Welcome everybody to the first annual Question Quell! There have been twelve tributes already chosen for the fantastic event. Those tributes will fight to the death with knowledge in our little quiz each week. I will put up a question about the Hunger Games series. If you answer correct, your safe. If your wrong, you die (get eliminated). There are three ways to die: not answer, answer wrong, or if everyone is correct be the last person to answer. The winner will be crowned the first victor of Question Quell!

This week we will start simple, one question, no twist.

How long do you have to stand on the pedistal at the start of a games? Answer: 60 sec. or 1 min.

These are the results (do NOT put answer here):

  1. Lewshawna333- Survived
  2. Totaldramarox97- Survived
  3. InsertRandomnessHere- Survived
  4. Sparrow Hazelthorn- Survived
  5. Firecatcher3- Dead
  6. Joekeybladeaura- Dead
  7. JERealize- Survived
  8. Hungergames fan girl- Survived
  9. Purplexmuffin- Survived
  10. Moon Beam- Survived
  11. Anon...- Survived
  12. Mockingjay5- Dead

You have one week to answer. I will not accept answers after 9:00 next Saturday! May the odds be ever in your favor!

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