Congrats to users who's tributes have made the Final Ten!

Welcome to the 94th Hunger Games!

~Made By WitchAndWizard~

The Tributes

The Tributes
Name District Age Gender Apperance Weapons Strengths Weaknesses User
Danny Smyth 1 17 Male
Sword Spiked maxe Doesn't really need a weapon, can climb rocks and trees Afraid of water and loosing ~glitterday~
Ruby Orcawitz 1 13 Female
Ruby Orcawitz
Sais, Sickle, Short sword Charm, Speed, Ability to make alliances Does not operate well on her own, Stamina, Swimming LivesInDistrict1
Julius Paris 2 18 Male
Julius Paris
Mace, Spear Great swimmer, strength, hand-to-hand Doesn't trust, terrible runner & climber, hesitant to kill. Hybrid Shadow
Griselda Humaine 2 16 Female
axe, trident, throwing knives strong, agile, cunning stands out amongst a group, has Arachenphobia, is lactose intolerant Andy1854
Wire Elec 3 15 Male
Cat claws and crossbow

Good at any range combat, good blocker.

Not a good climber, not a good dodger. Tehblakdeath
Artemisae 'Artemis' Hunt 3 17 Female
Artemisae Hunt

Poisons, Blowgun, "Creepy" Eyes

Gymnastic skills, speed, stealth, plant ID Not good at hand-to-hand, or allying Madgeical
Kodai Hitogoroshi 4 17 Male
Kodai Lunaii
Dagger, teeth, poison strangling Insanely fast, can cure poison, good battle strategist Not good at dodging ranged weapons, can't stay quiet, his insanity puts him in danger Mistfire333
Rio Flock 4 18 Female
Traps, Bow, Throwing Knives Good at using ranged weapon, and making traps Shy around guys, awkward, loud, arrogant, sassy Mistfire333
Kingsley Orion 5 14 Male
Kingsley Orion
Machete, Trident, Chain Strength, Can swim, Stealth Speed, Tree climbing, Decision making LivesInDistrict1
Augusta Winters 5 18 Female
Net, knife Good at being silent, strong and a great swimmer Not exactly a "friend-maker", doesn't know any survival skills (depends on Cornucopia stuff, loot and sponsor gifts) HawkWD
Jeffery Killheart 6 14 Male
Jeff Killheart2
Knife, matrial arts, stealth Swift skills with a knife, amazing stealth Very unstable, doesn't think before he attacks, any mention of his brother will set him off. Tehblakdeath
Janice Everlasting 6 ? Female
Knives, Torture, Sickle Killing, Agility, Stealth Strength, Addicted to Killing Madgeical
Byron Lumber 7 18 Male
Axe, throwing axe, wrestling Axe fighting, speed. killer instinct Stealth, duel personality, swimming KronosTheTitanKing
Storm Lexus 7 13 Female
Storm Lexus
Bow and Arrow Climbing, making poisons, using a bow. Clausterphobia Alyssa101
Rufus Silks 8 16 Male
Rufus Silks
Brass knuckles, knife Excellent battle strategist, naturally strong Poor survival skills, unable to identify bad plants from good, have Careers as enemies Hybrid Shadow
Emily Van Donder 8 17 Female
throwing needles, knife, archery Strong, seductive, beautiful, smart defeatist, autistic, lonely, depressed Andy1854
Simeon Gran 9 16 Male
Sickle, Poison, wrestling Pure strength, endurance Slow, cannot swim well KronosTheTitanKing
Helena Krisp 9 18 Female
Helena Krisp
Katana (ninja sword) Strong willed, can easily kill people Hates water, has a huge soft side, arrogant  Nightlock Kryptonite
Dallas Baird 10 18 Male
Meat hook, chains, knife Speed, climbing, good aim, strength Hiding, swimming Jrussell01
Hilly Lawson 10 18 Female
Lasso and a cross bow Good at making people do things for her, good thinker & listener Makes friends too fast, scared of the dark. ~glitterday~
Anthony Henando 11 17 Male
Meat hook, scythe, throwing knives Strong, fast, good aim, good at hunting Dumb, hot-tempered, not good with plants Thresh Is Best
Scarlett Jury 11 12 Female
Bow and arrow Good aim, smart, good at hiding and climbing Not very fast, poor survival skills Jrussell01
Ace Inny 12 16 Male
Blow gun, throwning knives Speed, Aim, Stealth, Climbing Swimming, Hiding Jrussell01
Delilah Brooklyn 12 14 Female
Delilah Brooklyn
Throwing Knives, anything she can throw Unreal skill with throwing knives, kind and can take care of things Cannot kill someone willingly, more on the defense side, passes out a lot. Nightlock Kryptonite




The (not very good) map

This year's arena is one of ruins. There will be numerous different mutts in different areas, each based of greek/roman mythology. 

The Starting Point

The tributes start on tall pillars around the mountain in the center of the arena (I know I put only twelve but image there is twenty-four). Rickety and half broken wooden bridges connect the pillars to the mountain sumit, where the Cornucopia rests. Tributes must cross the bridge and get to the Cornucopia.


Again, the (not very good) starting point

Advice and Sponsoring

You can give advice to your tributes, and I will put it in the Games, but be warned: I will make it happen, but it may or may not go exactly as you would like. There will be some twists that could make it end up very different than you imagined. Please, don't complain. This is how it goes.

