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Welcome! Welcome to the 437th Annual Hunger Games!

  Years have passed. More victors have died. The Hunger Games still go on. The Capitol still is coming up with new ways to make the Hunger Games more interesting. However, in the last fifty years, the Hunger Games haven't gone on. Rebellions went on, but what caused the destruction of Panem wasn't something you could just kill by shooting it in the heart. No, it's something more advanced. It was the Panemanian Plaque.
  Fifteen years went on and, during the 385th Hunger Games, the victor became a drug addict from District 10. During the Hunger Games, he ate some bare flesh so he could have enough energy for the final fight. However, the combination of flesh and beer didn't go so well. He became sick and started to spread it all over the place. The Plaque caused the people to develop peeling skin and failure in their legs and other limbs. Eventually, District 10 wasn't the only infected area, as Peacekeepers were occasionally leaving to other districts and, little did they know, they too were infected.
  Very few people weren't infected. Those that were had very little chance of survival. As the terrible, infect year pass, many devastating deaths have happened. While bringing Capitol representatives to the other districts to video tape and interview the Victory Tour, the conductor succumbed to the Plaque and the entire train plunged into a mountain, killing all the passengers, victor and mentor along. Another happened when the own President of Panem succumbed to the Plaque and fell off of his ledge on the terrace.
  Eventually, Panem was able to heal. However, the toll of people whose lives were taken weren't entirely made up for. Forty-five years after the Plaque was introduced, the Plaque finally left their system. A well known doctor, or now a well known doctor, found out the cure to the Plaque. After finally, using it as a last resort, since they were desperate to find a cure, the vaccine was spread to everyone in Panem, whether they wanted to or not.
  After five years have passed, the doctors checked and researched everything there was and how the vaccine was doing on a person. Finally, they gave the "okay" that the Plaque was completely out of the system. Throughout the years, since actors could no longer act, most of the television channels were replays of the Hunger Games. As the new President of Panem took place on the throne, they remade the Hunger Games as most citizens of Panem have been watching the Hunger Games while they were sick. This year, it's going to be interesting.


1. The only rule that I have is that you must either have the following tribute template or add more. Please, try to have only one of the listed strengths or weaknesses.
2. I may swear during these Hunger Games and there will be a lot of blood and gory. Sexual references might be included and other inappropriate content for some ages. However, this won't happen too often.
3. These Hunger Games will involve three major parts. The Reapings, the Group Training and the actual Hunger Games will be included. Each district will be included in the Reapings, but the Group Training and actual Hunger Games may be all over the place. The same tribute might be getting the same point of view each day for the Hunger Games, however, this doesn't exactly mean that person is the victor, it might be I just like how they improve.
4. Advice is allowed after each day. However, you must post it within 24 hours to 48 hours, depending on the time given. Even if I don't post the next day within 48 hours, you cannot post advice since I'll be planning what happens the day prior to the actual day.
5. You may have up to two tributes in these Hunger Games. However, more may be possible over the length it's taking to fill. Reservations will be allowed as well, but only for 48 hours. I will not add any more time under no circumstances. If there's a prior arrangement you made with me, then I'll give you an extra twelve to twenty-four hours, but no more than that.
6. These Hunger Games are not reliant on This means two things. One, you need to make your tributes very well and creative if you want them to last far. Two, both of your tributes might die on the first day when another person's lasts until the last day.
7. I have the right to deny any tribute that I find either too overpowered, too underpowered or too basic. If you give me a backstory with one sentence, expect it to be denied. Also, any tributes that are too mental or too cliche will not be added. However, don't think that making a tribute from District 1 a Career is cliche, in fact, I'd rather prefer it. Finally, the only other tributes that I will not have are ones that don't follow the template.

  • Side Note: The Reapings will go in order from The Capitol to District 14, going in girl-boy form. That means the female tributes from The Capitol and Districts 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 will have a point of view. Male tributes from Districts 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 will have a point of view.

8. Please, have fun and please comment and give advice after every day. After every day, I'll ask from a range of two to five questions about these Hunger Games. This is very similar to what Annamisasa does, so give her the credit. Some of the questions may also be similar to hers.

Tribute Template

Name: (first and last)

Age: (12 to 18)

District: (0 to 14 and Capitol)

Gender: (male or female)

Personality: (please be precise and explain)

Weapons: (1 to 3)

Backstory: (describe anything that happened in their life)

Appearance: (lunaii and real life image)

Strength: (choose one of them below)

Weakness: (choose one of them below)

Allies: (will they ally? yes or no)

Strengths and Weaknesses

Speed: How fast they can run.

Agility: How quick and light they are on their feet.

Strength: How strong they are.

Intelligence: How smart they are.

Stealth: How quiet they can move.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: How well they fight.

Accuracy: How well they aim and hit the target.

Climbing: How they can climb trees or mountains.

Swimming: How they can swim or tread in water.

  • Please Note: You MUST choose only one of these for the Strength and one of these for the Weakness of your tribute. If you give me a tribute with more strengths or weaknesses, they'll just be given the first strength or weakness you listed.

The Tributes

District Gender Name Age Weapon Strength Weakness
The Capitol: Medicine Male Blanc "Blanket" Bonaparte 17 Axe, Spear, Smoke Bomb Intelligence Agility
The Capitol: Medicine Female Lulu Glades 14 Blowgun, Kama Accuracy Intelligence
District 0: Astronomy Male Star Sunkin 14 Blowgun, Bow and Arrows Speed Climbing
District 0: Astronomy Female Luna Sunkin 15 Spear, Throwing Knives Accuracy Hand-to-Hand Combat
District 1: Luxury Male Lorcan Madden 13 Knife, Throwing Knives Hand-to-Hand Combat Stealth
District 1: Luxury Female Juliet Carter 17 Spear, Sword Speed Climbing
District 2: Masonry Male Zach Wilson 17 Axe, Sword Speed Climbing
District 2: Masonry Female Shermaine Wilson 17 Double Swords, Martial Arts Speed Strength
District 3: Technology Male Ciel Phantomhive 14 Mind Tricks Agility Strength
District 3: Technology Female Euphoria Tenate 16 Bow and Arrows, Sword Accuracy Swimming
District 4: Fishing Male Shuppet Jorrvaskr 16 Trident, Sword Swimming Stealth
District 4: Fishing Female Clefter Dawn 16 Throwing Axes, Throwing Knives Strength Climbing
District 5: Power Male Sammy Polgona 14 Knife Stealth Strength
District 5: Power Female Yuna Besaid 16 Spear, Awl Intelligence Strength
District 6: Transportation Male Buck Rockwell 16 Spear, Sword, Rock Strength Stealth
District 6: Transportation Female Spirit Soul 15 Daggers, Bow and Arrows Climbing Accuracy
District 7: Lumber Male Allen Greensworth 12 Sickle Stealth Strength
District 7: Lumber Female Selena Quails 13 Axe, Throwing Axe, Sword Hand-to-Hand Combat Climbing
District 8: Textiles Male Banette Tsukomogami 15 Traps, Needle, Knife Strength Accuracy
District 8: Textiles Female Satart "Tart" Miles 15 Mace, Knife, Rope Stealth Climbing
District 9: Grain Male Jake Price 16 Sword, Knife Strength Accuracy
District 9: Grain Female Azalea Toyo 14 Knife, Camouflage Hand-to-Hand Combat Accuracy
District 10: Livestock Male Sonic Star 16 Dagger, Throwing Knives Speed Strength
District 10: Livestock Female Ari Jalence 18 Trident, Knife, Spear Swimming Intelligence
District 11: Agriculture Male Triticale Rain 16 Machete, Throwing Knives Accuracy Climbing
District 11: Agriculture Female Zedoary Withers 13 Bow and Arrows, Knife Stealth Hand-to-Hand Combat
District 12: Mining Male Mike Mathews 17 Traps Intelligence Strength
District 12: Mining Female Andrea Flame 16 Knife, Sickle and Chain Agility Strength
District 13: Graphite Male Patrick Pryor 13


Stealth Swimming
District 13: Graphite Female Caster Liupin 16 Poison Darts, Throwing Knives, Needle Accuracy Swimming
District 14: Mutts Male Able Williamson Jr. 15 Poison Darts Intelligence Hand-to-Hand Combat
District 14: Mutts Female Aiyanna Migwan 12 Spear, Bow and Arrows, Tomahawk Stealthy Strength



Real Life Image



Star (0) and Luna (0). Family is the most important thing to hold onto in the Hunger Games, but in Star (0) and Luna's (0) case, they are the only ones they can hold onto, and only one of them can win. Although Star (0) is a year younger than Luna (0), he constantly has to watch out and protect her, even though she strongly despises him for doing so. The two of them have a strong relationship and would sacrifice their life for the other one to win. But in the end, they're two siblings who, when separated, are useless, but together are strong.

Love Relationship

Blanc (Cap) and Lulu (Cap). We've all heard about regular love, where someone would die for their love. However, in Lulu's (Cap) case, she would be tortured and killed over and over again if it meant Blanc (Cap) would stay alive. Every time the two tributes are together, they show sympathy for each other, but also avoid hurting the other ones feelings. Blanc (Cap) is obviously the man in the relationship and helps Lulu (Cap) get over tough times, but Lulu (Cap) is more dedicated. During the Hunger Games, she stalks Blanc (Cap) to ensure that he's safe and will win. And in the end, these two tributes make each other feel differently about each other, in a good way, and are much stronger together than they are separated.
Luna (0) and Ciel (3). Ciel (3) and Luna (0) have a very small relationship with one another, but it's possible for it to develop during the course of the Hunger Games. Luna (0) feels sentimental for Ciel (3) because of him embarrassing himself in front of all the other tributes and for all the other embarrassing things he's done. Nonetheless, Ciel (3) likes the fact that she feels sentiment for her, but doesn't want her love for her to be because she feels bad for him. He wants her to love him for what he is, not for his sentiment for her.
Zach (2) and Andrea (12). Although there's been very little interaction between the two, they love each other and they make each other feel more secure and safe. Zach (2) wasn't upset when Andrea (12) wanted to help him lead the alliance, although he might have been a little reluctant if someone else trying to help him lead. Andrea (12) helps Zach (2) remain stable when Shermaine (2) tries to get into his head, and she helps him restrain from beating Shermaine (2) to the ground. In the end, the two have a connection with one another, but who knows the limits to their connection and whether they truly love each other?
Euphoria (3) and Triticale (11). Although Euphoria's (3) still in denial of her boyfriend not volunteering to come in the Hunger Games with her and the chance that he could possibly have moved on, she has a slight crush on Triticale (11). Triticale (11) loves Euphoria (3) with all his heart and she makes him feel calm and relax, but every time he's not with her, he's confused and losing his mind. Although the couple liking each other is completely unlikely, the two have deep feelings with each other, even though they will deny it repeatedly.
Sammy (5) and Yuna (5). Although Yuna (5) does notice Sammy (5) having a crush on her, she pretends to be oblivious and just continues on with what she's doing. She likes Sammy (5), since he helps her feel relieved of the stress, but is easily frightened by him when he tries to pull a classic move on her. Sammy (5) would do anything to protect Yuna (5), even though he strives for her to protect him. Whereas Yuna (5) would try to protect Sammy (5), but not as harsh as Sammy (5) claims to protect her. For example, although Yuna (5) likes Sammy (5), she wouldn't dream of killing herself to protect him.

Friendly Relationship

Blanc (Cap) and The Careers. Although Blanc (Cap) is a part of the Anti-Career alliance, he maintains a healthy and friendly relationship with the Careers. He's funny and nice around them and they all find him humorous, but will kill him if he plans to attack them. Blanc (Cap) is four years older than Lorcan (1), so they have a weaker bond than the others, but nonetheless, the two are still close friends. Zach (2) and Shermaine (2) completely hate the idea of Blanc (Cap) getting close to both opposing alliances, but they still like Blanc (Cap) as a friend and won't question him. But the real question is: Does Blanc (Cap) really see them as friends or as a way to help him win the Hunger Games?
Shuppet (4) and Banette (8). Shuppet (4) and Banette (8) can easily relate with their shady pasts, but what really helps them connect is their attitudes towards each other. Both protect each other and do their best to cheer the other one up, but occasionally, it won't. The two only met for a few days before having a stronger bond than someone you have known their entire life, as they will tell each other secrets and everything about themselves to the other. But what really makes them different and special is that the two will never fight without a reason, as they don't find joy in it.
Triticale (11) and The Anti-Careers. Triticale (11) was mainly hanging around the Anti-Careers for most of the training time, but never directly stated he was allied with them, although the Anti-Careers just assumed it. When they learned he wasn't in their alliance, they were upset, but knew they couldn't kill him. All of them love Triticale (11) and his determination and humorous side of him, which they hope will get him far. But what both Triticale (11) and the Anti-Career fear is having to go up against each other.


Zach (2) and Shermaine (2). District partners mean nothing in these Hunger Game as Zach (2) and Shermaine (2) are leaders of opposing alliances. They have a classic rivalry and are always trying to beat the other, while also slowly destroying them. Shermaine (2) is very successful in getting into Zach's (2) head, much to his dismay, but he could easily wipe the smile off her face by tackling her to the ground and beating her up. In the end, they just want the other to die, but at their hands.
Sammy (5) and Euphoria (3) with Ghost (6). Although the two girls are both in his alliance with Yuna (5), he just wants to destroy them. He wants to have Yuna (5) all to himself because he wants her to protect him, not two other people. He also despises how Yuna (5) seems more open and talkative when they're around, whereas she seems timid and uneasy when they're just alone. The two girls, Euphoria (3) and Ghost (6), see the minor rivalry between them, but when they're in the arena, they know he'll want them, especially since Yuna (5) would kill him just as fast as Sammy (5) would kill Euphoria (3) and Ghost (6).
Buck (6) and Hellspark. Buck (6) specifically hates both Shuppet (4) and Banette (8) for ruining his only chance to become a Career. Buck (6) will do everything to destroy them in the arena and to be the one to kill them, although he's slightly frightened by them. Both Shuppet (4) and Banette (8) have been bullied their entire lives, so if Buck (6) is beating them up, he's going against his oath to protect them. Nonetheless, he mainly wants to have Banette's (8) blood on his hands. The three will barely crash or talk to each other, skipping the talking to beat up each other or by giving each other disgusted looks if the trainers are near.



Bold means the tribute is the leader of the alliance.
Italics means the tribute/alliance was added/created during the course of the Hunger Games.
Underlined means the tribute is the co-leader or second-in-command in the alliance.

Pre-Game Alliances


Shermaine (2), Lorcan (1), Juliet (1), Clefter (4), Ari (10)


Zach (2), Andrea (12), Blanket (Cap), Selena (7), Tart (8), Jake (9), Sonic (10), Aiyanna (14)


Shuppet (4), Banette (8)

Sunkin Siblings

Star (0), Luna (0)

Districts 3, 5 and 6

Euphoria (3), Sammy (5), Yuna (5), Spirit (6)

Outlying Districts

Zedoary (11), Mike (12), Patrick (13), Caster (13)


Lulu (Cap), Ciel (3), Buck (6), Allen (7), Azalea (9), Triticale (11), Able (14)

Hunger Games Alliances


Shermaine (2), Lorcan (1), Ari (10)


Zach (2), Andrea (12), Tart (8), Sonic (10), Aiyanna (14

Sunkin Siblings

Star (0), Luna (0)

Districts 3, 5 and 6

Euphoria (3), Sammy (5), Yuna (5), Spirit (6)

Outlying Districts

Zedoary (11), Mike (12), Caster (13)

The Capitol Alliances

Blanket (Cap), Lulu (Cap)


Ciel (3), Shuppet (4), Allen (7), Azalea (9), Triticale (11)

The Arena

Arena: Zip Lining Resort
Description: As the tributes rise into the arena, they'll realize that they cannot see any of the other tributes, instead, all they can see is the cornucopia nearly fifty yards away. However, they'll also notice they're a hundred feet from ground level, standing on a wooden board attached to a tree. There's a zip line attached to the tree they're next to and a tree that goes through the cornucopia. As the timer goes down, the cornucopia will slowly drop, to the point where it's only fifteen feet from ground level.
  When the cannon booms, the tribute can either go to the cornucopia or in the opposite direction. In the opposite direction, it brings the tributes to a large, wooden dock which is doughnut-shaped, so they can find their allies. The dock provides stairs, which also allows the tributes to climb down and be on the ground. In every direction, there's also another zip line if the tribute chooses to stay zip lining.
  On the ground, it's entirely jungle and provides much shelter. There's plants of many assortments and large amounts of bugs and animals, which might spread disease to the tribute. In the northeast corner of the arena all the way down the east to the southeast, there's a large lake, which provides the tributes a source of water. However, on the west side of the arena, there's a ruined city which is almost completely hidden by the trees. If it wasn't for the moss surrounding the boards and the glass cutting the tributes feet, nobody would notice.
Dangers: Despite the actual mutts, this arena contains much more dangers. Poisonous berries are a huge disadvantage, especially when a tribute doesn't know they're edible plants. Berries like the nightlock, which will kill the tribute in minutes, and rhubarb leaves, which will give the tribute a coma, are common throughout the arena.
  The animals and plant also pose a threat as they don't like to be disturbed. Mosquitoes, which are usually found around the lake, could spread diseases to the tribute. Monkeys surround most of the jungle and will attack any tribute they see, digging it's sharp teeth into their tender flesh. Birds might not look like a large threat, but they chirp to distract the tribute as another animal, like a tiger or lion, kill the tribute from behind.
  Due to the zip lines not being sturdy, they can easily be cut or broke if it exceeds its weight capacity. The boards, however, are very sturdy and won't break under normal circumstances. Fires may pose a threat to the zip lines as well as the trees will burn and the zip line will snap. However, fires aren't created unless a tribute starts it or a Gamemaker wants to make it more interesting.
Provides: Despite the animals being a major threat to a tribute, smaller animals, such as squirrels and rabbits, are easier to catch and provide food. Larger animals, like tigers, are harder to kill, but will serve a delicious dinner if killed. However, raw or uncooked meat could possibly cause illness to the tribute.
  Although mosquitoes surround the water, the water is fresh and not contaminated. Smaller fish are found around the shore of the lake, but the further into the lake, the larger the fish are. However, the water might become contaminated if a wounded tribute enters the water or if a tribute poisons it, although it would be cleared in 24 hours.
  As for shelter and warmth, it also provides that. The large tree will provide shade for tired tribute with little to no sun peaking out from behind the leaves and branches. The branches and leaves could also be used to create a shelter for the tribute, but also to start a fire. Since the trees are so large and it's hard to see above them, unless climbed, the tributes who start the fire will be safe from the Careers, unless the notice the fire, not the smoke.
  The Wooden Nymph Mutts. These mutts are completely hidden throughout the large trees and will remain invisible unless looked directly at. A tribute who scans the area around them would not notice them, unless they have a very keen eyes. These mutts are very small, as they resemble people who are only three feet tall. Whenever they want, their body can turn into wood, making them easier to burn. In attack, these mutts would either stay in human form where they can dig their sharp fingernails into the flesh of the tribute and rip out their heart, or them could turn into wood, making their arms wooden stakes.
  Cheger Mutts. The cheetah and the tiger are both very feared jungle animals, but combined, they're the biggest threat in the arena. These mutts have the speed of the cheetah and will catch any prey. However, to find it's prey, it relies mainly on their hearing, touch and scent, as they can only see in black-and-white. Tributes can easily blend in with the tree if they remain silent and still. When a tribute is caught by a cheger, the mutt will dig its sharp fangs into their throats and rip it out, causing the tribute to be unable to scream. It will then, rip the tribute to pieces as if they were just his chew toy.
Tribute Outfits: Since the tribute is usually hot and it takes place in a zip lining resort, the tribute's outfits were chosen carefully. All the tributes start off with a harness around their body. Underneath, they have a black t-shirt with a sweatshirt that is colored according to district. All the tributes wear tawny, black trousers as well along with soft leather boots with a rubber sole.
 For the colors, the Capitol wears a flamingo pink with faded, electric purple stripes to resemble the crazy styles there; District 0 wears white to resemble the stars; District 1 wears a fuchsia to resemble fancy jewelry; District 2 wears crimson to resemble blood; District 3 wears a silver to resemble technology by being the color of a laptop; District 4 wears a dodger blue to resemble water; District 5 wears electric yellow to resemble power; District 6 wears a sky blue to resemble an airplane by being the color of the sky; District 7 wears a sienna brown to resemble the trees; District 8 wears indigo, which is the color dye used in jeans; District 9 wears the color, wheat, since it's a type of grain; District 10 wears white with black spots to resemble a cow; District 11 wears chartreuse to resemble plants; District 12 wears dark grey to resemble coal; District 13 wears yellow and black to resemble a nuclear sign; and District 14 wears sunglow to resemble the warm climate there.

