I just saw the movie two nights ago (opening day) and it was GREAT! I think the producers and everyone did great doing this movie! I want to see it again! There are some things I think I should mention though and I will list them below. Tell me if you agree, disagree, or what you think in the comments.

Things I should mention

· Cast: The best cast I could think of! Originally I didn’t think it was the best cast but after I saw the movie I am convinced that they couldn’t have done better.

· Blood: There wasn’t that much blood in the movie. There was some but it wasn’t anything like blood pouring out or anything like that. There was only a little during scenes where people got cut or burned. And a little blood during the bloodbath (hence the name) but it didn’t show anyone during it get cut open.

· Death: There is a lot of death in this movie (duh!) but it was pretty cool how they made and showed them die. I don’t think any were that creepy or scary at all. But they were cool.

· Fashion: Wow! I am not obsessed with fashion or clothes as much as some people but I was surprised at this. I knew that the Capitol wore weird things but they looked awesome! Effie always wore something kooky but looked great! And the girl on fire costume looked amazing!!! When Katniss and Peeta were on fire rolling down the alley in the chariots, the fire suits looked soooo amazing!

· Romance: There was a lot of this. But, it wasn’t the entire film. Even though they only kissed on screen like twice, they still acted in love almost the whole time and did great!

· Rebellion: They showed a lot more of this then they described in the first book. Like one scene after Rue died, it showed district 11 and someone who I think is Rue’s dad who flipped out and the whole district was flipping towers and causing riots.

· Glimmer’s death: Her death was very cool. When Katniss cut the branch and it fell on the sleeping careers, I was laughing in my head thinking “Karma!” then when it showed Glimmer all swollen and bloated, it was nasty but it was a cool nasty.

· Marvel’s death: His was quick. Right after he threw the spear at Rue, Katniss shot an arrow at his stomach and he dropped. But it was very fast-paced, and cool.

· Clove’s death: Her death was different from the book. I admit when I found out that her acxtress was playing Clove, I thought she looked to small and nice but when she tackled Katniss and threatened her she was vicious. But, it was awesome when Thresh picked her up like some doll and smashed her against the cornucopia and it broke her neck, it was pretty wicked.

· Cato’s death: His death was really cool and actiony. Katniss and Peeta climbed onto the cornucopia and Cato attacked when he was all bloody. It was cool when he grabbed Peeta around the neck and Katniss shot the arrow at his hand, Peeta pushed Cato into the mutts, and they tore him apart. He then screamed “Please!” and Katniss delivered the final, fatal blow. BOOM!

· Foxface’s death: Her’s was the same, quick and easy. She ate the poisioned nightlock and died. Peeta and Katniss were shocked when they found her dead.

· Thresh’s death: Poor Thresh. In the book, he camein 5th and his death was unknown. But, in the movie, he came in 4th and was torn to shreads by the mutts. I felt bad because I really liked Thresh in the book and the movie.

· Rue’s death: Okay, here’s a big one. Honestly, I don’t think it was that sad. I don’t cry much during any sad things but still even for big criers, I don’t think it was as sad as I expected it to be. Yeah, I admit, it was a “shed a few tears moment” but it wasn’t a “cry your eyes out and I need a tissue moment” you know what I mean? Well, it was a peaceful death, but it had to happen eventually.

· Seneca Crane: I loved him during the movie! I like his beard, facial expressions, and actions. I think it was also very funny when he was locked in the room with nothing but a bowl of nightlock! It was another “Karma!” moment. I loved his character in the movie!

· Snow: Snow was in the first movie a lot more then he was in the first book. He talked a lot more and expressed his feelings a lot (like the underdog moment). Donald Sutherland did a great job as Snow!

· Haymitch: Haymitch has always been one of my favorite characters throughout the whole series! And to see that come alive on the big screen was awesome! I liked how they showed him try and get sponsors for Katniss and Peeta. I think his portrayal was the best!

· Cinna: When I pictured Cinna I thought of a nice, clean, white skinned Capitol guy (not trying to be racist, just how I pictured him) so when I found out Lenny Kravitz was playing him I had mixed emotions about it. But, after seeing him in the movie I am convinced they couldn’t have casted him any better. Lenny did a fantastic job!

· Effie: She always wore crazy costumes but they were always amazing! I like her character a lot and I think Elizabeth did great! Although I don’t remember them even saying her name in the movie! Maybe they did like once but that was kinda weird.

· Mutts: The mutts were very cool! Even though they weren’t the dead tributes, I still think they were very awesome. They killed two tributes but I still think they were Katniss and Peeta’s key to winning the games.

· Cornucopia: The cornucopia is not how I imagined it. They made it big, bulky, and metal. But I think it look really good either way. Especially when it was filled with supplies and the blood bath going on around it.

· Apple/Arrow scenes: The first scene is when Katniss was in training and she shot the apple out of the roasted pig’s mouth to impress the judges. When she did that, Seneca’s shocked look on his face was hilarious. The second scene is when Katniss shot the bag of apples near the career’s supplies. It toke two shots but when the apples spilled and rolled down the pyramid of supplies and hit the ground, the explosion was amazing! I loved it!

· Careers: They were cool. But, one weird thing was that during the bloodbath, Cato (career) killed the D4 boy (also a career). Now that might have been an accident or Cato just thought he was dead weight (useless). Also, when the careers would walk around they were always laughing and joking around like it was just a fun game and all of them could win. That was a little odd.

· Didn’t explain enough: In some parts of the film, they didn’t explain some things enough as they should have. We know because we read the book but people who haven’t wouldn’t know. For example: In one part Katniss asks Gale “How many times is your name in there?” he responds “42 times”. Now, we know what he meant but people who haven’t read the book are thinking “Okay? Why is that?”

· Added things: They added a few things that weren’t in the book. Like, more of Snow, Seneca’s death, Atala (training girl), signing in to the reaping, and Haymitch trying to get sponsors.

· Deleted things: They also deleted things from the book. Like, the mutts being tributes, Madge, the Avoxes, the Prep team, the rock, the D4 girl, Haymitch at the reaping, and the sleep syrup.

· Gale: Liam did a great job as Gale. Even though I’m not Team Gale, I liked seeing Gale watch the games. Even though he wasn’t in it much either, I still like the times when it showed him, especially the time when Katniss kissed Peeta and Gale looked all disgusted. Funny!

· Peeta: I am Team Peeta! Josh was perfect for this role! His genuinely nice nature and caring for others was perfect for Peeta! The Peeta scenes were some of my favorites. I wouldn’t have casted him any other way!

· Katniss: What can I say? Katniss was perfect! Jennifer’s arrow skills and her portrayal of Katniss was amazing! Katniss definitely did the best in the whole film!

· Overall: In a word: GREAT! This is my new favorite movie!

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