Yes, I've tried this once before, but this time, I'm making sure I do it. Now, there's very little that you actually need to know about the Walking Dead, basically, it's a zombie apocalypse. However, in this edition, it will be going on in the entire Panem region. The Capitol and Districts 0 to 13 will be used. Please, follow the rules!


  1. I don't care if you use your own template or if you follow the one I provided, it all doesn't matter to me. If you do create a family of tributes, thank you since it will cause a lot more drama. Also, remember that it could be any age.
  2. You may create characters any time throughout the story, they just might not be used right away. There will be about 10 to 16 sections in each chapter. And the chapters are limitless until I want the story to end.
  3. These will be written in my free time or when I feel like it. Updates may contain a lot or just a little, depending on the time I have. However, this blog will not be written in once every month or week. I'm going to aim for at least two updates each week, but first I need to complete the other blogs I have (only two, currently).
  4. Please, make sure you include enough information in whatever template you use. I will prefer the following information (but it's fine if you don't have it all): 
  • Name
  • Age (can range, doesn't need to be 12 to 18)
  • District
  • Gender
  • Personality
  • Weapons Trained With (may contain anything, even firearms)
  • Backstory
  • Lunaii
  • Family
  • Occupation
  • Height

The Characters

Name Age District Gender Weapons Occupation User
Flavia Heart 17 The Capitol Female Camoflague Pregnant Student District3
"The Rock" 46 0 Male Rock and Roll Drummer WiressFan21
Lyra Pluto 15 0 Female Student WiressFan21
"The Roll"  46 0 Female Rock and Roll Electric Guitarist WiressFan21
Steffie Amerchi 79 0 Female Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrows Victor/Babysitter WiressFan21
Aloysius Fallwinters 64 1 Male Firearms with Silencers, Rapier, Sabers Maximilian's Servant Hybrid Shadow
Cornelius Belcourt 56 1 Male Father of a Wealthy Family Hybrid Shadow
Maximilian Belcourt 18 1 Male Rapier, Pistol, Swords Rich Son of a Wealthy Family Hybrid Shadow
Angela Belcourt 39 1 Female Mother of a Wealthy Family Hybrid Shadow
Suzz Navvi 36 2 Male Machine Gun Peacekeeper WiressFan21
Saphire Blu Navvi 44 2 Female Machine Gun Becoming a Peacekeeper WiressFan21
Ajax "Hercules" Emerson 17 3 Male Wire, Strength Student WiressFan21
Spartan Emerson 83 3 Male Head Chef WiressFan21
Golda Perry Emerson 87 3 Female Retired School Teacher WiressFan21
Petra Mines 17 3 Female Knives Student/Killer District3
Baord Jolice 25 6 Male Sword Doctor District3
Ty Deadlocks 15 6 Male Railgun Student Tehblakdeath
Lemin Jolice 25 6 Female Doctor District3


When you hear about zombies, you just think some lunatic on the streets is halucinating. Well, this year, it wasn't. Exactly on Halloween, when most children where Trick or Treating and the adults are drinking as they hand out a fistful of candy. This year, in a place located where nobody knows, there was a clever scientist coming up with a new military weapon . . . 

"You don't get it Mr. President, this will give soldiers a second chance to live. If they die in battle, they're just resurrect in a certain amount of time to kill the attacker." The scientist was arguing over the phone.

"No. We can't risk anything. If our enemy grabs onto this weapon, they'll start using it on they're soldiers and they'll be unstopable. We can't risk anything." The President argued, less intrigued by the idea. 

"How about it used if we-"

"No argument!" The President said, hanging up the phone. 

"I'll show him." The scientist slammed the phone and then grabbed onto a syringe that held the weapon. "I'll just use it myself!"' The scientist puts the syringe in a cut before drinking the entire cup. He lets out a pleased smile when he starts to fart, a lot. He grabs onto his stomach as he starts throwing up blood. He falls to the floor, lifeless, when his hands start to move and he's on his feet. The walking dead.

His wife lets out a slight smile, thinking that her husband is just dressed up as a zombie for Halloween, but he grabs onto her stomach before ripping it open. His wife lets out a bloodcurning scream as her zombified husband puts his face in her stomach and eats away at her guts. She, too, finally resurrects as a zombie, right when they're children get home. 

The couple had two children, a boy and a girl. The boy's in college and, after dropping off his little 12-year-old sister, he leaves. The girl runs to her room, but her two zombified parents tackle her to the ground and starts eating her neck and flesh entirely. The boy hears the loud scream from the girl and runs inside the house, only to be tackled by his zombified sister who rips out his heart. Even withou a heart, the boy still returns as a zombie. 

The zombified family found their way to the streets, eating anything and anyone who got in their way. As the reach the open air, they spread out, taking out a person at a time. Eventually, when about 200 people were zombies, the living ones figure out that this isn't a costume. But it's too late. With the amount of zombies, many are still taken out without getting far away. Children, babies, adults, elderly, dogs, cats, anything the zombies find are shortly eaten alive. 