Sponsoring Money


User Tribute #1 Money Tribute #2 Money
Alyssa101 Andrea Flame (12) $486 Aiyanna Migwan (14) $449
Andy1854 Clefter Dawn (4) $0 Caster Liupin (13) $450
Annamisasa Shermaine Wilson (2) $1,000 Yuna Besaid (5) $600
Blissfully Mine Selena Quails (7) $0 Satart "Tart" Miles (8) $525
Blue-Ribbonz Star Sunkin (0) $662 Luna Sunkin (0) $513
Cloveismywife Juliet Carer (1) $0 Sammy Polgona (5) $375
El Funk Triticale Rain (11) $650
Emmie7130 Ari Jalence (10) $650 Zedoary Withers (11) $450
HawkWD Spirit Soul (6) $600
Hybrid Shadow Lorcan Madden (1) $750 Patrick Pryor (13) $0
Jellyjam1115 Azalea Toyo (9) $450
Kidwonderous2842 Able Williamson Jr. (14) $0
Mistfire333 Blanc "Blanket" Bonaparte (Cap) $1,100 Banette Tsukomogami (8) $0
Mixalis Duddy Mike Mathews (12) $600
MyWorld Sonic Star (10) $125
PumPumPumpkin :3 Lulu Glades (Cap) $812
Tehblakdeath Ciel Phantomhive (3) $1,325 Shuppet Jorrvaskr (4) $800
TheFireJay Jake Price (9) $0
YourFavoriteSalmon Buck Rockwell (6) $0 Allen Greensworth (7) $425
*Kyoni~Kara* Euphoria Tenate (3) $1,700
~glitterday~ Zach Wilson (2) $800

Bonus Money Opportunities


Career Kill: $100
  Note: Counts for Anyone in the Career Alliance or anyone from The Capitol or Districts 1, 2, 4 and 14. Also, the tributes must currently be in the Career Alliance if from a non-Career district.
Anti-Career Kill: $75
  Note: The tribute must currently be in the Anti-Career Alliance. Doesn't count if the tribute ditched or is separated from the main alliance. But does count if the tribute separated (not ditched) is with at least one other Anti-Career.
Large Alliance Kill: $75
  Note: The tribute must be in an alliance with four or more tributes. This doesn't count for the Career or Anti-Careers.
Entire Alliance Kill: $100 + $50 per Tribute
  Note: Only one tribute could earn this if they kill an entire alliance. Doesn't count if another tribute got a kill from the same alliance. This means that the tribute must kill what either remains or what's left of the alliance. If one of the alliance members died early on, not when the tribute is attacking, they're death wouldn't penalize this bonus.
Normal Kill: $50

Grammar Corrections

  If you find any errors in spelling, grammar or fluency, feel free to post a comment that involves the PoV (or section) in which the error happens and the original sentence with the corrected sentence below. You will receive an extra $25 to be added to one of your tributes.


  Usually, at the end of each day, there'll be questions (inspired by Annamisasa) that you can choose to answer. One of the questions will be about who you think will die next, not who you want to die next. If that tribute dies any time during the day, you will receive $50. However, if you state more than one tributes and one of them are wrong, you will be deducted $50. Basically, if you incorrectly guess and you only posted one, there will be no deduction. However, if you risk more than one, you will be penalized for any wrong guesses.

Post-Day Questions

  At the end of each day and before the next, I'll usually post questions for the users. The questions can be answered with just one word, but I highly recommend writing at least a few sentences for some extra money. Everybody who answers will receive $50 to one of their tributes. However, if you actually put some thought and consideration into it, I'll give you $100 for that tribute.

Sponsoring Items

Sponsoring Gift Classification Price
Anti-Infection* Medication $600
Arrows (12) Weapon $400
Awl Weapon $400
Axe Weapon $450
Bandages* Medication $350
Battle Axe Weapon $475
Blanket* Warmth $450
Blowgun Weapon $575
Boomerang  Weapon $475
Bow Weapon $600
Brass Knuckles Weapon $550
Clothing (any type) Warmth $550
Club Weapon $600
Composite Bow Weapon $650
Crossbow Weapon $675
Dagger Weapon $425
Darts (12) Weapon $450
Empty Large Backpack Supplies $600
Empty Medium Backpack Supplies $500
Empty Small Backpack Supplies $400
Energy Drink Drink $450
Flail Weapon $550
Halberd Weapon $550
Hammers (4) Weapon $450
Harpoon Weapon $575
Hatchet Weapon $475
Hurlbat Weapon $525
Individual Food (lasts a day) Food $250
Instant Relief Medication $1,000
Javelin Weapon $575
Kama Weapon $550
Katana Weapon $525
Knife* Weapon $400
Large Survival Backpack Custom Supplies $800
Longsword Weapon $525
Mace Weapon $525
Matches* Warmth $400
Medium Survival Backpack Custom Supplies $700
Morning Star Weapon $550
Night-Vision Goggles* Supplies $500
Painkillers* Medication $600
Pickaxe Weapon $475
Rope* Supplies $400
Scythe  Weapon $550
Short Sword Weapon $450
Shurikens (6) Weapon $500
Sickle Weapon $550
Sleep Serum Medication $575
Slingshot Weapon $500
Small Survival Backpack Custom Supplies $600
Spear Weapon $575
Sword Weapon $500
Throwing Axes (4) Weapon $525
Throwing Darts (12) Weapon $500
Throwing Knives (12) Weapon $525
Tomahawk  Weapon $550
Trident Weapon $600
War Scythe Weapon $600
Water* Drink $350
  • Note: Anything with a * means that it can be Used in the Custom Survival Backpacks. However, keep in mind that each backpack has a limit to how much supplies can be given. 
  • The Small Survival Backpack will already have food for three days with two supplies that you may choose.
  • The Medium Survival Backpack will already have food for four days with three supplies that you may choose.
  • The Large Survival Backpack will already have food for five days with four supplies that you may choose. 
  • If you want me to add something, just comment. 

The Capitol Favoritism

Placing Name District Odds Reason
1st Ciel Phantomhive 3 2-1 Earning a 12 in Training and Having One Kill
2nd Zach Wilson 2 3-1 For Leading the Anti-Careers against the Careers, to Prevent a New Twist
3rd Shermaine Wilson 2 3-1 For Leading the Careers and Earning Herself a Career
4th Lulu Glades The Capitol 5-1 For Showing Brute Strength against Anyone who Came Towards her and Earning a 10 in Training
5th Andrea Flame 12 10-1 Fleeing the Bloodbath after Successfully Stopping the Careers from Killing
6th Lorcan Madden 1 10-1 Injuring Banette, who Earned the Second Highest Training Score, which May Have Led to his Death
7th Euphoria Tenate 3 15-1 Killed Sammy and Has a Relationship with Triticale and Bronson
8th Shuppet Jorrvaskr 4 18-1 Allied with Banette, before His Death
9th Blanc "Blanket" Bonaparte The Capitol 15-1 The Capitol Totally Ships the Relationship between Blanc and Lulu
10th Star Sunkin 0 20-1 The Capitol Loves the Bonds between a Brother and a Sister
11th Luna Sunkin 0 25-1 The Capitol Loves the Bonds between a Brother and a Sister
12th Triticale Rain 11 25-1 For Being a Mysterious Tribute, Intruging The Capitol with His Reasons for Not Joining the Anti-Careers
13th Ari Jalence 10 10-1 Still a Part of the Careers, but Hasn't Done Much
14th Satart "Tart" Miles 8 35-1 A Part of the Anti-Careers, who Stopped the Careers from Killing, but Has Seen Making Reckless Decisions
15th Aiyanna Migwan 14 45-1 A Part of the Anti-Careers, who Stopped the Careers from Killing, but Can Hardly Walk
16th Spirit Soul  6 30-1 Mysterious, but Earned a High Training Score; The Capitol will Keep an Eye on Her
17th Sonic Star 10 20-1 A Part of the Anti-Careers, who Stopped the Careers from Killing, but The Capitol just Doesn't Like how He Doesn't Stick Out
18th Zedoary Withers 11 35-1 For Creating a Useless Alliance
19th Caster Liupin 13 40-1 For Being a Part of a Useless Alliance that Won't get Far
20th Azalea Toyo 9 35-1 For Being the Reason of Jake's Death, who The Capitol Liked
21st Mike Mathews 12 25-1 Physically Unfit and a Part of a Useless Alliance
22nd Allen Greensworth 7 55-1 The Capitol Believes He's Truly a Useless Tribute for Earning Such a Poor Training Score
23rd Sammy Polgona 5 -- Deceased
24th Yuna Besaid 5 -- Deceased
25th Buck Rockwell 6 -- Deceased
26th Banette Tsukomogami 8 -- Deceased
27th Juliet Carter 1 -- Deceased
28th Selena Quails 7 -- Deceased
29th Clefter Dawn 4 -- Deceased
30th Able Williamson Jr.  14 -- Deceased
31st Patrick Pryor 13 -- Deceased
32nd Jake Price 9 -- Deceased

Key to Discounts

Rank Current Tribute Discount
1st Ciel Phantomhive 75%
2nd Zach Wilson (2) 50%
3rd Shermaine Wilson (2) 25%
4th Lulu Glades (Cap) 20%
5th Andrea Flame (12) 15%
6th Lorcan Madden (1) 10%
7th Euphoria Tenate (3) 10%
8th Shuppet Jorrvaskr (4) 10%
9th Blanc "Blanket" Bonaparte (Cap) 10%
10th Star Sunkin (0) 10%

The Reapings

The Capitol: Lulu Glades

  "Why the hell am I in here?" I whine, bored. I've been stuck in this high-security, ill-minded center for too long.
  "You know why." The guard says, screaming at me.
  "Why can't she get out?" One of the new guards ask. This is what really gets me annoyed. People thinking that I'm not much of a threat. All these people have underestimated me too much. I'd love to scream into the guard's face, saying Well dip shit, I've killed 20 fucking teenagers and laughed as I ripped them limb from limb. But if I did that, I wouldn't get out of here.
  "She killed over a dozen of people!" The first guard screams, slapping the new guard on the back of the head. For some reason, this starts making me laugh. Not the guard slapping the other guard in the back of the head, but listening to another person talking about how I killed twenty teenagers.
  "Well, today's the Reapings. Everyone needs to go . . . don't they?"
  "The Reapings!" I scream. I really badly want to see one in real life. I want to see who'll be reaped and watch as they die right away. Usually, I'd be watching the Hunger Games replays in my free time, but ever since I accidentally killed a guard when I went all crazy after watching the bloodiest Hunger Games ever! That's when it clicks in my head that before, everyone was required to go to the Reapings.
  "No, she can't . . . she just . . . but she . . . urgh! You're right." The guard mumbles, fumbling the keys in his finger until finally, he finds mine. His eyes turn to me as he unlocks the cell. "There better not be any crazy stuff, you got it! No killing!"
  "I'm not like that." I say as I finally get a fresh breeze of air. Not really much different, but now I'm free for the next few hours, it feels so different. "Where's the exit?"
  "Down there." The newest guard says, pointing down the hallway.
  "Thanks!" I say. "Oh wait, I forgot!" I turn right around to both of the guards and kick the new one in the nuts. The other guard tries to get in the way, but I kick him in the stomach before banging his head repeatedly in the metal bars. I make sure to feel his pulse, so I can't be charged for murder, but I still feel it. The other guard is laying on the ground, still grabbing at his privates. "By the way, I'm not very 'helpless.'" And with that, I kick him right in the stomach, listening as the air quickly leaves his breath, followed by panting. "I'm not helpless!"

  The Reaping Square! I love! I can hear all these little twelve year old children breathing heavily and crying into the arms of their parents. All these emotions. All of these tears. They all just make me laugh. So many adults stare at me with an angry glare in their eyes, but I just stare to laugh even louder. The only noise that finally makes me shut up is the sound of the escort tapping on the microphone.
  "Testing, testing 1, 2, 3. Okay! After 50 years have passed, the Hunger Games will resume. Over these 50 years, we've gone through many troubles and . . . " The escort quickly flips through all of the note-cards that she has in her hand. "Um, does anyone really expect me to read through all of this! I think we just want to know who's going to be reaped!"
  Everyone's quiet as the escort's heels echo throughout the Square. I stare with anxiety, wanting to know who will die next, but other's are sweating a lot, scared about their possible death. The first people, like in the previous Hunger Games, are going to be the females. Ranged from ages twelve to eighteen. They'll fight to the death. But I'm pretty sure we all knew that already, since the only shows on TV were the reruns of the Hunger Games.
  "And the female tribute in the 437th Hunger Games is . . . pause for dramatic effect . . . Lulu Glades!"
  I laugh hysterically as the suckers name is announced. However, this loser is so much of a wimp, that they don't even walk onto stage. Many people are staring around the crowd of females, wondering who is this so called Lulu Glades . . . wait . . . I'm Lulu Glades!
  "That's me! That's me!" I scream and run onto stage, knocking all the other fourteen year old children and everyone else who stands in my way. People are eventually getting the idea and just create their own opening, allowing me to get through faster. When I'm finally on stage, I'm about to scream something into the microphone, but the two guards that I beat up just arrived and point a gun right towards me. Peacekeepers force them to put it down and the escort just carries on.
  "And the male tribute of the 437th Hunger Games is . . . pause for dramatic―okay, now I really want to know―Blanc Bonaparte!"
  As the name was announced, a woman fell down onto her knees and started screaming. She's yelling over her baby and I just start laughing in her face. As the paranoid boy starts to walk onto stage, my laughter seems to get louder and louder. I can literally hear it bouncing all over the walls. That's when I realize, I'm actually laughing into the microphone! I just start to laugh even louder!
  "And . . . these are The Capitol tributes for the 437th Hunger Games!" The escort quickly says before pushing us both inside the Justice Building as fast as she could. I laughed. Blanket just had little tears in his eyes as the entire audience was weeping for him. Or maybe I made them cry.

District 0: Star Sunkin

  Earlier this year, after the entire Panemanian Plaque finally seemed to dwindle in the population of people, Luna and I were kicked out of the house. We didn't mean to actually do anything. In fact, we were just trying to knock my older sister, Opalia, off of her throne. The bowling ball wasn't intended to kill her, maybe just knock her out. But someone stopped her. A young girl who was throwing up blood all over Opalia's shoes. Opalia stopped and we flung the bowling ball and then . . . she was gone.
  Luna and I were shunned. Luna was trying to make it better. She was cheering us both up, trying to think on the good side. The main reason we didn't go crawling back was because the rest of my family was still going through the disease. If we went back, we could have got the Plaque and died. For all we cared about, we no longer had the painful headaches from the screaming in our household.
  Then, the Reapings came. Neither of us could have though in our minds that we'd both be reaped. But it happened. We were reaped. We were going off to our doom. Neither of us were ready for this. In fact, Luna just was standing on stage, mumbling something about how this could not be happening. I wish that didn't happen. I wish that I was still standing in the Reaping Square, watching my other siblings go off to their doom. But it was us and we have to accept our fate.

  Now, in present time, my sister and I are separated. Two siblings into separate rooms in the Justice Building. I haven't had anyone come in yet to talk to me, but I've heard a lot of noise coming out of my sister's room. Many tears being shed. The voice of my mother and father not even arguing comes to my attention and I put my ear up to the door, trying to hear what they are saying. But tears drown out the words.
  Then, everything gets quiet. I push my ear closer and closer to the door. I hold my breath, trying to hear everything that they might be saying. The tears have stopped, but I know secrets are being spread. My parent's are probably telling her that they want her to come home. Use my abilities and in the end, stab me in the back. Anger starts flowing through my body as this possible hypothesis starts finding more and more evidence this might be true. I want to punch something, but something seems to punch me in the face as the door is opened abruptly. I smack my head against the door and put both hands over my forehead, feeling for a bump.
  Two hands greet me and they seem to massage my shoulders. I just slap the arms away and look up to stare at the two people. Surely enough, they're my parents. Never have they stared at me with such sentiment and fright. Usually, they would just hate me and not tolerate me. They probably still don't, but want to act like good parents, saying goodbye as their child goes off to their doom.
  I want to wrap myself in their arms. Be so close to them that I can barely breath. But I force myself to remain a solid face. The corners of my mouth are trying to creep over to each cheek, but I bite down on my tongue to avoid it. If I smile, they'd think they were good parents. Letting their kids go off on the street because they shunned me doesn't qualify. In fact, I'd feel joy when watching them beg at my feet to forgive me.
  "Why'd you come?" I manage to say, speaking softly so my voice doesn't crackle. I can't handle staring into their eyes, afraid that tears might pour out of my eyes in buckets. Instead, I stare at the ground.
  "We wanted to say we were sorry." My mother says with so much emotion that I can almost feel like she means it. But I highly doubt it. Peacekeepers are staring at us and listening to our every word. My parents can't let them think of them badly.
  "Really?" I chuckle a little at the thought. "You didn't apologize when you left me on the street!" I scream the last part loud, trying to have everyone around me hear it. Trying to let the whole world know what they did, but I know it won't help. What happened, happened. I can't reverse it now.
  "That's because you did something bad." My dad says offended. "You think that you can go around ki―"
  "He means!" my mother stops him abruptly. Her tone very alarming as the Peacekeepers around us are still listening. "He means that we are sorry. We didn't mean for anything bad to happen. Nothing like this . . . "
  "Then why―" My voice crackles and a tear starts to roll down my face and drips onto the floor. "Then why didn't you say anything other than: Leave!" Before I know it, tears are repeatedly rolling down my face and my mother wraps her arms around me, hugging me. "I'm sorry mom." I say, quietly into her ears, "I'm sorry."

District 1: Juliet Carter

  Three years ago, exactly on this day, my brother died. The vaccine was being spread to each district, but during a train crash while being transported, there was a shortage of amount. of vaccine in the district. Many people were left to strive for themselves, left on the street while others quickly were given the vaccine. My family was among the first, but my brother didn't take the shot right away.
  As other people perished, the hospital kept the little shot for my brother left, but my brother was a strong man. He didn't like to watch others perish and would much rather kill himself to let someone live. I still respect him for giving the shot to a poor little girl along the streets, but he died right after, succumbing to the disease. My parents think of him as a disgrace, that he ruined the entire family name. But I didn't think so.
  "Hello?" The quiet voice of the girl my brother saved says while peeking open the door. Today's the Reapings and I will be forced to volunteer. I already can imagine death. It's biting at my face. I'm tempted to not volunteer, but I can already assume that I'm going to get it if I don't. Because I was scared, she promised she'd say goodbye before we left for the Reapings.
  "In the living room!" I scream, straightening up my stance and wiping off some dust on my blue, sleeveless dress.
  "You look beautiful!" She compliments me and sits down by a nearby couch, picking up a picture of my late brother. "He died on this exact day . . . "
  "Don't hold yourself accountable for his death." I say, sitting down next to her and rubbing her back. "He died for a wonderful friend."
  "Are you scared?" She asks, placing the picture back on the table. "Are you afraid of being reaped?"
  "No." I say, without giving reasoning. "I'm not scared about being reaped."

  I stand straight and proud on the stage, trying to push my chest out to show that I'm a threat, but my stomach's still churning as fright brews inside of me, thinking about the possible death trap of an arena it could be this year. Not only that, but the male tribute from this district could also be a major threat. I know that I get attached to people fast, so whoever this tribute may be will determine my faith. I hold onto my breath as the escort inches her mouth closer to the microphone, opening it slowly to reveal the male tribute.
  "Flick . . . " Flick! The name runs through my head so fast and loudly that I can't even hear the last name of the boy. Flick. Sounds like an unusual, but threatening name. But when I see that this Flick is just a little boy who looks like he's never wielded a weapon before.
  "I volunteer!" A boy from the thirteen year old section screams out as Flick starts walking up the steps, followed by a chain reaction of other males screaming that they want to volunteer. But both the escort and I saw the face of the thirteen year old boy who screamed that he'd volunteer before everyone else joined in.
  "Lorcan Madden." The muscular thirteen year old says into the microphone after walking onto stage. Lorcan doesn't even dare look into my eyes as he shakes my hand, instead, he stares at Flick, who has been hugging his parent's tightly ever since Lorcan volunteered. The only time I'm able to actually looking into his brown eyes is when we crosses paths while walking into the Justice Building. All I saw was determination, not fear, despite his young age.
  I quickly walked inside the Justice Building shortly after, sitting in a room, waiting to be accompanied by the girl my brother saved. It seems like minutes at first, but then it feels like hours and then days. Anxiety and fright spread through my body as I pace back and forth in the room. Finally, the door cracks open and there she stands.
  "I thought you said you weren't scared?" She says as I run into her arms and embrace her.
  "No, I said that I wasn't scared of being reaped." I say in her arms, sensing some tears as we're going to say our goodbyes to each other. "That's because my parent's forced me into these Hunger Games."

