my first hunger games please enter just put name, stats and district and then when i have all of them i will start my games not revealing the special part yet.


Malley District 2

Jack District 3

Melody District 5

Johnathan District 7

Silke District 8

Elder District 9

Aiden District 10

Rosemelrose District 11


District 1


Name: Alex Donaque

Age: 12

District: 1

Weapon: Sword, okay with a bow and arrow

[1]Alex DonaqueAdded by Mysims

Personality: Kind of funny and crazy, tends to be nice to people when he meets them but he as a very good sense of character, so he can tell if someone is off. Can be a bit hostile to those on his bad side. He is a bit niave and always sees the best in people, but he can be too quick to judge people. Avid reader and writer and has a passion for story telling.

Appearance: Short blonde hair that is just the right length and hue. Not the skinniest, but not the fattest either, blue eyes, quite short. Sometimes is described by older girls as cute.

Height: 4'11

Backstory: Alex grew up in the poor part of the district with his sister Katy. He always protected her in fights and when people insulted her, he was bullied a lot at school, normally about his weight, sexuality and looks which made him very upset and once suicidal. Luckily, his mum and sister was always there for him when things happened, his dad works a lot and isn't home often so he is often left by himself.

Strengths: His ability to judge character, strong and easily able to get away from pursuers

Weaknesses: Being called names, his sister being bullied. Thinking of times where he was suicidal.

Highest Training Score: ??

Highest Rank : ??


Name: Emma Dazzle

Age: 16

District: 1

Weapon: All kind of knives (Throwing and combat) [2]Emma DazzleAdded by Mysims

Personality: Nice, but kind of the normal popular girl, obsessed with vanity and clothes. But sometimes can be really nice and friendly.

Appearance: Long Curly Blonde Hair, Emerald Green Eyes, Tall and skinny.

Height: 6'0

Backstory: Emma was an only child, and was spoilt rotten, she had everything she had ever wanted, all the new toys and clothes, she was the centre of attention as her beauty florished. She wasn't the smartest of them all but was definetly the prettiest.

Strengths: Seduction, Running and Knives

Weaknesses: She has a huge crush on Arran and couldn't bare to see him hurt/dead

Highest Training Score: ??

Highest Rank: ??

District Two:


Name: Brandon, Blackfin

Age: 16

Height: 5,7

District: 2

Appearance: tan black hair green eyes average muscle

Personality: headstrong outgoing smart kind but still willing to kill to win

Weapon: javelin slingshot and spear

Strengths: fast, smart, agile

Weaknesses: jmps into things quickly easily distracted and angered

Token: a pin of two swords crossing

Allies?: yes but will turn on them to bring his own victory especially careers


Name: Malley Tan

Age: 14

Height: 5'2

District: 2

Strengths: Throwing knives, sleuth, flexibility, intellegence

Weaknesses: Being too nice, swimming

Weapons: Knife, sleuth, intellegence

Personality: Sweet, calm, trusting, hides her emotions well

Appearance: Wavy red hair, chocolate brown eyes

District Three:


Jack DeSonne


Skills: Snares, traps, bombs, genius

Weakness: Quite small

Arena strategy: Make snares to catch animals, Traps to trap tributes and then kill them using bombs.

History: His mum is an inventor, and his dad designs bombs. So they both taught him how to survive, JIC he was reaped for a Hunger Games.

Family: mum, dad, sister.

Apperance: untidy bond hair, blue eyes, pale skin.

Personality: genius, quiet, humble.

Token: A toy soldier


Name: Kara Anderson

Age: 12

Height: 4'8

District: 3

Strengths: Sleuth, fast runner

Weaknesses: Being too shy, struggles making friends

Weapons: Bow and arrow

Personality: Shy, calm, distant, emotionless

Appearance: Brownish-blonde hair, blue eyes {C}[3]Kara Anderson

District Four:


Name:Surf Waves




[4]Surf WavesAdded by Ms.finnickodair

{C}Strengths:Tridents,Tieing nets,rope-tieing

Weaknesses:Overprotective of little sister,Aqua


Token:Mini Plastic Trident


Surf Waves

Age:14 {C}Gender:Female

Personality:Funny,Unusual,Good Sense of humor.

Strengths:Tridents,Tieing nets,rope-tieing

Weaknesses:Bad at climbing,


Token:Mini Plastic Trident

District five:


Name: Conor Quinnary

Age: 18

District: 5

Gender: Male

Weapon: Sword, spear.

Appearance: Messy dirty blonde hair.

