Welcome! Welcome to the First Special Hunger Games!

  The Hunger Games haven't occurred for nearly a century and, after the death of President Rye Mellark, a virgin who produced no offsprings, the Capitol is craving to see one in real life, as the last person to see a Hunger Games take place was long passed dead. They held a private election, as the democracy-like government made great impact on them, and elected President Raine Duke.
  Raine Duke isn't considered a "kind-spirited" or "nice", but is extremely competitive and knew how to persuade large bodies of citizens. At the end of her campaign, only the people who knew the other person in the run voted for him, bring her to victor.
  As she came accustom to the President's Mansion, she discovered the Treaty of Treason and was so entertained by the idea, that she rediscovered the prior-known Hunger Games. However, to make it more interesting, every year, the Gamemakers will come up with a theme or twist in which will effect both the tributes and the arena. In the end, only one tribute may come out as a victor.
  And as she stand up on stage, microphone in hand, the Capitol citizens cheered, as this was the first time they saw the president since after the election, she recited her ever-famous speech:
  "Citizens of the districts," she said the words strong and proud, "I have come before you today as the new president of Panem. We've survived many long and harsh years with President Rye Mellark, but now, we have practiced in our democracy-like practices and have elected me, President Raine Duke.
  "I come before you today as a leader and as a supporter. Our country is being brought to the ground by the beliefs in democracy and we have been longing for a change. So, I have rewritten the Treaty of Treason. From this day forward, every year, we will select one male and female between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in a battle-to-the-death Special Hunger Games.
  "Now, you might be wondering: Why is it called the Special Hunger Games? Well, the answer is simple and amusing. Every year, the tributes will come from unique ancestries or places. Not every year will there be tributes from the districts, but there may be many more.
  "In three months, we shall be having our first reapings, for those who are willing to participate in these Special Hunger Games, I recommend you volunteer. But be warned, you will never be able to redo your decisions. Life is worth living, but you may become famous by doing this.
  "Will you risk it? Maybe if I told you the theme, or twist, or whatever you really want to call it, then you might.
  "This year's theme or twist is . . . the Greek Gods.
  "There are fourteen immortal gods that every one should know: Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hades, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Hestia, Poseidon, Zeus.
  "Had we known their half-mortal children and find them, we would be able to reap them instead of all these other, fully mortal children, we would. But since some gods are virgins or only produce immortal children, we'll be giving the children their power and the god's protections.
  "May these Special Hunger Games mark the first of the many of this generation!"


1. Although you will tell me what god/goddess your tribute is related to, I will choose whether the tribute will actually belong to that god/goddess and I have the right to change it accordingly. For example, if you make a tribute extremely hot, but say he's related to Hephaestus, I'll change him to Aphrodite. 
2. Swearing and inappropriate content may or may not be includes. Things that I wouldn't personally be reading either, but things that I decided to include to show the relationship of two people or to show true blood and gory.
3. Please follow my template as well as you can, as if you don't, there'll be better odds that I will deny your tribute. Sometimes, even if you follow the template, I may have to deny the tribute because a spot that would be appropriate for them isn't available. If I like the tribute so much, I'll add an extra slot, though this is extremely rare. 
4. You may give advice at the end of every day, not at the end of every update. You may cheer after every update, but sponsoring gifts and advice can only be given when the day is officially over. 
5. Currently, I'm only allowing one tribute per user. There's only twenty-eight tributes and I'd prefer to allow everyone who wants to be in these Special Hunger Games to be able to participate. If there seems to be a decrease in the users who want to be in this, I will open the slot to some other users, but these may not be permanent if another user wants the spot. 
6. I will not use to determine whose to die next and whose to become the victor. Saying this, I hope you respect that I only require little from the tribute template and expect you to do the best of your ability to make a good tribute. Tributes with a three sentence or paragraph history have less chance of winning than tribute with a long and interesting history.
7. Please, have fun and enjoy reading these Special Hunger Games. If you complain, I will kill your tribute. If you whine, I will kill your tribute. If you say that my writing is absolutely terrible when I don't ask for your opinion, I will kill your tribute. I hope you're getting the trend here, but if you don't, I will kill your tribute if you cause a disturbance to anyone or anything in these Special Hunger Games.
8. Even if your tribute dies right away, don't expect this to be the end of them. I have multiple plans for tributes and just because something happens, this doesn't mean it's the end of your tribute. I encourage you to read these Special Hunger Games even if you have no tributes left just because I want you to see my writing and figure out if you still want to be in my Hunger Games.
9. I will not be doing the reapings or the train rides. However, I'll be showing the training scores and doing three days of training. On the fourth day of training (when the mentors individually train their tribute), I will have the god/goddess appear to the tribute and train them. I'll must likely have a point of view of every god/goddess, but the tributes may not all appear. Also, I'll be doing the actual Special Hunger Games as well. 