As The Capitol hear about the emergency happening in one of their districts, then starts to quickly set up a barrier around their district. Little do they realize the disease, weapon, whatever you want to call it, is spreading throughout the air. It spreads to each district as another person dies and then comes back to life as a zombie. The Capitol forces each household to sleep in their own bedroom with the door locked. Anyone found disobeying the rule will be executed on the spot. 

But the zombie apocalypse has just begun. And it's just more trouble ahead when more people start dying. This will be fun, watching all these stupid humans die. And I get a front row seat!

Part I: The Apocalypse Is Real

Section 1: Protecting The Ones You Love

"We have to find my parents!" Maximilian screams as Aloysius grabs his hand and starts dragging him along as the zombie servants are chasing after the two. 

"There isn't any time!" Aloysius rebuttles, breathing hard as he makes a harsh left. "We need to get to the Training Area!" 

"You want me to start training in a time like this!" Maximilian screams as he tries to stop, but Aloysius is still just a little stronger than him and keeps dragging him along. 

"Not to train, but to survive." Aloysius says as he starts taking sharp turns, getting closer and closer to the Training Area. The two are just yards away when zombies approach them in front of them. One of them lunges towards Maximilian, only to receive a bullet in his head from Aloysius' gun. A loud Bang! echoes throughout the house, causing the zombies to run even faster. Aloysius shoots the other zombie in the head before finally making it to the Training Area. 

Aloysius slams the metal doors shut and puts his back into it, leaving the door shut. He orders Maximilian to grab him a rapier, which he reluctantly agrees to grab. He tosses Aloysius the thin sword, in which Aloysius pushes between the handles of the two doors so that nothing can enter, but nothing can leave as well. Aloysius puts his hands on his knees and starts sucking air. That's the fastest he's run in decades and he didn't intend on having to run again. Until this day. 

"We need to find my parents." Maximilian says, grabbing on a rapier for himself. "They won't be able to survive without weapons." 

"Grand Master Cornelius and Angela will be fine." Aloysius screams. "End of conversation!"

Maximilian doesn't try to push his luck any longer. He knows that his parents will be fine, but there's a little part of him telling him they're in trouble. He needs to find them, but he knows that Aloysius is right. If his parents are in trouble, he can't try to risk his life for them. Nothing matters anymore except for survival. All debts can no longer be paid and he'll have to strive to survive. Plus, Aloysius will always be there for him. 

As Maximilian starts to pace back and forth, constantly stabbing his rapier into the dummies heart as he crosses by it, Aloysius grabs a chair and sits down. We're in deep shit. He thinks as the sound of zombies slamming into the door seems to fill the emptiness inside of the Training Area. We're in deep shit!

Back in District 3, hundreds of miles away from District 1, sits an elderly couple. They peer out the window as their grandson is slamming zombie heads into the sidewalk, using only his strength and a brick as a weapon. The two let out a little shriek as a zombie jumps on their grandson's back, but their grandson slams the zombie into the ground using his back. As his little contraption is finally done, he sets it in the front doorway, causing all zombie that approach it being electrocuted. 

After the grandson makes it inside, he does a quick check to see if he was scratched or bitten, but nothing is found. He goes to the bathroom, but, once he's leaving, he hears a loud scream from outside. The grandson jumps to his feet and looks outside the window to see a girl fighting off the countless waves of zombies. The grandson's finally stinking of guilt and grabs onto some sharp knives from the kitchen before running towards the girl. Lucky for him, his house was very close to where the girl was.

As the grandson makes it outside, zombies start to change their direction towards him, but he stabs them in the forehead until they finally die. When the five zombies are killed, he changes from a jog to a run towards the girl. He grabs onto his knife and shoves it into the back of one of the zombies heads. Many of the zombies start to grab at him, but he cuts their hands off like he's cutting a piece of paper. 

"Their head." The grandson's voice is low and alarming. "You can only kill them if you stab their head." 

The girl takes in the advice and quickly starts to stab the zombies in their head. Killing the zombies doesn't seem to daze her, causing an uneasy tension to pass through the grandson's body. As the zombies around them are finally killed and the grandson gets an actual view of the girl, he notices a blood stain on her shirt. The girl claims that it's just some zombie blood, but the blood doesn't seem exactly like zombie blood, it looks like an actual human. She lifts up the part of her shirt where the blood was and reveals there's no scratch, nor bite. 

The two get back to killing the zombies as they quickly make it back to the grandson's grandparent's home. The two relax right as the door is closed and the contraption is turned on. He turns on the one at the backdoor before finally, collapsing on the couch. They turn the TV down, with low volume and the curtains covering the little light in the house. The lights are turned off as the sunsets and they don't risk having zombies attack. 

"Tomorrow, we start boarding up the windows. We'll do it from the inside so we don't have to risk being bitten if we go outside." The grandson's voice is quiet, but harsh. There's a sense of uneasiness in his tone, but he does his best to cover it up. "We'll have to quickly grab some wood from the other houses nearby, though. We'll have to find weapons too. The Peacekeeper Central Area will probably hold a lot of guns and weaponry." 

