Welcome back everyone! Last week, I was giving out immunities and five of them were won. Those five are safe this week, but when they answer is still the amount of points they get. One person, Foxface, did not answer and was eliminated. This week will be normal besides the five immunities, so the other seven people have to answer fast or be eliminated.

Question: What did Katniss blow up in the 74th Hunger Games? Answer: The career pack's supplies


D2: QuinnQuinn- Alive (Immunity)

D3: Iluvgale- Alive

D4: Anna-athena- Alive (Immunity)

D5: ~ilovepeeta~- Alive

D7: Moviepopcorn- Alive

D8: Skyandbray- Alive

D9: Everdeen- Alive

D10: TomGurl22- Dead

D11: Mopping- Dead

D12: Rockman117- Alive (Immunity)

D13: Clove1999- Alive (Immunity)

D14: Clove1001- Alive (Immunity)

Good luck guys!

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