Welcome back to Question Quell! Last week, we started out simple. But three people (Mockingjay5, Firecatcher3, and Joekeybladeaura) didn't answer and were eliminated. This week we will introuduce a new way of the game. A point system, where each week you will get points based on how many people are left. If there is ten people left, and your the first to answer, you get ten points. Last to answer if everyone is correct, you get one point but are eliminated. If wrong, you get zero. At the end, the final two will have a special round and the one with more points, wins. I will also do an eliminated player winner. Do not keep track yourself. I will at home (keep it a surprise). Good Luck!
How many places to live were there in Panem before the dark days? Answer: 13 districts and 1 Capitol

1. Leshawna333- Alive

2. Totaldramarox97- Alive

3. InsertRandomnessHere- Alive

4. Sparrow Hazelthorn- Alive

7. JERealize- Alive

8. Hungergames fan girl- Dead

9. Purplexmuffin- Alive

10. Moon beam- Alive

11. Anon...- Alive

Good luck to all of you!

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