Welcome to the final week of season three of Question Quell! We have had some fun questions, cool tributes, and shocking eliminations. After ten weeks of answering questions and eliminating people week after week, we are down to the final two, Everdeen and Rockman117! Every week we had a question and depending on how many people were left when you answered you got points. Ex. If there are 6 people left, the first person to answer got 6 points, second got 5, third got 4, etc. the last person to answer if they answered the question I gave them 1 point but they were still eliminated. Now I have everyone's point totals and later I will reveal them. First, I will reveal the eliminated players totals in the order they were eliminated and the one with the most, wins the eliminated player award. After that, I will reveal Everdeen's and Rockman's totals and reveal the winner of Question Quell! Then, we will congratuate the winner and I will give out some userboxes. All this coming up on Question Quell!

Eliminated Contestant Award

Rueflower- Well, she was to late to answer on week one. Not much else to say about her. Her point total is 1.

Foxface911- She was eliminated in week two. She didn't answer and was eliminated. Her point total is 7 and is now in the lead for the Eliminated Contestant Award!

TomGurl22- She was eliminated in week three. She did good the first week, almost eliminated in the second, and didn't answer in the third. For this, her point total is 12 and is now in the lead.

Mopping- He was eliminated in week three also. Then he came back in week six and was eliminated once again in the same week. For that, his point total is 6.

Moviepopcorn- He was voted out in week four. He did great in the first three weeks but when we had a vote out, he was chosen to be eliminated by the other players with four votes. His point total is 34 and is now way in the lead for the award!

Anna-Athena a.k.a Team Peeta Anna- She was eliminated in week four also. She did good in the beggining too but was last to answer in week four. Her point total is 29 and she isn't in the lead.

Clove1001- She did good in the first few weeks but in week five, her ally answered for her but unfortunately that is against the rules and she was eliminated. Her point total is 30 which means she is in the lead!

Skyandbray- He was eliminated in week seven. He was very into this game, he made an secret alliance and always answered pretty quick. But when week seven occured I guess he forgot and was eliminated. His point total is 37 and is now in the lead for the award!

Clove1999- She was also eliminated in week seven. She had an alliance but when is broke up, so did she. She was second to last to answer but it was too late. Her point total is 40 which means she is now in the lead for the award!

Iluvgale- She was eliminated in week eight. She was last to answer but she did a good job. Her point total is 37 so she is not in the lead.

ilovepeeta- She was eliminated in week nine. She was very involved in this game. Now, in week nine no one answered for her like she needed so she was eliminated. Her point total is 47! She is now in the lead!

QuinnQuinn- Last is Quinn! She was eliminated last week. She did great but only got 5 votes which wasn't enough to get into the finale. But, she needs more than 47 points to beat ilovepeeta. Her point total is................ 58 points!!!!! And she wins the Eliminated Contestant Award!!!!! Congratulations!

The Final Two

Now we are going to talk about our final two: Everdeen and Rockman177!

Everdeen- Week one, she answered quick. Week two, she didn't win immunity but she still survived. Week three, she answered second. Week four, she answered in the middle and voted for Movie to leave, then in week five, she voted for him to come back in. Week six, she was almost eliminated for being second to last to answer. Week seven, she won a bonus, which was immunity for next week! Week eight, she answered right in the middle but had immunity anyway. Week nine, Milly answered for Everdeen and week ten, she got 13 votes and won the bonus two points for the finale! Her point total for this season is.... 55!

Rockman117- Rockman has always enjoyed watching the game before and now he is in the final two! Week one, he answered first! Week two, he won immunity! Week three, he was almost eliminated but he had immunity so it was okay. Week four, he answered in the middle and voted for QuinnQuinn yet she wasn't voted out. In week five, he voted movie back into the game. Week six, he answered very quick. Week seven, he answered in the middle. Week eight, he was second to last to answer and was almost eliminated. Week nine, Necterine (our runner-up from last season) answered for Rockman first! Week ten, he got seven votes to get into the finale. He needs more then 55 points to beat Everdeen and win the game! His point total is.... 60!!!!!!!! Congratulations to Rockman117 for winning the third season of Question Quell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Winner

Congratulations to the winner of Question Quell... Rockman117!!! If you want to congratulate him, post a comment and I will copy what you said onto this category of the page.

Congratulations Rockman! You did a great job. You are a great tribute, competitor, user, and friend. Great job! - Wolverine1717


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