District 2: Zach Wilson

  "I volunteer!" The words still ring around my head. This year, since it's the return of the Hunger Games, many people volunteered, but I was the one that said it first and was noticed by the escort. So was Shermaine, but that's mainly because the other girls who tried to volunteer quickly withdrew their words and made a path for her.
  Both of us sit on the train, getting use to the new place. Right away, we separated and went into different rooms. Neither of us bothered trying to know each other, mainly because I was eager to get away from her. Although we are the same age and went to the same Career Academy, we didn't really know each other a lot, but I know her dad owns a Career Academy in the district. She also has a nickname: Pain.
  I force my mind to try and think of something other than Pain, but every time I do, I just keep getting mixed feelings and reactions. My eyes keep staring out the window, wondering if we'll see District 12 on the way to The Capitol. My dad was a Peacekeeper there, after he was the mayor, but I don't see why he wanted to move to the polluted air and dusty area. My mom's still a nanny and she's probably at home with my other three siblings. They won't be happy I volunteered, especially since dad's still in District 12. But I just have to encourage myself I made the right decision.
  See, this is the one thing I have different from most Careers. Even though I might be a little arrogant or rude, maybe even a bit of an asshole, I also have a sane part of me that won't die. While many people change in these Hunger Games, I know that I won't. I'm always going to be the nice Zach back home, even though I may kill some people gruesomely while I do.
  "Food's ready!" The escort screams from behind the door to my room.
  Wow! I gust noticed that being sent to your death really makes you think about your life.

  At the dinner table, I eat quickly, glancing as I push the peas on my plate in circles around the middle with a fork. I don't dare look into the escort's eyes, since she will be all I have until the start of the 437th Hunger Games. Within these last few years, all the victors have succumbed to the disease and died. Those that survive were killed by a group of Rebels in attempt to stop the spread of the disease, even though they aren't any different than any humans.
  "So, do you like this train so far?" The escort asks, probably sensing the awkward silence to be growing a lot past it's limits. "Almost 600 miles per hour and we can't even feel a thing! The lovely Capitol is always expanding their technology!"
  "Stupid Capitol." Pain says, stabbing her butter knife into the table.
  "Look." The escort says sentimentally, making me look into her eyes as she speaks. "I didn't mean for this to happen to you two. Knowing that only one of you could come home, your family must be terrified."
  "We aren't related." Pain says, pushing the butter knife further into the table as her knuckles grow red. "Just because we have the same last name doesn't make us siblings."
  "Well, I just assumed―"
  "Don't assume." Pain says, yanking the knife out of the table, leaving a long puncture in it. "If you really want to know what's real and what's fantasy, then look it up online. Or maybe The Capitol made another invention to allow you to have fantasy become reality!"
  "Well you're not in a good mood!" The escort screams, pounding her fists into the table, accidentally knocking over a bottle of wine that she was drinking all over the floor. "Little Miss, if you want to get sponsors, I've known a lot of them for many years, so don't expect any help from sponsors in the Hunger Games if you won't cooperate with me."
  "Don't call me 'Little Miss'." Pain threatens.
  "Yeah, she likes to be called 'Pain'." I say, accidentally butting into the conversation.
  "Don't call me that!" She screams and kicks my chair in a fit of rage.
  At least now I know why they call her Pain, it's because she's a pain in the ass.

District 3: Euphoria Tenate

  Earlier today, I was getting ready for the Reapings, now I'm getting ready for the Hunger Games. I anxiously pace around the room of the Justice Building. My father had to return right back to his job after the Reapings, so only a miracle could happen for him to come here. However, since my mother is a teacher and they didn't have school today, she'll probably come. Caleb's probably rounding up our six little siblings and grandmother to talk to me, but the main question I have is if Bronson, my boyfriend is coming.
  In the other room, I hear Ciel talking to somebody named "Sebastian". I'm a little confused though, since I can't hear this "Sebastian's" voice, though, I'm already starting to be a little frightened by Ciel's presence. Altogether, I feel really bad about him being reaped. Every year, some poor child that doesn't even deserve their upcoming fate is reaped and die. Sadly, this year, it's Ciel who's both fourteen and delusional. At least it's not me.
  Part of me thinks that my parents won't even show up, but finally, the door opens and I see the nine shining faces that I might never see again. My younger siblings, some in which also had their names in the Reaping Bowl, have puffy eyes and hug me right when they see me. I'm suffocating by their giant hug, but I don't refuse it as it might be my last. Finally, they release their hands and run over to my mother.
  Caleb just sits down in a chair next to my grandmother. He barely stares at me straight, but when he actually does, I realize how much tears he must have shed. In his sleeve, multiple tissues are peeking out, all in which seem slightly damp and soggy. Once he reassures that my grandmother won't fall out of her chair, he gives me a giant hug and we both cry into each others shoulders.
  My mother and grandmother, however, just remain still and comfort my other siblings. Grandmother strokes the hair of my brother once he sits back down, and hands him multiple tissues as he blows his nose into them. My mother is still being embraced by my younger siblings, despite the fact she isn't going into the Hunger Games, I am.
  "Don't be sad." I say, fumbling over the words. I'm sad, myself, so I might be a little hypocritical. "This is going to be my fate. Plus, I might win, you never know."
  "But if you don't . . . " Caleb says before turning into my grandmother's arms and crying right into her.
  "But I will. You guys know me, I've lived with you for my entire life. Nobody volunteered for a reason. Just like how I don't volunteer for someone I want to save, because that might mean death. For me, it'll be different. I'll make it different. I'm going to do my hardest and win for us." Anxiety starts rushing into my voice and the adrenaline is start to flow faster throughout my body, numbing my emotions.
  "Yeah, she might!" My mother tries to say enthusiastically into the herd of younger siblings around her. Although they might be young, not even a baby could think she was being honest. There was a bit of doubt in her voice, which frightens me a little bit because "mom knows best". What happens if I do die and no longer support and help my family.
  "No matter what." I say. "You'll still be my family. I love you all and want to thank you all. Mom, you and dad have both given me life. I tried to follow in your footsteps and respect you. Please, tell dad I love him. All of you have given me an 'interesting' life. We might be oddballs, but we're still a family and a family stays together until the end."
  "Thank you, Euphoria." My mother smiles before Peacekeepers walk in and escort all of them out of the Justice Building.
  "I'll try to win!" I scream as the doors about the shut. "For you!"
  Once again, I'm alone. Waiting for the train station to depart, but there's still a little time left before we have to board the train and, honestly, I'm not in the mood to leave District 3. The arena could be anything. We might even be in a recreated version of District 3 or a gigantic pool, something that frightens me. But as the time ticks away, I'm just about to be escorted away and I take one last look of District 3 before being dragged by Peacekeepers out of the Justice Building.

  I buckle myself in the car and stare out the window in awe. My boyfriend . . . he never came. Am I not that important that he won't even say bye while I'm off to my doom? Did he even love me? Was he dating another girl behind my back? I try to shake the thought out of my mind, but we're only sixteen and not everyone is who them seem to be. Bronson could have been a completely different person than I assumed he was.
  Ciel jumps into the car and is placed next to me, still talking to this so-called "Sebastian" but there's nobody around except for the driver and the escort who are in the front. I wonder if he's just going insane from being reaped, but I didn't assume that a fourteen year old could lose his sanity within just the call of his name. But I'm not the person to argue against that, since I as well feel like I might go insane from being reaped.
  The driver starts the car, but a large boom sounds out and smoke erupts from the engine. "Shit!" He cries as he opens up the door and pops open the liquid before being surrounding by smoke. He blows it away with his hands before checking to see what the issue was. Great! Now I have to wait longer before going to The Capitol, not that I'm happy or ready to go there, it's just I'd rather not sit still while my boyfriend might already have moved on.
  It's about an hour before the driver actually finishes the engine and is able to start to car. During that span of time it took, my escort could not stop whining about the new Capitol trends and, whenever she heard a song she recognized, she would start singing it loudly and off-key. And while that was happening, Ciel was screaming at "Sebastian" about how upset he was when his parents died and was trying to be sold? This kid has some really big issues.
  As we're driving through the streets of District 3, I finally see the train station in view. But as we're about to pull in, a mysterious figure comes right in front of the car, signalling for it to stop. In it's hand is a heart and a bouquet of flowers. Only at the last second do I realize the beautiful complexion that tries to stop the car, which was way out of his mind. Bronson. The driver doesn't see him right away and, once he hits the breaks, it's already too late and Bronson is hit by the car and goes flying over the hood.
  "Stop!" I scream at the top of my lungs, trying to speak over my escort whose screaming at the driver for hitting a child. "Let me get out!" But even after my demands, the door remains unlocked so I grab onto a radio that was helplessly laying on the ground and throw it through the window to get to my boyfriend.
  "Bronson." I let out a shrill cry as I see his body laying face-down on the ground. "Are you okay?" I say as I get to my knees and grab the bouquet of flowers he gave to me. Surely, they are slightly damaged, all of the stems are broken in half and many petals fell off, but I'm too happy that he actually came that I don't care.
  Wait, but he might be dead! I start pounding against his body, trying to hear for any noise, any heartbeat, but there's none. I grab the box of chocolates and flowers, shoving them both on the ground before stomping on them repeatedly.
  "Uh . . . " I hear the faint moan from Bronson's body.
  "Bronson!" I scream and hug him tightly. He doesn't resist my hug, even though he seemed pretty hurt when I first hugged him, and is now embracing me in his arms. "I didn't think you would come."
  "Why wouldn't I? My girlfriends off to become a victor, why wouldn't I say goodbye before we see each other again." His words seem to become less useful and more cocky than I would expect. I know he's trying to sound sympathetic and inspirational, but it's not working.
  "You know only one can come out." I say, pushing him a little back so I can look into his eyes.
  "Well, you'll be the one." He says with a faint smile.
  "It'd be nearly impossible." I say with a little laugh.
  "Well you'll beat the odds." He says before tears rush into his eyes. "You're going to go there and win. You will come home and win. Not for me, not for us, but for you. You need to win."
  Just then, my escort gets out of the car and grabs my shoulder. I try to stay by Bronson, but she screams that we're already behind schedule and we must hurry if we want to get to the buffet. I merely wave by to Bronson, but he doesn't wave back.
  "It's okay!" I scream before entering the train station. "I'll beat the odds!" I say proudly, feeling confident, especially as Bronson smiles. I'll beat the odds. I'll beat the odds . . . I'm not so sure about that. But for him, who risked his life to give me flowers, I must give him a little hope. I must. I will come home.

District 4: Shuppet Jorrvaskr

  I sit in the train, all alone again in the alcohol car. I'm only sixteen years old, but after being put in these Hunger Games, being drunk is the least of my concerns. After taking a few sips out of a bottle, my chest starts to engulf in flames and I have to stop drinking as my chest starts to cool. When I put the bottle back up to my lips and take a few more sips, Clefter walks into the car and screams, causing me to drop the bottle and have it shatter all over the floor.
  "What the hell were you doing?" She screams.
  "Want to have a beer." I laugh, grabbing two more bottles from a cooler.
  It seems like she puts this up for consideration before slapping it away. "I'm not going to drink, there's much more to think about other than drinking."
  "Well, we might die in a few days, might as well just try a beer before we die." I chuckle. I don't die, no. But she might. I might only have one person to get back home for, but I could see the two of us together for a while, maybe even getting married.
  "No, I'm not going to drink." She screams before walking away. "Do what you want for all I care!"
  Wow! She's a little cranky. After taking a few more drinks and gulps of beer, I start to feel a little woozy and someone comes to my aid. But it's the escort.
  "Stop your attitude!" She screams smacking away the beer bottle and taking the cooler. Her accent, like one of an old British maid, pounds into my brain like a knife. If she's always talked like this, I haven't noticed until right now.
  "Why? Have you been reaped for the Hunger Games?" I talk back. I'm so tense right now and she doesn't even fucking understand! Nobody cares for me. Nobody knows what I've been through. I only know that one person actually care for me and, with my luck, she's probably dead right now from the Plague.
  " . . . " She just remains silent, trying to say something, but nothing's really coming out. "Just get ready for supper, we'll be eating shortly and then watching the Reapings."
  "Great . . . " I say sarcastically and watch her walk away. Just what I needed, to see the other tributes who could possibly kill me.

  Suppers finished and we're already sitting down watching some television before the Reapings. I'm already exhausted, but the escort won't let us go into our rooms to bathe because she wants us to be with her when she watches the Reapings. With her little notepad and frantic eyes, she sits close to the screen. Her pencil keeps tapping against the notepad as she waits, anxious to see the first faces.
  When the Reapings start, I peer over her shoulder to see what she's writing.
  The Capitol: Boy looks like dog. Girl looks nice, but is insane. Allies
  District 0: Poor Siblings, neither will win. Once one dies, the other will commit suicide. Allies
  District 1: Oh Hell Yes: Potential Allies. Boy & Girl look strong and amazing.
  District 2: 17 Year Old Tributes. Potential Allies. Both will be perfect for allies.
  District 3: NO WAY! Young, stupid, weak. Allies.
  District 4: I know that one is going to win, preferably Shuppet.
  "I know you're behind me." My escort laughs as she erases her District 4 Notes. "I'm in charge of mentoring you and you really need to become more stealthy! Here." She hands me another small notebook that she has and gives me a pen. "Write notes if you're just going to be staring at mine."
  I grab onto the pencil and ignore all the Reapings from The Capitol to District 5, mainly because I didn't get a good view and I already know I'm not allying with the Careers.
  D6: Weird, strange, spooky.
  D7: Weird. Girl seems ghetto or goth.
  D8: Banette. Keep name in mind for allies. Let Hellspark Rise!
  D9: No
  D10: Both look fat
  D11: Triticale and Zedoary! District's messed up and needs better names.
  D12: Boy looks like a monkey.
  D13: Nope
  D14: Nope
  "Now you may go to bed." My escort says as she turns off the television. "Do you know who you want as allies?" She laughs, staring at my notes.
  "Yes." Her eyes lock into mine as she dreads the word that comes out of my mouth. "Banette."

District 5: Yuna Besaid

  The anxiety is already spreading throughout the Reaping Square. I wrap my arms around my stomach, trying to embrace the cold air that has been in District 5 for the last few weeks. My nose is red from sneezing so much and I can't keep all my snot in my nose, pulling out a tissue every time a sneeze comes on. The only time I felt warm was when I went to someone else's house to tend to the needs of a sick patient. As for the house I was provided when I went to different parts of the district, the house was obviously abandoned a long time ago since cobwebs were everywhere and the house was like an ice cube.
  I wonder how these Hunger Games will even be like. Most people are still trying to heal from the Plague that spread and so many people died from it, like Luana. If The Capitol was really smart, they'd never even hold another Hunger Games since it just destroys the population, for many adults have been going through abortion to prevent their child from ever entering the Hunger Games. Children are very scarce now, The Capitol must know that. If they really want the Hunger Games to continue, they better be very careful with the remaining children.
  It takes roughly an hour before everybody comes in and, luckily, I was one of the first people at the Reapings so I didn't have to wait in the long times. I sit down along a bench as I wait for the escort to reveal his or her face to us, the citizens of District 5.
  When the escort finally comes through the doors, she makes a large entrance, pounding her feet hard against the ground, so her heels can echo throughout the entire Square. She keeps a steady smile, constantly looking down at her feet, but not moving her head an inch. When she finally gets to the microphone, she pounds on it so hard that it accidentally tips over. Trying to cover up for it, she quickly starts to talk about the entire Hunger Game's concept, even though the President gave a speech about it days ago. After picking up the microphone again, she lets out a little laugh and speaks loudly and proudly.
  "As you know, there will be two tributes from District 5 and the other districts. One male and one female will be brought to The Capitol where they'd live in fame and fortune for a week before the Hunger Games begin. Shall these tributes be you? Depends on whether you volunteer or are reaped." The escort says. I know she's just trying to make someone volunteer. Odds are the Career districts are already screaming to be a volunteer, whereas districts like 5 and 8, we don't really care. Whoever's chosen is the loser.
  "And the female tribute . . . " She starts walking closer and closer to the glass bowl. I can't help but feel a little frightened. If that slip has my name on it, there's no way I'll be able to get someone to volunteer for me. Nobody that I would rely on to do anything. The district would need a new doctor to step up since theirs would return in a wooden box.
  Stop thinking like that! You haven't even been reaped yet, but you're still worried about surviving. Just focus on what's happening right now!
  " . . . Yuna Besaid!" The escort says in a somewhat surprised tone. I, too, am surprised by my own name being reaped. Carefully and slowly I walk onto the stage. I feel like someone has just shot me in the chest, but I know that somewhere Luana is watching me. She wouldn't want me breaking down and crying, begging for someone to volunteer like a little girl. I need to be strong like I've been since Luana has passed.
  " . . . Sammy Polgona!" My thoughts have blinded me from reality. I stare at the crowd, picking out different males who have moved since the name has been called. Finally, a red-haired boy in one of the younger sections slowly starts to walk onto the stage. He stares at some of the older children like they're going to eat him and stays close to the Peacekeepers who escort him to the stage.
  When he finally gets on stage, I'm able to depict his freckles and his nervous expression, although he tries to hide it with a little smile. He looks fragile and weak, but he's scared for I notice a tear rolling down his cheek. The escort tells us to shake hands, but when our hands meet, his is shaking rapidly and I feel so bad that I go into for a hug. He doesn't resist the hug and cries quietly in my shoulder.
  "It's alright." I promise, whispering into his ear. "We'll be okay."

  Nobody decided to even see me. Nobody cared to even walk in the Justice Building to talk to me. I feel somewhat offended, but also very upset that nobody really cares for me in my district. However, across the hall, I heard Sammy crying and other people talking to him―probably his parents. I, on the other hand, have no parents since Luana died and never really met my dad.
  After the Reapings and Justice Building, we were put in a limo that brought us to a train station. Not a lot of people are allowed to travel to another district, so the train station wasn't busy at all. On the train, it took forever for Sammy to stop crying, but once he finally did, I thoroughly introduced myself, although he obviously heard my name when I was reaped. And I know his because he was reaped as well.
  "Why are you so sad?" I ask Sammy, trying to make eye contact with him, but he's either being rude or too shy to talk about his feelings. "I know that we're going to go through hell, but it's fine. You never know who might win."
  "But . . . But I kn-know that I'm going- most likely- possibly going to die." Sammy stutters. "I don't want to die."
  "Nobody does." I say, patting his back. "But things happen like they do. You know when it's your time, that it's time for you to die- Not that you might die or anything, but . . . "
  "But what?" He says, standing up.
  "Nevermind." I say with a laugh. "I just mumble a lot."
  "Can I tell you something?" Sammy asks me with wide eyes and moves his head closer to mine. I nod. "I know that I'm going to die. In fact, I hope that I do. Not because I want to die, but there's always someone that deserves it more."
  I look at him with a saddened face when he gets up and walks away, towards our escort. He's a sweet boy and deserves to win. But if he wins, then I'd be dead. And I don't want to be dead. But if it's down to the two of us, I'd commit suicide in an instance. These Hunger Games are tearing people apart. People like Sammy don't deserve this. No, nobody deserves this fate.

District 6: Buck Rockwell

  I tighten my orange scarf around my neck as the cool morning breeze smacks me in the face as I open the door. My hands are shoved in my jacket's sleeve in fists to leave all the cold out. My shoes are still damp from the rain that hit yesterday, but I ignore it because I still got my family some food on the table. I quietly shut the door behind me as I start to make my way towards my destination: the school.
  I mainly rely on the early morning sky as light, although the sun has yet to reveal itself. There's so many mistakes I make that I start to lose my temper and find myself throwing rocks aggressively against building walls. What usually is a ten minute walk turns into a hour-long search for the school. But when I finally get the view of the large flag pole that hangs The Capitol flag with the District 6 flag underneath, I start to speed up, knowing that I'm already late.
  When I get to the school, I head straight to the back where the dumpsters are placed. Nobody's here to meet me, but I received a letter about a new task someone wants me to do. I figured that this was going to be a trap, but it turns out it wasn't. Behind the dumpster, like the letter said, there was an envelope. Instead the envelope was a wad of cash along with the person I'm supposed to beat up. I gulp as I'm supposed to beat up the biggest bully at school. Even his strength challenges mine, but I know that I just need to surprise him.
  I start to walk on the way home, staring at the address of the bully when the sun finally starts to rise. I stare with satisfaction as it seems so beautiful. Well, at least for a second. For when I turn around, as if just by magic, was the bully. My soul almost jumped out of my skin as he just stand there and I let out a little yelp from the shock. The bully just laughs in my face and I feel my muscles starting to accelerate.
  In the middle of his laugh, which was more like a snicker, I lung towards him, tackling him to the ground right away. He tries to get up, blindly punching away at me, but I have a firm grip on his leg. I mercilessly twist his foot, hearing the snap of his ankle and listen to him cry. He kicks me in the gut with his other foot, causing me to lose balance and my breath, but I recover quickly. The bully tries to crawl away, but I jump right on his back and, with brute force, repeatedly bang his head against the sidewalk. Until I finally notice he's not even trying to deny it and there's a big puddle of blood surrounding his face, I decide to stop and walk home. Today, I just earned enough money for a feast after the Reapings.