To sponsor your character, you tell me what you want, what tribute you want to give it too, and I'll see what I can do. Please remember I will not give everything you ask for, maybe one to three of your items to keep the game balanced

Training Scores

District Name Score District Name Score
1 Danny Smyth 8 1 Ruby Orcawitz 7
2 Julius Paris 9 2 Griselda Humaine 8
3 Wire Elec 8 3 Artemisae Hunt 7
4 Kodai Hitogoroshi 10 4 Rio Flock 7
5 Kingsley Orion 9 5 Augusta Winters 8
6 Jeffery Killheart 9 6 Janice Everlasting 9
7 Byron Lumber 8 7 Storm Lexus 6
8 Rufus Silks 8 8 Emily Van Donder 7
9 Simeon Gran 8 9 Helena Krisp 7
10 Dallas Baird 8 10 Hilly Lawson 6
11 Anthony Henando 8 11 Scarlett Jury 5
12 Ace Inny 7 12 Delilah Brooklyn 7

Death Chart

Place Tribute District Killer
24 Hilly Lawson 10 Julius Paris
23 Dallas Baird 10 Rio Flock
22 Helena Krisp 9 Ace Inny
21 Emily Van Donder 8 Griselda Humaine
20 Byron Lumber 7 Jeffery Killheart
19 Anthony Henando 11 Delilah Brooklyn
18 Scarlett Jury 11 Janice Everlasting
17 Griselda Humaine 2 Artemisae Hunt
16 Simeon Gran 9 Spider Muttation
15 Kingsley Orion 5 Augusta Winters
14 Danny Smyth 1 Artemisae Hunt
13 Delilah Brooklyn 12 Labyrinth Trap
12 Augusta Winters 5 Storm Lexus
11 Julius Paris 2 Janice Everlasting
The Final Ten
Place Tribute District Killer
10 Ace Inny 12 Ruby Orcawitz
9 Wire Elec 3 Rufus Silks
8 Rufus Silks 8 Rio Flock

Chapter One

The Reaping

Ruby Orcawitz

I stood in front of my mirror, checking for any imperfections. Nope.  I had put on my favourite purple eye contacts and red-violet lipstick for this years Reaping. Smoothing out my dress, I smiled at my reflection, somewhat nervously. Marching outside, I joined the stream of people leading to the palaza. As I wait in line, I scan the area, hoping for a familiar face. I spot my mother and father, clutching eachother's hands, and looking nervous. They see me, and they smile. I smile back, just as the Capitol woman samples my blood. She lets me go, and I stand in the group of the fourteen year-old girls.

We hear a microphone turn on, and all our attention goes to the man on the stage. "Alright everyone!" He gushes. "Time to pick our lucky boy and girl for this year's annual Hunger Games!" The cheer in his voice disgusts me. Why is it that Capitol people take such joy in watching us kill each other?

Reaching his gloved hand into the glass bowl, he pokes around until finally he graps a slip of paper. It's so quiet I can hear everyone's breathing. My heart is thumping, and my hands clench into fists. It will be okay, I thought. What are the odds that you'd ever be picked?

I wish I never thought that.

He pulls out the slip, and opens it. With that same cheery voice, he says into the microphone: 

"Ruby Orcawitz!"

I am stunned. The crowd parts, and I find myself walking to the stage. He shakes my hand, giving me congratulations. He asks for any volounteers, but before someone can step up, I blurt out: "No volounteers! Thank you very much!"

Why, oh why didn't I let someone volounteer for me?

Wire Elec

"Wire Elec!"

Everyone is silent, and I push my way past them. As I walk, I see familiar faces, all peering at me. Some are mixed with fear, some with sympathy, but everyone had pity in their eyes. Like I was a little boy being sent to die, Which I probably was. Sent to die, I mean. Not a little boy.

Standing proudly, I look at the sea of people staring at me. I was just reaped, but right now I'm not going to let it get to me. This is the time to show the people that I can be strong. I see my parents, and they are looking at me with sad eyes. Eyes filled with fear. Fear for me. For an instance, my heart aches. I may never see them again. I quickly turn away, not wanting to show any weakness.

He sticks his hand into the next bowl, where all the girls names are. "Artemisae Hunt!" He calls. I have a vague memory of her, with her fiery red hair, and her eyes. Those eyes. I watch as she walks up to the stage. Her eyes are really peculiar, and I stop myself from looking away when she stares at me. Those strange eyes. She smiles, as if she knows what I'm thinking. We shake hands, and I fight back a smile.

Because who knows? Maybe these Games will be fun.

Janice Everlasting

When the man on the stage pulls out my name, I stare at him. He fingers the paper, almost nervously, and in that annoying voice, he says, "Well, come up, Miss Everlasting!" Althought it was clear he didn't want me to.

Maybe it was because of my skin, how it was a chalky white than a healthy tan. Or the fact that I wore a mask, seemingly expressionless, my eyes veiled. Or maybe it was because that so many rumours circulate around me, about an incident so many years ago. No one speaks about it out loud, but I know when I walk by, whispers tell about what happened.

I stalk to the stage, and the crowd immediantly parts. No one is looking at me directly, but I know all of them are watching me. Everything is quiet except for the sound of my footsteps. When I reach the stage, the man, clearly not willingly, sticks out his hand for me to shake. I leave it there, staring at him instead, with my emotionless mask. 

He supresses what I am sure is a relieved sigh, and hastily plunges his hand into the male tributes bowl. The name he calls out sends me into a shock, which later turns into raging fury.

