Welcome back to Question Quell everyone! Last week, Sparrow was the last person to answer but, in an unexpected twist, Hungergames fan girl had to leave and switched places with Sparrow. Now, with eight tributes left standing we will have our first twist! For just this week, we will have teams. I will split you up, and the first team that has everyone answered their question (and be correct) will get a HUGE power that could change the game, forever.

Careers Question: How many people and pets, in Katniss's family, lived in her victor house at sometime (including Katniss)? Answer: 5 or 8 (Katniss, Prim, Mrs.Everdeen, Lady, Buttercup, and/or Peeta, and their two kids)

The Careers (plus district 3)

1. Lewshawna333- Alive

2. Totaldramarox97- Alive

3. InsertRandomnessHere- Alive

4. Sparrow Hazelthorn- Alive

Others Question: How many people were alive in the 74th Hunger Games, after they made the new rule announcement (two people may win)? Answer: 6 (Katniss, Peeta, Foxface, Thresh, Cato, and Clove)

The Others

7. JERealize- Alive

9. Purplexmuffin- Alive

10. Moon beam- Dead

11. Anon....- Alive

Good luck to everyone and be ready for the HUGE power if you win!

Cangrats to the Careers team who wins the HUGE power, I will announce it next week.

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