Welcome back to Question Quell! Last week, we had a double elimination. One regular and one vote out. Movie with four votes was eliminated along with Anna being last to answer. This week will be normal besides one thing. One previously eliminated tribute will come back this week. Each tribute still here will vote for one contestant to come back. The one with the most votes is back in next week. One person will still be eliminated.

Question: Who does Katniss first ally with in the 75th Hunger Games? Answer: Finnick (in games), Peeta (before games), Wiress/Beetee (in training). I accepted any of them.


D2: QuinnQuinn-Alive

D3: Iluvgale- Alive

D5: ~ilovepeeta~- Alive

D8: Skyandbray- Alive

D9: Everdeen- Alive

D12: Rockman117- Alive

D13: Clove1999- Alive

D14: Clove1001- Dead

Dead Tributes (Pick one to come back)

D1: Foxface- Dead

D4: Anna- Dead

D6: Rueflower- Dead

D7: Movie- Dead

D10: Tomgurl- Dead

D11: Mopping- Back in game!

Don't forget to vote!

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