"Jeffery Killheart!"

There is a murmur that ripples through the crowd. Everyone is surprised, but mostly wary. Me? I feel the blood rushing to my head, and I'm quivering with rage, my face twisted up in a snarl. 


The crowd parts, just like it had for me, but people are trampling over eachother, trying to get away. And I don't blame them. Walking down the road, with that sickening red smile cut into his face, is Jeffery. The sight of him sends a new wave of fury into me, as well as fear,

Yes, fear. I am ashamed to admit it, but I cannot help but flinch slightly as he looks at me, remembering what he did to me. We lock gazes, and his eys sparkle with dark humor, as if he remembers too. A growl rises in my throat, and the Captiol man looks nervously between us. He motions Jeffery to come up, and I whip my head to stare at him, and he goes pale. 

Slowly, I regain my composure. The past is over. I tell myself calmly. He will not get to me again. Jeff walks up slowly, and everybody is watching him. He faces me, and how I wish he could see me, see what he did to me, and see the cold, hard vengance that burns in my eyes. But he cannot, so I settle for a crushing grip on his hands. If it hurts, he didn't show it.

I look at him, and I can't help but chuckle darkly. What fun I'll have with him in the arena. To bad he can't see the promise in my eyes, the one where I will get him, I will kill him, and take him apart, piece by piece, torture him until he is begging for death.

I promise you that, Jeffery.

Helena Krisp

I linger at the back, observing the large crowd of people standing in the palaza. My head turns to the stage, where a Capitol woman is fingering papers in the clear glass bowl. Even if most people don't know it, my name rests somewhere in there, along with the rest of the district girls. She flashes us a blinding smile, with teeth shiny (and obviously fake) enough to be a mirror. She pulls her hand out, spidery fingers holding on to a single slip of paper. She opens it, and reads, "Helena Krisp."

I hear murmurs among the crowd, whispering about how I died. I spot the mayor whispering into the woman's ear, no doubt telling him I was dead. But just as the Capitol woman is ready to pick another name, I come out of my hiding place.

Walking with my head held high, I took my sweet time going to the stage, enjoying the gawks people are giving me. I look at one of them, and he flinches as our gazes meet. I nearly smirk. But I keep my face straight as I walk to the stage. The mayor's mouth is moving, but no words come out. I simply ignore him, as my sister runs to the stage, weeping, and suffocating me in a hug. I hug her too, and hold on until I was dragged away by the Peacekeepers into the Justice Building.

Ace Inny

When the man at the stage calls my name, everything just stopped. I wasn't aware of the crowd pushing me forward, or the pitying looks people are giving me. Because I was reaped. Because I was sent to die.

I was reaped.

That thought kept echoing in my head. My feet dragged, as if they wanted to dig into the ground and stop moving closer.

Closer to my death.

My feet reach the stairs, and I went up them, hardly aware of anything. All I was aware of was my parents, faces sad. I raised my hand to them, to hold onto them, onto something, something to tell me that this was all a dream. But it wasn't. I looked around, looking at the district I grew up in. And I knew, that even though it was the poorest, I'd rather be here than anywhere else.

But I was reaped, and now I may not be able to come back. 

Chapter Two

First Encounter

Julius Paris

I'm standing on one of the many coloumns that surround the mountain summit, my eyes flitting from face to face, picking out the most dangerous opponents.

There's Kodai, the District 4 boy who got a 10 in training. He's good, I'll give him that. Maybe we can get him to join us...

Then there's the District 6 pair, Janice and Jeffery, who both got a 9, but I can see that they'd probably turn on each other the moment the Games begin. Hopefully they'll kill each other off. 

Now my attention turns to the arena. A rickety bridge connects my pillar to the summit, where the Cornucopia rests. Piled high inside are a bunch of useful tools: matches, sleeping bags, food and water. Various smaller packs lay scattered around, as well as a variety of weapons. 

I spot the timer, ticking away at the seconds before the bloodbath starts.






I sprint towards the Cornucopia.

Storm Lexus

I test the wooden boards gingerly, seeing if it will support my weight. I walk cautiously towards the Cornucopia, keeping a death grip on the rope handles. I see that Julius has already made it across, and collected a heavy mace already. I watch as Hilly runs up to him, swinging at him with a little knife. There is no contest on who will win, as I see Julius smashes his mace on her head, effectively cracking her skull, leaving her dead. 


I hear the cannon, confirming that she is indeed dead. Taking a deep breath, I sprint the last few steps towards the Cornucopia. 

Kodai Hitogoroshi

I've already reached the summit, and I see that Rio already picked up a bow. She's picking off the slower tributes, one by one. She fires an arrow at Dallas, and it goes straight through his neck, and I watch with satisfaction as he falls off the pillar. Now both of 10 are out of the way. 

I grab a backpack, and as I head down the rocky sides of the mountain, Rio passes by me, Withouit giving me some much as a glance, she slips something sharp into my hand, and takes off, still trying to pick off other tributes. I glance down, and realize she sliped me a knife. I smile. 

Just then, I see Helena coming at me, swinging a katana. I dodge with my incredible speed, and take a swing at her with my dagger. She jumps back, and attacks me again. This time, I deliver a swift kick to the ribs, and stick the blade into her stomach.

She stumbles back, but before I can deliver the killing blow, a knife is sticking through her neck. She topples down, and I find Ace looking at me, a hand clutching one of his throwing knives. 

