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The votes have been counted and the winners have been chosen!
Thanks to everyone who voted!

To see what ended up winning their individual categories, scroll down to see the results!

Favorite Tearjerker Moment

Winner: Katniss sings to Rue (57.61%)
Runner up: Three Fingered Salute Man (22.62%)

Favorite Female Character

Winner: Katniss (50.73%)
Runner up:Johanna (19.05%)

Favorite Male Character

Winner:Peeta (32.78%)
Runner up:Finnick (20.28%)

Favorite Supporting Character

Finnick odair mockingjay part 1
Winner:Finnick (35.52%)
Runner up:Effie (20.89%)

Favorite Katniss Outfit

Winner:The Mockingjay Dress (32.65%)
Runner up:Black Mockingjay Suit (30.52%)

Favorite Butterfly-in-Stomach Moments

Winner:"Real or not real?" "Real." (51.71%)
Runner up:Katniss nurses Peeta (18.9%)

Favorite Book

Winner:Catching Fire (37.76%)
Runner up:The Hunger Games (32.3%)

Most Surprising Death

Winner:Primrose Everdeen (46.64%)
Runner up:Finnick (19.12%)

Most Despised Character

President snow mockingjay part 1
Winner:President Snow (56.36%)
Runner up:President Coin (22.78%)

Favorite Movie Scene

Winner:The Hanging Tree (37.02%)
Runner up:District 5 Destroys Dam (29.03%)

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