Question Quell is a game where you answer Hunger Games questions. Last season, Nate777 dominated the first season and became the second victor, after Purplexmuffin, of Question Quell, beating eleven other tributes. This season we will have 12 new tributes and one new victor. Every week (which will be saturdays), the tributes will answer a question I make and post on the blog page for that week about the Hunger Games series. Put your answers in the comments. However, if everyone is correct, then the last person to put their answer in is automatically. But, if at least one is wrong, the last person is safe (unless the last person is wrong). If you answer correctly, you survive that day, but if you answer incorrectly, you die (or in this case, eliminated). So recap, there are three ways to die: not answer, answer wrong, or if everyone is correct be the last person to answer. Remember, only one can win so, you can try to help friends, but to win, you will have to beat them. People who aren't playing or already eliminated people please don't help or give answers, just watch! Over time twists will occur, so be ready. To win, there will be a point system, where each week you will get points based on how many people are left. If there is ten people left, and your the first to answer, you get ten points. Last to answer if everyone is correct, you get one point but are eliminated. If wrong, you get zero. At the end, I will count up the final two's points and the one with more points, wins. I will also do an eliminated player winner. Do not keep track yourself. I will at home (keep it a surprise). Good Luck! If you would like to sign up for the Question Quell Season Three, please answer these questions in a comment:

  • Username:
  • If you are a Boy or Girl:
  • 1st and 2nd choice of district you want to be from (1-12):
  • How many books in the series have you read:
  • Why you want to be in Question Quell:

I will pick the contestants once we have enough tributes. For now, please sign up and you may become the third Question Quell Victor!

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