"Ally?" He says. I look at him suspiciously. "You're going to backstab me." He snorts. "Yeah. I'm gonna try to kill a guy who got a 10, when I got a 7." 

I look around. There's blood everywhere, and the Careers have already formed. Soon they're going to come after me. "Fine!" I snap. "Just don't get in my way."

And we go down the mountain.

Augusta Winters

I hear the cannons, signaling the dead tributes.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

I count four cannons. There is Emily lying facedown, with Griselda standing over her, breathing heavily. I edge away, and pick up a short sword that fell from the hands of a fallen tribute. I reconize this person. It's Byron. I can see a grotesque smile carved onto his face, displaying the raw flesh underneath. I back away, nauseous. Looks like Jeff already got to him. 

Steeling myself, I pry away the backpack clutched in his hand, and make my escape down the mountain and into the forest.

Anthony Henando

Grabbing a hook, I turn around, waiting for someone to come at me. I can see the some alliances have already formed, with the Careers being the biggest. I see a petite girl coming at me, the District 12 girl. I snarl at her, and swing the hook. She dodges nimbly, and gives me a swift kick to the legs. I grunt, and turn to her with a growl. 

Swinging the hook again, I manage to get a cut on her arm. She grimaces in pain, and I grin, thinking the victory is already mine. I use the chain part of the hook, winding around her neck, and I pull her closer, choking her as she struggle. Her struggles stop, and I smile in satisfaction. But just as I am about to decapitate her, her eyes snape open, and I find a dagger through my heart.

Staggering back, I look at this little girl. I topple down, just as I hear my cannon boom. Before darkness takes me, I hear a little whisper from the girl.

"I'm sorry..."

Chapter Three

Blood and Ashes

Rufus Silks

Coming to a halt, I survey the area. We're at the foot of the mountain, and to my right is the forest, to the left is a cave, and straight ahead of me is the lake. Going to the forest would mean beter cover, but who knows what mutts the Capitol placed in there. Going to the lake would mean more water, essential for survival, but then we would be exposed to the enemies. Going to the cave could lead me and my allies cornered should the Careers come after us, which they probably will.

My allies are made up of Rio Flock, Kinglsey Orion, and Simeon Gran. Not the best, but they will do. We go to the forest, because we can have a scout watching from the trees, and there must be a bunch of edible plants there, if I can find it....

We here a rustle behind us, and we turn around, weapons raised. A sheep came out, bleating. I could see everyone's stance relax, but I didn't. What was a sheep doing here? 

"We can take it for food." Kingsley suggested, and everyone nodded in agreement. But when Kingsley lowered his broadsword to take it, the sheep suddenly attacked.

When I say that, I don't mean like a harmless prod. This sheep was snarling, and it's form rippled, until it was standing upright, with wicked curled horns, and bloodred eyes. It's teeth were sharp; I could see the points when it snarled. Kingsley stumbled back, just as the sheep-mutt barrled into it. 

Suddenly, a whole lot of those mutts came out, surrounding us, each snarling and growling. 

We were trapped.

Scarlett Jury

I crawl into the hole in the side of the mountain, clutching my little dagger. I peek outside, and immediantely go back in. There is someone outside, but I'm not sure if they saw me.

I hear a growl, and I jump, my heart pounding. I see a pair of beady red eyes and a menacing growl, and a dog-like mutt with two heads leaps at me.

I let out a blood-curling scream, and I scramble away, swinging my knife, hoping it will back off. But of course, it didn't. It kept on coming closer, and closer, and I  was backing up until my back was pressed against the wall, I was trapped. Before it can kill me, though, I see a flash of metal and there is a knife between the mutt's ribs. It howls, and swivels around to the person standing in the mouth of the cave. 

It's Janice, the girl from 6. She swings her sickle-and-chain at the mutt, and it wraps around it's neck. Jane gives the chain a fierce tug, and I watch as the head comes cleanly off, blood pouring out of the stump. She walks over to it and I can't help but wince at the sickening crunch of bones. She turns to me, fingering her sickle. "T-thank you." I stammer. She looks at me, and a cold feeling sweeps over me. She's not going to let me go. 

And sure enough, I feel a knife pierce my chest, and I scream again. She drives it through, and I fight her, but it's futile. She drives the knife deeper until it's through my heart, and the last thing I see before darkness overcomes me is the souless eyes, hidden behind a lace veil.

Danny Smyth

I sit near the lake, the rest of the Careers setting up camp. It's getting late now. I hear a canon go off, signalling someone's death. I feel satisfied, knowing one more person is gone from the competition. "Well, what are we going to do now?" Questions Julius, and suddenly I feel irritated. Why is he asking me?

"We wait. What else?" I snap, and he takes a step back, giving me a glare. I ignore him and turn away, studying the lake. I hear something thud to the ground, and my head whips around.

There, on the floor, is Griselda. There is no blood, but I spot a little dart sticking trhough her neck, her skin rapidly turning blue. She is quivering and twitching, her body jerking. Some people turn away, but I grab her weapon from her hand, and watch as she dies slowly. When her twitching stops, I hear the canon, signalling that she is finally dead. No one says anything, but I know what they are all thinking: Who killed her?" 

Before I turn around, I catch a glimpse of unsettling eyes and a flash of red-and-gold hair.

Simeon Gran

I twirl my spear, jabbing the sheep-mutt in the face. It snarles, backing off, before Rufus delivers a sword throught it's heart. One down, four to go.

