Welcome to the first Question Quell! A game where you will be competeing against your fellow tributes in a quiz of the Hunger Games series. Each week there will be a question that you will need to answer. If your correct you stay alive, if you are wrong you have died (or been eliminated). If you do not answer that week, you are automatically eliminated. If everyone is correct that week the last person to put their answer in is eliminated. You can put your answers in the comments below. Please if you are not playing or were already eliminated do not help other players. The winner will be the first victor of the Question Quell!


  • District 1- Lewshawna333
  • District 2- TotalDramaRox97
  • District 3- InsertRandomnessHere
  • District 4- Sparrow Hazelthorn
  • District 5- Firecatcher3
  • District 6- Joekeybladeaura
  • District 7- JERealize
  • District 8- Hungergames Fan girl
  • District 9- Purplexmuffin
  • District 10- Moon Beam
  • District 11- Anon....
  • District 12- Mockingjay5

Sorry if you didn't get the district you wanted. I tried to get at least one of the districts you wanted, if you didn't then both of those were already taken. Please comment below to confirm you still want to play.

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