Tribute Template

Name: (first and last)

Age: (twelve to eighteen)

District: (any of the thirteen districts or the Capitol)

Gender: (male or female)

Personality: (don't underestimate this one)

History:  (don't underestimate this one)

Weapons: (one to three, max)

Related God/Goddess: (choose one of the gods below)

Lunaii: (edited or not; important, needed)

Real Life Picture: (important, needed)

Preferred Alliance: (description or actual members that you want in an alliance) 


God/Goddess Gender Name Age Originated From Weapons
Aphrodite Male
Aphrodite Female Komentia Flores Sixteen District Seven Curved Sword, MeleeCombat, Mace
Apollo Male Crimson Typhoon Fourteen District Five Bow and Arrow, Melee Combat, Sword
Apollo Female Loreli Hayes Sixteen District Three Crossbow, Cleaver, Knife
Ares Male Bronze Lucrian Seventeen District One Spear, Kukuri
Ares Female Alystra Warfare Seventeen District One War Axe, Katana
Artemis Male
Artemis Female Marianne Higginbotham Thirteen District Ten Animal Communication, Bow and Arrow
Athena Male Nathaniel Chirp Eighteen District Two Sword, Bow and Arrow, Axe
Athena  Female Ciera Trielle Sixteen District Seven Sword, Knife
Demeter Male Lyman Milton Sixteen District Nine Sickle, Knife
Demeter Female Sienna Renea Seventeen District Nine Blowgun, Sickle
Dionysus Male Konami Aretino Fourteen District Four Brute Strength, Fangs, Trident
Dionysus Female Beemo Xra Fourteen District Five Spear, Trap
Hades Male Hans Damascus Seventeen District Four Spear, Trident, Sword
Hades Female Mantra Flaem Seventeen District One Spear, Dagger
Hephaestus Male Ignis Vision Seventeen District Three Electric Weaponry (Electric Spear, Etc.), Nemesis Whip, Hammer
Hephaestus Female
Hera Male
Hera  Female
Hermes Male Ziggs Marchant Seventeen District Five Explosive, Mace
Hermes Female Adrenaline Speed Fourteen District Seven Kunai, Throwing Knife, Katana
Hestia Male Albert Heller Brites Sixteen District Five Combat Knife, Blowgun (with Poisnous Darts), Strategic Plans
Hestia Female Lily Kia Fourteen District Ten Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knife
Poseidon Male Zues Amarth Eighteen District One Spear, War Hammer
Poseidon Female Alvida Pearl Sixteen District Four Sword
Zeus Male Francis Lazar Sixteen District Three Dagger, Throwing Knife, Trap
Zeus Female Justina Fiddle Seventeen District Two Staff, Shield

Five Spots Available. One Tribute per User. Please, Make Your Tributes Obviously One of the Available Spots. So Please, No Making an Evil, Bloody Man or Else He'll be Denied. Tributes Must be From Districts Six, Eleven, Twelve or Thirteen. 

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