  The feast is never going to happen. Not for me at least. Now I'm going into the Hunger Games. Off to my possible doom, but I still have a chance. Most tributes will probably be weakened due to the Plaque that's been around, but I've been healthy from it and have even been getting stronger. The Careers would be my only concern, unless if I ally with them. If I ally with them, I'd be fine. There'd be nothing else I'd need to worry about since I could just rely on them.
  I remember Spirit Soul, who's now my district partner. She and her brother, Ghost, were both reaped this year, but I was kind enough to volunteer. Either because I felt like I had a chance or the adrenaline was still running since I beat up that kid this morning. I also remember Spirit since rumors were spread that both her and Ghost could see ghosts. However, I thought this was just an inside joke between the two because their names are Spirit and Ghost. Turns out it wasn't.
  Although my time that I spend alive could have just been gravely decreased due to my stupid decision, I honestly can't wait. For the first time in my life, I'll feel rich. All the food is wonderful and I've just had some regular chips. In fact, I learned that there's something called lunch and snacks. The thought of having food between breakfast and dinner sounds satisfying to my hunger needs and snacks? They're for whenever you're hungry, but don't want a lot. Right now, I couldn't be any happier.

District 7: Selena Quails

  Last year, on this exact day, my friend was sent off to her doom in a Fake Hunger Games. In District 7, we had, and still have, a crazy mayor who's been in love with the Hunger Games ever since he was a child. He was able to be reaped in one of the Hunger Games, but there was always someone volunteering, since he originally came from District 2. That mayor tried to recreate the Hunger Games within District 7.
  The mayor grabbed twenty-four children, randomly chosen from a bowl. Twelve males and twelve females. They were placed in the woods of District 7 with multiple cameras around the trees, since The Capitol were always spying on District 7 to see if they were really doing their jobs. Weapons were placed in the middle of the woods and each child would stand around it, waiting for the okay.
  Dominica, my friend who was only twelve-years-old at the time, was placed into those Fake Hunger Games after being selected. I planned on volunteering, but there was a frog in my throat. Nothing came out of my mouth, except for a stupid huff. My mother tried to reassure me, saying that Dominica was a very strong twelve year old, like me. But we were way over our heads. She placed second. After being pinned to the ground by an older female who moved here from District 1, she had her throat slit and died because of me.
  I'm still affected this day from it. Wondering what difference I might have made if I went into those Fake Hunger Games, but there's no way to change it now. Dominica's dead, and she could have been alive today if only I volunteered. I still stand in the same spot I stood last year. I might not be in the same position where this is a Fake Hunger Games, but I'm going to do what I should have done last year. I'm going to volunteer.

  The words still echo throughout my thoughts. I keep repeating them over and over to prevent messing up, but my throat is starting to dry up. The escort needs to hurry up if District 7 wants a volunteer. As if an answer to my prays, the escort quickly grabs onto a slip from the glass bowl and recites it.
  "I volunteer!" I say confidently. I did it! I volunteered. But now . . . I'm going into the Hunger Games. I might die. Hell no, I'm going to die. If I survive this, then it means I could have spared Dominica's life and I don't know if I could live with that.
  "Allen Greensworth!" The escort says and I quickly turn my attention towards a young boy who starts walking onto the stage. I feel so bad for him, like I could just hug him because he's so young, but he keeps a blank expression. I don't know whether he's happy or sad. Angry or hateful. In fact, he doesn't even move his lips to a smile or frown, just keeping it at a straight angle.
  As we shake hands, he just stares me in the eyes as we shake. I try to understand his feelings, but he's acting like he's stone. He's probably shy, but it's starting to seem rude. I try to nudge him to say something, even the littlest thing like, "It's fine" or "Sorry", but nothing's working. Finally, I secretly steal something that was in his pocket, but I don't really take a look at it to avoid him noticing. All I know is that I'm going to get him to say something, even if I need to force it out of him.

District 8: Banette Tsukomogami

  It's the night before the Reapings. It's going to be the first time that I could go into the Hunger Games after almost fifty years of it not happening, it's finally back on. The other boys at the orphanage are slightly scared, but they channel this fright into anger and let it all out on me. They hid my doll, Shuppet, a few days ago, but I found it wedged between the garbage can and the wall. Now, I'm no longer alone.
  I stare at the doll sitting on my bed. This doll has been my only friend my entire life. Everyone at the orphanage knows it so they try to hide or rip the doll apart, but it never works. Honestly, they try to look like they actually will, but I could tell they were bluffing. They're smart enough to know that Shuppet came from a dead child that used to be at the orphanage. The boy or girl's death remains a mystery, but the doll was found by their dead body.
  I lower my band and look at a mirror. Cautiously, I feel at the zippers I sewed into my lips. It slightly hurts, but the pain is numbing more and more as I adjust to it. I feel at the zipper and slowly start to zip up my mouth, feeling my lips being forced together by this gold-colored plastic. The teeth of the zipper are jagged, since it was hard to keep still when I was sewing, but it's still at a good distance from each other to allow the slider to do it's job.
  Once I finish zipping my mouth-zipper, I lay down in bed, hugging Shuppet very tightly. I might be reaped tomorrow and I could be taken to my doom. I would die with my only friend being a doll and the entire district would just laugh at me, as if I'm a joke. I could die at the hands of the youngest male or female, humiliating my entire district. But I can't think of this right now. I might not even be reaped tomorrow. I grab onto Shuppet tighter as I close my eyes.
  And when I'm finally about to go to sleep in peace, I hug Shuppet as tight as I can and say, "Good night, Shuppet."

  "Shuppet! Shuppet!" I scream loudly, pulling off all the covers on my bed. It has to be somewhere, hopefully somewhere safe. But he's not anywhere in my room. I flip over my bed, trying to see if he fell under, but he's not here. I rip open every drawer in my dresser and yank all the shirts from my closet. Not here; not anywhere in my bedroom. "Shuppet!" I scream as I start walking down the hall.
  I hear the other boys snickering as I go past their rooms, but I ignore them and head straight for the kitchen. The foster mother starts yelling at me to get dressed for the Reapings, but I tell her to shut up as I pull open all the drawers in the kitchen and rummage through them. I get cut by some knives that were lying carelessly in the drawer, but I ignore the minor injuries to search for Shuppet.
  He's not in the kitchen, my bedroom or even the dining room. I'm starting to lose hope when it clicks in my brain that if the boys took it, they would have hidden it somewhere I would never search. Like their bedrooms. But when I get upstairs, their doors are closed and locked, so I use all my energy to pound my back into one of their rooms until finally, the door's hinges break and falls down.
  I look around the bedroom where the boys decided to gather. I find their expression to be slightly humorous, but I ignore it and quickly yank the covers off of the boy's bed. He yells at me to stop while the other boys are just laughing, saying how I'm a baby who lost his doll. The adrenaline just pumps more throughout my body as I flip his bed over. That shuts the boy up.
  After going through his entire room, leaving no shirt untouched, we're called by the foster mother that we must leave. The car's leaving right now so, unless we want to get killed, she suggests we get down here and in the car. Angrily, I stare at the boys, but they just let out a little snicker. They won this battle, but it won't be the last. They should be reaped.

District 9: Azalea Toyo

  I stand in the audience, waiting impatiently for something to happen. The escort is waiting inside the Justice Building, but I want to get this over with. My mother wants to do a "counseling" session with me after this, but I'm close to the exit so I can leave before she has the chance to catch up. The longer we wait, the more flaws I find in my plan and I don't like it.
  When everyone's finally in their sections, except for me as I pretend like I'm a twelve year old, standing in the back row. My eyes remain towards the exit, but I do make sure to listen to the escort, in case Sebastian gets reaped and I go talk to him after. Whatever happens, I honestly don't care as long as my mother stops counseling. And I mean I would rather get reaped than listen to her speak about my issues.
  "Azalea Toyo!" The escort announces and I realize that I've just been reaped. Oh my God! No more counseling. Maybe being reaped is the best thing that ever happened to me, but also the worst because I may die. Whatever, I'm out of counseling.
  I start to make my way to the stage, but as I get towards the older children, I start being shoved around and pushed to the ground. One group of older kids start to beat me up with a stick, but I push it away and try to continue on stage. Eventually, one of the Peacekeepers yank me out of the sections and drags me up on stage. When I get up stage, my hair's messed up, I have holes in my shirt and gum is stuck in my hair.
  The escort just gives a disgusted look before reading the male slip. "Jake Price." She screams into the microphone and I notice a whole group of children taking a step away from a boy with white and red hair. He gets pushed by one of the kids to start moving, but doesn't fall on his face like I did. When he makes it on stage, I stare at him and he at me.
  "And that is the end of the Reapings!" The escort announces into the microphone and turns around. I still stare at Jake, who's older than me, but feel so bad. Both of us were treated badly by our district and the escort thinks we could just walk away.
  "No it's not!" I scream and run up to the microphone. "You just don't understand, do you? This district is sick! It's madness. Nobody gives anyone respect around here. District 9 is the worst district ever you bitches! So grow up and be mature!"

  After having my meltdown, the Peacekeepers brought me straight on the train. I sat down as they stared at me and waited for my escort and Jake to get on the train. The Peacekeepers left after and I was able to sit alone for the first time today. I grab onto a piece of paper and grab a pencil before writing a letter to someone I need to.
Dear Sebastian,
  You are my best friend, actually, my only friend and I want to thank you for being there for me. I'm going on a trip I plan to never return on so I just wanted to tell you a few things. First, I love you you were the only person I was actually able to talk to. I told you how I felt, even some things I wouldn't tell my mother. But when I told you these things, you felt for me, unlike the counselors who just nodded their head and pretended to be listening.
  When you get this, I'll already be dead, so don't feel bad about it. This is my fate, my journey. I'm sad that you aren't here with me, but also happy that you won't have to die. This is the journey where I'm all alone. Nobody can help me on this one. I either have to kill or be killed. And there's two things that I'll dread if I come home:
  1. My mother's counseling.
  2. The fame. I don't want you to drown in my fame and me not being able to hang out with you.
  When you get this, tell my mom I love her. Also mention that she should quit the counseling because counseling just makes children think they have issues, which makes them do things they wouldn't have done. Tell her that I'm sorry for keeping some things from her. I never felt very close to her as she was always working.

  I place the note inside an envelope and stare at it, thinking about my life. I'm going to die. I specifically mentioned that in my note, but I don't want to. This isn't right. My escort walks in the room with me and hands me a letter, saying that it's from Sebastian. I guess we both had the same ideas. However, instead of trying to read it, I crack open the window and send it flying outside. I can't handle anymore emotions right now.

District 10: Sonic Star

  District 10. The place where the Panemanian Plague started. Yet, I remained healthy and unaffected. Mostly, I was hiding in my basement playing games, becoming more and more anti-social as the clock keeps ticking and the time moves on. The Plague seemed to get worse and worse and I talked to my infected friends over the phone, knowing that they could possibly die.
  Now that I'm finally able to get out of the house, I've been able to see some of my friends once again, but they don't look that much better. I make sure to keep my distance and stare at the stage of the Reapings. The last time the Reapings took place was before District 10 was hated and ridiculed by every other district in Panem.
  I remember how long I was downstairs during that time. The Capitol took out a large portion of our population with their militia and brute force, but we fought back. My neighbors rode on horses and used porcupine skin as a weapon. Some of them never came back. It wasn't a smart idea, but eventually the butchers supplied knives and swords, originally used to slaughter animals, but now to slaughter human beings.
  The escort walks onto stage, wearing a unique leather dress. Her makeup is done very poorly and she looks like she's drunk. There's tears dripping down her cheeks and onto the floor. One of her high-heels are broken on the ball of the shoe, but this doesn't cause her to lose her fine posture.
  When she gets to the bowls, she knocks both of them over and grabs onto two names onto the ground. She falls to the ground as she bends down and then gets up. Her hands shake and she looks like she might collapse when she gets back to her podium and announces the names:
  "Sonic Star!" She says my name with disgust and I feel like I've just been punched. "And"
  "I volunteer!" Screams an eighteen year old.

  "Why'd you volunteer?" I ask Ari, my district partner, when we're seated on the train. Our escort is passed out in the alcohol car, so nobody's watching over us. "Your family's rich! Your grandfather was victor, you didn't need to."
  "Yes, I did." She says, staring at the floor. "That's exactly why I had to."
  That's when it clicks to me. Grandfather. Victor. Hunger Games. Since her grandfather's a victor, she was obviously trained like one and was pushed to the hardest to become a victor. Her father or mother wasn't able to go into the Hunger Games so now, she was pushed to do what her parent's never could: become a victor.
  "My family originally came from District 4." She says. I raise an eyebrow. "Stop staring at me like that! Just because my grandparents were rich doesn't mean they were smart. They moved here to congratulate the victor, but then the virus spread and they couldn't leave."
  Couldn't leave. Neither could I. I didn't leave my house, I listened to others describe their pain and how their family's were dying. Lucky for us children, the Plague wasn't as severe as it was for some of the parents. My dad and mom suffered for quite some time. They were as good as dead, but the vaccine saved them. The vaccine saved everyone.

District 11: Zedoary Withers

  It's nearly eight o'clock in the morning, yet I'm already out of bed and have been working for about three hours in the orchard. My back aches, my fingers shake and I can barely think straight! I'm still in my pajamas due to accidentally sleeping to five o'clock―work is supposed to start at four―and now, since it's capital punishment, I'm stuck working late.
  I look around the orchard and notice some little children―probably not even eight years old―scaling a tree to reach some of the ripe apples near the very top. Usually, we'd knock our bodies against the trees until the apples fall off their stem, but now, The Capitol has become greedy and won't even allow bruised apples in their marts. Any apples that are bruised are thrown at the District 11 citizens as punishment.
  After another three hours of working, they allow all of us to finally take a break. I look down at my hands and stare at the gushing blood in my palm. I wipe my hands along my pajama bottoms before quickly running to my "home" and putting on some actual clothes. When I'm half-naked, I hear gunshots outside and duck underneath my bunk.
  "Anyone in here?" One of the District 11 citizens say. He's not a Peacekeeper, but he still holds a gun.
  "Yes." I barely croak and reveal my face.
  The man kneels down next to me and drags me out from under the bed. "We're getting out of here." He says, putting my arms on his shoulders and pulling me up on his back. "We're going to leave."
  "We can't!" I say, even though I so badly want to go. "It's Reaping Day today, there's far more security than on regular days."
  "You want to be reaped!"
  "No. But I'd rather not die trying to leave the district than in the Hunger Games."
  The man shoves me to the ground and looks at me with disgust. "I thought that you would want to leave after what happened to your siblings." Then, he leaves.

  I walk towards the back of the group with about fifteen people in front of me and a twelve year old girl to my left. We walk silently and in rhythm, making sure that we walk at a normal pace so we aren't going too fast nor too slow. Surrounding us are armed Peacekeepers, holding their guns close to their chest. There's some whips tied on the holsters of their belt.
  My mind can't stop thinking about the man. Maybe I should have gone with him, maybe I should have tried to escape. I would have gotten out of poverty . . . no, I would have gotten free. I'd still be poor, but I would learn how to hunt and build. It would be peaceful and I would learn about the world. But there's also the possibility of him dying.
  The girl to my right trips, but doesn't fall. However, she's slowed down and bumps into the Peacekeeper that follows behind us. He pushes the girl to the ground and grabs onto his whip, multiply whipping the girl. I scream, but quiet down when he raises his whip towards me, but it's more of a warning as he just hits my foot.
  I start to run to the Reapings. Peacekeepers try to grab me to slow down, but I elbow them in the gut and run towards the Square. My breathing speeds up and heat fills in my chest. I feel myself huffing and puffing when I hear screaming and a whole crowd of people surrounding something. I stop, mid-step, and start to run towards them.
  I crawl underneath their feet and almost cry when I see the sight. Blood around some rope with some type of device above head. The device is large and black and looks like something I saw when I was playing "Hangman" with some friends. The rope is short, so it must have suffocated someone to death. And when I finally see the body, I shudder.
  It's the man who tried to bring me out of the district.

District 12: Mike Matthews

  I lay in my bed, staring at the ceiling. The Reapings are tomorrow and I'm deeply considering volunteering. Nearly three years ago, I left school and ever since, I've been a disgrace to my family. But that isn't the entire story. Nobody cares about the entire story―about what I think! The reason I left is because I'm way too smart for school.
  I know what you're thinking: Are you delusional or something? No, I'm not. I'm able to think about stuff strategically and quickly, which gives me a large advantage. Science, physics―anything really. Just try me! I know the entire Periodic Table and can draw the entire electron configuration. I don't want to sound like I'm being cocky, but after all these years of being seen as an idiot for leaving school, I deserve this.
  I roll over to my side and stare at the closet. Maybe I should volunteer? I remember trying to commit suicide just a few weeks or months ago. Going into the Hunger Games, nobody could stop me from dying. There'd be thirty-one other tributes, giving me roughly 3.125% chance of winning. Then, I'd have to put in the advantages of the other tributes, bringing me possibly down to a 1.45% chance of winning. And there's the bloodbath . . .
  During the bloodbath, I can admit it, I'm not that strong or fit so that if I run towards the cornucopia, I have a 87.5% chance of death. But if I get away, I have a 43% chance of dying from dehydration and starvation. The only way I would survive the Hunger Games is if I sneak and just grab a bag in the cornucopia and get away.
  Wait, why am I thinking about this? I haven't even been reaped yet!

  Oh my God! I was just reaped!
  I breath heavily and frequently and can't stop pacing back and forth in the train. Should I be happy? Should I be upset? Should I be thankful? Should I hope that my death is fast? I don't know! Part of me is happy and thankful that I was reaped, since I can get away from this fucking district. But another part of me wants to be upset, since I don't really want to die.
  I hope and pray that if I win, my district might accept me once again, but my gut isn't into it.
  Because the only other option is always being a shame to this district . . .
  I don't know what to do! I feel like I'm going insane. My mind keeps mixing up radon and radium, something that never happens if I'm calm. I know that radon's atomic number is 86, but is the symbol Ra or Rn? Radium is either Rd or Ra. Why can't I think? No . . . why can't I think like a normal person?

District 13: Caster Liupin

  My palms are sweaty and I have to wipe my palms on my pants to try and hide it. The orphanage children were the first people here, mainly because the foster mother was in love with the Hunger Games, although she's never experienced one before. She's now trying to make all of us go into the Hunger Games so that we can make her proud. Well, I don't want to.
  There's only a few other families that are filing into the Square, but I just remain quiet. Another sixteen year old stands next to me, but we ignore each other. After a few more come, she starts to talk to the one on her left, and I listen to them. I hear them say a few words―"orphanage" and "train" and "Hunger Games"―it doesn't take a genius to know they're talking to me.
  Eventually, everyone's in and I'm shoved between two, bloated sixteen year old girls. I try to keep still and look forward, avoiding any eye contact with the fatties to my sides. I just want these Reapings to be over with! Finally, the escort walks broadly through the doors and taps the microphone, getting all of our attention.
  "I don't think any of you need to know that these are the Hunger Games." She looks around the crowd. "Otherwise you wouldn't be here. Now, let's start with the females!"
  Her high-heels echo throughout the Square and I have to wipe some sweat away from my eyebrows. My palms still shake and I wipe them along my pants. When she finally gets to the bowl, she swoops her hand down, but then grabs a slip on the far left. My hands start to shake, so I cross them over, trying to avoid having anyone see me.
  "Caster Liupin!"

