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  • I live in yaujta prime
  • I was born on May 24
  • I am male
  • Wolftheassassin53

    my first hunger games please enter just put name, stats and district and then when i have all of them i will start my games not revealing the special part yet.


    Malley District 2

    Jack District 3

    Melody District 5

    Johnathan District 7

    Silke District 8

    Elder District 9

    Aiden District 10

    Rosemelrose District 11


    District 1


    Name: Alex Donaque

    Age: 12

    District: 1

    Weapon: Sword, okay with a bow and arrow

    [1]Alex DonaqueAdded by Mysims

    Personality: Kind of funny and crazy, tends to be nice to people when he meets them but he as a very good sense of character, so he can tell if someone is off. Can be a bit hostile to those on his bad side. He is a bit niave and always sees the best in people, but he can be too quick to judge people. Avid reader …

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