Hey guys, I know it has been a LONG time since my last update but these are back on! Well, last time Clove1001 had someone else answer for her but I unfortunately could not count that so she was eliminated. Also, Mopping was voted back into the game! This week since I just started things back up, no twist. Just one question and one elimination. And everyone has two weeks to answer. I will shorten it if everyone answers. Good luck!

Question: How was Coin killed? Answer: She was shot with an arrow by Katniss


D2: QuinnQuinn- Alive

D3: Iluvgale- Alive

D5: ~ilovepeeta~- Alive

D8: Skyandbray- Alive

D9: Everdeen- Alive

D11: Mopping- Dead

D12: Rockman117- Alive

D13: Clove1999- Alive

Good luck to everyone! I will send everyone a message.

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