Height: 6''10


Name: Melody Alari

District: 5

Age: 14

Personality: Quiet, a bit snippy, intelligent, thoughtful

Strengths: Stealth, intelligence, speed

Weaknesses: Not strong, cowardly, not a risk-taker

District Six:


Name: Vroom Rouge

Age: 15

District: 6

Weapon: Spear, Sword

Personality: In your face, a bit of a jerk. Annoying. Can be pushed over the edge easily. [5]Vroom RougeAdded by Mysims {C}Appearance: Dyed red hair, Black eyes and his trademark sunglasses. Medium height, not too skinny, not too heavy

Height: 5'11

Backstory: Vroom was named after his father's sucsessful Motercycle range. He was a friendly baby, until he watched his family die in a car crash, and was too young to help save them. SInce then he has been adopted 6 times, never changing his surname and running away after a month.

Strengths: Charisma, Public Speaking and Swords

Weaknesses: Not good with Heights or Water

Highest Training Score: ??

Highest Rank: ??e


Name: Aria Camelliston

Backstory: Used to always be happy, sweet, and caring all the time. She used to be sensitive when she was angry or hurt about something, forgave everyone, and never held grudges. Then one day her mother was killed by a Peacekeeper for inability to do as she was told when she was extremely sick, and her boyfriend believed he had a good reason to, so Aria lost the sweet side she had when she was angry and became ruthless and full of hate when mad, and held grudges forever.

Age: 16


District: 6

Appearance: Beautiful, brown hair,with blonde and copper-like highlights, very distinctive bright blue eyes, tanned skin, thin, petite body

Personality: Sweet, fun, good sense of humor when happy ; rude and thoughtless when angry, very close to her older brother

Weapon: Bows and arrows

Strengths: Great arm for throwing or swinging, flexible, good swimmer, adrenaline rush that makes her incredibly strong and ruthless when extremely angry, beauty causes the power to seem innocent and sweet to reel people in to trust and fall for her , trained with bow and arrows since age 5 by older brother, strong-willed, risk-taking

Weaknesses: HEIGHTS, very tight spaces, her family being hurt

Token: A small blue ribbon that belonged to her mother .

Allies: unknown yet ( hopefully district 8 Female Olivia Newman(;)

District seven:


Name: Johnathan Hunted

Age: 17

District: 7

Weapon: Swords, knives and an axe

Personality: A bit mean, he is quite upset and can be angered easily, lethal

[6]Johnathan HuntedAdded by Mysims

{C}Appearance: Black slicked back hair, teal eyes. Slim, but strong

Height: 6'2

Background: Jake was a regular guy, until he lost his girlfriend to the Hunger games, from that day on he became one of the most lethal people in the districts. He is very angry and arrogant, but is a bit over confident.

Strengths: Good with swords, knives and quite strong

Weaknesses: Not very fast, and not good at making friends (Alliances)


Fauna Shade

Age: 14

Skills: Hand-to-Hand combat, strong, tracking, hunting, fending for herself, bow and arrows, knives

Weaknesses: Archer, bow and arrows, spears

Strategy: Wing it

[7]FaunaAdded by Clove1999

History:She is the most responsible out of her 4 siblings. She has tooken care of the house and taught Callope, her 4 year old sister, how to run the house while Archer taught Blade and Dewyane how to hunt.

Personality:Determined, Quiet, and Daydreamer

Appearence:Brown hair that's normally in a half pony tail, green eyes, tan skin, rosy cheeks

Token: Her sister's gloves

District eight;


Name:Drake flame




Appearance:tall olive skinned black hair brown eyes

personality:angered easily smart


Strengths:smart quick great at climbing

Weaknesses:easily angered low stamina




Name: Silke Johansson

Age: 15

Height: 172cm

District: 8

Appearance: Long silky blond hair, emerald green eyes, slim

personality: flirty, stubborn

Weapon: long knives

Strengths: knive-combat

Weaknesses: can't SWIM!

Token: a ball of thin golden thread

Allies?: nobody

District nine:


Elder Thorne


Skills: is good at plants and bow and arrow. etc.

Weakness: Stupid

Personality: Is very dumb.

History:He has a sister. When they were drawn they sobbed and cried. Parents abonded them to a previous winner who trained them.

Family: Sister, Adoptied Mum.

Strategy: Elder will fall in love with a random person from another district.

Apperance: he has olive coloured skin, Amber eyes and ebony hair

Token: None


Willow Thorne

Age: 16

Skills: Bow and arrows plants

Weakness: Scaredy cat.

Personality: She is very clever Etc. Ivy's weakness is that she is scared of spiders, birds, heights, the dark and blood.

Apperance: she has olive coloured skin, Amber eyes and ebony hair.