I watch Kingsley as he wrestles with the mutt that's on top of him, and it takes a bite of his shoulder. He roars, throwing it off, and I watch him stagger to the ground, before he finally collapses. There is blood everywhere, his clothes soaked with the crimson liquid. I'm to shocked to notice the mutt barreling towards me, but it drops, with Rio's knife in it's throat.

Rufus, Rio and I press our back against each other, the three remaning mutts snarling and baring their teeth. I do a snarl of my own, something that surprises me. But before either of us can move, a net ensnares one of the mutts, and I watch as it goes up in a tree, and I hear a thunk, as the severed head come down. One by one, the mutts are snared and taken down, each head making a loud thump as it hits the ground. The tree leaves rustle, and I see Augusta dropping down. 

She goes to use, her stance showing that she is prepared to kill us this instant. I ignore her, and go to Kingsley. He's muttering something intanglible, and I feel his forehead. It's burning. "There was poison in the bite." Augusta says, and I nod, agreeing. The poison has entered his bloodstream; he's going to die if he doesn't get any medicine. 

Jeffery Killheart

I sit by the ancient ruins, Wire by me. He's kicking stones aimlessly, but I'm surveying the area. Storm's corpse is on the ground, a wound in her stomach and a red smile carved in her face. I smirk. Weak.

"Well, what are we going to do?" Questions Wire, looking at me expectantly. I take a deep breath. "We find Jane, that's what." 

Jane. Janice Everlasting. 

I smile again, but this time it was a cruel one. Ah, Janice. How I would love to meet her here, see the eyes that hide beneath the veil, filled with fear as I drive a knife through her heart.

I see a rustle of leaves, and I turn around, my eyes fixed on the spot. I see a bit of white skin, with souless black eys staring at me. She turns away, deeper into the woods. It's getting dark, so I will leave her for tomorrow.

I'm coming for you, Jane.

Chapter Four

The Depths of Darkness

Delilah Brooklyn

I stop against the tree, panting. It's the second day since the Games started. We were chased by Careers, Storm and I, and we esacped here, near the edge of the forests. Looks like something else caught their interest. We hear footsteps behind us, and Storm and I whip around, tense, with weapons ready. Actually, they're not really good weapons. Storm's got a branch she sharpened with my knife, making it turn into a point, like a makeshift spear. I have my little knife. A bunch of good it'll do against someone with a real sword. 

The footsteps come closer, and Kodai and Ace burst out of the woods. He spots us, and I don't know why he doesn't kill use. "Do you want to die?" He hisses. I shake my head, still kind of startled. "Then let's go!" He grates, pulling me along. I don't know why, but I follow him. The four of us sprint away, untl we reach the mouth of a fissure. "Go in here!" Kodai snaps. My first thought is, It's a trap. They're gonna stuff us in there and kill us. But I see the Careers burst out of the woods, and I have no choice but to dive into the crack, and pray that I live. 

Kodai Hitogoroshi

I light up a little match I found, and it creates a small flame that illuminates the dark cave. "Cave" is not really the right word. It's sort of a long corridor, and at the end I can see that it splits off into two. I find Delilah and Storm edging away from us, and I don't blame them.

Of course you don't blame them. A voice whispers in my head. After all, who wants to be trapped with an insane person? "Shut up." I growl, and the others look at me strangely. I ignore them. "We should go down the corridor." I said. "In there? What if there's mutts waiting for us?" Storm says skeptically. "And what? Get gutted by the Careers instead?" I snap. "No. We're going down here."

We go deeper in to the cave, the only source of light is the small flame, the daylight fading behind us. Storm and Delilah linger at the back, watching us carefully. Smart.

If they were really smart, they would have killed you right there. The voice says again. My eye twitches, and I'm ready to snap. But not now. 

When we get to where the tunnel spilts, we decide to take alternative routes. Me and Ace go one way, the girls go another. Let's hope we'll make it out alive. I take one last glance, making sure no one is following us, and I walk into total darkness.

Rio Flock

I wake up, feeling somewhat groggy. Rufus, Augusta and Simeon are up, and they are all clustered around something. Walking over to them, I peer through to see what they're looking at.

Kingsley lies in the middle, and a sponsor gift was besides him. The cloth was unwrapped, and inside lies a tube of medicine for the mutt poison. Augusta unwraps the makeshift bandage we made with some mutt hides and dabs the ointment on the wound. Kingsley roars, arching his back, eyes bulging before he slumps back down. His breathing is shallow, but the sickly green from his skin is fading. I eye the little bottle thoughtfully. How long will the ointment last until it runs out and his wound isn't healed? We might have to leave him; we can't have anyone slowing us down.

"This ointment might not last long." Augusta says, almost as if she read my mind. I shoot her a suspicious look. I don't trust her; I don't really trust anyone here. She gives me a sidelong glance before returning to dab ointment on the wound. 

I don't know why, but I don't trust her.

Julius Paris

I watch Danny stalk around, throwing a tantrum. He's really pissed that we didn't catch those group of four. I am too. They were no considerable threat; we should've gotten them. 

I watch as a bird circles overhead, crying out calls. It's a fiery red, with a hint of gold. The Careers are sitting down, probably bored. Actually, it's just the three of us: Danny, Julius and Ruby. Not much, but we gained a good enough average to be a considerable threat.

