Hello everyone! It's Wolverine1717 and I would like to give season four of Question Quell another try. It wasn't very succesful when I first posted the first week so I will post who is supposed to be in this and who actually answered week one. If you answered your automatically moving on to week two. All the others, you have a week to tell me you are still playing and if you do, you will go to week two. EVERYONE tell me if you are or not playing though. But tell everyone on this list to tell me here if they still want to play or not. Here is the list:


Capitol: JERealize- Safe

District 0: QuinnQuinn- Safe

District 1: MnkyGrlsj

District 2: Iluvgale- Safe

District 3: Anon....- Safe

District 4: Haybernathy- Safe

District 5: ~ilovepeeta~- Safe

District 6: Newgirl101- Safe

District 7: Leshawna333- Safe

District 8: Necterine411- Safe

District 9: Purplexmuffin- Safe

District 10: Oblivion1001

District 11: Rueflower

District 12: Clove1999

District 13: Skyandbray- Safe

District 14: Prezziesnow- Safe

District 15: Isabelle Lightwood

District 16: GoldLightning

District 17: RryyaannOmob

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