  I sit down on the couch in the train and look out window. My mind starts to drift away from here and now to the time where I was free with my money. Poor, but free. But then, she was unable to keep me anymore so I went to the orphanage, where my life was ruined. I was trained for the Hunger Games, even when I was diagnosed with the Plague. Now, I've become trained, but not enough.
  I wonder what would have happened if I stayed with my mom. Maybe I'd be dead already. Maybe I'd be in my district and never have gotten reaped. Even better, I could have been free and do what I wanted with her. But it would be hard to live on the streets like I was. Maybe the orphanage wasn't that bad of a thing?
  No, it was. It has to be. Training for my inevitable death! That's evil. Being poor on the street. That's reality. But if this was going to be my fate either way, I would go with the orphanage. The only good thing that I could have picked up for the Hunger Games on the streets is lasting long without food. Now, I'm strong. I might even win.

District 14: Able Williamson Jr.

  "Ariz Williamson!"
  Ariz. My brother. Going into the Hunger Games. Should I let him go? Should I let him die like our mother? He did cause her death. If I could choose between Ariz and my mother, my mother would obviously be my first choice. But no, we're "lucky" that I now have a brother. But my mother could have had another baby and still be alive today.
  But I can't do that to my brother. I can't let him die. The Capitol are the only people who love watching people die, no matter who they are. Well, I'm not The Capitol. I can't sit by and watch my brother walk onto that stage and die. The Peacekeepers seem to be dragging him on stage and he's just about to get up there, but I can't. I must volunteer.
  "I volunteer!" I scream and everyone turns towards me. I give a meek smile and walk up on the stage. I cross over my brother, but don't look into his eyes. I turn to see the crowd and realize how many other people could have volunteered, but they didn't.
  I shake hands with the female contestant and I smile at her. She looks nice. Her skin is tanned and she wears a blue shirt. I try to change my focus on her, but it doesn't look like she's in the mood to talk to me. I just turn away and walk into the Justice Building, waiting for my brother and father to talk to me.

  Before I even sit down in the chair, my family barges through the doors and stares at me. For a few minutes, we just stand there, looking at each other. My father holds onto my brother's shoulders, as if he's trying to steady him or hold him back. Eventually, the eerie silence gets to my head and I have to start the conversation.
  "It's fine." I barely manage to say.
  "That you volunteered for me?" Ariz raises an eyebrow. "I thought you hated me."
  I feel like saying "I do," but I realizes that I can't put blame into one person. My mother's death can't be taken back anymore. I can't go through the rest of my life―which might end in a few days―just blaming my brother. I need to learn to forgive, but how can I forgive someone who killed our mother. No, I might not want to forgive him, but I must.
  "I can't go through life blaming you for mom's death." The words come out of my mouth slowly and quietly. "I just have to forgive and forget and apologize for blaming you."
  "You're forgiven." He says and we embrace until the Peacekeepers pull the two away from me.


Day 1

Shuppet Jorrvaskr - District 4

  Clefter (4) and I are the last people to come at training―long after a "speech" was supposed to be given to help guide us at training. But I just shrug it off, even though Clefter (4) seems to be anxious and worried. Ever since we finished the chariot rides, she's been constantly mumbling about the Careers and if they'll even accept her. I don't really care. I'm not allying with the other Careers.
  I look around to the other tributes. Towards the weaponry are three Careers―the tributes from District 1 and the female from District 2. The girl from District 10 crosses over to them, not worried about them at all. She's a bigger girl who is the oldest tribute in these Hunger Games. Undoubtedly, she's confident and determined to join the Careers, even though most of the districts hate District 10.
  In the middle of the room, there's the District 2 Male talking up a crowd. The District 12 Female stands at his side, constantly turning her head to look at the Careers. Clefter (4) nudges me, asking what they're doing, but I ignore her and walk towards them. The closer I get, I realize the crowd is smaller than I thought. There's only five other people, which is still a lot in the Hunger Games.
  "Hello?" The purple-haired girl says. "This isn't for Careers."
  "Andrea!" The District 2 Male says, elbowing her in the arm. "Anyways, I'm Zach." He extends his hand to me. I shake. "And you're Shuppet, I know."
  "Okay, well how do yo―" I stop, mid-word when I finally spot Banette (8). He's sitting all alone, watching the siblings from District 0 start a fire. "Sorry, got to go."
  "But―" Zach (2) starts, but I'm already gone.

Sammy Polgona - District 5

  I twirl the knife in the fingers of my hand, anxious for Yuna (5) to start the simulation. We're both weak, but we're getting stronger. When I'm with her, I feel . . . powerful. She makes me want to live more than I wanted to. But . . . I don't want to live without her. I might be two years younger than her, but this doesn't stop my emotions for her. She's the one who helped me when I was feeling down, I never had that other person I could speak to. It was only my parents and I.
  There's a little stream of light across the room until it's completely dark. I turn to see Yuna (5). She gives me a reassuring nod before random lights start to shine around the room and they all come together in the middle. It looks like an explosion of colors before they scan both Yuna (5) and I. Finally, the lights escape and the digital people start to attack.
  One of them charges after me. I duck, barely escaping the wrath of its sword before stabbing it in the gut. He disintegrates into millions of pieces. Another approaches and shoots an arrow at me. I'm barely able to sidestep the arrow when I notice the shooter. I run after him until I feel something go into my side. An arrow!
  I'm flung to the side and yank out the digital arrow. Although it's fake, there's a sharp pain in my left side. I rub my side, checking for a wound that isn't there. I look around, noticing two archers who run around, mockingly. Anger dwells inside of me, but I feel extremely weak. Yuna (5) throws a spear into one of their bodies, distracting the other one. While distracted, Yuna (5) jumps onto him and stabs him with his own arrow.
  We've just completed the simulation! Except, I'm not in the mood to celebrate. I'm not the one who killed the people, only Yuna (5) did. I only destroyed one of the digital people, while Yuna (5) destroyed the other four. I can't celebrate, I didn't help her at all. Why is she allowing me to be her ally?

Ciel Phantomhive - District 3

  We're all called to eat lunch and I'm the last one to come. I've already noticed the Careers have gained another member, which would be especially important with the new threat of these so-called Anti-Careers. Plus, the Anti-Careers have two more tributes than the Careers, making almost half the tributes either for or against the Careers.
  Then, there's other tributes like me who have no allies. And some that formed small alliances. I only know about one other alliance in these Hunger Games, the Hellspark. The alliance, although seeming very unstable, looks very secure and safe. If it wasn't for the fact my mentor told me to only ally when somebody asked me, I would have asked them to ally with me.
  As I walk into the dining hall, I notice the two large tables―vertical from where I stand and both on either side of the room. Both have enough seats for ten tributes, but many chairs seem to be vacant. To the left, the large table is occupied by the Careers and to the right, the Anti-Careers occupy the table. In the middle of the room is a large, circular table with an abundant supplies of food. Surrounding the table are four littler ones, arranged in a square around the food table―ones to the northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest of the table. Each little table occupies a small group of tributes.
  I look around the dining hall, trying to find a place I might like to sit. The circular table closest to me only has Shuppet (4), Banette (8) and Buck (6). They all seem to be arguing over something, but it sounds useless. Then, to table to the right of it are six tributes that I can't identify. But instead of talking, they quietly stare at their food and eat. The table in the northwest of the food table is occupied by the siblings from District 0, both glancing nervously from their food to the other tributes. I don't even need to look at the other table to know I'm going to end up there.
  I walk slowly and casually, picking up an apple along my way. When I sit down at the table, I sit right across from the two and bite down into my apple. "So, how'd you guys get here?" I ask, trying my best to sound sentimental, but casual. Instead, it comes out harsh and quick.
  They were reaped like you, Ciel. I look away from their eyes and see Sebastian, standing their with a warming grin. Nice to see you again.
  "I saw you just a few days ago, before I was reaped." I tell him. I notice the two siblings raising an eyebrow and looking at each other. "I can't talk right now, okay?"
  Just thought you might want to know how the Phantomhive Manor is doing? His posture straightens. It's getting auctioned off of soon.
  "Why? Can't you do anything to help?" I get out of my chair, getting up so fast that my chair topples over and makes a loud noise. "They can't do that if you're still there!"
  Sebastian waves goodbye to me with affectionate eyes. Now wasn't the right time. He says before he vanishes in air.
  I look around, noticing everyone staring at me with wide eyes. Even the Careers seem to be surprised by my brouhaha. Tears start to flood my eyes, but I blink them away. I turn my head back, looking at the two siblings from District 0. The male seems protective over his sister, putting an arm around her shoulder and keeps a straight face as I stare at him. The sister, though, looks saddened and sentimental for me. I can't help but feel a slight rush of heat go through my body.
  At least somebody cares for me.

Zach Wilson - District 2

  After finally getting the Anti-Careers over their fear of the Careers―which is weird because what do they think we're going to be doing in the arena?―we decided to train with weaponry. However, I'm the only Anti-Career that left the pack. Andrea (12) and Tart (8) are staring at the knives in their palms, not even stabbing the digital figures in their simulation. Sonic (10) and Aiyanna (14) sit down and chat on a bench near the simulation room. And Selena (7) and Jake (9) sit adjacent from them, staring at the racks of weaponry.
  "Probably a poor choice to ditch the Careers." Shermaine (2) laughs from behind me. "I could always let you back in, though. I am the leader."
  "Go to hell." I mumble and turn towards her. "Anyways, I'm one the leaders of the Anti-Careers."
  "One! Zach, you can't have a democracy in the Hunger Games. Just because we don't live in one doesn't mean that you must show The Capitol there is such a thing."
  "That's where you have it wrong." I smirk. "We decided to have two leaders because it will help us stay organized. We split up the work, keep the alliance happy and then, we win."
  "We!" She shrieks loudly. "Only one person can win, Zach. You can't think you can defy the Capitol."
  "Shut up!" I scream loudly, realizing that she's right. Only one of us will be able to win and I want to win. But that would mean my allies would have to die and Andrea (12) . . . "No! Only one of us can win and I'd rather have it be none of us than one of you."
  "So you created the alliance to bring us to the ground with you." She takes a step closer to me, our noses almost touching. "You could ditch the alliance, murder them in their sleep, and come back to us."
  "Stop it!" I bark, screaming so loud my allies turn towards me. I lower my voice. "I know you, Shermaine, whether it's been two days or two years. You get into people's heads. Twist their thoughts for your own fun. And I'm refusing to let you do that."
  "But if you―"
  "No!" I scream and push her to the ground. "I'm choosing what I'm going to do with my alliance. You won't tell me that it's not possible. You will be my personal kill. I'll rip out your lungs and stab you in the stomach and rip you to pieces. You're just trying to make me . . ." I stop once I realize what she was doing this entire time. "You were trying to get me to crack and I did."

Buck Rockwell - District 6

  Training's almost over and I haven't even negotiated with the Careers to let me into their alliance. Instead, I've been goofing around, learning all this useless survival skills. I wanted to go with the Careers right from the start, but instead, I want them to come to me. They're going to love me and want me in their alliance once they see me, no doubt.
  I walk briskly over to one of the racks of weapons, this one containing spears and other ranged weapons. I skim over the selection and find one just right, heavy but easy to throw. To show more strength, I grab onto a rock that was meant for slingshots, but plan on pounding them into people's foreheads. When I turn around, Shuppet (4) and Banette (8) stand their, heads tilted to the side.
  "What are you doing?" Shuppet (4) asks. "We aren't learning weaponry right now."
  "What?" I answer, surprised, but stifle a laugh. "You think I'm in your alliance?"
  "Isn't that why you sat with us at lunch?" Shuppet (4) takes a step forward. "You're with us whether you like it or not."
  "No, I don't need to!" I scream, but hush my voice when I notice the Careers have turned their attention on me. I need to act fast or I'll lose my only possibility to become a Career. "I'm not like you!" I elbow Shuppet (4) in the stomach, making him bend at his waist and grab his stomach.
  "What the hell!" Banette (8) looks from me to Shuppet (4) with worried eyes. "Stop it! Stop it now!"
  "You want to go?" I peer over my shoulders and see one of the Careers, Shermaine (2), smile. "I'll bring you to the ground like him!"
  He nods and I lunge at him, fists aiming for his chest. But as I hit him twice in the chest with my bare hands, he barely flinched. He catches me off balance from my attack and kicks me to the ground, shocking me. I try again, this time with an uppercut to the ribs. But with one swing, he swiftly grabs onto my wrist and pulls me closer to him. Then, repeatedly, he kicks he in the stomach until I find myself throwing up blood.
  The last thing I remember before blacking out was the Careers looking surprised at Banette (8) before turning away. I just lost my only opportunity.

Day 2

Spirit Soul - District 6

  Everywhere I look, I still see the ghosts. Swirling around the entire room, knives plunged in their foreheads or axes dug in their backs. The other tributes don't even notice it, but I do. My brother, he would hear the moans of the spirits as well, but I only saw them. Now, who knows what might be happening with him? Buck (6) volunteered to save my brother, but now, Buck (6) is upset. I know my boundaries, these aren't the ones I should get into.
  I look around the Training Center. I don't have any allies, not do I know if I want any. Buck (6) is definitely out of the question, I've become very cautious around him since his mishap yesterday. The Careers and Anti-Careers have a poor relationship that I don't want to find myself getting into. The Hellspark alliances seems like it's for lunatics and psychotic tributes, so, even though you might classify me as one, I'm not joining them. That leaves me smaller and weaker alliance choices.
  My eyes lock with Shuppet (4) and I notice the anger in his eyes, although I don't know why. Then it dawns on me, I'm Buck's (6) district partner—I'm his enemy's district partner! I quickly glance away and, instead, stare at the two siblings from District 0 who have been quiet most of training. I can't help looking at them until I've completely exceeded my limits and they look frightened from me and walk away.
  I notice another alliance consisting of the two District 5 tributes. The younger boy is drooling a puddle around the feet of the female, but she's either too oblivious or too stupid to notice. I met her yesterday, though, and know that she's neither. In fact she's really nice which is exactly why it seems like my best shot if I want to have an alliance. I don't back down when I confront them.
  "Hi." I say, extending my hand. "I'm Spirit."
  "Well hello Spirit." The female shakes my hand. "I'm Yuna and this is Sammy."
  "Hi Sammy." I say, looking at him, but he stays behind Yuna (5), not even daring to look me in the eyes. "Anyways . . . do you want to ally?"
  I notice Sammy (5) looking up with big, frightened eyes, as if I'm a monster hiding under his bed. Yuna (5) just smiles and completely ignores him. "Sure!"
  "Really?" I say, a little too surprised. I just blurted out that I wanted to be her ally and she said yes! That's crazy. Nobody trusted my brother and I in District 6 but this girl, she trusts me. As for Sammy (5) . . . I'd rather not say what he must think of this.
  "Yeah, why not?" She responds and we start a conversation. She's obviously naive, and nice, and kind—but for me to get home to Ghost, she must die.

Allen Greensworth - District 7

  I place down the sickle back on it's rack before quickly walking away as the Careers start to come my way. I've already survived one day without learning about a weapon and the trainer yesterday told me to try a sickle, since he thought I would be good at it. Honestly, I don't know what to think about the weapon because it's the only one I've ever touched and I'm still not so sure about whether I should use it or not. For now, though, it's my main―and only―weapon of choice.
  I quickly peek from behind the wall, looking into the room filled with different survival courses. Right away, I notice the psychotic girl from The Capitol following, from afar, her district partner. He doesn't seem to notice and, instead, seems to be extremely talkative to the Anti-Careers, which confuses me because he was talking to the Careers early. Andrea (12), the co-leader of the Anti-Careers, is very cautious of him and doesn't even look like she trusts him.
  Out of the corner of my eyes, I notice a flame ignited and turn to see Azalea (9) along with the two siblings from District 0 staring at a flame they lit. They aren't allied together, but they don't seem to mind each other's presence. Deep down, I know that Azalea's (9) like me, lost. I don't know who to talk to and who to trust, but I've heard Jake (9) talk about the letters she wrote about her "inevitable" death. That's disappointing. Giving up before you even started. But I'm not the one to talk, as I've already given up on alliances without even trying.
  "What the hell are you doing here?" I turn to see Lorcan (1) yelling at me, although his heart doesn't seem into it. "Leave."
  Without arguing, I leave because this isn't the time to fight, we have to wait a few more days before the Hunger Games start. Part of me is anxious for it to happen. I can't wait for the cannon to ring off and I just want it over with, but parts of me despise my anxiety for this. I'm anxious for my death! That sounds ridiculous and I'm stupid for even thinking such a thing. Deep down, I'm still scared and frightened, but now that it's coming, I'm starting to have the fright loosen.
  I notice another alliance forming among the loners. I notice Zedoary (11) starting a large conversation between her, Mike (12), Patrick (13), Caster (13) and Able (14). I'm able to pick out the word "ally" and notice Able (14) looking away. He later leaves, rejecting the alliance opportunity. However, the others seem intrigued that a thirteen year old is trying to form an alliance. They stick around a little longer and go to the edible plants station where another large alliance left.
  Although Yuna's (5) alliance only consists of four different tributes, they all seem extremely nice and caring for each other, but there's little tension on Sammy's (5) behalf. If I weren't so frightened about failing and forming an enemy, I'd ask to ally with them. The alliance walks right after Ciel (3), who finally returned to training after his little mishap the other day, into the cafeteria. My stomach rumbles and I realize that I'm starving.
  I walk right into the cafeteria, following the Hellspark alliance consisting of two threatening tributes, Shuppet (4) and Banette (8). Banette (8) always wears the scarf, which makes me wonder what might be underneath it, but all it does is cover his mouth. Unless he has his mouth stitched together, I wouldn't see why he would wear it. However, Shuppet (4) also seems to create enemies, after ruining Buck's (6) chance at joining the Careers.
  And the best part about these training days is that nobody expects a twelve year old from District 7 to be keeping track of so many different flaws in each tribute and noticing their relationships with one another.

Lulu Glades - The Capitol

  "Over here!" I scream at Blanc (Cap) and he turns towards me. He tilts his head to the side, confused, but I just gesture him to come by me. "Sit by me!"
  He shrugs, which angers me, but then starts to walk in my direction. I let out a sigh of relief as he situates himself right next to me and grabs some food from the center of the room. I stare at him the entire time, much past my visit, but I can't help myself. His curly, brown hair is as soft as a dog, which I felt when he was asleep, and he has the kindest eyes I've ever seen.
  When he sits back down, he has a cheeseburger on his plate along with french fries and ketchup. As he sinks his teeth into his cheeseburger, it turns out that he put on way too much ketchup as it drips out of the edges and onto his lap. He puts the cheeseburger down and stands up, frantically wiping the ketchup from his lap to prevent staining.
  I laugh. "Maybe you should try to keep the food in your mouth."
  He looks at me with serious eyes, but then starts to chuckle. "I guess I've always been a bit messy."
  "It's fine." I lose eye contact with him and glance at the table. "I've always been twisted and abnormal."
  "Hey." Blanc (Cap) says and I focus my attention into his sentimental eyes. "You're not twisted and everyone's different! Lulu, don't give a fuck about what any Gamemakers or any other person ever said about you! Yes, you have made some mistakes and killed some people, but now we're in the Hunger Games! Everyone here regrets what they've done, but we have to move on. Odds are, I'm going to die and won't be able to take back all the sins I've done."
  "Sins?" I say, confused. "You've done bad things before?"
  "Yeah." He cracks a smile. "It's a part of life, nobody's perfect. I mean, I've done so many stupid things and I've never really matured . . . until now. Now, I need to mature because I can't just go into these Hunger Games like a little child. I need to learn how to kill, and I need to learn how to live with the regrets I've made. In the end, one person can win, and I want to win, but . . . I just don't want to have all these other tributes die for me to win."
  "Yeah . . ." I trail on as I try to change the subject. Right now, it's a soft spot for all the tributes as the Hunger Games are close to starting. "I would have never thought of you like that. Wise, yes, I could have seen that. But I never thought you would be . . . bad."
  "Everybody sees people how they want to see them." He sits back down in the chair and softens his voice. "Like the tribute from District 2 over there, they have a lot in common and could easily become friends. But they want to see themsevles as enemies and hate each other. And the tributes from 5. The boy obviously seems to be stalking the female, but she likes him anyways and doesn't see him like a stalker."
  "How do you see me?" I ask, taking on of the french fries off of his plate and eating it. "If everyone sees people different, how do you?"
  "I think that you're a girl who wants to make up for her mistakes. I see you as lost and insecure and afraid to admit your scared of the Hunger Games. But I also know that people call you 'insane' or 'twisted', yet I see you as nice and funny. And you laugh at everything and it helps ease the pain of going into the Hunger Games and killing others."
  "You want to know how I see you?" He nods. "I see you as my meaning in life, to meet you. I know that I'm whimsical and creepy and weird, but ever time I'm with you, I don't feel like the insane Lulu anymore. I feel like the Lulu that was orphange, the shy and caring one. You're not threatening and you help ease my fright of me dying in the Hunger Games, but it also frightens me about if you die in the Hunger Games. I like the person I'm becoming, but if I win, I don't know if I'll still want to be that person. Not without you."
  He smiles. "Don't think about the Hunger Games now, just think about you and me. We have a few days before the Hunger Games start, so we should cherish it."
  Then, he leans closer to me and our lips touch. My stomach churns and I'm filled with emotions. My head is hot and my fingers find their way to Blanc's (Cap) back. He keeps his hands towards my chin, tilting it up for me as we kiss. When we finally back away, I feel different, I feel . . . alive. I feel like I can run a marathon. But I also feel the craving for another kiss.

