The sequel to the first Cocoon games. They are testing it again, just to make sure it doesn't overload.



District Name Age Fate User
D1 Boy Silver Maverick 14 genesis100
D1 Girl Charlotte Russo 12 migora4329
D2 Boy Mason Wells 16 K.E.A.D
D2 Girl Vega Star 17 everdeen
D3 Boy Ben Fire 12 MoonBeam
D3 Girl Courtney Winn 17 kwankwan44
D4 Boy Wawa Lake 17 QuinnQuinn
D4 Girl Marlene Beaver 12 churrobits
D5 Boy Zero Kiryu 15 h.g.f
D5 Girl Adrina Trent 16 genesis100
D6 Boy Mavin Ross 18 ME
D6 Girl Asia Madding 14 Team Peeta Anna
D7 Boy Thomas Edgewood 12 migora4329
D7 Girl Serena Wolf 16 MoonBeam
D8 Boy Len Kagamine 15 kwankwan44
D8 Girl Cora Calle 18 ME
D9 Boy Thunder Way 15 Team Peeta Anna
D9 Girl Yuki Cross 14 h.g.f
D10 Boy Beaker Panther 16 churrobits
D10 Girl Lavender Pooti 15 QuinnQuinn
D11 Boy Connifer Eos 16 K.E.A.P
D11 Girl Metazoa Capitag 17 K.E.A.P
D12 Boy Flame Fireblaze 12 everdeen
D12 Girl Sarah Cole 16 K.E.A.D


The story will be in Japan. There will be a hard case to solve in Osaka and in Tokyo about a jewel egg. You have to solve the real case and return it to its rightful owner, and meanwhile, avoid a murderer called the "Scorpion". That person will kill people by shooting them in the right eye. Good luck to all our tributes!

Day 1- Vampire's aren't real.- Asia Madding

Flame Fireblaze

I'm supposed to be testing the game my sister died in. I miss my sister so much. Too bad she died.

Asia Madding

I wake up, only to find that I'm watching a vampire special. OMG THIS PART IS SO GOOD. Suddenly, I hear a voice.

"Amy, its your bedtime."

Amy? My name is Asia!

"But Mom!"

Oh, the little girl with us. But if I count, I'm the only tribute here.

"Remember your swimming lessons tomorrow!"

"Ok, Mom."

Sooner or later, I'm in bed. I hear police sirens in the distance. I see this hang glider coming towards us. The hang glider lands on the balcony of our apartment. Amy and I wake up, and we open our sliding door. Amy said,

"Are you a vampire?"

Vampires aren't real. I tell Amy that vampires aren't real.

"Oh, ok sis!"

The unknown man, he looks like a 16 year old, he laughs and says,

"I'm not a vampire, I'm just a wizard resting his tired wings."

He kisses my hand. He also kisses Amy's. Suddenly I see a spotlight, and then a helicopter. I look down. A dozen police cars are below us. This policeman says,


The Phantom Thief Kid blows a kiss and says,

"It's been a pleasure."

Amy and I nearly fall over.

Day 2

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