There's footsteps, and I whirl around, mace ready. Artemisae steps out, and I try not to flinch or turn away when I see her eyes. She's cautious, but somehow relaxed a bit; I guess she doesn't know I see her. She makes her way towards the stockpile of goods we have, and carefully swipes a few packs of beef and a litre of water. I nudge Danny. "Looks like we got a thief."

He grins somewhat cruel-like, and positions a knife to throw. I stop him. "Wait. Let's she what she does with it. Maybe she can lead us to another alliance." He nods, but keeps the knife aimed at her. I follow her as she sprints away, clearly unaware of the danger following her.

Wire Elec

Cleaning my bloodied sword, I watch as Jef stomps all over a mutt, and he watches with a grim satistfaction as it's carcass is reduced to a mass of torn flesh and splintered bones, a pool of blood growing bigger around it.

I try not to notice the maniac grin on his face, which seems more bloodier and gruesome than usual. The maniac glint fades from his eyes, and he looks almost normal.

There's footsteps behind us, and I whip around, sword ready. Nothing.

More footsteps. Still nothing. 

Finally, finally, I notice something. Jeff is frozen still, not moving, not doing anything. But the smile on his face is growing bigger, stretching out the flesh, and the maniac glint is back in his eyes.

It must be Jane.

Of course. Who else? Who else would it be that would make Jeff look like this? With lightning-fast reflexes, Jeff throws a knife. I don't see anything, but then you see a little blood, making a trail.

He hit her.

Jane comes into view, her emotionless mask appearing. She swings her sickle, with astonishing force, and Jeff dodges it-barely- and I watch it thud to the ground. She yanks it up, and goes back to the edge of the clearing. She wants to be at a good place if she needs to flee. Smart

I watch as they trade blows, each one striking, but neither meeting their mark. Jeff throws another knife, and it cuts a tear through her clothing. She swings the sickle again, and digs into his forearm. But before she can proceed to rip his arm off, Jeff retaliates and pulls to chain closer to him, yanking her forward. She releases the chain, and nimbly gets out of his reach.

I am transfixed; It's like a beautiful dance. Deadly, but beautiful (Yes, cheesy and cliche but deal with it.) They're evenly matched, and I stare like an idiot when I realize what I am to do. I aim a stick at her; no crossbow, so this is all I have. But before I can throw my makeshift bolt, there is loud footsteps. The match is halted, and a group of tributes burst into the clearing. The footsteps are growing louder. Jane looks at us, before fleeing. 

I know what she's thinking, even if I don't see her eyes.

Next time.

Chapter Five

Dead Weight

Kingsley Orion

Stumbling over my feet, Augusta is dragging me through the clearing. Rufus, Simeon, Rio, August and I have just interupted a match on Jeff and Jane. "Faster!" Augusta growls, tugging my shoulder, which shoots flames of agony throuhg my body. "Well, I'm sorry that I'm injured." I say, throw gritted teeth. Damn woman.

Behind us, the massive spider mutt is following us, it's eight legs scuttling across the ground. I spare a glance at Rufus. His face is so pale, it's almost white. The boy nearly kneeled over when he saw the mutt. His body is stiff, and his mouth is clamped shut, like it's only sheer willpower that he's not running in circles and screaming. 

The spider is to big to outrun, and we can't possible kill it. It'll catch us in it's mouth or stab us with it's legs before we get near it. Simeon stumbles, and the spider crushes him, blood leaking out like red water. 

The cannon goes off, telling everyone another tribute has died. 

We come to the lake, and split up. Augusta and I, Rio and Rufus. I watch as Rio and Rufus dive into the bushes, concealing themselves with the leaves and branches. I'm skeptical of the success of the disguise, but sure enough , the mutt passes over them without so much as a glance. Augusta and I quickly move out of the way when the arachnid barrels towards us, and we land in a small cave. It can't complete the sharp turn, and the spider dives headfirst into the lake. It struggles to get up, but it sinks, drowning.

Wiping sweat from my head, I turn to Augusta. We're both panting, and sweating. "Well, let's go." I said, trying not to wince as I begin to crawl out of the cave. But I double over, feeling the sharp tip of a blade go through me, leaving a gaping wound and blood pouring out,

"Wha-" I start, but the pain is too intense to finish it. I cough, and blood spews out. Augusta takes the blade out, cleaning it on my shirt. "You little..." I growl, but get cut off by another blood cough. She smiles, a cruel smile.

"Bye, bye."

My eyes roll inm my head, as darkness takes over me.

Ruby Orcawitz

Sneaking away, I make sure to turn around and look over my shoulder every few seconds. Danny and Julius don't know I left, nor do they know where I'm going. I got the signal from Artemisae; I remember when we formed our secret alliance.

Stumbling through the woods, I was thirsty, starved and poorly armed. I saw eyes, and I fell back, as Artemisae stepped infront of me. "You are my  secret ally." She said. No room for argument, no room to discline. "Excuse me?" I demand. "Look at you. You are in no shape to kill all those Careers, and I can't do it myself without any major wounds. I need an inside person. You."

I considered that. She had a point. And I can kill her later when the rest were killed.


Of course, I've been looking out for any signals. And when she took the food, I knew it was time. I've managed to convince them that I am useless and weak; that comes in handy when you are about to backstab someone. I spot her in a little clearing, and she nods at me. I leave a note on the ground, telling her our plans.

