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On November 20th, The Hunger Games film franchise will come to an end. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, we're holding a Fan Choice Awards event to look back and remember all the best things about The Hunger Games. We've put together a list of ten categories, and users provided us with the nominations. We will be accepting votes until November 19th so get yours in today!

When we're done with voting we will announce the winners, so remember to check back here!


Favorite Tearjerker Moment

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Favorite Female Character

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Favorite Male Character

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Favorite Supporting Character

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Favorite Katniss Outfit

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Favorite Butterfly-in-Stomach Moments

<pollsnack hash="q7pl68mu" />

Favorite Book

<pollsnack hash="qhcf459h" />

Most Surprising Death

<pollsnack hash="q7nsgf3c" />

Most Despised Character

<pollsnack hash="q7jablik" />

Favorite Movie Scene

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