Triticale Rain - District 11

  "Bull's eye!" I scream with delight as my knife hits the target. "That's ten times in a row. Finally figuring out that I'm better than you?" I crack a smile.
  "Oh shut up you bitch!" Sonic (10) screams and throws his knife, frustrated before taking some deep breaths. "Sorry, I was just a little annoyed."
  "It's fine." I smile. "It's the Hunger Games, nobody's feeling the same right now."
  "Yeah . . ." He mumbles and then looks at his knife which is just a few rings away from the target. Then he looks towards my eyes and notices me glancing at Euphoria (3), the beautiful angel from District 3. Every time I see her, I can't stop staring, especially to see the smile spread across her face everytime she learns and does something new. But the dirty part of my mind hopes that she does me . . . "Why don't you talk to her?"
  "I can't." I turn my attention to his eyes, using all of my energy to avoid even glancing towards Euphoria (3) for a second. "I don't know her and―"
  "And what? Nobody knows everyone's name here. Like, what's the name of the siblings from District 0? Or the girl from District 14? Just go for it!" I quiet him down. "No, you won't hush me because if you don't talk to her, then I'll talk to her for you. Trust me, you won't regret it."
  "Fine." I quietly say. "But as long as you practice throwing your knives."
  His smile relieves the fright in me. "Sure thing. Now go." He gestures for me to talk to Euphoria (3) and I quickly scan the room until I notice her with the District 5 tributes and the District 6 Female. All of them seem to be close friends, although the District 5 Male seems to be left out of the conversation, focusing mainly on the trainer instead of his allies.
  When I finally get there, I look to see them practicing the bow and arrows. To my surprise, Euphoria (3) volunteers to go first and the trainer hands her the bow, but she carefully selects an arrow from the sheath. She focuses on the target, steadies the arrow on the bowstring and then pulls it back. She inhales and once she exhales, she releases her grip and the arrow goes flying right into the bull's eye.
  Everyone claps and she does a little bow before noticing me and straightening her stance. She casually walks towards me as her other allies start to practice the bow and arrows and the trainer helps them with their technique. "Looking for an alliance?"
  "No, no. I'm not allying with anyone." I smile. "It's just . . . Since we're . . . I wanted to say . . . well, um . . ."
  "Um what? Am I frightening." She delivers the message harsh, but her smile resembles it being a joke. "I'm Euphoria."
  "I'm Triticale." I smile and shake her hand. I breath to calm myself down and to just remember to relax. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. "Since we're um . . . going to our deaths pretty soon. I mean, I'm going to my death pretty soon 'cuz I'm probably not going to win."
  "You can't think like that!" She practically screams it at me. "Trust me Triticale, you have what it needs to be a victor. I've seen you throw knives and you're deadly accurate. You basically are creating friends with a huge alliance in these Hunger Games, although they have the Careers as their rivals so . . . But you also have the looks to become one because all the victors, well, the ones I've seen, they've all been beautiful and got sponsors, which led them to victory."
  "Are you flirting with me?" I crack a smile.
  She shakes her head and looks to the ground. "No, No! I'm not flirting with you . . . I have a boyfriend anyways."
  Just with the word "boyfriend," I feel like giving up. It never occurred to me that she could be dating somebody else, somebody who isn't in these Hunger Games. And although I would like to say that he couldn't be protecting her during the Hunger Games, I just barely mumble okay before I turn to walk away. Walking away with failure, something that a victor would never feel.
  "Wait." She screams and I turn towards her. "What did you want to ask me?"
  "Nothing." I say right away and walk back towards Sonic (10). When I get to him, he throws a knife right into the bull's eye and I clap for him. "Well done."
  "Yeah. How'd it go?"
  "Bad. She has a boyfriend, I didn't think that was a possibility."
  "Well, there's not a lot her boyfriend could do now." He turns towards me. "I bet he already moved on, but she's still holding on. Because she wants to get home to him. Trust me, Triticale. When the time comes, she'll move on and accept you, not her lousy boyfriend from District 3."
  "Thanks." I mumble, but even his speech doesn't cheer me up. I just failed a love. What does that prove to anyone? If Euphoria (3) really meant what she said about me having a chance to win, she'd realize that most Hunger Games victors were a part of a relationship until their lover died and they went on to win. The Hunger Games that she was talking about, the male had sponsors because he had sex with a girl, not because he was charming. I don't know what to do now. Now, I'm completely lost.

Zedoary Withers - District 11

  I keep my eyes pried on Mike (12) as he explains a basic snare to the rest of us. He's the oldest out of all of us, yet he's the least fit, but makes up for intelligence. I notice that both Patrick (13) and Caster (13) don't know what the hell he's talking about and what he's doing, but they encouragingly nod for him to continue. When Mike's (12) finished, he smiles and demonstrates by placing a knife on in it and we watch as it is clawed by the snare.
  "Now, you guys try." He nods and gives us some of the basic supplies―a rope to trigger it, some spikes to cause it to claw whatever activates it, some springs and a complex device that is used to claw the entire thing together.
  "Yeah, um, I don't think we all understand." I stare at the complex device and poke at it. "But it's fine because you're the smart one and we really need you. This is exactly why."
  "Thanks." He smiles and does a weird bow, but I just smile back. He's extremely weird to me, but I know that he's just not used to having friends, just like me. I mean, I do try to make friends on occasion, but since I've been elected as a leader, I'm trying not to be shy. Especially now, while our lives depend upon it.
  "Can we go to the knives now?" Caster (13) asks, glancing at the knife station which has finally been cleared from the Careers who are now entering the simulations. "I really want to practice before the private sessions."
  "About that, what are you guys going to do?" Mike (12) sets the snare on the ground and kicks it underneath a table―the easiest way to clean up a mess. "Because if I do a snare or a trap, I don't think I'll be given such a high score."
  "Scores don't matter." Patrick (13)starts to walk towards the knife station with us at his heels. "In the Hunger Games, you could see people with a twelve die in the bloodbath and the final battle be between tributes with a three. It's not like a higher score means you'll survive longer."
  "True." I mumble, but everyone's still able understand me. I lower my voice a little quieter, getting a few steps behind Patrick (13) and the others as I whisper. "But I want the sponsors."
  I hear a loud screech and turn to see a trainer with Mike's (12) snare ripping through his shin―a terribly painful limb to have sharp spikes ripping through. The other trainer's come to his aid and place him on a gurney as they push him through the doors and into the infirmary. Well, that's one way to end training. Having your own weapon hurt a trainor.
  Maybe Mike (12) is more valuable than I thought.

Day 3

Luna Sunkin - District 0

  "What do you think you might be doing for private sessions?" I ask Star (0) as the elevator to bring us down to the Training Center finally opens and we walk in. "Are you going to get a higher score or pretend to be weak?"
  "Well, I've been thinking about this a lot . . ." He trails on as he figures out the words to say. "I'd probably make a fire, since I've been getting better at that. Maybe I'll do something courageous, yet stupid, like shooting a flaming arrow at a dummy or something like that."
  "Wow! You thought more than I did." I laugh. "I was only going to throw two throwing knives and a spear, but since I'm one of the first people, they'll probably be fine with me and be surprised when I hit the dummies in the forehead."
  "And if you miss?" Star (0) laughs a little and, although I'm slightly offended, I laugh as well.
  "What happens if your arrow starts on fire and the entire bow gets engulfed in flames?" He smiles at this as well, so I realize that we're just joking around instead of trying to frighten the other.
  "Then I would scream and just hope I get sentimental points if I'm burnt into ashes."
  The elevator doors open and we look around the Training Center. Right away, my eyes lock on the throwing knives on the other room and I notice that nobody's there. Instead, for once, the Careers are just talking with the others and going to some survival courses. The Anti-Careers are doing the same thing, but staying on the opposite side of the room as the Careers. All the smaller alliances and loners are scattered everywhere with most of them practicing weaponry, yet none with the knives.
  "I'll go to the fire starting station to polish up my skills." He turns towards me and pats me on the back. "Have fun at the throwing knives station. Hit the bull's eye."
  I chuckle and the two siblings of the Sunkin family who actually care about each other have just been separated. No matter what my parent's may say. No matter what any of my other siblings and parents may say, once the bowling ball hit Opalia in the forehead, and even before that, we were all that we were holding onto. Or else we would have committed suicide like my other sister.
  But now, when there's only a small chance of my survival, and that means my brother would need to die, I'm begging for life more than I've ever wanted to. Because after tomorrow with the private sessions with our mentors and the interviews, we'll be going into the arena with a snap of a finger. And like a flame will distinguish, tributes will fall.

Aiyanna Migwan - District 14

  My stomach churns and I have the butterflies in my stomach as we're dismissed from training to have lunch. I can barely breath and I'm using all my strength to keep me from throwing up. All the other Anti-Careers don't look so good either―pale, quiet, fumbling with their hands and staring at the floor. In fact, not even the Careers look enthused about the private sessions.
  "What are you guys going to do for private sessions?" I ask, hoping to relieve some tension and anxiety by confronting it head on.
  "I have no idea." Zach (2) mumbles and looks towards his plate as he rolls the corn and peas around his plate with his fork. "Haven't thought of it yet."
  I remain speechless along with the rest of my allies. What am I supposed to say? Our leader is procrastinating and now is going to get a terrible score because he isn't prepared. Oh God! How will this alliance even last! Maybe I made a poor choice in joining this alliance, or even wanting to join an alliance. In the end, like everyone's been repeating, only one can win. Allies will help you get further, but not everyone has the chance to win.
  "I'm going to go show my skills with the chained sickle, hoping that they provide one." Andrea (12) bravely states and smiles. "Because in the arena, that means I'd have to rely on my knives, which I prefer not to do. Either way, I'm also showing my skills with throwing knives just to make sure they don't think I'll be screwed if chained sickles aren't provided."
  "Yeah, that's similar with what I'm doing." I say, trying to start a discussion with the entire alliance. "I was going to start off with the bow and arrow and then lead my way to the spears. They'll probably―hopefully―provide both weapons, but you can never be so sure."
  "I was planning on throwing knives and daggers at the dummies." Sonic (10) smiles, but doesn't reveal anymore.
  "Same with us two." Tart (8) smiles and gestures for both her and Selena (7). "Knives are our way, so we're going to use them to impress the Gamemakers."
  "What do you think Blanc's going to do?" Andrea (12) lowers her voice and stares at Blanc (Cap) whose eating lunch with Lulu (Cap). "Is he still in the alliance?"
  "He's in the alliance, don't question that." Jake (9) defends him. "But for private sessions, I haven't really seen what he could do yet. I've been mainly focusing on myself, stubbornly, than others."
  "If you were worrying more about yourself, then you would eat!" I scream and the entire table laughs, getting dirty looks from surrounding tributes that makes us realize that private sessions are coming up.
  Private sessions. Training scores. What the hell will the Gamemakers give me? I can't handle being the worst in my alliance, yet I don't want to be leading us, because that'd be a disgrace. Maybe I shouldn't restrain my powers. Yeah, I should show The Capitol who I am. I need to show them Aiyanna Migwan (14) from District 14.

Euphoria Tenate - District 3

Writing by *Kyoni~Kara*, mentor of Euphoria Tenate

  With frozen fingers and a stomach full of wings, I beg myself to stay calm. Every once and awhile, anxiety creeps up into my spine, unwillingly leaving from the home it so comfortably made within me. I could only hope for the best to keep the uncertainty at bay. I feel trapped within a gate, with the key buried far beneath me. Inhale. Exhale.
  My eyes dart across the small room, finding a home on Triticale (11). He turns away, after noticing I was looking at him. He was staring... His cheeks turn rosy as his eyes creep back to the corner of it's socket, checking if I'm still looking. I don't know what to think. Should I stay with the one who I've known, cared for, and loved since second grade, knowing that he's probably watching right now, cheering me on, and is hoping that I keep his promise: "To Win." Or am I falling into the cracks of this boy, who I hardly know, but can sense a spark and connection with?
  The door opens, and oddly, an exhausted Zach (2) exits, looking happy with himself, rather than Ciel (3), my District partner. I look up at him, but his eyes favor upon the silver handle of the exit, probably looking to rest, as he still needs to make up his 'own' session. As he exits, the room soon becomes silent once more. Twenty-seven more tributes remain quiet, all waiting for their names to be echoed throughout the speakers that hang on the corners of the wall.
  "Euphoria Tenate, District 3"
  My heart skips a beat, almost stopping completely as I almost forget to breath. My body remains numb, as if a gun were being held to my temple. Vomit churns in my throat, awaiting its departure, but I manage to keep that within me. I know making a fool of myself would only make matters worse. Slowly, I push myself from the chair, unwillingly letting go of the armrest. Guiding my feet towards the entrance, my body meets the door.
  With my hand caressing the tip of the door handle, I look back. Some of the seats remain empty. The ones which aren't hold the people probably against me. Some of them, in favor of taking my life. My eyes then glint on Triticale (11). He looks up at me as well and, with our eyes locked, I look back up at the camera. I squeeze my eyes shut, with tears too powerful to remain behind a curtain of hurt and confusion. I turn the handle and enter. Inhale. Exhale.
  "Took you long enough." The Head Gamemaker announces once my feet step into the room. "Now, show us what you’re made of."

Training Scores and Odds

Name Training Score Odds
Blanc "Blanket" Bonaparte (Cap) 8 17-1
Lulu Glades (Cap) 10 6-1
Star Sunkin (0) 9 18-1
Luna Sunkin (0) 7 25-1
Lorcan Madden (1) 10 8-1
Juliet Carter (1) 9 10-1
Zach Wilson (2) 10 6-1
Shermaine Wilson (2) 11 5-1
Ciel Phantomhive (3) 12 70-1
Euphoria Tenate (3) 8 15-1
Shuppet Jorrvaskr (4) 9 12-1
Clefter Dawn (4) 8 17-1
Sammy Polgona (5) 5 39-1
Yuna Besaid (5) 8 10-1
Buck Rockwell (6) 9 11-1
Spirit Soul (6) 8 30-1
Allen Greensworth (7) 5 45-1
Selena Quails (7) 8 24-1
Banette Tsukomogami (8) 11 4-1
Satart "Tart" Miles (8) 7 30-1
Jake Price (9) 8 22-1
Azalea Toyo (9) 6 45-1
Sonic Star (10) 9 9-1
Ari Jalence (10) 9 8-1
Triticale Rain (11) 8 28-1
Zedoary Withers (11) 6 34-1
Mike Mathews (12) 8 24-1
Andrea Flame (12) 8 18-1
Patrick Pryor (13) 4 65-1
Caster Liupin (13) 7 37-1
Able Williamson Jr. (14) 5 60-1
Aiyanna Migwan (14) 8 20-1

The Hunger Games

Status Chart

Name Alliance Items Injuries Targets Of Kills
Blanc "Blanket" Bonparte (Cap) Lulu (Cap) Axe, Medium Backpack: Food x5, Matches, RopeBlanketNight-Vision GogglesNet Healthy Nobody 0
Lulu Glades (Cap) Blanket (Cap) Blowgun, Darts x12, Food x5, Matches, Rope, Blanket, Night-Vision Goggles, Net Healthy Lorcan (1), Shermaine (2), Ari (10), Andrea (12) 0
Star Sunkin (0) Luna (0) Blowgun, Dart x12, Large Backpack: Food 6MatchesBlanketSleeping BagCoil of WireNet Healthy Nobody 0
Luna Sunkin (0) Star (0)

Throwing Knives x12, Food x6, Matches, Blanket, Sleeping Bag, Coil of Wire, Net

Healthy Nobody 0
Lorcan Madden (1) Careers: Shermaine (2), Ari (10)  Throwing Knives x10, Food x6, Water x4, Rope, Blanket, Sleeping Bag Minor Bruise Along Forearm Zach (2), Tart (8), Sonic (10), Andrea (12), Aiyanna (14) 0
Zach Wilson (2)

Anti-Careers: Tart (8), Sonic (10), Andrea (12), Aiyanna (14)

Sword, Large Backpack: Food x6Water x4MatchesRope, SpileIodine, Small Knife, Food x3, Blanket Black Left Eye, Cuts Along Face Lorcan (1), Shermaine (2), Ari (10) 0
Shermaine Wilson (2) Careers: Lorcan (1), Ari (10) Spear, Large Backpack: Food x6Water x4Rope, Blanket, Sleeping Bag, Small Knife Multiple Bruises Along Legs and Arms Zach (2), Shuppet (4), Tart (8), Sonic (10), Andrea (12), Aiyanna (14) 2
Ciel Phantomhive (3) Nobody Sword, Butcher Knife Healthy Lorcan (1), Shermaine (2), Ari (10) 1
Euphoria Tenate (3) Sammy (5), Yuna (5), Spirit (6) Sword, Night-Vision Goggles, Small Backpack: Food x4MatchesIodine, Plastic Wrap, Small Knife  Healthy Nobody 1
Shuppet Jorrvaskr (4) Nobody Trident, Knife, Medium Backpack: Food x4, Rope, Iodine, Sleeping Bag, Small Knife Bump on Forehead Lorcan (1), Shermaine (2), Ari (10 0
Spirit Soul (6) Euphoria (3), Sammy (5), Yuna (5) Bow, Arrows x12, Dagger, Food x3, Matches, Iodine, Platic Wrap Healthy Nobody 0
Allen Greensworth (7) Nobody Medium Backpack: Food x4, Matches, Blanket, Night-Vision Goggles, Small Knife Pains in Back Sammy (5) 0
Satart "Tart" Miles (8) Anti-Careers: Zach (2), Sonic (10), Andrea (12), Aiyanna (14) Throwing Knives x8, Food x6, Water x4, Matches, Rope, Spile, Iodine, Food x3, Blanket Healthy  Lorcan (1), Shermaine (2), Ari (10) 0
Azalea Toyo (9) Nobody Medium Backpack: Food x4, Water x2, Matches, Blanket, Night-Vision Goggles Open Wound in Shoulder Nobody 0
Sonic Star (10) Anti-Careers: Zach (2), Tart (8), Andrea (12), Aiyanna (14) Dagger, Small Backpack: Food x3Blanket, Sleeping Bag, Night-Vision Goggles, Food x6, Water x4, Matches, Rope, Spile, Iodine Healthy Lorcan (1), Shermaine (2), Ari (10) 0
Ari Jalence (10) Careers: Lorcan (1), Shermaine (2) Bandages, Food x6, Water x3, Rope, Blanket, Sleeping Bags Broken Leg Zach (2), Tart (8), Sonic (10), Andrea (12), Aiyanna (14) 0
Triticale Rain (11) Nobody Sword, Medium Backpack: Food x5, Water x3, Rope, Spile, Blanket, Night-Vision Goggles Healthy Nobody 0
Zedoary Withes (11) Outlaying Districts: Mike (12), Caster (13) Knife, Small Backpack: Food x3, MatchesRope, Small Knife, Food x3, Matches, Spile Healthy Nobody 0
Mike Mathews (12) Outlaying Districts: Zedoary (11), Caster (13) Net Traps, Snares, Net, Small Backpack: Food x3Matches, Vial of Poison, SpileFood x3, Matches, Rope Healthy Nobody 0
Andrea Flame (12) Anti-Careers: Zach (2), Tart (8), Sonic (10), Aiyanna (14) Chained Sickle, Food x6, Water x4, Matches, Rope, Spile, Iodine, Food x3, Blanket Twisted Ankle Lorcan (1), Shermaine (2), Ari (10) 0
Caster Liupin (13) Outlaying Districts: Zedoary (11), Mike (12) Throwing Knives, Vial of Poison, Food x3, Matches, Rope, 'Food x3, Matches, Spile Healthy Nobody 0
Aiyanna Migwan (14) Anit-Careers: Zach (2), Tart (8), Sonic (10), Andrea (12) Spear, Tomahawk, Food x6, Water, x4, Matches, Rope, Spile, Iodine, Food x3, Blanket Open Cut in Thigh Lorcan (1), Shermaine (2), Ari (10) 0

Death Chart

Placing Name District Day Cause of Death Kills
32nd Jake Price 9 1 Speared through Heart by Buck (6) 0
31st Patrick Pryor 13 1 Neck Snapped by Banette (8) 0
30th Able Williamson Jr. 14 1 Spirit Eaten by Sebastian 0
29th Clefter Dawn 4 1 Beheaded by Ciel (3) 0
28th Selena Quails 7 1 Beheaded by Shermaine (2) 0
27th Juliet Carter 1 1 Burnt to Death by Fire caused by Banette (8) 0
26th Banette Tsukomogami 8 1 Burnt to Death by Own Fire 3
25th Buck Rockwell 6 1 Speared through Chest by Shermaine (2) 1
24th Yuna Besaid 5 2 Stabbed in the Stomach by Sammy (5) 0
23rd Sammy Polgona 5 2 Head Cut in Half by Euphoria (3) 1
Runner Up

Day 2

Euphoria Tenate (3). Night-Vision Goggles for $500. $1,200 Remain.
Sonic Star (10). 12 Throwing Knives for $525. $125.
Andrea Flame (12). Bandages for $315. $461 Remain.
Aiyanna Migwan (14). Bandages for $350. Cake for Free. $424 Remain.