Danny bursts out of the trees, hands around my neck as he begins to throttle me. "You..little...traitor..." He snarles, spraying me with spit. I feel my oxygen supply cutting off as he snarles a smile. "NOW!" I yell with my final breath, and I feel the pressure release as Danny is lifted into the air.

He's dangling by the ankle on a simple snare we crafted. Artemisae comes out, and I watch with a grim satisfaction as she chops of his head, and it falls down with a thump, blood pouring out.

Artemisae looks at me. "We're done here. Go."

I nod. I don't need another reminder.

Picking up Danny's sword, I sprint away, heading for the cave where I saw Kodai and his alliance go.

Storm Lexus

Waking up with a start, I gaze around, my vision somewhat disoriented. I hear a whistling noise, which sounds disticnctly familiar, but I can't place a finger on it. My brain is fuzzy from just waking up, before I remember where I was.

Me and Delilah split up from Kodai and Ace, and now we're lost in what it appears as some sort of maze. It's probably like the fourth day since the Games began, and I spot something silvery on the ground. I step back, and poke it with my stick. It turns out to be the covering of a sponsor gift. I open the delicate silk to reveal a quiver of arrows and a fine bow. I do a silent thanks to Spruce and Mist; looks like they didn't forget us after all.

I shake Delilah awake, whispering that we should get moving. We wait for a while, both tense and ready, my bow drawn. I take a peek at Delilah and find out she's sort of pale, and looks kind of starved. My stomach grumbles, and I notice it's been days since we've eaten. It's amazing we've gotten so far before dying of starvation. I'm pretty sure Kodai and Ace are starving too. We hear rumbling in the distance, and we exchange glances. We started to run, but we didn't go very far when the sides of the wall started closing in. I panicked, but stopped when something whistled by my ear, missing it by a hair. It was a trap. We were in a trap. I think back to when the knife went by my ear, and something clicked.


That was what the strange sound was. Wind going up a shaft. A shaft...that probably lead to outside! How else would they get the gift in?

And how else would we get out?

I jumped up, carefully dodging the knives. I spot the shaft just as one knife tears through my arm, just on the edge, but I'm still bleeding. "Help me up!" I pant, looking at Delilah. "We can get out of here!" She nods, and boosts me up to the shaft. I grasp hold of the ledge, heaving myself up, and I hold my hand out for Delilah to come up. She reaches out, but freezes. We both look down to the knife sticking out of her heart, and she topples over, the sides of the wall squishing her until she becomes an unreconizable pile of blood, flesh and bones.

Augusta Winters

I wipe the dried blood off my blade, and I hear the cannon sound. I pay no attention to it. Just another weakling who died. Smiling cruelly, I pick some berries from the bush, swallowing them whole. I take a sip from the bottle of water I found off of Kingsley, refilled from the lake.

I hear a gasp from behind me, and I whip around, spotting Storm Lexus scrambling to get away. I sprint to catch up to her, and she whirles around, face tear streaked, a bow in her hand, drawn and ready.

I realize my mistake too late as I feel the arrow impale my skull, agonizing pain flashing through me.

I fall to the ground, as the world gets darker...darker.

Then blackness takes over.

Janice Everlasting

I raise my head just as Julius' cannon goes off, telling the other tributes that yet another person has died. I smile cruelly as I remember the last few moments of his life.

Snarling, he swings his sword at me, hoping to catch me by surprise. I dodge it with ease as the heavy blade whistles above me harmlessly, striking nothing but empty air.

He stumbles forward, the momentum of his attack unbalancing him. I notice my oppourtunity to strike, and a blade flashes as I unsheath a knife and wedge it between his ribs. He howls, dropping the sword and it clatters to the ground.

He tries pounding me with his fists, desperately trying to pry my grip from the hilt. But his hits are weak, and he is slowly loosing blood. I push the knife in deeper, and I grin with grim satisfaction as it pierces his heart. I let go, stepping away, knowing it's over. 

He manages to wrench the knife out, and more blood gushes out, and he walks around, trying to staunch the bleeding. 

But it's futile, and I watch as he drops to the ground, the pool of dark red liquid growing around his lifeless body.

"You shouldn't have gone to sleep."

I enjoyed killing him. I imagined I was killing Jeff.

When I got my hands on him, I would slowly kill him, extend his life. But I would make sure every last second was filled with excrutiating pain. 

I would kill him.

Yes, I would kill him. But I wouldn't give him the sweet luxury of a quick, painless death, no. I would make sure that whatever awaits him in hell wouldn't compare to what I would do to him. I would make sure he'll suffer enough to make up for an eternity, so he would feel all the pain I've been through, because of him.

Yes, I would make sure he meets his end.

Chuckling darkly, I feel my lips curl into a smile as I hear a voice behind me.

"Hello, Jane."

Chapter Six

A Killing Smile

Kodai Hitogoroshi

I continue walking, Ace by my side, trying to ignore the crazed voice whispering to me.

You should kill that fool who allied with you. He's going to die anyway. Might as well make it painless. It cackled.

I gritted my teeth. No, I'm not going to kill him. He's my only ally.

Ace whistles a tune, and the annoying, high-pitched sound irritates me. I stop myself from turning around and telling him to shut up. It's no use to fight now.

You won't fight now. The voice whispers, giggling. But you'll fight sometime. Kill him now, so you don't have to later.

I clenched my fist. No thanks.