"We can't risk it." The girl's voice is slightly louder, almost into a yell, but quiets as the moan of zombies outside scare her. "There's too many zombies around, can't we use some old wood you might have in the basement or something? Tables you won't ever use again." 

"Look." The grandson's voice is more relaxed as he let's the words roll off his tongue. "I know there's many risks, but if we just get the weapons, we'll be fine. There's going to be more survivors. So many people couldn't have been killed already, right?" 

The girl's expression remains grim as she stares off at the floor, consentrating on deep though. The grandson's recognizes this and wonders if saving her was a good idea. He didn't even get to know her yet, not even her name. Even though the boy realizes she isn't even listening to him, he tries to ask for her name. He finally raises his voice in order to get the answer, but this just helps the girl focus on him. The grandson has to repeat the question again for her to actually come up with the answer. 

"Petra Mines." She smiles as she says her own name. "I'm currently an orphan ever since this entire zombie apocalypse started." 

"Were your parents bit by zombies?" The elderly man asks, but Petra just avoids answering the question and turn towards the grandson. 

"What's your name, muscles." Petra says, without even realizing she said the last part. She doesn't blush or clam up as the grandson gives a little smile, and instead, just looks more intently, impatient for the answer. 

"Hercules." He replies, making the girl crack a little laugh. "No joke, real name's Ajax, but, as you could see, I'm strong so I was given the nickname Hercules." 

"I'm Golda!" The grandmother says with delight, although she wasn't asked. "And that's Spartan." Petra looks at Spartan, only to see he's sleeping on his chair. 

Well, this is an odd group of people to try to survive with. Petra thinks grumpily, even though she killed her parents, she could only wish they were still alive so they could be doing all the hard work. Now, she's stuck going on a supply run tomorrow with Mr. Muscles. At least I can just use him to protect me. If he dies, the zombies will eat his body for a while, giving me a good chance of fleeing. Petra lets out a little chuckle on the though of Hercules being bit by a zombie and all the zombies starting to eat him alive. Even though Hercules' and Golda's eyes are on her, she falls asleep on the couch with happy thoughts.

In District 6, just a few districts away from District 3, are two twins who are working as doctors. Both being 25, they grew up together, but split up ten years ago, when Baord found Lemin having sex with a boy. He couldn't stand looking at her, disgusted as she gets away with everything whereas he was pushed to the limits to train. Now, just getting out of college, the two took a job at the same hospital, but on different wings. 

Baord sprints out of the emergency room as the zombified patient bits off the hand of his assistant. He starts screaming, alerting all of the other staff members, but they just let out a little laugh as they return their work. As the two zombies walk out of the emergency room, Baord sprints down the stairs of the hospital before the sudden urge to protect his sister comes in. 

"I shouldn't be doing this . . . " He mumbles as he runs up the stairs and starts to run towards the left wing, where his sister worked. With the commotion of zombies biting people and those people starting to change into zombies, he feels miserable as he has to slam the head of his assistant into the fire extinguisher, killing the zombie from the brain trauma. He quickly grabs onto the fire extinguisher and slams it into the head of another zombie that lunges towards him. 

He finally makes it towards the left wing and quickly runs to his sister's office. Much to his dismay, she isn't there. He notices blood located on her chair and anger and disappointment fills within him. He slams the fire extingusher into the zombies head that tries to bite him before quickly running away. He runs down the stairs, fleeing. The farther he gets, the more he feels guilty for leaving his sister behind. 

When he finally gets out of the hospital, he sees many people just continuing on with their daily lives. Quickly, Baord locks the door of the hospital before quickly running to his house. Along the way, he stops at a store and literally goes bankrupt as he buys as much food as he can. He brings the entire cart to his house before quickly slamming the door shut. He quickly locks the door and turns on the news after grabbing his father's old pistol.

He hears someone pounding on his back door and looks through the peep hole to see Lemin. Relief overfills him as he opens up the door and grabs onto her hand, yanking her inside. She slaps at his hand, but he shuts the back door and locks it. She tries to ask him what this is about, but he ignores and fingers for her to be quiet. Reluctantly, she shuts up to listen to what he has to say. 

Baord, with his fingers' trembling, grabs onto the TV remote and turns on the news. THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE sticks out right on the screen as the Capitol News Reporter is shown. After briefly describing what's happening, Lemin starts breathing heavily, frightened by the thoughts. She wants to call her parents, but she already knows they're dead. 

"How will we survive!" Baord whines as the TV goes black and the lights start to flicker before turning off completely, leaving the two in pitch black. "At least now it can't get any wrose." But little does he know what lies ahead. All the troubles that he'll face, but there's so many things he's not prepared for, like having to survive without the water. As if on cue, Baord goes to the bathroom, but punches the mirror as the water doesn't turn on.

Section 2: Trying To Survive

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