Day 1

Shermaine Wilson - District 2

  I stare at the tribute tube with great suspicion. It will bring me to the arena. The arena that will either lead me to victory, or to my death. But no, I must stay on tract. No distraction will guide me away from the path of victory. I won't let Zach (2) or any of the stupid Anti-Careers try to kill me and watch me suffer. I've already gotten into his head, he's already starting to lose it, now, I just need to follow through.
  I look back at my stylist, whose sitting there, putting on some more lipstick. All of these Capitol citizens are ugly and try to hide so much behind the makeup. But my stylist, he's probably the ugliest one I've seen by far. His fat bulges past his buckle and he has to keep the top button on his pants unbuttoned. His white skin seems to brighten as he only wears black makeup, which only makes him look fatter and heavier. He nods for me to get ready after he finally looks at me.
  "Tributes to tubes in thirty."
  I don't mind taking my time to wait until the last second until I get on the tube, so I take a deep breath and walk right into the tube. I zip up the crimson sweatshirt and tighten the harness around my body. Obviously, it has something to do with the arena, but I haven't been able to figure it out. If it was a mountain, the Gamemakers wouldn't care if we slipped out and fell to our death, but there must be some reason for us to wear it.
  The glass doors enclose me inside the tube and, for a second, I feel claustrophobic and I start to breath fast, but then I remember some good times. I remember the look on the Gamemakers faces when I showed them my talents with martial arts, a skill that they didn't expect me to have because I'm skinny. Oh how they realized I was a huge threat, more than they anticipated. Hopefully, they'll love me. They must, or else it'd just be an embarrassment to have someone like Zach (2) as the main tribute to sponsor.
  The tribute tube starts to elevate and I almost fall to the ground, being unprepared for the sudden jerk of the movement. But I put my hands on the glass and steady myself. I look at the launch room for a little longer, catching ever moment of not trying to kill other people as I can. But deep down, I want to kill these people who are trying to underestimate me. I want to kill the tribute from District 3 who scored a twelve and I want to destroy Zach (2) for starting an alliance to destroy what he's been training to become.
  As all my surroundings become dark, my eyes are wide as I tilt my head to look above, to look at any sign of light and of the arena. But twenty feet up, it's still hard to see anything. I start to worry about the tribute plate breaking, before I realize how much I'm already changing. I'm fierce. I'm bloodthirsty. I'm not . . . afraid. I can't be! I'm Shermaine Wilson (2), the girl who came here to win.
  Finally, light appears above me and my eyes are blinded after looking into darkness for so long.
  "60 . . . 59 . . . 58 . . . 57"

Sammy Polgona - District 5

  "Yuna?" I scream into the surrounding trees, trying to figure out where my allies are. "Euphoria? Ghost?"
  No response.
  I look around the trees, trying to find some tiny details of whatever I can see past the trees. With thirty-two tributes in this arena, they couldn't have us spaced out that much. But then again, we're probably going to be closer when we zipline down to the cornucopia―if we zip line down to the cornucopia. Our alliance didn't talk much about strategy, just about what we'd do during the private sessions and we didn't see each other at all since then.
  I finally notice a white sweatshirt and some black blobs on it. Obviously, District 10 with the worst arena wear ever. The Capitol takes everything seriously, they have everyone wear ugly clothes that they find attractive. I'm lucky though, being from District 5 doesn't give them a lot of options as to embarrass us. I'm only wearing an electric yellow sweatshirt, which I honestly don't mind.
  To my right, I notice a fuchsia, barely noticeable between the trees. This color puzzles me, as it's a beautiful color, thus being a richer district. Presumably The Capitol or District 1 or 8. All seem reasonable to have this color, but that means that whoever's to my right is going to be a threat. It's either the love birds from The Capitol, the Careers from District 1 or the psychotic boy from District 8. If I'm lucky, it'd be the girl from District 8 who's weaker, but still outscored me.
  I gulp as the timer hits thirty seconds. I've already been here for thirty seconds, worrying about my allies. No, I need to worry about myself now. Everyone of my allies can live by themselves and survive, but I'm the one who they have to protect. I need to be the one that doesn't need to help this time. I can't have Yuna (5) die because she's protecting me. No, I won't allow it. I either need to learn to live by myself now, or I need to have my true love die. It's an easy choice.

Lorcan Madden - District 1

  I keep my eyes focused on the cornucopia as I feel the time narrowing down to the last few seconds. I breath in and out of my nose, trying to ready myself. I haven't dared attach my harness against the zip line, afraid that it could just blow up in my face. Instead, I remain quiet and I pick out the pack of throwing knives close to where I could possibly detach the harness. The other tributes around me wouldn't have much of a chance, unless they get there before me or if they run away, as I would stab them in the chest before they could even take a step to the cornucopia area.
  "20 . . . 19 . . . 18 . . . 17."
  I feel my legs shaking and my knees wearing out. But no, I can't quit, not when I'm this close to zip lining to the cornucopia. Not when I can have done this to myself. I could have let Flick go into the Hunger Games, but I also know that I would have to live with the guilt of his death with me. At least I've trained at the Career Academy before and I'm strong. Stronger than Flick might ever be.
  "16 . . . 15 . . . 14 . . . 13."
  My eyes try to focus on the other weapons around the cornucopia, trying to notice what someone around me would go to. It's not hard to see the electric yellow to my left, but to my right, it's all dark. I can't pick out a single body. Maybe I'm at the sharpest angle from the cornucopia, but that can't be. I'm positioned right in front of it, where I can see everything on the side of it and in front. I've even been able to see it slowly lower towards the ground.
  "12 . . . 11 . . . 10 . . . 9."
  Less than ten seconds left. Now, I need to forget my thoughts. Don't hesitate. Just fight. Fight, no hesitate. Because fighting and hesitating leads to imminent death. I need to let my senses take in. Let what I learned at the Career Academy lead me to success and victory. But I can't be cocky. You―I―might get close to victory, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to be the victor. I might see myself as a main character in this twisted story, being the only one to control myself and my thoughts. But everyone else has their reasoning and I can't always be the main character.
  "8 . . . 7 . . . 6 . . . 5 . . . 4."
  Because odds are, I'm going to lose. I have higher odds than most, but I rely on my strength and height instead of my intelligence. Other tributes know how to deceive and to get into people's heads, two qualities I'd love to have right now, but others are weak and humble, other qualities I'd love.
  "3 . . . 2 . . . 1."
  Because right now, I'd rather be humble than think I'm the only one that could possibly win. I can imagine myself winning, killing the last tribute after throwing a knife into their forehead, but I don't know if I'll be able to do that. I might not even get there. Right now, I must rely on the bloodbath and the cornucopia. Take one step at a time. And then, I might win.

Jake Price - District 9

  As the gong sounds, I quickly attach my harness to the zip line and fling my body weight forward, making sure not to look down. The air whizzes past me and my eyes start to water as it gets in my eyes. I blink away the air that gets into my eyes and narrow it, just barely able to see the cornucopia. As I get closer and closer, I put my hand near the zip line and detach my harness from it as soon as I see land underneath me.
  I fall on my feet, but the pain ripples through my muscles and I fall to my knees, my legs in pain from the jump. When I look around, I notice only three other tributes―Lulu (Cap), Ari (10) and Triticale (11). However, more drop down every second so I quickly scan the cornucopia for the sword I was looking at, but Triticale (11) quickly grabs it along with the backpack close by. I quickly grab onto a knife near me and turn to hear a scream.
  I see Azalea (9) on her knee with Buck (6) standing over her with a spear, pushing it closer towards Azalea's (9) body, as if making her freak out before killing her. All I see when Azalea (9) is on the ground is the letter she wrote. She doesn't want to win, letting her die would be what she wants. But, I can't let that happen. She's my district partner and I can't just stand here and do nothing as she is pierced through the heart.
  I feel a sudden rush of adrenaline when I start to sprint at Buck (6) and I tackle him to the ground before he can pierce Azalea (9) through the heart. I lose my entire amount of energy as he wickedly smiles at me, although he's stuck underneath me. Azalea (9) turns towards with with wide eyes and I mouth for her to escape, which she does with a backpack in hand.
  "Goodbye Jake." Buck (6) says as he pushes me to the side and pulls his spear out of my stomach. I groan with pain and stare at the spear before it digs into my chest and punctures my heart.

Shuppet Jorrvaskr - District 4

  I stare into the eyes of Buck (6) as he yanks his spear out of the male from District 9's body and turns towards me. He uses his heel to kick the body away from him and off over the edge of the cornucopia opening. He just got the first kill, but we're both smart enough to not target each other. If I go after him, he'd kill me and then Banette (8) would finish him off and if he went after me, Banette (8) would kill him as well. I guess you could say Banette (8) is my key weapon, although we're just best friends.
  I grabbed onto a trident shortly after I got to the bloodbath, but now I'm just trying to find Banette (8). Many of the tributes are running into many directions that it's hard to kill anyone. Finally, I notice Banette (8). But let out a screech when I see Patrick (13) try to stab him in the back. I let my instincts take over and sprint as fast as I can to Banette (8).
  I don't reach Banette (8) in time as Patrick (13) tries to provoke an attack. However, Banette (8) seemed to realize him before and simply turns around and knocks the knife right out of Patrick's (13) hand. Patrick (13) yelps from surprise and tries to run away, but Banette (8) simply tackles him to the ground and, with a little jerk, snaps his neck.
  "Nice job." I say, encouragingly, but he doesn't look too happy. I wouldn't either. He just killed a thirteen year old and, even though he provoked the attack, he's still innocent and had a lot of life left. "Let's leave."
  He grabs onto two backpacks and tosses one to me. He picks up the knife Patrick (13) has and we run towards one of the zip lines. I attach my zip line first, but before I could check on Banette (8), he shoves me down the zip line and I start going down the zip line wildly, barely able to tell which way is up and which way is down. When I reach it to the bottom, I hit a tree and I, shakily, detach the harness.
  "I'm sorry." He screams, still at the cornucopia area. "But I must do something first and cannot risk your life." And with that, he turns away from me and runs right into the fights.

Allen Greensworth - District 7

  I duck inside the cornucopia, hiding carefully behind some crates. The Anti-Careers and the Careers had started to fight right in the middle of the cornucopia areas, making it hard for loners like myself to try to get around them. I've only noticed two tributes leave so far, which was Shuppet (4) and Azalea (9). The others seem to be hopelessly trying to kill others or get whatever they can from the cornucopia.
  I notice the alliance consisting of Yuna (5), Sammy (5), Spirit (6) and Euphoria (3) all gather together close to the mouth of the cornucopia as they grab some weapons. Spirit (6) grabs onto a dagger close to my crate and I duck even farther down as she throws it into the thigh of Clefter (4). This doesn't slow her down, though, as she throws an axe back in return, which is easily dodged and would have went right into my forehead if I hadn't ducked.
  She finally finds what she's really looking for―a bow with a sheath of arrows―which is deeper inside the cornucopia. I realize that, as she turns back, she'll see my sienna brown coat, as it doesn't camouflage into the black crates around me. When her hand pulls the bow away from the crate on which is lays on, I get up and quickly sprint away, though I'm brought to the ground by her ally.
  "Sammy!" Yuna (5) screams at the boy with his knife to my neck. "He's only twelve, let him go."
  "Why? He could kill us later?" He replies. I look into his eyes and only see confusion. I sense that he doesn't want to do this. No, I know he doesn't want to do this. I've been watching him a lot and he's seemed really nice and I would have loved to be his ally, if I wasn't afraid of allying with people. But he's different now, more angry and prepared to bring anyone down who dares to cross his path.
  "Sammy!" Yuna's (5) basically whining now. "We don't have the time! This isn't right and you know it."
  I feel his posture get straighter as he turns towards her. "No, this is right."
  Before he's even able to bring the knife into my chest, I reach for a dagger just a few centimeters away. He continues on with a speech that he's saying to Yuna (5), but instead of looking at her, he's staring at me. I feel a shudder go through my body when I feel the cold metal on the dagger's blade, but quickly dig it into his side once I have it.
  He screams and falls to the side, but I ignore him. I grab onto my dagger as I run as far away as I can, raising my backpack to my head to protect it from any arrows. When I finally get to the edge of the cornucopia clearing, I jump towards a branch and hold onto it until I drop to another one and another one until I'm finally on the ground.
  I survived.

Ciel Phantomhive - District 3

  Out of the corner of my eyes, I notice one of the alliances consisting of four tributes fleeing and the two siblings from District 0 running away with just a backpack, knives and a blowgun. Luna (0) looks over her shoulder and our eyes meet. She smiles towards me and I smile back before she goes down the zipline and goes out of my sight.
  When I turn back to the battle, I hold onto a sword and dig it into the knees of Able (14), who was trying to flee. He falls to the ground and turns towards me, his eyes wide with fear. Part of me wants to help him run away, but now, I can't. I can't let him just run away. My life and my popularity in The Capitol relies on it. I bring my sword towards his head, when suddenly, Sebastian appears and blocks it.
  "No." He says, his eyebrows narrowing. "I must do it, Ciel."
  I just nod and watch as Sebastian turns towards Able (14) and tilts his head up, so he's looking right at him. "Don't be afraid." He says and his free hand inches towards his chest, where he digs it deep into and Able's (14) mouth opens, but he doesn't scream. When Sebastian finally brings out his hand, he pulls out a somewhat transparent, somewhat white being that I know is his soul.
  "What are you going to do with it?" I ask him, my eyes wide with fear from both Sebastian and the surrounding fight, but when I turn my shoulder, I notice that it's starting to move away from me as the Careers start to take over.
  "I'm going to eat it." He shoves Able's (14) spirit into his mouth and swallows. "Remember the bet we made. I'm afraid to say that it's broken. The Phantomhive mansion is being sold and I will never make it to peace unless I eat the soul of a human ever time a new person moves into the house. It's my bet with Satan to finally get me to peace."
  "Wait . . . you're leaving." The pieces of my plan in these Hunger Games start to crumble apart. "But . . . I need you."
  "Don't worry about me." Sebastian smiles. "Worry about yourself. We'll meet again one day, you can't be separated from those you love forever."
  "Sebastian, no!" I feel tears trying to fight through my barrier, but I won't let it happen. "I'm not going to survive without you."
  "Then we'd meet sooner." Sebastian's smile fades. "Goodbye, Ciel."
  I expect his body to disappear or vanish, but instead, he comes right after me. At first, I expect he's coming after my soul, but then he goes right past me and stands in front of me as Clefter's (4) axe goes right into his forehead. I scream, but he's gone. He wasn't human, he was a ghost. But nonetheless, I can't bear being alone.
  With anger building inside me, I grab onto the axe that killed Sebastian and fling it right back towards Clefter (4). She's lunging towards me, but doesn't even have the chance to duck or get out of the way of my attack as the axe goes right into her shoulder. She screams and falls to the ground. I charge towards her with my sword, raise it high above my head, and bring it down on her neck, beheading her.
  But I don't stop there, I repeatedly stab her, over and over again until the girl once known as Clefter (4) is no longer there, but a bloody corpse with multiple stab wounds lays there. "That was for Sebastian." I say as I run away.

Andrea Flame - District 12

  We've maintained the Careers long enough without killing them and now, they're gaining the advantage. It's starting to annoy both of the alliances that we're about the same level so nobody's made a kills. The Careers are especially annoyed that they haven't even gotten a kill, so I've been making sure they don't get that kill. I get behind my allies and scan the arena. The last alliance, led by Zedoary (11), quickly leaves with some backpacks and weapons.
  Other than that, there's only Lulu (Cap) left who stands near Blanc (Cap) holding a blowgun to her mouth and blowing it at anyone who goes by. My eyes lock with Blanc (Cap) and I nod. He smiles and grabs onto Lulu's (Cap) hand and drags her away from the cornucopia with him. She doesn't release her grip, even when they attach their harnesses and leave the cornucopia. I hear a loud bang, the sound of something hitting against a tree, and all I can do is laugh.
  "Time to flee!" Zach (2) says, his left eye black and blood splattered on his face. "Now!"
  Almost instantly, everyone leaves. Aiyanna (14) wobbles away a sword wound in her thighs. Sonic (10) has blood pouring from his head and wipes it away as he attaches his harness to the zip line and gets away. Aiyanna (14) follows with Zach (2) helping her out. I look back to Tart (8) and Selena (7), but Selena's (7) still in the fight and Tart's (8) helping her out from afar.
  "Tart! Time to leave!" I scream at her, knowing that Selena's (7) already dead, but she looks at me with wide eyes. "No, we have to leave her."
  Tart (8) takes one more look back at Selena (7), before running towards me. She hugs me, but I push her off and turn her around so I can attach her harness. She screams as Selena (7) is beheaded by Shermaine's (2) swords. I push her quickly down the zipline and follow her quickly, not daring to look back, I detach the harness a little too early and twist my ankle before running as fast as I can away.

Banette Tsukomogami - District 8

  I duck down inside the cornucopia with matches in my hand. The Careers are all frustrated for not getting a single kill, with the exception of Shermaine (2). They all start to look at some of the bodies and throw them over the edge, trying to save more land for their supplies than for the tributes. There's only about four or five tributes that have fallen, or what I have seen, but there must be more. It's almost impossible for a Hunger Games with this many tributes to have only four fall.
  When all of the Careers are along the edge of the cornucopia field, I sneak out of the cornucopia with matches in my hand and go around the cornucopia, hiding closest to the tree that connects the cornucopia field at this high level. If I burn down this tree, then the entire cornucopia will fall and it should kill the Careers. But . . . this might come with my own life.
  I gulp but shake my head. No, I must do this. I light the match and put it against the tree until the tree starts on fire. I light a few more matches and drop it under my feet to ensure this will burn. The Careers turn and scream at me, but I just smile. I've done what I told myself I would do. Ruin the Careers so that Shuppet (4) has a better chance to win.
  Juliet (1) throws a spear towards me and I carefully duck under it. Lorcan (1) throws a knife while I'm unprepared and it goes right into my shoulder. I yank the knife out of my shoulder and drop it to the floor. The flames are growing up my legs and I breath through my nose to avoid screaming. The Careers look at me like I'm crazy and, like every human being, they flee from the fire.
  This completely passes my thoughts. I can't let them just escape, that'd ruin the entire purpose. I chase after them, but Shermaine (2) has already gone down, so their biggest threat has just fled. Lorcan (1) follows before I get there, but I tackle Juliet (1) to the ground. Ari (10) screams and digs her trident into my back before tripping out of the cornucopia field and out of sight.
  I keep Juliet (1) pinned to the ground as the fire engulfs us. She screams, but she's not stronger than me and we both know it. I watch as her face and hair goes into flames. I feel my own body going into flames, but I've found peace. Because there's more power in sacrificing yourself for your friend than doing stupid things to die.