History: Has a brother.When they were drawn they sobbed and cried. Parents abonded them to a previous winner who trained them.


Token: None

District ten:


[8][9]AidenAdded by Katelyn.danita

Name: Aiden Beauter

Age: 18

Height: 6'2

District: 10

Appearance: Brown hair, distinct hazel eyes, high cheekbones, tanned skin, muscular, handsome

Personality: Funny, nice, caring, kind when happy; when angry, rude and thoughtless.

Weapon: Knives, Triton, rope, bows and arrows

Strengths: Extremely strong, can lift anything heavy, such as metals and iron, great swimmer, adrenaline rush makes him nearly invincible and superhuman in strength and ruthlessness, strong willied, huge risk taker, looks cause people to fall for him very easily, great at lying

Weakness: Heights, family getting hurt, climbing trees

Token: A golden pin with his family symbol on it, given by his great-grandfather to care for

Allies: district 6, 10

Strategy: Befriend careers, kill off one by one in sleep, fake own injury to imply that he isn't the culprit, keep a few until enemies are out of the way female Name:Olivia Newman

Age: 13

District: 10

Weapon: Throwing Knives

Personality: Very Genuine, Kind Hearted, Never Rude. Quite A Goody Two Shoes, But A Kind, Loving One ;)

Appearance: Dark Green Eyes, Golden Blonde Hair. Tends To Wear Green and Brown Alot, She Enjoys Wearing Earthy Tones.

Height: 1'5m

Strengths: Confidence, Speed and Persistance.

Weaknesses: Drawn To Pain and Hurt

Token: Wooden Bracelet Made By her Mother, As A Token Of Love

Allies: hopefully Aria camelliston, District 6 Female ;)

Highest Training Score: 9

Highest Rank:

District eleven:


Name:Alexander Gregory




Appearance:light skinned small thin

personality:hard headed headstrong smart

Weapon: mace and axe

Strengths: smart good with axe and mace

Weaknesses: small weeak frail cant swim

Token:wolf pin



Name: Rosemelrose Divage

Age: 12

District 11:

Gender: Female

Weapon: Bow and Arrows

Appearance: Long waist straight lenght, blood red hair. With brown eyes.

District twelve:


Name: Grayson Smith

Age: 15

Skills: Archery, hand-to-hand combat, strength

Weaknesses: His 'little' sister Blythe

Strategy: Protect his sister from anything and get her back home

History: Trains with the Mellarks and is like an older brother to their son Cato. He loves his twin sister Blythe dearly and voulenteerd for her sake when she was reaped.

Personality: Protective, quiet, kind, strong, determined

Appearence: Hansome, close cropped black hair, startling blue eyes, tan skin

Token: A blue hankerchief he stores in his boot/shoe/sandal (or around his ankle)

Name: Blythe Smith

Age: 15

Skills: Spears, hand-to-hand combat, climbing, swords

Weaknesses: Allies, her twin brother Grayson

Strategy: Ally with the Careers and get back home.

History: Best friends with Primrose Mellark and trains with Peeta all day long. She was reaped and told her friends not to voulenteer because she wanted to do this.

Personality: Irresponsible, the party animal, stoubborn

Appearence: Black hair usually streaked with red, electric blue eyes, tan skin

Token: Prim's necklace



5.4. 3. 2. 1. BOOM!!! I race towards the cornucopia and grab a sword i turn and slash at Emma(1) because there are no career packs this time then i run away towards the underworld section.


Alex(1) slashes i dodge and only manage to grab a knife and a small canteen filled with water.


I run and grab a sword i turn and stab my blade finds in its mark in Jack's(3) abdomen he screams and falls i grab a bacpack and run to Olympus i here a BOOM!!! and know Jack(3) is dead holy s**t i just killed someone i think as i run away


I run on the outskirts and grab one of the packs then i follow Brandon(2) so i can have an ally i look in the pack i have a slingshot and some rocks also a canteen i run after him then i feel a sharp pain it is an arrow in my throat i gurgle blood then fall BOOM!!!


i grab a bow and 10 arrows i shoot Malley(2) in the throat and then run to the village section of the arena the i feel a knife hit me in the back i just ignore the pain and run it was Johnathan(7).

Surf(4) and Aqua(4)

I run towards the ocean i spot a bag and grab it aqua(4) is just behind me we go to the ocean sector and i see a statue with a trident i climb and grab it.


I run and grab for a spear but so does Melody(5) she fights me over it i grab it she scrams for me to spare her i cant, not in the hunger games i stab it rips through her heart BOOM!!! the cannon goes off i run to olympus cant risk having allies here.


i Grab for a spear the boy connor(5) does to he rips it away i scream for mercy he says sorry and he stabs me in the heart everything goes black at least i feel nothing.


