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    Congrats to users who's tributes have made the Final Ten!

    ~Made By WitchAndWizard~

    The Tributes

    Name District Age Gender Apperance Weapons Strengths Weaknesses User
    Danny Smyth 1 17 Male
    Sword Spiked maxe Doesn't really need a weapon, can climb rocks and trees Afraid of water and loosing ~glitterday~
    Ruby Orcawitz 1 13 Female
    Sais, Sickle, Short sword Charm, Speed, Ability to make alliances Does not operate well on her own, Stamina, Swimming LivesInDistrict1
    Julius Paris 2 18 Male
    Mace, Spear Great swimmer, strength, hand-to-hand Doesn't trust, terrible runner & climber, hesitant to kill. Hybrid Shadow
    Griselda Humaine 2 16 Female
    axe, trident, throwing knives strong, agile, cunning stands out amongst a group, has Arachenphobia, is lactose into…

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