Azalea Toyo - District 9

  My legs begin to tremble and I finally collapse to the ground. Every time I blind, I see him. I see Jake (9). He saved me, but when I turned around, he was dead. The spear was suppose to go through my heart, not his. He risked his life for me, but I didn't return the favor. I fled while he died.
  I've never been so scared in my life. Tears running down my face, I sit down against a tree and let my tears drip against my open wound in my shoulder. Now, I want to live more than ever. I didn't know I want to before. But now . . . I'd do anything to win, to get home. For crying out loud, I'd rather go to counseling every day for the rest of my life than die in here.
  I moan when I try to pull my backpack off of my back and look at the wound Buck (6) gave to me. Right in my shoulder. His menacing movements joking around with me, pretending to stab me through the heart while he was just stabbing me in the shoulder. Like a cat with yarn, but a black, evil, stupid, son of a bitch cat that decided to kill the yarn's district partner.
  I jolt upright, hurting my shoulder, when the first cannon sounds. The sound leaves a lump in my throat when I realize that it was Jake's (9), he was the first kill of the Hunger Games. I lived to hear his cannon. But not only his, two . . . three . . . four . . . five . . . six . . . seven other tributes. Which leaves over twenty left. This is the lowest amount of kills in the bloodbath for a while. Usually, half the tributes would be dead, or the films at least showed half the tributes dying during the bloodbath.
  I take deep breaths as I lean back against the tree and look up. The beautiful green leaves of the jungle trees look incredible. There's little sunlight that comes between the leaves, but the few that comes through flashes right in my face, but is muted enough for me to look at it. I squint my eyes and notice something as I look up. People!
  But not regular people. These are far beyond regular people. Their wooden bodies, the smaller size. These aren't people, these are mutts! I gulp loudly and look away. This can't be happening, not now. I look up again, but the wooden people aren't there anymore.
  I stifle a laugh. I'm starting to hallucinate because I'm so tired. I close my eyes and breath in and out of my nose, doing whatever I can to slow down my breathing and relax. It's before the nightfall―probably around sunset―but I can't look at the faces of the dead, not now. Not when I know one of them died trying to protect me.

Blanc "Blanket" Bonaparte - The Capitol

  There's only so much one could say about seeing the people you've been training with all die in front of your eyes. Their murderers staring into their eyes as the victim breathes their last breathe. I saw Banette (8) tackle Patrick (13) to the ground and snap his neck. I've seen Ciel (3) receive his first kill on a Career, something that never happens.
  But the worst part about the bloodbath is losing my alliance. I saw Andrea (12) nod to me, signalling for me to leave. But I expected them to come after me. Instead, I noticed them going down a different zip line. When I finally found the end to the line, nobody was there. Now, I've only got Lulu (Cap) left, which I'm now somewhat worried about. She's protecting me so much, it's as if I'm a baby. Yet, I'm supposed to be protecting here! Why haven't I been doing my job?
  "What's wrong?" Lulu (Cap) stops in front of me and tilts her head. "You look upset."
  "I'm just tired." I smile weakly and sit down next to a tree trunk. "I just need a little rest."
  "Ok." She lays down next to me and puts her head on my chest. My breathing fastens, but I try to cover it. "Who do you think the other cannons were?"
  Perfect way to change the subject. "I don't know." I swallow down saliva forming in my mouth. "But the only other people at the cornucopia besides us was the Careers and Anti-Careers."
  "Maybe it wasn't them." She looks into my eyes and I blink back the tears. "There was thirty-two tributes who came into the arena, there's a good chance it was someone else."
  "I only saw two tributes die, though, and there were seven cannons."
  "I'm pretty sure I saw a Career go down, though." She smiles, her eyes light up with delight when she finishes saying the words. "That's one threat that will burn in the fires of hell."
  "No, it was Clefter, she got the same score as me." I remember looking at the screen when my score was announced. An 8 was good at the time, but when Lulu (Cap) got a 10, it made my score look terrible.
  "Well, I also saw Patrick and Jake go down early. Not like they were threats . . ." She trails off, leaving an uneasy silence. Finally, she says something. "And I think Able did too. The District 7 Male also looked like he was going to be stabbed by Sammy, but I didn't really see what happened when the entire Career and Anti-Career thing started."
  "Well, we can only be certain when the anthem starts." I look at the backpack I gathered with the axe handle sticking out of it. "We'll survive though. We have a good start on food and we both have weapons."
  Her arms wrap around my stomach and she embraces me. I bend my head closer towards hers and we kiss. I feel all the tension around me going by with the wind. My head pounds and when our lips release, I crave for more. "Did I ever tell you how sexy you looked in that outfit?" Her eyes don't open but we kiss again, this one lasting longer until the sun finally sets.

Ari Jalence - District 10

  Shermaine (2) still stands, staring at the fire that illuminates brighter as the sky gets dark. She hasn't moved a muscle since we all had to escape. We've heard the cannons of two tributes―Banette (8) and Juliet (1)―although Lorcan (1) refuses to believe Juliet (1) could have died. He came up with multiple excuses―a tribute killing another right when the fire started and Juliet (1) was forced to go another way; the falling debris crushing a tribute and Juliet (1) was able to flee; Banette (8) tackling another tribute that was still at the cornucopia―multiple different excuses, but he's gullible enough to believe she didn't die. He's holding onto hope that will cease to exist within minutes.
  Shermaine's (2) lips stay parted, her posture, straight and stiff. Every minute or so, she blinks. None of us can believe what happened. We lost all of our supplies, except for Lorcan's (1) knives. My entire leg is broken after I fell down the tree, the impact so harsh that I feel the bone poking out of my skin, but I refuse to look down at it. Lorcan's (1) eyes don't move away from my leg, giving me a sign that it's really bad or he's in deep thought.
  "Looks like you guys are pretty beat up." All of us turn to see Buck (6) standing over me. I try to back away, but don't get far enough with my useless leg. Lorcan's (1) knives slide into his hands and are held near his ear, ready to be thrown whenever he attempts to do something. "You know, it was a stupid idea to reject me during training."
  "You're right." Shermaine (2) says before the rest of us, cautiously moving towards Buck (6). Her voice is quiet and strained, as if she was crying, although she hasn't. "We need you."
  A smile crawls across Buck (6) face. "Yeah, but I don't need you anymore!"
  He lunges towards Shermaine (2), spear pointed at her heart. A scream gets stuck in my throat as I expect Shermaine (2) to die, but Lorcan's (1) let his go right through his lips. The spear is just a little away from Shermaine's (2) heart when she puts her hands on the shaft of the spear, using all of her strength to prevent the spear from going through her shirt. Buck (6) smiles as the spear creeps closer towards Shermaine (2), so close that she's stuck against a tree.
  A smile appears across her face, much to my confusion. "The thing is," her words come slowly as she struggles to both talk and fight, "that I know how to protect myself."
  With that, she sidesteps out of the way, letting the spear lodge into the tree. Buck (6) attempts to yank it out, but Shermaine (2) kicks him in the stomach and again in his knee, breaking it. He screams as he's on the ground, curling in a ball as Shermaine (2) repeatedly kicks him, his blood pouring from his nose and mouth. Finally she stops.
  He looks up as Shermaine (2) pulls the spear out of the tree. "You didn't let me finish my statement." Her fingers trace the point of the spear. "I need you so I can kill you."
  She lets the spear go through Buck's (6) chest. He stays up momentarily before finally, laying on the ground and the cannon ringing from the distance. Shermaine (2) pulls the spear out of his chest and rolls him over, revealing a backpack. She pulls it off of his shoulders and digs around in it.
  "Here." She says, tossing me some bandages.
  "It won't help." I say when I finally get a glimpse of my leg. Luckily, my bone isn't sticking out of my knee, but it's pressing so close against it that you can feel it. Bandages won't help the wound, the only thing that can is instant relief, but that's expensive. Surgery would only be an option if I was back at home. Now, all my chances of survival is in the hands of my mentor. I don't really know if I like that.
  The anthem starts and I stare up at the sky, studying each of the faces. Lorcan (1) stifles a tear when Juliet's (1) face is the first one shown, but Shermaine (2) and I barely move. Clefter's (4) death doesn't alarm us either, as we've seen her die, even Lorcan (1) doesn't let out a cry for her. She was the weakest of us. Buck's (6) death doesn't come to a surprise to us, since we've just murdered him. Neither does the District 7 Anti-Career. But Banette's (8) does, even though I saw him perish in the flames. There's something unsettling about having one of the biggest of the threats dying right in the bloodbath. The last three tributes―from Districts 9, 13 and 14―were all weak or Anti-Careers, so I don't feel anything other than relief that there's less tributes now.
  I look at Shermaine (2) and Lorcan (1) again, but they've already gotten ready to sleep. Shermaine (2) curls up in a ball near the base of a tree, a blanket from Buck's (6) bag protecting her from the night winds. Lorcan (1) rolls out a sleeping bag and crawls in it before noticing me. He gets out and offers me the sleeping bag, but I refuse, claiming that I'm already as good as dead. He look at me with sentimental eyes, but, despite my remarks, tosses me the sleeping bag before curling up in a ball and sleeping.
  "Thanks." I mumble and he smiles before I turn away from him and slowly drift off to sleep.


  • Twenty-four of the original thirty-two tributes remain.
  • Out of the eight tributes that died, only three of them were females. Only two of these females died during the actual bloodbath, as Juliet's (1) death happened after all the tributes had already escaped the bloodbath.
  • Triticale (11) was the only loner who didn't confront another tribute during the bloodbath. Ciel (3) and Buck (6) killed someone during the bloodbath. Allen (7) and Azalea (9) almost got killed during the bloodbath. Able (14) died during the bloodbath.
  • Most of the kills during the bloodbath came from Banette (8), with three kills, one of them, himself. He was one of the only two tributes to kill a Career, the other being Ciel (3).
  • Only two tributes who received kills during the bloodbath were still alive at the end of the first day: Shermaine (2), currently leading in living tributes with two kills, and Ciel (3), with one kill. The other six kills came from Buck (6), Banette (8) and Sebastian, Ciel's (3) ghost-friend.
  • Every tribute who died during the bloodbath died at the hands of a tribute who received a higher training score than them.
  • Ciel (3) was the only tribute during the bloodbath who killed a tribute that was older than him.
  • No twelve, fourteen or eighteen year old was killed during the day.
  • There was only one seventeen year old killed during the bloodbath, other than that, there was two thirteen and two fifteen year olds and three sixteen year olds.
  • Currently, Euphoria (3) leads in sponsoring money, but Ciel (3) comes in a close second. Shockingly, both come from District 3, one of my personal favorite districts.
  • Currently, two couples are getting The Capitol citizens aroused: Lulu (Cap) and Blanket (Cap) along with Luna (0) and Ciel (3). They're also getting a little anxious with the whole Euphoria (3) and Triticale (11) couple, but nothing excited between them has happened yet.
  • Coincidentally, both times Lulu (Cap) and Blanket (Cap) kissed, they both craved for another after, although it isn't specified whether they actually kissed again or not.
  • Lulu (Cap) and Blanket's (Cap) kiss marks the first kiss of the 437th Hunger Games along with the first time The Capitol citizens have seen them kiss, since the first time was during training, which they don't see.
  • This is the first time since the Reapings where Azalea's death notes were mentioned by Jake (9) moments before his death.
  • Out of the twenty-one original users who added a tribute in these Hunger Games, only nineteen remain with tributes. The other two, Kindwonderous2842 and TheFireJay, had their only tribute die.
  • Out of the eleven original users who added two tributes in these Hunger Games, only five of them still have both tributes.

Day 2

Aiyanna Migwan - District 14

  I jolt upright when I hear the sound of branches breaking and a muted beaking. I message the back of my head, feeling a bump I didn't know was there. Around me, my allies all sleep, except for Andrea (12) whose been on watch all night. She suspiciously raises an eyebrow, but I just smile and look around to see the dimmed red light blinking.
  "You can go to bed." I turn back towards her. "I'll start a fire soon to keep warmth."
  "No." Andrea's (12) words come fast and harsh. "I'll share a blanket with Zach. Sonic and Tart are both sharing a sleeping bag. It won't be weird." I raise an eyebrow. "It won't be weird." She says it again, harsh and
  She lays down next to Zach (2), wrapping her arms around him so she can conserve more heat and have more blanket. They would be a cute couple―both know how to lead and have a special bond. I just hope reality doesn't bite them in the butt because there can only be one victor―something that will always stick in my mind and always haunt me. Because in the end, if I make it so far, I'll have to live with all of their deaths. Jake's (9) death was already bad enough and Selena's (7) just made it worse. We lost Blanket (Cap), but he's still alive. His portrait wasn't up today, not yet.
  Out of the corner of my eye, the red light starts to blink brighter and brighter so I quickly crawl over to it, ignoring the pain screaming in my leg. I open up the protective silver casing and see an eight by twelve inch cake with beautiful, green icing along the edges. I pick off the little marzipan of The Capitol symbol and bite into the delicious combination of sugar and honey. I look back down at the cake and slow down my chewing. This is no regular cake, this is my district, what I remember when I left.
  My fingers trace over the pictures of my siblings and in the upper left corner, Randy. I feel tears catching on, but I need to be strong. This is the first time since we met where we haven't spent my birthday together. We've always been there for each other, but, this time, we couldn't. I wouldn't allow him to die if he volunteered, and he wouldn't let me. But, this game―this cruel, harsh game―only allows one person to win. And I wouldn't have been able to live without him.
  I look at the map on the cake. Besides the pictures of my family along the edges, the middle shows the entire map of the district. My eyes lock right on the school and a thump forms in my throat. I swallow it and look away. This time, I can't stop the tears. I let my tears run across my face and mixing in with the butter cream frosting. The school. The bullies. These games. I can't contemplate all these emotions at once.
  I put the cake down, but something slips out. I reach around the dark before I find what fell out. I squint my eyes and put the box as close to my face as I can before I can clearly read the label:
  I smile and a laugh gurgles from my throat. Surely, a birthday can't be complete without a wish. I creep over to the backpack laying next to Zach (2) and Andrea (12). Have one envious look at them. And finally, slip out the box of matches and light one match. I stare at the flames as I ignite another little flame, this time on my candle. I let the light flicker for minutes before I finally recite my wish.
  "For my birthday, I wish I can just have one, peaceful day before my time has come." I keep my eyes shut as I blow out the candle and stay that way for minutes.

Euphoria Tenate - District 3

  I wake to the sound of a muted beeping. As the cloud of haziness fades, I begin to see a flashing, red light and rub my eyes to make sure I'm seeing clearly. But no, it can't be right. The Capitol must hate me for doing nothing―yet―in the Hunger Games. Yet, my eyes don't deceive me.
  I got a sponsoring gift.
  My hands wrap around the casing and I yank it open, revealing what looks like regular goggles. But as I put them on my eyes, I notice that I can see things clearly, even though it's still before sunrise. Something else slips out of the casing―a slip.
  As I carefully read the note, I find myself trembling. The note only consists of one word:
  My escort always told me that being in an alliance was a deadly decision, but now I'm starting to see what she means by it. Sammy (5) is going insane and Yuna's (5) the only thing that's cooling him down, although her charm seems to be lowering as the clock ticks.
  I need to flee, I can't deny that. But, I can't leave Spirit (6) alone with these two. Yet, I also know that I can't save her if I'm so destined to win.
  Now, I need to be wise.
  I gather the little supplies I have―a sword and a small backpack―and carefully start to jog away.
  But not before snapping a branch.
  I quicken my pace, realizing that one of my allies will probably wake up from the sound, but I know―hope―they really didn't. I zigzag around the trees, being very vigilant as I come across a knife or some blood. Finally, I hault to a stop.
  I put my hands on my knees, breathing heavily and start to lean against a tree. I drop my sword to the ground, letting it hit the ground with a thud, before slowly dropping to the ground myself. I wish I had some water, but our alliance didn't get any during the bloodbath.
  As my breathing finally starts to slow down, I hear something that I wish I hadn't.
  Adrenaline starts to saturate within me and I get to my feet, grabbing my sword and backpack, before running away. My pursuers aren't as fast as mine, if they're my allies, we don't have any night-vision goggles. When I'm at a safe distance, but their footsteps still seem to echo in the back of my mind, I put my sword in my bag as I climb up a large tree.
  "Euphoria!" I hear Sammy (5) scream from just below me. "Spirit! We know you ditched us!"
  Spirit (6)? She fled too? Relief overfills me that she left the alliance, but I still deeply regret not having her flee with me.
  "Euphoria!" Sammy's (5) head tilts up, looking straight at me and my breathe is taken away. Finally, he hunches his shoulders and looks over his shoulder. "They ditched us Yuna! They're not here!"
  "It's fine, Sammy." Yuna (5) says quietly. "They're gone. We can no longer protect them."
  "Protect them!" Sammy's (5) scream sends a shiver through my body. "Is that what you were trying to do? Protect them! We can't protect them, Yuna! There's only one survivor!"
  Something seems to register in his mind as he says the words and he turns towards Yuna (5), pulling out his dagger. "And if only one person's going to win, then I hope it'd be neither of us." He lunges towards Yuna (5), but she screams and moves out of the way. I hear Sammy (5) moan as his stitches, which Yuna (5) performed, are ripped.
  "You don't get it, do you!" He says, clutching at his side. "I love you, but you don't want to win! You want to die!" He moves closer to Yuna (5), his mouth almost touching hers. "And if we both die, we'll be together, forever." His last line is said smoothing, almost persuading me, too, that there's only one way out.
  Yuna (5) doesn't back away as Sammy (5) sends his knife into her stomach. She groans and takes a few steps back, before collapsing to the ground. Sammy (5) lies next to her, his fingers touching the area around the knife incision. As her cannon rings, he doesn't even show emotion, instead just pulling his knife out of her stomach.
  Anger dwindles inside of me and I feel the urge to scream. But I don't. Instead, I set my backpack aside and, with my sword in my hand, I jump out of the tree.
  Sammy (5) looks up at me and tries to throw his knife at me, but I send my sword right into his head as I collapse on him, getting his blood on my jacket. I try to wipe away the blood, but it doesn't escape. His body looks like a jumble of limbs and all because of me.
  His cannon booms.
  I look back at my backpack in the tree. But when I do, I see something else.
  I see him.
  I see Tritcale.
  And he just saw me being a monster.

Blanc "Blanket" Bonaparte - The Capitol

  The sound of birds chirping and the sun shining on my face wakes me up. My arm still wraps around Lulu (Cap), as it was the entire night. Today is a good day. I no longer feel like I'm in the arena, not with everything that happened last night.
  But the back of my mind wonders what the Capitol must think of our acts.
  I just shrug and slip out from under the blanket, noticing markings down my legs from sleeping against the grass. My pants rest on top of my backpack and I quickly slip them on, covering all my privates. My shirt is close to the blanket, hanging from a tree branch just above where we slept. I put that on, too, and sit down, my gentle fingers moving the strands of Lulu's (Cap) hair away from her face.
  "Good morning." She says pleasantly, in just as happy of a mood as I am. Her eys open and she smiles. "Why aren't you naked?"
  "Hilarious." I joke around and we both laugh. "I just had to get ready for the day. We can take a night off of the Hunger Games, but much more would be pushing it."
  "How about tonight?" She leans up against the tree, pulling the blanket up with her to cover her privates. "It'll be dark, I doubt the cameras will catch us."
  "What? Having sex!" I halfheartedly laugh, worried that The Capitol did see us go naked and lose our virginity. Would we be hated? Or would they have liked it? "I don't know if they did. With all the technology nowadays, they could have."
  "I wonder what it's like right now?" She looks away from me. "I'd probably still be locked up in my insanity asylum."
  "Hey. Hey!" I say again loudly so she turns towards me. My voice goes quiet, hushed and soothing. "You're not insane, we already talked about this. Trust me, I'd never have sex with a psycho."
  She laughs, tears dwelling in her eyes, but she blinks they away as she laughs. "Yeah, but we don't really know much about each other." My face goes blank as I begin to think about what I know about Lulu (Cap), she's right, not enough to judge. "Maybe we should get to know each other more."
  "Ok, I'll start." I think back to my life and what I was like before the Hunger Games. "I was extremely childish and lazy." A laugh escapes my throat. "I was basically a geek about the Hunger Games, knowing victors from the original century of the Hunger Games. Um . . . I love to get out of Houdini traps, and I'm very successful at that. I had a friend named Ares who was brainwashed by District 13, but I don't know what's going on with him now." Depression floods through me and I can't continue. "Your turn." I practically beg.
  "I was found outside of District 5 when I was little. By that time, I was a good girl and didn't do anything bad."
  "You aren't bad." I interrupt, but she sticks out a finger, silencing me.
  "But then, I was raped."
  So I'm the only one who lost my virginity in the Hunger Games so far.
  "And I found that funny, I don't remember what happened after that, but I remember seeing the police and the sirens and seeing the bodies of the men who raped me mutilated on the doorsteps of a party. And . . . and . . ." Tears escape her eyes and land on the blanket. "And I killed them. And I don't want you to think of me as a monster because I was lost."
  "Lost?" I ask her quietly, realizing I shouldn't be pushing too far into her life.
  "Lost." She confirms with a nod. "Lost because I didn't find you yet."
  I feel a warming feeling flow throughout my body. I changed her. I changed her way just by loving her.
  And she changed me.
  Because without her, I'd still be a virgin.
  And without her, I'd still act like a little kid.
  Now, I'm an adult.

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