitol Possessed/Eatten by Mutts/Drowned
15th Melinoe Ryzom (7) 2 Pinkamena Diane Pie (6) Tortured to Death
14th Pinkamena Diane Pie (6) 2 Capitol/Statues Head Pulled Off/Suffocated
13th Panthern Agios (8) 2 Capitol/Apple/Worms Eyes Yanked Out by Capitol Mutts
12th Wind Settle (9) 2 David Goldton (1) Arrow piercing Heart
11th Skye Silverguard (3) 3 Jeffery Killheart (6) Lips Cut Off/Arrow In Back
10th Ally Mya (11) 3 Nikitia Summers (4) Speared through Chest
9th David Goldton (1) 3 Luke Pines (7) Beheaded with Axe
8th Luke Pines (7) 3 Niktia Summers (4) Stabbedd with Trident
7th Clay Barines (2) 3 Capitol Firework/Accidental Suicide Bled Out from Falling from Great Heights
6th Tarquin Grist (9) 3 Jupiter Gallileo (5) Pulled Off Stadium/Snapped Neck
5th Jupiter Gallileo (5) 3 Jupiter Gallileo (5) Suicide from Falling Off Stadium
4th Nakomis Romanus (12) 4 Nikitia Summers (4) Skull Dented when Head Smashed in Floor
3rd Jeffery "Jeff the Killer" Killheart (6) 4 Nikitia Summers (4) Stabbed in Chest with Trident
2nd Nikitia Summers (4) 4 Nikitia Summers (4) Suicide

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