Welcome to the final week of season one of Question Quell! We have had some fun questions, cool tributes, and shocking eliminations. After eight weeks of answering questions and eliminating people week after week, we are down to the final two, Purplexmuffin and InsertRandomnessHere! Every week we had a question and depending on how many people were left when you answered you got points. Ex. If there are 6 people left, the first person to answer got 6 points, second got 5, third got 4, etc. the last person to answer if they answered the question I gave them 1 point but they were still eliminated. Now I have everyone's point totals and later I will reveal them. First, I will reveal the eliminated players totals in the order they were eliminated and the one with the most, wins the eliminated player award. After that, I will reveal IRH and Purplexmuffin's totals and reveal the winner of Question Quell! Then, we will congratuate the winner and I will give out some userboxes. All this coming up on Question Quell!

Eliminated Contestant Award

Mockingjay5- The first contestant we have is Mockingjay5. She was eliminated the first week because she was one of three tributes that never answered the question. Not much else to say about her. Because of that her point total is 0.

Firecatcher3- The next contestant is Firecatcher3. She is another one of the three that never answered on week one. Her point total is also 0.

Joekeybladeaura- Next we have Joekeybladeaura. He is the third person to not answer on week one. He also has 0 points.

Hungergames fan girl- Next we have Hungergames fan girl. She was never really eliminated. When she had to go on vacation and Sparrow was supposed to be eliminated, Hungergames fan girl volunteered to switch with her. She earned 2 points, which puts her in the lead for the eliminated contestant award.

TotalDramaRox97- The next contestant is TotalDramaRox97. He was a person who answered first many times but when he was unexpectedly eliminated for not answering, we wondered why. He went on vacation and wasn't able to answer. So, he was unfortunately eliminated. He earned 14 points, putting him in the lead.

Moon beam- Up next is Moon beam. When the contestants were put in teams, Moon beam answered last, which meant she was eliminated, but two weeks later she returned to the game when the winning team chose to bring her back over the other eliminated contestants. But she was eliminated again for not answering. Her point total is 5, which means she is not in the lead.

Leshawna333- Leshawna333 is up next. When there was a vote out, some people used a random generator and got Leshawna. Others voted for her because she was pure competition. She got 2 votes and was eliminated. Her point total is 18 points, which puts her in the lead for the award.

Sparrow Hazelthorn- Sparrow, what can I say. She had some close calls, like when she was eliminated but switched with Hungergames fan girl, and answering second to last three weeks in a row. But during week six, it was finally her time to go when she answered last. Her point total is 7. She is not in the lead for the award.

Anon....- Anon.... is next. In the beggining of the game, Anon.... answered first many times but when the final four came, the other three were just to quick for her and she answered last of the four. But, her point total is a whopping 30 points! She is in the lead for the award.

JERealize- Last but certainely not least is JERealize. He was such a competitive person and came in third in the competition because the other two voted him out in a special vote week right before the finale. Now, if he has more then 30 points he will beat Anon.... and win the eliminated player award, JERealize's point total is.... 31 points! He is the winner of the Eliminated Player Award! Congratulations!

The Final Two

Now we are going to talk about the final two: InsertRandomnessHere and Purplexmuffin!

InsertRandomnessHere- IRH was quiet in the beggining, only commenting to answer, but later she started to come out of her shell and talk to everyone. On the normal weeks 1 and 2, she answered as normal. Week 3, she was on the career team (even though district three is not a career) and her team won so they got to bring someone back and she chose Moon beam during week 4. During week 5 when everyone had to vote someone out she chose Leshawna333. During week 6, she answered but did not win the bonus. During week 7, she answered second. Week 8, she answered first and voted out JERealize. Her point total is.... 26 points!

Purplexmuffin- Purplexmuffin is our other final tribute. Unlike IRH, Purplex was always talking with everyone in the comments. On the normal weeks 1 and 2, she answered as normal. Week 3, she was on the others team and the team lost and she didn't get to vote to bring someone back in week 4. During week 5 when people got to vote someone out she chose Moon beam because she was already eliminated before. During week 6, she was the first to answer and she won the bonus which was immunity the next week. During week 7, she was immune. Week 8, she answered second and voted out JERealize. She needs more then 26 points to beat IRH and win Question Quell. Her point total is.... 32 points!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to Purplexmuffin for winning the first season of Question Quell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Winner

Congratulations to the winner of Question Quell... Purplexmuffin!!!! If you want to congratulate her, post a comment and I will copy what you said onto this catagory of the page.

Congratulations Purplex! It has been so fun and you are a great tribute, contestant, competitor, and friend. Great Job! - Wolverine1717

Congrats Purplexmuffin (Anna)! I knew you could do it! You're an amazing friend,and I'm like,really proud of you! - Leshawna333

Congrats Purplexmuffin! From what I saw you answered first and got immunity a lot. I think you deserve the award. - EffieLuna

Knew you would win. Congrats purple. Came 2nd in eliminated players- one point! - Anon....

Great job Purple! You did great! :) - Brony12

Congrats for wining though honestly i didnt expect u winning but still congratulations - TotalDramaRox97


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This user has won the eliminated player award in Question Quell


This user was a runner-up in Question Quell


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