Welcome back to Question Quell! Last week, with 14 tributes, only one person didn't answer, breaking the record from the past two seasons! For that, I am doing something similar to last season. Giving away immunity! If you earn immunity one week, then the next week you are safe even if you are wrong or last! But, you get the same amount of points for your placeing, so ansswer quick if you want alot of points! This week, I am giving immunity away to ANYONE who answers in the first two hours of me posting this! So that may be one or two, none, or seven or eight, imunities given away this week! I will watch to see who answers in the first two hours and post a comment when two hours is up. Besides all that, just answer the normal question.

Question: What does Effie say after every reaping and before every games? Answer: "Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in you favor"


D1: Foxface911- Dead

D2: QuinnQuinn- Alive

D3: Iluvgale- Alive

D4: Anna-athena- Alive

D5: ~ilovepeeta~- Alive

D7: Moviepopcorn- Alive

D8: Skyandbray- Alive

D9: Everdeen- Alive

D10: TomGurl22- Alive

D11: Mopping- Alive

D12: Rockman117- Alive

D13: Clove1999- Alive

D14: Clove1001- Alive

Good luck on getting immunity!

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