There's soft footfalls behind us, and we whirl around, weapons ready. A young girl, Ruby, I think, stumbles forward. She has a ring of black and blue bruises around her neck, and blood smeared on her face. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Ace relax. Stupid. I thought. Just because she's what, 14, doesn't mean she isn't dangerous.

"What do you want?" I snarl, harsher than I intended. She takes a step back. "I-I need some allies. Please." I look at her skeptically. 

Leave her. Kill her. She isn't worth our time. 

For once, I agreed with the voice. I raised my sword, ready to strike, and I detect fear in her eyes. My eyes shine, and just before I swing it down, I hear Ace cry out.

"Stop!" I freeze, inches from splitting her scalp. Annoyed, I turn to Ace. "What the hell?!"

He looks at me apologetically. "We could use her. She looks..useful." 

I roll my eyes. 'Useful' as in 'pretty.' Don't tell me he developed a crush.

In the middle of the freakin' Hunger Games!

This person is an idiot.

Shaking my head, I laugh. "Go. Ally with her." I spat, turning away. "It's not like you were much help anyway." 

Not sparing them a second glance, I sprint away, deeper into the tunnel.

Ace Inny

I watch in regret as Kodai leaves. Dammit. Lost an ally. That's one more threat we have to deal with. I turn around, to face Ruby. "Well, we should leave. We're low on food, so let's go outside." 

We travel the opposite way of Kodai, our echoing footsteps being the only sound. We reach the mouth of the cave, and I turn to face her. "Well, we need to se-"

I choke, coughing out blood. I look down to see a dagger through my stomach, and I watch as Ruby yanks it out. I stagger back, and I cough out more blood.

"You...*cough*....little...*cough*...." I fall to the ground, feeling the life drain out of me.

In the distance, I hear my cannon boom.

Rufus Silks

I turn around, urging Rio to move forward. "Hurry up!" I hissed.

"I'm coming." She whispers back, irritated.

I wait impatiently as she slowly makes her way towards me. We're low on supplies. Scarcly enough water, and we've been living on the few animals Rio had been trapping. 

We're trying to go to the Cornucopia, see if we can salvage anything that has been left behind. Hopefully a weapon or two.

Slowly, we made it to the top, with me grumbling on how slow Rio was, and she giving me a snappy reply.

I don't know why I haven't left her yet; the number of tributes are dwindling, and she could turn on me any moment now. 

The faint sounds of footsteps startles me, and I scan the mountain, looking for the source of the footsteps. I spot Wire, overturning rocks and scavenging for supplies. He's cursing under his breath. He's alone; apparently Jeff left him. Probably to go looking for Jane.

A wicked smile spreads across my face. I nudge Rio, and she follows my gaze. 

"Creep behind him." I whispered. "Take him while I distract him."

She nods, and leaves. I make loud noises, trying to draw his attention.

It works, and his head whips around, and then he's looking at me. He raises his sword, tense and ready.

He darts at me, and I bring up a sword of my own, my strength aiding me in pushing him back.

He grunts, and I push him off, and he stumbles backwards. He's too easy. I'll just kill him now.

I place my knee on his chest, forcing him down. He's struggling, pushing, but it's useless. My blade cuts his throat, a fine red line appearing there. Blood drips out, and he chokes. coughing up the dark red liquid.

He dies slowly, and I hear his cannon boom. I look around for Rio. Where has she gone?

I start to move, when I feel something sharp pierce my heart.

I look down, stunned. An arrow is protruding from my chest, blood leaking out. Rio is there, her bow drawn.

And I crumple to the ground.

Jeffery Killheart

Jane turns around slowly, her bloodied sword in her hand.

"Hello, Jeffery." She says coldy. I gave her a grin - well, a wider grin. "Aw, is that it? I thought you'd give me a better welcome, considering the past."

She stiffens, and her hands clench into fists. "I don't recall you doing me an favours back then."

I smirk. "Ah, but I did. I've made you who you are today, Jane. Much better than the old you."

She snarled, and she flew at me.

Anticipating it, I pivoted, and she whirled around. Her mask made her look cool and collected, but I knew that underneath, her face was contorted with rage. "Now, now Jane." I said, placing a hand over my heart. "Is that how we treat old friends?" She swung her sword, and again I moved away. This time, I flicked out my knife, and it cut her arm, leaving a thin red line. She moved away, and from behind the lace I could see her eyes, dark with anger. "Friend?" She cackled, a harsh sound. "You were no friend, Jeff. You were a bastard. A sick, screwed-up, killing bastard."

She came at me again, and went for my side. I moved to block it, but she feinted, and instead slammed the hilt of her sword into my jaw.

My head snapped back, and I could taste the blood in my mouth. I spat it out, and it stained the ground, making it red.

A growl ripped from my throat. It was a feral, animalistic noise. She held up her sword, tense. This time, I didn't wait for her to attack. I darted at her, and kicked her legs from underneath. She fell, and I raised my dagger, ready to strike.

She raised her sword, and parried my knife, and she pushed me back. I stumbled, and she got up, and swung her sword.

I blocked it with my own knife, and for a moment, we pressed each other's blade.

"How's Liu?" She said, and I could practically hear the smirk.

Just saying his name kindled several emotions: self loathing, grief, pain. But mostly rage. The fury burned white-hot, and I felt my heart pounding in my ears.

I pushed her back with surprising force, and she stumbled back.

"Don't you dare speak his name." I roared, and charged at her.

Janice Everlasting

Chapter Seven

Bloody Victories

Rio Flock

Artemisae Hunt

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