Welcome back everyone! Last week, there was a vote and a regular elimination. Due to technical difficulties, Newgirl was the last to answer and got the most votes. So, she got one vote towards either Nate (1 vote) or Tiki (1 vote) and she voted for... Tiki tooki! Unfortunately, Tiki and Newgirl were eliminated. Now, with only five tributes left you have to answer quick or you may be eliminated. This week will be normal but will have a different type of question.

Question: Name a tribute from your district and include their placing in their game. Answer: Answers may vary


1. Brony10- Dead

3. Skybender101- Alive

4. Effie Luna- Alive

6. Necterine411- Alive

7. Nate777- Alive

Good luck to all and if you don't get the question just ask.

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