Well I guess this is my revival chance.

So for all of you that doesn't know me, I am Wiressprincess, a user on this wiki.

And I'm starting and finishing a Hunger Games for once.


Last year, in the 238th Games, there was no victor at all. The last two tributes ended up killing each other off, which displeased the Capitol. This year, there are all new Gamemakers with a fresh new perspective, and new stylists. This year will be an exciting games for sure, with new ideas.


1. Updates will come slowly, but surely. I'm a busy person. So don't yell at me

2. Sponsor items are availiable. If it's on the sponsor list, then you can buy it, but if it's not, then sorry, but no.

3. Please no Mary Sue/Gary Stu tributes. They displease me. Make your tributes accordingly, and have flaws on the list, perfect tributes defeat the purpose.

4. All tributes must be new. No "profiles". They must be brand new.

5. No stylists submissions, I'll be making the clothes myself. (which is actually drawing them)

6. Please do NOT adverstive on my games.

And that's probably it until further notice.

Tribute Submissions

1. Not all tributes can be "mayor's daughter", "rich and popular kid", and just like Rule 3. We need to balance out the amount of rich experienced kids and poor stragglers.

2. Include detail so I can get an idea of what the tributes will look like.

3. The pictures should be lunaii or subeta.

Make lunaiis here  and Make subetas here

4. Same as rule 4 on this rule.

5. Please be appropiate on their description.

6. Reservations last about 1 week.


District Name Gender Age User
1 Boy
1 Girl
2 Reserved Boy AxedFox
2 Reserved Girl AxedFox
3 Boy
3 Girl
4 Boy
4 Girl
5 Boy
5 Girl
6 Boy
6 Girl
7 Boy
7 Girl
8 Boy
8 Girl
9 Boy
9 Girl
10 Boy
10 Girl
11 Boy
11 Girl
12 Boy
12 Girl

Reapings- Capitol Citizen's POV

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