Welcome back to Question Quell Season Three! I'm trying to get back on track here. Last week, we had no twist and Mopping was once again eliminated. This week, I feel like a twist should occur. Actually, I think two should. One is good, the other, not so good. The good one is that the first person to answer the bonus right wins immunity for next week. The other is that... TWO poeple are being eliminated this week. That's right! The last TWO poeple to answer are eliminated. So, their will be a bonus question for immunity and two people are leaving this week. Here we go.

Question: What voices were the jabberjays programmed to sound like in the 5:00 spot in the 75th HG? Answer: People close to the listener

Bonus: Who was the first voice Katniss heard in the 5:00 spot? Answer: Prim Winner of bonus: Everdeen


D2: QuinnQuinn- Alive

D3: Iluvgale- Alive

D5: ~ilovepeeta~- Alive

D8: Skyandbray- Dead

D9: Everdeen- Alive

D12: Rockman117- Alive

D13: Clove1999- Dead

Good luck to everyone for the bonus and not to be eliminated!

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