Welcome back to Question Quell! Last week, the careers got to pick one person to re-join the game and the person they picked was...Moon beam! Also, TotalDramaRox97 (someone who many times answered first) was eliminated for answering last. This week, (because of a player returning last week) the last person to answer correctly will be eliminated as usual, AND there will also be a vote out this week. The first person to answer correctly will win immunity, so when you answer the question, also put who you vote to be eliminated. Good luck to all of you!

'Question: 'What was Katnisses training score in the 74th Hunger Games? Answer: 11

1. Leshawna333- Dead

3. InsertRandomnessHere- Alive

4. Sparrow Hazelthorn- Alive

7. JERealize- Alive

9. Purplexmuffin- Alive

10. Moon beam- Dead

11. Anon....- Alive

Remember to vote and study your Hunger Games!

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