I run at the cornucopia and grab a sword i cut at the nearest person It is Johnathan(7) i catch him off guard and it cuts through his chest he screams and drops his knives i then smile then stab down into his heart BOOM!!! i then run to olympus


I run to Olivia and we both take a knife a pack and we run towards the ocean.


I run and see other people die i know i have my family to go back to so i have to win this i grab at a sword but just before i grab it Drake(8) punches me in the face i fly down he grabs the sword and stabs i move my head just in time.


i miss on my stab and Fauna punches me i go down then i see her the sword in her hand and yell ALLIANCE!! she helps me up says yes and then we run to the forest near the village so we can hide

Silke(8) I run and grab two knives spin and open Elder's(9) throat BOOM!!! Then as i turn to run away his sister Willow(9) is on me stabbing over and over with a knife BOOM!!!


I killed Silke(8) she killed Elder(9) i cried just sat down and cried alex(11) runs up to me knife in hand i am ready to die but he puts out his and and pulls me up then he drags me with him to the underworld section i am sobbing the entire way.


I run and slam grayson little do i know he has a knife he opens my stomach he then rolls grabs a mace i feel pain behind my head then i start to black out he has a bloody mace in hand and then i die BOOM!!!


I run with aria we head to the ocean and then we see two other tributes.


I run to the cornicopia i grab a sword a small bag and run but i fall after feeling a sharp ppain in my leg i look it is an arrow fired from rose(11) she walks over to me knife in hand and stabs i move but it cuts my side i twist and cut her neck opening it into a red smile ear to ear BOOM!!! then i limp to the underworld section to plan my next move.

Grayson and Blythe(12)

I grab a bow and my sister grabs a sword and two packs then we run to olympus and we are not bothered

but we spot another tribute.

Day One after cornucopia(Day Two)


Im in the underworld not as hot as i thought it would be yet i see a black river and fire is visible going out of the cracks in the ground. Then it hits me screaming... it sounds like my sister and my mother i run towards it and see two femaes being held over fire screaming i run over then i see it they have my mother and sisters faces yet wings and talons they fly over to me thy have flaming whips i cant bring myself to slice the whips sting i am crying one wraps around my throat i feel the glass in it bury itself in my throat then there is a sharp jerk at the whip blood gushes from my throat i fall the blood pools under me BOOM!!!


I decide to go into the forest because i can hide and maby seduce someone into being my ally i hear a cannon go off and know somebody is dead but i dont care just saves me trouble in the long run i draw my knife just in case i see another tribute i see somebody they have a bow damn its a girl Kara(3)no chance of seduction here ill just be as charming as possible i call to her she turns nocks an arrow and i scream allies she shakes her head yes but does not lower her bow i then here the growling i turn it is some abomination with the head of a goat a lion and a snake i run the snake head curves it bites my leg i fall i see an arrow strike it in the chest infuriating it the lion head tears into me i cry out then her a crunch i black out BOOM!!!


I decide to head to the ocean instead of olympus then i hear two cannon shots and see some creature kill emma(1) I see two girls Aria(6) and Olivia(10) Aria is so beautiful that i cannot stop myself i run to them "Hey" i say "allies" they agree she is so beutiful i told myself not to get attached but i just cannot stop myself from joining them we see Surf(4) and Aqua(4) we hide next to a sand dune so they cannot see us and wait listening.


I run from the creature into the village i here someone and then i see Drake(8) and Fauna(7) "I can probably bring both down if i get into this tree" i climb into the tree and then realize i dont see Fauna"Damn how could i let her get out of my sight". Then i feel the pain of a knife in my back and then i hear "Thanks for the bow and supplies" she takes my gear as i fall from the tree i black out.


I climb the statue to get the trident in its hand then it moves frightened i fall then tell Aqua(4) to run she does "no please..." i say as the trident strikes ripping open my side i scream in pain then i get up and try to run i hear a molevelant voice say "You have entered my realm and you shall pay the price ha ha ha ha." the waves rise and grow bigger the earth shakes a wave rises over the land i try to run but am not fast the wake smashes me against the ground i spit up blood and salt water but the trident has been knocked free of the creatures hand i grab it and run then try to find my sister i here a BOOM!!! oh my god i run i find aqua in a pool of blood her head smashed against a rock i see three tributes aproaching but i dont care i am too busy crying over aqua(4)


Olympus is so beautiful i walk through the amazingly crafted streets and buildings i see Vroom(6) and yell "Alliance" he says ok and walks towards me we hear a roar a cannon go off and then we run to it we watch as a giant man is throwing lightning shaped javelins that explode after making contact at Grayson and Blythe(12) one gets close and burns Grayson he screams as he falls i decide to help i draw my spear and chatrge i make it up to it and stab into its achilles tendon it falls the bag of lightning hits the ground an explosion happens i wake up hours later in a camp a fire burning Grayson and Blythe eating vroom is nowhere to be found but i see him come from behind a building "What happened" I ask Grayson says "You killed damn giant and saved us we are now allies and vroom hunted obviously catching nothing and now we are just eating waiting for you to wake up" "great" i say then fall asleep.


