Last week, (well its been a while sorry), the tributes were split into two teams (careers and others) who fought for a HUGE power. The careers won the power and Moon beam was eliminated for answering last. This week the careers (districts 1, 2, 3, and 4) have a choice to make. The HUGE power that the majority of the four must decide on is to bring one of the eliminated players back into the game! One player will be back in the game next week and one will still be eliminated this week. Make your choice in the comments, and you must still answer the question. Have fun!

Question: What gets Effie Trinket annoyed and mad? Answer: Bad Manners

1. Leshawna333- Alive

2. TotalDramaRox92- Dead

3. InsertRandomnessHere- Alive

4. Sparrow Hazelthorn- Alive

7. JERealize- Alive

9. Purplexmuffin- Alive

11. Anon....- Alive

Good Luck and don't forget careers, to pick one tribute to return to the Games! You may chose from:

5. Firecatcher3- Gone

6. Joekeybladeaura- Gone

8. Hungergames fan girl- Gone

10. Moon beam- Back in game

12. Mockingjay5- Gone

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