Welcome back to Question Quell! We are now down to the final three! These lucky tributes are Everdeen, Rockman, and QuinnQuinn! Graet job guys! Next week is the finale but before we can do that we have to eliminate one more tribute. That will be decided by not the tributes, but the viewers watching the competition! Here is how it will work: I will still post a question for the tributes to answer but that counts for two votes each. Also ANYONE at home watching can vote for one person that they want in the final two! So, Tributes: you can answer and get two bonus votes for yourself. Viewers: you can vote for one person who you want in the finale. The two tributes with the most votes are in the finale!

Question: When is the official release date of "The Hunger Games" movie? Answer: March 23, 2012


D2: QuinnQuinn- Dead

D9: Everdeen- Alive

D12: Rockman117- Alive

Good luck to the final three and make sure you read the twist!

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