I know what i have to do i wait until they are all asleep i draw my sword and walk over to connor "sorry but this is the hunger games" i say as i drive my sword into his heart he gasps then goes still BOOM!!! the cannon goes damn i think i forgot about that i grab a pack and run but then i see Grayson(12) get up he knocks an arrow then fires the arrow hits me in my leg i run to the cornicopia completely stripped of supplies no one is there i sit there something falls out of the sky i open the container yes spray to keep my wound from getting infected i use some of it looks like someone has an eye ot for me here i cant believe i made it away i climb on top of the cornicopia open the bag f**k me f**ck me i grabbed the bag with clothes in it damn why i throw the pack in ager "those bastards switched the bags" i go to sleep atop the cornicopia.


It is almost night Brandon and I are sharing food then we decide to take watches we had recruited Surf but he was still sad at Aquas(4) death who wouldnt be, Brandon took first watch and then he woke me up "shhh he said come with me" "ok i said i was so happy that i forgot one of us would have to die for the other to win only for a moment" he leads me to an outcrop over the ocean he covers my eyes and says i have a suprise for you then he kisses me i kiss back then his watch is over Olivia is up and we sleep in the same sleeping bag cuddling i am so happy i could just die then we sleep Olivia wakes me for my watch i here noise then wake the others up a creature obviously a mutt jumps from the bushes three heads a snake a lion and a goat Brandon jumps up and circles the beats cutting its side then olivia attacks from the front and i get the other side in its death throes the three heads bit into olivia she screams as they tear her apart BOOM!!! i cant bellieve olivia is dead i cry but brandon holds me and i feel better knowing he will be there for me we all cant sleep that night because of the attack it even got surf out of shock these games just keep getting worse and worse i think to myself. as i fall to sleep in brandons arms.

Day 3


After killing another tribute and getting a bow drake(8) and i are pretty happy but i never heard a boom but probably just a malfunction i could of sworn i stabbed Kara(3) in the heart there is nothing in the village not even supplies we i see a suirrel and fire an arrow into it it dies i then pick it up and Drake and i eat it for lunch i start to notice him getting more and more attractive i cant fall for him i will take the supplies and leave him alone. "Hey you should go get water" i give him a canteen and send him off with a dagger i then grab both bags and run as fast as i can i here his scream and then nothing BOOM!!! i know he is dead i am sad but the feeling passes i need to get home and help my family i then go to olympus as i dont want to find out what happened to drake(8).


I cant find any water i wish fauna had come with me "wher the hell am i" i say i have not seen any water yet but she wouldn't lie to me i see something i has two heads it sees me and hisses i run i dont think i just run it is too fast it bites my leg i fall and cut off the left head two more sprout from the stump its heads each grab a limb one for each arm and my leg i scream as it pulls the pain is tremendous i scream even louder there is a tear i rips me in half down the center the cannon goes off.


i cant believe elder(9) is dead i spend all day crying accept for when we are eating we walk we see a creature about the size of a hovercraft it looks like a wolf ive seen them on the outskirts of my district before except this has three heads i smells the air then howls the howl is bloodcurdeling it sees me then starts running over to me i sit there ready to die, it howls again i swear i see it smile then i close my eyes and prepare to join elder i dont feel anything though alex is in front of me he stabbed it but the two heads on the side grab his arms "Run!!" he screams i get up he throws his weapon i grab it then wisper thank you as i run i run to the cornicopia to see if i can find any supplies i here a BOOM!!! i know he is dead i have to win for him he gave his life for me it will not be in vain i didnt even get to speak to him.

Grayson and Blythe(12)

we hear the head gamemakers voice"Hello tributes we have a special event for you come to the cornicopia anyone not there in time will come to regret that decision so i would hurry" "it is probably a trap" Blythe says i dont know if we should go im not sure of anything anymore i ask her she says we should stay so we do the earth shakes a crack opens after we dont go for an hour we fall in it looks like a lab they heal us then sedate us the doctor have a bunch of strange tools there are two wolves

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